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Decor the Outdoors with DIY Charm This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to start decorating for the festive season. With the first of December bringing National Christmas Light Day, it’s the perfect time to think of some great décor to help the exterior of your home. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on this because there are lots of great things you can make from home with supplies that you may already have on hand. These ten ideas are just scratching the surface but are a great way to add some fun to your home to bring joy to the neighborhood.

1. Upcycled Snowman
If you’ve still got your plastic pumpkins from Halloween handy, then you have the perfect way to decorate for the upcoming holiday. Simply flip the pumpkins upside down and glue three of them together to create a snowman. If the pumpkins aren’t already white, then you might have a little painting to do. Once your pumpkins are painted and dried then you can decorate them to suit your personal tastes. These snowmen can be secured outside or placed inside, which gives you the freedom to decorate any way you please.

2. Reindeer Logs
If you can’t resist a cute reindeer, then you’ll definitely want to check out this DIY tip. You can really customize this set to suit your unique needs too. All you need is a few scrap logs that you might not want to use for firewood. From there, you can attach them to metal or plastic to connect each body part and to create the legs. You can also use sticks if you can find sticks thick enough to hold the weight. From there, you can finish the body off with pinecones and sticks to create tails and antlers. When the body is complete, add the final touches like a scarf or bow and you’re ready to set it out for all to admire.

3. Wood Pallet Christmas Tree
If you love the idea of having a Christmas tree outside, then a pallet Christmas Tree is the way to go. All you really need for this craft is a pallet, which can be purchased at most lumber stores. However, if you ask a retailer if they have any that they can spare many will allow you to take it for free. Once you have your pallet, simply paint a tree on it and then decorate it with garland and ornaments. There are a lot of ways to approach this craft though, so don’t feel like you have to keep it as simple as this. If you’re looking for ideas, then there are plenty of tutorials online to check out as well.

4. Front Door Gift
One of the easiest ways to get festive this holiday season is to transform your front door into a holiday gift. You can have a lot of fun with this to show off your unique personality throughout the holiday season. If your door doesn’t have a glass door to protect it from the elements, then you might consider using a ribbon to line the door like a gift. You can also add a bow to top off the look. If there is a protective door, then you might consider wrapping the door in wrapping paper. You can choose whichever form you like to ensure you show off your holiday spirit. You can even change up the door to suit your preferences if need be.

5. Star Luminaries
Star Luminaries will bring such a beautiful touch of magic to your home that you may want to leave them out all year. This craft might take a little more time and patience to complete, but once you finish up your first luminary you’ll want to make more straight away. If you want to keep things easy, you can purchase the stars from your favorite hobby shop. However, you can also make them using paper or plastic that you can melt. If you choose to use paper, you’ll need to place wax on it to help the luminary hold up to the elements. Once you have your stars ready to go, you can stuff them with lights and hang them up for all to see.

6. Oversized Christmas Ornaments
If you want to have a little fun this holiday season, then you’re definitely going to want to make these oversized Christmas ornaments. These ornaments are incredibly cheap to make and won’t leave you feeling flustered with the project because it is truly a cinch. All you need is a bouncy ball, some paint, and an old container. The container should preferably be something that can hold up to the elements, but even an oatmeal container will do the trick. After you paint the container and let it dry, attach it to the ball using sturdy glue. A hot glue gun will not work for this as it poses the risk of making the ball pop. After allowing this to dry for a couple of hours, you should be ready to hang the ornament up anywhere you please.

7. Wreath
A wreath is a classic way to add a touch of festivity to your day. You will find that there are many ways that you can make a wreath that will suit your budget and may even be possible to make with the supplies you currently have in the home. For instance, you make a wreath using candy canes or ornaments that you don’t plan to use. You can also go wild and make one that shows off your favorite theme. There are so many tutorials online to help you choose the perfect option for your needs, so you can have fun during the holiday season. You might even consider making wreaths for others to give as gifts.

8. LED Lightball
Illuminate your home when you create a light ball for next to nothing. All you need to create the light ball is something round, some chicken wire, and lights. You start by wrapping chicken wire around the round object, but make sure you don’t wrap it too tightly as you will have to remove the object. Once you’re finished removing the object, add lights around the ball. Then, you simply plug in and enjoy. You can place the light balls in the yard or hang them up to create a magical effect. If you’re feeling lost with this craft, then you’ll find a variety of tutorials to help you along the way.

9. Lighted Gift Boxes
Another fun idea is to create lighted gift boxes that you can place on the lawn. You can take the long route for this and build your gift box frame out of wood and then wrap it in chicken wire before adding lights and the finishing touches. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can simply find a semi-transparent plastic container to get you started. From there, add your decorative pieces and lights to the interior. This is simple to do in a hurry and will allow you to create something that looks festive for less than you’d purchase in a store. Whether you want to take the long route or the short one, you’ll find that a tutorial can help you along the way.

10. Decorate a Tree
If you already have a tree in your front yard, then this is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of joy to your home’s exterior. It doesn’t matter the type of tree you have outside, as you can easily add a few finishing touches to make it look like a holiday tree. You should also consider using ornaments that you already have on hand. Plastic ornaments aren’t always the best because they’re more likely to blow away. You can also find old ornaments at thrift stores if you don’t want to part with any of the ornaments you typically use inside. Of course, you can always keep it simple by just using lights. You can also string together items that birds might want to eat so your décor is environmentally friendly.

Decorating the exterior of your home can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, as these ten ideas won’t cost you a lot of money. They can also create a fun bonding activity for the whole family, which can bring even more magic to the holiday season.

Cyber Monday Deals That Will Help You Save While Completing Your Holiday Shopping

Before we know it, Thanksgiving and Black Friday will be long gone. Luckily, Cyber Monday will be a great chance to get all of the remaining items on your list for less than you’d expect. There are a lot of Cyber Monday deals to check out this year, but many of the ads haven’t been released yet. These ten retailers are already gearing up to offer some major sales. Knowing what you can grab from each vendor will make it easier for you to maximize your savings while having some fun with the last major shopping day of the year.

1. Walmart
Walmart has been running deals all month, and they won’t skip out on Cyber Monday either. If you’re looking to shop Walmart’s online deals, then you’re going to find some great discounts on televisions. However, these deals probably won’t be priced as low as the options you’ll find during the Black Friday sales. If you hold out, you may even find these deals clearanced in the near future. Household appliances, like ice makers, coffee makers, and vacuum cleaners will have some major price cuts. One surprising option that you’ll see on sale this season is DNA tests, but these make great gifts for parents. You’ll also find great deals on Barbies for around $5 and huge discounts on other brand-named toys.

2. Amazon
Amazon is expected to still be rolling out television deals on Black Friday, but you’ll have to keep a close eye on their flash sales if you want to catch a good deal. One of the main things you’ll see during Cyber Monday is deals on their own products. This is the perfect time to shop for Kindles, Echoes, and anything else your home may need. Amazon fashion will also save you around 30%, but you’ll also find some great deals on most brand-named shoes. Of course, Amazon likes to keep shoppers on their toes when it comes to deals, so make sure you have deal alerts in place for any item that is on your shopping list.

3. Target
Target won’t disappoint this Cyber Monday either, so make sure you check out its amazing deals. Also, Target will still have its price match guarantee, which you can take advantage of. During Cyber Monday, one of the best things you can purchase is video games. You’ll find games up to 60% which can help you make lots of holiday dreams come true. Headphones and earbuds will be on sale for 50% off, including some of the top brands of the year. You will find bedding and bath supplies for up to 40% as well, which is great for last-minute touches to ensure your home is cozy for guests.

4. Best Buy
Best Buy is pulling out some great deals this holiday season. During Cyber Monday, you’ll find some amazing deals on laptops. There will be everything on offer from basic processing computers to intricate gaming laptops that will ensure you can play any game on your wish list. Tablets will also be a great option to check out during this sale, but make sure you do price checking in this category. Apart from that, Ring products will be on sale, which can help you secure your home for any traveling you may do. Small appliances will also be on sale, and you may even run into some amazing large appliance deals if you’re surfing around on the website.

5. Bath and Body Works
Bath and Body Works loves to offer incredible deals during the holiday season. This Cyber Monday, you’ll find the entire store and website will be 40% off. This makes for a great option for giving the home a holiday scent to help bring even more joy to the season. You’ll also find holiday-themed soaps and lotions to help lift your holiday spirit daily. One of the best things about shopping during this sale is you’ll find amazing stocking stuffers for everyone in the family. This will help ensure everyone has a little something special that will speak to their senses. Of course, they will also have non-holiday-themed items on offer, which will make it a great time to stock up on items you use yearly.

6. Kohls
Kohls’s is a wonderful place to shop on Cyber Monday because you’ll actually get a lot more for the price you pay. During the Cyber Monday sale, you’ll receive $15 Kohls cash for every $50 that you spend. So, you can take advantage of the sales and then use all of the Kohls’s cash you earned to purchase last-minute items on your list. This year, Kohls will have up to 70% off fine jewelry and bedding, so spotting gifts for yourself and others will be no problem. Kids’ clothing will also be on sale for 50% off, especially Carter’s brand items. Pajamas for the entire family will also be up to half off, which will give you the perfect matching look for the holiday season. Apart from that, you’ll find deals on toys, games, stocking stuffers, and more to help bring you joy this season.

7. Home Depot
Giving to your house will be a breeze this season when you check out Home Depot’s Cyber Monday sale. This year, you’re going to find some incredible deals on furniture. Home Depot offers a wide selection of brands and styles, which will help you find the upgrades that you desire. Apart from that, you can easily find amazing looks for your bathroom fixtures and faucets. These styles will help add value to your home while making it all the more pleasing. Most of the items can be purchased with installation help if you’re looking to make this type of investment in your home.

8. Overstock
Overstock will also offer some amazing deals during the Cyber Monday sales, especially if you’re looking for products to improve on home. This year, you’ll find beds for under $99 which can truly transform a space for less. There will also be up to 25% off of most living room furniture which can give you everything you need to create the perfect setup for your home. If you’re really looking to save money then you’ll save a whopping 70% off holiday items, so you can deck the halls without breaking the bank.

9. Macy’s
If boosting your winter wardrobe is what you’re after then shopping with Macy’s is going to be the way to go. Macy’s is going to have a lot of amazing sales on clothes during their Cyber Monday sale. There are plenty of amazing sales on home essentials like towels. One of the biggest sales you’ll find will be on cosmetics and perfume, which makes for great holiday gifts. Apart from that, there will also be great deals on stocking stuffers and toys to ensure you have everything you need to make the holidays magical for kids, adults, and pets on your list.

10. Old Navy
Old Navy is offering some mega deals this holiday season and Cyber Monday will wrap them up in style. Just like most of the deals this season, you should start shopping in the winter clothes section. Jackets, sweaters, and other cold-weather essentials will be in the spotlight. You’ll also find amazing deals on matching families for the entire family. Stocking stuffers like fuzzy socks will be in abundance too, so make sure you check them out before the deals are gone.

Cyber Monday is a great time to get the things you need before all of the major deals are long gone. These ten retailers are definitely worth checking out if you’re willing to save some big money on your holiday musts. However, you’ll be able to spot deals on most websites, so make sure to shop safely and enjoy the Cyber Monday fun.

Thanksgiving Alternatives That Will Feel Like a Treat for Your Budget

Are you already planning out your holiday feast? With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you’ll definitely want to get started soon. However, if you’re going over food options and feeling a little bored with the same options that you have year after year, then you might want to consider adding in a few alternatives to the mix. On the other hand, if you’re looking at your menu and wondering how you’re going to swing the budget of your favorite dishes, then you’ll find a few wins that will give your budget a rest. These ten frugal dishes will help you mix things up a bit while allowing you to keep on track financially.

1. Chicken
If turkey isn’t feeling like a great option this year, then you might consider sticking with poultry to save some money. You can do some amazing things with chicken, so consider different ways to cook and season the chicken so you can truly enjoy the feeling of having a feast. When it comes to cooking times, you won’t have to spend as many hours in the kitchen dealing with your main dish, which will allow you to enjoy more family time. Chicken is a great option for picky eaters too and it won’t cost you a small fortune which will allot more for you to spend on sides and desserts or save for the upcoming season of giving.

2. Pork Loin
Another easy meal that you can dress up is pork loin. Pork loin is a great option when it comes to serving it with a variety of different foods. One great thing about pork loin is you can stuff it to create a dish that truly feels complete. There are so many recipes to help you make your pork loin festive and fun for the holiday season, which will allow you to choose something fresh and exciting or perhaps something that suits what you already have in your cupboard. Pork isn’t an expensive meat either, so you can feel like you’re enjoying a luxurious meal without going overboard on your budget.

3. Vegan Pot Pie
If you want to make something special for your vegetarian and vegan guests, then vegan pot pie is one of the best ways to go. This dish offers a lot of wiggle room so you can cook with a lot of the ingredients that you have on hand, which will save you plenty of money. Pot pies are incredibly comforting dishes too and will allow you to serve something made with love. Plus, they are great to remake when the holiday is over and you have lots of leftovers to work with. There are many recipes online to help you along the way. However, once you get the hang of it, you may want to create a recipe of your own.

4. Focaccia Bread
Rolls are a popular item to put on the Thanksgiving table, but it doesn’t have to be the only route you take. Rather rolls can be very time-consuming which can take away from the rest of the meal planning. Rather than have rolls, you might spice things up with focaccia bread. This bread is incredibly easy to make, so you won’t have to fuss over it too much. When it is finished baking, your guests will think you spent quite a while on it though, which will make the meal all the more impressive. Focaccia has a lot of delicious herbs, which will help complement the rest of your feast.

5. Grilled Corn
Corn is typically part of the holiday feast because it is easy to cook and is pretty cheap. It is also one of the symbols of the season, which helps it to fit in well on the Thanksgiving table. Typically, corn is cooked on the stovetop or in the oven, which can be good, but if you’re tired of eating the same thing then there is another great option. Grilled corn can be a tasty alternative. Simply shuck your corn and place it in aluminum foil with your seasoning of choice. Place it on the grill for a little while and you’re good to go. This will take up less space in your kitchen too, which will allow you more space to whip up some of your favorites.

6. Scalloped Sweet Potatoes
Potatoes tend to be a part of most families’ holiday celebrations. They’re cheap and appealing to most tastebuds. However, there is a healthier option out there and that is sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes can be added to a wide variety of dishes, which makes it easy to customize your meal. One great option for sweet potatoes is to transform them into scalloped potatoes. You can follow your current scalloped potatoes recipe, but you might get more out of looking up a recipe, especially for sweet potatoes. Adding sweet potatoes to the menu can also reduce the need for yams, which will save you even more time and money.

7. Sourdough Stuffing
Turkey and stuffing go hand in hand, but most people tend to make stuffing out of cornbread or stale white bread. You can really mix things up when you use sourdough instead of your typical option. You can make your own sourdough or purchase it from a store to get started. This shouldn’t be more expensive than your typical options. Then, you follow the same recipe as you normally would. However, there are many great sourdough stuffing recipes to choose from online. If you have leftover sourdough, then it can make a delightful addition to a leftover sandwich.

8. Brussel Sprout salad
Brussels sprouts are another common Thanksgiving dish. Although a classic brussels sprout bake might be hit or miss for your guests, a crisp brussels sprout salad might be appreciated a lot more. This allows you to use a variety of ingredients to make the brussels sprouts really shine. The brussels sprouts add a nice crisp flavor to the salad, which can be enjoyable, especially when so many Thanksgiving foods can be mushy. You’ll find a lot of great recipes online so make sure to browse around to see which option will suit your taste buds.

9. Turkey Cupcakes
Pie is an iconic part of the holiday season, but it doesn’t have to be the only dessert on the table. Turkey cupcakes are a great option that will especially appeal to the kids. These cupcakes are pretty easy to make. In fact, all you need to do is purchase your favorite cupcake mix or make them from scratch. From there, bake the cupcakes and frost them with chocolate frosting. When the frosting has set, you can decorate using black icing to form the face of the turkey. Then use candy corn to create the tail. This makes it easy for kids to help out too, which can definitely help them make memories while satisfying their sweet tooth.

10. Apple Pie Cookies
If you don’t want to put in the work for the pie, but you still want to enjoy the flavor of it, then apple pie cookies are a great option. These cookies are gooey and delicious, which will satisfy cravings while making clean-up a lot easier. You can even make a cookie sandwich using vanilla ice cream to add to the enjoyment. These cookies are incredibly easy to make too. There are a variety of recipes online to help you find the best recipe for you. You may even be able to find one that helps you make the cookies using things that are already in your pantry.

This Thanksgiving doesn’t have to leave you feeling trapped in the same menu, nor will you have to spend a fortune on your meal. These ten ideas will help give you alternative ideas to ensure you have the best possible Thanksgiving while making your loved ones feel satisfied and grateful.

Black Friday Deals That You Won’t Be Able to Pass Up

Black Friday deals have been all over the place over the last few weeks. If you’ve been holding out for the actual Black Friday deals, then you won’t be let down. This season, retailers are dropping prices significantly to help you feel confident that you’ll get everything you need to start the new year right. Although numerous stores will be participating in the deals this holiday season, you’ll find these top retailers tend to have some of the most competitive options. So, don’t forget to shop ahead and compare prices so you can get more out of your Black Friday experience.

1. Target
Target is always one of the top retailers when it comes to Black Friday. One of their best offers is their price match guarantee. This covers everything purchased from October 6th until December 24th, so if you spot a cheaper price then just begin the process of getting a slight refund on your purchase. Apart from that amazing offer, you’ll find that this year Target will be offering up to 50% off on technology like televisions, soundbars, and streaming devices. Target is repeating its 25% off one toy deal, which allows you to get one of those big-ticket toys for a lot less than the price tag. Black Friday will also be a great time to stock up on Christmas decor with 20% off everything.

2. Walmart
Walmart has been running its Deals for Days campaign all month, which has brought some pretty incredible deals to consumers. However, you can bank on the fact that their Black Friday sale is where all of the major deals are going to be. This year, you’ll find quite a few deals to choose from. These sales will include major discounts on television and other technology like earphones and gaming consoles. You’ll also find great deals on the media that make the perfect small gift for anyone on your wish list. This sale is where you’ll find many of your deals on more expensive toys. Of course, there will be so many more items to choose from so make sure to take your time browsing if you can. Some of Walmart’s deals will be in-store only, so make sure you have a plan for these items as things tend to get crowded.

3. Amazon
Amazon tends to dominate the scene when it comes to Black Friday deals. This year, you’re going to find a lot of great options, but you’ll probably have to sift through a lot of the deals that aren’t fabulous. Amazon is notorious for throwing in random sales that might throw you off when you’re looking for something exceptional. One of the best things to do here is to make a game plan so you don’t get caught up in all of the flash sales. You should keep a list on hand of the items that you’d like to purchase. This will help you to look for exactly what you need. Some of the categories you should surf this Black Friday are home goods, toys, and of course technology. Amazon is known for its television deals, so you should definitely surf this category if you’re in the market for an upgrade.

4. Best Buy
Best Buy is going to be the place to go if you want to find some exceptional deals on technology. This year, Best Buy is really pushing the deals on televisions and laptops, so you should check here before you venture out. You’ll also find that there will be a great selection of games, consoles, and other tech accessories to ensure you get everything you need to make the most out of your free time. Apart from that, you may find that there are great deals on home appliances, both small and large. Best Buy has also been branching out with toys and other holidays, so you might find a few surprise deals.

5. Home Depot
This year, Home Depot’s Black Friday is all about treating your home to a few little upgrades. You’re going to find some great deals on items like lighting, fans, faucets, and similar items. If upgrading these items isn’t on your list, then you might consider upgrading things like your appliances. There will be many deals including bundles to help you save more than you’d expect. Tools will also be on the market, which makes a great gift for all those that love to work on your home. Holiday décor will also be on sale, so you can make your holiday season look absolutely magical for less.

6. Bed, Bath, and Beyond
If you’re looking for some special touches for your home, then Bed, Bath, and Beyond is going to be the place to shop. This store is offering some major deals this year, including a stainless steel skillet for as low as $2! While browsing, you’ll find reduced prices on everything from towels and linens to small appliances and candles. After you’re finished shopping, you’ll receive a $50 discount if your total reaches $200. Plus, you’ll be able to add a 20% off coupon after the discount is applied. This should definitely help you save big while getting the things you love. If you have a Bed, Bath, and Beyond store in your area, you might check to see what your local store has to offer because many stores are liquidating for shut down so the prices may be even lower.

7. Big Lots
A lot of people tend to overlook Big Lots when it comes to the holiday season, but they really do have some incredible deals. This year, Big Lots is really pushing its deals on sofas and recliners. You’ll find recliners for less than $250 and sofas for less than $300. Toys will also be on sale for 50% off, which can help you get the items you need to fulfill your child’s wishes. Apart from that, all clothing will be Buy One, Get One Free which is a deal that is too good to pass up. This will especially come in handy with all of the sweatsuits on offer for children. You will find a lot of phenomenal deals on Christmas supplies as well, which will help you decorate with ease.

8. Chewy
If you’re shopping for your pets this season then Chewy is going to be the best place for you to go. Chewy is known for its incredible selection of pet supplies, including treats and toys for your unique pet. This year, Chewy is offering up to 50% off on most of the products. This will not only allow you to find all of the great toys your pet needs for the season, but it can also help you upgrade water and food dishes, as well as littler boxes and cat trees. It might even be a great time to stock up on your pet’s food, so you can save even more money in the long run.

9. Wayfair
Wayfair is always trying to top the deals of its competitors, so you’ll definitely want to check out what it has to offer this year. Currently, Wayfair has said that many items will be up to 80% off which will help you get more out of your shopping experience. You should check out items like interior and exterior furniture, as these items tend to always be on sale. However, you might consider looking at décor and rugs. You may even be able to find some deals on larger play structures or other larger toys like rocking horses.

10. Carters
When it comes to children’s clothes, Carters is going to be the place to shop. The online store is already offering doorbusters, and you’re bound to find many of these items in stores as well. By the time Black Friday arrives, you’ll see discounts up to 70% which can score you some major deals. This is also the perfect time to stock up on clothes if you’re expecting a baby. Onesie sets will be incredibly cheap so you can worry less about your bundle of joy having what they need.

This Black Friday is bound to be filled with deals that will help you check off everyone on your holiday list. These ten retailers are just the beginning but will give you a great place to start your shopping adventure. As you shop, make sure you price check your items, to ensure you’re still getting the best possible deal.

Save Big this Holiday Season with Walmart’s Deals for Days

When the pandemic hit, Walmart decided to take its Black Friday deals in a different direction. Opposed to having all of its sales at once, the company decided to offer more online deals and spread everything out throughout the month of November. So, if you’re ready for some major savings then the Walmart Deals for Days is going to be for you. This month, you’ll find new online deals every Monday in November and in stores every Wednesday until the official Black Friday arrives. You’ll also get a great Cyber Monday sale that should help you tie up all of those loose ends. So, mark your calendar, because these ten items should be on your watchlist as each of Walmart’s deal days is revealed.

1. Televisions
You probably guessed it, there are going to be some epic television deals coming your way soon. Black Friday is known for its TV deals, so it is always safe to upgrade during this time frame if you need to. This year, you’re definitely going to want to research deals, because there are going to be so many different brands to choose from. Walmart, in particular, will be offering deals on major brands, as well as some of the off-brand options that won’t set you back as much. Roku TVs will also be big this year, which will help you keep your streaming services in check to add convenience to your relaxation time. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re going to find deals for up to 50% off.

2. Toys
Getting the children on your list something special will be easier than ever thanks to the deals you’ll find during each sale cycle. You’ll find some of the top brands for next to nothing, which will ensure everyone gets something special. Barbie is going to have some of its lowest prices this year, which will definitely allow you to find something for everyone, including an astronaut set, schoolhouse accessories, and fashion pieces. Other major brands will take huge price reductions too, so make sure to be on top of your game. Walmart is also pushing board games this year, which will allow you to spend more time bonding with loved ones. Apart from that, you will find higher-tech toys like hoverboards at a reduced price.

3. Advent Calendars
Start the month of December right when you have an advent calendar to add to the fun. These calendars come in all shapes and sizes, which will allow you to purchase one for everyone in the household. Most advent calendars have a little something special for the first 24 days in December, which makes the lead-up to the holiday all the more exciting. You can purchase calendars with your child’s favorite cartoon or toy brand. You’ll also find other options like books, socks, cosmetics, and other essentials you’ve grown to love. There are even adult options that include alcohol or coffee, but you probably won’t find these at Walmart. This year, Walmart will have the best deals on calendars featuring nail polish so if you want to surprise the manicure fanatic on your list then this might be the best and cheapest way to do so.

4. Clothes
Clothing will also take a price decrease during the Days of Deals, so make sure you stock up on the items you need. Many of these sales will be geared toward adult clothing, so make sure to check on puffer jackets, leggings, and your favorite fuzzy socks. However, you also may find deals on children’s clothes. Walmart has offered cheap pajamas for kids in their last few Black Friday sales, but you have to act fast on these deals. Slippers and winter pajamas will also be available for the whole family. You may find great deals on socks and underwear too, so make sure you keep an eye out for these simple stocking stuffers.

5. Cricut
If you love to craft, then Walmart is going to be your best friend this holiday season. There are going to be a lot of fabulous deals on Cricut this year. The Cricut machine itself will take a decent price decrease, so if you know someone that wants to get started then now is the time. You’ll also find that there will be many great deals on Cricut accessories and supplies. This can help you stock up on products that you need for the whole year while also adding some accessories to take your crafting even further. These deals may not make the front pages of your Black Friday ads, so it is important to look directly in the department to find what you’re looking for.

6. Laptops
Laptops have been a bargain for much of the year, but you’ll find some pretty awesome deals when it comes to shopping during Black Friday. If you just need a laptop for a student or someone that does basic word processing or research, then you may even be able to walk away from the store spending less than $100. These deals can really help you to save and ensure everyone has what they need for success. Apart from that, there will be lots of options for gamers or those that might need a computer that utilizes editing software for videos or images. Before you purchase, make sure your laptop has everything you need, including the correct processor and enough memory to run the items you need.

7. Kitchen Appliances
You won’t want to miss out on all of the kitchen appliance deals that Walmart will be offering during all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This year, you’re bound to find price cuts on some of the hottest items. Air fryers have been big over the last couple of years, so you’re bound to find some great options for this must-have device. Apart from that, you’ll also find huge savings on coffee machines, including those that can make ice coffee in no time at all. Ice makers are also big this year, but if you search around you’ll probably also find some price cuts on brand-name blenders. You may even brand out to look at other kitchen supplies, as you’ll certainly find a little something for everyone on your list.

8. Vacuum Cleaners
Getting your home in tip-top condition won’t be a problem when you upgrade your vacuum cleaner during the Black Friday deals. You’re going to find a little something for everyone, so make sure to take your time and shop around so you can find the best possible option for you. Some of the options that are currently being advertised include vacuums specifically designed to pick up pet fur. You will also find cordless vacuum cleaners, which are very popular right now. These cleaners aren’t always the best for high carpets, so make sure you do your research before investing. Classic vacuum cleaners will be offered at a low price though, so don’t forget to take advantage of the low price if you just need something simple.

9. Most Tech
Tech is always a big deal on Black Friday, which is why you should keep an eye on all of the deals. This year, there will be plenty of headphones and earbuds to choose from, which is great for music lovers or people that may work from home. Apart from that, you’ll find deals on record players and the vinyl that goes along with them. Videogames will also keep you in deals, which makes for a great gift for most kids. You may even find some great deals on consoles to ensure your home is up to date when it comes to the latest toys.

10. Walmart Membership
One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to get a Walmart Plus Membership. This will allow you to get many of the perks that Walmart offers. This includes free shipping, which will give you even more savings during the holiday season. Plus members also receive early access to Black Friday deals to help ensure you get the deal before it sells out. Plus members have a lot of other perks too, so make sure to explore everything. During the Deal Days, membership is half off, which can’t be beaten.

There are so many amazing things that you can use to save during the Deals for Days event at Walmart. These are only a few of the deals you should keep an eye on, as the ads are currently unavailable for a few of the events. Despite this, you should be able to plan ahead and price search as the deal days grow closer.

Celebrate Entrepreneur Day with these Low-Price Resources

Entrepreneur Day is coming up, which makes it the perfect time to channel your inner entrepreneur if you’ve been on the fence in regard to carving your own employment path. Even if you’re just looking to start up a side hustle, there are many things that can stand in your way. There is no doubt, the path to entrepreneurship isn’t always the easiest and it can come at a price. Luckily, there are many fantastic resources that you can utilize that are free to low cost. This will help you cut a few corners, so you can spend your hard-earned money where it counts. With these helpful options, you may even be able to propel your business faster than you may have ever guessed.

1. Squarespace
In this day and age, if you don’t have a website for your business then there is a good chance that you won’t be able to secure clients or get your product out there. Sure, social media can help you out slightly, but most people won’t purchase from someone without a website. You can spend a fortune to have a website built for you, but if you’re on a budget and willing to put in some work then there are many great options to choose from. One of the most budget-friendly options available is Squarespace. This website is incredibly user-friendly and is great for helping you find designs that suit your branding needs and personality. You can even set up a mailing list, using the site builder. The service is incredibly affordable too.

2. Trello
Keeping track of all of your day-to-day tasks can be impossible. It gets even worse when you bring a team on board to help you get where you need to be. Instead of spending time trying to juggle it all, you might consider setting up a system like Trello. This will allow you to delegate tasks without having to second guess yourself or continue to check in with each team member. On top of that, it will help you review items when needed so you’ll be well on your way to success without wasting all of your time. You can get a Trello account for free, but you may find that as your business grows you might need to upgrade. Make sure to take it one step at a time until you can get your business where it needs to be.

3. Docracy
Most people aren’t lawyers, and if you’re budgeting for your entrepreneurial endeavors, then there’s a good chance you can’t afford a lawyer to show you everything you need to know. Luckily, websites like Docracy exist. This site will allow you to browse through legal documents quickly and efficiently so you can actually work towards getting everything in order. You’ll find information on contracts for clients and employees. You’ll also find information on starting an LLC and everything else you’ll need to know to find success as you work. The website is easy to understand too, so you won’t feel bombarded by everything.

4. B Plans
A lot of entrepreneurs jump into the deep end of having a business without stopping to plan. However, when you start a business, you should get started on a business plan before you do anything else. Getting a business plan together isn’t exactly simple though, especially if you’ve never done it before. That is why B Plans is a great place to begin your journey. You can find samples of business plans that will allow you to choose which one will work best for your needs. Of course, these are incredibly easy to alter as well, so you can find confidence in your personalized business plan. As you begin to grow, you can even look into business plans that work for larger organizations, which will help you save money and know exactly where your business is headed.

5. Google Suite
Most businesses need digital tools to keep track of everything that is going on. Google Suite is one of the best options for this, especially since it is totally free. The only thing you’ll ever have to pay for on Google is extra storage, but it does take a long time to run out of space if you’re only storing documents and pictures. Google Suite offers Google Documents, which is a great rival to Microsoft Word. It also makes it incredibly easy to share documents and edit them with others. Google Spreadsheet is a great alternative for Excel and also allows you to share and work with others in real-time. Google Meet is perfect for conferences and client meetings, but it can also help you keep your team working together in real-time. Google Drive allows you to store and organize in a simplistic way that will easily bring convenience to you and your team. There is more to Google Suite, so you may consider signing up so you can see for yourself.

6. Udemy
One of the biggest aspects of being an entrepreneur is taking the time to learn new things. The marketplace is always growing, as is your need to keep up to speed with your niche. There are so many courses that can help you become a better entrepreneur, but they often come at a price. Udemy offers many free courses, which can help you on your way. Classes that do come with a price tag, generally won’t set you back too much. So, if you choose to pace yourself with courses, you won’t find yourself in financial trouble. These courses will definitely cost less than a college course, which can be reassuring. You’ll have to browse around to see what offers are available for you, as this will help you feel more confident about the road ahead.

7. Startup Grind
One of the best resources for entrepreneurs is the Startup Grind. This little online community does so much for entrepreneurs getting started and those that are maintaining their businesses. This website does offer courses to help you move along with your endeavors, which is one reason why it is such an incredible resource. However, it also offers a community for you to join, mingle, network, ask questions, and so much more. Without a doubt, you’ll find so much to help you get on the right path when it comes to this community. You can browse the website even before you join, which can help you to feel more comfortable before you invest in a membership.

8. Fiver
Although so many entrepreneurs wear many different hats, no person can do it all. That’s where Fiver comes into play. You can find freelancers that will help you embrace the work you need for five dollars. Of course, there are many freelancers that charge more, so you might not walk away with a five-dollar steal, but it will still be a value to you. These freelancers are often just starting out and may need reviews to help them get their feet off the ground, so make sure you offer this when you do pay such a low price for the service you desire. Services that you can find on Fiver include logo design, social media graphics, copywriting, website assistance, and much more.

9. Shopify
For those that are offering tangible products to customers, you may find Shopify to be a great option for you. There are lots of great market websites available to choose from, but Shopify tends to be one of the best user-friendly options around. You will also find that Shopify doesn’t have as strict terms of service as many of the other services do. Shopify accepts a wide assortment of payment options as well, which allows you to choose the payment option that is right for you. Apart from that, you can connect Shopify directly to your website or social media page, so it makes it insanely easy for people to shop with you.

10. Social Media
Love it or hate it, social media is one of the best tools that you have when it comes to getting your business out there. Most social media platforms are free to use, so if you sign up for as many as you choose, you’re already ahead when it comes to getting your name out there. From there, you might consider moving on to creating branded posts that allow others to learn about your services or products. This is an easy way to engage with your customer base as well, which can help you to feel more confident about the services that you offer.

Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat. These ten resources can help transform the way you begin your journey and advance, which can help you reach the success you desire. Best of all, the resources will fit into your budget, so you don’t have to stress over it as you begin to make money.

Cheap Ways to Embrace America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day arrives on November 15th and is the perfect time to celebrate all of the recycling you’ve been doing all year. However, there is always room for improvement so you might want to take your recycling up a notch as we prepare for 2023. These ten tips will help you take recycling to a whole new level with very little effort from you. Best of all, these are budget-friendly options that can actually save you in the long run so you can get even more out of the recycling experience.

1. Grocery Bags
Grocery bags are one of the best ways that you can cut down on waste. Plastic waste is still at an all-time high, and grocery bags tend to be one of the most common forms of litter found in the ocean. You can do your part by skipping the plastic grocery bags from the store altogether. This will not only give you less to recycle on a daily basis, but if you live in an area that charges for these bags then it can save you big time in this regard too. Sure, you can purchase your own reusable grocery bags in stores. Some businesses will even give them away. However, these bags are incredibly easy to make as well. There are numerous tutorials online to help you, which will allow you to create options that speak to your personality.

2. Shop Bulk
Let’s face it, in the society we live in, it seems practically impossible to not purchase items with packaging. One way to combat the amount of packaging we purchase is to shop in bulk. If you tend to go through a lot of certain products in the home, then definitely shop in bulk whenever you can. Even if it is food products, you can freeze perishables that you do not use right away. This will allow you to purchase more products and less packaging so you can deal with less recycling. This will help your environment and make life much easier for you. It will probably even save a good chunk of money.

3. Shop Brands That Recycle
Many brands are taking great strides to transform the way they operate. Sustainability is one of the most common ways that businesses are currently up-leveling. With brands doing more research to bring recycling to their company, you’ll find many common household goods can be purchased with recycled materials. This means that fewer new plastic products are being made and more old plastics are given new life. You’ll find everything from detergents and cleaners to clothing and toys. With a little research, you’ll be able to find a list of companies that are making large strides in this direction, so you can lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

4. Go Digital
We live in a digital world, which means you can embrace this when cutting down on waste. There are so many things that you can enjoy digitally, which can cut back on production while saving you money. For instance, your magazine and newspaper subscriptions can all be transferred to digital. You can also keep books, movies, and music digital too. Another way to keep things digital is to ensure your bills go to your email address instead of your home address. This will cut back on paper and other waste, which will save you a lot of money while ensuring you waste much less.

5. Reconsider Donation
Most people think that donating clothes and items that they no longer want is a great way to recycle. Unfortunately, so many thrift stores have taken to throwing things away, especially when they have too much stock. Clothing is one of the top items to hit the trash can, so you might think twice about this. Instead, you might consider asking around to see if you can donate the items to an actual person. This will ensure they get used and they may even help someone that can’t afford to go to the thrift store. Other than that, you might also consider selling your unwanted items. This will allow you to get even more out of the items you no longer want.

6. Upcycle
Another safe option for items you’re no longer using is to reuse them. If you have old clothes then the fabric can be upcycled into pillows, blankets, and so much more. Plastic containers, which are all too common, can also be used for storing items, crafts, and so much more. Even old furniture and items such as that can be upcycled to bring new life to a room and to help prevent you from getting rid of things that you can still utilize in the home.

7. No Waste Challenge
For a couple of years now, people have taken the no-waste challenge. This National America Recycles Day is the perfect day to give this challenge a try. In order to compete in the challenge, you must vow to waste as little as possible for a certain period of time. This means no prepackaged food, no tossing out leftover food, and so on. During the challenge, you’ll have to recycle to the best of your ability, cook as much as you can at home, and learn how to compost. This challenge is great for making you aware of how much trash you produce, while also allowing you to learn how to shop more sustainably. You can choose to take part in the challenge for the day of the holiday, or span it out a week, a month, or even longer.

8. Shop Intentionally
Shopping intentionally is one of the best things that you can learn how to do, especially as we grow as a community striving to do better for the planet. Many stores are now offering ways to shop with no waste. For instance, you can bring jars or bags to purchase dried goods, coffee, honey, and even soaps. Many stores are also bringing awareness as to where the items are sourced from. This can help you make an educated option about what you purchase. Even clothing brands are following this standard, so you can choose brands that are going to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

9. Advocate for More Recycling
Although many locations have made leaps and bounds to improve their recycling centers, there is still a lot of work that can be done. There are many locations that don’t have the facilities they should have though. No matter where you live, you can always advocate for more recycling. Consider writing to your local government, volunteering your time, and working to spread the word in your community. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can also find groups to help you learn more about what you can do to help.

10. Level Up Your Kitchen
The kitchen is where the majority of waste tends to happen in the home, which is why up-leveling your kitchen can transform the way you save. There are so many ways you can take your kitchen to the next level without spending a fortune. For instance, glass storage containers will last you for years and don’t take up a lot of space in a landfill. There are also reusable wraps, so you don’t have to use tin foil or plastic wrap when working in the kitchen. You can also utilize products with less packaging to help you get more out of your shopping experience. There are so many options to choose from, so make sure to look around at your options as you plan to make a better life for yourself and the planet.

When it comes to recycling and creating a more sustainable life these simple ideas will help you move forward. This will ensure you make the most of America Recycles Day while also setting into motion plenty of ways to keep up the hard work even when there is no holiday to remind you.

Show Your Veteran Appreciation With These Ten Freebies From National Chains

Veterans Day is coming up, which means there will be a lot of freebies offered for veterans to enjoy. If you have a veteran in your life, then you might help celebrate them by reminding them of all of the freebies they can choose from or take them out for a meal or two. These ten major chains have some great things to celebrate veterans at no cost to them. If you plan accordingly, you can enjoy a free meal all day long, as well as a couple of pick-me-ups and snacks. Of course, this list is only scratching the surface, so make sure you ask around to see what local stores are also offering.

1. Starbucks
Starbucks is one of the leading coffee chains in the United States and around the world. The company often has rumors surrounding it about how they don’t help the military, but these are often squashed with evidence of the contrary. Many military bases also have a Starbucks for service members to enjoy, which makes it incredibly easy to take advantage of its Veterans Day freebie. This year, Starbucks is offering a free tall drip coffee or iced coffee, which provides veterans with a little more choice than previous years. This offer is guaranteed to service members, veterans, and military spouses, so you can make it one of your first stops of the day or save your freebie for a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

2. Peet’s Coffee
If you’re looking for a little more caffeine on Veteran’s Day, then you might consider heading to Peet’s Coffee. This venue isn’t all over the nation, but you’ll find it in many cities. Peet’s Coffee is offering a free small cup of drip coffee or tea all day long. This makes it a great breakfast or afternoon stop, especially if you’re out shopping. Peet’s coffee is also offering 30% off subscriptions if you prefer to brew at home or you don’t have a Peet’s coffee near you.

3. Dunkin Donuts
If you’re a fan of starting your day off with a little something sweet, then a stop at Dunkin Donuts is bound to do you a world of good. Dunkin Donuts is known for doing quite a bit for the military community, which is why so many service members frequent the donut hot spot. This year, Dunkin Donuts is offering a free donut to all veterans that can provide a valid ID. On top of that, Dunkin Donuts offers a regular 10% off all purchases made by a service member, so if you’d like more than one donut or a coffee to pair with it, then you’ll be saving even more.

4. Krispy Kreme
When it comes to donuts, you’ll be living the good life this Veteran’s Day. Krispy Kreme is offering one of its iconic donuts for free, as well as a small cup of coffee. This is a great option for a quick breakfast and is certain to satisfy. All you need to get the free deal is a valid ID that shows your veteran status. Of course, if you don’t want to deal with the lines, you can enjoy cheaper Krispy Kreme any time of the year. Service members that come to the venue in uniform will receive 50% off of their order, while veterans not in uniform can receive a 10% discount with a valid ID. This offer also extends to all emergency personnel.

5. Denny’s
Denny’s is a common place to celebrate any occasion because it is open 24/7 and serves a wide variety of comfort foods. This year, like every year, Denny’s is offering something special to veterans to honor their service. This year, veterans can enjoy a Build Your Own Grand Slam for free. This is for dine-in only, as you do need to provide a valid ID when cashing out. Of course, Denny’s tends to honor veterans all year round with a 10-20% discount depending on location. This offer is available all year long, so if you don’t want to deal with the crowd you won’t have to give up on the savings.

Another great spot to grab some comfort food is IHOP. There, you’ll find everything from burgers to stacks of pancakes. However, if you’re looking for a freebie on Veterans Day then you’ll be excited to know that you can get a stack of Red, White & Blueberry Pancakes. This sweet treat will definitely help you to satisfy your cravings while filling you up. IHOP also offers a 20% military discount, so you can add to your meal without spending a fortune. This discount is always available with a valid ID, so you can enjoy a homey meal whenever you’re craving it.

7. Buffalo Wild Wings
If you’d like a quick lunch that will leave you feeling satisfied, then Buffalo Wild Wings is offering 10 boneless wings and fires for free. The website doesn’t specify if you can choose any coating, but most likely this is the case. This is typically on the lunch menu, so it is enough to fill you up for some time. Buffalo Wild Wings also offers a 10% discount at participating stores, so you might check in to see if this deal is available to you. With many game nights coming up this discount can really go far.

8. Red Robin
Red Robin has become a national favorite, largely because of its bottomless fries. However, this November, the chain is giving back to veterans. From November 1st to November 14th, veterans can pick up a free Red’s Tavern Double burger. This allows veterans to cash in on the deal whenever it is convenient for them. Veterans will need proof of service to cash in on the deal and they’ll also need to be a member of the Red Robin’s Royalty Program. This is totally free and will even give you points toward food purchases in the future.

9. Applebee’s
Applebee’s is a great place to take a break from your long day and grab some dinner. On November 11th, you can score a complimentary full-size entrée from an exclusive menu when dining in at the restaurant. You will have to prove your service, but this will allow you to enjoy a 10% discount on the rest of your food as well. Veterans will also receive a $5 bounce-back card to redeem on any dine-in, to-go, or deliver purchase within a three-week span after the holiday. Of course, the 10% discount is available all year long, so you’ll get more out of every trip to Applebee’s.

10. Hard Rock Café
Another great place to grab something for lunch or dinner is the Hard Rock Café. This year, the café is offering an original Legendary Steak Burger topped with applewood bacon, cheddar cheese, a crispy onion ring, leaf lettuce, and vine-ripened tomato for free. Veterans can also enjoy 15% off their entire purchase all year long, so you can stretch your meal even further if you’re hungry. While you’re at the café, you can admire all of the histories it offers, which makes for an inspiring trip.

Veterans Day is a great day for freebies, so make sure you don’t miss out on all of the options available to you. These ten chains will cater to most of the nation, so you can feel assured that you’ll have plenty of freebies to choose from. However, there are so many other restaurants to choose from, so if you don’t see your favorite place on this list, their website or social media page should let you know their offerings.