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Ten Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator on a Budget

There is no doubt about it, the refrigerator can be one of the toughest places to keep clean and organized. There is always food coming in and out of it and if you’re not careful, you’ll quickly run out of space to store your perishables. There are quite a few ways to keep your refrigerator organized though. These ten ideas will actually help you to save some space in your refrigerator without spending a fortune on supplies to organize. So, take a deep and get ready to get your refrigerator in tip-top shape.

1. Magnetic Containers
Do you often find yourself using small containers in the refrigerator only to have to spend too much time locating when you need the food that they are storing? There is a very quick solution to this that will cost you next to nothing. Simply invest in some magnets and hot glue them onto the lid of your containers. Then, you can simply place them on the top of the side of your refrigerator. You’ll never have to go hunting for them again and you won’t have to take up extra space on your shelves for items that are very small.

2. Chalk Labels
Saving plastic containers to use again and again is a great way to lead a sustainable lifestyle. However, it is incredibly hard to see what is inside of the container. Even some storage containers that you purchase can be a little indiscreet. The best way to remedy this is to add some labels to the mix. One of the easiest ways to do this is to glue on a chalkboard label whenever you have a new container. These won’t fall off when washed and they will allow you to label everything with ease. You can even add labels with the date, so you’ll know that your food is still safe to consume. These labels are very cheap, so you won’t be put out when you purchase them. You can also use a special chalkboard paint if you don’t want to deal with glue.

3. Lazy Susan
If you tend to have a lot of items in jars in your refrigerator, or you keep a lot of condiments, then this is going to be a great match for your needs. Simply put a Lazy Susan in your refrigerator and stack all of these goodies on top of it. You will be able to spin to get all of your items without having to move everything to get to them. You can also add small bins to the Lazy Susan to place your kid’s snacks and drinks on, which can definitely help reduce the clutter in your refrigerator. Plus, it won’t take up any extra space. This can create a lot of conveniences when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and living, and you might consider adding Lazy Susans to many areas in the home.

4. Wine Rack
Even if you aren’t a fan of wine, you might consider adding a wine rack to your refrigerator. This is perfect for keeping a wide variety of things organized and cool without forcing you to have a lot of different things rolling around in your refrigerator. You can even keep soda bottles stored in the rack, which can help give you even more space while allowing you to fit taller bottles in the refrigerator without stacking them awkwardly. Of course, it is also great for storing wine.

5. Drawer Organizers
Let’s face it, the drawers in a refrigerator can be tough to manage at times. They hold so many different foods that you may find that they have become a mixture of items before you have a chance to organize again. This is especially true if you have kids. One of the best ways to combat this is to purchase drawer organizers. You can use smaller, stackable bins for holding items like produce or kid’s snacks. This can actually help keep some of your products fresher, which will save you some money. Best of all, it will allow you to easily keep track of the foods you have because everything will be in a certain space instead of mixed together.

6. Clear Bins
If you feel like all you’re seeing is clutter when you open your refrigerator then clear bins might be in your future. These bins make the space feel a little less claustrophobic, which will make you feel better about the cooking process. Clear bins come in all shapes and sizes too and you can even find them in bulk packs to ensure you save quite a bit of money. Bins can hold a variety of items and will make it easy for you to spot exactly what you need so you can grab and go.

7. Tension Rod
A tension rod can be your best friend when it comes to your freezer. All you need to do is fix the tension bar to the edges of your freezer. From there, you can hang up bags of food with clips, which will make it incredibly easy for you to spot exactly what you have. This will also allow more space on the bottom of the freezer for things like meat containers, ice cream, and other items that aren’t typically bagged. You can even grab reusable bags to store items like leftovers or even things that are packaged in a box rather than a bag. Tension rods are pretty cheap too, so you can cheaply create multiple layers if you think it will suit your needs.

8. Egg Carton for Condiments
Condiments tend to be one of the most taxing things to organize when it comes to your refrigerator. Luckily, there is one quick way to keep them in order that can actually keep your refrigerator cleaner too. When you finish up a carton of eggs, tear off the top of the container and use the bottom part to store your condiments. In more cases, the top part of the container will fit perfectly into the carton, which will allow you to place more of these items on the shelves connected to your doors. Best of all, if your condiments leak, they will do so on the egg carton. You can also replace it as it gets dirty, which can make things so much easier for you.

9. Extra Wire Shelf
In most department stores, you will find wire shelves in the organization section. These shelves are great for your pantry, but they can also do a world of good in your refrigerator too. The shelves can actually provide you with extra space for items, especially if your refrigerator has large gaps as this can help you to gain even more space. The wire shelf can be moved anywhere in the refrigerator too, which makes it easy to cater to your needs with every trip to the grocery store. They are also easy to clean, which can definitely make things easier than ever on you.

10. Reusable Bags
Another great way to keep your refrigerator organized is to invest in reusable bags. Bags can actually take up less space in your refrigerator, which will allow you to make things feel neater when you store them. You can store most leftovers in a bag too, which can be very handy. Best of all, the bags can be cleaned and used again and again, which will save you money and prevent you from causing too much waste. Apart from that, you will find that bags are easier to store than most of your storage containers which will help you keep other aspects of the kitchen organized too.

Your refrigerator is the heart of the home, so keeping it organized is a great way to make life easier and more efficient for the entire family. These tips will not only allow you to keep your refrigerator looking magazine-worthy but will allow you to better keep an eye on the products that you have stored, so you won’t wind up with things going bad because you’ve forgotten them there.

Frugal Ways to Gain More Enjoyment Out of Reading This Autumn

There is no doubt about it, autumn is the perfect time to curl up with a good book. However, a lot of people get burned out of reading, which might make them look to spend money to get back into the hobby. There are many ways you can improve on your reading time though. These ten tips are just scratching the surface and will allow you to truly enjoy your favorite hobby in an entirely new way. So, grab your favorite book and get ready for a season filled with adventure and reading fun.

1. Explore Book Podcasts
If you’re struggling to find a good book to read, then investing some of your time into a book podcast might be one of the best ways to learn about new books. There are so many book podcasts to choose from too, which will allow you to find one that suits your personality. However, you might find that discovering the right match for you can be as trying as finding a book that suits you. There are many guides to help you find what you’re looking for. If you’re not looking for a podcast about books, then you might enjoy one based on a book series you particularly enjoy. You can even find short podcasts based on single books, which can help expand your knowledge and open up conversations about the books you adore.

2. Visit the Library
In this day and age, everything seems to be at our fingertips. You can pick up any book you want with just the click of a button. This can cause you to forget all about the process of visiting a library. Libraries are a great option for anyone hoping to be immersed in the world of books. You will find any genre you desire there and if you can’t find what you’re looking for a librarian will help you out. You can even ask librarians for recommendations based on the books you already love. Best of all, you will leave the library without spending a cent on the book you choose, which can definitely help you to fall back in love with reading.

3. Location
One of the problems many readers face is where they choose to read. More often than not, our adventures bring us to a chair or a bed so we can stay comfortable for hours. However, you might find that a new setting can help transform the way you read. One idea to freshen up your reading time is to move your favorite chair somewhere new. You can do this to help you embrace the weather happening outside, which can help create a wonderful setting for your books. If the weather is fine, then you might consider heading outside to read beneath a tree. You may be surprised by how comfortable you may feel reading in the fresh air.

4. Create Atmosphere
Atmosphere can play a huge part in the role of your reading experience. If you are reading in poor lighting, then it might make you feel uncomfortable or can even leave your eyes feeling tired before you are ready to stop reading for the day. One of the best ways to create an atmosphere is to get the appropriate lighting for your needs. Adding candles to a setting can also help set the mood. You might find a particular aroma that can also help you to feel amazing while you’re on an adventure. Of course, finding the perfect place under blankets or surrounded by pillows can also help you to feel satisfied with your reading experience.

5. Go Audio
Another way that you can spice up your love for books is to enjoy audiobooks. There are so many audiobooks to choose from now that you’re certain to come up with a long list of books you’d like to listen to. This can actually allow you to enjoy more books in your free time, as you can embrace an audiobook while you commute, clean, or work out. This is a great way to change up how you enjoy books too. You can even search for audiobooks based on your favorite celebrities, as so many big names have actually worked in the audiobook industry. You might even listen to books you already love to see how different readers accent the book.

6. Read Reviews
A lot of people will pick up a book that they think they will love based on its brief summary. However, a lot of the time, this can lead a reader astray. In some cases, the writing quality isn’t there while other times the plot summary isn’t exactly what was advertised. One of the best ways to get over this problem is to simply read some reviews on the book. You might head to your favorite website for books and see what other people have to say. You can find book reviews all over the place including on major retailer websites. You can also check to see what your favorite book bloggers have to say about the book. This can help you feel more confident with spending your time on the novel, so you won’t find yourself disappointed as often.

7. Consider a Book Nook
Sometimes reading is hard to do because we simply don’t have a quiet place to enjoy what we are reading. A book nook is a great way to find exactly what you need so you can feel comfortable and actually concentrate on the words that you’re reading. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a book nook either. All you really need is a quiet area that you can place all of your books and reading accessories. However, you can also easily build a seating area beneath a window or an empty corner of the home.

8. Book Club
Another way to gain access to good books and keep your interest in them is to join a book club. Generally, it is free to join a book club. The only purchase you will have to make is the book you’ll be reading and possibly snacks if the group works that way. If you’re looking for a local book club, then you might start your search at your local library. Usually, librarians will have some insight into book clubs in the area. There are numerous online book clubs too, which can help you find one that works best for you. You can even choose one that suits your schedule.

9. Embrace Snacks
Snacks can really transform your time reading. You don’t have to go all out or even overindulge in your snack choices either. For instance, keeping some fruit close by will allow you to snack without having to worry about calorie intake. You might also make a nice cup of tea or your favorite blend of coffee. The food you consume will help awaken the senses, which can help improve your imagination and make your book even more exciting. There are lots of snack ideas online. In fact, you can even find book-themed snacks to help bring you even more joy from your reading experience.

10. Consider Music
For some readers, music can really transform a setting. So, next time you’re feeling like your book is a little stale, you might consider pairing it with some music. As you read, you can even create your own custom playlist so you can remember each book. You might even get lucky and discover some of the playlists other people have made to suit the book. Of course, many people will simply play some classical music or ambiance music to help stimulate the mind as they read.

Reading can be one of the best autumn activities, but if you’re feeling burned out on books then you might be missing out on some fun. These tips will help you to get more out of your reading experience, so you can truly make the most out of your favorite hobby without having to spend a fortune.

Ten Diwali Gifts that Will Keep the Festival of Lights Frugal and Fun

Diwali is on the way and many people are looking forward to enjoying the activity as close to normal as they possibly can. Diwali is a fantastic holiday to join in on, even if you’ve never tried it before. It can actually be very frugal as well. If you’re hoping to enjoy the tradition of gift-giving this Diwali, then these ten tips might come of use to you. They will help you provide gifts that suit the theme of the holiday without forcing you to spend a small fortune. Best of all, you might have a lot of fun preparing your gifts for the arrival of Diwali.

1. Homemade Sweets
One of the most common gifts given during Diwali is sweets. You can find all sorts of traditional treats in stores to hand out to loved ones, but you might also discover that you can easily make them. There are lots of recipes to help you learn how to make traditional treats. This can help you enjoy more of the culture behind the holiday. You might even make a few treats that become household favorites. Of course, if you don’t have time to branch out this year, then giving away your own favorite treats will always please others during the holiday season.

2. Paper Lantern
Lights are a large part of the Diwali festival, as it is the festival of lights. So, one of the best things you can hand out as a gift for all of your friends and family is a lantern. Paper lanterns can be a lot of fun to make and you can find options for everyone in the family to participate in. There are numerous simple paper lanterns you can make, but you will also find that there are more complicated options if you’re looking to learn a new craft during the holiday. You will find lots of tutorials online to help you out.

3. Indian Art
Art from India is always a great way to share a little love. Since Diwali is primarily a holiday from India, you might enjoy finding pieces that suit the holiday. You can shop online for a wide variety of art from India, which might allow you to buy a few fun gifts for loved ones. However, you can also learn how to make traditional art on your own. This will allow you to enjoy learning something new that will give the holiday more meaning. There are many mediums you can choose from too, which will help suit your budget. You might even choose to create art that depicts aspects of the holiday.

4. Kantha Quilt
Kantha Quilts have become especially popular over the last few years. These quilts are generally made from recycled materials, which makes them a sustainable way to create more comfort in your home. Best of all, they look spectacular and can bring you plenty of comforts while you’re working from home. The Kantha Quilt is designed in such a way that it is actually easy for anyone that is inexperienced in sewing to take on. There are plenty of tutorials online to choose from, which will allow you to easily sit back and enjoy a new hobby. Your blanket gift will suit the home decor aspect of Diwali but will also help to bring a touch of Indian tradition to the mix.

5. Candle
Bring a little light into someone’s life when you offer up a candle as a gift. Candles are a great way to help anyone focus on the light, which will definitely help you to feel confident that your gift will suit the spirt of the holiday. You can purchase a wide variety of candles for your loved ones, so may even have a Diwali theme, which might encourage you to purchase it even more. However, you can also find that there are many cheap ways to make your own candles to give away. Making your own candle will allow you to truly enjoy the process of gift-giving while allowing you to customize every gift that you offer. You can use essential oil to help bring out an amazing aroma while printing out custom labels that will make your candle look and feel unforgettable.

6. Diwali Book
If you’re not certain about the holiday or you’d just like to further your knowledge, then there are many amazing books about Diwali. Of course, you might also have friends and family that are interested in the holiday, too. That is why gifting a book is one of the best things that you can do. You can find Diwali books for every personality as well, including those that are fact-based to those entirely comprised of art. Best of all, there are a number of children’s books on the subject, which will help the younger generation learn to respect and enjoy the holiday.

7. Jewelry
Although this holiday isn’t all about big gifts and grand gestures, some people do give jewelry as a gift. However, this jewelry generally isn’t pricey or used to make a bold statement. You might, for instance, purchase something that involves light, such as star-inspired jewelry. This is actually very easy to make and can help bring some fun to any style. Another option is to consider making some homemade jewelry that plays on the elements of the holiday. There are many fun ways to do this, which can help make the holiday even more engaging for you. Plus, it will help you build a new skill so you can have something special to make for every holiday.

8. Tea
Another major part of most Indian holidays is tea. It is a common drink, which makes it a great gift to share with anyone celebrating the holiday. You can find a wide variety of teas on the market that won’t set you back a lot of money. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might consider making some of your own fruit blended tea. You can do this by drying fruit and adding it to dried tea leaves. You can go a step further by growing your own tea leaves, but this might not be an option for this year if you’re just starting out.

9. Dried Fruit
While you’re working on your tea, you might consider making some dried fruit to give out. Dried fruit is actually a traditional gift, so you will be embodying the spirit of the holiday too. Dried fruit can be pretty expensive to purchase in stores but making it won’t set you back a lot of money. It is incredibly easy to do if you have a dehydrator too. In short, all you need to do is thinly slice the fruit of choice. From there, you can easily dehydrate it in a dehydrator, but there are recipes to also do this in the oven. You can even add spices to your fruit to give it even more flavor. Once your fruit is finished dehydrating, you can package it up and give it to those that you love.

10. Customized Frame
Sharing memories is a great way to celebrate Diwali. One of the best ways to do this is through photos of your most cherished memories. If you’d like to bring joy to someone then pick a photo you’d like to share with them and add it to a frame. You can add lots of fun things to the frame like sequences, beads, paint, and so on. This is a very creative project that will allow you to fully customize everything so you can enjoy the creative process. These frames can even be put away until Diwali rolls around again, which makes them the perfect way to celebrate the holiday through home decoration.

Gifting for Diwali can be an incredible experience for you and the people you gift to. With these ten tips, you should be able to find plenty of options for everyone on your list. This can help make Diwali even more incredible for you and the ones you love.

Make Holiday House Guests Comfortable with These Ten Cheap Tips

Thanksgiving will be here in the blink of an eye shortly followed by the other family-oriented holidays. If you’re hosting family members this year, then you might already feel the stress of hosting. You shouldn’t have to deal with the pressure of hosting as there is still plenty of time to make sure your home is in tip-top shape. These simple tips are cheap and efficient, so you can enjoy having loved ones in the home while feeling confident about your hosting abilities.

1. Declutter
Situations can feel stressful when there are a lot of people in a very small space. One thing that makes them even more uncomfortable is all of the clutter surrounding everyone. So, before everyone arrives at your home, you might want to take a moment to declutter. Clear off extra items on your cabinet, put out décor that is minimal while still festive. Find a space for all of the extra items hanging out around the house, including all of the pillows on your couch, even if means placing them in a box tucked away somewhere until the holiday is over. This will help to create more breathing space for everyone, which will definitely take some of the pressure off of you and will even make cleaning up easier.

2. Pull Out Extra Linens
Another must is to pull out all of your extra linens. It is important to have clean sheets and blankets for guests, but you should also make sure you have plenty of towels available too. Before guests arrive, make sure everything has been cleaned appropriately and is set out in a way that allows guests to know the linens are fresh for them. You might also have extra blankets draped over chairs to ensure that the cold holiday weather won’t have anyone feeling uncomfortable. This is pretty easy to accomplish the day before arrivals, but if you’re feeling pinched for time, you can always slowly tackle the chore a week before everyone’s arrival.

3. Stock Snacks
Snacks are one of the keys to happiness for when guests arrive. They can especially be important if you have children joining the home for the holiday. You might stock up on some of your favorite snacks that are cheap to buy in bulk like crackers, chips, and cookies. However, you can also make these items from scratch to help cut back on spending. Snacks can quickly improve the mood of your home while allowing people to find simple forms of entertainment even more enjoyable. On top of that, they can help prevent you from having to make three large meals in a day, as many people will be satisfied with enjoying snacks.

4. Consider Crock Pot Soups
Chances are, you’re going to pour a lot of your food budget into the holiday feast. It is also going to wear you out a bit, because, let’s face it, these meals are time-consuming and require a lot of hard work and planning. So, if you are having guests come in before the holiday then you might consider making soup in a crockpot to help feed everyone. There are many cheap and easy soup options that you can make in a crockpot, so you won’t have to feel like your meal is limited. There are even some soup recipes that utilize leftovers, so you can make something new and exciting if your guests are staying past the holiday. Soups are fairly cheap and can go a long way, so you can worry less about what you’re feeding everyone.

5. Plan Activities
Keeping everyone busy for hours each day can be a lot of hard work. So, one of the best things you can do before people begin to arrive is to make a schedule for the home. Set out times for popular TV shows that everyone loves. Set out games and make a gaming hour that will suit everyone. You might even schedule some crafts. Of course, you don’t even have to stick to the schedule, especially if everyone is already having fun. You will also be able to fall back on the items you skipped if you do find boring periods throughout the day.

6. Add Extra Toiletries
One special touch that you can add to your bathroom is to add extra toiletries. You’re going to want to make sure you have plenty of toilet paper on hand while your guests are around, so this is a must to stock up on. However, you might also consider having extra soap and lotion on hand too. You can even add a basket of travel-sized soaps, toothpaste, and other items to help everyone feel at home. This will ensure no one has to run out to purchase items that they may have forgotten to pack too, which will add so much convenience to the trip.

7. Swap Air Filters
Another must is to swap out your air filter. These are meant to be changed every few months, but a lot of the time they go forgotten. So, in order to keep your air fresh, you might want to go ahead and do this. You can actually get filters that will help to kill any viruses and bacteria in the air, which will add an extra layer of protection during today’s trying times. Plus, your air filter can also help with allergies. Some will even offer a gentle fragrance in the air, which can definitely make the home feel more comfortable.

8. Set Up Coffee and Tea Bar
Coffee and tea tend to be a big part of everyone’s day, so you might consider setting up a tea and coffee bar. This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant either. You might consider setting out a few different types of coffee so that everyone has something they will like. You can pick up single-serve creamers if you tend to only keep one flavor, if any, in the home. Adding a spot for sugar, cinnamon, and other add-ins will also help people to find comfort in their stay. A variety of tea can be purchased for cheap too, which will allow you to add an assortment of options. Finally, make sure you have plenty of mugs set up for everyone.

9. Add Extra Storage
Your guests are bound to bring extra items with them, so in order to keep things comfortable, you might consider adding some extra storage around the house. This can be as simple as emptying out some drawers in your guests’ rooms or adding baskets for people to place things in. Doing this will help people not live from their suitcase, which can make the holiday experience a lot easier and more comfortable for everyone. Plus, it makes it simple for guests to pack up their belongings when it is time to go and will make it less likely for people to leave items behind because items won’t be left on the floor during the duration of the visit.

10. Decorate
If you are having people over for the holidays, then one of the best things you can do to make the occasion better is decorating. You don’t have to go all out but adding some seasonal items to the living spaces will help to make everyone feel even more festive. You can even work on crafts as a family during the visit to hang up. Another thing to consider adding to the mix is holiday-scented candles. This can help set the mood even if you don’t have a lot of decorative items to put up.

Hosting guests for the holidays doesn’t have to be as stressful as it feels. These ten tips can be started now, so you will be prepared for everyone’s arrival. Best of all, they will help you save money before, during, and after the holidays, which will make the entire experience even sweeter.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Cheaply Throw Together

If you haven’t gone shopping for Halloween costumes yet, then you might be in a real bind if you don’t do it soon. Apart from the best costumes flying off of the shelves, it might also be harder to shop at an affordable price. Of course, if you do want to skip the shopping chaos this year, there are so many costumes that can be made from home with items that you probably already have lying around the house. These ten costumes are cheap to make, can be a lot of fun, and are great for children and adults!

1. Emoji
Emojis have become a part of our day-to-day life, which might make you feel inspired to want to be one for Halloween. If the emoji is calling your name, then you will feel happy to know this costume doesn’t have to be complex. All you need is a poster board and markers. Simply purchase posterboard in the emoji color of your choice, yellow is the most popular, and then draw in your face of choice. You can attach this to an old shirt using a stapler, Velcro, hot glue, or even just string. The style will really come to life if you pair the posterboard with the same color as the outfit you pair it with, or with simple black clothing. You can also accessorize with items like headbands to make the look pop. This costume is great to make for the whole family too, as everyone can represent a different emoji.

2. Coffee Cup
Channel your love of coffee when you dress up as a coffee cup for Halloween. You can start with purchasing a white tee with your favorite brand’s logo on it. However, if you don’t want to spend money then draw a logo onto a plain white tee. From there, make a brown circle around the shirt to act as a cup sleeve. Toss the tee on with a pair of white pants and you’re a simple coffee cup. If you’d like to take the look to the next level, then add some pillow fluff to a headband to act as some foam.

3. Cat
A cat costume is a pretty classic look that has been popular for decades. This costume is perfect for all ages too, including infants, which can make a first Halloween easier than ever. One of the easiest routes to take is dressing up like a black cat. However, you can customize the look to suit your supplies and personal tastes. If you’re dressing up as a black cat, then one of the easiest things to do is dress in all-black clothing. Then, find a headband that is also black. You can use black and pink felt to create ears and then hot glue them onto the headband. There are also many tutorials to help you create a tail out of items commonly found around the home.

4. Robot
If sci-fi is your favorite thing then a robot might be a great costume for you. Simply start out with a few cardboard boxes. These can be spray painted and painted on to create unique designs that will suit your style. You can tie or glue the boxes to a pair of sweats to make the costume easy to wear. You can also paint the sweats to suit the costume if you feel like it will look better. The best thing about this costume is you will primarily use recycling to create it. However, you can also add special touches like buttons that light up, or even things that make sound effects.

5. Cowboy/girl
Channeling the wild west is always an easy option if you already have the right hat and boots at home. This costume is a great way for kids to have fun and can be altered to suit their favorite cartoon characters or even athletes. You can enjoy a wide number of props with the costume too. One of the easiest to carry around is a lasso, but you might also consider a stick horse. These can be bought for fairly cheap at home if your child doesn’t have one, but you can also make one out of a broom handle and print it out if you want to keep things cheap.

6. Vampire
Another easy and classic look is a vampire. The best thing about this costume is it allows you a lot of freedom. If you want to go the classic route, you can easily dress in a gown or a suit that you have lying around. If you don’t have these things, you can purchase them for very cheap at a thrift store. However, if you are interested in a modern look then simply dress in your favorite street clothes. All you really need for this look is a set of fake vampire teeth, which you can purchase at any dollar store or department store. You can also add some sparkly makeup to your look if you want to channel your love of the Twilight series.

7. Red Riding Hood
Fairytale fans will love showing up with this costume. The best thing about Red Riding Hood is everyone is going to know exactly who you are, which makes it a lot of fun to show off your costume. Red Riding Hood is fairly simple because you only really need two things to make the character. That is, a cape and a picnic basket. You can use almost anything for the basket, or you can purchase one for cheap at a department store, dollar store, or thrift store. The cape can be made at home, which will save you a lot of money. You can create it using a red blanket, felt, or any cheap fabric you come across. There are many tutorials for adults and children online too.

8. Waldo
If you loved Waldo when you were a child, then this is a great option for you. Waldo is one of the easiest possible costumes as all you really need is a red and white striped shirt and beanie, as well as a pair of blue jeans and boots. If you don’t have the shirt or beanie on hand then find a redshirt if possible and use white duct tape to create the stripes or vice versa. This won’t you an arm and a leg and will add to the fun of the experience. Plus, you will be recognized by so many as Waldo is such a popular character.

9. Tourist
Another fun look is to show up on Halloween as a tourist. You can channel your inner vacationer by wearing Hawaiian shirts and khaki pants. If you add a bucket hat to the mix you’ll be well on your way to looking the part. Tourists can accessorize in a wide assortment of ways too. For beginners, you might consider wearing sandals with white socks that come up to your mid-calf. You can also wear a camera around your neck. If you don’t have a cheap camera, then make one out of cardboard for a fun look that will truly help you to have fun during photo opportunities.

10. Scarecrow
Channel your love of autumn by dressing up as a scarecrow for the holiday. This costume is incredibly easy to make with your gardening clothes. If you’re lacking some of these items, then you should be able to find what you’re looking for at the local thrift store. For a scarecrow costume, you will mainly need a plaid shirt and a pair of oversized overalls. You might also consider a sun hat to add to the overall look. You can add hay to your clothing if you would like, but it might be more comfortable to use yarn to complete the style. If you can, add a fake crow to the shoulder of your clothing to ensure the costume has a little bit of a spooky element. To complete the look, you can paint your face like a scarecrow made out of burlap, or you can create a pumpkin face. The look is easy to piece together last minute as well.

Dressing up for Halloween doesn’t have to be a high expenditure. Nor does it mean that you have to shop for expensive items in order to get the look you’re after. These ten tips will make it simple to create a striking look that is fun for all ages.

Avoid Burn Out with These Cheap Distractions that Will Improve Your Mental Health

October is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month, which makes it a great time to take a breather and check in with your own mental health. In this day and age, so many people suffer from burn out which negatively affects mental health and can cause many to feel forced into quitting work or causing more mental illness to arise. You don’t have to let burnout affect you though. In fact, there are many things you can actually do to help you avoid burnout throughout the day while also improving your mental health. These ten tips will suit your budget while allowing you to easily cater to your own mental health needs.

1. Go For a Walk
This is simple and easy. Just put on your shoes and head outside for some fresh air. A daily walk can help you in so many ways that you might be surprised by how amazing you feel when you are able to get outside and walk around. To begin with, going for a walk will allow you to clear your mind. Whether it is before, during, or after your working hours, a break from all things work can allow you to focus on yourself. It might even open up your mind so you can brainstorm with ease. On top of that, it will allow you to work your muscles, get your blood flowing, and burn some excess calories. The fresh air and sunlight you get to enjoy will also offer many health benefits too, which can definitely make you feel better than ever when you finally take on work.

2. Listen to Music
When you’re feeling frustrated, low, or simply burned out, then one of the best options is to put on some music. This is especially a great trick if you’re working in an office and need to take your mind off of the environment for a little while. You might want to create some playlists in advance that you are comfortable working with, so you can indulge in some music without breaking away from work quality. If you’re working from home, then you might simply want to get up and dance for a few minutes. This will add some fun to your workday while allowing you to get in some exercise. Best of all, it will allow you to boost your mood.

3. Eat Something Nourishing
Food can be a great way to get out of a funk when you’re working or feeling burned out. This doesn’t mean you should overeat or indulge in too much junk food. Instead, choose a dish that is going to nourish your body and your mind. One of the most comforting options is a nice bowl of soup. This can help transform the way you feel while giving your body so many different nutrients that it will definitely calm the mind. Soup also forces you to slow down and eat, which can be what your mind needs. Of course, soup isn’t the only option, you should find something that works for you. No matter what you choose to eat, you should also step away from work while you do eat so you can calm your mind and think about other things.

4. Take a Shower
Sometimes, the best way to step away from everything is to take a shower. This will allow you to take some time out of your day for yourself, which is crucial in combating burnout. When you shower, put on some music, use your favorite soaps, and take your time. Let this be your moment to pamper your needs, so you can move past the feeling of burnout and feel motivated again. Showers can help you feel refreshed and relaxed, which might allow you to get back to work with a new mindset. Science has even proven that a cold shower can help change your mental state slightly. So, if you’re working from home or can take a lunch break, use the time to get in the shower and hit the refresh button on your mind.

5. Exercise
Working out your body is just as important as working out your mind. Unfortunately, many of us spend most of our time sitting and trying to get the job done. This can cause your brain to shut off, which might leave you feeling helpless. Instead of worrying about just working, take some time to move your body. Stand up and stretch or walk around every twenty minutes to help you improve your state of mind. When you can, step away from everything for a quick run or a yoga session. This can help take your mind off work, but it will also improve your health, including your mental health.

6. Sleep
Your sleep routine might also cause a problem when it comes to your mental health. It is much easier to fall into a cycle of burnout when you are not getting adequate sleep. If you feel like you can’t work any longer, then you do need to stop and take a break. If you can, sleep. Taking a nap can help to refresh your mind, which might allow you to get out of the burnout cycle. If you can’t nap, then try to go to bed early or sleep in the following day if you possibly can. This should allow you to get back on track. If you’re having trouble sleeping, then there are also plenty of guides to help you mellow your body and mind for bedtime.

7. Talk with a Loved One
Humans are social beings, even the introverted need to socialize at some point or another. If you’re feeling tired, then you might want to reach out to someone that you love. Try to call a loved one or schedule a video call later in the day. Sometimes talking it out with a friend or family member is the best way to go about things. This is especially true if you’re stuck working from home. Even business calls aren’t enough social interaction, especially when they are with colleagues that you don’t particularly have a relationship with.

8. Schedule Free Time
For some people, work limits begin to feel blurry. With so many working at home, it is hard to tell when you should stop, especially if you have to break often during typical workouts. This can lead to people working day and night, day after day. This can be pretty unhealthy for you and can lead to burnout very quickly. So, if you are struggling with this then you need to pencil in the time you spend on yourself. You might cut off work hours at a certain time, so you can take an hour or two for yourself every night. This should help prevent you from working constantly while allowing you to set the healthy boundaries that you need.

9. Know Your Limits
Just because you sign on with a job doesn’t mean you have to take on everything they demand of you. If the work is too much then you need to say so, especially if it is making you feel burned out. Sometimes jobs will expect more from if you’re working at home, which might be one of the major issues. If something isn’t working out for you then be vocal about it. Set healthy limits and stick to them. This will allow you to take the time that you need for yourself, so you can feel confident in your work skills while also feeling like you are still a human being.

10. Know the Signs of Burnout
One of the most important things that you can do to reduce burnout and improve your mental health is to actually know the signs of burnout. For many, it might seem like they are just feeling tired and use blame this on lack of sleep. Others will feel irritable and might even feel like their anxiety is flaring up. Burnout can present itself in so many ways, so understanding how it shows up in your life is crucial. You may exhibit signs of depression and anxiety, but in some people burnout becomes physical. So, do your research, watch your body and mind, and talk to your doctor if you feel like you might be suffering from burnout.

Your mental and physical health should be your top priority when it comes to everyday life. Burnout can really put you at risk while making periods of your life unbearable. These ten ideas can help you reduce the signs of burnout or prevent it from happening altogether.

Ten of the Best Halloween Decorations You Can Make At Home

Halloween is a few weeks away, but you’ve probably already noticed that your neighborhood is booming with Halloween décor. If you’re ready to get started on your decorations, then you might want to consider some of the DIY projects that will save you money when it comes to decorating. These ten projects will help to make your home look exceptional while allowing you to keep your money in the bank. So, make the most out of the holiday with these fun projects that are great for the entire family.

1. Jack-o-Lantern
Is it really autumn if you haven’t taken the time to carve a pumpkin? Although it might not be a written rule, many households use Halloween as a time to embrace the autumn pumpkin harvest. You should be able to purchase a pumpkin or two from your local grocery store without setting you back too much. From there, you can draw on the design you would like to create or print out something to help guide you as you carve. As far as carving is concerned, you can keep it simple with knives and spoons, but pumpkin carving kits will only cost you a couple of dollars and can be used year after year. If you have electronic candles on hand then you also won’t have to worry about candles for the project, nor will you have to worry about the potential of a fire. You can also save the inside of the pumpkin for snacks and baking.

2. Light Up Web
Spiders are one of the spookiest aspects of Halloween, which is why so many people love to add spider webs to their décor. You can take your love of webs even further by creating a light-up web. All you really need for this is the white holiday lights that you probably already have in your storage. However, you can also take it up a notch by using any color light that suits the season. After you’ve detangled your lights, simply hang them in a web formation. You can add a spider to the web if you’d like, but it will still work fine without one.

3. Can Lights
Old cans are something that tends to be found in most recycling bins, so you won’t have to search far to find the main component of this craft. Larger coffee cans are some of the best items to use, as they are easier to work with, but just about any can will do the trick. Once you have your cans ready, puncture holes in them to create a shape or word. It is important not to cut out an entire shape, rather use dots to create the image or word. When you’re finished, spray paint the can black, or any other seasonal color. After everything is dry, add a tea light or an electronic candle and you’re set to display it.

4. Tombstones
Another easy-to-make classic Halloween decoration is the tombstone. This craft allows you to really show off your creativity too. The first thing you need to do is decide what you’re going to make your tombstones out of. If you live in a dry area with very little wind, then creating the décor out of cardboard should be fine. However, you might consider using something more substantial like Styrofoam or plywood. Once you have your materials, cut out the shape you desire and paint it. Then, you can add fun messages to the tombstone that will make visitors want to stop and read everything. In most cases, these items can be put up and used for years, so you’ll always have décor to play with.

5. Wreath
One of the easiest things you can create for your home is a wreath. All you need is something round to add items to and you’re set to go. You can purchase wreath circles at almost any dollar store, but you also use a wire hanger, or a pool noodle if you’d like to go large. Once you get your base ready, you’re set to add on anything you’d like. You can keep it simple with fun items that you get from dollar bins, or you can go out and add items from your favorite Halloween movies. The choice is entirely yours, which is what makes the craft exceptionally fun.

6. DIY Bats
If you love adding batty vibes to your Halloween décor, or you want to accent some of your vampire décor, then you can easily create your own DIY bats. All you really need for this craft is materials like felt or cardstock to make the bats. If you’re skilled with a pencil you can free-hand your bat, but if not, then there are numerous templates that you can download for free. Once you have your bats cut out, simply do a little folding to create movement and hang them on the wall or from the ceiling. Your creativity can really shine here as you can even add pipe cleaners to the back of some of the bats to create a 3D effect.

7. Mummify Anything
When it comes to mummies, you can really have fun with your décor. All you need is some gauze or an old sheet and you can easily come up with some fun things to transform into a mummy. For example, your decorative pillows. Simply wrap some fabric around one and add a pair of black felt eyes and you’re good to go for an adorable Halloween look indoors. If you prefer to decorate outside, then follow suit with your plants. This will truly bring joy to everyone that stops by. This craft is very cheap too and can be done on almost anything if you approach it from a creative angle.

8. Create Potion Bottles
If you can’t get enough potions, then you can easily recreate them with minimal effort. You will need to start on this craft by finding bottles around the home. They don’t necessarily have to be empty either, which will make it much easier for you to find the best possible options for your needs. From there, you can paint potion labels on each bottle or you can download templates to place on the bottles. These are great for displaying in windows, on mantles, or anywhere else that you might want to add some spooky vibes.

9. String Art
One fun craft that will definitely help to keep you busy is string art. This is also inexpensive but will take a little more time than some of the other projects. You will need a board, nails and string for this craft. You start by nailing the nails to the board in the design that you want to make. If you’re not sure the best way to do this, then there are templates you can download to help you out. When all of the nails are set up, then you simply wrap the string around the nails to connect them while making the image pop. If you’re still not certain how to make this work then you will find many helpful tutorials online.

10. Ghost Tablecloth
Make your table look festive when you transform it with a ghost tablecloth. You can dress up the table just like you would a person, toss a white sheet over it. You can add eyes to the sheet to give it a ghostly appearance. If you really want to take it to the next level, separate the sheet into different sections using gray string or fabric. Then you can add eyes to each section. Add a cute effect by placing some sneakers under each section if you want to give it a less haunting appearance and a more trick-or-treater vibe.

Making your home look phenomenal for Halloween doesn’t have to mean shopping for all of the latest décor. These ten ideas will add to the fun of your holiday while giving your home a great style too. Best of all, they will keep you on budget so you can spend more on candy, your costumes, and other Halloween expenditures.

Make Bringing Home a New Pet Cheaper with These Frugal Tips

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month, but it is also the perfect time to bring home any new fur baby. Adding a pet to your family can be a pricey thing, but that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from it. There are so many ways that you can save money on your new pet, which will help reduce the burden on your new family member. These ten tips will help with most pets, so you can enjoy your new fur baby and worry less about the high price of pet ownership.

1. Bulk Buy Food
One of the best ways to keep your pet’s food needs satisfied is to purchase the food in bulk. Before you start shopping around, you should research the type of food you need for your pet. Some animals will need a special diet, so it is important to consider this when you’re shopping around. Before you purchase bulk options, you should buy a small bag to ensure your pet will eat the food and that it doesn’t irritate their stomach. Once you have the right option for your pet and your budget, then it is wise to shop around and find a bulk deal that works for you. Some websites will even offer a discount if you sign up for a subscription, which will add even more savings to your life. However, even if you sign up for a subscription, you should still continue to price the food so you’re going to get the best possible deal.

2. Look into Spay/Neuter Vouchers
Spaying or neutering is an incredibly important part of bringing home a new pet. When you have your pet spayed it can help prevent your fur baby from running away. This can stop unwanted pregnancies which often end with more animals living on the street. It can also prevent your pet from harm or death, as there is no telling what can happen to your pet while it is on the run. Apart from that, it can help prevent some illnesses and can give your pet a longer lifespan. Spaying and neutering don’t have to be an expensive procedure either. If you adopt your pet from a shelter, then there is a good chance you will receive a coupon for the procedure. However, most cities will offer vouchers to qualifying households to help offset the cost. Most veterinarians and shelters will know how to access the information for vouchers, so make sure to ask.

3. DIY Beds
A pet bed can set you back around $60, especially if you’re shopping for a large dog. This doesn’t have to be the case though as there are so many ways you can make your pet a bed that they will love all year long. One place to begin is to start looking for items that your pet gravitates toward. Sometimes, it might be a blanket, a pillow, or even a piece of cardboard. If your pet loves these items, then you can easily transition them into something your pet primarily uses. Blankets can be stuffed and sewn up, while other items can simply be placed in a pet-friendly section of the home. Many people are even using recalled baby pillows, which seem to suit smaller animals perfectly. Animals, like cats, might even be satisfied with just a box on the floor with a blanket to keep them warm during the winter months.

4. Look Into Pet Insurance
Did you know that pet insurance exists? A lot of people are unaware that they could help cut back on their pet expenses immensely simply by purchasing pet insurance. This insurance tends to cover annual visits and vaccinations as well as basic medications. It can also cut down on some of the major medications and procedures that might occur as your pet grows old. Of course, you will have to shop around to find the best policy for your animal and your budget. There are many websites dedicated to helping you make the right decision for your needs with comparisons and summaries of policies.

5. Pet Proof the Home
Just like bringing home a baby, you’re going to find that you need to pet-proof your home. One of the easiest ways to approach this is to actually begin with classic babyproofing techniques. Chemicals should be placed up high and/or locked away so your dog can’t get to them. You should also make sure any foods that might cause your pet an allergic reaction should be put away too. One of the more common items is chocolate, but you should research other allergens prior to bringing your pet home. You might also consider upgrading trash cans to cans that have a lid. Fencing, especially, should be inspected to make sure your pet can’t escape.

6. Research Training Tips
Training is another aspect of pet ownership that people will spend a small fortune on. However, in this day and age, there are so many resources you can utilize to help get your pet where you’d like them to be. One of the best resources is actually streaming services, so you might look around at the tips available to you. Of course, if you don’t think a tip is working for your pet, then there is no harm in moving on to a different resource. You might also find that there are plenty of books and blogs on the topic to help you out too. These can help you save quite a bit of money, but if nothing seems to work then you might go through a more traditional route. You should always research classes before signing your pet up though and make sure you check out reviews, so you know what you’re getting into.

7. Join Loyalty Programs
There are so many loyalty programs in the world that you can enjoy to help you save quite a bit of money. Usually, these programs are designed to cut back on the amount you spend in the store. Generally, you will receive a small discount on items or will receive a special membership price. Some of the programs will add up points to provide you with rewards like freebies, gift cards, or discounts. Most of these programs are free to join, so you won’t have to worry about signing up, which will help you maximize your benefits with ease. However, if you would like to know more information about the programs, there’s plenty of websites that will compare and contrast for you.

8. Look Up Pet Recipes
Bagged and canned food isn’t all it is made out to be. If you’re worried about what is in your pet’s food then there are some great options for pet food that you can make in your kitchen. These recipes are designed to help you enjoy creating healthy meals for your pet while catering to their unique needs. Most of the recipes won’t set you back a lot of money either and will allow you to make large batches and freeze them, so you can save time and money on all of your pet’s feeding needs. There are even recipes to help you make treats, which will ensure you won’t have to worry about purchasing anything from the pet store.

9. Learn to Groom
Another major expenditure is grooming, which can also be done in the home. Bathing your pet can be easier than you think, just make sure to stop and research the products you use for shampooing and flea control. Once you have the right products for you, then you’re certain to be on your way to easy grooming. Trimming your pet’s hair is another task that is easy to do at home. You will have to invest in sheers, but once you do this you will be surprised by how easy it is to get the job done. Cutting your dog’s nails is probably going to be the hardest task, but there are numerous tutorial visits to work through.

10. Research Services
Whenever you bring a new pet into your life, it is important that you know who is going to help you take care of this animal. To begin with, which veterinarian will you use? Have you looked up reviews for this veterinarian and do you know if their prices are affordable? If your pet does require a lot of grooming that you can’t do at home, which service will you choose? Another great thing to consider is pet-sitters or boarding services. You might not leave home often, but if there is an emergency it might help to have someone on standby to take care of your animal in your absence.

Bringing a new pet into your life is definitely something that will bring you joy. However, making sure that you have everything taken care of before you bring the pet into your life will help you immensely. These ten tips will allow you to easily find confidence in your ability to take care of your animal while saving some money.