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Celebrate Gifts From the Garden Month with These Frugal Ideas

May is Gifts from the Garden Month, which couldn’t come at a better time. Between everyone being bummed out over the coronavirus quarantine and Mother’s Day coming up, you can probably use a few gift ideas to help spread some joy and love. If you have a garden, then you already have a wealth of things you can gift to those that you love. These ten tips are only scratching the surface as to the numerous things you can make from your garden. After reading this article, you might find a variety of fun ideas to help you truly use the bounty that your garden provides for you.

1. Bouquet
Without a doubt, a bouquet is probably one of the more obvious gifts that you can provide for those that you love. If you have any flowers growing in your yard then you can easily whip up something beautiful for the people that could use a little cheering up. There are many ways to make a bouquet too, so you can easily create one to suit every personality. If you’re not sure how to begin then there are lots of tutorials online to help you get started. You might even consider making a special wrap or a vase to put your bouquet in. Even if you don’t give up the bouquet as a gift to someone else, learning how to make one will become a treat for your own house. This is especially true if you master how to mix colors and scents.

2. Framed Flowers
Another way to utilize the flowers in your garden is to turn them into beautiful works of art. One of the best ways to do this is to press the flowers you bring in. If you don’t want to waste the flowers, then simply place them in a bouquet until they begin to wilt. Then, press the flower between two pieces of paper and put something heavy on top of them. Once the flower is flattened, you can place it in a picture frame. One of the best options for this is to use a frame that uses two pieces of glass, so you can see through the frame. However, if you don’t have a frame like this then you can use a printed image to help bring out the beauty of the flower. Scrapbooking paper is one of the best ways to find a beautiful paper with ease and can even allow you to embrace themes.

3. Potpourri
Drying flowers can add so much to them and will allow you to display flowers without having to feel guilty about the waste. Once the flowers in your home begin to wilt, pull them out of the water and cut them from the stems. Then set them out on something that allows them to dry. It is important that each flower has its own space as it may not dry evenly if they are pressed against other flowers or stacked. When the flowers are all dry you can mix them with other types of flowers to create a great potpourri mix. This mix can be placed in a breathable bag for use in drawers. It can also be used to burn in a wax burner or placed in a bowl to create a beautiful scent in the home. Your potpourri mix can even be used to help bring extra charm to gifts.

4. Produce Basket
Right now, food isn’t the easiest thing to come by. Grocery shopping can be a little scary and a lot of the time items aren’t even in stock due to panic buying. Even if you’re getting groceries delivered or brought to your vehicle in a curbside delivery, you may find the items you order aren’t there. So, if you have produce in your garden then a basket might be a fun gift for many people. Simply place the fruits and veggies in a basket and you have a gift that many people would appreciate. You can even place the items in a bag if you’re low on baskets, crafting supplies, and so on.

5. Jams
If you have excess fruit in your garden, then you might consider getting into the jam game. This can be easily done at home if you have the supplies on hand. However, you can purchase canning supplies without spending a small fortune if you’re careful. Once you have your supplies and a general idea of the process then use your excess fruit to make some jams that everyone is going to love. You can play around with flavors, use beautiful jars, or even jam interesting items like jalapenos. This process might even keep you busy and entertained if you’ve been feeling down during the self-isolation period. Jams can last for quite some time too. Plus, they give a burst of sweetness to the day, which can’t be a bad thing.

6. Flavored Alcohol
When it comes to gifting for adults, especially during a quarantine, nothing says you care quite like some flavored alcohol. Best of all, this project doesn’t even have to take a lot of effort if you’re just looking for something easy to give. All you need for this is alcohol that you can purchase in bulk. Think harder liquor though like vodka, tequila, and gin. Then, work from the produce you have in your garden. For instance, you can make an apple pie drink with apples and vodka. There are lots of recipes online you can try out too. Best of all, you can give the gift as soon as you make the mixture, just make sure to give a date in which the alcohol can be consumed. After trying a few recipes, you might find that this is a fun hobby too, and will allow you to stock your own bar with interesting drinks your guests will love.

7. Infused Oils
If you have a foodie on your list then making some infused oils is a great way to share some of your garden with them. The fun thing about making infused oils is you can really go crazy with it. Of course, you can also keep it simple too. Some of the most popular options are to add some herbs to some olive oil. This makes for a great treat when cooking. You might also consider adding garlic, jalapenos, and other flavorful produce or herbs to the mix. This oil is great for cooking, but you can also use it to make snacking on bread even better. There are recipes online if you really want to get into your creations though.

8. Seeds/Cuttings
Your garden has the capability to make new gardens too, which can be a great gift to anyone hoping to put their free time to work outdoors. One of the easiest ways to provide the gift of gardening to others is to take seeds from your own plants. For instance, you can easily grab sunflower seeds or collect seeds from strawberries, bell peppers, and more. If your plant doesn’t provide a visible seed, or you want to help someone start out with a large plant, then cutting is a great idea. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this, so you might want to start by looking up the plant you hope to provide a cutting of. Learning this process can also help you improve your own garden, which is a true gift to yourself.

9. Herbs
Most people love to add flavor to their food, so if you really want to provide a helpful gift then herbs are a great option. Getting to the store to purchase fresh herbs isn’t exactly in the cards for so many people, so providing cuttings of your herbs can help supplement for a lack of groceries. However, you don’t have to keep things fresh if you want your herbs to go a bit further. You can also dry them out and place them in a container for people to use. This is probably a better idea for those that you simply can’t provide directly for. The herbs will still taste great though and will have a longer shelf life.

10. Pet Rock
Not everyone has a green thumb. Of course, sometimes the weather, soil, and other elements simply don’t provide for a fruitful setting. In this case, you can still use your garden to create a wonderful gift. If you have rocks in your garden, then you’re already off to a great start. All you have to do is paint the rock to resemble a pet. You can get really creative with this too, which is part of the fun of the gift. If you know someone crafty then you can also create a pet rock kit for them so they can enjoy the fun too. Sending someone a fun pet rock is a great way to lift spirits though, even if the item takes them off guard.

May is a great time to dig in the garden and since so many have extra time on their hands, it might be wise to transform some of your items into gifts for those you care about. These ten ideas will help occupy your time while allowing you to enjoy the things you grow even more. This will truly help you gain a better appreciation for Gifts from the Garden Month.