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Ten Fashionable Styles You’ll Have To Have This Autumn

Although the weather might be a bit on the hot side still, autumn is just a few weeks ago. So, as you can imagine, autumn fashion trends are starting to make their debut. This year is a lot different than years past due to coronavirus, so it will be a bit harder to catch some of the biggest trends. You might also find yourself showing off your trends at home alone. However, if you’re a lover of fashion, then these ten trends will have you looking your best this autumn and beyond. So, grab your craft supplies and get ready to make the styles your own in order to save some major money.

1. Metals
Metallic looks will be all the more eye-popping this autumn as they dominate the runways and stores. Metallic looks are a bit hard to achieve at home, but if you can find some metallic fabric in your favorite store or online, then you’ll be all set to make some major accessories and more. Some of the biggest metallic styles tend to be in tops and dresses though. However, you can also add metal touches to your look when it comes to accessories. If you’re still having trouble getting in the metallic look then go for sequences or other appliques that can help you achieve the look for a lot less.

2. Preppy School Style
If you went to a prep school, or you’re currently enrolled in one, then you’re going to have a leg up in this fashion phenomenon. This season, there have been a lot of preppy styles surfacing, which makes a change from some of the edgier looks in past seasons. One of the biggest trends is going to be argyle on almost anything. Even the classic argyle sweater vest is going to be in, so grab a few to keep you warm this autumn. Another style you’re going to see a lot is plaid skirts. These will mostly be longer styles and will have more prep school-friendly plaids, like blues with brown mixes. Of course, you’ll want to pair these with Mary Janes and other shoes that you’d typically wear in a prep school environment.

3. Caped Styles
Cosplayers and fantasy fans are going to love this trend this season. Anything that looks like a cape is going to keep you fashion-savvy all season long. The best thing about capes is you’re also going to find yourself feeling nice and comfortable on the coldest and wettest days of autumn. Of course, you’re going to have numerous looks to choose from when it comes to these styles. The most common is probably going to be tunics and coats inspired by capes. So, you might skip out on looks with sleeves this season. There are also a few tops on the market that offer a long cut and cape-like appearance. You might have to do some searching or pay more than you’d expect for these though. However, if sewing is a hobby of yours then you’re well on your way to looking fabulous.

4. Plaid
As mentioned before, plaid skirts are going to be really big this season. However, you’ll also be able to push past the classic plaids and shoot for edgier styles. For instance, you might look for a more punk-inspired style when it comes to incorporating plaids into your look. These plaids are largely going to be in red and black, but you’re bound to find some other options to choose from too. Of course, the edgy element will come from the way the style is sewn or overall presented to the world. This means plaid shoes, purses, and other accessories are definitely going to be a must here. Since punk style is very DIY oriented, you’ll be able to save some big bucks when planning around this fashion trend as long as you can sew or create clothing in new and innovative ways.

5. Patchwork
Patchwork clothes have been in fashion for some time now and this season is going to be no different. There are going to be lots of patchwork styles hitting the market, including those with mixed media looks in the high fashion scene. One of the major places you’re going to see patchwork is in the denim section though. Denim patchwork on denim clothing is going to be one of the most popular routes, as well. Patchwork is very easy to create at home though. You can make patchwork out of old clothes or fabric that shows off your favorite prints, characters, and more. So, have some fun with your favorite looks without spending a fortune on new clothing to keep you in style.

6. Lingerie Inspiration
If you like to keep things on the sexier side of the spectrum, then this trend is probably going to speak to you. The trend comes straight out of the 90s but offers a little more pizzazz and a little less of the obvious lingerie style. One way to pull this look off is to wear your favorite decked out a bra with a sheer top, which is very retro. However, you can also shop based on your favorite lingerie styles. Currently, many designers are creating looks inspired by lingerie. For instance, there is a good number of designers creating dresses based on classic teddy styles. Some are also making jackets that offer a corset-inspired look. There are many other styles you can choose from, so have some fun with your look and embrace your feminine beauty.

7. Victorian Styles
There are usually a few retro styles every season, but this season we’re going back in time to the Victorian era. You’re going to find a lot of styles that feature high necklines, ruffles, and so much more. You can easily recreate these looks with a sewing machine and the right material. Victorian styles tend to keep it to solid colors or floral prints, but you can easily make it your own and still be stylish. Apart from that, you can easily find patterns for these items in craft stores. If you want to stand out, you might transform some of the items to suit your own needs. For instance, you can easily transform the top of a dress pattern into a chic skirt that you can wear with jeans or leggings. Your imagination will definitely play a major role when you’re working on your wardrobe with this trend.

8. Fringe
Believe it or not, but fringe is still going to be in fashion this season. Fringe items include a wide range of things as well, which will allow you to truly be creative while working on your wardrobe. You can actually make your own fringe at home too, so there is no real reason to spend hundreds of dollars on it in-store. You can also show off the fringe on almost anything. Some of the most common items are fringe on jackets and shirts, as this tends to create a wing look that is truly inspiring. However, some people are adding fringe to skirts and shorts, but these items will be less commonly worn as the weather begins to grow chilly.

9. Bring on the Sparkle
When it comes down to it, sparkle is always going to get you some compliments this season. You’ll find that a little sparkle can truly make you stand out while showing the world that you really know what it takes to be fashionable. Sparkle is very easy to find in stores, but if you’re in the market to upcycle your old clothing then you’ll be good to go, too. For starters, you can add sequences to almost anything to add a fun accent that is definitely something that will change the way any garment looks. You can also purchase glitter that is designed specifically to go on your clothing. This makes it a cinch to really bring on the accents that will earn you props wherever you go.

10. Geometric Prints
When it comes to shopping around for prints, you’re definitely going to find some awesome geometric prints this season. Not only are you going to see some of the classic prints like simple shapes, but you will find some that have a comic-inspired look, as well as those that are made to truly pop. You will find these prints on numerous items too. For instance, you will be able to choose from leggings, shirts, or even shoes. If you love making your own items then you can also purchase fabric that can be used to make your own fashion pieces and accessories.

This fashion season might be a little weird, but you’re definitely going to be able to have some fun with everything. You will find that even though life is a little different, looking trendy can actually give you a sense of normalcy to help you get through the pandemic. Apart from that, you will find that you can easily accessorize with a fashionable face mask if you’re really trying to cut back on your spending this season.

Frugal Tips to Make Preschool Affordable

With school starting up, many parents are joining in on the scramble to get their child into preschool. Whether preschool is required for your child this year, or you’re just trying to get an early start on the admissions process, you might find getting your child into preschool can be more frustrating and expensive than you initially thought. These ten tips can help you cut back on the amount you intend on spending on preschool, which will help you save on the more expensive purchases later on down the line. So, try to make preschool hunting something fun for you and your child, because these tips will help you cater to your budget.

1. Shop Around
Although you might already have an idea of what school you’d like your child to go to, you might simply bookmark the school and revisit the idea after you shop around a bit. Sometimes, the dream school is merely a name on a piece of paper and there are actually more suitable schools available for your child that might not be as high priced. Before you make a decision, try touring a wide variety of schools to choose which one is the best for your family’s needs and budget. You might be surprised that you find a really great school at a lower price or even discover that your dream school isn’t all that crack up to be. Once you meet with the director of a school, you might even be able to haggle down the price. It is important to have an idea of what you’re looking for in a school though, so you’re prepared to rule out options quickly.

2. Scholarships
If you’re looking at a more expensive school, then you might work on getting your child a scholarship. You may have to work with your school in order to do this though, so make sure you talk to them if you’re looking into this option. Some schools do have hardship scholarships to help students that don’t come from wealthy backgrounds. However, if this isn’t an option, or you don’t qualify, then your school can help you find scholarships to help your student get the education they deserve. Some of these scholarships might be academically based, so your child might have to go through tests in order to qualify.

3. Assistance Programs
When it comes to affording preschool, there are a lot of options to consider. If you don’t think you have the budget for any preschool at all, then you might look around to see if there are any public preschools. Usually, there is a charge for these, but many public schools will allow low-income families to attend for free. You will probably have to fill out some paperwork to do this, but if you do qualify you won’t have to worry about the cost of school again. There are other assistance programs available through the community, government, and certain schools. So, don’t disregard a more expensive school just because you think you might not be able to afford it, as there is still a chance you can get a bit of assistance.

4. Utilize Promotions/Coupons
Believe it or not but coupons for your child’s preschool actually exist. You will also find that many daycares will offer promotions which will help you save all the more. Often, these promotions are designed to help during the first week or so of preschool. Some preschools will even allow you to do a trial period, which will help you and your child choose the better school for your child’s needs. Often, coupons will include a break on some of the payments and are usually distributed through the preschool itself. You may have to ask for these though, as some facilities will want to limit the amount of savings that they hand out to the public.

5. Don’t Go Private
Private schools have their perks, but sometimes they aren’t exactly what they’re all cracked up to be. In fact, when it comes to preschools you are probably going to get the same service from a school that isn’t private. When it comes to schooling, a private school is going to set you back thousands of dollars. If you plan on keeping your child in this type of school, then you might use the preschool years to help you save up for all of these tuition costs. Since most curriculum are the same for this age, you’ll find that it normally isn’t worth it to enroll your child in this type of school right away.

6. Church/Business Options
One of the cheapest options that you have for your child is sending them to a church or business operated preschool. Often, these preschools are hosted in places that you might frequent to begin with. For starters, if your place of business has a childcare option then there is a good chance they also run a preschool option. Usually, business options will allow you to enroll your child as a company perk or you might have to pay a small fee for the service. Churches offer the same opportunities. Often, you’ll find that your church might offer childcare services at a reduced price, and most of these options will include childcare. All in all, you’ll end up saving big time when you use one of these services.

7. Online Schooling
In today’s world, many schools are taking to online schooling anyway. However, there are actually schools that are dedicated to offering online options for your child. These types of schools come in a wide variety of options. For starters, you can find private inspired schools which will charge you a tuition fee. There are some that only charge you for the materials your child is going to need. There are also public based online schools that will cost you nothing at all. If you’re not sure about these and would like to experiment with online school, there are lots of single course online schools you can enjoy. These schools allow you to pay by class and offer plenty of extracurricular options to keep you busy.

8. Homeschool
Another option that you might want to toy around with is homeschool. This option is pretty intimidating which makes many people shy away from it. Homeschooling isn’t as hard as you think it is though. In fact, with many free resources online, video options, and so on, you might wonder why you’d want to do anything else. Most states allow for homeschooling, so you shouldn’t have to stress out too much over it. You can even download a curriculum to ensure the state approves of your home school choices and will ensure your child is up to par. You can also get a tax credit for being a homeschooler, which is perfect for anyone hoping to save some money.

9. Free Resources
These days, you can transform the way your child learns with ease. To begin with, you can download a wide variety of resources for absolutely free. This will help your preschooler learn more than you thought possible. The free resources are perfect for helping your child learn extra when they’re not in school. However, they can be used for homeschool purposes. You can even allow your child to take on activities that they can’t in school because the resources will help guide them through a wide variety of issues.

10. Homeschooling Co-Op
This option is a lot like homeschooling your child but will take their education to a whole new level. A homeschool co-op is a group of people who work together to educate their children. In many cases, certain parents will cover specific topics that will allow the students to learn to their full capacity. A homeschool co-op is great for kids because it also allows them to socialize while still keeping them in a small tight-knit community. The homeschool co-op often works a couple of days a week, so you can still prioritize at home learning unless you’d prefer your child to learn with a group all week long

Preschool doesn’t have to be anything to stress over. There are several options out there that will help your child to get off to a great start. These ten ideas will help you to keep your budget in order as you work to give your child the best possible education.

Labor Day 2020 Sales That You Won’t Want to Miss

This Labor Day might not look exactly like it has in the past. With most people trying to stay home, the sales won’t be as widely seen in store windows and advertisements. However, rest assured, most stores will still host their Labor Day sales and some will offer deals that are even greater than normal. It is important to keep an eye out on your favorite websites in order to cash in on the deals. Many will offer emails to help customers know what will be on sale, while some sites will be a little quieter than normal. No matter what you’re shopping for, these ten websites are bound to offer you some exceptional deals.

1. Amazon
With the pandemic going on, it seems like Amazon might have skipped out on its annual Prime Day, as there have been no updates on the gigantic sale. Due to this, Amazon may be making up for the lack of sale with some of their Labor Day deals. It is rumored that Amazon is going to have some phenomenal deals on Back to School items. So, if you’re still missing some things for your child or you’re holding out for the items until a good enough sale arrives, then you might be in luck here. This sale will also consist of learning technology like tablets and laptops, as well as some STEM items. Of course, you will also find that there will be many other items online as Amazon will try to compete with most other competitors hosting sales. So, make sure to take the time to price check as much as you can before you commit to one sale.

2. Walmart
Most Labor Days, Walmart really tries to sell the idea of tires to their customers. So, if you’re in the market for new tires, you might hop on the Walmart website and have a look. You can also check out their sister store, Sam’s Club, as they tend to offer the same deals on tires. Of course, Walmart will also be trying to ditch all of their Back to School supplies so they can use the space in the upcoming holiday season. Thus, you’ll find great deals on most basic school supplies. You might even find some deals on tech too. Walmart will also be trying to clear out their summer section, so you’re going to find some awesome deals on grills, patio furniture, and so much more.

3. Mattress Firm
There is no surprise that you’ll find some major deals on mattresses during Labor Day. As a matter of fact, this holiday is one of the top sales days for mattresses, coming in just after Memorial Day. So, if you’re in need of something new and comfortable then you’ll definitely want to grab one of these mattresses to improve on your life. You will find everything from memory foam to classic mattresses at Mattress Firm. You may even luck out and find a fair amount of accessories to help make your new mattress all the more rewarding. It is important to do your research on mattresses though, so you’ll know what your body needs before you shop.

4. Old Navy
If you’re ready for some big savings on clothes then Old Navy is going to be a great place to stop and shop while you’re enjoying Labor day sales As of right now, the rumor is that Old Navy will be offering their jeans at 50% off. Old Navy is known for having a fit for everyone, so if you currently don’t have a favorite pair of jeans, you might find them at this sale. Old Navy’s clothing isn’t exactly pricey, to begin with, so you’ll definitely leave the store, or online shopping cart, feeling like you got a spectacular deal. Of course, you will be able to stock up on other aspects of your wardrobe too. Most likely, Back to School sales will still be offered, which will help you save all the more on things your kids need.

5. Macys
When it comes to variety, Macy’s has you covered. This store offers a wide assortment of merchandise, so you’ll see sales in many departments too. Usually, Macy’s has a great sale on clothing during this time. You will find name brand jeans, shirts, shoes, and more on sale. Apart from that, you will even be able to stock up on winter jackets in some locations and online. If you’re looking for Back to School supplies, then you’ll definitely find some amazing prices on backpacks and more. You may even be able to find some deals on home goods if you’re in the market for something incredible.

6. Lowes
If you’re hoping to get some jobs around the house accomplished, then Lowes is going to be a great option for you. They will have a lot of their home improvement items on the market, which will certainly help you finally save on some of the big projects that you want to get done. Apart from home improvement items, you will find some great deals on patio and grilling options. Like Walmart, Lowes is going to want to clear this section out so they can concentrate on seasonal items. With new appliances coming out, you’ll also find that there will be an abundance of sales on old appliances too. So, make sure to shop around to find the best possible deals on these items.

7. Best Buy
You’re not going to want to miss out on Best Buy’s deals this season. When it comes to some of the most sought out items, Best Buy is going to help you find some of the best possible prices. Best Buy will definitely be competing with Amazon when it comes to the best TV deals this season. So, make sure to be diligent when waiting for deals and know what the average price is before you hit the buy now button. Apart from televisions, Best Buy will have lingering Back to School sales. So, you’ll find laptops, tablets, headphones, and more on sale. Best Buy is also known for having quite a few appliance deals during this time, which can definitely help you save big on your home’s needs.

8. Apple
Apple fans shouldn’t sit back this Labor Day if they want to save on some major Apple items. In fact, this might be one of the best sales to stock up on holiday gifts, if you plan on going that route. This year, most of the deals haven’t been released yet, so make sure to stay tuned. However, you can purchase a 2020 Macbook Airplus and headphones, and you’ll receive a free pair of Airpods to make your life so much better.

9. Home Depot
Much like Lowes, Home Depot is going to be pushing their patio and grilling supplies. You’ll also see a jump in sales around home improvement items like faucets, sinks, fans, and items of that nature. This is great for home improvement projects that you might not be able to save with when it comes to Lowes. Home Depot is also selling their cabinetry at a reduced price, which could create a nice rainy day project that will truly add so much value to your home. Apart from that, you’ll see prices on appliances drop up to 40%, which can save you huge if you don’t mind buying last year’s model.

10. Dell
If you’re in the market for a new laptop, then you definitely shouldn’t disregard Dell. This website will be bringing lots of amazing deals to you on some basic models as well as some major league gaming options. For instance, you will be able to save up to $700 on an Alienware laptop, which is designed to make gaming a blast. Of course, there will be plenty of affordable options that is going to be perfect for your child’s schooling needs or basic computing for the household. Make sure you shop carefully though, so you get everything you want out of a computer.

Labor Day is the last big sales day before the holiday season, so make sure you have some fun and spend your money wisely. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the items you need to stay comfortable and functional during this holiday season. Of course, the deals will continue to show up before the holiday arrives, so make sure to subscribe to your favorite websites for the latest information on the holiday deals.

Bring Magic to Your Child with These Tooth Fairy Tips

The Tooth Fairy doesn’t get enough credit, which is why this year you might add a little fun to your tooth fairy routine in order to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day on August 22. Although the Tooth Fairy can keep things pretty simple, you might consider adding a little magic to the experience in your home, especially since we are currently dealing with hard times. These ten ideas will help you add even more pizzazz to the Tooth Fairy, which will make your children all the more excited to receive a visit after they lose a tooth.

1. Fairy Dust
A simple visit from the Tooth Fairy is awesome for kids, but picture how excited they will be if they find a little fairy dust behind to make the visit all the more concrete. Fairy Dust is one of the easiest ways to truly bring some joy to a child. This dust can be purchased from some stores, but it is also incredibly easy to make on your own. The best thing about fairy dust is you can customize it to suit the child. You can even use different dust for each child in the family, so they will believe they have a totally different fairy than their siblings. Fairy dust can be sprinkled on almost anything too. You can leave some on the windowsill, by your child’s pillow, or even by the prize itself. You can make incredibly tiny footprints out of it or even spray it on the prize itself. Your imagination is the limit.

2. Tooth Certificate
Your child’s tooth is special, but if the tooth fairy just runs away with it then your child might not feel this way. Instead of just having the tooth fairy take the tooth, print out a special certificate that the fairy can leave behind. There are lots of templates that you can find online to print out with your child’s name, tooth number, and so much more. However, these certificates are incredibly easy to make with most software programs. You can leave the certificate with the gift the fairy brings or add it to a frame and have it magically appear on the wall while your child is sleeping.

3. Special Gift Box
Whenever you purchase something special from a store, it comes in a wonderful package that makes the item seem all the more special. So, when your child receives a gift from the Tooth Fairy, you might follow this same concept. You can easily make a luxurious box out of cardboard, gold paint, and other items. However, you can also purchase these items in a store too. Some hobby shops will even offer them in bulk, so you will have the same box for every time that your child loses a tooth. Many of these boxes are small enough to hold mere coins or folded money, which will make it easy to gift to your children.

4. Origami Money
Money is a pretty exciting thing for kids, but it is also very simple. Imagine waking up to a plain five-dollar bill shoved under your pillow and feeling happy but not as if it was placed there by magic. One remedy for this is to transform your money into a fun origami piece. You can start out by learning some basic origami options. There are lots of tutorials online to help you learn the basics of this art form for free. You may even find that practicing origami is a lot of fun and can make a hobby out of it. No matter how origami works out for you, your creation will definitely help your child feel like magic is real.

5. Think Hygiene
Money can be a lot of fun for a gift, but if you want to take your child’s gift to the next level by adding a few extra perks to the Tooth Fairy’s gift. You can add in a brand-new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a timer, or anything else fun that you think your child might like. If your budget is tight then one of these gifts can even be put in place instead of money. You can find these items for a very low price in most stores, but many dollar stores will also offer the items for a dollar or less. This will also help to provide children will a lesson about hygiene so they will take it more seriously.

6. Tiny Notes
The Tooth Fairy is pretty small, so it only makes sense that any note that the fairy would leave behind would be very tiny. Adding a small note to your child’s gift can be one of the cutest and most magical elements of the gift. All you have to do for this is use a font that looks more like handwriting and type out the message. Then, print it out, cut it out, and add a tiny envelope. If you want to add a bit more fun to the note, give your child a magnifying glass so they can read the message. You can in a fun little tidbit about teeth, have the fairy rate the tooth, offer hygiene advice and so much more. This may even be a great way to help your child improve their hygiene so they can appease the Tooth Fairy the next time they lose a tooth.

7. Leave a Receipt
As far as your child is concerned, the Tooth Fairy is making a donation to the tooth bank. So, it only makes sense that your child would receive a receipt for this transaction. You can find all sorts of receipts online that are easy to print out and store until your child loses a tooth. Simply fill out the form when your child loses their next tooth and slip it under their pillow with the gift your child is going to receive. You can comment of the quality of the tooth, what the fairy left, and so on. This can be inspiring for kids and something for them to hang onto as they go through this big change.

8. Tooth Fairy Door
If your child is curious about how the Tooth Fairy enters the home, then you might consider adding a magical fairy door to the home. You can craft one of these out of lots of items around the house, so have fun with the process. If you’re not sure where to begin then consider looking at tutorials for fairy doors for the garden. Once you have the door, hide it somewhere in the house and have your child look for it. If you don’t want to play this game, then place the door in your child’s room when you set out the child’s gifts. You can remove the door the next time your child is sleeping. This will add a sense of mystery that is fun and exciting for kids.

9. Deposit Area
Not all children can sleep through a person depositing their gift. So, you might want to come up with an alternative plan. One easy way is to create a deposit area. Create a special place for your child to place their tooth. One idea is to place it in a special tooth pillow with a pocket for the tooth. Another option is to place it next to the bed on a special pillow. No matter where the tooth is deposited, the fairy will leave the gift in the same area. This is great for kids who want to add extra fun to the experience too, as this method will make the tooth seem all the more important. The best thing is kids can actually create the deposit area on their own too.

10. Tooth Fairy Hotline
Another way to bring more magic to losing a tooth is to have your child call up the Tooth Fairy Hotline. This is an actual line, or more lots of lines, as you can find plenty of dentist offices that host the hotline. There is also a toll-free line. All you have to do is have your child call and a prerecorded message will allow them to feel confident that the tooth fairy is on the way. There is also an app to help you get in touch with the Tooth Fairy.

The Tooth Fairy often gets swept under the rug because it isn’t part of a major holiday. These ten ideas will help bring all the more magic to the Tooth Fairy, which will bring even more joy to your children. You may even find that the excitement of the Tooth Fairy begins to even rival that of good old Saint Nick.

Ten Cheap and Easy Ways to Motivate Kids

Right now, things are a bit complicated, which means we have to go the extra mile for the kids. Many schools aren’t going to be resuming in the fall as they normally would be due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those schools that will be taking place in person have watched their enrollment decrease as many parents take to registering their children with online schools or homeschooling. Although these methods are great for many kids, it is often hard to keep kids motivated. These ten ideas will help get you in the swing of things, so keeping kids engaged will be easier than ever.

1. Routine Chart
There’s no doubt about it, most kids thrive when it comes to a routine. That is why creating a routine chart can definitely help to keep everyone motivated as they work. Your chart should include daily activities including homework and other important tasks like chores, mealtimes, and breaks for resting and entertainment. One of the best charts to invest in is a chart that can be ticked off as kids go. This helps to make the daily objectives seem less intimidating. You might also take some time to consider rewards for completing objectives. With a little incentive to work with, most kids are more than happy to get their work done. Thus, you won’t have to battle with a lack of motivation as often as you might think.

2. Incentive Box
If incentives are on your radar, then an incentive box is one of the greatest ways to go. For starters, you might consider decorating the box to add to the fun. You can customize a box for each child, or simply create one that all of the kids can choose from. Once you get your box up and running, you need to pick items that the kids will actually want. Junk food, especially in a home that doesn’t allow it often, is usually a big deal for kids. You might also find little surprises like stickers, mystery boxes, and more. Many of these items can be found for a dollar or two, so you won’t have to break your budget. Make sure your incentive program is fair though, so kids won’t feel discouraged after working for long periods of time.

3. Switch Things Up
Doing the same thing every single day can be a bit of a bore for people of all ages. When kids begin to feel bored then their motivation usually takes a dive and you’ll find your kids are bouncing off the walls instead of doing the schoolwork you need them to do. In times like these, when kids are largely cooped up anyway, this is a lot easier to happen. So, you’ll want to look into switching things up when it comes to classwork and other tasks. For starters, you might consider making chores a little different each day or begin the day with something fun instead of your regular routine. If your kids are doing online classes, then this might be a bit harder to do. Instead, try to make homework a little sporadic for them. If you’re homeschooling though, by all means, switch things up. Leave a subject out one day, begin with something new each day, or take one of your lessons outdoors. This will certainly help to keep kids on their toes.

4. Exercise
Kids have a ton of energy and having them cooped up doing any kind of work is going to stifle them a bit. So, instead of getting frustrated that they can’t sit still, you might consider putting them to work while moving around. For instance, they can do five jumping jacks in between math equations, run a lap around the yard while reciting a poem, or even do yoga in between lessons. The way you have kids exercise is up to you but remember it can be a very powerful tool when it comes to keeping your child focused and motivated.

5. Make it a Game
When schoolwork begins to feel like too much or the kids need a refresher, then feel free to turn the lessons into a game. There are lots of tips on how to do this online, which will make your life a whole lot easier. However, if you don’t have the time to do the research, then simply transform a task into a relay race of sorts, add fun noises, use pieces to transform a task into a board game, and so on. There is inspiration all around, including the things that your children are interested in. You can even take to apps to help you out. There are so many apps that use games to teach, so if you don’t have a specific assignment in line, use a game to get the lesson across.

6. Be Positive
At times, it might be hard to muster up a single ounce of positivity when it comes to schooling kids on a bad day. You don’t have to be all sunshine all of the time when you’re working with kids. However, you do need to keep a positive light on things. For instance, when it comes to schoolwork, don’t nag. Kids will be annoyed by it and you’ll get frustrated doing it. You should also never use putdowns when working with your children. This can resonate with them well into adulthood which might hinder them when they’re trying to reach their goals. When you work with children, try to use positive words and hopeful phrases, even if you’re not feeling it, your words will stick with them.

7. Add Relevancy
Kids can come up with a hundred questions at the drop of a hat, which makes teaching fun, spontaneous, and sometimes frustrating. However, when it comes to teaching, you need to be able to add some relevancy to life into your lessons. Otherwise, children, especially teenagers, aren’t going to want to deal with the lesson. If you’re not sure why something is relevant, then the internet will easily be able to steer you in the right direction. You never know, you might actually learn something remarkable when it comes to adopting this motto for your lessons. Even if you don’t, your kids will be more apt to learn when they understand why they have to learn the lessons.

8. Consider Environment
When it comes down to teaching, your child’s environment can have a whole lot to do with how they learn. Instead of teaching in a bland room, try to spice things up with posters or print outs that will make your home look and feel more like a classroom. Another thing to consider is the number of distractions in the home. Even if something doesn’t seem like a distraction, it might subconsciously be one. So, make sure you take the time to turn off the television during this time, cease chores, and simply allow kids to concentrate on whatever they want to concentrate on. You might find that this makes kids feel motivated and inspired to do their best.

9. Embrace Consequences
As a parent, you can’t burden all of your child’s responsibilities. This is especially true when it comes to older children. If you find yourself helicopter parenting during the school year, then you might take a couple of steps back. Doing this can actually cause your child to lose motivation, especially since they rely on you to help them meet their challenges. Instead of trying to keep your child on track constantly, allow them to learn that there are consequences when you don’t keep up with your work. It might harm their grade in the long run, but it is a lesson that sometimes just has to be learned.

10. Group Activity
Kids are used to going to school with their peers. So, just seeing classmates on the school’s group chat might feel weird to them. They might also lose motivation due to this. So, instead of leaving kids to work on their own, you might group together for school periods with the whole family. When your child is meant to be learning on their own, you can have everyone sit down together to discuss ideas, what they are learning, and to voice any concerns they might have. You’d be surprised by how much this can help, even if kids are not getting to socialize with their peers.

It isn’t going to be easy to get your children on task if they’re used to being in school. However, you don’t have to let the new situation stress you out. These ten tips will help keep your kids motivated, so you can easily get them on track and prepare them to deal with the new normal.

Cheap Ways to Make the Most Out of Vacation Time During the Pandemic

Currently, a lot of people are sitting on vacation time that they need to take before it disappears. In the current climate, traveling isn’t exactly a wise option, which makes many people feel like they should just miss out on the vacation time that they’ve built up. It isn’t a great idea to skip out on your vacation, because these are well deserved days off. Plus, even if you can’t travel the world or engage in anything social, you’ll still be able to do the one thing vacations are meant for. That is, relax. So, here are ten ideas to ensure your pandemic vacation isn’t wasted.

1. Sleep
Without a doubt, one of the most important things you can do during a vacation from work is sleep. Try to give your body the rest that you might not get while on the job. Everything from stress to long hours in front of the computer can affect your health, so make sure you finally take some time to rest as much as you possibly can. While you’re on vacation, you might also take the time to learn more about your sleep health. This might include figuring out methods to help you get to sleep faster and sounder even when you’re on the job. You won’t regret doing this as it will definitely change the way you feel.

2. Complete a Project
Work gets in the way of a lot of things. Even when we’re not working, we want to catch up on rest instead of doing something productive. However, if you find yourself with a little vacation time and nothing to do then you might want to complete a project. Perhaps, you have been putting off a home project for quite some time. You might have even planned on working on something personal that you may have had to put on the backburner. Maybe, you even have a family project in line, like building a treehouse. No matter what your project is, your vacation time is the perfect time to work to complete it.

3. Bond with Family
Without a doubt, everyone is really busy with school, work, friends, and personal interests. Instead of spending your vacation on the go, you might want to just stick close to home and bond with family. Try enjoying movies together. Schedule in a game night. Cook and eat dinner together. Use the time to reconnect as a family unit. You might be able to find a way to keep the connection strong even when there is a lot of chaos at work and school. You can also use this time to reconnect with family living away from the home. Simply make some calls, write some emails, and maybe even host a group video chat. Everyone will love the time spent with you, which will make vacation well worth it.

4. Spa Day
We all deserve a little TLC, but with busy schedules, it is hard to actually take the time to treat ourselves right. A lot of people like to book time at the spa when they have a bit of vacation. However, right now that isn’t the wisest thing to do. Instead, you might consider purchasing some products you can use at home. You might grab a facial peel, something for a pedicure and manicure, some bath bombs, and so on. No matter what you choose to grab, it will most likely still work out cheaper than a day at the spa. Of course, the key is to take some time to actually rest and enjoy your spa time.

5. Get Outside
We all probably spend a bit too much time inside. The great outdoors is actually great for the mind and the body. Not only does the fresh air help you feel wonderful, but it also helps to improve your body’s health. Spending time in the sunshine also gives you a boost of vitamin D, which your body needs. Fun in the sun tends to mean you’re going to be getting a bit of exercise too. So, enjoy the great outdoors before you have to go back to spending your days inside.

6. Take Care of Appointments
Vacation time is also the perfect time to take care of any appointments you might have been putting off. No one likes going to the doctor or the dentist, but they’re important for your health. Spending time at the doctor’s office isn’t exactly ideal right now anyways, but it can be imperative to keep you healthy. If you’re worried about exposure to COVID, your doctor can give you some tips on helping to keep yourself healthy. You might also be able to get a COVID anti-body test so you can see if you’ve had the virus already. All in all, getting these appointments out of the way might save you a bit of the hassle of having to go if things do get worse. So, don’t put things off until you absolutely have to go.

7. Drive Somewhere New
If you have a touch of cabin fever going on, then you don’t have to stay home. Instead, you might want to come up with a mini road trip to give you a sense of adventure. Try driving to a campsite, a national park, or just hitting the road and seeing where life takes you. You might not want to go too far because staying in a hotel isn’t ideal right now. However, if you venture far enough to find your bed or a tent at night then you should be good to go. You should also take as many precautions as you can while you’re out. Make sure to wash hands frequently, use sanitizer when you can’t, and utilize a mask when you go to a store or you’re around other people.

8. Prepare to Return
Although you might not want to think about your return to work while you’re on vacation, you’d be surprised how much a little planning can help out the situation. You might take a bit of time to deep clean the house so that you only have to worry about the basics when you get back into the swing of things. You might also consider meal prepping. This is a great way to save money and time when you’re back to work. If you make lots of meals at one time, then you can also freeze them to have on busy days or to take to work with you. Preparing to return to work can also lift some anxiety off of you, which will actually make it so much easier for you to return in a stress-free environment.

9. Make a COVID Plan
At this point, most people are realizing COVID is very real and will probably be around for quite some time. If you haven’t already made a COVID plan with your family then your vacation time is the perfect time to do so. For starters, you might discuss how you will get groceries if someone in the house comes down with it. You might research local options to see what works best for you and what you can afford. Apart from getting necessities, you should also consider what should happen if one person in the house comes down with it. A quarantine area should be defined as well as the precautions needed for everyone else in the household to stay safe. Apart from that, you should also consider what will happen if someone goes to the hospital with it, or if the unthinkable happens. It’s not a fun topic to cover with family, but it is a necessity in this day and age.

10. Do Nothing
If you can do only one thing while you’re on vacation, you should spend some time just doing nothing. We live in a hectic world where there is always something for us to do. However, this really isn’t great for us. Scientists have discovered that spending time doing nothing is one of the best ways for our bodies and our minds to heal. If you’re not sure how to do nothing, then start by staying in bed a little longer. Instead of going for your daily run, layout under the clouds and watch them pass you by. You might consider catching up some TV shows or doing virtually anything that requires very little thought or action on your part.

All in all, your vacation time isn’t going to be a waste of time even if you can’t travel this year. These ten ideas will help you to enjoy your time at home and feel relaxed, so you can head back to the office feeling refreshed. So, don’t skip out on the time you’ve earned, especially in today’s stressful world.

Ten Things Your Child Will Need For Online Schooling

With August here, it is hard to feel comfortable with the idea of your child attending school again. Some parents have to worry about their child getting ill via in-person classes, which might force many to move to homeschool or online schools. Other parents might be working with the new challenge of helping their child learn from home because their school district is only learning online. No matter the situation, there are a few things that will help make this process a lot easier for everyone. With a little price hunting and a lot of research, you’ll even be able to save some money on the items that your children will need the most.

1. Laptop
If your child is going to be doing school online, then a laptop is pretty much required. Most online schools want to be able to see children in the classroom, so they can ensure they are learning and engaged in the process. A device with a webcam and reliable mic is definitely required for this, and your best option for this is a laptop. Plus, the laptop will help children embrace the software needed to do their course work, as well as word processing, and other tasks. There are many benefits to having a laptop for your child too, so make sure you shop around for the right option for you. Having one on hand is perfect for homeschool moms too, as it provides so many free resources that can help save you big time on curriculum books.

2. Tablet
Another great option for kids is a tablet. This can be substituted for a laptop in many cases, especially when it comes to younger children. If your kids are going to be using a lot of apps for their education, then this is one of the best routes to go. Tablets are great options for reading, as well. Since they are designed to run reading apps, they are better for the eyes. Plus, they are portable, which allows a lot more freedom when it comes to your studies. You can also purchase some amazing covers for your child’s tablet, which will ensure you won’t have to stress over the item getting broken during the excitement that is school.

3. Glasses
Spending lots of time on screens isn’t exactly great for your child’s eyes. Even if your child doesn’t have a prescription for eyeglasses, you can still offer some preventative care by ordering them a pair of non-prescription glasses with a Blue Light coating. These glasses will help prevent damage that blue light does to the eye which can improve eye health quite a bit. It will also help to keep your child’s body on a more natural schedule as blue light can actually keep you awake, especially if you see it at night. There are lots of fun styles for kids too, so you don’t have to worry about your child feeling insecure about the glasses. Plus, you will find that non-prescription glasses can be quite cheap. Some online stores will even offer them for $10 or less.

4. Headphones
When it comes to learning, one of the best things to get for your kids is a headset. This will help them login to their classroom without having to worry about what is going on in the rest of the class. Apart from virtual classrooms, headphones can be an asset. For starters, they can allow children to enjoy books on their computer or tablet without distraction. They also make it easier to concentrate on videos and apps that a student might need to view for their course work. Best of all, they help knock out the noise that might be going on around them. You don’t even have to spring for the more expensive noise-canceling headphones as many of today’s headsets will provide you with technology that will certainly help aim to boost concentration immensely. Plus, it means kids will be able to hear their lessons accurately, which is bound to help improve their grades.

5. Printer
With most things composing of digital work these days, you might not think to get a printer for your child’s schooling. However, a printer can come in handy for many things. For starters, if you have an elementary student, then there is a good chance a lot of the work your child is going to do will involve coloring, cutting, and gluing. Thus, a printer is an absolute must. Apart from that, older kids can use print outs to help them keep up with their work. They might print out a list of assignments and due dates to stay on top of things. They also might use a printer to print essays for proofreading purposes. No matter where you go with school, a printer can come in handy in ways you might not have thought about previously. You don’t have to choose a pricey printer either, especially if you’re not sure how often it will be used.

6. Schedule Board
Staying on top of schoolwork is imperative. That is why it is incredibly important to have some way to keep track of everything that is going on. A schedule board is one of the best ways to go. This can encompass many things too. For starters, you might choose a dry erase board because it is easy to mark down everything and keep track of what is going on. A chalkboard can work as well, but it is harder to keep the message clear here as chalk erases easier and faster than markers. Another option is to choose a corkboard and use post-it notes to add in information and remove it when it is complete or needs to be edited. Your family’s lifestyle is all that matters when you choose your schedule board, so work with what is best for you. Prices on all of these boards shouldn’t cost you a fortune either, which will help you out immensely.

7. Storage Area
School supplies take up a lot of space. Usually, these items get left at school or are conveniently located in a backpack. However, if your child will be doing school at home, this might not be a convenient option. Plus, you will have to store textbooks, school assignments and so much more. One of the best options is to grab a few storage items that can be used for your child’s work. For instance, a folder tray can go a long way. It can help separate papers for each class, as well as assignments that have been completed and those that have not. You might also consider keeping little cubes, so each child can have a cubby for all of their supplies, as well as space for extra books and more. There are lots of organizational tips online though, so have fun with your options.

8. Quiet Space
A quiet space for your child to complete work is probably one of the most important things you can do for your child. If the bedroom is too distracting for kids, try to set up different corners in your living spaces for kids to work. You can even decorate based on grade, which can help them learn. Of course, the key here is to make the environment peaceful, so make sure you have relaxing elements that work for each individual child. This might include large pillows for sitting for kids that work best in a comfortable setting, or a desk with abundant light for those that prefer a stricter approach to learning. During school hours, make sure everyone is quiet and attentive to their own work in their special quiet space.

9. Comfortable Chair
Where your child is sitting can make or break the school day. A hard chair might cause a child to lose concentration but working on the couch or recliner might encourage nap time. Your best option is to consider purchasing a desk chair that will help with posture while still keeping kids at just the right comfort level for working efficiently. Kids might also try standing and working for part of the workday, so they can feel a little healthier about all of the online work. Believe it or not, but a chair can make or break your kids’ grades too. So, if you’re looking to make a wise investment, this is one of the best options.

10. Basic Supplies
Despite school largely being online, your kids are still going to need some of the basics in order to get through the school year. For instance, folders and organizational supplies are going to be a must while your kids are in school. Life isn’t going to be as easy as turning in an assignment when it is complete unless the assignments are digital. Pen, pencils, and paper are going to come in handy too. Your kids will need to take notes, color in maps, and so on. You’ll also need to spring for a good calculator for older kids. Keeping up with supplies will make life easier, especially if there is a sudden change of heart and schools return to session.

Making sure your kids are prepared for school is essential, no matter what is going on in the world. These ten items will help make the school year a bit easier, even when you’re uncertain what the school year will bring.

Ten Healthy Snack Options for Your Quarantined Kids

Kids love to snack, especially when they are stuck at home. With so many schools deciding to keep their programs online this autumn, you might be a little worried about your child’s snacking habits. Not only can snacking wreak havoc on their health, but it can also put a huge dent in your food budget. There are so many great ways you can curb the calories and the spending though. These ten snacks will help you appease your kids while making you feel guilt-free.

1. Apples
Apples can be one of the most nutritious snacks around. Luckily, they don’t cost a lot of money, so you can keep your kids in apples without stressing out. A whole apple on its own is appetizing enough, but if your kids get bored with this treat then there is a whole lot that you can do with an apple. For instance, you can slice it and serve it with yogurt, caramel, or peanut butter dip, to add to the flavor. You can also slice an apple and make it into a cookie by adding fun toppings like peanut butter and then using chocolate chips or fruits to make it more fun. Another fun thing to do is slice the apples and bake them or air fry them until they turn into chips. You can add a touch of sweetener or cinnamon to make the snack even better.

2. Bananas
When it comes to health foods, bananas are always a great option for kids. They are packed with nutrients, easy for kids of all ages to eat, and require very little work on your part. Kids can eat bananas plain or mixed with other fruits, but if the snack gets boring there are still endless options you can utilize. For starters, you can mix the cookie with oatmeal and bake into a nutritious cookie that can actually be enjoyed as a breakfast treat, too. You can also use bananas for muffins, which will also make for a nice treat in the morning, especially if you add other berries to the mix.

3. Popcorn
If you’re looking for a winner every time your kids go for a snack, then popcorn is a great choice. This snack is low calorie when popped on its own, so try to keep to the basics if you can. If not, then purchase unflavored popcorn but pick out some popcorn flavoring powders to go along with it. This allows you to monitor the intake of the junk portion of the food while still allowing the kids some enjoyment. This snack is perfect for kids to have while they’re working on a project, as it won’t leave their fingers messy. Of course, you can add some fun twists to popcorn, as well. Popcorn balls are only one of the options when it comes to this.

4. Yogurt
For children that aren’t lactose intolerant, yogurt can be a real win. This snack is filled with calcium and probiotics that will make kids fall in love with every delicious bite. If you stick to plain yogurt, then your kids are already on the right track. Greek yogurt is an even better option. You can flavor the yogurt with all sorts of things too, but fruit and honey are some of the most beloved by kids. If you want to go crazy with your child’s yogurt snack, then add some fruit or other treats and freeze it into a popsicle. You can also lay down a bed of oats and spread yogurt and fruit on top. Then, freeze it to create a yogurt bark. The same can be done with small dots of yogurt, which create fun little dots that younger kids will really love to enjoy.

5. String Cheese
If you’re looking for another calcium-based treat, then string cheese is a wonderful option. This snack usually comes in mozzarella or cheddar, which are usually two of the most liked cheeses for kids. These cheeses can be eaten in stick form, torn apart, or paired with other foods. You can also make fun shapes with your cheese, which will make it seem like a more intricate snack to the kids in your life. Best of all, string cheese pairs incredibly well with veggies which will encourage healthier eating for kids of all ages.

6. Oatmeal
One of the cheapest and healthiest snacks for your kids is oatmeal. This is a great hearty snack that will make it a lot easier to keep your kids full for longer. Of course, a bowl of oatmeal and fruit can go a long way, but there are also numerous things that can be done with oatmeal. For starters, you might consider making it into cookies. Pairing oatmeal with peanut butter and egg is one of the simplest cookie recipes that can truly change the way your kids’ snack. You can also use it to make bars. Simply add some chocolate, fruit, or what have you, and you’ll be all set. Oatmeal can also be eaten raw, which is a great way to change the way kids enjoy trail mix and other similar snacks. When it comes to oatmeal, your imagination is the limit, because you can really come up with some fun ideas to show off.

7. Smoothie
When it comes to keeping kids healthy, especially during these trying times, a smoothie is one of the best ways to go. You can mix up this snack any way that you please too, which will definitely make your child’s snacks more exciting. For instance, in order to boost antioxidants, throw in some berries and other fruits that pair well. Then sneak in some veggies and a milk or plant milk of choice. You’ll be surprised how little the children care what is it in the snack, which will make it so much easier for you to help them get everything they need. Of course, if you want to make the snack fun, you can have them come up with their own concoction. In order to make this snack budget-friendly, you should stick with frozen fruits and veggies. These usually have a reduced price that will allow you to shop in bulk and so on.

8. Homemade Chips
Chips tend to be one of the most common go-to options for most children. This isn’t a great snack for anyone though, so you might want to remedy the habit while your child is quarantined as it may cause a lot of weight gain. In order to do this, you might consider ditching the bagged chips altogether. Instead, try to go for a healthier option. One of the most common ways to do this is to bake thinly sliced potatoes. However, with air fryers growing in popularity, this is also a great option to try out. Potato isn’t your only option to work with either. You can use just about anything including leafy green vegetables to make your child’s snack even better. Don’t forget to season the chips too, as this will help make them even more enticing.

9. Dips
Without a doubt, dips are one of the best ways to make your child’s snack time even more enjoyable. There are so many awesome dips to choose from too, which can help make you feel excited to try many of the items. One of the more common healthy dips is hummus which can be spiced or sweetened to suit your child’s desires. Guacamole is another delicious dip filled with healthy fats that will make kids go wild. Apart from that, there is the classic artichoke and spinach. That is only scratching the surface though. If you’re looking to mix things up, there are numerous dip recipes on the internet that can add to your child’s health and enjoyment. You never know, you might come across one that truly changes the way your family snacks forever.

10. Homemade Trail Mix
Your favorite snack is about to become a household favorite as a homemade trail mix can really raise the household’s snack game. Trail mix is known to be filled with energizing ingredients that are designed to help boost your body’s health. Everything from nuts to dry fruits can be included, so let the family have fun as they create their own. Of course, don’t forget the fun stuff like the occasional chocolate chip or m&m candy to make the snack a real treat.

Enjoying a snack at home is bound to happen. With everyone cooped up, it is bound to happen a bit more often. These ten ideas should help to keep your child’s snacking in check while allowing them to still enjoy the food. On top of that, you’ll find that these snacks won’t break the bank, which is bound to do you a few favors, too.

A Quick and Frugal Guide to Face Masks

When the Covid-19 pandemic first began, the concept of wearing a mask became a first for many people. However, at the time, masks were incredibly short on supply and many people were asked not to get them. Now, more and more communities are making masks a mandatory thing. Many scientists have also said that the pandemic isn’t going to end any time soon. Thus, you might want to take some time to educate yourself on the various types of masks available to you while also allowing yourself to learn how to make your own. This quick guide helps to highlight the different aspects of masks while also helping you to find DIY tutorials so you can easily make your own.

1. T-shirt Mask
T-shirt masks tend to be one of the most commonly used masks for the younger generation. These masks are simply made out of the bottom of a shirt and attached to the face using a form of band to secure to the ear. T-shirt masks allow people to enjoy some fun styles while still keeping themselves protected. There are also a huge selection of mask tutorials online to choose from, so you can truly make the style your own. The thing with these masks is you do have to be very careful. You need to make sure you use at least three layers of cloth. You also have to cut the shirt with enough fabric to completely cover your mouth and nose. This mask doesn’t always offer the same protection as other options, but it will still help a lot more than wearing nothing at all.

2. Sewn Mask
When masks became a concern, many crafters took to their sewing machines to make masks for those in the line of danger. If you saw segments on masks in the news, then it was probably a sewn mask that was being discussed. These masks are incredibly easy to make and can be done in an assortment of designs. You can download a pattern online for these masks, so you have a lot of options to choose from here, too. When making these masks, you should still aim for using three layers of fabric, but you can use more if you choose to, as well. These masks are easily sewn by hand too, but if you want to make a lot then you might consider using the sewing machine. You also have a little more freedom when it comes to earpieces on these masks.

3. Dust Covers
A lot of people are using dust covers to cover their faces. These are good in a pinch, especially if you already had them lying around. The beauty of dust covers is they will block out a lot, but many are quite breathable, which means you are putting yourself and others at risk. A dust cover might be a better idea if you want something that is going to help hold your mask in place, as they won’t block your airway. However, if you know you’re going to be in a setting where people are 6 feet or more apart then a dust cover might do the trick. It just isn’t wise for crowded places like stores or in areas where there might be vulnerable people.

4. Bandana
There are still many people who believe that bandanas work well, but this isn’t really the case. This material tends to be much thinner than other fabrics. However, if you plan on wrapping the material you will be in better shape. Bandanas can be transformed into masks in many different ways. This will allow you a little more freedom when you work. The most popular way to use the bandana is the same way you would a shirt. Simply fold the material and slip it through two bands that will rest on your ears. You should refrain from just tying it around your face though, as the single cloth won’t do much for protection when it comes to you or others.

5. Surgical Masks
If you’re looking for the best protection, you will probably want to invest in surgical masks. When the pandemic first began, people were advised not to purchase these masks because they were for those working in the medical industry or those with compromised immune systems. These masks are more readily available now as you can buy them in most department stores and online. Surgical masks do offer you more protection than your typical homemade mask, but you still need to throw them away after every use. You also need to keep social distancing rules in effect in order to protect yourself and others as much as possible. If you do purchase these masks, try to do so in bulk so you can save money on them.

6. N95 Respirator
When it comes to top of the line masks, the N95 respirator is one of the best on the market. Everyday people do not need a mask like this. In fact, you should try to steer clear of these masks so there are plenty for the people that do need them. These masks are an absolute necessity for doctors and nurses working on the front line of the pandemic. In some cases, these masks are also used for the extremely immune deficiency, like those suffering from cancer or immune compromising diseases.

7. Facial Shield
Recently, a lot of people have been toying with the idea of wearing a facial shield instead of a mask. They feel that this is less restricting, and it makes them feel more comfortable. A facial shield is a great idea if you are up close and personal with people that may be coughing or sneezing. These masks are typically designed for nurses and doctors who wear them with a facial mask. The point of the shield is to protect the entire face from getting potentially sprayed with germs via mucus or saliva. Thus, a mask is imperative to wear with it as the germs do scatter in the air. There are tutorials to help you make your own facial shield, but if you choose to go this route, please wear a mask too. Some people have suggested this idea for children that are too young to wear a mask though, which might be wise, especially with schools potentially being back in session.

8. Coffee Filter Add-In
No matter what type of mask you choose to wear, you might consider adding a coffee filter to the mix. A coffee filter simply adds an extra layer of protection and in most cases can be fit securely into a pocket in the fabric. Of course, you should dispose of the coffee filter properly after every use because it can truly spread germs if you do not. You don’t have to go with a coffee filter though. There are actual filters available for masks now, which can help you find better peace of mind. There are also other alternatives. If you’re having trouble with your glasses fogging up, then you might also consider using a tissue add-in. Simply fold the tissue and place it at the top of the mask to prevent condensation from ruining the day.

9. Back Attachments
One of the main problems with wearing masks, especially if you have to wear them throughout your work shift, is they tend to rub on the ears. There is a solution to this problem that might be easier than you think. One way is to simply create a piece of fabric that can fold around the two earpieces and then clasp. This will hold the mask in the back of your head, so you don’t constantly have the pressure on the ears. Of course, you do need to make sure the mask is secure though, or else it will be pointless. Many women are also adding buttons to headbands. They simply secure the earpiece to the buttons and they’re good to go. There are lots of other cool ideas too, so make sure you browse around online to see if anything works for your needs.

10. Earpieces
Speaking of earpieces, this can be a crucial part of any DIY mask. When you choose an earpiece, pick something that is not going to be harsh on your ears. Most people go with elastic bands as it does give some wiggle room when it comes to how your mask pulls on your ears. Some people are putting a softer cloth around the elastic to help make it feel a bit better. You can even add cotton or plush insert over the top to help with the issue. As long as the earpiece fits the mask securely to your face, you’re good to go. You should steer clear of string though, as it will rub the skin raw and cause severe pain.

Wearing a mask is simply the new normal, so it is important to know how to make a mask in a hurry or choose the best mask for you. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on the mask though as most of these options will help create a budget-friendly way to get what you need for you and your loved ones.