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Get Your Business Noticed on Social Media Without Spending a Fortune

One of the easiest ways to boost your business is to have a social media presence. However, if you’re not familiar with social media, or how to market yourself on social media, then you might find that the only option you have is to throw money at the issue. This isn’t the case at all as there are so many ways to maximize your presence on social media without forcing you to spend a dime. These ten tips will help you to enjoy the social media element of your business without forcing you to spend thousands to get where you would like to be.

1. Keep Up to Date
When it comes to the world of social media, one of the most important things you can do is keep up to date. Platforms are always changing, which means it is going to be up to you to stay on top of the algorithm and come up with a plan to create the best possible schedule for your brand. Luckily, there are so many pages that are dedicated to helping you stay on top of things. You will find social media news everywhere and there are even social media accounts dedicated to helping you understand what is going on while offering pointers about the business. When you start your social media pages or choose to get serious about them, one of the best things you can do is find a couple of these social media pages/blogs/websites to subscribe to and check in with them weekly so you can stay on top of the changes.

2. Don’t Just Post
A lot of brands will get on social media and think that it is okay just to post their content. While this is a great start, it isn’t going to get you the followers that you want. Rather, before you post something on social media, you might start by engaging with followers or potential followers to help them feel encouraged to interact with your brand. Just a few minutes of engaging with others can actually help the algorithm work out in your favor, which can earn you more followers, engagement, and so much more. You may even earn some loyal fans doing this, which can help your brand out immensely.

3. Utilize Free Trials
When you are looking for assistance with keeping up with everything then one of the best things you can do is check out free trials. Whether you’re trying to find assistance for scheduling, or you’d like to make templates to help your business stand out, utilizing the free items can truly take your business to the next level. Some of these services are free of charge for minimal or limited use, while others will offer a free trial that will definitely come in handy. By utilizing free samples, you can get a feel for what you like while putting off the bill for some time. If you’re lucky, you will be able to get by using a minimal service so you can enjoy not adding to your social media budget.

4. Know What Your Customers Use
The world of social media can be incredibly frustrating. There are so many pages out there that you can use, which will definitely make it hard for you to choose where you should focus your energy. Rather than devote all of your time and energy to all of the platforms, you might want to choose one to concentrate on. So, understanding your customers can help you to choose where your energy should go. By focusing on one platform, you will be able to gross your following in one area, which will help improve your business. Later, you can move on to grow other platforms. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to only one platform. Rather, you should just concentrate primarily on one instead of spreading yourself too thin.

5. Free Tools
There are a lot of free tools that you can enjoy when working on boosting your social media platforms. One of the first places you should begin your journey is hashtags tools. These will help you grab the hashtags you need to help you get noticed while you work to boost your business. Another option is to schedule your posts, so you don’t even have to worry about putting them up yourself. Facebook Business Manager actually allows you to do this for free, which might help you to easily take care of your business without having to work around times. Canva is another must-have when it comes to businesses, especially since it will allow you to make colorful posts that grab attention quickly.

6. Repurpose Content
When you’re working to get your social media up and running, you don’t have to have new content for every single post you put out. Not only is that time-consuming, but it will also mean that a lot of your great content will be buried, and many followers will miss out on it. So, while you’re planning out your schedule, make sure you take a bit of time to repurpose some of your old information. You might swap up the copy a bit or add a fresh graphic, but other than that your old content will definitely help to save you time, energy, and money while appealing to your audience.

7. Outsource When Needed
As your social media grows, you might not be able to handle all of its needs. This is a great time to outsource the work if you can. There are companies that specialize in social media growth, but there are also freelancers that will work for cheaper. Students are especially keen to take on jobs such as this as it will help them to earn a bit of money doing something that will look good on their resume. Of course, you can also outsource the job to someone that is already on your staff. Interns, especially, can really shine here which can help you save some money.

8. Set Clear Goals
A lot of people go into their social media with no goals to be had. This can be a little chaotic as they try to grow and figure out how they would like to use their social media pages. If you’re looking to make sales on your page, then you might consider setting up your posts to showcase a product while still building a community around the items that you sell. If your social media is designed to help you engage fans while understanding their feedback, then you might offer more engaging posts that will help you get a feel of where your product stands within the community. A plan will help you to make the most of your time and your platform though, so make sure to use it wisely.

9. Promotional Credit
When you sign up for a platform as a business, there is a good chance that you are going to be offered the opportunity to use some promotional credit. Some websites will even offer as much as $100 in promotional credit in hopes of roping you in to purchase more. There is no harm in using this credit, just make sure you cancel the service before you begin to be charged for any extra credit. Using this credit will allow you to see if the promotional credit will actually help you out, which can definitely save you some money or help you make the executive decision to purchase promotional credit to run ads. This will also allow you to check out which platform your ads work best on.

10. Know Tags
Getting your content out there is the main reason for being on social media is to get your content out there. The best way to do that is to know how to get the content out there. That is, you need to use hashtags and SEO content to get your messages out there. This is a lot easier than you think it is, especially since it is simple to look up the right hashtags for the job. Simply browsing around on your social media platform of choice will allow you to see what is being used and what isn’t. It can also help you avoid using tags that are way too popular, as your content will just get lost in the feed. There are also tools you can use for free to help you find keywords to add to your SEO content, which will help search engines pick up your pages.

Social media doesn’t have to be a burden and it doesn’t have to drain your budget. These ten concepts will help you to master your social media accounts without spending a fortune. As you grow accustomed to social media, you will find many more tricks that work best for you.

Ten Autumn Home Decor Trends You Won’t Want to Skip

It is hard to believe that September is just a few days away! If you’re not already looking at autumn decorations, then you might start soon as many people are excited about the upcoming season. With so many people at home, decorations are flying off the shelves like so many hope to bring more comfort to their homes during the pandemic. Luckily, this season provides lots of amazing trends that will not only allow you to decorate your home in a trendy way but will also help you to let your crafty sideshow so you can save some money and have some fun while you prepare for the season.

1. Knit Blankets
Knit blankets are going to be one of the top trends this year. With many areas of the country seeing unseasonably cold temperatures and even some ice storms that left many without power last year, this trend is certainly going to keep people warm if these problems persist. Knit blankets can be purchased anywhere and in almost any style, including weighted blankets. However, you can easily make the blankets yourself. Using online tutorials, you should be able to keep this craft budget-friendly as you learn a new and exciting hobby. However, you will also find that you can purchase kits to help you make your project even more exciting. No matter which route you take, you will still have something warm and comforting to get you through the next few months.

2. Candles
Candles and autumn seem to go hand in hand, which makes it easy for so many people to decorate during the autumn months. There are so many candles you can choose from, which will not only make the home inviting, but will also allow you to enjoy a warmer environment. Candles can be purchased for cheap if you know how to shop for the right deals, but you can even make them yourself. This will especially allow you to customize your options while giving you a great hobby to pass the time.

3. Macrame
Macrame always seems to be lurking around, may it be in older homes, thrift stores, or places that follow a bohemian chic vibe. However, it hasn’t been on the trend list in quite some time. Macrame can be purchased in many different places though, and you can even find customized shops so you can cater the macrame to your needs. However, you can also try your hand at making your own macrame. There are lots of tutorials and online classes to get you going, so you might even be able to pick up a fun hobby out of the trendy. You can place macrame almost anywhere too and it makes a great accent piece for end tables and more.

4. Baskets
Baskets are going to be just about everywhere this season, which is perfect for those that are trying to get their home organized. You will find all sorts of baskets on offer, but woven baskets seem to be top of the trends currently. This is great considering you will be able to make these types of baskets yourself if you’re feeling a bit on the creative side. Of course, baskets aren’t the only option that will satisfy this trend. You will also find that there are plenty of storage trays that also fit the bill. These are also easy to make out of surprising things that can be found around the home.

5. Wreaths
Without a doubt, wreaths are probably one of the most popular decorative items you will find when you’re decorating. Autumn wreaths have become far more popular over the years and feature all sorts of beautiful foliage as well as images from your favorite Halloween themes. You can save yourself a whole lot of money by making your own wreaths though. There are lots of tutorials online to help you and you can also find supplies in bulk which will save you money. If you enjoy the craft, you may even be able to make some money by selling some of your creations.

6. Houseplants
When it comes to bringing some life to the home this autumn, you might want to consider bringing your plants indoors. There are many indoor plants to choose from and a lot of them actually require very little sunlight. One of the most popular plants for the season is succulents, especially since you can pair them with fun vases. However, there are so many leafy green plants and small trees to choose from too. You can even use your macrame to add to the fun of your plants, which will make your home trendier than ever. Of course, if you do have pets then you might consider a researching before you bring any plant into the home.

7. Fall Themed Images
If you love art, then you might consider updating your home gallery with fall-inspired images for the season. This doesn’t mean that everything has to fit a fall theme. Rather, you will find plenty to enjoy when you look for images that feature the warm autumn tones. Of course, you can also create your own art, display autumn-themed family photos, or take your camera out to create your own photographs of autumn in your area. When you’re finished collecting your images, you can even set them up as if they were your own personal gallery, which can add so much fun to any room in the house.

8. Decorative Pillows
One of the easiest ways to decorate this season is going to be decorative pillows. Simply find a pillow cover you love and place it on a pillow that you already own. This will help you to save quite a bit of money while also allow you to show off your personality. If you’re not crazy about spending money on pillow covers then you can also make your own designs. You can even cut the covers from fabrics that you already have on hand.

9. Pumpkins
It seems like you can never go wrong with pumpkins when it comes to autumn decor. If you’re looking for a cheap way to always offer a great look, then pumpkins are definitely going to be the way to go. If you’re trying to save money then you might consider purchasing faux pumpkins, as they can be used year after year. You can also paint these to suit trends or your own personal interest. If you’re willing to wait until the season nears Halloween, then you can always use real pumpkins and then carve them when it is time to celebrate the holiday. Of course, you can do so much with pumpkins, so it is up to you to choose how you want to add them to the fun.

10. Festive Garland
Garland is another item that can transcend holidays and has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Your garland can be made of almost anything too, which makes it a great addition to the home. You can stream it everywhere for festive vibes that will truly help you enjoy the holiday fully. You will love being able to show off your style with this piece of decor too. Apart from looking great, the garland is incredibly easy to make, which makes it another great item to add to your hobby list. You can find tutorials online which will definitely help you to learn how to make the craft your own.

Decorating for autumn will certainly be a lot of fun with all of this year’s amazing trends. These ten tips will help you choose items that are perfect for showing off your craft skills while saving you quite a bit of money. With any luck, your home will feel warm and inviting as you welcome in the new season despite everything that is going on in the world.

Quick Tips to Go Gluten-Free Without Harming Your Budget

If you suddenly develop celiac disease or choose to cut gluten from your diet, then you might be surprised by how much money you may have to spend to keep up with this new lifestyle. There are lots of high-cost gluten-free items on the market, so if you’re looking to save money you might actually feel totally overwhelmed by it all. Of course, this can be made worse if you are saying goodbye to some of your favorite foods. These ten tips will help you make the transition a bit easier while allowing you to easily maintain your budget, so you won’t have to stress more over your new diet.

1. Read the Label
One of the most important things you can learn to do when you have an allergen is to read the label. This can help prevent allergic reactions from occurring, but it can also help you to find items that might not be advertised free of the item you’re trying to avoid. Companies due have to label when their items are exposed to common allergens as well, so you will spot if the item is exposed even if there is no gluten in the ingredients. You may be surprised how many companies do provide gluten-free products that are safe for you even if the item isn’t clearly marked gluten-free.

2. Ditch Processed Foods
Although you might feel sad to say goodbye to pasta and bread, this might be the wake-up call you need to step away from processed foods. Finding these items will be quite a bit pricier so instead of going with your go-to processed items, think outside of the box. You might find yourself making your favorite foods at home with some alternatives, but overall, it will be a healthier move overall.

3. Shop Raw
When it comes to shopping safely for your new dietary needs, one of the best things you can do is shop raw. Instead of purchasing boxed or canned goods, you might begin planning your daily menu around the produce and meat sections. You won’t have to worry about these items containing gluten and consuming a diet that is largely made only of these items can be very healthy. You might worry about the price tag here, but if you consider the price of a bag of potatoes and how far the bag can take your meals, you might be surprised by how much this can save you when you compare it to the price tag of gluten-free products on the market.

4. Skip Restaurants
If you’re looking for something quick and simple to satisfy your needs, then you’re probably going to find yourself putting in more effort than it is actually worth. Most restaurants are going to have some form of gluten in their products. Cuisine from most countries is going to be packed with gluten because it is so easy to come by. Even restaurants that do offer gluten-free items tend to charge a small fortune for them and the portion is generally much smaller. For instance, Dominos offers a gluten-free pizza that tends to not qualify for deals and only comes in a size small. Many of these restaurants also have to add in disclaimers that warn their food is prepared in an environment with gluten and can’t exactly be consumed safely if you have extreme allergies. So, unless you find a restaurant that specializes in gluten-free and won’t cost you a fortune, you might decide to skip out on restaurants as much as you possibly can.

5. Know How to Order
If you do find yourself going to a restaurant, then you might make sure you know how to order to ensure you’re going to get gluten-free options. Often, your waiter and the kitchen staff won’t know what you can’t have, so you have to be very clear. If you try to play it safe with a salad, then you may need to skip out on dressings that aren’t vinaigrette and croutons are a definite no. If you do find these items on your plate, then you will have to send the item back. One of the best things you can do is go for a plate that only serves meat and vegetables. As long as the meat is not fried, and the vegetables are simply prepared you should be safe when it comes to exposure.

6. Shop Bulk
As you learn to make some of your favorite items gluten-free, you will discover the ingredients that you enjoy using to replace flour and other grains that you can no longer have. When you do find these items, you will also find that some of them aren’t exactly budget-friendly especially if you’re purchasing them from your local grocery store. However, there are many stores that allow you to purchase these items in bulk. Whenever you can buy these items in bulk, you absolutely should. Even if you’re not using them frequently, it will help you save money over time, which is always useful. It will also allow you to always have them on hand so you can satisfy a craving with ease.

7. Look for Hidden Gluten
While you’re learning to read labels to find items that are safe to purchase, you might also consider learning a few of the terms that allow companies to sneak in gluten. This can be a real problem with some processed foods, but these are much easier to avoid than other products. For instance, did you know that gluten is widely used in some of the most common medications that we use? Before your doctor puts in an order for a new prescription, you might also ask for them to over an ingredient list. These names might not be easy to memorize, but you will learn them over time, so make sure to write them down and use the list often when shopping.

8. Research Recipes
As you begin to learn more about your needs and the food you would like to enjoy with your new dietary restriction, you might begin looking at recipes to help you create food that you will love. In fact, you can actually transform many of your favorite dishes into gluten-free options simply by swapping up the grain you choose to use. There are a lot of amazing recipes online though, so you might start by searching for your household’s staples and your favorite dishes. Once you get the hang of things, you might want to work on some new options so you can keep your diet fresh and exciting.

9. Plan Ahead
No matter what your diet is, planning ahead can save you a whole lot of money. However, if you’re going gluten-free, planning can be crucial when it comes to affordability. Try to plan for a week or two of meals. This will allow you to have a menu that will work with your groceries, so there will be less food waste. You might also consider doing meal prep so that you have everything you need for meals outside of the home too. Shopping ahead will allow you to research pricing and find the coupons that you are eligible for, so you can get more out of your shopping experience.

10. Consider Farmer’s Markets
If you’re looking to save money or get more variety from your community, then you might consider heading to a farmer’s market. You might be surprised by the price of produce and meat that you can find, which will help ease the burden of your diet while also allowing you to get fresh and tasty items to enjoy. You never know, a lot of specialty shops also start at the farmer’s market. So, you might be able to find gluten-free options that help to ease your cravings while allowing you to feel good about your new diet.

Going gluten-free might be a stressful experience, but you don’t have to feel alone in it. These ten tips will help you to make good decisions when it comes to your diet and your budget. After you get the hang of your gluten-free diet, you might even find that you’re enjoying your new lifestyle.

Simple and Budget Friendly Ways to Make Remote Learning Less Daunting

Over the last couple of weeks, many students have headed back to school into an uncertain environment. With the delta variant of Covid-19 working its way through the country, many schools are already sending their students home for distance learning. Even schools that have yet to begin classes are struggling to figure out if online learning might be the best way for students to head back to school. Distance learning can be daunting, but there are a few ways for students and teachers to get the most out of it. These ten tips are designed to help teachers, or even parents, make distance learning more bearable for children.

1. Consider Themed Days
One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your students’ day is to add themes to your days. Since kids are at home, they can actually have a lot of fun with this. You can keep things simple by having students wear a specific color on certain days and then tie lessons into this theme. Or, you can create a costume day or pajama day. Many students might even feel excited to do a school pride day like they would have been able to participate in while in school. These are just a few examples, but there are so many to choose from based on your curriculum, holidays, and more.

2. Bring on the Games
Games are one of the best ways to encourage students to participate in class, especially if there is no pressure. So, whenever you can, try to add in a fun game so that students aren’t just sitting in front of a computer screen listening. One of the easiest things to do is add in some trivia questions at the end of each lesson with a reward for those who answer correctly. Students don’t even have to speak up in class as they can write down their answers to present them for judgment. Bingo is another fun option that can help students retain information while having fun. There are also memory games, or good old fashion games to kill time and allow students to refresh their minds.

3. Make it Funny
Humor is one of the best ways to help information stick in the minds of anyone. When you make someone laugh, it actually increases oxygen to their brain which helps with cognitive functions. So, making your lessons as funny as possible can help your students truly improve on their studies. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add in jokes, tell funny stories, or even dress up. You will have to work with your own personality and the needs of your students, but as you work together to find what works best for your classroom, you will certainly find a balance that helps your students grow and thrive in the classroom.

4. Know Your Students
One of the most important things you can do for your students is getting to know them. Every student has their own learning needs, so getting to know each student’s learning method will help you to enjoy teaching all the more. Although you might not be able to master this for some time if you want to get a jump start talk to your students’ past teachers and their parents. You might also try a variety of learning methods in the early days of learning, so you can see who is responding the best. Before long, you will be able to offer lessons that work for everyone.

5. Challenges
Children enjoy being challenged, but often school can seem boring to them. Challenging a student with assignments and tests isn’t always going to work for everyone. You might start by asking your students to do hands-on activities. For instance, they can create a drawing based on a lesson they learned. For those that enjoy writing, a quick story using a lesson as an example might be fun. You can also send students on scavenger hunts around the house to help them learn and grow without having to be stuck in front of the screen for hours at a time.

6. Take Breaks
Sitting for long periods of time is hard for adults, so you can only imagine how it feels for the children in our lives. When it comes to working at a computer, it is very uncomfortable to sit around for long periods of time staring at a screen. So, while you work, make sure you take breaks. Have everyone stand up and do something away from the screen for a couple of minutes. Students should also be reminded to take eye breaks every twenty minutes so that working from a screen does not harm their eyes. This should help them maintain attention and might even help you teach more efficiently.

7. Stand Up
The human body is not meant to sit for hours at a time. As a matter of fact, this is incredibly harmful to your cardiovascular system, your posture, and can even affect your mental health. One of the best ways to encourage children to learn is to have a period that they are meant to stand up and learn. You can ask them to do exercises, present a story, or even just stand while you’re working on a lesson. Studies have found that many children learn more efficiently when they are asked to stand up during a lesson.

8. Offer Choices
One of the easiest things you can do for your students is offering them choices. Distance learning can be immensely hard for everyone, especially since everything is done alone at home. So, when you plan a lesson, come up with a couple of different ways students can show that they’ve learned the material. Some students might prefer to write an essay, while some might like to turn it into a project that fits real to life examples. Adding in art and science options is also going to work wonders for students that are stuck at home.

9. Let Them Be Creative
This year, try to let kids be as creative as possible. Children are missing out on their elective activities, sports, clubs, and simply hanging out with friends. Their outlets are limited, so encouraging their creativity is going to be one of the best things you can do for them. Even if you can’t add creative fun into a lesson, consider asking kids to take a break to draw a picture, play an instrument, or do whatever they choose to express themselves. You might be surprised by how this opens up your students and allows them to take in new ideas while learning how to think for themselves.

10. Listen to Their Opinions
Your students have a lot going on in their lives. Although they might not be chatting about this in class, they have a lot of opinions about the world, their lives, and what they want when it comes to their education. So, make sure to ask their opinions. You can start by asking how students feel about certain lessons, what they enjoy about the lessons, and what they would like to change. This can help you plan lessons accordingly while allowing them to have a bit of control over their lives and education. This can truly change the way your students participate in school and find empowerment in all that they learn.

Another year of distance learning probably feels frustrating and exhausting. It is for teachers, parents, and students, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it. These ten ideas can help you to create a fun and engaging learning environment on a budget, so your students can get all that they can out of the school year.

Big Savings You Won’t Want to Miss During This Year’s Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day weekend is just a couple of weeks away, which means it’s time to start planning for all of the amazing sales that will be coming your way. Labor Day can be one of the best times to get an early start on holiday shopping or to simply bulk up on the items you need for your home. Labor Day is the last major sale before Black Friday too, so if you’re looking to save before the holidays arrive then this is the time to do it. Here are ten retail stores that are offering some amazing deals online and in-store during Labor Day.

1. Amazon
Amazon is usually one of the first retailers to hop on sales and offer some pretty decent deals for anyone hoping to do some online shopping. Typically, Amazon’s sales deal in a lot of flash sales, so you will have to wait until the sales begin to check out what they have to offer. However, this year, there are a few things that are bound to get your attention. For instance, you will be able to save quite a bit on magazine subscriptions, which are great items to have during the colder months. Back-to-school supplies are going to be another major sale since many places will be starting school just after the holiday. Sure, you will find lots of deals on basic school supplies and bulk options, but you’ll discover larger items like laptops, printers, and headsets on offer. Of course, Amazon will also push its own products during this time, so if you’re looking for an Echo, Ring, or anything that Amazon offers, then Labor Day is a great time to buy.

2. Walmart
Walmart is another major retailer that won’t let a holiday pass by without some form of a deal. Walmart will be offering a variety of different deals in-store and online, so you will have to shop accordingly. Like Amazon, Walmart will be trying to move all of their back-to-school products. So, you’ll find some pretty amazing deals on school supplies, dorm essentials, and even a few devices. Another category that Walmart will be pushing is their summer products. Everything from pools to patio gear will be on sale, so you won’t have to think twice about stocking up for next summer.

3. Target
Target will also have plenty of sales to choose from but will be offering many of the same things as its two leading competitors. Back to school will be a huge deal during the Target Labor Day sales, so you might consider picking up school and office supplies to save you money throughout the year. Office furniture will also be one of the bigger sales items for Target, which can help you amp up your home office if you return to back working from home due to the pandemic. Target tends to offer deals on clothes and small appliances during these sales too, so you might watch out for good deals. Other than that, you will most likely find good prices on the new Halloween items that the store just dropped.

4. Old Navy
When it comes to clothing, you’re not going to want to miss out on the deals that Old Navy is offering. Although they typically run some amazing sales, you will find up to 70% off on some of the items that you may want or need. They will also still have their back-to-school items on sale, which can help you save quite a bit if you still haven’t finished up your child’s wardrobe. Old Navy will be working its deals online and offline, so you can shop however you choose to. You can also ship to the store if you don’t want to shop in person, but also don’t want to pay shipping prices.

5. Dell
If you’re in the market for a new computer, you will find some amazing deals for Dell. Dell is usually pretty good when it comes to offering some amazing deals around this time because it is back-to-school season. You will be able to find some pretty great deals on some basic models that are great for students or basic work tasks. You should be able to find some deals on accessories too, which will allow you to keep your devices secure.

6. Apple
If you’re looking to upgrade your Apple device, then Labor Day is a good time to do so. There will be deals on phones, tablets, laptops, and computers so if you’re looking for a new device and don’t want to wait until Black Friday then Labor Day is the perfect time to shop. When you purchase a tablet or laptop you will also receive free AirPods which will definitely make the deal sweeter than ever. You can also get 20% off Apple Care so you can keep your devices running strong for much longer.

7. Best Buy
When it comes to gadgets, Best Buy might be one of the best places to look during Labor Day. You’ll find that there is going to be a wide assortment of items designed for back-to-school such as calculators, computers, and perhaps even tablets and phones. Best Buy is also known for offering larger appliances for sale during this time. This can help you upgrade your kitchen or laundry room without having to spend a small fortune. Although you might see some of these deals around Black Friday, as far as large appliances go, you might not see better appliance deals for the rest of the year. This is largely because newer models will be coming out soon and the store wants to move the older models.

8. Home Depot
The Home Depot already has their Labor Day ad out and are planning some pretty awesome deals. Largely, you will find items that are summer-themed like patio furniture and grills. If you shop patio furniture during the sale then you will even get free shipping on your items, which can definitely help you save plenty of money. There will be lots of home good items that will help make your house comfortable year-round. One of the top items on offer is fans, which can be great in the month in between summer’s heat and autumn’s chills. Apart from that, you will find plenty of deals on tools to help you enjoy all of your autumn projects.

9. Lowes
Lowes is another sore that you won’t want to pass up if you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor fun. This store will offer great deals on grills, grilling supplies, and other essentials for creating incredible food outside. They will also have plenty of patio accessories on sale. This includes patio furniture as well as decorative items. The store will host a wide array of many other deals, so you will have to stay tuned for their upcoming ad.

10. Macy’s
Another store that is already gearing up for Labor Day is Macy’s. This store will have a lot of great back-to-school and back-to-the-office deals to take advantage of. Thus, you will find a lot of clothing and shoe deals to ensure everyone in the home is covered. Apart from that, Macy’s will have lots of home goods on sale. You will find plenty of towels, sheets, and other products to make the house feel amazing as the seasons shift. Other than that, you might browse the cosmetics section to see if you can find a treat to give you confidence as you head back to the office.

Labor Day weekend is bound to be filled with surprises, so don’t write off other stores that may not have released their deals yet. These ten stores will certainly work as a great start for planning to maximize your deals. Perhaps, you will even be able to get some early holiday shopping in, you can enjoy the savings early.

Ten Safe Autumn Activities That Will Suit Your Budget

Autumn will be here in just a few short weeks and the world is still in a bit of turmoil due to Covid-19. A lot of people are really eager to enjoy the season, but also want to exercise as many precautions as possible to help avoid getting the virus. If you’re looking for a few activities to do to help you enjoy the season to its fullest, then these ideas might help you out. Best of all, they’re all budget-friendly, which will allow you to save even more money before the holiday season arrives.

1. Hiking
Hiking is a great activity that is suitable for almost every season. However, the autumn months are actually one of the best times to go hiking. Not only is the weather cooler and more inviting, but there is so much foliage to take in that it will allow you to truly immerse yourself in the autumn season. Hiking in the autumn can be especially great if you find time during the week, as there won’t be as many people on the trails. This can definitely help you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the season while ensuring you won’t be as exposed to others that may be carrying the virus. If you like to hike, then you might consider looking around for new places to hike so you can keep the activity fresh all season long. Hiking can also give you a chance to birdwatch and enjoy other nature-inspired activities.

2. Pick Fruit
Autumn is rich in fruit, which can add another fun activity or two to the season. During the autumn months, there should be plenty to choose from. Many farmers will open up for the community to pick strawberries during the early days of autumn. However, you will largely see apple orchards open up for apple picking activities and more. You may even be able to save some money on your fruit bill if you plan to enjoy this activity with the family. Another great option is visiting the pumpkin patch, which is perfect around Halloween, or if you plan on baking pies for Thanksgiving. Best of all, picking fruit is an open-air activity that will help keep you safer.

3. Sign Up for a Digital Library
Heading to the library isn’t always convenient. On cold and rainy days, you might not even want to set foot outside of your home despite for your urge to read. Plus, some libraries may be cutting hours again due to the latest outbreak of covid-19. Instead of worrying about stocking up on books to get you through the days. There are lots of digital libraries that you can sign up for. A simple search will allow you to find all sorts of amazing digital libraries, many of which are totally free to join. You might also find that your own local library as a digital selection for you to check out when you simply don’t want to leave the house.

4. Bake
One of the best things you can do during the autumn months is bake. There are so many recipes to try out that will definitely make it easy for you to keep the activity fresh and exciting while making your taste buds happy. There are lots of recipes online to choose from so there isn’t even a need to purchase a cookbook. You can even put in searches for recipes that use the items you have now. If you have extra baked goods then you may even be able to share with friends and family, especially over the holiday season. Plus, baking will actually help to warm up the home, which will definitely reduce your power bill if you use an electric heater.

5. Home Improvement
Whether you’re renting or you own, there are plenty of home improvement projects that you can enjoy during the autumn months. Homeowners might want to begin their adventure by working on outdoor projects like clearing the patio or cleaning out the gutters. You can keep your jobs simple, such as painting a room or adding a few houseplants to your space. Renters can put up removable wallpaper or add decals to help bring the room to life without damaging the walls. If you’re not sure which projects you can take on, look online for a few ideas.

6. DIY Lattes
Coffee and cold weather seem to go hand in hand, which is why so many people can’t get enough of hitting the coffee shop during the autumn months. If you love coffee, then learning how to make your own lattes can be a fun activity that will suit your caffeine needs while also catering to your budget. There are numerous recipes online to choose from and you can even work with a variety of different coffees and milk. There are even some recipes, like the pumpkin spice latte, that will allow you to make large batches of your favorite drink in the crockpot. So, explore the world of coffee from the safety of your home this season.

7. Revamp Your Garden
With every season comes a new change to revamp your garden. As the autumn months arrive, you might start by planning your next batch of perennials to help improve the beauty of your space. You can also plant bulbs that will pop up in the spring. Of course, you should do a little research to learn what works well in the autumn months and your climate. You might also spend some time clearing the plants that didn’t survive the heatwaves that summer brought to the table.

8. Learn Something New
Spending time at home this autumn doesn’t have to be fruitful. If you find that you have quite a bit of time on your hands then you might consider picking up a new hobby. Some of the cheaper options to consider are crafts like origami, painting, drawing, or cross-stitch. However, if you want to invest a bit more into the craft then you might consider crochet, a musical instrument, or crafts that require more materials. Another great thing to take up is dance. You can find lessons online for almost any dance that you’d like to try, which can certainly make picking up a hobby and exercising much easier.

9. Gratitude Journal
The autumn months tend to be when many people practice gratitude activities. That makes the season a great time for you to start a gratitude journal. You might start the activity by choosing a journal that you like and decorate it to suit your personality. Then, decide the format of journaling that you’d like to do. Some people enjoy freeform writing while other people enjoy bullet lists. You can, of course, use any variety of methods that suit you. Once you have your journal set up, plan to write in it daily if you can. The act of writing will help reduce stress and clear your mind while showing you all of the things that you have to be grateful for.

10. Handmade Cards
With so many holidays to choose from during the autumn months, you might consider crafting your own holiday cards. This can be a lot of fun and if you purchase supplies in bulk then it might also save you some money. Handmade cards can be made in so many ways, so you can really have fun with them. You can also use recycling to help you enjoy the craft while leading an eco-friendlier lifestyle. If you start working on your cards early in the year, then you may have enough time to send out completely personalized cards that will make all of your friends and family feel loved especially if you don’t get to spend the holidays with them due to the virus.

Autumn is a great time to enjoy yourself even if it does end up being another year in quarantine. These ten ideas should keep you occupied while still allowing you to get a feel for the season. Perhaps, you’ll be so busy having fun that you won’t even notice the restrictions.

Ten Ways to Get More Out of Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift Store Day arrives in the middle of August this year and will provide everyone with a good reason to celebrate the joy of thrift shopping. For so many people, thrift shopping is more than just purchasing items that don’t cost a fortune. It can be a way of hunting for treasure, making extra money, or simply creating a wonderful vintage wardrobe. If you’re not sure how to shop at a thrift store, then these ten tips will allow you to get more out of every trip to the thrift store. If you’re lucky, they may even help you find a remarkable purchase that will bring you plenty of joy.

1. Give Thorough Check
When you find an item, one of the most important things you can do is give it a thorough check. A lot of people get excited by the find and then get home and discover the item isn’t useable due to damage. For vintage clothing, or any clothing, make sure you check the seams to make sure they’re not going to give way when you wash and wear them. Although this tends to be repairable, it can diminish value if you’re looking to resale. Electronics should always be tested before purchasing in order to ensure you’re not getting a dud. Another thing to check is book pages, the surface of vinyl records, the way a piece of furniture is put together, and so on. This should help you get your money’s worth and not force you to make returns or just deal with a broken product.

2. Check the Back of the Rack
While you’re on the prowl for vintage clothing, one of the best things you can do is check in the back of the rack. More often than not, this is where new arrivals are going to be placed, so checking here first might hep you to find some hidden treasures. Even if you aren’t looking for vintage items, you might be able to find more modern fashion pieces here, which will allow you to keep up with trends with ease. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find hidden treasures buried within some of the racks, but if you’re trying to maximize your time, your best option is to look in the back.

3. Research
When you’re shopping at a thrift store, knowing your stuff is definitely going to put you ahead when it comes to purchasing items that might be of value. However, nothing is going to assist you quite like old fashioned research. If you have a smart phone, then you’re actually able to stop the shopping process and research an item right there. If you’re looking for clothing, then you can check out labels to see if the brand is going to be worth anything. You can also tell if an item is going to be of high quality by looking at its brand or where it was made. When it comes to vinyl, books, and collectible, you can easily find information on the items that you find online. You might bookmark collector’s websites or download apps based on collecting before you head to the store.

4. Consider Repurposing
If you’re shopping at a thrift store and items aren’t catching your eye, then you might consider looking at things from a different perspective. There are so many items that are perfect for repurposing on offer. You might have to think outside of the box, but if you look hard enough, you’re certain to find something. One of the most common items to reconstruct is dresses. You can take bits and pieces from different dresses and sew them together to make something new and innovative. Of course, you can use any piece of fabric found in the thrift store for other items, including bedding and curtains. If you are interested in furniture, then you might also consider reusing some of the items you find at the thrift store. You might be surprised how much good sanding and painting a piece of furniture can do. Even office supplies, old electronics, and toys can be transformed to create something out of this world.

5. Know When to Shop
One of the key elements to thrift store shopping is knowing when to shop. More often than not, if you just go in whenever you feel like it, you’ll find that many of the items are picked over and the only things left are actually things that you probably don’t want. The best thing you can do is find out when each store you enjoy shopping at restocks. This will allow you to make a game plan so you can discover all kinds of new products as soon as they hit the shelf. Most stores won’t mind letting you know when they restock, so don’t be afraid to ask. Of course, when it comes to shopping, you might choose to skip out on weekends, because this is when numerous people will be shopping.

6. Shop Sales
Believe it or not, but most thrift stores do offer sales. These stores aren’t designed to churn a high profit, but they do want to make money on the items they are given so they give the profits to charity. So, like most stores, when they need to move their products to make room for more, they have sales. When it comes to sales, one of your best options is to ask the store when they will be hosting them. Some stores have special ticket days, while others will have blow outs quarterly, and so on. Almost all stores will participate in major holiday stores.

7. Know What You’re Looking For
If you want to get the most out of your shopping experience, then you should always know what you’re looking for. If you plan on casual shopping, then you might find that you are spending way too much money. You should try to plan to sticking to one area of the store, so you don’t wander and find items that you might not necessarily be in the market for. For instance, if you are looking for vintage clothing then stick to the clothing size, gender, and style that you’re looking for. This will save you a lot of time in shopping and will help you stay disciplined when it comes to tempting items that are impulse buys instead of well thought out purchases.

8. Utilize discounts
Just like sales, most thrift stores will also offer a huge selection of discounts to help people afford their products. Some of the more common discounts offered are senior, military, disability, and student. However, you might find discounts for teachers, first responders, and so on. Other than discounts, some stores might also offer a rewards program. These are usually based on the money you spend in store but will help you to save in the long run if you plan on giving the store your business long term. If you’re not sure what discounts are on offer, make sure to ask. Even if the store doesn’t currently offer it, they may be more likely to instate it if they know there is an interest in it.

9. Set a Budget
No matter where you’re shopping, one of the most important things you can do is set a budget for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money to spend as setting a budget will help you to make wiser decisions when it comes to your money. If you can, bring cash along with you and never pull out your card. This will help to keep you right on budget without forcing you to cave to your whims. This can help improve on your discipline too. If you don’t want to handle cash, then put money on a gift card to spend, as this too will act as cash, so you won’t be able to spend more. By sticking to your budget, you will find more pride in your shopping experience while allowing yourself to learn when you should and should not buy.

10. Be Willing to Put in Work
When it comes to thrift store shopping, you may find that you’re going to have to put in a little work. Some items will need to be thoroughly cleaned before you can use them, which might mean doing a bit more than tossing them in the washer. Other items might need to be repaired, which could force you to pick up some electronic or carpentry skills. Many items will need sewn, repainted, reinforced, and so much more. One of the best things about thrift store shopping is the love that you get to put into the items you choose.

Thrift shopping can actually be a world of fun and might even top shopping around for brand new items. These ten tips will help you to get the most out of your thrift shop experience though, so you can embrace your love of shopping on a budget. If you’re new to thrift store shopping, then Thrift Store Day on August 17 might be the perfect time to start.

Quick Tips to Help You Prepare Your Wardrobe for Autumn 2021

It might not seem like it, but autumn will be here before we know it. Fall fashion lines are already rolling out and many people are taking note of this year’s trends. If you like to keep up with all things fashion but you’re on a tight budget, then you’re definitely going to be in luck this season. There are numerous things that you can check out that can be created at home, are cheap to buy, or might already be in your wardrobe. These ten items are at the top of this year’s fashion list, so if you’re hoping to be on-trend, you’ll definitely want to plan to have a few of these items in your wardrobe.

1. Lime Green
You might do a double-take this season when you discover all of the lime green clothing on the racks. Lime green is typically a spring and summer color, but this year it is maintaining its rein throughout the autumn months too. If you already have lime green from past seasons, then keep it in rotation as you can easily pair it with other items to make it suitable for fall. You might also consider adding lime green accent pieces if you aren’t interested in spending a small fortune on lime green clothing. Even adding in a pair of lime green earrings or a brooch for work, can help make you a trendsetter without having to invest a lot of money.

2. Colored Leather
Another major trend that you’re going to see this year is colored leather. In past seasons, there has been a lot of buzz with red leather, but this season you’re going to see a rainbow of options. As usual, one of the most common items to shop for in leather will be jackets. However, you will also see a lot of leather pants, vests, and other items that are bound to turn some heads. This trend might be a little higher priced, but all you really need is one piece to keep your look trendy. You might wait to shop sales if you’re looking to maximize your savings.

3. Cut-Outs
If you’ve been keeping up with the fashion world, then you probably know that cut-outs have been a big trend for the last few seasons. So, you probably already have a few of these items on hand. You will find that cut-outs can be incorporated into almost every aspect of your wardrobe. One of the trendiest looks is going to be on a top or dress. Luckily, this is incredibly easy to make at home, so you can do your own alterations to suit your own personal fashion sense. There are a lot of tutorials online if you’re not sure how to go about making your own cut-outs.

4. Sweater Vests
You might be surprised by this one, but sweater vests are going to be huge this season. We haven’t seen a good outbreak in these vests in a good number of years, so it might be a little refreshing to pull them out of the mothballs to enjoy this autumn. Sweater vests this season may be a little on the edgier side, so you might consider working with cut-offs or add a touch of distressing to the look. These vests are perfect for adding a little sass to casual attire but will really take your business attire up a notch too. You can also make your own sweater vests at home, so if you have a look that you’d like to repurpose then this is definitely the season to start on it.

5. Puffer Jackets
Puffer jackets are another repeat from last year’s fashion picks, so if you already have one then you’ll save quite a bit of money here. The best thing about these jackets is they will go a lot further than just keeping you warm, which is very important if you’re trying to get more fashion for your money. You can find puffer jackets at most retail stores as well, which means you can shop to suit your budget, which is important. Apart from that, these jackets work with almost any look, which won’t leave you struggling to find a matching outfit or force you to shop more to find items that will suit your needs.

6. Acid Wash
This season, we’re traveling back to the ’80s in a few of our trends. One of the top trends from this decade is going to be an acid wash. You’re going to see a lot of this on the denim in stores, which might give you flashbacks. However, there will be other options to choose from. For instance, there are many tie-dye-inspired tops that will suit the acid wash look. These are especially going to be trendy when it comes to graphic tees. Luckily, you can also create acid wash styles at home which will save you a lot of money and will help you personalize the fad to suit your own fashion needs.

7. Printed Tights
A lot of people are going to be thrilled this year because printed tights are in fashion. Not only does this mean that you’re going to be able to rock all of the amazing, printed leggings that you already own, but you’re going to have so many more options to choose from when you shop around for a few new signature pieces for the season. This season will certainly bring on comfort while allowing you to be yourself. Best of all, leggings won’t break the bank, so you’ll be able to save quite a bit of money on your fashion sense this season.

8. Cropped Sweatshirts
Comfort isn’t only going to be found in leggings this season, as cropped sweatshirts will also be in style. Cropped sweatshirts will be in most stores, so you can pick and choose what you like. However, if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on items that you can make on your own, then you can easily recreate the look. There are plenty of tutorials online to choose from, which will allow you to make fashionable cropped sweatshirts that won’t look terrible and won’t cost you a small fortune.

9. Moto Jackets
This season, your look is going to get edgier than ever. Moto jackets are a big hit this year, so you will have so many different options to choose from when it comes to picking one for you. They will have classic options, but some of the more popular options will be cropped versions of the original moto jacket. Another thing you will notice this season is moto jackets will come in a wide variety of colors. This is due to the colored leather trend, but there will be many faux leather options on the market, too.

10. Quilted Coats
Quilted coats are another great option to stay warm during the cool autumn months. These jackets come in all shapes and size too, which will offer you a lot of versatility to work with. You can choose an option that works for your standard look or add a couple of different looks to your wardrobe to keep things chic. Quilted coats offer a lot of different options too. You can stick with solid colors or work with wonderful floral prints. No matter what you choose, you’re bound to look great. These jackets have been trendy for a few years too, so you will be able to get a lot more out of them. If you don’t want to shop, you can learn to add a quilted effect to some of your clothes. There are lots of tutorials online to make this wonderful look a possibility for cheap.

With Back-to-School sales and Labor Day sales coming up, now is the perfect time to get your autumn wardrobe. These ten fashion tips will allow you to easily find the items that you need so you can feel confident in yourself while ensuring that you stay on budget.

Best Workout Equipment for Small Spaces and Low Budgets

Although summer is in full swing and the great outdoors is the perfect free gym for all to enjoy, autumn will quickly arrive with its rain, wind, and chilled temperatures. On top of that, the weather also encourages a spike in ailments, which might make you want to skip out on the gym if you aren’t already doing so. If you’re worried about how you’re going to get your workout in, then you might consider some of these great workout items that will even work out well in small spaces. The items tend to be low budget and are going to help you take fitness to a whole new level.

1. Yoga Mat
No matter what type of exercise you intend to do, a yoga mat is going to work wonders for you. For starters, this mat tends to be on the cheap end of the scale, so it will allow you to easily shop without breaking the budget. You can use your yoga mat for yoga, basic stretches, or to even provide traction and support as you perform other workouts. If you have heavier equipment that you are worried about damaging your floor, you might slide an old yoga mat underneath it to help with stability without scratching.

2. Foam Roller
Foam rollers are a little new to the game, but they have proven to bring a lot of people joy during their workouts. A foam roller can help you work your core by allowing you to use resistance that requires more strength and balance to overcome. However, the primary use of the roller is to help your muscles rest after a workout. There are even workout videos that you can stream or download to help you make the most out of your foam roller. Best of all, the foam roller takes up very little space and can be purchased in a variety of sizes to help you cut back on space while getting a size that works well for your body.

3. Resistance Bands
If you don’t have resistance bands in your home, then these are definitely going to be something that you want to purchase. Resistance bands aren’t expensive, which makes them one of the best things to add to your growing gym if you’re on a tight budget. You can use resistance bands in so many different workouts, which will allow you to easily take it up a notch. The bands help to add resistance, so you have to add even more strength to your movements, which helps to burn more calories and build more muscle. With these bands, you can take the most basic of workouts to a whole new level.

4. Fold Up Treadmill
If you enjoy taking long walks but you don’t like the wind or if you prefer to run a couple of miles, then the cold months might not be your favorite. With a fold-up treadmill, you can still get in the steps and burn the calories without spending a fortune or dealing with the elements. There is numerous fold-up treadmills on the market now, so you will definitely want to do some research before you purchase the right option for you. However, the treadmills produced today are thinner, so they can be pushed into a corner when not in use, which will save you tons of space.

5. Under Desk Elliptical
If you’re working from home, then an under-the-desk elliptical is going to get you where you need to be. These special ellipticals are designed to help you get a workout while you’re stuck at your desk working. If you really get into the workout, you can burn up to 150 calories an hour, which will definitely help you burn off that latte you had for breakfast. Ellipticals are offered in many price ranges so you can purchase based on your budget and needs which will definitely make the experience of enjoying the elliptical all the better. You can also purchase a cheaper option now and upgrade later if it is something you enjoy doing.

6. Portable Bow
If you’re an archery fan, then this bow isn’t going to be exactly what you expect. The portable bow is designed to offer some of the same strength training and resistance as archery, but you can take it to all-new levels. The appeal of this bow is you can take it anywhere and keep it in the smallest of spaces. There are also many workout videos based on the tool, which will definitely help you add to your strength while you have some fun working out.

7. Doorway Exercise Bar
If you’re looking to boost your core strength or upper body strength, then a doorway exercise bar is going to be one of the best investments for you. These bars are more than affordable, which makes them great options for those that are just starting out. Plus, they are secured to a doorway and can be moved for your convenience and stored in a small space like a closet. These bars do offer versatility too, so you can mix up your workout without having to go to great lengths. You may even be able to fund some routines to help you maximize your skills while helping you to burn as many calories as possible.

8. Door Mounted Punching Bag
When it comes to punching bags, most of the time you’ll find that they take up way too much space when it comes to apartments and small homes. A door mounted punching bag changes the game though. The punching bag connects to a door frame and allows you to set the resistance it offers, so you can get more out of every workout. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of these punching bags on the market, so shopping around will be hard. However, the price you will pay for the items on the market won’t set you back much more than a regular punching bag.

9. Kettle Bell Set
If you’re looking for simplicity and affordability, then a kettlebell set is the way to go. This will allow you to easily get in the weight training you need while allowing you to mix up your workout with ease. Kettlebells store easily in the bottom of a closet too, which will definitely help to keep them out of your space. You can work a kettlebell workout around your needs or find free streaming workouts so you can get the most out of the set that you have. This can help bring flexibility and fun to your day, which will help you maintain an interest in working out.

10. An Internet Connection
If you’re tight on space and you really want to get fit, then all you really need is an internet connection. Simply clear some space on your floor and connect to your favorite app and you’ll be able to access so many workouts. You can find workouts on apps, streaming networks, and so much more. Even some TV channels will offer workouts. You might have to do some research to find what works best for you, but in most cases, you will be able to find some free activities that will help you stay in shape with ease.

Working out in a small space is entirely possible. Doing so on a tight budget is also possible. You shouldn’t let your space or budget stop you from getting healthy especially as the cold weather moves in. These ten tips will help you get the workout you need without forcing you to hit the gym.