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Ten Things to Equip Your Child With When School Is Back In Session

It is the fear of many parents that school will be back in session before the COVID-19 pandemic is over. For some parents, this fear might come sooner than in the typical school year. Some schools want children to participate in summer school, while other schools are mulling over the idea of having school start much earlier this year. If you’re feeling uneasy about this there are some things you can do to help your child fight back against coronavirus while they’re at school. So, don’t let the stress get to you because these ten items can truly make a big difference.

1. Face Mask
At this point, it is pretty well known that a face mask can make a huge difference when it comes to COVID-19. Some scientists are saying that if 80% of people wore masks when out that we would be able to get rid of COVID-19, while others are saying that wearing a mask can at least help stop the spread of the virus if a person is infected. So, a face mask can be an important thing for your child to have at school. You can make these at home for next to nothing. Plus you can choose fabrics that suit your child’s interests. To help prevent the masks from harming the ears, you might also consider using clasps in the back to relieve this pressure. The mask doesn’t have to be worn all day. Instead, students should wear it when in the hallway or at other times when they are not 6 feet away from others. This especially includes the bus.

2. Water Bottle
It is important for your child to stay hydrated throughout the day. However, the school’s water fountains probably aren’t going to be a wise idea for a while. Thus, you should send your child to school with a water bottle. The portion of the bottle that children drink from should have a covering so that it is not exposed when not in use. Keeping children hydrated with their own water bottle will help keep the body healthy in case of an infection. It will also allow children to feel more comfortable with drinking water as they won’t have to worry about germs. If possible, ask your child to keep the water bottle in their desk or locker to prevent contamination on the exterior when not in use.

3. Hand Sanitizer
Not every teacher has a sink and soap in their classroom, nor will most teachers allow their students to wash hands whenever they ask to. Thus, a container of hand sanitizer is a must for your student. You might consider getting a travel size bottle and decorating it to make it seem more inviting for your child. Then, fill with your favorite brand of hand sanitizer or follow recipes to make your own. Students can use this hand sanitizer after sneezing, coughing, touching something that might be contaminated, and so on.

4. Personal Tissue Container
Sneezing has never been a great thing to do in public. However, now it is even more important for children to cover their sneezes. Although most classrooms tend to ask for tissues that all students can use, this year, you might want to send your child with their own container. Tissue containers might contain germs if a student sneezes on the box or near it. You can make a container in so many fun ways, so browse for ideas online to help get you started. One of the best options is to make an enclosed container though, so the germs from sneezes won’t contaminate the tissue that your child will use on their own face. These tissues can be kept in a student’s backpack or desk for added convenience.

5. Hand Wipes
Although hand sanitizer can go a long way, hand wipes can also be a great asset. Going through a cafeteria line, touching a chair at the table, and so on can actually pass germs. So, even if your child washes their hands before eating, they could still get COVID-19 germs on them before they actually get to their meal. If you pack a hand wipe or two in their bag then they can use these to wipe down the area of the table that they eat on, as well as their hands. These can also be used on the bus, at their desk, and so on. Hand wipes are small so they can be placed in many different places too, so students will always have one on hand. If you’re trying to save money, you can also make them yourself and store them in ziplock bags.

6. Privacy Screen
Some schools are toying with the idea of putting up a privacy screen, but other schools aren’t. So, if you want to give your child a little extra protection then this is a good thing to consider. However, you will probably have to get the go-ahead from your child’s teacher. A privacy screen isn’t anything that is overly complicated though. Rather, you can tape two folders together and add a little base to help them stand up. It might be more efficient if you use a transparent folder though, so you might shop around for that. A privacy screen can be placed around your child while they eat and study.

7. Reliable Thermometer
A reliable thermometer is something that every household needs. However, it is also something that is incredibly important right now. One of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is a high temperature and it could be the only symptom a person gets. However, if your child has a fever they should be quarantined at home so they don’t spread the virus to someone else if they do have it. You should take your child’s temperature before they head to school and when they come home just to play it safe. A thermometer that uses the ear or forehead is one of your best options too. That way you’re not spreading germs between family members. There are lots of reviews for these items online too, so make sure you shop around to see which will work best for your budget and your family.

8. Spare Clothing
It has already been said that coronavirus will live on clothing and other fabrics for a few days. This can pose a risk to children, especially if someone sneezes or coughs on them. Thus, you might consider adding a pair of spare clothing to your child’s school supplies. Simply place these in a bag that can be kept in the locker. Make sure the bag is closed tight though so that germs in the air can’t get on the clothing. If a child feels uncomfortable then they can swap clothing to ease their mind. This can help prevent infection, as well as anxiety. Make sure your child knows to store the potentially contaminated clothes in a closed bag too until they can get them home to be properly sanitized.

9. Closed Lunchbox
Gone are the days of your child grabbing lunch from the cafeteria or taking a brown bag lunch to school. This can be a potential danger to children. Cafeterias could expose children to the virus while the food is being served or the virus could stay on the child’s tray and infest during mealtimes. Brown bags don’t offer complete protection either as droplets can penetrate the bag and contaminate the items students will touch and eat, even if they are wrapped in plastic. So, you’ll want to invest in a lunch box that completely closes. Preferably, you will want to choose a box that can be sanitized daily. This will keep out droplets so kids can open the packaging without touching contaminated items.

10. Knowledge
One of the best things you can arm your child with during the school year is knowledge. A lot of parents are worried that telling their children about the virus will make them feel anxious. However, having your child return to school with new rules and potentially a new set up will freak them out even more if they’re not sure what is going on. So, explain about COVID-19 and the risk it poses to some people. You might talk about symptoms, ways to prevent it, and so on. Most importantly, you will need to talk to your child about the proper way to wash their hands as this will be the biggest asset to them. There are lots of online resources for this, so you can help your child feel confident. You might also go over the six feet rule with older children that can follow the rule, as younger children probably won’t grasp the concept.

School can be a frightening place for children and parents with COVID-19 still spreading. These ten things can help your child protect themselves from the virus so they can learn without feeling as threatened. With any luck, a vaccine will come soon, but until then, these items will help your child get through the day with less of a risk of contracting the virus.

Quick Tips to Help You Save More on Food Delivery

These days, we’re relying on delivery services a lot. Delivery services can help us treat ourselves whenever we don’t want to cook another meal, which seems to have a lot more frequently these days. The contactless service also helps to protect us which is an important thing to keep in mind when you see the fees that are tacked on to your meal purchase. If it is hard for you to keep up with the prices of ordering delivery, you might want to consider a few of these options for saving money on your purchases. These won’t get in the way of the paycheck of the delivery driver, nor will they harm local businesses, so you’ll be doing your share to keep the economy going.

1. Meal Me
Creating an order on several different apps to compare prices on your meal isn’t exactly efficient when it comes to time or patience. This app is designed to help you avoid that problem. Instead, all you have to do is log in to the app and let it works its magic. You’ll be able to figure out which app you should use for your meal, which will make getting the dish so much easier. Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime to figure out which app is going to save you the most money. Since it depends on the day and restaurant, Meal Me will definitely become one of your most valuable apps.

2. Coupons
Coupons aren’t just for in-store shopping anymore. In fact, you can find all sorts of coupons for delivery apps. One way is to sign up for mailing lists as you will receive coupons and special discounts in your email, sometimes on a daily basis. Some delivery apps will actually send out snail mail too, which will allow you to get codes that will help you save big time. This happens frequently when you move to a new residence, but some apps will send out snail mail regularly to all of their customers. There are also many coupon websites to help you out. For instance, the app honey will actually go through your order to find coupons and discounts that suit your personal needs. You don’t have to pay a cent for this service either, but it can save you hundreds in a year if you use it frequently.

3. Rewards Programs
This is one of the greatest aspects of the dining world. You can find a reward program at many of your favorite restaurants, especially if they are a chain or serve a lot of people. These reward programs can help you get discounts on the food you order or free items, which will certainly make ordering out so much better. Apart from that, you will find rewards from some delivery apps. These might be free delivery or a percentage off of your order when you spend so much money on the app. This can come in handy too, especially if you find yourself ordering out often. If you combine the two rewards, you can really save big, which will make ordering out so much more rewarding.

4. Local Options
When you’re shopping for items to have delivered, try to keep local in mind. These are the restaurants that are going to be struggling to stay afloat during the quarantine period. They tend to need business more, so you’re going to find a lot of great deals coming out of most of these places. Since many of these restaurants don’t have websites, your best option is to check on delivery apps to see what is on offer. You can also call them to see if they have any deals going on. You might be surprised by how many deals you can find if you simply call and talk to the owners of a facility. They might even offer their own delivery options, which will truly help you to save even more money. Best of all, your expenditure will help support small businesses which will help the economy in your area.

5. Shop Sales
When you decide to shop around for a delivery order, your best option is to not make plans as to where you want to shop. Instead, hop on an app and look around for sales. Many apps will highlight deals that will help you find better prices faster. However, some restaurants will also allow you to find sales on their website and shop that way. So, make sure to be open and shop around before you commit to ordering a meal. You might have to do some digging though, especially if you want to try something new. Restaurants that are local can be even more challenging, so shop sales by calling the restaurant or checking out their social media pages.

6. Search Free Delivery
Every once in a blue moon you will crave something that will save you some money. On most of the food delivery apps, you will find that there is a free delivery section. This will allow you to shop around for items that won’t cost you extra to get delivered. This can substantially cut down on your bill, especially since many restaurants are having to charge fees just to have their restaurant listed on the app. Free delivery is also a great way to try a new restaurant. Usually, you won’t find the same restaurant in the free delivery section, so next time something intrigues you there you might jump on the chance to try it out.

7. Shop Bulk
Shopping around for food delivery can be tough, especially if you’re trying to save some money. Your best option is to not shop for only one or two items when you are ordering this service. You’re going to wind up spending a bit on delivery, so it doesn’t seem fruitful to do it for a couple of tacos. Instead, try to shop for a family deal or at least order a couple of meals. Even if you’re just feeding yourself, you can eat the other meals later, which will save you on having to pay another delivery cost.

8. Credit Card Rewards
Shopping for food delivery doesn’t have to be all expenditure. In fact, you can actually be rewarded for shopping at restaurants and using delivery apps. Many credit cards have rewarded for visiting restaurants for quite some time now. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, many credit cards have decided to add delivery services on to the rewards program too. If you’re not sure if your credit card company is offering this service, then you can easily look on their website or talk with a customer service representative. If you don’t have a credit card and you’re looking into getting one, then there are lots of helpful websites that will compare the rewards for you. This will help you make an educated decision for your needs.

9. Go Direct
Shopping for delivery services on apps can be very costly. So, one of the best ways to combat this problem is to go through the venue directly. Even chain services will help you save money by offering delivery directly through the service. This doesn’t mean that delivery is going to be free though. You’ll still have to pay a small fee, which is generally under $5. You will also be required to tip the delivery driver, sometimes before they even arrive. Thus, you still will have to pay for the service. However, you will get to avoid all of the hidden fees and other charges that you come across when you’re ordering food for delivery.

10. Consider Distance
Some delivery services will actually charge you based on the distance that the delivery driver has to travel. Thus, if you are ordering delivery then your best option is to shop for items that are a bit closer to your home. This will help cut back on a mileage fee while allowing you to still enjoy the contactless service. If you’re not sure how far a restaurant is from you then you might map it out if you’re working with a service that charges a fee. Another way to get around this fee is to shop from restaurants in your zip code or even in your community. Many restaurants won’t deliver outside of their area, so your best option is to keep it close by if you want to order directly from places.

Ordering delivery has truly become a part of our new normal. That doesn’t mean that we have to get used to spending a small fortune on it. These tips will help you find the best savings possible, so you don’t have to think twice about dining out. Best of all, your purchase, even with the savings, will help to keep delivery drivers and restaurants going strong.

Frugal Summer Sensory Activities You Can DIY At Home

Entertaining the kids, especially the younger kids, this summer is going to be tough. With many parks, playgroups, and water activities canceled, it up to parents to find stimulating ways to learn at home or in environments that promote social distancing. This can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. Luckily, there is an abundance of great ways to help you and your kids enjoy sensory activities for next to nothing. These ten ideas are just the beginning of fun summer activities that you can enjoy with little ones. So, let the learning begin as you prepare for summer fun without breaking your budget.

1. Sand Play
Nothing says summer quite like toes in the sand, which is why sand play is one of the best sensory activities for this time of the year. Not only does it allow children to feel the texture of the sand and enjoy it, but older children can build and dig in the sand, too. So, if you want to begin with this activity then simply purchase some sand from your local retail store. You can place it in a sandbox, in a plastic bin, or even in a cardboard box, depending on what you have on hand. Sand isn’t great for all ages though. If you’re worried that your baby might take to putting sand in their mouth, especially if it is stored outside, then there is a simple hack for you. Simply blend up an oat-based cereal, like Cheerios. This will create the consistency of sand while ensuring it is safe for your little one to put in their mouth.

2. Water Chalk
Playing with chalk is a timeless activity that most kids enjoy. However, in the summertime, it can be a bit tough to play on the hot pavement. So, you might want to take chalk to a whole new level with water chalk. All you need is a spray bottle and a few ingredients to get you started. Simply gather food coloring, chalk, salt, water, and whatever the recipe of your choice calls for. Then mix it up and get to work. Kids can use the bottles to spray designs or to paint things around the property. Best of all, they won’t have to touch anything that might scorch their skin, which will make the activity even more rewarding.

3. Calm Down Bottle
Being cooped up can make kids go a little crazy, but let’s face it, they can get a little out of hand even when things are normal. One solution to the craziness is a calm down bottle. This is a sensory bottle that kids can hold and admire while they calm down their bodies and their minds. A calm down bottle is simple to make and is a great project for kids to engage in. First of all, you will need a clear bottle. A plastic soda bottle is a great option, but you can use anything you have on hand. Once you have your bottle, fill it halfway with water. Then, fill the other half with baby oil. Your next step is to add food coloring to your child’s choice of color. Then, comes the creative part. Kids can add in glitter, LEGO pieces, small toys, and so on. Once everything is in, glue the cap of the bottle on firmly. Then, give it a shake. The color will mix into the water and then everything will slowly begin to separate. This is very soothing to watch and will help kids calm down as they play with their new sensory toys.

4. Ice Painting
Another great way to calm things down is to do some ice painting. This is perfect for really hot days because it will allow kids to cool down as they work. However, you might not want to enjoy the activity outside unless you’re prepared for the art to melt quickly. To begin with this craft, you need to freeze a big block of ice. You can do this in a bowl, a tray, or anything that you have that might work. Then, grab some trays that you don’t mind tinting. Fill each with water and add a drop or two of food coloring. This will act as the paint for the craft. From there, kids can paint on the ice with their favorite brush. Kids will love watching the colors mesh together as they work with the ice.

5. Giant Bubbles
Most kids are huge fans of bubbles, but tiny little bubble makers can get very boring after a week or so. Thus, it might be a lot of fun to make giant bubbles. You don’t need much for this activity either. You can start by using two straws and two pieces of string. Simply tie the string on the straws to connect them. Then place bubbles in a tray and fill the bubble maker. If you want to get complex, then you can add strings in the center to make designs. Once you master this size then move up to the next level by using sticks. You can even make your own bubble mixture with soap and water if you want to save some money on the activity. If you’re going this route, you can also add food coloring to the mixture to add to the fun.

6. Splash Area
Playing in the water is one of the best ways to cool down during the summer months, but it also a great sensory activity for kids. Luckily, splashing in the water doesn’t take a lot of work on your part. You can easily grab something for your child to play in like a baby pool or plastic bin. However, the bathtub works just as well if you don’t mind cleaning up the mess. Simply fill the item of choice with cool or warm weather and let your child splash away. You can even add a bath bomb, toys, bath colors, and more. If you have other water toys then make sure to incorporate them, too. Kids will love every moment of the fun and will be able to learn as they embrace the playtime.

7. DIY Slime
These days, slime is all the rage. You can find it in almost any store that sells toys. Plus, it is all over TV and kid programs. There’s a reason for this though. Slime is one of the best sensory toys for kids of all ages. Plus, it is incredibly easy to make. All you need is some glue, water, and a couple of other supplies and you’re well on your way. There are recipes all over the place too, which will allow you to try out new things throughout the summer. After you’ve mastered making slime, you can work on making slime with glitter, or adding small toys to the slime for kids to dig out. This can truly make playtime fun and will help with sensory skills.

8. Shaving Cream Play
Another great activity for kids is shaving cream play. This has been used for decades because it is a great way to use sensory play, but it can also be used as an educational toy. For little ones, simply place some on a tray and let kids run their hands through it. You’ll have to pay close attention here though as little ones might be tempted to put the cream in their mouth. Younger kids can have a bit more fun with the activity though. You can add food coloring to make the activity more fun, as well. Once you have the mixture you desire ready to go, have kids draw their shapes, letters, or numbers. Kids can also practice vocabulary spelling or math equations. This will help make learning fun while adding a bit of sensory play to the day.

9. Bug Hunting
Exploring outside is one of the best ways for children to embrace their senses. Thus, bug hunting is a good way to help with sensory play. Gather food jars and other items to capture the bugs in, so children can observe them. One bug that children might get a real kick out of catching is the firefly. Children can watch the bug light up in their jars or even in the world around them. Of course, kids don’t have to catch the bugs in order to observe them. In fact, it might be safer for some bugs to be observed from a distance, like ants and spiders.

10. Garden Play
Working in the garden is one of the best sensory activities around. Not only does this activity help children learn and grow, but it can also help them out in the future. So, this summer, let them get outside in the garden to enjoy digging in the dirt, planting seeds, pulling weeds, and even picking flowers and produce. Kids will learn where food comes from and might even be more willing to eat their fruits and vegetables. This is a great bonding activity for the whole family too, which makes it one of the most valuable sensory play activities around.

Sensory play is a great way to help children engage in the world around them while ensuring they are having fun. These ten ideas will help you save money on the activities you choose for your children this summer while allowing them to learn and grow. With any luck, your child will fall in love with the activities, so your summer can go smoother than ever.

Covid- 19 Summer Camp Alternatives to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer Break

If your child is used to hitting camp during summer break, then there might be a whole lot of disappointment this year. Most summer camps won’t be opening their doors, which means kids are going to be left at home this year. Your kids don’t have to give up their summer camp fun though, as there are lots of great alternatives to embrace during summer break. These are going to be a lot cheaper than having your child go to a sleep-away camp, too, which will definitely help your budget out. So, get ready to set up a schedule for summer fun because these alternatives are bound to make life more enjoyable for the whole family.

1. Virtual Camps
Believe it or not, but virtual camps are totally a thing. Most importantly, there are going to be numerous virtual camps to choose from this summer, which will help your child find something that will appease his or her personality. You will find virtual camps from the Boys ad Girls Club, tech camps, art camps, and so much more. Your best option here is to take a look at the website for a camp your child was considering attending. Most will have resources to help you along your way. You can also do a quick search online to try to find what you’re after. Many colleges and universities are also offering virtual camps, which will help support education and keep kids busier than ever.

2. Get Outside
Without a doubt, one of the biggest aspects of summer camp has always been spending time outdoors. Most traditional camps have kids outside most of the day as they hike, swim, play games, and so much more. With camp not in session, kids are less likely to get out and about. Thus, you need to make sure this isn’t a problem. One of the easiest ways to do this is to plan your own hikes, time in the pool if you have one, gardening sessions, or even a trip to the lake or beach. As long as you aren’t around a lot of other people, the great outdoors will be a safe and rewarding place to spend your summer.

3. Reading Program
Without fail, you can always count on your local library to provide fun for the kids. The summer reading program can be found in almost every library, which makes it a great asset to the community. The best thing about the reading program is it is absolutely free for the kids to join. All you have to do is sign them up and have them read for prizes and other incentives. Some libraries might still offer summer activities to go along with the program too, so make sure to check this out if you’re feeling comfortable with it. Of course, while you’re there, you might see if the library is offering reading programs for adults too, as it might give you something to take your mind off of things.

4. Virtual Travels
No summer camp and no vacation might create a pretty dull summer beak. However, there is still a way to have kids travel without setting foot outside of the house. Virtual traveling is a thing now and it is pretty awesome. Simply pick a destination and you can find a virtual tour that will take you there. You might have kids choose one destination per week. They can take time to explore museums, historical sites, and more. Then have them learn about the culture, including food and music. While listening to music, whip up a recipe or two to try out. You might be surprised how much it will inspire kids to travel as adults.

5. Subscription Services
When it comes to keeping kids busy, there are a lot of subscription services that you can check out. The services even cater to age ranges, so you can find the best option for your child. One of the best things about these services is they deliver an activity monthly, which will give your child a project to work on. You can find things like STEM activities, crafts, historical lessons, literature, and more. You can even base a learning plan around the subscription box to help further the lesson. Education boxes aren’t the only option though. You can also find boxes that feature snacks or foods from other countries. These can help children feel like they’ve traveled, even when they stay at home.

6. Go Camping
If you’re missing the camp vibes then actually going camping can be one of the best ways to satisfy this need. Luckily, most campsites should be open as they allow for plenty of social distancing, but you should still play it safe if you use bathrooms. Simply wash your hands often, don’t touch your face, and wear a mask when around others. If camping isn’t in your budget or if you’re worried about Covid-19, then you can still enjoy a campout. All you have to do is set up camp outside in your own backyard. This can still bring on the camping vibes while allowing you to enjoy some time outdoors.

7. Challenge Them
Summer camp can be a challenge for kids, which is why it is an important aspect of childhood for so many. However, they aren’t going to be as challenged when it comes to staying at home. That is unless you choose to challenge them. So, when summer break begins, simply sit down with your child and talk about their goals and dreams. Then, offer them a challenge. It can be anything from building a fort to play in, embracing a STEM activity like robotics, or even learning a foreign language or a fictitious one! Kids will love the challenge and it will help them set up a schedule so they can actually pull it off.

8. Recreate Camp
Even though there are alternatives to camp, there really isn’t anything that has the ability to replace camp in the hearts of kids. So, instead of letting your child feel bummed out that camp was canceled, you might consider recreating some of the fun elements of camp. One of the easiest things to do is include a craft time every day with classic crafts to help children feel like they’re at one with nature and the camp spirit. Apart from craft sessions, you might also consider setting up some outdoor games or sports. Obstacle courses are a must and are very simple to set up. Apart from that, you can also incorporate cooking and cleaning up during the day.

9. Educational Programs
Educational programs are a great way to help fill your child’s time when they can’t go camping. These programs can also help supplement some of the information your child might learn while at camp. There are many apps and programs to choose from too. If you have younger children in the home, then you might go for apps like ABC Mouse or Noggin. These use fun cartoons to help improve learning and more. Older kids can use apps designed to improve math skills, teach them language, or help them enjoy college courses. There are so many options to choose from too, including photography classes, math lessons, and graduate-level psychology courses. The choices are entirely up to you and your needs.

10. Journaling
Times are challenging right now, which can be tough on the whole family. While kids are cooped up at home, it might be a bit of a relief to get your child into journaling. Journaling can be very therapeutic for all ages, so it might be wise to have your child start journaling. You can set up a time every day for them to write so you can ensure it gets done. They can start their journaling like they’re writing a letter from camp or they can work out their own personal style. At the end of the summer, get the journal laminated so they can remember their time during the quarantine. You never know, your child’s work might become the source material for a book one day, which can really set them up for success.

Summer camp really can’t be replaced in the hearts of kids, but there are many alternatives that can help take away the sting of not attending camp. These ten ideas will allow your kids to have some fun this summer while still getting the camp experience that they desire.

Frugal and Fun Ways to Embrace the Summer Solstice from Home

Summer is here, and the summer solstice will arrive in a couple more days. This should give you plenty of time to plan out your celebration. For many, travel is a big part of summer. This year, unfortunately, travel doesn’t seem like a wise option to engage in. There are still ways that you can engage in the summer solstice though, so you don’t have to give up your seasonal celebration. These ten tips will help to keep the summer frugal and fun, so you won’t feel like you missed out on anything as 2020 comes to an end.

1. Watch the celebration at Stonehenge
The summer solstice celebration at Stonehenge is world-famous. However, in year’s past, you actually had to visit Stonehenge to take part in the celebration. So, for most of us, it has been a bit of a mystery as to what goes on during the celebration. That mystery will certainly come to an end this summer as Stonehenge is broadcasting their celebration for the first time in history. So, if you really want to see what all of the buzzes are about, you can check it out online. You might not want to miss out on this broadcast because it could be a once in a lifetime experience for so many as they might not broadcast it again.

2. Plant Summer Foods
Celebrating summer solstice means celebrating the changes the planet goes through. So, one of the best ways to welcome in the summer months is to give back to nature. This is the perfect time to gather some seeds and plant foods that will grow in the summer months. This means you’ll have an abundance of squash, eggplant, corn, and so much more. There are many fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers to put in the ground during this time, so make yourself a garden that will help feed your family during the hard times. This will nourish your body while helping to bring tranquility to your life. You can find a list of things you can grow during this time online, which will help you choose what is going to work best for your climate, too.

3. Water Fun
Without a doubt, it’s pretty hot out there already. This summer is assumed to be one of the hottest on the record too. So, you might want to get outside and have some fun with the water. You might consider setting up a water gun battle that will keep the whole family occupied for hours. Another great option is to play in the sprinkler. This can help cool everyone down while watering the lawn. Of course, if you have a pool then this is the perfect time to go for a dip. There are lots of water games you can embrace too, so make sure to use your imagination and keep fun in mind as you plan out your celebration.

4. Create a Sun Wheel
A sun wheel is another traditional aspect of the solstice. It is said to signify the circle of life as well as one’s connectedness to the world. Sun wheels are incredibly easy to make, too, as there is no set way to do it. Traditionally, they are made from flowers, rocks, and other things found in nature. Simply place these items in a circle and you’re all set. However, you can improvise if you’re confined to your home. If you’re feeling creative then you can also make them out of flowers and use them as a headband, as this can help you feel like you’ve joined in the celebration with others.

5. Meditate/Self-Reflect
The summer solstice is a time for new beginnings. As the earth embraces the new life that sprouted in spring, you can also nurture the new you. This is a time to self-reflect, especially with quarantine going on. So, you might want to make out a list of things you need to do to become the person you want to be. You also might work on changing bad habits and embrace better habits for your body and mind. Enjoying meditation is also a wise move as this will allow you to breathe, ease stress and anxiety, and so on. Getting in the routine of meditating can help you lead a healthier life, but it can also help you manifest the future you want to live. There are tips on how to begin meditation if you’re not sure how to start, so you can truly embrace your new lifestyle.

6. Dream Journal
If you’re serious about preparing a new future for yourself, then the summer solstice is a great time to begin your dream journal. This journal is a great way to write down what you truly want in life, so you can begin working towards making those dreams come true. These journals are not only great ways to plan, but they can also teach you a lot about yourself that you may have otherwise not realized. Your dream journal can also encourage you to embrace a bit of creativity each day, which you might otherwise put off. This, in itself, will make your life more enjoyable.

7. Be Creative
Creativity is one of the best aspects of life and the summer solstice is a great time to embrace your creative side. Even if you aren’t a creative person by nature, this is the perfect time to test the waters and see what interests you. Even if you are a fan of art, this might be the right time to try a new medium or explore different avenues for the art you have already worked on. You can start with the supplies you have on hand, but if you don’t have anything to use then you might try out some supplies that are one sale.

8. Make Sun Tea
If you’re looking for a cool treat to help you celebrate the summer solstice then sun tea is the way to go. This is very simple to make, but it will take some patience. All you have to do is add water to a mason jar, then fill it with fruits, herbs, flowers, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Finally, add some tea bags of choice to the water. Add a lid to help keep particles from getting in the tea, then set it in a sunny place. As time progresses, the sun will help the tea seep into the water while the other flavors become infused in the tea too. Everyone can make their own too, which will add to the fun of the celebration.

9. Virtual Celebrations
The summer solstice is celebrated around the world. Luckily, you will be able to spot some of these celebrations online to help ease your desire to travel a slight bit. Apart from Stonehenge, you should be able to check out celebrations from across Europe, as well as those in North America. A quick search online should help you uncover a wide selection of celebrations for you to check out. This should allow you to enjoy the summer solstice as if you were part of a large celebration.

10. Enjoy a Fire
Bonfires are another major part of the summer solstice celebration. However, this isn’t exactly something you can do in your own back yard. You can, however, create a fire in your fire pit, which is pretty close to the bonfire effect. While you’re enjoying the warmth and beauty of the fire, chat with your loved ones, tell stories, talk about the future, and sing to your heart’s content. You will definitely feel the magic of the changing season as you greet summer with welcoming arms. If you don’t have a fire pit then consider firing up the grill and making a meal that will help you feel like summer has truly arrived. It might not be the same effect, but it’ll still make you feel happy.

Although many people aren’t happy about the heat, there is still something amazing about the summer months that make people long for them throughout the year. These ten ideas will help you welcome in the summer solstice, so you can truly feel the changing of the seasons and get more out of your connection with the planet.

Ten PRIDE Month Ideas to Help Kids Appreciate the Meaning

June is PRIDE month, which can be a whole lot of fun for the entire family. As we celebrate the lives of the LGBTQ+ community that has changed the world and inspired many, we should also take the time to help children understand and appreciate the community. Since so many of us are trapped indoors during this time, you have the perfect opportunity to frugally allow your kids to celebrate PRIDE month. From crafts to lessons on the subject, you might find that PRIDE month is one of the best times to help your children feel comfortable with themselves and those around them.

1. DIY Flag
The PRIDE flag is one of the best ways to show your support of the community. It also makes an incredibly fun craft to make for children of all ages. There are numerous ways you can make a PRIDE flag too, so you can work the craft into the schedule of any age group. If you’re working with younger kids, then you might consider using construction paper for the craft. Simply cut strips of colors and have kids glue them together. Then make a small pocket on the end by rolling the paper and gluing it. This will allow you to place a stick inside, so your child can carry it. Of course, this flag also works wonders in the window. If you’d like to teach older children how to sew then this is the perfect time to. Grab fabric of different colors and have kids cut them into strips and then sew them together. This type of flag can be hung up on a pole, in the window, on a bedroom wall, and so much more.

2. Melting Crayons
At this rate, you probably have a whole bunch of crayons around the house that you can utilize for this craft. If not, you might order a set of cheap crayons. To begin the craft, you need to figure out what design you would like to use if any. Once you have this picked out, simply print it out in black and white. You can even use the PRIDE letters if you’re just working on an image to support the community. Then, apply the graphic to the canvas and tape off the area. Finally, place the crayons at the top of the canvas and secure them. You can use a large rubber band, tape, or whatever else you choose. After you’re finished with setup the real fun begins. Simply tip the image right side up and hold a blow dryer over the top of the crayons. Using the highest setting will make this easier. Once you have the melting effect you desire, remove the crayons, and admire.

3. Work Sheets
If you really want to get down to business, then there are actually worksheets online that you can use to teach children about the LGBTQ+ community. You will find everything from coloring sheets to word searches. This is great busy work for kids who have nothing else going on, but it can also be a real asset when it comes to opening up conversations and helping children to understand what PRIDE is all about. You might even be able to find some good history worksheets that help children understand why we celebrate PRIDE month.

4. Rainbow Mask
In our new normal, face masks are a thing. So, if you really want to celebrate and boost PRIDE in the community, then making some rainbow-inspired masks will truly help you to show your support. Masks are very easy to make, so you might start by sewing them and then passing them out to kids to decorate. If you use white fabric in the masks, this will also make things much easier. Using fabric paint, kids can paint rainbows, special messages, and so much more. You can also color the straps if you choose to use white elastic. If you want to go a different route, then you might also consider using food coloring to dye the masks in rainbow colors.

5. Watch online Parades
The PRIDE parade is one of the most popular aspects of the month. There are parades all over the world, which makes it an exciting thing to take part in. However, this year, it isn’t exactly safe to go to a parade or participate in one, especially if you have children. Even if you wear a face mask, the lack of social distancing might be a risk to everyone. Luckily, many places will be hosting a parade online. For instance, you can watch the infamous San Francisco parade from the comfort of your home. Simply check around for more parades to view too, as you might be surprised how many pops up.

6. Enjoy PRIDE Media
Media can be one of the best ways to teach people about the world. Luckily for us, there is a ton of LGBTQ+ media for us to enjoy. When you’re teaching children about the LGBTQ+ community then there are so many colorful and age-appropriate books to choose from. This will make storytime fun and educational. You can probably find a book for every night of the week, or at least four to use each week in the month. There are also many forms of movies to check out too. Older children might also be curious about music from the LGBTQ+ community. Feel free to dive deep during this time, as purchasing media will also help to support the community.

7. Dress Like the Rainbow
For many kids, dressing up is one of the easiest ways to have some fun. So, during PRIDE month, you might make a game out of getting dressed. Kids can see how many colors of the rainbow they can incorporate into one outfit. This can be great for kids learning how to get dressed, but it is also a lot of fun to see how creative older kids can get. This is also a cost-efficient way to show off some pride as you won’t have to pay a cent for the fun.

8. Make Inclusive Tees
Making t-shirts can be a whole lot of fun, which is why this craft is a must for PRIDE month. Pick out some old shirts from your wardrobe or purchase a bulk pack of colored tees. From there, use fabric paint, dye, fabric markers, and more to create inclusive designs that everyone will get a kick out of. These designs can range anywhere from rainbows to messages that help support the LGBTQ+ community. These tees make great keepsakes too, which can be worn all year long to help support equal rights and a community that thrives.

9. Show Kids How to Be an Advocate
You can watch all the movies you want, read every book on the market, and attend a PRIDE parade every single year. However, the best thing you can do for the future is to teach your children how to be an advocate. The first step in doing this is to be an advocate yourself. Don’t just talk about it. Instead, donate money to LGBTQ+ charities, there are numerous to choose from. You can also choose to volunteer for organizations that deal with LGBTQ+ issues or those that directly support the community. Finally, teach children how to stand up to bullies and protect those that are being persecuted for being who they are. This will go a long way in their lives and will even help support your child’s self-esteem.

10. Teach Children to Listen
Right now, is the perfect time to teach children how to listen. There is so much going on in the world right now and the first step in healing is listening. However, there are many people that are incapable of listening because the skill wasn’t taught in childhood. So, you might take the time to teach your children to listen to others’ needs with an open heart and an open mind. This will greatly benefit your child in the future and will also help them to work harder to meet the needs of communities that need help. With any luck, this will help make the future a better place for everyone to live.

PRIDE month is a very special time that can help children to grow into stronger people while helping to build a stronger future. It is also a time to have a little fun. These ten ideas will keep the celebrations frugal and enjoyable for all ages, which will help make this PRIDE month memorable despite everyone having to stay in.

Hot Summer Fashion Trends You Can Create at Home

The weather is heating up, which means so are the fashion trends. It can be hard to keep up with all of the changing trends because shopping for a new wardrobe every season can really leave your budget hurting. However, there are a few things you can purchase or make in order to leave your budget happy while ensuring you look fashion savvy. These ten ideas will allow you to channel some of the latest trends while working around the high cost of updating your wardrobe. This could leave you feeling like you’re living your best life this summer, despite everything that is going on.

1. Cropped Tees
This summer, fashion is taking a trip back to the ’90s with cropped tees. You’ll find a lot of these cropped tees in stores this summer, but the price will set you back as much as a whole shirt. Since cropped tees are so simple to make, you might want to raid your closet and make some of your own. You can do this as simple as cutting the tee at the desired height and then adding a hemline to it. If you love the edgy look then you don’t even have to sew a hemline as it can simply be left. Adding a drawstring to the top is another major fashion trend this year and is easy to do with some bungee cord. This can add a fun effect too that will make your clothes look like they came from a store.

2. Baggy/Bermuda Shorts
Gone are the days of short-shorts and Daisy Dukes, because this summer is all about the long and baggy shorts. Bermuda shorts are going to be one of the biggest options to choose from this year. This is great because the shorts actually flatter just about everybody’s shape, so everyone can look their best. Other types of baggy shorts will also suit your fashion needs. The best thing about this trend is you’re not only getting to be comfortable, but you can also make the trend at home. Bermuda shorts can be easily cut from your old trousers. This will give you lots of style options too. Of course, you can cut baggy long shorts out of jeans and other pants too. High waisted styles are going to be your best option too if you’re looking to keep up with the catwalk look.

3. Side Cut-Outs
If you’re a fan of showing off some skin, then you’re going to love the side cut out trend that so many people are engaging in this season. Generally, these cut-outs are designed to pair well with dresses, but they can be added to a huge selection of clothing options. For instance, you can even find tees with side cutouts. If you don’t have anything like this in your wardrobe currently, then you can easily make your own styles with side cutouts. All you need is a simple pattern to help you cut out the fabric. Then sew a hem to prevent the cut out from fraying while you’re wearing it. You can really have fun with designs here, which will give you an original look that everyone will be envious of.

4. Sheer Accents
Another great option for clothing style is to add some sheer accents to the clothing you have. This season, sheer accents are going to be found on almost everything, so feel free to go crazy when you recreate the look at home. All you need is some sheer fabric and you’re set to go. You can add a faux skirt to your favorite shorts, add a sleeve to a sleeveless blouse, or simply take a dress to the next level with a sheer overlay. Adding sheer accents is easily done too. Simply sew on the layer into the inside of your clothing and you’re good to go.

5. Wrap Dresses
When it comes to dresses this season, wrap dresses are going to be the way to go. These dresses can offer a classic look or keep you chic and bohemian because they are so versatile. These dresses are also very flattering, which will make you feel like you’re an a-lister every time you put one on. You won’t have trouble finding a wrap dress in stores this year, but if you’re really looking to take things up a notch then you can make our own. You can work with contrasting colors and fabrics here, as this season wild is definitely popular and going to get you noticed. However, don’t be afraid to keep it conservative if that is more your personality, as you will still be right on par with fashion.

6. Vintage Swimwear
If you’re in the market for a new bathing suit, then you might want to keep vintage looks in mind. You should be able to find vintage styles on the market with ease. These styles tend to incorporate high waistlines when you’re looking at bikinis, as well as ruffle detailing, and prints like polka dots. You might also find designs that like to utilize bows, especially around the bustline. If your swimwear costs you a lot of money this year then don’t just wear it as a swimsuit. Instead, throw on a pair of shorts or a skirt and wear it out as a fashionable top. You can even add a hairband to finish off the vintage look.

7. Jumpsuits
Despite the heat, jumpsuits are still going to be a big deal this year. So, if you are already up to date with this trend then you’ll have plenty to wear that will keep you looking chic. However, one of the big trends is going to be blue jean jumpsuits. These tend to be a bit pricey right now, but if you find a good deal then this jumpsuit will probably see you through the autumn months, too. You can also customize these with patches, buttons, and more. If you can’t find a jumpsuit then you can easily piece one together with old denim items. Since you’ll be working with multiple pieces of fabric, you can add fun and quirky details to your jumpsuit like making it appear to be patchwork. You might have so much fun making your jumpsuit that you’ll wind up with a closet filled with them before the season is over.

8. Sandals with Anklet Detailing
It’s pretty much a given that sandals are going to be in fashion during the summer months. This year, you can wear an assortment of sandals and still look great. However, the big trend is going to be adding an anklet detailing to your style. There are many shoes being made with this detail, but you can also work it into your wardrobe by adding an anklet addition to your own sandals. For instance, if you have sandals that wrap around the ankle, then you can easily add simple details to create an anklet inspired style. You can also attach anklets to your favorite pair of fashion sandals or even a pair of flats. This will allow you to truly show off your creativity with ease.

9. Face Masks
This season, you might not be going anywhere without a hot new accessory. That is the face mask. If you’re living in a state that is already opening up, then there is a good chance that you’re going to be required to wear a mask whenever you go to a store. So, you might as well grab a face mask that is going to suit your fashion needs. If you’re aiming for summer trends then you might stick with pinks and oranges, which are both going to be big this year. You can also make one out of denim, which will pair with all of your jumpsuits. However, you don’t have to keep just to trends. Since face masks are a new accessory, you can keep it creative and show off your personality. People are going to respond to this and send compliments your way. You can easily make masks at home too, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on them.

10. Pajamas
Let’s face it, most of us aren’t going to be out a whole lot this summer. So, showing off fashion trends might not be at the top of our budgetary list. This season, you might just be satisfied with ordering yourself a new pair of pajamas. If you’re working from home, on furlough, or you just don’t go out on your day’s off, your pajamas might be one of your favorite things to put on this season. So, try to find a pair that suit your needs. Consider your personality, style, comfort levels. This will help make staying home a lot better than it would be with clothes that aren’t going to make you feel cozy while you’re stressed out.

This summer is a great time to flex your fashion muscles. These simple tips will help you enjoy the season’s fashions while keeping your budget low. Plus, if you decided to DIY some of the items, you’ll find some of your time occupied as you enjoy improving your fashion skills while making wardrobe items you’ll be proud to show off.

Ten Quarantine Friendly Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day will be here before we know it. So, if you still haven’t picked out the perfect gift for dad then there is no better time than now. This is especially true this year because of slow shipping times which might cause any gift you order to be late. If you’re at a loss for ideas, then these ten tips will help you decide what you should do to make Father’s Day unforgettable. With everyone still quarantined, these tips will even help to bring joy to everyday life. This year might be a bit harder than most Father’s Days, but that that doesn’t mean you can’t make it great for your dad without spending a lot of money.

1. Tools
Without a doubt, tools are a pretty classic gift for Father’s Day. Whether your dad likes to get crafty with tools or is the go-to guy when something is broken in the home, tools can really help out with anything dad wants to do. However, this year, tools might help dad find an outlet for his frustration of being cooped up. They might help him find more things to do to ease boredom and to make himself feel useful during the quarantine period. Luckily, many stores will have great deals on tools during this time. The deal will extend to stores’ websites too, as most facilities would prefer if people would just stay home right now. Thus, you might find some great incentives to shop online like extra discounts and free shipping.

2. Order In
Without a doubt, the key to most fathers’ hearts is their stomachs. So, this Father’s Day, you might channel dad’s biggest craving and order something in. If you’re not sure how to decide what to order, try to hint around to see which restaurant dad has been craving the most. Then, simply look to see if it is still open and go through a delivery app to have it brought to your home or pick it up using a contactless curbside pickup. Of course, having the food won’t make up for the lack of atmosphere from the restaurant. Thus, you might want to add some decorations to help put off the same vibe. If dad loves to eat on the patio of a restaurant then you might also consider setting up something there. This might warm dad’s heart enough for him to forget about the restaurant for a little while.

3. Brew Kit
If your dad is a beer guy, then he might already be a little concerned about the rumor of beer shortages that have been going around lately. In order to curb dad’s desire for beer and his anxiety of not being able to purchase what he needs, you might consider getting dad a beer kit. This can be pretty cheap, but it can also be pretty expensive too, so make sure you shop around before you buy it. If you’re not sure if dad would like to pick up brewing beer as a hobby, then go for the cheaper kit. He can test it out then upgrade if he does enjoy brewing. Even if you end up buying him a full kit, you will save dad some big bucks in the future, since he will be fully stocked when it comes to beer.

4. Bold Face Mask
We’re facing a new normal this year, which means wearing a mask whenever we go into public. This isn’t just to protect ourselves, but to protect those who may be vulnerable. So, it might be fun to offer dad a fun face mask instead of a tie this year. You can find face masks that feature lots of cool things too. For instance, if dad is into sports then grab a mask with his favorite team’s logo. You can also find them with comic book characters, movie scenes, with beloved games like chess, and so much more. If you don’t want to spend money on a mask, then they’re surprisingly easy to make. You can actually make a mask for every day of the week if you feel like it, which will definitely help dad show off his personality and have some fun with the new fashion accessory.

5. Coffee Subscription
For most people, a cup of coffee is a must every single morning. Also, for so many people, we seem to be stuck brewing at home rather than grabbing a treat at our local cafĂ©. This can get really boring, which is why a coffee subscription might be a great option for your dad. You can find all sorts of subscriptions to choose from to. You might start by looking at flavors dad might like. If he’s curious about coffee, then there are subscriptions that send a different kind of coffee from a different place in the world each month. You can also get subscriptions that pair with other things like books or vinyl records. This can truly change the way dad feels about his morning coffee and will help him save some money since he won’t have to worry about buying as much coffee.

6. Funny Shirt
A lot of dads really love to make people laugh, even if their humor is a little corny. So, one of the best things you can grab for your dad is a funny shirt. There are so many to choose from too, so you might look around for one that has your dad’s favorite joke. You can also look for a shirt that seems to suit your dad’s personality if jokes aren’t his thing. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money you can actually make a t-shirt with ease. There are a lot of great methods that are fun to do and actually cheap to complete. Plus, you can make this totally personal which will make dad even happier.

7. Create a Golf Course
Hitting the golf course isn’t an option for so many right now. If your dad is a golf guy, then you can make his day by coming up with a mini-golf course in the backyard. This might sound intimidating, but it isn’t incredibly hard to do. All you need is a few tools, some faux grass, and a little bit of piping to get started. Of course, you will also need a place in the backyard to pull it off. You may not be able to do this without dad knowing, but when he finds out what you’re up to he will definitely be beaming for the rest of the day. There are numerous tutorials online to get you started. You can even add decorative items to make it feel like you’re at a mini-golf course. Your creativity is the limit, so try to have fun with dad’s gift.

8. Book Gift Card
Reading is one of the most common ways to kill some time during self-isolation. So, if your dad is a bookworm or is looking to discover some great stories while he finally has the time to do so, then a gift card for books might be a great idea. You can choose from a wide variety of options too. For instance, you can order a gift card from his favorite bookstore. This will allow him to get online and pick and choose what he would like to purchase. You might also consider giving him a gift card to a digital service. This is great for e-books and audiobooks, which can keep your dad occupied for hours on end.

9. Beard Kit
If your dad is like most men in the country right now, he probably has a beard growing right now. That means, he probably needs something to take care of it. Even if he already has a beard kit on hand, he will eventually run out of supplies, so having a backup will be a real treat. You can find beard kits all over the place now, so check out your favorite online retailer to find a great option for your dad. You can base it on dad’s personal grooming habits, as well as his skin type. You might also consider adding in some fun beard decorations. If you’re looking for these online, you’ll mostly find Christmas options. However, you can find tutorials that show you how to make them. These tutorials can easily be turned around so you can make a superhero, sports teams, or anything else that might strike your dad’s fancy.

10. Backyard Campsite
It’s hard to be cooped up at home. It’s even harder when the weather starts to warm up, but parks still aren’t exactly the safest place to be. Instead of sending dad on a camping vacation, you can give him a little getaway in his own backyard. Simply set up a tent in the backyard, order some camping snacks, and find some sounds from nature on a playlist if you live in a city. You can spend the day outside enjoying the weather, chatting, making music, or reminiscing. You might even order some fish to grill up so you can still get a small taste of camping fun. Even though it won’t be like the real deal, it will be a brief vacation from being inside the home.

Father’s Day is a great time to honor dad and give him gifts that show him just how much he cares. These ten ideas are perfect options for quarantine life, which will help take his mind off of self-isolating. Best of all, these tips won’t leave you struggling financially, which will definitely make the holiday better for everyone.

Fun and Frugal Ideas for Road Tripping with Small Children

School is out for most students and summer is practically here, which might leave you wanting to hit the open road. Of course, with everything going on, you might just need to travel by car to move, visit with family, or simply get out of the house for a while. Road tripping can be incredibly hard with small children though. The mere idea of traveling long distances with a young child might leave you wanting to spend money to make the road trip easier. There are a few things you can do to make the road trip easier though. These ten tips will help you choose the right options for you, so your whole family can enjoy the trip.

1. Small Distractions
One of the most important things you can do is provide small distractions for your kids, especially if they are babies. One of the easiest things to do is add a portable mobile to the car seat. This will keep the baby’s attention while you drive and might even help your child fall asleep. Another great option is a sound machine to help soothe your little one if they are uncomfortable in the car. Of course, you should make sure the machine isn’t going to put you to sleep as well. If you can, manage the noise level of the sound machine or choose something that your radio can blur out. Toddlers and younger children might also like sensory items, so add in textures and colorful items to add to the experience. You might also consider window decals that can cut back on sun glare while showing off their favorite characters. These small distractions can really take away from some of the stress and frustration children feel while confined.

2. Snacks
Food is a pretty good incentive for most children. Plus, it can help prevent frequent stops for meals and more. However, you do want to be careful about what you pack for your children to eat on a road trip. For instance, you really don’t want sugary foods that will keep kids awake and wanting to bounce off of the car’s walls. You should also pack foods that aren’t going to be a choking hazard. Some options you might go for are crackers, chopped fruits, yogurt bites, and other small but healthy foods your child typically eats. You also might bring some anti-spill cups that you can add water too as you go. However, make sure you don’t fill the cups all the way or else you might be stopping frequently for restroom visits or diaper changes.

3. Travel Boxes
Toys are a big part of kid’s lives, but playtime in the car can be very difficult. However, if you’re feeling crafty then you can make some awesome travel-friendly toys that your kids will want to have in the car even when you’re just headed to the grocery store. All you have to do is take an old lunch box and some supplies like hot glue or tape. If your child is into LEGOs then glue a piece of LEGO foundation the inside of the box. You can also place one on the other side but place it at the fold instead of on the bottom of the wall of the box. You’ll want this to only cover half of the space too, as you can place LEGOs on this side to prevent them from spilling out everywhere. Of course, you can also use a lunch box for other options too. If your child loves Polly Pockets or mini-figures, then create a little house for them inside the box. You can also make the boxes into a coloring center, which is great for numerous ages. If your kids have favorite games, then turn them into mini-games and use magnets for the pieces. You’ll find these little boxes can truly change the way you travel.

4. Screen Time
When it comes to road-tripping, don’t feel bad about letting your child have a bit more screen time than you normally would. This can help relax children and entertain them for the long haul. You might consider downloading movies onto devices, adding educational apps, and ensuring there are games children can play when you’re out of a service area. Another thing to keep in mind is power. You might pack portable chargers and other options for kids to use when their devices are almost out of juice. Apart from that, you should turn off the blue light option, especially at night, to ensure kids will go to sleep in a timely manner.

5. Crank up the Tunes
Music is one of the best ways to keep many kids entertained, so make sure you have music they love. If your car has a CD player then you might grab some CDs for the ride. Of course, you can also come up with playlists when you need to use offline mode in your travels. If you have children that love stories then audiobooks are a great thing to add to the collection too. You might feel like you’re going to go crazy after you listen to these things for a couple of hours, but you’ll feel even crazier with constant crying and whining. So, embrace the kid shows and the peace in your vehicle.

6. Keep to Nap Times
It is incredibly easy to break schedules while you’re road tripping. Since the rest of your child’s schedule is going to be a bit off, it might be hard to get kids to go to sleep while in the car. If you can, stop and have lunch, so your child will have a full belly. You might choose a place that kids can run around and play, too. Many parks should be reopening and as long as you sanitize afterward you should be good to go. Make sure you make a bathroom stop too. Then, play soothing music, give your child their favorite blanket and pillow, and keep the car extra cold. This should help kids nod off, so the car ride won’t seem as trying for everyone.

7. Plan Your Pit Stops
Planning pit stops can be one of your biggest strengths when it comes to traveling with children. A lot of people completely wing road trips with just a beginning and ending to work towards. With kids, you’re going to want to be more strategic though. Try to choose places to stop every couple of hours. If you choose a town to stop in, research the best places to stop for a bathroom break and for kids to run around. You might consider stopping and letting the kids go to a trampoline center for an hour in order to burn off some energy or choose a place with a large park to play in. This will help the kids build memories, wear themselves out, and feel a little better about the trip. Of course, you should also have alternative stops too, because you never know when a bathroom emergency might occur. Try to keep the stops a surprise though, as kids might be disappointed if an attraction is closed, which could cause more distress on the road.

8. Talk About Where You Are
It’s really easy to leave kids out of the loop when traveling, which can lead to countless questions that might put you on edge. One of the best ways to combat this problem is to tell kids where you are frequently. You might update them on cities you are passing, landmarks they might see from the road or even natural wonders. Another important update is how far you are from your destination, your next stop, or even how far you are from home. Kids might love learning about their surroundings or at least learning that they will be stopping sooner, rather than later.

9. Road Games
If you’ve ever been on a road trip, then you have probably played a road game. You know, the ever-popular games like spotting different states on license plates, or punching your sibling every time you see a Volkswagen Beetle. These games have always made trips seem a little better, so you might want to incorporate them into the trip for your children. Of course, you might have to alter the games to suit their age group. For instance, instead of spotting states on the license plates you might consider point out colors. You can also count the cars you see or set a number of trees to count and whoever spots them first wins. These car games can truly keep everyone distracted, so you don’t end up feeling totally exhausted by the end of the trip.

10. Have Comfort Items on Hand
When you have small children, the most important thing you can do for them is to make sure you have comfort items on hand. May it be their favorite toys, a blanket they won’t sleep without, or even a TV show they love, traveling with these items can make life so much easier for everyone. While you travel, you should always make sure that at least one comfort item is within arm’s reach, so you always have something to calm your child down. Every time you get out of the vehicle, you should double-check items to make sure you have everything because losing it on the road would be a travesty for your child.

These ten tips should help make your road trip a lot easier for your children and you. It isn’t easy to spend hours in the car, so trying to make the trip as convenient as possible for your children will help make the entire trip better for everyone. These ideas are frugal and easy to follow, so you won’t have to go out of your way to help your kids through the experience.