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Celebrate Friendship Day Quarantine Style

Friendship Day is coming up this August with a full week of celebrations during the third week of the month. Unfortunately, it is a little hard to celebrate with friends when there is so much chaos going on in the world. With most people in quarantine or trying to steer clear of others, making plans to spend time with friends is definitely not going to be easy. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can make the most out of Friendship Day and Friendship week, while still self-distancing from those around you. With these ten tips, you should be able to have fun with those you love without spending a fortune.

1. Virtual Chat/Party
Virtual Chats have been one of the biggest threats during the quarantine. They definitely have helped keep us connected with those we care about. So, this Friendship day, you might make a point of firing up your favorite chat device and enjoying the company of your friends. You can simply catch up, host a group chat, or even play games. There are lots of apps that can even make your video chat even more fun. If you’re looking to do something bigger then you might consider hosting a virtual dance party, a singing competition, a game of charades, and so on. This will help everyone have some fun and forget all about the loneliness of this year for a little while.

2. Share Memories
Memories are one of the best aspects of friendship. So, this Friendship Day you might spend some time going over the good times that you’ve shared with each other. This can be done in an assortment of ways too. For starters, you might start up a chat and simply talk about your favorite moments together. Another great way to do this is to start a memory chain on social media. You might start by posting a status and have everyone leave comments and pictures. Another way is to create a hashtag that your friends can use. This will allow everyone to surf the memories with ease. If you’re feeling crafty then you can make a collage, slideshow, or even a video of some of your favorite moments that you’ve captured together.

3. Send a Craft
A lot of people have more downtime then they are used to right now. So, if you’re feeling like making something fun then you might consider doing something nice for one of your friends. There are endless options when it comes to crafting for friends. You might start with a classic craft like a friendship bracelet. These are a perfect way to bring a smile to friends that know you well, especially if you’ve been friends since childhood. You might also consider leaving fun pictures, candles, or anything else that might be crafty. This will help cheer up the people you care about while showing them you are still connected even though you aren’t around them.

4. Order Food
Social distancing is hard. Most people are making three meals a day, seven times a week. If this isn’t tedious, then it is definitely time-consuming. So, for Friendship Day, you might take the time out to order your best friend something to eat. There are lots of delivery apps to choose from right now and most restaurants are participating in delivery in order to keep their sales going. So, simply choose the food and have the meal delivered to their door. Thanks to contactless delivery, there is no need for a signature on your items. This gift will certainly bring a smile while adding a little bit of convenience to their evening. The best thing about this is you can order delivery even if you aren’t in the same town, which will make your surprise even more appealing.

5. Parking Lot Meal
It is hard not to spend time with friends, especially when we normally see them fairly often. Sharing a meal, or even a cup of coffee is one of the most common ways of bonding. You don’t have to give this up though. In fact, you can alter your favorite meal times to include social distancing. The best way to do this is to have a parking lot of meals. Simply go through a drive-thru and order your food, then park next to your friend’s vehicle. From there, give them a call. You can talk using the phone while visibly seeing one another as you eat together. Although you won’t be able to hug, you will still feel a lot closer to your friends.

6. Door Surprises
If you want to have some fun during the whole week, then you might consider leaving door surprises for those that you care about. This doesn’t mean go on a shopping spree to get everyone gifts. Instead, get a little creative with the surprises. For instance, if you have a garden, then pick flowers and leave them on the doorsteps of your loved ones. If they have a garden too, then you could leave the cuttings of some of your plants for them to plant. Another simple idea is to leave out little pieces of candy or some of your baked goods. A simple note is also an easy option to share your feelings. You can keep the surprises anonymous, to see if people guess who left the items, or you can share the love with your name on each item. Either way, your friends are certain to enjoy the gifts from your heart.

7. Drive-By Messages
This year, birthday parades have become a huge hit. With everyone keeping their distance, this is actually the only way many people are able to celebrate their big day. You can easily use the birthday parade idea and transform it into a friendship parade. Even if you’re the only car in the parade, your friends are certain to enjoy the drive-by message that you provide for them. You can use a poster board to create one generic message for everyone, or you can create something special for everyone that you visit. Either way, the message will help lift the spirits of those you care about most.

8. Virtual Fun
It is hard not doing things with other people, especially if you once enjoyed activities together on a regular basis. In most cases, you can take the activity online though. For instance, if you used to jam out with your friends, then you can start a group chat to do the same thing. It might not sound as natural, but you’re bound to have some fun. You can also do hobbies with your friends. If you spent time knitting or crafting together before, then set up a camera at your table and do the same thing. You can even play games together to keep life interesting. Either way, there is no need to be alone, especially during a time of celebrating friendships.

9. Send a Letter
Around this time last year, you might not have thought about sending letters to your friends. However, this is a very real thing to do now. Sending letters seems to add a bit of intimacy to your relationship, which is what so many people are craving right now. You can sit down and pour your heart out on a piece of paper, or you can make it feel like you’re passing notes as you did in school. Either way, all you really need for this activity is paper, a writing utensil, envelopes, and stamps. You can buy stamps online these days, so you don’t even have to worry about going out for this. Even if you mail a letter a day, you still won’t spend a lot on this activity. Plus, you’ll be supporting the postal service, which is struggling right now.

10. Virtual Window Shopping
If you’re a fan of shopping, then you might be having a hard time right now. This is especially true if you find yourself putting things in the cart when you shouldn’t. Shopping with friends is one of the biggest ways that many people kill time. However, with so many stores closed and so many people not wanting to risk a trip to the mall, many people have given up on window shopping. Luckily, you can easily window shop from the comfort of your own home. For starters, you’ll need to begin a chat or group chat. Then, go on your favorite site and look at items. You can share links with friends to talk about what you’re planning on getting. This should help you cut back on the add to cart button. There are also websites specifically designed for window shopping, so you might start there and have a little fun.

All in all, there are ways for you to enjoy friendship day without leaving the house. These ten tips should help you cut back on the money you spend during this holiday while ensuring you still show some love to those that mean a lot to you. You might find a new way to enjoy your relationships when you explore these fun options, too.