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Cheap Ways to Celebrate Best Friend Day That Won’t Break the Bank

Sometimes, we take our best friends for granted. They are there when we need a shoulder to cry, someone to laugh with or simply someone to help guide us in the right direction with life’s decisions. So, this Best Friend Day, June 8, might the perfect way to show your BFF just how much you love them. Although we can’t all afford a gift worthy of their awesomeness, there are a few frugal ways that can help you show your bestie just how much you care. With these simple ideas, you should be on the right path to having a great Best Friend Day without having to spend too much money.

1. Take the Time to Call
If you and your friend tend to be busy most of the time or live far apart then one of the best things you can do is make some time for a call to celebrate the day. You can do this on your phone or the computer, to suit your needs and your friends. A video call might be a better option as it will allow for more interaction and will actually help you keep up with your day while you talk, so you don’t get too far behind. You might also feel like this is more like hanging out than talking on the phone. The two of you can paint your nails together, watch a movie or simply goof around while catching up. This simple gift can mean a lot to you both too, so make sure you schedule a chat date that suits both of your schedules.

2. Reminisce Together
One of the greatest things about having a best friend is the ability to sit back and reminisce together. If you can, take the day to hang out and go over all of the things that your friendship has gone through. For instance, you might put on some of your favorite childhood memories in order to relive the feelings you both went through in the early days of your friendship. Another fun option is to gush over your old year books if you shared these day together. It is always fun looking over the people you shared so many experiences with while laughing and recalling old memories. This might help the two of you improve your bond even more, which is certain to make you feel even happier to have such a friend.

3. Do Something You Love
Usually, having a best friend means you have someone that has a lot of common interests with you. So, instead of forking out a lot of money on gifts and expensive food, you might want to take the time to do something you love. For instance, go out dancing together or keep it cheaper by dancing at home. You can turn on your favorite music and let your cares melt away or dance with your favorite video game. Another great option is yoga. You don’t have to take a class for this to be fun with your best friend either. You can even follow some of the latest trends of having a beer or enjoying some wine while stretching away. If you love tennis or another sport, then find some time for a game. Of course, you can also window shop, get your nails done, or go to the movies together. Whatever makes the two of you happy will certainly make your day unforgettable.

4. Pig Out Together
For most of us, eating with our best friend can be one of the greatest pleasures in life. So, this Best Friend Day get together to have a pig out session that is suitable for your friendship. You can enjoy this activity in many different ways. One of the more common ideas is to throw your diet to the wind and have a cheat day by ordering all of your favorite foods. You might want to surf around for deals before you begin with this, so you can still save some money. If the two of you love to cook or bake, then hit the kitchen and have some fun with it. You can even have a glass of wine or two while you whip up your favorite dishes and treats together. This meal can really help you to bond together and will make you feel nostalgic for the days you’d pig out together as teenagers or young adults.

5. Customized Jewelry
Nothing says friendship quite like customized jewelry. This is probably one of the most common gifts between friends that has been a tradition for generations. Today, you can find all sorts of amazing friendship jewelry on the market. You can go for a more sophisticated look, which will cost you more money or you can keep it simple with a cheap item you might have bought as a child. As a matter of fact, going to pick out such an item is always a great outing for friends and will help them to make a joint decision on the jewelry. Of course, you can always make your own items too, which is a fun activity that can kill some time. There’s always the classic friendship bracelet, but you might want to look into DIY necklaces too.

6. Order a Photobook
If you want to make a great impression on your best friend, then a photobook might be the perfect way to show them just how much you care. You can always go through your expansive collection of photos of the two of you and pick some of your favorites. Usually, around this time many photo websites will have great deals on photobooks since we are in between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Thus, you should be able to get a book at a great discounted price, if not for free. Of course, you can always take things into your own hands and scrapbook the book for your friend. This homemade touch is certain to warm your best friend’s heart and make the book even more treasurable.

7. Give Them a Shout Out
Some friends don’t need a lot to feel special. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to help your friend feel like a million bucks is to give them a shout out on social media. You might want to take some time to plan out a post that tells your best friend just how you feel about them. The post will look even better if you include fun photos over the years, so people can see just how much you adore each other. Of course, you should keep the photos as flattering as possible, so you don’t wind up with your bestie asking you to take the post down due to the photos. This easy way to show some love won’t cost you a cent and will let everyone else know how special your friend is.

8. Best Friend Crafts
Sometimes, the best way to celebrate your friendship is to sit back and have a craft day together. There are so many best friend crafts to choose from that you’re certain to choose something that suits the both of you. One great idea is to enjoy a day of scrapbooking. However, you can spice things up by making matching art for each other. For instance, you can paint a mug, so you always have something to remember each other every morning. You might also consider making friendship bracelets as a shout out to your childhood. There are also activities you can do to enjoy crafts like an adult. For instance, there are classes that will allow you to drink wine while painting a picture together. No matter what you choose to do, you’re bound to have a lot of fun.

9. Enjoy a Getaway
Overall, sometimes the best thing you can do for you and your friend is to take some time to getaway together. This is certain to help you both relax and spend the time bonding that you’ve needed for some time. There are many getaways that won’t cost you a fortune too, so don’t be afraid to give them a try. For instance, you can try camping if you don’t mind spending time outdoors. Another option is to hang out by the lake or beach as these locations won’t cost you a fortune if you live close by. If you don’t want to go far then stay at one of your homes for a staycation. You can have an at home spay day or just sit around catching up on gossip, movies and TV shows. No matter how you choose to enjoy your getaway, make sure the time is dedicated to the two of you.

10. Reconnect with an Old Friend
Even though you probably have a best friend to celebrate, now might also be a great time to reach out to the best friends you’ve had throughout your life. You might be surprised as to how much fun this can be. If you don’t already have contact with these people, then try to look them up on social media and send out a message. Don’t be upset if some do not remember you though, as friends from earlier years may not have the same memory capacity as you do. However, you might have a lot of fun reminiscing with the friends that do remember you. The nostalgia alone can help brighten your day immensely. You never know, you might even find a new friend that you communicate with often.

Celebrating Best Friend day is the perfect way to show your friend how much you appreciate having them in your life. This day is time to put stress behind you and enjoy the company of the person that makes your life fun and more rewarding. With these tips, you should be able to have a good time without stressing about money.