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Ten Popular Chains Offering Family Packs During Covid-19 Quarantine

Right now, going to a restaurant for a break isn’t exactly an option in many states. In states that have reopened, it still isn’t possible for restaurants to fully pack the house as they may have before. Unfortunately, ordering takeout can really hit your bank account hard. Between grabbing something everyone will like and ensuring everyone gets enough, you could end up spending $50 to $100 every time you order food and have it delivered. Luckily, there are some restaurants going the extra mile during these hard times by providing customers with a family pack of food. This provides you with everything you need to feed a family of four for less than it would cost to feed two adults at a restaurant, in most cases. So, if you need a break from cooking, don’t worry. These restaurants are ready to help you out.

1. Denny’s
Diner food can be a real comfort to many people, which is why Denny’s has been one of the country’s most popular restaurants for decades now. With the restaurant open every hour of every day of the year, we’ve come to rely on it when we’re in need. It isn’t hesitating to help out now either. The restaurant has many family deals for you to take on. One of the most popular deals in the family size grand slam which gives you everything the dish offers for the whole family. Since Denny’s portions are pretty big to begin with, your family won’t feel hungry after this. They are also offering hamburger specials and a special that mixes burgers and breakfast items, so you can get a little something for everyone. All of these specials are under $30, with the exception of the Lumber Jack Special which rings in at $32. You will find dessert packs, beverage packs, and packs of side dishes for cheap, too. There are even grocery items on offer. The website is working with companies to offer free delivery too, or you can do curbside pickup.

2. Taco Bell
If you’ve been missing out on Taco Tuesday, or taco any day of the week for that matter, then Taco Bell has you covered. You can purchase their taco pack which provides you with everything you need to build your own tacos. This pack is said to feed six, so there’s plenty for everyone and it will only set you back $25. If you still want more, they do offer bulk deals, like their party nacho box or their party boxes which feature tacos and burritos. Taco Bell is known for low prices, so you won’t spend too much no matter which route you choose to go. Taco Bell offers free delivery and curbside pickup now, but their drive-thrus are still open if you prefer to keep it old fashioned.

3. Panera Bread
When it comes to comfort food on a rainy day, Panera Bread will have you covered. This restaurant offers a family pack for just $30. This pack offers half a sandwich and soup or mac n cheese for four. They even have kids’ options on the pack, so you can customize to make sure everyone is happy. Of course, you can still order the website’s family pack of soup too, which comes with bread. Their bagel packs are an easy breakfast for the whole family, as well. You’ll even be able to purchase grocery items from the restaurant. Currently, you can have Panera Bread delivered in some areas, but you can also pick it up from the restaurant, too.

4. Cracker Barrel
Home cooking can be a great comfort in times like these, which is why Cracker Barrel has some great options for you to choose from. The restaurant has some of its top-selling dishes available, which will make everyone feel like they’re visiting grandma’s even though they can’t. Some of the options you can choose from are chicken and dumplings or meatloaf. You can also find options like chicken tenders and fish. Each of these meals comes with two sides, which will complete the dinner to grandma’s standards. There is also a breakfast option for those hoping to enjoy some of the restaurant’s most popular treats. Cracker Barrel is offering contactless pickup, as well as delivery.

5. Panda Express
If your Chinese food craving is getting the best of you then you might want to check out the deal Panda Express has for you. Right now, when you order from the app, you can get a family meal for just $20. With this deal, you’ll get three large entrees as well as two sides, which will keep everyone happy. However, right now, Panda Express is offering a limited menu. So, there is a good chance that some of your favorite items might not be available. They are still offering their more popular dishes like orange chicken and broccoli beef.

6. Burger King
As soon as self-isolation orders began, Burger King really stepped up its game. The company started to order family deals that only set people back a mere $12.99. This deal includes 6 sandwiches and 3 fries, which is enough to feed quite a few people. As the self-isolation period went on, the restaurant decided to add more options to the mix. Now, there are bundles with chicken sandwiches, burgers, nuggets, and fries that will only set you back $20 or $25, depending on your choice of the bundle. If you’re craving fast food, then this is one of the most frugal options you can go for. Plus, the restaurant offers free delivery or you can pick it up from their drive-thru.

7. KFC
KFC has always been about the bundles when it comes to family meals. Right now, they’re offering a $30 deal that features your choice of either piece of chicken or twelve tenders. With this meal, you’ll also receive four biscuits and three of their large sides. Of course, they do have other family bundles you can enjoy too. If no one can agree then the $5 fill-up boxes won’t set you back too much either. These feature an entrĂ©e, side, biscuit, cookie, and drink, which is more than enough for most people. KFC is currently offering delivery too, which will help you stay safe and satisfied during the self-isolation orders.

8. Jack in the Box
Your favorite late-night craving spot is offering some great bundle deals too. This will help you get some of your favorite junk foods without spending a bundle on the option. The restaurant has two different boxes for lunch or dinner which include burgers, chicken sandwiches, tacos, fries, wedges, and so on. You can also find a breakfast box, which is perfect for mornings that are just a little hectic to even worry about cereal. All of these boxes are reasonably priced and will help cut back on some of the stress of prepping meal after meal.

9. Red Lobster
When it comes to seafood cravings, you might be surprised to learn that Red Lobster is offering some major deals for your family. You can find platters of seafood or chicken options, which will help fill up the family. There are fried options as well as healthier options too, which will help you plan for your family’s needs and wants. Each meal comes with two sides and their infamous cheddar biscuits, which will allow you to easily enjoy the restaurant experience. There are meals that start pretty cheap and those that are pricier. However, you’ll still end up spending less on these meals then you may have spent on two meals at the restaurant. You will also find platters of the restaurant’s most popular appetizers, which makes a great snack for kids. Finally, you can grab a whole cake or another dessert to make the meal stretch even further.

10. Baskin Robbins
If dessert is what you’re really after, then Baskin Robbins is the place to order from. Right now, the ice cream parlor is offering a DIY sundae kit that is great for the whole family. This amazing kit comes with your choice of two different ice cream pints. You will also receive one hot topping, like hot fudge or caramel. Then you can choose two side toppings from their huge selection of treats. Finally, you will receive a whole can of whipped cream, which can be used for other sweet treats, if there is any left.

Restaurants right now are really doing all they can to make your life easier and to keep their restaurants afloat. These amazing deals are certainly a treat for all to enjoy though, especially since the price tag won’t leave you hurting. So, enjoy a meal out every once in a while, because being at home and constantly cooking can really be exhausting.