Celebrate Reading with Your Child in February with These Frugal Hacks

February is home to Read Aloud Day and Read to Your Child Day, which makes it the perfect time to find new ways to encourage literacy in your home. Reading is one of the most frugal hobbies a person can have, which makes introducing your child to the wonderful world of reading a lot more fun. These ten tips will allow you to bring reading to life for your child so they will feel inspired to take reading to new levels.

1. Create a Book Nook
One of the most important aspects of reading is being comfortable while you’re doing so. That is where a book nook comes in. Children love having snug areas to play and read, so creating a book nook would help to inspire them all the more. A book nook can be almost anywhere in the home. For instance, you can place a book nook under a bunk bed, in a corner of the home, or even under a staircase. All you really need for your book nook is an area that has comfortable seating like pillows, plush chairs, and/or blankets. You’ll also need some form of lighting and, of course, books. There are lots of tutorials online to choose from to help you make the perfect space for your child.

2. Trips to the Library
The library is one of the best resources most families have when it comes to reading. May libraries are designed with special areas for children to enjoy the reading experience, which will make your trip all the more special. Even if your local library isn’t designed to work for children, the experience doesn’t have to be dull. You can find plenty of books for children to pick out and bring home, which is an important part of the reading process. If you make it part of your routine, you’ll find that going to the library can transform the way your child feels about the reading experience.

3. Storytime
Storytime is another wonderful way to help inspire children to fall in love with books. Although you can enjoy story time at home, you might also consider enjoying story time in other places as well. For instance, you might want to check the times of your local library. Most libraries will offer story times for different age groups, which will help children enjoy fun books while also learning listening and social skills. Some bookstores also offer story time, especially if they’re trying to promote a new book. If you can’t find an option near you, there are many online story times to help kids feel connected with the stories they love.

4. Book Subscriptions
Kids love receiving things in the mail, which is why a book subscription is a great idea if you’re looking to inspire your child to get into books. There are many subscriptions to choose from which will allow you to find what is going to work best for your child. In most cases, you can have books delivered monthly for a flat fee, which can save you plenty of money. Apart from that, most of these subscription services allow you to tailor the books to your child’s interests and desires.

5. Ebooks
Ebooks are one of the easiest ways to find exactly what you’re looking for without having to spend a lot of money. In most cases, ebooks are cheaper than printed texts and they won’t take up a lot of space in your room. You can actually find a large selection of ebooks online for free, which will help your children explore their interests with ease. There are also many services like Epic and Amazon Kids that provide plenty of ebooks for kids based on their favorite characters. This can definitely help you to get more for your money while allowing your child to explore their interests without any extra costs.

6. Create Reading Times
Keeping a routine with children is especially important. That is why scheduling times to help inspire your child to read is a great idea. These times should be when children aren’t particularly sleepy so the activity won’t put them to sleep. Rather, you should choose a time when children are awake and ready to take in information. You might consider setting out snacks, creating a comfortable environment, and perhaps even putting on mood music. During the designated time, the entire family should be reading. This will inspire your child to follow suit so everyone can connect and enjoy their books.

7. Talk About Books
There is more to reading books than just reading. Talking about the books you’re reading can be an important way to not only inspire your child to read more but to also help your child connect more with books. You should start by asking your child about the book that you read. Asking questions about the characters, settings, and plot can help children learn to identify various aspects of the book. If you’re struggling to figure out what you should ask, then there are plenty of guides online to help with each unique book.

8. Book Art
Books can be a lot of fun to read, but taking books to the next level with art is a great way to help make reading more fun. Your child can create stories based on the book they read or they can create other crafts to bring the book to life. For instance, creating a character out of play dough can be a lot of fun. Making a costume based on your child’s favorite character can also help. Even if you want to keep things simple, you can print out pictures to use as coloring pages.

9. Mix Books with Videos
Today’s kids really respond to media, which is why it is important to mix books and videos. This doesn’t mean you should skip the book if you find a video of it. Rather, you should read the book and watch the video. This will help children see that videos can be different than the book and can help children learn to compare and contrast. If a child particularly loves a book, then finding a video can help expand on the story, which is a great way to boost the love of the story. You might also find story time videos that read to your child, so they can hear the story read in different ways.

10. Book Club
Kids love to do things that other children are doing, which is why a book club is a great option to help improve your child’s love of reading. Book clubs can be created for kids of all ages, which is what makes it so much fun. You can also start a book club in your community or find one that already exists online. These clubs usually require a book a month to be read, but it gives children the opportunity to discuss the book. It also allows them to learn to discuss books with others, even if they have opposing opinions to your child’s.

Reading can help take your child far in life, which is why encouraging them to read is imperative. However, there are lots of great options to help you inspire your child to love reading. These tips won’t cost you a fortune, which can make reading even more enjoyable for the entire family.

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