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Cheap Soups to Warm You Up All Autumn and Winter

Autumn is here and temperatures are steadily cooling down. This makes it a great time to add some soup to your favorite cooking pot or crockpot to help warm up everyone in your home. One of the best things about soup is most can be made on a tight budget, which allows you the opportunity to feed your family everything they need without forcing your grocery bill to skyrocket or making you spend hours in the kitchen each day. These ten soups are a must for almost every household and are simple to make to ensure you can feel excited about preparing meals. Best of all, these soups are totally freezable, so you can make more than one meal at a time.

1. Tomato Basil
Tomato Basil is a cold-weather staple, especially if you’re dealing with picky eaters. This soup is extremely easy to customize too, which is one of the reasons why so many people love it. All you really need for this recipe is a lot of tomatoes, so make sure you find them on sale or use them when your own tomato crop is thriving. From there, you can also add garlic and onion for flavor, if it suits your family’s needs. These three ingredients are roasted together and then tossed in a blender. From there, you can move your soup to a pot or crock pot where you’ll add in your cream, basil, and anything else you’d like. The soup can be seasoned to taste, which makes it extremely easy to customize. It serves well with so many different foods, but one of the cheapest and most beloved is grilled cheese.

2. Chicken Noodle
Another classic choice for most households is chicken noodle soup. It’s a great option when there is illness circulating through the household and is usually a great option for picky eaters. Chicken noodle soup is cheaply made when you have leftover chicken that you can use with a basic chicken broth. However, it can still be made affordable if you choose to boil chicken to create the broth and the meat for the soup. You can also use leftover veggies for the soup, but cheaper ingredients like celery, carrot, and onions are a great option. You can also add in any noodle you want, which makes it easy to use whatever you have on hand to save money. This soup pairs well with so many things, including sandwiches, but it can also be eaten completely on its own.

3. Stuffed Pepper
Stuffed Pepper soup is an easy way to pack in nutrients while helping your family feel full. The primary ingredient for this recipe is going to be bell peppers. You can keep it simple with just green or pack in nutrients with a rainbow of peppers. You can also add plenty of other peppers including poblano and jalapeno or habanero, depending on your family’s spice preference. This soup is incredibly easy to make vegan, vegetarian, or low sodium especially since you can use any type of broth on it. Once you have your papers, you can add in a protein including chicken, beef, turkey, or simply beans. The meats can even be added in-ground, shredded, or simply cut stew style. You can add vegetables like corn, beans, or cabbage to add to the dish as well. When it’s finished, top it off with cheese or sour cream to improve the taste all the more.

4. Baked Potato
Baked Potato soup is definitely a comfort food that is designed to fill up your family for very little. The main ingredients of this soup are potato, broth, and a touch of cream; however, you can make it however you please. For instance, adding garlic, onion, and bacon to the base will max out its flavor so everyone will feel satisfied. You can garnish the soup with sour cream, cheese, chives, or anything else that comes to mind. This soup is a great option for feeding lots of people and pairs well with a nice crusty bread or a side salad.

5. Zuppa Tuscana
Olive Garden’s Zuppa Tuscana soup is one of the most searched-for copycat recipes, so it must be amazing. If you’re looking for a cheap way to bring joy to the whole family, this recipe is a must. All you need for this recipe is the basic starters, onion, and garlic. You’ll also need potatoes, sausage, cream, and kale. You can cater this recipe to suit your family’s needs as well. For instance, you can purchase regular or spicy sausage. You can also use half and half or even milk instead of cream. Kale can be substituted for spinach if you aren’t a fan of kale or can’t find it. You can also transform the soup into a vegan or vegetarian option by using nut milk, sausage alternatives, or substituting the meat for navy beans. This soup pairs perfectly with salad or your favorite breadstick recipe.

6. Beef and Vegetable
Another simple soup you can make that tends to cater to everyone is Beef and Vegetable soup. This stew can be made with any type of broth, so it’s great for anything you have on hand. On top of that, you can make it with any type of beef you’d like, which can transform the soup into something new every time that you make it. Vegetable options can be anything as well, but if you want to keep it cheap you might consider using leftover vegetables or a frozen vegetable bag that contains peas, carrots, and other delicious vegetables. You can even add potato if you want a simple filler. This soup can be hearty and if you choose to make it thicker it will transform into a traditional stew that is hearty and delicious.

7. Chicken and Dumplings
If you are looking for something a little heartier then Chicken and Dumplings is a no-fail option. This dish can be made with leftover chicken, but you can even keep it cheap with canned chicken if that is what you have on hand. The dish can contain vegetables if you choose, but if you have picky eaters then it doesn’t have to. If you’re looking for a simple, then store-bought biscuits can do the trick for the dumplings. However, you can also indulge by baking biscuits on top of the soup to create a fluffy dumpling effect that the whole family will want to savor.

8. Ramen
Ramen has become increasingly popular over the last few years, which is why it makes a great option when you consider soup at home. Ramen from a restaurant can be pretty expensive, but it isn’t incredibly hard to make and is pretty cheap as well. There are so many recipes online, so you might hunt around until you find an option that works for you. With a little effort, you’ll want to throw out the cheap packaged ramen that hangs out in your cabinet, because a little TLC can make the meal all the better. Ramen is great for getting plenty of ingredients into a soup too, which can help nourish your family while making them feel warm and satisfied.

9. Bean and Bacon
If you’re looking for a hearty soup that is packed with protein, then Bean and Bacon soup is a must-have. You can make this soup using dried beans if you want to make it entirely from scratch. However, using canned beans works just as well and can help you create the meal in no time flat. The recipe usually calls for navy beans or pinto beans, but you can work with your own personal tastes here. You also need bacon, but you can also enjoy bacon bits if you’re looking for a healthier option. This soup pairs with so many items, but you can also enjoy it on its own.

10. Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin soup is a phenomenal option during the cold months. This soup is rich and creamy which makes so many people crave it. This soup can be made with a variety of different ingredients too, so you can spice it up as you like it. Pumpkin soup is especially great since you will already have so many pumpkins on hand. The soup freezes incredibly well too, which is important if you want to enjoy the meal even when pumpkins aren’t in season.

Soup is one of the easiest and most comforting meals that you can make during the cold months. These ten recipes won’t leave you struggling to make the meal. Rather, they will help you to feel satisfied with the flavor as well as how your budget for these delightful meals.