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Ten Simple Fashion Trends for Summer that will Keep You on Budget

The weather, in most places, is starting to heat up, which means it’s time to start prepping for summer fashion. This season, you won’t have to spend a small fortune on clothes as the style will definitely make it easy for you to DIY or shop secondhand. These ten tips should help you keep up with trends while also showing off your own creative nature as you find new and exciting ways to DIY your favorite looks and make them totally your own.

1. White Tee
This season, one of the most essential items you can own is a plain, white tee. The shirt shouldn’t have anything on it, unless you enjoy pockets, which makes it easy to find in almost any store. You can find the tee in almost any cut that you want as well, which will make it even easier for you to show off your own unique personality. White tees are versatile as well, so you can show them off with almost anything in your wardrobe. Plus, having a white shirt on in the summer heat will definitely help to keep you feeling nice and cool.

2. Bermuda shorts
Another easy look that will suit most lifestyles and body types is the Bermuda shorts. These shorts are designed to be longer than your average pair of shorts, which is what makes them so satisfying to wear. Bermuda shorts offer protection for your skin as well, which makes them a great option for days spent outside or vacations. You can purchase Bermuda shorts in most stores, but you can also make them yourself. All you have to do is cut off a pair of denim shorts. If you prefer an edgier look then just cut above the knee and leave the jagged edges to show off your style. If you prefer a cleaner look, then cut below the knee and roll the edges until they rest above the knee. If you prefer to add a stitch to keep them rolled up then do so, but it isn’t necessary.

3. 90s Vibes
This season, the 90s are going to be all over the place, so give in to your retro side. If you spent time in the 90s then you may have some clothes leftover that you can still enjoy. However, if not, have no fret as 90s clothes are going to be everywhere. You’ll want to check out the tie dye inspired looks that have taken over many graphic tees. Bold neon colors are also going to be everywhere. Although you will see this in casual clothing, you’ll also find that the trends are going to be everywhere in swimsuits. You will find iconic geometric patterns, bold colors, and plenty of fun looks to choose from.

4. Mini Skirts
If you love showing off some leg, then this season you’re going to love bringing out your favorite miniskirts. You will find that it doesn’t matter the material, color, or fabric, as mini skirts are going to be everywhere. If you’re hoping to add to your mini skirt collection, you can buy them almost anywhere. However, you can also make your own. There are countless patterns available that will allow you to create your own mini skirt for fairly cheap and with little effort. If you’re not a fan of the skirt, then you can also show off skorts as there will be plenty of options to choose from there, too.

5. Crop Tops
Show off even more skin this summer when you add crop tops to your favorite look. The crop top will help create a fun look that is definitely perfect for keeping you cool when you’re outside. Crop tops come in all shapes and sizes too, which will totally allow you to show off your personality while keeping up with the best trends of the season. If you don’t own any crop tops, then you can transform your favorite old tees into a crop top with ease. You can also make your own from patterns and cheap fabrics. This will help show off your creative side while adding to your love of trends.

6. Cut-Outs
Cut-outs can add a touch of excitement to your overall look. These fashion accents have been popular since the autumn line was released, so there is a good chance that you already have a few cut out options in your wardrobe. Although you will find that cut outs are popular on pants, the main place you will see them is on tops. This makes it easy to get the look from home and for cheap. There are guides to help you make the best possible cuts for shirts that you already own, so you don’t have to worry about spending a small fortune just to stay trendy.

7. Pastels
This season you can keep all of your spring goodies in your closet because pastels are going to be in. You will find pastels on almost anything which is great considering they will help you stay cool in the summer heat. If you don’t have a lot of pastels to choose from, you can easily dye some of your white clothing in order to create the look you’re going for. This is fairly cheap to do and will allow you artistic freedom that will truly make your fashion sense shine.

8. Wide Leg Trousers
When it comes to the office, if you are actually working in your office, then you might want to skip out on some of the other trends. However, there are some ways to look phenomenal on your workdays. For instance, a pair of wide-leg trousers will transform your look while ensuring you’re trendy. One of the best things about these trousers is they are loose on the body. So, you will be able to feel cooler in them than you would in other types of trousers. You can find wide-legged trousers at a great price too, which will make it easy to find the look you’ve been dreaming of despite having to stick to a dress code.

9. Vintage Sunglasses
This season, you’re going to want to go vintage when it comes to eye protection. This summer, you’ll want to think of iconic brands that might have been worn during the 80s or prior. Ray-Ban is just one option, but you can easily find sunglasses that are cheaper that look remarkably similar. Another popular look that has been in style in recent years is the aviator look. Of course, going big and catwalk-friendly will definitely help you to enjoy yourself while protecting your eyes from the harsh summer sun.

10. Asymmetrical Designs
Offering an asymmetrical look can also help you stand out in the crowd while giving you edgier vibes. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to this, including options like mini skirts and crop tops, which have already been mentioned. However, you can go to an all-new level by making tees, coats, and other fashion accessories that cater to the trend. There are lots of tutorials online to help you meet your needs while inspiring you to come up with unique styles that you will love.

This season, you can finally get outside and enjoy everything that the season brings without spending a fortune to look good. Since most people will actually get to partake in summer this year, you will love making up for all of the fashion that you missed out on last season. So, have fun with your look and see how little you can spend on your summer attire.

Help Save the Ocean with these Frugal Actions

June 8 is World Ocean Day, which makes it the perfect time to learn how to protect the oceans. There are many things we do on a daily basis that actually cause damage to the ocean, which we don’t even realize. Whether you live right next to the ocean or hundreds of miles away, there is so much that you can do to create a better balance in your life in order to improve the health of the planet. Best of all, these tips won’t force you to spend a small fortune on the changes you make, which can definitely help you feel motivated to do your part.

1. Refuse Straws
One of the biggest things you can do for the ocean is to start refusing straws when you go to a restaurant. Of course, you should also stop buying them for your home use, too. Plastic straws are filling up the ocean and are deadly to most marine life. Apart from that, plastic is getting into our water sources. Although straws aren’t the only source of plastic, they are causing a lot of harm to sea life. So, instead of taking the plastic straw, purchase a reusable option. Bamboo options are some of the best on the market and will help you live an eco-friendly life with just one purchase. Once you make the switch to refusing straws then you might consider moving on to other forms of plastic.

2. Know Your Cosmetics
You might be surprised by how many cosmetics take advantage of marine life. Many utilize parts of whales, sharks, and more to help create their product cheaply. Of course, this is never advertised as most companies know that people are currently wanting animal cruelty-free products. However, often marine life slips between the cracks when people look into cruelty-free items. So, the best thing you can do is investigate a company before you buy. You can also lookup ingredients to figure out what exactly is in your makeup. This might help you avoid some pretty nasty chemicals while also ensuring you are doing right by the marine life in the world.

3. Clean Up Beaches
One of the easiest things you can do when it comes to helping out the ocean is to walk around your local beach and clean up. If you live in an area where tourists frequent, then you will probably notice that there is often litter left everywhere. When the tourist season is over, the build-up can be especially overwhelming. If you head to the beach, then just take some time during every visit to clean up the litter. You can also organize groups to help get the mess cleaned up after a tourist season. Even if you don’t live near a beach, you can do your part by cleaning up litter in your local area. You can also make sure to clean up after yourself when you do visit the beach. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, so you can feel reassured you’re doing right by the environment without having to stress.

4. Volunteer
Giving your time is also a great way to help out the ocean. If you live near the sea then there are many volunteer services that you can sign up for. Some will just have you cleaning up the beach or working to clean the water from a special boat. Other services might have you assist in rescue missions. When there are oil spills, you may be asked to help save animals. There are so many different ways you can volunteer to help out. Even if you don’t live near the water, you can volunteer over summer vacations or you can work in your own area to prevent the waste from reaching the ocean. You may also be able to volunteer remotely by helping to pass out information online or in-person to raise awareness.

5. Know Your Seafood
Believe it or not, but the seafood you eat can actually do the ocean harm. Some seafood is over poached while others are raised in captivity which actually damages the natural flow of things. The best thing you can do before indulging in your love of seafood is to do a little research. There are many guides online that tell you about the seafood on offer, so you will know where it comes from. These guides will give you plenty of insight into why eating specific foods is bad for the ocean. Of course, you will also be able to discover which seafood will actually help out the ocean. So, just be mindful of your food options and you can work wonders for the ocean.

6. Be an Activist
When it comes to protecting the ocean, you may find that being an activist is one of the best things you can do. There are numerous activist groups that you can join to help promote the cause and actually dive in to do the work needed to cleanse our oceans. Oceana is one of the top groups that you might want to check out, especially since they offer so much information about what they stand for. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands or you’re feeling insecure about helping out, then you can start out easily by just hanging out pamphlets and work up as you are available to do so.

7. Always Vote
One of the most important things you can do to help protect the environment is to vote. When you go to place your ballot, choose leaders that are going to do right by the environment. This will require lots of research to figure out who stands behind what they say and who is just talking. When you research, it is important to look at voting records and how each candidate volunteers. Apart from choosing the right candidates, you should also pay attention to laws that come into play. This means staying on top of things. If you have a hard time doing this, there are newsletters you can subscribe to that will help keep you up to date.

8. Contact Representatives
Apart from voting, you can also make your voice heard by contacting your representatives. If you hear about something negatively affecting the environment or ocean life, then write in to make sure your representatives know that it’s not something you stand for. You might ask others to do the same so your voices can be heard. You can find your representative’s number, email, and address to their office online so you can easily make sure your message is heard.

9. Prep Recycling
Another major thing you can do to help the ocean is to prep your recycling. Most importantly, you should cut up any plastic that you plan on recycling. Marine life tends to get caught up in plastic, may it be plastic from sodas or bags from the grocery store. Even cutting up straws can help change the way they affect marine life. Whenever you can, you should also work to reuse your recycling. This will help to prevent more items from getting into the ocean.

10. Educate Yourself
In any situation, one of the best things that you can do is educate yourself. You will find a wide variety of books and documentaries that will help you get a better understanding of the ocean and how to protect it. Apart from that, you will definitely find a huge selection of articles to choose from online. This will help to understand the dire situation that we are dealing with while also allowing you to feel more capable of doing your part to help change the world for the better.

This World Ocean Day, you don’t have to wonder what you can do to change the planet for the better. Instead, you may want to take the time to check out these ideas and see which you can utilize for the holiday and every other day of the year.

Ten Things to Do with Your Kids in June

June is going to be here before you know it, which means the kids will be finished with school and looking for something to do. There are numerous things to do in the summer, but if you’re hoping to stay on a budget then you might have to do a bit of planning in order to suit your needs. It might take a bit more planning to find something that will also allow you to social distance if you are worried about the threat of Covid-19. These ten ideas should fit the bill while allowing you to keep your budget in check throughout the summer months.

1. Fishing
Summer and fishing tend to go hand to hand. Luckily, June is National Fishing Month, so you should be able to find some free fishing days if you’re hoping to get to the lake or the ocean. These days don’t require a license, so you can fish at will. However, you might also find deals on fishing licenses during this time, which might make it the best time to order such a thing if you hope to fish throughout the summer. You might also find great deals on fishing gear during this month since stores will be trying to move the supplies in order to stock up for hunting season. If you choose to go fishing, packing a lunch or supplies to eat what you catch will save you plenty of money. You might also want to pack plenty of drinks as the hot weather can dehydrate you quickly, even if you’re not moving around a lot. Finding shade is also important, so make sure to look around for a good spot before you set up for the day.

2. Summer Reading
The summer reading program is a classic activity for children to enjoy. Most local libraries will offer the program, even with social distancing, so you might look on your library’s website to see what you need to do to sign up. Most libraries will offer prizes for children as they reach their reading goals, which will definitely help to entice kids to read. If your local library isn’t offering anything then you might consider looking for other options. Many companies that support child literacy are also offering summer reading programs. Scholastic, for instance, is offering a program that helps children feel inspired to read while also donating to other children that do not have access to enough books.

3. Parks
If parks have reopened in your area, then that is a great way to spend some of your June. You can begin with taking children to traditional playgrounds so they can run and get out plenty of their energy. However, with these parks, you will definitely want to bring along some sanitizers and pay close attention to the temperature of the equipment. Another option is to take children to a park where they can admire nature. You might plan out hikes, create scavenger hunts, and so on to help kids make the most of their time out. This will also help you to feel assured they are getting the exercise and fresh air that they need.

4. Arts and Crafts
When it comes to days at home, arts and crafts are always a great option to keep your kids occupied. There are a lot of summer-themed crafts that you can check out. However, you might also consider finding crafts based on your children’s interests. One thing you might try is to find crafts that can be done based on the school supplies that your children have leftover. This will help you to enjoy thinking outside of the box while saving some big money on craft supplies. If you’re not sure where to begin, then there are lots of options online to choose from. Some websites are even dedicated to school supply crafts.

5. DIY Summer Snacks
It’s summertime, which means you’re probably going to be asked for a snack at least fifteen times a day, right? In order to keep the kids busy, then you might get to work making some amazing DIY summer snacks. This is great in the sense that it is an activity that you can do together, but also because it allows you to have more control over what your child is eating. So, you can easily pick out fruits or items that have less sugar. You can even go wild with themes that will win your kids over.

6. Farmer’s Market
One of the joys of summer is going to the farmer’s market. If your community has one, then this is a great place to spend some time on weekend mornings. The farmer’s market has a lot of offers including fresh produce, which can help you create delicious meals and so much more. Apart from that, you will find that there are plenty of other fun items to purchase there. Children might even make crafts, baked goods, or lemonade to sell while they are visiting the market. Of course, you will need to check up on the rules to ensure you’re not breaking any by offering your items to visitors. The whole family can also enjoy music and other forms of entertainment, which can help you save money as you enjoy your summer.

7. Go on a Picnic
If lunches or dinner at home are getting a little boring, then you might consider going on a picnic instead. Most kids are pretty happy to picnic anywhere, including the backyard, so you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on this. In fact, you don’t really need to buy anything special to picnic as you can just use a blanket that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. You can pack up traditional finger foods or you can pack sandwiches and other traditional items like fruit. As long as you eat and have fun as a family, the picnic will offer plenty of memories for you to enjoy with your loved ones and will help keep kids from feeling bored with their routine.

8. Camp Out
Summer campouts are another childhood must. Many children are used to going to summer camps over the summer and this might not be an option in the current climate. However, camping outside is always an option. If you have camping supplies, then you might consider finding a free campsite for the weekend. This will allow everyone to enjoy themselves and get away from all of the screens and static of daily life. If there isn’t a campsite near you then there is still an option for camping outside. Simply pitch your tent and camp in your backyard. If you don’t have supplies, you can easily make your own tent for the night, borrow one from a loved one, or rent one from a sporting goods store. This will still give kids the camp-out experience while allowing you to use the bathroom in comfort.

9. Explore Science
It’s important to keep your children’s minds active during the summer months. So, science is one of the best ways to do this without listening to your child complain about learning when they’re on a break. The best thing about science it is all around us, so you can make an experiment out of almost anything. Spending time in the backyard looking for and identifying bugs is one of the best ways to go as there are endless possibilities. However, you can also have fun with experiments like making your rocket ship or volcano. There are lots of ideas online that you can check out, which should help you plan around your child’s age group.

10. Field Trips
Getting out of the house is important. You can still take field trips while maintaining safety. In order to do this, you should start with choosing places that aren’t very busy. If you live in a smaller city then you might find that some museums, aquariums, and other attractions might be safe to visit. If you’re worried, you can always call up the facility and find out when their slowest times are. Another option is to choose places that are outdoors. This helps to offer a bit more protection, especially if you distance yourself from others. You should try to keep up with safety precautions though and always make sure you sanitize.

This June can be a lot of fun without forcing you to spend a ton of money. These ten ideas should help keep you and your family busy on a budget and without forcing you to expose yourself to the public if you’re not feeling comfortable with it yet.

Memorial Day Sales You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

Memorial Day sales are upon us again, which can be an exciting time if you need to purchase some of the major items for your household. This Memorial Day might actually be one of the first times you can partake in a big sale without having to worry about restrictions as strictly as you would have earlier in the year. However, despite this, many stores will still practice social distancing and mask mandates. Due to this, there is a good chance you will find the majority of these sales online and in-store, so you can shop comfortably. These ten stores are offering some of the best deals, so you will know exactly where to begin your search for Memorial Day finds.

1. Amazon
There’s no doubt about it, Amazon is always going to be offering huge savings whenever a major shopping holiday arrives. This Memorial Day you will find deals appearing pretty early. In fact, you can log in now for some early bird deals. As Memorial Day weekend approaches, there will be deals on larger scale items. For instance, there will be up to 30% off on Amazon furniture and appliances. Clothing, especially the lines that Amazon is partnered with, will also have some major deals that you might not want to pass up. You will want to think about summer clothes when shopping here, but you might also find some winter steals, too. Of course, with any Amazon sale, you’ll also find reduced prices on Amazon products like the Ring, Echo, and more.

2. Walmart
Another place that is guaranteed to have deals is Walmart. Lately, Walmart has been pretty notorious about keeping their sales under wraps. However, judging by the season and precious sales, you can almost count on huge savings on most items. You’ll especially find deals on things needed for summer fun, like grills, seating, outdoor toys, and more. However, you should also find some deals on TVs, laptops, and other appliances. You will most likely want to check online and in-store for deals as the two do not always have the same sales. If you do find a better deal online, most of the time you can ship to the store or pick it up at the store that day for no extra cost.

3. Target
Target is also no stranger to deals, but their deals usually aren’t as grand as their major competitors. Target doesn’t offer as many electronics, so their sales aren’t often concentrated in this area. Rather, you will find some big deals on furniture this season. Of course, many of the items on offer will be patio furniture, but you will also find items for the interior of your home, too. Apart from that, clothes will be a huge part of the sale. Since target just dropped much of their summer line and bathing suits, you will find a huge selection to choose from. Décor will also be a great option that will help you set up your home for seasonal excitement.

4. Lowes
Another store you’re not going to want to miss out on is Lowes. If you’re planning on working in the garden during the summer months, then Lowes may help you find some of the last-minute plants you need. At this point in the season, many plants will have clearance prices. Apart from that, you will find up to $200 off some patio furniture, which can definitely set you up for some awesome hangouts this summer. Appliances and items necessary for grilling and smoking will also be available on sale. You may even find some exciting deals on lawn care if you look hard enough.

5. Overstock
If you’re looking for some furniture this Memorial Day, then Overstock is probably going to have what you’re looking for. You will find some major deals here on everything, including mattresses, so don’t be afraid to redecorate the room you’ve been longing to fix up. The furniture won’t be the only thing on sale this Memorial Day. In fact, you will probably find a sale on almost anything in the store. So, make sure to shop around before you check out because you never know what kind of deal you might miss out on.

6. Best Buy
When it comes to keeping the kids occupied this summer, Best Buy might have you covered. This year, you’ll find a lot of deals on electronics, so you can get all of the best gadgets at a price you won’t be afraid of. One of the biggest things to shop for during this sale is televisions, as there will be so many models discounted. Games, gaming devices, and similar items might also be on sale, but your biggest savings might be in the appliance section. With Best Buy, you can even shop for dented items to help you save even more during this big sale. Laptops should be discounted too, but you might find better prices during the back-to-school sales in late summer.

7. Wayfair
Wayfair is going to be another place to shop if you’re looking for furniture. This online store tends to offer low prices on furniture to begin with, but this holiday you will find exceptionally lower prices. The store will offer a selection of items for the interior of your home, but the major sales will most likely concentrate on exterior items. For instance, you will find sales on patio furniture, awnings, and even outdoor rugs. Decorative items for the exterior of your home will also be on offer to help improve your overall summer aesthetic.

8. Dick’s Sporting Goods
If you’re planning for summer fun, then Dick’s Sporting Goods is going to be one of the best places for you to shop for some major deals this Memorial Day. You might not find furniture or electronics, but you will find everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors. One of the biggest items you’ll most likely see is price drops on the gear needed for camping. Of course, swimming attire and pool toys are going to be on the list as well as pools. You will want to check out the sports section as baseball products will be in season and most likely at a great price. Make sure to shop around for other sports too. You might even find sales on items like guns and hunting gear to help prepare you for hunting season.

9. Bed, Bath, and Beyond
When it comes to Memorial Day shopping, you might not think to head to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. However, you’re going to find some amazing deals when you head to this store or shop on its website. One of the first things you’ll notice on sale is all of the linens. So, this might be a prime time to stock up or just pick out something extraordinary that you’ve wanted for some time. Home décor is going to be another major thing that you’ll want to shop for during these sales. However, you shouldn’t disregard items like appliances, candles, or even just fun toys.

10. Old Navy
Old Navy is usually very quick to jump on sales and Memorial Day is certainly no exception. For the most part, you’re likely to see a large percentage taken off of your order, which can help you save substantially on the items that you need for summer. However, you will also find that summer items will be marked down even more. There are also numerous essential items like tees, tanks, and shorts that are already lost cost, so you’ll find even more savings there. Deals on flip-flops usually occur during this time too, which will allow you to stock up on one of every color if you so choose. You might also choose to shop around the clearance section to find the items you might not want to miss out on.

Memorial Day can be a lot of fun for shoppers, so don’t miss out this year. You will find a huge selection of sales to choose from as these are just scratching the surface. You should be able to enjoy some major savings as the holiday begins, so make sure to shop wisely and shop around even despite the low prices.

Ten of the Cheapest Instruments for Beginners Eager to Learn

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means a lot more free time to be had. One of the best ways to kill some time while also broadening your horizons is to pick up an instrument. If you’re on a tight budget, then getting the right instrument for your needs might be a little tough. There are numerous instruments that won’t cost you an arm and a leg though. These ten instruments are on the cheaper side of the spectrum and are great ideas for beginners. So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a youngster, you might want to check out these ten options.

1. Bongos
If the rhythm is where you want to begin your musical journey, then bongos are a great place to begin the fun. Bongos are very simple and can be purchased for cheap if you shop around. You can even start small and add to your bongo collection as your skills progress. If you’re working with small children, there are many ways to make bongos, so you don’t have to spend money at all. Using recyclables is a great way to take on this task. These bongos might not sound the same as the bongos you might purchase from a store, but they’re great for children. You can also find an assortment of bongo lessons online to help you learn the basics, pick up songs, and feel confident in your bongo skills.

2. Recorder
There is a reason why recorders are popular in schools. Recorders are one of the best ways for children to enjoy music lessons without costing you a fortune. You can pick up a recorder almost anywhere which makes it even easier to get your child started on the craft. Apart from that, there are numerous resources that can be used for anyone hoping to learn to play the recorder. You will find online videos, free music sheets, and an assortment of books that you can purchase for next to nothing. The recorder is also a great way to introduce yourself or your child to reading music, which can help transform your life in so many ways.

3. Ukulele
If you’re not feeling comfortable with the guitar, then you might consider trying out the ukulele. This instrument is iconically used in Hawaiian music, but you can actually learn a wide variety of songs on this instrument. It is also a great instrument for small hands just learning how to play an instrument. The ukulele is largely affordable, especially if you begin with a cheaper brand and upgrade as you improve on your skills. There are numerous videos available online to help you learn how to play the instrument too. This can help save you money on lessons while allowing you to work at your own pace.

4. Harmonica
When it comes to traditional music, there are a lot of great options that you can try out. However, the harmonica is one of the most popular options that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. A harmonica is very efficient because you can easily carry it around with you wherever you go, which makes it something great for you to kill time with. Apart from that, you’ll find that there are numerous lessons online to help you along the way. You may want to dive into a guide for purchasing a harmonica before you jump into a purchase though, as this will help you choose the right option for your needs.

5. Tambourine
The tambourine can be a little underrated at times, but it is essential for many bands. So, learning to play the tambourine can be a great way to gain some knowledge about music, learn to keep a beat, and so much more. Best of all, tambourines are incredibly cheap to buy and can even be customized to suit your personal style. There are lots of great options online for lessons too, which can save you money while helping you to embrace the basics of music so you can move on with more advanced instruments in the future.

6. Guitar
One of the most popular options for you to try out is a guitar. At first glance, you might feel that a guitar is a bit too pricey for you. However, you can often find one at secondhand stores, yard sales, or even online for very cheap. If you are in the market for a new guitar then you can still find one at an affordable price if you do a bit of shopping around. Finding lessons online for guitar is very easy and you may even be able to find options in your local area for an affordable price. A guitar is a great instrument to learn music with, but you can also play by ear, which works best for some people. If you are looking to join a community of musicians, then a guitar is a great way to do so as it brings versatility to your day while still suiting your style.

7. Keyboard
If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, then a keyboard might be a great option for you. A keyboard offers an easy way to learn piano as it offers all of the keys on a condensed board. This can help you to learn the notes needed to play songs and even compose your own music. A keyboard might be one of the most expensive options on the list, but you will find that it will last for quite some time and can even take the place of a piano if you don’t have the time for it. If you shop around, you might be able to find a new and basic model for under $100. However, shopping second-hand will save you much more. You may even be able to find second-hand piano books for cheap to ensure you get more out of your lessons. There are learning options online too, so don’t hesitate to look around and see what works best for your learning style.

8. Bass Guitar
Another more popular option, to begin with, is a bass guitar. This is another great option for anyone hoping to join a band or play music with a community. The bass guitar won’t cost you as much as a regular guitar if you shop for electric bass. The bass guitar might be easier for some people to learn as it provides you with four strings to work with. There are lots of lessons online as well as books that you can purchase to help you master the bass on your own. You might even be able to learn the bass as you work with friends or family that play the guitar.

9. Flute
When it comes to children wanting to learn an instrument for the school band, the flute is an incredible option. This instrument doesn’t require a lot of maintenance which is one of the reasons why so many people find it appealing when choosing something for a band. Apart from that, the instrument itself is much cheaper than many of the options you’ll find for school bands. Plus, there are many secondhand options available as well as payment options, since many companies will work with school band members. The flute can be easier to learn than some of the other wind instruments, which will help beginners feel more confident as they take on learning to read music and play an instrument at the same time.

10. Maracas
Anyone that loves music and dancing will appreciate the maracas. This instrument allows you to move around as you keep the beat for the band. The maracas can be a lot of fun to play especially if you enjoy percussion. Plus, they always offer fun designs that will help inspire you to have fun. The maracas might be a little tougher to learn without lessons because there is more to them than what meets the eye. Of course, if you are looking for an option to get you up and moving, then this is definitely going to be the option that suits your needs the most.

Learning an instrument doesn’t have to be something that you feel will set you back financially. These ten options are easy on the budget but will also help beginners adjust to learning music while helping to build your skills quickly. On top of that, they will help to add a bit of fun to your free time, which can boost your health.

Spice Up Your Salad With These Ten Frugal Ideas

Let’s face it, getting healthy isn’t always fun. With this summer possibly being less restricted than the last, a lot of people are working hard to take off the pandemic weight or simply trying to improve their health. Salads are one of the best ways to do this, but they can get pretty boring if you’re not careful due to the repetitive nature of the salad. These ten ideas will help you to make a salad that you’ll actually want to eat. Best of all, the ideas are easy on your budget, will help add diversity to your meal plan, and can actually make your salad healthier.

1. Give it Color
When it comes to your diet, one of the best things you can do is add color. So, when you’re planning out your salad, try to add in some color whenever and wherever you can. You can easily begin with the vegetables you choose. Adding a touch of purple cabbage, some orange carrots, bell peppers, and tomatoes will create a pretty classic salad that accounts for most of the colors available. However, there are many other ways to get the colors you need. Purple carrots are another option, habaneros can bring a kick to the meal, and radishes will help bring in a beautiful pink and white look that adds a touch of spice. Feel free to experiment here and try out combinations to improve your health and the flavor of your salads.

2. Add Fruit
It might seem a little out of place, but one of the best things you can do with your salad is to add a bit of fruit. This might not be something you’ve tried before as it isn’t as common practice as adding meats. However, a touch of fruit can complement your salad while giving you extra vitamins that will definitely help to boost your health. Apart from that, you’ll find that adding fruit is something that can make your salad feel less like a diet and more like something you can enjoy. So don’t hesitate about enjoying it. If you’re not sure where to start, check out some recipes online. There’s more than you can imagine.

3. DIY Dressing
Another way to add some fun to your salad while keeping it healthier is to make your own dressing. You would be surprised by how quick and easy it is to make your own dressing. Best of all, anything you make at home won’t have all of the chemicals that store-bought items have. If you have a favorite type of dressing, then you can check out copycat recipes so you get the same great flavor at home. However, there are lots of options you can try out too if you’re not set on a certain flavor. You may even find dressings that blow away anything you’ve had before. There are numerous ideas online, so don’t be afraid to seek out new things. You can even ask for recipes in health groups you are a part of it, as you never know when someone is going to offer a recipe of their own that will truly inspire your taste buds.

4. Add Spice
If you’re looking for a way to bring some fun to your salad then one idea is to add a bit of spice. This is pretty easy to do, and you can easily customize the spice level to suit your taste buds. One of the easiest ways to do this is to cut some radishes to add to the salad. You might be surprised by how much of a kick these can add, depending on the radish. A classic way to add in the spice is to chop up and add some jalapenos. This not only adds a nice crunch, but jalapenos bring a great flavor and can range from bell pepper spice level to a nice burn that will leave you satisfied. If jalapeno level spice isn’t enough for you then go hotter with a habanero, ghost chili, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

5. Experiment with Texture
Texture can make or break a salad, especially if you’re feeling bored with them. There are so many ways to bring texture to a dish though. You might start by adding your favorite vegetables that crunch to add a bit of satisfaction to the dish. If you like softer textures then consider beans or a nice feta cheese might be the perfect option for you. Even experimenting with the types of greens you use can change the texture of your salads for the better. So, embrace the texture and find the combinations that work best for your needs and you’ll definitely notice your salads going up a notch or two.

6. Skip Going Raw Occasionally
Although the traditional salad tends to be made of raw vegetables, particularly lettuce, you don’t always have to stick with the same old thing. If you’re feeling bored with your salad options, then consider taking it up a notch by cooking some of the items that go into your dish. You might add in some grilled meats or tofu to make the salad up a notch. Roasted veggies are also a great option that can change the flavor dynamic of your salad. Even some warm beans can take things up a level or two when you’re feeling tired of the same old cold salad every night.

7. Utilize Proteins
When you’re on a diet, getting an appropriate amount of protein can be a must when it comes to your health. So, don’t be afraid to add some protein to your salads to help improve your health and to help keep you full for much longer. When you choose a protein, you’re going to want to go with something healthy, or else it might defeat the purpose of having a salad to begin with. Some options to consider are lean meats which can be grilled or shredded to add to your meal. Tofu is another fun option, which can be marinated to add a burst of flavor that will suit your needs. Even beans and nuts can add a layer of protein that will help improve your body’s health while giving you something tasty to look forward to.

8. Add Themes
Salads don’t have to bore you. Rather, when it comes to making a salad, you might consider adding a theme to the dish. For instance, a Mediterranean theme might have a sweet sauce, roasted bell peppers, and feta cheese. You can create a Mexican salad using seasoned turkey, spicy vegetables, beans, a fresh pico de gallo, and more. There are so many themes to choose from that you might not grow tired of salads any time soon because there will always be something new and exciting to try out.

9. Don’t Be Afraid of Grains
A lot of people struggle to stay full after eating a salad. Although protein is a great step in the right direction, you will find that there are other options if protein alone isn’t going to do the trick. There are a number of grains that are incredibly good for your body and will help to stabilize your energy while keeping you full for hours. Some of these grains include barley, quinoa, and millet. Corn is also considered a grain and goes well with many different combinations of salads. So, next time you’re reluctant to bring grain into the picture, find a grain that is healthy and efficient in aiding your digestion. You definitely won’t regret it.

10. Mix Things Up
One of the major issues that people have when it comes to salads is that they get boring. One key to avoiding this is to make a different salad every day. Try to use different types of lettuce, use unique add-ins, and so on. Find the mixtures you like and then play around with them to find a few combinations that you can rotate into your meal plan. This will help keep things exciting while still allowing you to shop in bulk and prepare your meals with ease.

Salads are a big part of many people’s diets. These ten ideas will help keep the salads fresh and enjoyable as you keep to your diet and find a healthier lifestyle. After exploring these ten ideas, you might even feel the need to add salad to your life even when you’re not on a diet.

Add a Touch of Fun to Life By Enjoying These Mystery Month Ideas

May is Mystery Month, which opens up a world of possibilities for you. The month is perfect for spicing up your life with a little mystery so you can find fun around every corner when you take in some free time. If you’re not really sure how you can partake in mystery month, there are so many fun ideas to take in. These ten ideas are just scratching the surface and will help add to your hobby list so you can relax while stimulating your mind.

1. Enjoy a Mystery Book
Mystery books are a great way to truly get the most out of your free time. You can find books to suit just about any interest too, even though they are still classified as one genre. You can also find books that allow you to take control of the outcome of the book, which adds a new layer of fun to everything. Apart from that, books are a great way to prevent yourself from spending time on your phone, which can leave you feeling stressed out. If you’re not sure what books to choose or where to even begin your journey, there are lots of great recommendations online.

2. Discover Mystery Inspired Cinema
There are a lot of great options to help you enjoy a little extra mystery in your free time. One of the best options, especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, is to enjoy mystery in the cinema. There are numerous movies out there that tackle the mystery theme, which can help you find something enjoyable to suit your tastes. Best of all, mystery fits into all sorts of genres including thrillers and comedies. If you don’t have time for a movie then there are also a large number of TV series that you can take in. There’s a lot of recommendations online, including recommendations offered by your favorite streaming service.

3. Sign Up for a Mystery Purchase
Mystery purchases are becoming more and more popular. There are numerous ways to partake in a mystery purchase, too. Some online stores will simply offer mystery packages to add a touch of fun to the shopping experience. Other stores will add in tees and other items that are on clearance and sell them as a mystery bundle at a reduced price. Some stores sell you a mystery to help spread their message. For instance, the Two Blind Brothers website is designed to allow you to shop as if you had their form of blindness. You can set a price limit and then pick out an item without full knowledge of what it is. When your items arrive, you get to enjoy the mystery of discovering what you paid for.

4. Investigate a Mystery
If you want to play detective, then use your sleuthing skills to add to a mystery. To begin with, you can tune into a mystery show and try to piece the clues together as you watch. Some unsolved mystery shows will allow you to dig even deeper though. There are actually threads on some social media pages of people just trying to figure out clues, which can definitely add some fun as you explore your mystery and chat with others about it. If you don’t want to work off of a TV show then you can easily find a mystery laid out for you online. Some people come up with mysteries as a game, which can help keep you entertained for hours.

5. Participate in an Escape Room
Escape rooms are an exciting mystery that allows you to work together with others to escape a room filled with clues. There are many escape room themes, which can help you find a room that is perfect for you. Escape rooms can be found in many places as well. There are many entertainment facilities that offer budget rooms for you to enjoy. However, there are also businesses that are dedicated to only escape rooms, so you can find amazing options that are constantly rotating to keep the mystery alive.

6. Mystery in the Mail
Another fun idea is to sign up for a mystery in the mail. There are new game services that will send you a mystery to solve every month, which will help you add value to your free time. Some of the games can be very intricate which can take up an entire month. Another option is to have your friends send you a mystery. If you know someone that is great with storytelling them have them send you a prompt and clues so you can solve their mystery and have a little fun. You might even try your hand at writing your own mystery to share with others, so you can truly embrace every aspect of the genre and the month dedicated to it.

7. Murder Mystery Dinner Train
If you live in an area that has a passenger train, then there’s a good chance that a mystery dinner train is offered. When you grab tickets to this event, you’ll go on a ride you won’t soon forget. As the train begins to move you’ll be taken back in time as all of the characters will be dressed in vintage clothing. As the gain continues someone will be murdered and it is up to the guests to figure it out. Some dinner trains even have the guests participate, so you could easily become the murderer. With self-isolation orders becoming more relaxed, this could actually be a simple option for you to enjoy throughout the month of May.

8. Board Games
Without a doubt, board games are a great way to truly embrace a mystery. Games can be found for all age levels, so you can easily buy a game that caters to the entire family’s needs. One of the most popular board games for a good mystery is Clue. If you have children around then Clue Jr is a great option that adults won’t get bored with either. Of course, there is more out there than Clue, so shop around a bit to find a board game that suits your favorite pastime.

9. Try Mystery Foods
Food is a great way to bring some mystery to your life, especially if you tend to eat the same things over and over. Some recipes will allow you to order a surprise so you won’t know what you’re going to get, which might help to liven up your month. Another way to approach this is to have someone order for you, as you might find something that you haven’t tried yet. Other than that, you can check out a menu and order something you’ve never had before. This will add a touch of mystery to your dining experience that you won’t be able to refuse.

10. Mystery Podcast
Podcasts have grown in popularity over the last few years. So, it’s no surprise the number of mystery podcasts that are out in the world. If you’re not sure where to begin, then head over to your favorite streaming services and check out what the mystery section has to offer. You might have to surf around a bit, but after testing a few you might be hooked on something special. There are lots of great podcasts with rave reviews too. So, if you binge an entire series, you won’t have to search far for another amazing option.

Mystery month can add a whole lot of fun to your life. This month celebrates the mystery that we face in life while giving you a touch of entertainment. Before long, you will definitely feel excited by all the options that you can find to enjoy your love of mystery.

Ten Amazing Stores to Shop For Clothes When You’re on a Budget

If you’re looking to amp up your wardrobe but you’re on a tight budget, then you’re not out of luck. There are a lot of clothing stores that cater to keeping up with fashion trends while keeping the price of new clothing down. Some of the stores will allow you to shop in-store so you can get the full fashion experience, while other stores will allow you to shop online. No matter what your preference is, you definitely won’t want to skip out on these six brands as you try to keep up with trends while ensuring your style shines.

1. Walmart
Walmart is known for having the lowest prices around, so you shouldn’t be shocked to find out that their clothing is also going to save you a pretty penny. Walmart has its own fashion line, George, which keeps up to date with trends while offering essentials that you need for everyday life. Apart from fashionable clothing, Walmart clothes are known for being low in price. You can find everything from school uniforms to button-downs for work that will keep you on budget and looking good. Seasonal clothes won’t cost you a fortune either, which is also great for keeping up with your body’s needs as the seasons change. Children’s clothing, especially, will cost mere dollars, which might be essential if you’re on a tight budget and your child is going through sizes every three to six months. There are even a few hacks to help you maximize your savings when you shop with the store. You should always aim to shop in-store with Walmart though, as many of their deals can’t be found on the website.

2. Target
Target is dedicated to making you feel like a trendsetter without having to pay the price tag for such looks. The store actually rotates designers, so you’re always getting a fresh look and vibe with the season. The clothes on offer are slightly pricier than Walmart’s but you’ll still find them more than affordable. Target caters to all sizes as well, which makes it easy to shop. Apart from keeping things fashionable, you’ll find that their children’s line actually caters to children with sensory processing issues, so most of the clothes will be comfortable for most children. They also keep up to date with the most popular characters.

3. Old Navy
Another great option is Old Navy. Although you’re not going to find items as cheap as you would at Target or Walmart, you’re still going to find some stylish deals. Even if their regularly priced items aren’t on sale, you can still save big time at Old Navy. For instance, if you browse through the clearance section, you will find some major deals that will definitely make you want to shop until you drop. If you don’t mind shopping out of season, then you will also be able to save quite a bit of money as seasonal clothes tend to hit the sales rack even before the season is over. The store is notorious for offering big sales on their denim line, as well. However, a lot of people love to shop Old Navy because you can actually stack up to three coupons in some instances, which can help you save some major money.

4. Shein
Shein is a newer sensation that seems to be a big hit with people that love to look stylish but don’t want to pay the high prices. You’re not going to find a store for this company, so everything is done online. Unfortunately, when it comes to this store, you may find that sizes vary and shipping takes a little longer than you might like. However, when you shop with the store, you’ll get great clothes at a low price. If you’re not happy with your order, returns are free, which makes it easy to shop guilt-free. The store also has good reviews, so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off.

5. Ross
Ross is another great option if you prefer to shop in-store. Ross gets in top brand items that are out of season or have slight flaws. Most of the time, you can’t even notice the flaws, which makes the item even greater of a purchase. Of course, when shopping at Ross, you should always observe clothing to make sure zippers work and the item isn’t discolored. Other than that, you’ll probably find that most items are just a batch of clothing that didn’t sell well or those with minor flaws like tags clipped awkwardly.

6. Clothing Under 10
The name pretty much says it all when it comes to this store. Again, this is going to be a store that you will order from online, so shopping here might bring a little trial and error until you figure out which size works best for you. The website does have a lot to offer though when it comes to variety. This store does cater to a younger generation, which makes it a great option for students that might be on a tight budget, to begin with, especially if they’re in the market for clubbing or casual looks.

7. 6PM
This is another brand that caters to a younger crowd but still offers a lot of amazing deals. You will find an exceptional amount of clothes on this website which will suit a lot of different personalities. The best thing about 6PM is they do work with different sizes too, so you’ll be able to find something special without feeling frustrated by your options. This website is great for showing off the latest fashions and always seems to have fresh new looks to choose from.

8. Kohl’s
Another great option when it comes to shopping for clothing is Kohls. This store is great for in-store and online use, but you won’t always find the best prices when you shop there. Rather, you should always wait for Kohl’s to offer a sale in order to get a good price. These prices tend to be on the competitive side, so you should be able to get quite a bit on your budget. One of the best things about Kohl’s is they offer you Kohl’s cash for every purchase. This can be used at a later date on almost any item in the store or on the website, which will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

9. JC Penney
JC Penney has been around for generations and is known for helping families find amazing looks that suit their budget. Decades ago, you could walk in the store or order from a catalog. Today, you can still walk into some stores, although many have been closed, the catalog is now online and in easy to order fashion. JC Penny may have some high prices to offer, but if you can hold out for a sale then you will find some of the best savings around. The brand is dedicated to bringing you quality as well as looks that you will love to show off. One of the best times to shop with this brand is during Back to School Days, but you will also find Black Friday deals that people have stood in line for hours for.

10. TJ Maxx
Similar to Ross, TJ Maxx is a great option for clothes that might not have made it off the shelves. You will find a lot of brands that will suit your needs for a much lower price. The great thing about TJ Maxx is you can actually find the deals online and in person. The store is always getting new things in too, which will help you catch the biggest trends. Some shoppers even offer pointers to help you max out your savings. TJ Maxx also has sister stores like Home Goods and Sierra, which will help you find some of the best savings around too. You can even navigate to their page from the TJ Maxx website.

Finding amazing deals on clothes isn’t as hard as you might think. In this day and age, so many stores cater to consumers’ needs by finding the best deals on clothing to offer to them. These ten stores will offer you plenty of great options so you can enjoy your style without having to say goodbye to your entire splurge fund.

Ten Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate Without the Covid Risk

Graduation is almost upon us which means if you haven’t already started to plan out your child’s graduation ceremony then you may already be behind. Luckily, there are a ton of things you can do to keep graduation covid safe without spending a ton of money. These ten tips will help you to plan an experience that will make your graduate feel loved while showing your pride in their hard work and dedication to their studies. Although it still might not be a traditional celebration, you will still get as much as you can out of the amazing accomplishment.

1. Organize a Parade
One of the easiest ways to show some love is to organize a parade. This can help make the news of graduation seem even bigger, especially if there is no ceremony or party afterward. The parade can be organized online and will allow friends and family to drive by the home with signs that show support to the graduate. A parade costs next to nothing too but can create a memory that will last a lifetime. If you want to make the parade more of a community option, then you can create a list of homes to drive by so an entire group of students can feel praised for their big accomplishment.

2. Make a Lawn Sign
A lawn sign is a great way to show pride while still keeping things simple. With a lawn sign, you can acknowledge the big accomplishment to the neighborhood, which will definitely make your graduate feel even more pride. You can make a lawn sign at home if you want to get creative. There are many ways to go about this too, which can definitely help you use what you already have in stock. You can also order a lawn sign from a wide assortment of vendors, so you can simply design the item and kick it back until it arrives in the mail.

3. Create a Video
One way to really bring your student’s community into the celebration is to create a video that showcases all of the love and pride surrounding them. This might take a little while to make, so you might get started on it as soon as you can. In order to make the video, ask loved ones to record a special message for your child. Once you have all of the videos in, you can trim them and put them together to create a remarkable keepsake. You can even add inspirational music and special frames to make the video look professional. There are numerous different types of video editing software available, so you can easily find what works best for you and your budget, even if your budget is free.

4. Enjoy a Photoshoot
Your child’s graduation photos are something that will stick with them for years to come. So, you might not want to skip out on this process. You can easily recreate a photoshoot at home if you’re feeling a little uneasy about covid. However, many photographers are taking numerous safety precautions to help to keep them safe as they work. You might be able to find a great deal doing this, as many people are simply hoping for business. Many people are getting vaccinated though, so if you want to do a group photoshoot, you might be able to gather people up to enjoy the occasion and create lasting memories.

5. Order In
Generally, there is a celebratory meal after graduation, which serves as a way to gather loved ones while showing pride for the accomplishment. If you’re in an area that makes it still risky to go to a restaurant, or areas in which parties are restricted, then you might want to consider just dining in. You can order in a fancy meal or a favorite dish. If you still want people to gather, then invite those that aren’t at risk and those that won’t put you at risk.

6. Recreate the Ceremony
If the school your child attends is opting out of a ceremony or going with a virtual or limited guest ceremony, then there is still an option to help everyone enjoy the celebration. You can recreate the ceremony at home, which might leave you feeling more confident about the experience as family and friends will also be able to enjoy it. If people can’t show up for the recreation, then you can host it online to ensure more people can see the moment without all of the static that might occur when filing around a lot of people.

7. Order a Cake
Cakes are a fantastic way to celebrate almost any occasion. They are also very common when it comes to graduations. You can order a cake from almost any bakery, as many even have special options for graduates. Having a cake seems to make the entire graduation feel official, which is why this step might be one of your student’s favorites. If you really want to go all out, you might consider getting your student’s name and picture on the cake. This can add a sense of pride, but also a sense of humor to the celebration. If you’re not feeding a lot of people, the cake can be frozen for later, so it doesn’t go to waste.

8. Create a Keepsake
When it comes to graduating, finding a great keepsake for the graduate might be one of the best ways to show you care. You might consider making a photo book to show their growth from infancy to graduation. Another option is to pull pictures from their high school or college experience and them only to the book. Having people contribute can also help make the gift even more amazing. Apart from that, you might consider making a shadow box to show off the student’s cap and other favored items from the school.

9. Plan a Trip
Without a doubt, a graduation trip was a common occurrence just a couple of years ago. Now, the idea of traveling anywhere just brings a whole lot of stress and extra precautions. You can actually pull off a graduation trip now though, as long as you are vaccinated. With the immunity, you should be able to travel to most places and you might even be able to get a hefty discount. However. If you’re not vaccinated, not all is lost. You can plan a celebratory trip to somewhere nearby as long as you’re careful and willing to take precautions. You might consider looking at nearby colleges or just going somewhere that allows you to relax and enjoy the summer.

10. Support Future Plans
One of the most important things you can do for your child is to support their future plans. Even if your child isn’t sure where they see themselves in five years, you can still support the small goals that they currently have. This is easily done by sitting and talking with them about their goals. Once you find out what they’re thinking, you might help them to brainstorm ways to make the goals a reality. This can actually be a great bonding experience that teaches your child that even though they are now technically grown you are still there to help them make their way in the world. There are many tips about talking with your students about their goals if you’re not sure where to begin.

Graduation is one of the biggest moments in many people’s lives, so you might want to try to make the special occasion extraordinary even though the world isn’t where it used to be. These ten tips are a great start to help you find what you need to show support for the graduate in your life.