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Frugal Ways to Give Your Bathroom New Life With Little Work

With everyone staying home more, it is easy to find lots of projects around the house. However, budgets for home improvements aren’t exactly on the high end right now. If you’re looking to give your bathroom a little more life, then you’re definitely in luck. There are quite a few items that you can purchase that will make your bathroom look and feel amazing. In a world filled with turmoil, you’ll love spending time in your upgraded bathroom without having to worry about the high costs.

1. Soap Dispenser
Let’s face it, the plastic soap dispenser that you get in stores doesn’t really look nice, no matter what character or ocean scene is attached to the back of it. If you want your bathroom to look and feel chic, then it is time to upgrade the dispenser. There are lots of great pump dispensers on the market, but if you’re looking for something nice, they might cost you more than you want to pay. One of the best options is to purchase an automatic dispenser. This uses a sensor to provide you with the perfect amount of soap. In this day and age, the less you touch in the bathroom the better, so this is practically a win-win. These soap dispensers tend to have more modern looks too and don’t cost any more than a reusable dispenser. Plus, they will allow you to shop soap in bulk, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

2. Stick on Wallpaper
If you’re ready to take your bathroom to an entirely new level of awesome, then stick on wallpaper is the way to go. You can find some of the coolest designs on the market and they won’t cost you a whole lot of money. Of course, one of the best things about the stick-on wallpaper is it is so easy to take down and move or switch to something else. Stick on wallpaper requires very little work too, which is great if you’re just wanting to reach relax mode sooner. One of the best things about the stick-on wallpaper is it can be used for a number of different things. You can line shelves with it, put it in drawers, or cut it to create accents for the cabinets and more. No matter how you use it, you’ll love every inch of it.

3. Add a Shelf
Bathrooms tend to be a constant source of clutter. From clothes strung out everywhere to makeup and hygiene products all over the counter, your bathroom can really feel uncomfortable. That is why a shelf is a great way to help keep things put away properly. One of the best places for a shelf is over the toilet as this will allow you to store items that you need in this area there. You might find that wall shelves are also a great option though. You can place some of your makeup or other hygiene products there, place a hook beneath it for clothes and towels, or simply add plants and decorations to improve the atmosphere. You’ll also find that you can make your own shelf cheaply, which might encourage you to take on the project right away.

4. Shower Curtain Focal Point
If you’re looking to make a bold statement in the bathroom then the shower is probably the best place to do it. You can find shower curtains in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and designs that it will be a breeze to customize the shower curtain to suit the décor of the bathroom. You can find fun shower curtains on many online retailers. Many are more than affordable too, which can help you to feel more confident about your purchase. However, if you truly want to shake things up then you can easily have one custom made to suit your needs. Most custom companies can print any picture or print to make your bathroom an echo of your personality.

5. Add a Plant
When it comes to making a room look and feel better, a plant is one of the best routes to take. Indoor plants are a great way to help improve the overall environment of a room. One of the best things about having indoor plants is the fact that they do help to filter out the air, which is very important. If you don’t have a lot of ventilation in your bathroom, an indoor plant can truly work wonders. These plants tend to be a bit low maintenance too, which will make your life easier than ever. There are lots of indoor plants to choose from, so make sure you do your homework before you choose which one you’d like to add to your bathroom.

6. Toilet Roll Holder
Toilet paper is one of the most important parts of the bathroom. However, we often put the tissue wherever we feel like it or leave it hanging from an unattractive handle that usually doesn’t suit our décor. So, if you want to make a major upgrade to the bathroom then you might consider adding a toilet roll holder to the mix. You can find a huge selection of these from a wide variety of retailers and most won’t set you back a lot of money. You can even create your own to add to the fun, which will give you a nice project to work on while you can’t go out and do anything. When you get your toilet roll holder up, you will see that it changes the environment of the bathroom immensely.

7. Waterproof Speaker
Although it might not add to the appearance of the home, adding a waterproof speaker can totally change the atmosphere of the room. Generally, these speakers go in the shower so you can belt your favorite songs without feeling as insecure. However, you can place the speaker anywhere you please. This is great for creating ocean sounds to help make the room a lot more comfortable as you unwind at the end of the day. You can also make it feel more like a spa if you use a spa related playlist. No matter what music you use, this speaker will make spending time in the bathroom a lot more rewarding. Waterproof speakers are pretty cheap these days too, so you won’t have to feel guilty about the purchase.

8. Accent Rugs
The floor usually isn’t exactly anything to write home about it. It doesn’t matter what kind of flooring you have, it is most likely going to add a touch of bland to your bathroom. One of the best things you can do for your bathroom is to add an accent rug. Luckily, you can find bathroom rugs in all sorts of designs that will help you make your bathroom truly shine. Bathroom rugs will also soak up the moisture on the floor to help prevent mold from growing near your bath or shower.

9. Storage Baskets
Another great way to improve the look of your bathroom is to add some storage baskets to the mix. These baskets can be whatever you choose, too, as they will suit your décor. A lot of people go with wicker brackets, but some like the look of metal boxes. You can also think outside of the box and use other decorative items to serve as storage. Once you choose the boxes, use them to keep things organized. They will definitely help you make the bathroom less cluttered, which will make cleaning and enjoying the space a lot easier.

10. Lighting
One of the best ways to change the way your bathroom looks and feels is to add to the lighting element. When it comes to creating atmosphere, lighting can go a long way. You might try out fixtures that offer dimming, so you can enjoy a nice relaxing bath. Vanity lights are also perfect if you tend to find yourself getting ready in the bathroom most of the time. You can also switch out bulbs until you find what you need. If you like to create stress-free environments, then you might consider a salt lamp. If space is tight, they do have salt lamps that plugin as a nightlight, so you can increase the positive vibes in your atmosphere.

Your bathroom is one of the best places to enjoy life and find a little time to relax. These ten ideas will help you take your bathroom to the next level without forcing you to spend a lot of money. When you try out even one of these ideas, you’re bound to feel like your bathroom is a little bit cooler as each day passes.

Ten Ways to Cheaply Protect Your Eyes

Did you know that August is National Eye Exam Month? When most people plan on making an appointment with the optometrist, they tend to take more measures to protect their eyes. However, at this point, it is usually too late if you’re worried about damage. Luckily, there are many cheap things we can do every single day that will not only help us protect our eyes but will make us feel a lot healthier too. So, don’t wait until it’s time to head to the eye doctor to try out these ten methods to improve on your daily eye health.

1. Wear a Hat Outdoors
Hats are a great way to add to your fashion sense. You can find them in all sorts of styles too, which suits an assortment of people. The best thing about hats is that most of them serve a better purpose. That is, they help to block light from the sun. Usually, this occurs because of the brim, so if the sun is particularly bright it is important not to wear your baseball cap backward. Hats can also help protect your skin from the sun, as well, which will make it a lot easier for you to stay healthy in the long run.

2. Year-Round Sunglasses
Sunglasses are another fashion accessory that can take your fashion sense to the next level. However, sunglasses also serve a great purpose. They help to block out UV rays when you’re outside. People tend to only wear sunglasses when the UV rating is high, which is generally in the summer months. This is a great practice to get into because the UV rating in the summer can be dangerous. It is incredibly important to wear your sunglasses even when you think the sun isn’t bright enough to cause damage. You might be surprised by how damaging UV rays can be even during the winter months or overcast days. So, make it a rule just to put on a pair of sunglasses any time that you go outdoors.

3. Blue Light Blocking Lenses
If you spend a lot of time on the computer, then you’re really not doing your eyes any favors. For some people, it is really hard to avoid the computer due to work. Even if you spend a lot of time on your phone, you’re still looking at damaging your eyes. That is why everyone should invest in a pair of blue light blocking lenses. If you already have a prescription, then you can get your lenses coated with the blue light blocking film. This will allow you to work or enjoy your phone without having to change our glasses. Of course, if you don’t have a prescription you should still order a pair of glasses that do this. These aren’t going to cost you an arm and leg, and they will help you feel more comfortable as you look at screens.

4. Wear Goggles
A lot of people love to go to the pool and swim around under the water with their eyes open. This isn’t going to do your eyes any favors because there is a ton of chemicals in the pool that can cause your eyes harm. Even swimming at the beach can be a major issue if you get the salty water in your eyes. Of course, it isn’t exactly easy to swim with your eyes closed either. That is why everyone should make a point in purchasing goggles before going to the pool. If you don’t wear glasses, you can actually get a good pair of goggles at almost any retail store. If you do wear glasses then talk to your eye doctor about special ordering goggles, or you can purchase them online. These goggles can also be worn for athletic events, so you don’t have to worry about your glasses falling off or getting sweat in your eyes as you play.

5. Avoid Rubbing Eyes
No matter how old you are, when your eyes are dry or irritated, it is incredibly tempting to rub them. This can really do your eyes some harm though, so try to avoid doing it if you can. Instead, use eye drops to help ease the itchiness. When you do touch your eyes, anything that you have on your hands can enter the eye. Even if you don’t see anything there, your hand can still be covered in bacteria, germs, allergens, or even dangerous chemicals. Right now, it is especially important not to touch your eyes as Covid-19 can infect you through contact with the eyes. Whenever you touch your face, you should always wash your hands first.

6. Minimize Screen Time
Even if you do have blue light blocking glasses on hand, you should still try to minimize your screen time as much as you possibly can. Spending a lot of time on the computer or phone can cause eye fatigue, which comes with a wide assortment of symptoms. When you are doing screen time, you should remember the rule of 20s. That is, only look at the screen for 20 minutes at a time. When that 20 minutes is up, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It might also be useful to stand up and stretch during that 20-minute mark. In order to keep track of the time, you can easily set an alarm or download an app on your favorite browser to alert you to protect your eyes.

7. Manage Diet
Ensuring you are leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to offer your eyes the protection they deserve. One of the most important things to do is to keep a healthy diet. You’re going to want to load up on fruits, vegetables, and proteins. There are certain foods that help with eye health too, so make note of them and add them to your diet whenever you can. You should also drink water frequently. Keeping your body hydrated will help your entire body function better. On top of all of that, you might consider taking some supplements. Vitamins are a great option, but you can take supplements that are specifically designed for the eyes. You can also talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for these supplements to help save you money and ensure you’re getting the quality you deserve.

8. Exercise
You might not believe it, but exercising is one of the keys to helping your eyes maintain their health. Exercise is actually good for your entire system so doing it regularly will help boost overall health. Keeping up with exercise helps to reduce your chance of obesity, which can damage your eyes. It is also a good way to prevent diabetes, which is one of the leading causes of vision loss. Apart from that, getting your blood pumping is one of the best ways to ensure circulation is strong throughout the body, so your eyes will get everything they need to work properly.

9. Manage Dryness
There are actually many reasons why your eyes might feel dry. Everything from allergens, not getting enough sleep, and screen usage can play a contributing factor to your eyes’ dryness. The important thing to do is manage the dryness as it can cause a lot of problems if you don’t. There are a ton of eye drops on the market, so you might browse around, look at reviews, and then decide which brands and types you’d like to try. If you’re really worried about your eyes’ dryness, then you might talk to your eye doctor about it. Generally, they can diagnose any problems, prescribe medical grade drops, or simply point you in the right direction of the best eye drop for you. This should help you out immensely when it comes to protecting your eyes and managing their overall health.

10. Regular Exams
Without a doubt, one of the best protective measures you can make is to see your eye doctor regularly. A regular exam will help them catch a problem while it can still be fixed. This will certainly make you feel more confident about your eye health. Plus, they will ensure your prescription is up to date, so your eyes don’t deteriorate faster than they would with age. Your eye doctor is a great resource when it comes to eye health too, so make sure to ask questions whenever you can.

Your eyes are precious, so make sure you take the necessary precautions to take care of them. These ten tips will help you make wise choices when it comes to your eyes, so you can enjoy eye health for years to come.

Celebrate Friendship Day Quarantine Style

Friendship Day is coming up this August with a full week of celebrations during the third week of the month. Unfortunately, it is a little hard to celebrate with friends when there is so much chaos going on in the world. With most people in quarantine or trying to steer clear of others, making plans to spend time with friends is definitely not going to be easy. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can make the most out of Friendship Day and Friendship week, while still self-distancing from those around you. With these ten tips, you should be able to have fun with those you love without spending a fortune.

1. Virtual Chat/Party
Virtual Chats have been one of the biggest threats during the quarantine. They definitely have helped keep us connected with those we care about. So, this Friendship day, you might make a point of firing up your favorite chat device and enjoying the company of your friends. You can simply catch up, host a group chat, or even play games. There are lots of apps that can even make your video chat even more fun. If you’re looking to do something bigger then you might consider hosting a virtual dance party, a singing competition, a game of charades, and so on. This will help everyone have some fun and forget all about the loneliness of this year for a little while.

2. Share Memories
Memories are one of the best aspects of friendship. So, this Friendship Day you might spend some time going over the good times that you’ve shared with each other. This can be done in an assortment of ways too. For starters, you might start up a chat and simply talk about your favorite moments together. Another great way to do this is to start a memory chain on social media. You might start by posting a status and have everyone leave comments and pictures. Another way is to create a hashtag that your friends can use. This will allow everyone to surf the memories with ease. If you’re feeling crafty then you can make a collage, slideshow, or even a video of some of your favorite moments that you’ve captured together.

3. Send a Craft
A lot of people have more downtime then they are used to right now. So, if you’re feeling like making something fun then you might consider doing something nice for one of your friends. There are endless options when it comes to crafting for friends. You might start with a classic craft like a friendship bracelet. These are a perfect way to bring a smile to friends that know you well, especially if you’ve been friends since childhood. You might also consider leaving fun pictures, candles, or anything else that might be crafty. This will help cheer up the people you care about while showing them you are still connected even though you aren’t around them.

4. Order Food
Social distancing is hard. Most people are making three meals a day, seven times a week. If this isn’t tedious, then it is definitely time-consuming. So, for Friendship Day, you might take the time out to order your best friend something to eat. There are lots of delivery apps to choose from right now and most restaurants are participating in delivery in order to keep their sales going. So, simply choose the food and have the meal delivered to their door. Thanks to contactless delivery, there is no need for a signature on your items. This gift will certainly bring a smile while adding a little bit of convenience to their evening. The best thing about this is you can order delivery even if you aren’t in the same town, which will make your surprise even more appealing.

5. Parking Lot Meal
It is hard not to spend time with friends, especially when we normally see them fairly often. Sharing a meal, or even a cup of coffee is one of the most common ways of bonding. You don’t have to give this up though. In fact, you can alter your favorite meal times to include social distancing. The best way to do this is to have a parking lot of meals. Simply go through a drive-thru and order your food, then park next to your friend’s vehicle. From there, give them a call. You can talk using the phone while visibly seeing one another as you eat together. Although you won’t be able to hug, you will still feel a lot closer to your friends.

6. Door Surprises
If you want to have some fun during the whole week, then you might consider leaving door surprises for those that you care about. This doesn’t mean go on a shopping spree to get everyone gifts. Instead, get a little creative with the surprises. For instance, if you have a garden, then pick flowers and leave them on the doorsteps of your loved ones. If they have a garden too, then you could leave the cuttings of some of your plants for them to plant. Another simple idea is to leave out little pieces of candy or some of your baked goods. A simple note is also an easy option to share your feelings. You can keep the surprises anonymous, to see if people guess who left the items, or you can share the love with your name on each item. Either way, your friends are certain to enjoy the gifts from your heart.

7. Drive-By Messages
This year, birthday parades have become a huge hit. With everyone keeping their distance, this is actually the only way many people are able to celebrate their big day. You can easily use the birthday parade idea and transform it into a friendship parade. Even if you’re the only car in the parade, your friends are certain to enjoy the drive-by message that you provide for them. You can use a poster board to create one generic message for everyone, or you can create something special for everyone that you visit. Either way, the message will help lift the spirits of those you care about most.

8. Virtual Fun
It is hard not doing things with other people, especially if you once enjoyed activities together on a regular basis. In most cases, you can take the activity online though. For instance, if you used to jam out with your friends, then you can start a group chat to do the same thing. It might not sound as natural, but you’re bound to have some fun. You can also do hobbies with your friends. If you spent time knitting or crafting together before, then set up a camera at your table and do the same thing. You can even play games together to keep life interesting. Either way, there is no need to be alone, especially during a time of celebrating friendships.

9. Send a Letter
Around this time last year, you might not have thought about sending letters to your friends. However, this is a very real thing to do now. Sending letters seems to add a bit of intimacy to your relationship, which is what so many people are craving right now. You can sit down and pour your heart out on a piece of paper, or you can make it feel like you’re passing notes as you did in school. Either way, all you really need for this activity is paper, a writing utensil, envelopes, and stamps. You can buy stamps online these days, so you don’t even have to worry about going out for this. Even if you mail a letter a day, you still won’t spend a lot on this activity. Plus, you’ll be supporting the postal service, which is struggling right now.

10. Virtual Window Shopping
If you’re a fan of shopping, then you might be having a hard time right now. This is especially true if you find yourself putting things in the cart when you shouldn’t. Shopping with friends is one of the biggest ways that many people kill time. However, with so many stores closed and so many people not wanting to risk a trip to the mall, many people have given up on window shopping. Luckily, you can easily window shop from the comfort of your own home. For starters, you’ll need to begin a chat or group chat. Then, go on your favorite site and look at items. You can share links with friends to talk about what you’re planning on getting. This should help you cut back on the add to cart button. There are also websites specifically designed for window shopping, so you might start there and have a little fun.

All in all, there are ways for you to enjoy friendship day without leaving the house. These ten tips should help you cut back on the money you spend during this holiday while ensuring you still show some love to those that mean a lot to you. You might find a new way to enjoy your relationships when you explore these fun options, too.

Ten Affordable Products to Ease Your Baby’s Teething Pains

Teething isn’t a great time for the entire family. It is hard seeing your child in pain, especially when you can’t do a lot to help them. Many parents try to pour money into the problem in hopes that they will find a solution to the problem. Although you probably will end up spending some money on teething products, there are a few options that you should try out first. These ten items have been used by many parents that have found great results. So, you might start trying to ease the pain of teething here, so you don’t have to throw away money on products that simply might not be a good fit.

1. Camilia
This is one of the best natural solutions to deal with teething pain. This product can be used on babies as young as one month, so it is the perfect option for early teethers too. This is especially great when you’re afraid to use products like Orajel, or your child simply isn’t old enough for them. Camilia is a natural supplement that will help soothe your child. In most cases, it comes in a perfectly portioned capsule that you open and pour into your child’s mouth. Many parents swear by the product though as it does help with sleep.

2. Amber Necklace
A lot of parents have been purchasing amber necklaces in the last few years. These necklaces are made with amber beads. The beads are the key to the necklace, so you’ll want to make sure you do shop for quality here. The necklace works when it touches your baby’s body heat. The heat releases succinic acid, which helps to dull the pain your baby is experiencing. Many parents say that it even helps prevent the baby from drooling excessively, which can actually prevent rashes and so much more. Of course, putting a necklace on your baby can be hazardous. So, make sure that it is not loose on your child. If it is, consider wrapping it around your baby’s ankle and placing it under a sock.

3. Wooden Teethers
If you’re worried about chemicals in your child’s teether. Then one of the best ways to go is wooden. There are so many convenient wooden teethers on the market right now. These can truly help your child put pressure on the gums to help ease the pain of a tooth pushing through. Plus, they’re the least likely teether to break as they can’t melt in the dishwasher and children cannot bite through them. Wooden teethers are also very easy to clean too, which is great for you too. Best of all, you’ll find wooden teethers are more than affordable in most cases, but make sure to shop around to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

4. Food Feeder
Food feeders are one of the best things since sliced bread. These amazing products are shaped like pacifiers, but they are a little large. You can fill them with food to help your child eat in the early stages. One of the great things about food feeders is you can fill them up and place them in the freezer. Thus, kids can suck on them like a popsicle which will help ease the pain in the gums while also allowing them to put tension on their gums to ease even more pain. This is a great way to keep kids cool in the summer too, which will make the feeders worth even more to you. Typically, you can purchase these items in a packed of two or more so you can always have a feeder ready to go.

5. Training Toothbrush
Keeping your baby’s gums clean is actually very important, which is why there are so many infant toothbrushes on the market to choose from. Infant toothbrushes are also a great asset for teething though. The special bristles help to ease the pain of the gums when you rub it across them. Baby can also chew on them with ease to help get rid of pain on their own terms. Plus, keeping the gums clean can help prevent infection, especially where the tooth is coming from.

6. Washcloth
If you’re looking for a cheap option to help ease teething pain then a washcloth is the way to go. Most households have a washcloth sitting around the house somewhere, so put it to good use. Some babies are eager just to chew on the washcloth, which works great because it also catches all of the excess drool. However, if you want to take it one step further, you can dampen the washcloth and stick it in the refrigerator or the freezer. When you pull it out, the washcloth will feel amazing on baby’s gums and will help soothe a bit too. Your child can chew on this for quite some time, which will help ease crankiness. Plus, you won’t have to spend any money on the remedy. Simply pop the washcloth in the washer every day and you’re good to go.

7. Freezable Teether
Freezable teethers have been around for decades now, so that has to be saying something! These teethers tend to be made of a silicone shell and have a liquid inside. You can use the teether on its own to help ease pain, but it is usually at its best when you place it in the freezer. This allows the child something hard and cold to chew on. Most of these teethers are designed to be easy to hold, so even young babies can have a little control over their relief. The toys are also bright in color, which makes them easy for baby to see, stimulates the mind, and doubles as something the child can play with.

8. Silicone Toys
Another great option on the market probably already exists in your home. Silicone toys are a great way to help your baby with all of their chewing needs. These toys are designed to be safe to go into your baby’s mouth, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals. Most come in the shapes of cute animals and dinosaurs too, which makes them very appealing to your little one. Many of these toys aren’t even solid, which will make them fun to squeeze and chew on. The design does allow for children to ease the pain in their gums by chewing on them, but also makes them fun for babies just to play with. You do have to look out for mold when it comes to some of the options. However, if you use a hot glue gun to heal up the hole in the bottom of most of these toys, then you should be good to clean it, put it in the bath, and more without worry. You should sanitize these toys often though, as you don’t want germs on anything your little one is chewing on.

9. Massage Gel
When it comes to teething, there are many massage gels on the market that can help out. Orajel is one of the most popular options. However, you should take note that there is a dangerous ingredient in this product that can harm babies of a certain age. So, if you’re worried about putting it on your child’s gums, there are natural alternatives. These will pop up with an easy teething search, so just make sure you look around for the right option for you. A lot of these gels rely heavily on clove, but some will have hidden ingredients that might not suit you.

10. Medication
Sometimes, the only option you have is to give your child a little medication to help ease the pain. This shouldn’t be a common thing, because it can have ill health effects. However, if your child is screaming in pain for hours, then it might be time to offer some relief by using baby ibuprofen or acetaminophen. You should talk to your doctor before you do this though to make sure your child is old enough and healthy enough. You should also rule out other causes for all of the crying if things really are that bad. Once you’re given the all-clear, simply follow the instructions when administering. Of course, you should also follow local news stations or the website for the product of choice, so you will know if there have been any recall or health concerns due to the product.

Teething can be a frustrating time for everyone. These ten products are designed to bring some relief to your baby. Luckily, the products won’t set you back much either, which will help your budget out immensely. Hopefully, you will be able to find the right items to help your little one find a touch of comfort.

Ten Projects to Get Everyone Together For Family Fun Month

August is family fun month, which can be exciting if you’re ready to do some fun things with your loved ones. Generally, this month is filled with trips to the park, family vacations, and other activities that take place outside of the home. This year, you might want to concentrate on things that can be done while you’re safely at home. A project can be a great way to celebrate the month while allowing everyone to bond over some fun. These ten crafts won’t set you back a lot of money and will allow the whole family to truly embrace the fun they can have together.

1. Hands Cast
If you’re connected to social media, then you have most likely seen a hand-cast on your timeline. This awesome project allows you to memorialize your family’s hands as they are right now. This project doesn’t take a whole lot of effort either. In fact, all you need is a casting kit to get it done. These won’t set you back a whole lot, but if you’re hoping to save some money then you’ll find that you can DIY the craft too. Of course, if you’re not feeling crafty then there are professionals that will ensure you get the decorative item you desire. You can cast your hands in many styles too, which will help you show off your family’s personality. You can place the item just about anywhere as well, which will definitely make it fun to have the work of art in your home.

2. Family Tree
Another fun way to help your children learn about your family while enjoying bonding time is to create a family tree. When it comes to family trees, you do have a lot of options to choose from. You can have kids paint pictures of everyone in the family and then hang them up to form a tree. You can also use pictures to do the same thing. Apart from that, you might consider doing a traditional family tree. You can even use twigs and other natural items to help form the tree on a canvas or even a poster board. If you’re not sure where to begin with your family tree adventure then you might look up ideas on social media to add to the fun.

3. Family Portrait
If you’re looking to have the kids show off some artistic skills, then you can easily have them draw a family portrait. This can be done in a number of mediums too. You can even do more than one portrait and have kids pick out their favorite to put on the wall. Of course, you can also have your family portrait taken. If you have a camera with a timer or even a selfie stick then you’re on your way to completing this fun family-oriented project.

4. Handprint Images
Handprints are a great way to work with younger children and can help create wonderful memories for everyone. You can easily make a wide assortment of crafts with handprints too without having to spend a bundle of money. One of the more common crafts right now is a layered handprint picture. The person with the largest print goes first with the color of their choice. Then the next person places their handprint on top once the first dries. This continues until the smallest handprint is added. You can even add paw prints if you want, but make sure you clean all of the paint off of your pet to avoid illness. Once the prints are done, many people add a message then hang up the project. This is only scratching the surface though as there are lots of fun ideas to try out.

5. Blanket
Blankets are a great family-oriented item because they bring comfort and so much more. One fun idea is to make a blanket out of old tees. Then, you have sections that represent the whole family, which is lots of fun. You don’t have to go this route though. You can also add pieces to a blanket that shows off family pictures. Another fun idea is to put hand and/or footprints on fabric. Once you have the pieces you need then add them together. You can sew, but there are lots of no-sew options that you can also try out if you don’t want to use a sewing machine. When the blanket is finished, everyone will have a great memory piece that they can enjoy for years to come.

6. Create a Recipe
Eating together is one of the major parts of being a family. So, it only makes sense that you would come up with an extra special recipe to help bring you all together. This might take a lot of time and some major experimenting, but when you manage to create your family recipe then you’ll have a prize that everyone will cherish and pass down to their own children. Making a new dish can be complicated, so don’t stress it too much if you feel a little lost. Instead, let everyone put in their input to try to figure out where you should be going with it. Then, when you’ve mastered the dish, serve it on special occasions or during a family day once a month. Before you know it, the recipe will become a piece of home that the whole family will cherish.

7. Invent a Game
Games are a great part of the whole family fun night experience. Thus, you might want to consider coming up with your own game to make the whole family happy. You have so many things to work with here, so have a lot of fun with the creation process. If you have younger kids then you might work with a board game like Candyland. However, you can always increase the difficulty level as children grow. Another option is a trivia game to get the mind going. If your family is very active then you can also try out a recreational game like a flashlight tag. Once you work out the finer details, write everything down, and enjoy the game every family fun night.

8. Story Book
Telling stories and making memories are an incredible part of the family experience. Thus, one way to have some fun with this aspect of family life is to create a storybook. This book is a great way for kids to exercise their creativity. Simply ask them to create a story from your family. They might use the time to describe family, share a memory, or even make up their own stories. Once the story is finished, add it to a special book that can be shared with guests or looked over as the years pass. Kids can add to it throughout the year, so by the time they leave for college, there will be a large book of fun memories that show your family’s growth.

9. Rock Garden
When it comes to your garden, nothing says fun to a kid quite like rocks. For the family fun month, you might want to venture out to find some rocks that can be used as works of art. These are typically flat rocks, but you might be able to work with just large rocks. When you have your collection ready to go, let the kids have some fun. You might have them paint pictures of everyone in the family, add handprints, or even just paint names. Your kids will have fun with the craft and figure out an assortment of fun things to be done. When everything is painted and dried, add the masterpieces to your garden. It will liven things up a bit while also allowing everyone to see the creative fun your children are having with their family life.

10. Make New Traditions
Traditions and family go hand in hand, so you might take the month of August to come up with a new tradition for your family. Generally, families tend to have traditions around the holidays. If you really want to, you can come up with a new tradition to try out during your favorite holidays. However, you can also come up with a tradition that can be enjoyed all year long. This might be anything from family story day to cooking a special meal one day a week. No matter what you choose to do, the tradition will certainly make your family feel warmer and closer together.

Family Fun Month is truly a great time to enjoy one another. Since going out and having fun isn’t an option this year, your family might enjoy these ideas instead. Hopefully, everyone will able to enjoy themselves enough to make the memory last for years to come.

Ten Free Things You Can Do To Improve Your Life While Trapped At Home

With the world in turmoil, you might find yourself a little stressed. However, being trapped at home can also add to this stress, especially if you’re struggling with a tight budget. There are many things you can do to make your time at home actually improve your life though. Best of all, many of these things won’t cost you a thing in most cases. Before you know it, you’ll have improved who you are as a person, which might also help to boost your budget and overall happiness. So, get ready to make big changes and wow everyone when social distancing is a thing of the past because these tips are bound to add value to your life.

1. Start a Business
Multiple streams of income is never a bad thing. That is why you might use your time at home to start a business of your own. One of the most popular ways to do this is to sell crafts. If you’re talented at something, then give crafting a shot. You might bring some happiness to someone struggling to deal with being at home. Another great option is copywriting as many companies are still up and running. There is also transcribing work, which just takes a bit of patience and a good pair of headphones, in most cases. There are so many things you can do with just an internet connection, so have fun making your business a reality.

2. Go Back to School
Right now is the perfect time to go back to school. That doesn’t mean you have to physically go to school though. Instead, register online for a community school or online school that you know you can trust. Then, apply for financial aid and take as many classes as you can handle and your grants or scholarships can pay for. Now is a great time to change degrees so you can take on a job that can be done at home. If you don’t want a degree, but you just want to learn then take some free online classes You can choose from a huge selection, including courses that come from ivy league universities.

3. Learn a Language
In a world where connection seems to be lacking, you might do something to help you reconnect with the world whenever everything blows over. One of the best ways to do this is to learn a new language. You can choose anything from sign language to rare languages that are dying out. There are so many apps and websites that you can choose from to help you with this too. With any luck, you will be speaking a new language in no time without investing a penny in the new skill. This can also help you get more jobs, which will definitely improve your budget in the long run.

4. Meditation
Stress can get to you, especially in today’s world. However, one of the best ways to combat stress is to learn how to meditate. This might take some time, but there are a lot of guides online that can help you figure out how to meditate and do it successfully. Meditation is known to calm the body and help people get rid of the tensions and anxieties that they are holding onto. Meditation can also help you deal with anger, sadness, and other things that might cause you to feel overwhelmed in the changing world. With meditation on your side, you can truly reach an inner peace that will help you through most situations in life.

5. Garden
Another great way to improve your life is to get outside and garden. This will actually help you in many ways. First of all, it will ensure that you get outside for a little while, so you get the vitamin D and fresh air that your body needs. Gardening is also a very peaceful activity though that can help you release tension, stress, and more. Apart from that, it will allow you to grow food that you can consume when there are shortages. You don’t even have to begin gardening by spending money. Instead, just plant a seed from something you’ve already purchased and wait to see if it grows. You might be surprised how many things you can grow from items that you eat on a daily basis.

6. Organize
If there’s one thing we all learned from Marie Kondo it’s clutter can really bring you down. This doesn’t mean you need to go through everything you own right now and throw it all out. It does mean that you should take the time out of your schedule to give your home a little spruce up. For instance, your clutter table, drawer, or whatever item catches the junk in your home can be cleaned up. You might go through your filing cabinet and get rid of very old paperwork and file the new stack that has been collecting dust for the last couple of years. You might also clean out your drawers, so you can finally find all of your favorite items. If you’re really feeling ambitious, then the garage or attic might be a great place to organize too. You don’t have to purchase materials to organize either. Simply use old boxes for now or make your own unique items from things you have around the house.

7. Start a Dream Journal
Now might not seem the right time for dreaming, but it actually is. Being trapped at home allows you to figure out who you are as a person and what you would like to do with your life. This might not come easy at first. However, with a dream journal, you can make realizations that you never thought possible. For instance, you might write down the things you dream of doing the following day, to begin with. This can be as easy as cooking a delicious meal or as hard as finding a new job online. From there, dig a little deeper. Think about your career goals, relationships you’d like to heal, hobbies you’d like to pick up, and places you’d like to go. Feel free to write free verse, make bulletins, or even doodle. Your journal is all about you. You might even consider keeping it up as time passes because it is such a big help.

8. Improve Health
Good health is what we’re all fighting for here. So, use the quarantine period to help improve your health. We’re probably all guilty of hanging around the tv for a couple of weeks when everything started. However, you can only watch bad news for so long and there probably aren’t many good series left to binge anyway. So, now is the time to start fighting back. Make sure you exercise every single day. You might even try new things out like yoga, cross-fit, or just going for a run. You should also consider changing your diet to be a bit healthier. Apart from that, you should work to do things to improve your mental health. This does include getting outside for a little while and trying to communicate with others. These activities should help boost your immune system, so you can feel stronger when you rejoin the population.

9. Improve Relationships
With everyone at home with time on their hands, you might work to reestablish relationships that you once had problems with. May it be reconnecting with an old friend, improving your relationship with your partner, or even healing your relationship with a parent, you will be able to focus your energy during this time. If you have someone willing to work with you then you might just try talking things out to see where you stand and what needs to be done to strengthen the relationship. If you’re both willing to do the work, then you can find lots of great resources online to help you fix things that you might have once thought were broken.

10. Discover Art
Art can bring wholeness to life that many people are missing out on. So, you might want to use this time to actually discover art. You can do this in so many different ways too. For starters, you might begin by visiting virtual art museums. So many famous museums are currently available to be seen online. From there, you might consider learning a new form of art using the supplies you have at home. You can watch art tutorials online to help with the learning process. Listening to music is a great way to improve life too. If you prefer old music, then branch out and learn about current bands and trends. If new is all you listen to then take a history lesson in music. You can also discover new genres and more. While embracing music, you can also dust off an old instrument in the home and check out free lessons online.

Spending time at home doesn’t have to leave you feeling isolated. These ten ideas will add richness to your life that will actually help you when things do go back to normal. This will help bring down stress levels too, as you will suddenly have purpose and enjoyment to keep you engaged day in and day out.

Ten Ways to Prepare Your Student For College Despite Covid-19

There’s no doubt about it, kids heading to college don’t have it easy. This is typically a hard time for students trying to figure things out. However, with Covid-19 still spiking across the nation, many typical things promising college students to do to prepare for their next adventure have been put on hold. There are still things you can do to make sure you’re ready to head to college when the time comes. These ideas won’t just allow you to embrace college life early, but might also help you to save some money, so you can have even more of a nest egg when it’s time to leave for school.

1. Virtual Tours
The summer before senior year is usually filled with lots of college prep. One of the biggest things for students is attending tours of prospective schools. This year, this isn’t a thing, which has left many high school seniors struggling to not only feel like college is achievable, but uncertain of which school that should choose. Luckily, most colleges realize that touring a school is a big part of the selection process. So, there are lots of virtual tours online. Some of these tours strictly just show the school and allow students to virtually walk the halls. Other tours actually have a guide that will talk about the school, answer questions, and so much more. So, if you’re feeling like you are missing out on the college experience due to lack of touring, you can still get some of the experience on the internet.

2. Connect With Current Students
You can read reviews on prospective schools until you’re blue in the face. However, it isn’t going to give you the same juicy details as chatting with a student will. So, you might surf through your friends’ list on social media and see if there are any upperclassmen that decided to attend a school you’re interested in. Then, simply shoot them a message and ask for help. Most students are more than happy to help, especially since they had to deal with the unknown when they were choosing schools too. If you don’t know anyone, then many schools have groups and chatrooms you can check out. Some universities will even set you up with a student guide if you ask. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to others when it comes to your questions and concerns.

3. Utilize Email
At this point, you’ve probably realized that email is one of the biggest assets that we have right now. Not only does it keep us connected safely, but it can help us connect with people that we don’t know. For instance, you can find the email to college counselors from most college websites. From there, you can ask question upon question. Since things are up in the air right now, most counselors are working extra hard to get back to students, so you should receive an answer. If you’re curious about a major or class, then most professors’ emails are readily available too. Apart from that, you can find the email to get in touch with sororities, fraternities, clubs, and more. This will help you learn more about the school you’re interested in, choose a major or classes, and pick extracurriculars without stepping foot on campus.

4. Work Towards Scholarships/Grants
School is expensive, but there are ways to make it more affordable for you. Scholarships and grants are going to be the answer to many of your financial problems. It is important that you keep on top of this though, even if you’re not sure if you will be attending school in the autumn. Scholarships can add up quickly and you can find them in many places that you might not expect. There are even websites dedicated to helping you find scholarships. Grants tend to more time-sensitive, but if you put in a financial aid packet, then you will be ready to receive your grants when you can finally attend school.

5. Consider Community College
Many students might not see it as ideal to attend community college instead of a university. However, this is a very wise move. One of the benefits of attending community college is students can stay close to home or live at home entirely. This is a perfect situation if schools close and students are asked to hurry home. Since many airlines and other modes of transportation will shut down, you won’t have to deal with having to figure out a safe way to travel numerous miles during an outbreak. Community colleges are also so much cheaper. They will allow you to knock out your two years of college without having to get in debt. This will cut back on overall college spending and might even help you find more opportunities to bring in scholarships.

6. Safety Measures
Even though there is a full year to wait for college, you should still be prepared for everything that could come your way. For instance, even if Covid-19 has blown over by the time you attend college, you should still have a safety plan in play just in case a pandemic or other emergency situation arises again. You should go over how you will get home, what you will do with your belongings, who you need to get in contact with. Even if Covid-19 is over, you should also go over a cleaning plan for daily clean-ups and weekly deep cleans. This will help you keep other problems away from your dorm room, so you can worry less. It is important to also keep a safety kit that includes more than one face masks, a few bottles of water, first aid supplies, and so on. This should help you deal with any emergencies that could possibly arise while you’re studying away from your home.

7. Investigate School’s COVID Response
It doesn’t need to be said that Covid-19 took so many by surprise. When the outbreak first began, people scrambled to deal with the situation to keep infection low. Even though our country had a jump start to figure out how to deal with the potential issue, many schools still failed to put a plan into place. Some schools still have no idea how to deal with the current situation. Before you choose a school, you should sit down and review their Covid-19 response. Check out how students were helped through the problem, how fast the school acted, what they plan to do in the future, and what measures they’re taking to ensure safety. Of course, you shouldn’t just take in a document as fact. Check out reviews, message boards, or ask students online about the school’s response. You might be surprised by what details come out.

8. Research Supply Options
Many people faced issues getting supplies when the outbreak began. So, before you choose a school, you might look around to see how the community is dealing with the situation. Are there stores offering delivery options? Are restaurants offering deals affordable for students? Can students easily get around without a vehicle if they do need to shop in person? These are all important questions that can help you feel more secure in your choice while also making sure you will be safe while you attend school.

9. Work Hard
Right now, things seem hopeless. They’re really not though. Instead of letting the bad news get to you, you should pour your free time into your studies. Use the time at home to improve your knowledge, boost your grades, learn about majors, and more. Just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean you get a break from college prep. Instead, spend the extra time working on your SAT prep. When it comes to applying for admissions, you’ll be glad you spent all of your quarantine with your nose in the books, because it is the perfect time to boost your knowledge.

10. Gap Year
A lot of the time when you hear a student talk about a gap year it is because they want to travel or take the time to find themselves. During this time, you might consider a gap year to actually help keep your body healthy and your family safe. This year can be used for figuring out what you want to do, learn which job markets are flourishing, or just to boost your SAT scores and find scholarships. You might choose to work and take advantage of the essential worker bonuses, or you might stay home to help care of family members that can’t go out. Whatever you do, the school will be one less thing to worry about while scientists figure out how to combat COVID-19.

It might be a big disappointment that your senior year isn’t traditional, that college might be put on hold, and that life is changing so rapidly in a direction you might not like. These ten tips will help you prepare for when things go back to normal, so you can find success and enjoyment in your college experience.

Efficient Ways to Help Your Toddler Adjust to Their Own Bed

Whether you’re moving your toddler from a crib to a toddler bed, a toddler bed to a big kid bed, or from your bed to their own, things can get a little tricky. A lot of people try to pour money into the problem hoping that kids will eventually use the things they purchased to find comfort in their new surroundings. These ten tips will help you think beyond ways to buy your child into their new bed. Instead, you will find that kids move into their beds with ease. There still might be a little apprehension at first, but with time your child will soon find independence as they sleep by themselves.

1. Create a Routine
One of the best things you can do for children, no matter the situation is to help them out by creating a routine. Bedtime routines are important no matter where your child sleeps though. If you can find a routine that works for you then you should stick with it as best as you can. Many people start out their routine with bath time or a storytime. However, some start the routine even earlier by dimming the lights and moving into soothing music. Of course, your household’s needs will have to be considered when working out your routine. You don’t want complete chaos as you try to get your child ready for bed, nor do you want loud noises in the home when your child is asleep. Thus, you will really need to plan carefully here. Once you get a routine down, children will naturally be drawn to keeping it though. Thus, it will be easier than ever to get them in bed and asleep.

2. Comfort Objects
Comfort items have been a part of childhood for decades. However, they can be used logically to help children want to spend time in their own bed, while also encouraging them to sleep longer. These days, there are many items on the market for this. From toys that light up and play music to white noise makers, you’ll find a little something to suit everyone. When it comes to comfort items, one of your best options is blankets. There are weighted blankets for kids to help soothe anxiety, as well as blankets that glow in the dark to help with a child’s fear of the dark. If a snuggly toy is what you’re going for then you might want to consider one that plays music, can be warmed to mimic body heat, or simply lights up. There are sound machines that will help improve your child’s quality of sleep too. There are even reviews to help you make the right choice if you’re feeling lost.

3. Storytime
Storytime is a timeless way to help children get to sleep. There is something special about using a story to help a child feel secure in their surroundings. Storytime can be done in a number of ways too, so you can mix things up or stick with your child’s favorite way of hearing a story. One way is to simply tell a story you know. Whether its reminiscing or sharing a story from the top of your head, your child will love the bonding time. Another simple way is to actually read a book to your child, or you can use an audiobook to help soothe them. There are also devices now that use stories and songs to help children get to sleep without stress and anxiety. You’ll find a long list of apps to help you out too, which can make your life easier if your nights are a little hectic or you have more than one child to care for.

4. Aroma Therapy
If your child favors sensory ways to relax then you might consider offering aromatherapy in the room. You can find a diffuser for very cheap online or in retail stores, or you can use a humidifier. Simply place a few drops of essential oils in the water and let the smell soothe your child. There are specific scents that you’re supposed to use for this type of aromatherapy though. For instance, lavender is one of the most common options to choose from. With a little simple research, you’ll find everything you need to know about the oils you should use and the combinations that will be most effective for your child.

5. Warm Bath
A warm bath can be one of the most relaxing things you can do for your child. This is especially good when your child is wound up as the warm water can help them feel comforted and tired. If anything, the splashing around might also help them wear off some more energy. Of course, baths aren’t recommended every night as it might dry out your child’s skin. When you do offer a bath, try to add in more soothing elements. For instance, you might use lavender scented bubbles. You might also consider playing soothing music that will help get your kids in the mood for bed.

6. No Screen Time
It might seem like screen time is a great idea to help your child calm down. However, in most cases, it isn’t. Most of the activities your child is going to be doing on their device will stimulate the mind, which will make children want to stay up even longer. Apart from that, the blue light used on devices actually tricks the brain into thinking it is daylight, which can mess with your child’s internal clock. Devices can also cause tantrums when they are taken away, which will also disturb the calmness of bedtime.

7. Make Your Location Known
For some children, it can make them uneasy to not know where their parents are. So, when you put your child in bed, you might mention where you will be if they need you. For instance, if you are planning on cleaning up the kitchen inform them of this. When you move to another area of the home check in so they know you’re still present and where to find you if they are feeling insecure. After some time, your child will understand you’re still in the same home, which will allow them to feel more secure so they can drift off to sleep on their own.

8. Plenty of Exercises
A lot of kids aren’t getting enough exercise, which shows when it is bedtime. Instead of expecting kids to go straight to bed, you should concentrate on the amount of energy they burned during the day. Make sure your child gets outside for a little while, so they can run and play. If outside isn’t an option, then have games that encourage movement inside. You can also start kids out on an exercise routine with sit-ups, jumping jacks, and running in place. A yoga regimen before bed might also help. They have yoga that helps to soothe the body and is specifically designed for bedtime. You might have to play around with routines to see what works best for your child though.

9. Slow Movement
For a lot of parents, hanging out in their child’s bedroom for quite some time is a very real thing. You can remedy this problem by slowly moving out of the room though. When you first introduce your child to their bed, it is easy to sit on the bed and read, while rubbing their back and encouraging sleep. However, after a few days, you might move a chair into the room for reading and bedtime routines. Each day places the chair a little further from the bed. Then, when your child is ready, you might not even need the chair, as you might be able to just walk out of the room after the bedtime routine is complete.

10. Keep Bedtime Early
Trying to get your child to stay in bed can take a really long time. The hours will grow more frustrating the later the night gets, too. One of the best things you can do for your child is to put them down at an early hour. This might seem weird, especially if your child is used to staying up late. However, many studies say that putting children to bed at an early hour can actually help them sleep better. Children with an early bedtime not only sleep longer hours but are said to be smarter and healthier. They are also less likely to be obese. So, use science as your backup and put your child down earlier. You’ll still be able to get some of the nighttime to yourself, even if they do fight you for some time.

Helping children adjust to a new sleep routine can be remarkably tough. These ten ideas will help you stand firmly while you work through the adjustment period for the entire family. With a little patience, you’ll be able to find the perfect way to help your child feel comfortable and happy in their own bed.

Ten Fun Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month From Home

Everyone scream, because July is National Ice Cream Month. With the year everyone is having, this ice cream month needs to be one of the best yet! Since going to an ice cream parlor to indulge isn’t exactly the wisest idea, these ten tips will help you make the most out of National Ice Cream Month. Plus, the cold treat will help you cool down as the temperatures sore outside. So, don’t let the month pass you by without something sweet to make life look a little better.

1. Enjoy Ice Cream History
One thing that always seems to be overlooked when we think about ice cream is where it came from. We all know that there is ice cream in just about every culture you can think of, but when did it all begin? When did ice cream become popular? Instead of just wondering about it, learn about it. This is a great task for kids too. You might even have them learn about ice cream through time and in different cultures. If you really want to get into it, you might have them try out old recipes to see what ice cream used to taste like. It’s bound to add some fun to the day while helping everyone enjoy ice cream even more.

2. DIY Ice Cream
Ice cream can be expensive. Plus, you need to go into a store to pick out the ice cream you want, which is a little dangerous at the moment. Instead of purchasing ice cream, you might consider making your own. You can do this a number of ways too, so don’t worry if you don’t have an ice cream maker. If you look online, you’ll find so many simple to follow recipes that you’ll wonder why you didn’t start making your own ice cream years ago. Apart from that, you will be able to control the ingredients you use, which will help suit a number of dietary needs and will make the entire household feel amazing.

3. Invent New Flavors
Once you get the hang of making ice cream, you might have some fun by making new flavors. You can add in all sorts of ingredients to see what works and what doesn’t. Of course, you can also add flavors to ice cream that you purchase from a store if you’re not feeling dedicated enough to make your own. Once everyone has a flavor they’re happy with, you can have a competition to see which one turned out the best. This can be a lot of fun for the whole family to participate in and will give you something to look forward to as the month progresses.

4. Flavor a Day
The best thing about ice cream is there are numerous flavors to try out. So, this July, you might make it a point to try out a new flavor every single day. You don’t have to purchase large containers of the ice cream, nor do you have to have a whole bowl full each day. However, if you purchase or make small containers then everyone can enjoy a bite of something new. If every day is a bit too much for you, then you might consider pushing your flavor exploration to once a week. This will make a nice treat and will help you broaden your horizons a little bit.

5. Get Creative
You know, ice cream doesn’t always have to be eaten as just ice cream. During National Ice Cream Month, you might consider using your creativity to give ice cream new life. For starters, you can easily make an ice cream cake and decorate with your favorite themes. You might also consider ice cream tacos, which already exist, but can be spiced up to suit your own needs. Apart from that, it might be fun to whip up an ice cream pizza or a pie. The options are truly endless and will allow you to exercise a bit of creativity while still enjoying one of your favorite treats. You never know, you might come up with an idea that will put you on the map.

6. Healthy Alternatives
Ice cream is good and all, but it isn’t exactly good for you. So, while you’re exploring your love of ice cream in July, you might take some time to figure out some healthy alternatives to your favorite treat. For instance, if you freeze bananas, you can blend them to create a cold and creamy texture much like your favorite ice cream treat. You can also add flavors to help make the dish even better. You might also try out a sorbet with berries or other fruits that will make you think twice about your sweet tooth. Apart from that, you can use a milk alternative, like coconut milk or almond milk to make your ice cream. Many of these options are available in store too, so enjoy discovering new flavors and brands.

7. Celebrate Individual Holidays
July is National Ice Cream Month, which is a reason to celebrate in itself. However, the month is also filled with individual days that will help you celebrate ice cream all the more. For instance, July 17 is National Peach Ice Cream Day while July 20 is National Ice Cream Sundae Day. That is just scratching the surface of ice cream days though. You will also find that there are days dedicated to desserts, which classically pair well with ice cream. For instance, you might enjoy a scoop of vanilla ice cream as you celebrate National Pecan Pie Day on July 12. There are so many fun days to celebrate, so don’t forget to check your calendar for dates.

8. Decorate an Ice Cream Bowl
Although eating ice cream from a cone is fun, nothing compares to having your own ice cream bowl for treats. This month, you might choose to let the whole family decorate their very own ice cream bowl. You can start out by ordering a bulk set of plain bowls. Then, have the family paint them with fun designs that will inspire them to enjoy their ice cream even more. Everyone will love showing off their creativity too and admiring their hair work whenever they treat themselves to a bowl of delicious ice cream.

9. Learn to Make Add-Ons
It isn’t all about the ice cream all of the time. Sometimes, we really need to have some add-ins to make the dish even tastier. So, this month, you might try your hand at making your add-ons. For instance, you can look up a recipe for hot fudge sauce or fruit inspired sauces that you’d typically find on a sundae. You might also chop up some fruits, nuts, cookies, candy pieces, and so on to build your own ice cream bar. Of course, ice cream wouldn’t be the same without some homemade whipped cream. You can even add in flavors to the cream or makeup Dalgona, which is a coffee-based whipped cream. Making your own cone is another possibility that can have everyone on a mission to find the perfect recipe for each flavor of ice cream.

10. Take Out
Although it is fun to make our own tasty ice cream and stores feature lots of varieties to try out, nothing is quite the same as ice cream from your favorite restaurant. Although going to an ice cream parlor isn’t an option for most, you can still use take out services to get it. For instance, Baskin Robbins is currently offering a family sundae bundle, so you can build your own sundae at home. You can still order your favorite items too. Some take out services will also deliver them to your door. So, if you’re craving something special, you might try ordering it to go. You never know, your splurge might even be helping keep the business afloat.

National Ice Cream Month couldn’t have come at a better time. These tips will help you find the inspiration you need to create wonderful things while allowing you to enjoy yourself. You may even come out of the month with new favorite ice cream.