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Spring Activities You Won’t Want to Pass Up

The groundhog may have declared six more weeks of winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for all of the fun you’ll have during the springtime. Spring is a great time to get more fresh air and enjoy the time you have to move your body, embrace nature, and feel your best. Best of all, many of the spring activities you come across will be free of charge or low cost, which will allow you to enjoy the season all the more.

1. Gardening
It might be too cold to plant now, especially with the recent freezes that affected the nation. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin planning your garden. You might consider thinking about what plants you’d like to grow this season. Before you choose, consider doing a little research to see which plants grow best in your area. Even if you can’t plant right now, you can start a few seedlings so you can begin the planting process as soon as the season begins. Seedlings can even be grown in sustainable ways, which will make it a lot more fun to get started early. You can use an old egg carton to start and potting soil, which makes a great project for children too. As they grow, you can keep them in a window seal or under a grow light.

2. Spring Sports
Spring is bursting with sporting events, which are perfect for kids. Most community centers will offer sports at a low cost, which will allow you to sign up your children without having to worry about your budget. Of course, older children might be able to enjoy sports in school, which is perfect for the budget as well. Spring is home to soccer, basketball, and even early baseball season, which gives children a variety of things to do. On top of that, you’ll be able to help your child enjoy exercise while teaching responsibility and teamwork.

3. Puddle Jumping
All of the Spring rains might leave you inside more often than not, but they do offer an exciting activity that you won’t want to miss out on. That is puddle jumping. If the weather is warm enough and the rain has eased or stopped, then jumping in the puddles can keep kids busy for hours. Let’s face it, it’s a lot of fun for adults too. Puddle jumping will inspire kids to get outside and go for a walk. They can also jump in the mud in their own backyard. Of course, you will need to make sure to bathe or shower after this activity as rainwater isn’t as safe as it used to be. All the same, this free activity is perfect for most ages so entertaining won’t stress you out.

4. Insect Hunting
During the Spring, more and more insects begin to make their way out of hiding or hatch from their eggs. Although we may only see a select few insects in our everyday lives, there are so many that we can discover if we choose to look for them. Many insects can be found in damp places and aren’t too far from our own homes. If you’re not sure where to spot an insect, there are guides online to help you locate them. You can even make a scavenger hunt sheet of insects in your local area. Once you find one, take a picture and then learn all about it. This project can take all spring and may even lead into the summer months, which makes it a great option for families that enjoy getting out and about on weekends.

5. Kite Flying
Spring is the ideal time to go kite flying. With the wind blowing and the air more comfortable, you can get hours of entertainment out of a kite. You can enjoy kites on so many levels too. For instance, you can build your own kite to help add to the fun of the occasion. There are a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to the kite, and plenty of tutorials online to help you on your way. You can even create a sustainable option that you won’t feel guilty about recycling if it breaks. Flying a kite can be done in most places, which will allow you to get out without spending a penny.

6. Create a Fairy Village
If you want to add a little magic to your garden then a fairy village is a great way to go. You can use a village to help bring some fun to your child’s life while helping to make them feel like magic truly is around them. There are many ways to create a fairy village. To begin with, you might consider using recycling to create small homes that can create the illusion that a fairy resides there. You can also purchase little homes. The Dollar Tree had a few of these available, so you might start your journey there. However, a quick online search will help you find some great options. You can add the homes in slowly with small pieces of accessories to help inspire kids to check out the village daily.

7. Flower Art
With the flowers out to admire, you might want to preserve some of the beauty by making flower art. There are many ways to approach this to help make your Spring all the more beautiful. One of the most common forms of art is pressed flowers. This will allow you to easily create something you can display year after year to help remind you of the beautiful flowers you saw. If you’re not sure how to press flowers, it isn’t as complicated as you may think. There are tutorials to help you every step of the way. Of course, you can also use flowers to paint, paint flowers, create flower crowns, and so much more. You’ll plenty of ideas online if you’re feeling uninspired. There are so many options to choose from though that you may not get to all of the art before the season is over.

8. Cycling
There isn’t anything quite like a cruise on your bike. Going cycling is one of the best ways to enjoy everything that spring has to offer. May it be riding down the streets of your neighborhood or taking in the fresh air by the beach, a ride can help you unwind while helping you to get some exercise in an eco-friendly way. You can also consider taking your bike out on a harder path to ensure you get your body moving with ease. Bikes tend to go on sale during the spring months as well, which will allow you to shop for the family without spending a small fortune.

9. Clean the Garage
Spring cleaning is a big part of the spring months because it helps us to get ready for the rest of the year while helping to bring a little clarity to life. So, cleaning out the garage might be a wonderful way to help you feel confident and prepare for what the busy spring and summer months bring to the table. When you clear out your garage you should consider getting rid of items that do not bring you joy. For instance, if you have old decorations that you haven’t put out in years, then you might consider donating or selling them. Old clothes are a great thing to get rid of, as is some of your old sports gear that might not work properly. There are many things to consider when you clean out the garage, so make sure to take your time so you can feel comfortable with your progress.

10. Entice the Birds
Birds can bring a lot of joy to springtime, especially as they migrate back home and begin the process of creating nests for their young. If you truly want to celebrate the spring months, then you might consider catering to the birds a bit. You can entice them by setting out bird feeders, which can be made at home for next to nothing. There are lots of tutorials online to help you along the way. If you want to go even further, you might consider setting out a bird bath to bring in even more birds. Of course, simply planting your garden and putting out seeds can help bring in the birds.

Spring is the perfect time to get out and have fun. You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time during this month. These ten ideas are just the basics and can easily be added to if you grow bored of them. You’ll also find that as you explore more during the spring you’ll find plenty of other things to do.