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Ten Tips to Consider During National Diabetes Month

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you have a history of it in your family, or you’d just like to learn more about it, you’ll find that National Diabetes Month will help you out quite a bit. There are a lot of things you can do to help with your diabetes or to help those who have been diagnosed when you’re around them. These ten ideas will make October and November the best time to learn about diabetes, find new ways to stay on track with management and so much more. So, get ready to find some money-saving tips to help make your life even more efficient and frugal in the fight against diabetes.

1. Prevention is Key
One of the key things to realize when it comes to diabetes is prevention is key. That means, you should make sure to go to yearly screenings, so if you are becoming prediabetic your doctor can address the issue quickly. Another way to start early prevention is to have a DNA test to see if you have a marker for diabetes. This will increase your chances of getting the disease, so you can make adjustments to your diet straight away or see a nutritionist get you squared away. There are many dietary steps you can take early on to keep your body in good health. It is also wise to start your child on these dietary restrictions. As they grow, they will make healthier choices that will reduce their chance of getting the disease.

2. Exercise
Exercise is another key point to focus on when it comes to diabetes. Regular exercise can help you to keep your diabetes in check while managing your weight. There are many ways to get into shape too. For starters, you can join a class at a discounted gym or find a walking or jogging group to keep you busy. If that doesn’t suit you then there are a lot of great exercise classes online to choose from. Of course, you should have a conversation with your doctor before you choose to engage in new exercise routines. This will allow you to know you’re doing what’s right for your body at all times.

3. Be Restaurant Savvy
Restaurants can be a real problem when it comes to keeping up with your diabetes. It is tough to make wise decisions when you’re tempted with such delicious food. If you struggle in restaurants, then one of the best things you can do is take the time to the look at the menu before you arrive. You can easily find an option that is suitable for your dietary needs and set your heart on that dish. This will prevent you from dealing with the temptation while you’re in the store. It will also allow you to make sure everything is going to suit your dietary needs. Of course, if you’re not certain, you might ask a restaurant about its diabetic options. Many restaurants will have a special menu or know the proper alterations to make to suit dietary needs.

4. Weigh Your Dieting Options
As you probably know, your diet is going to be a huge part of your life when you’re working to manage or prevent diabetes. There are so many diets to consider these days, but not all of them are going to work for you, nor are all of them good for you. Instead of just relying on a diet, you might want to do your research first. This will allow you to make a more educated choice. However, it is also crucial to speak with your doctor before taking on a new diet when you’re working with diabetes. You might be referred to a nutritionist that will help you get in the groove of things without making you feel like you need to start a trendy diet.

5. Look for Alternatives
One of the worst things that are going to happen when dealing with your new dietary needs is seeing all of the sweets that you can no longer have. Of course, if you’re a bread fanatic then you’re going to be feeling the blues too. Luckily, there are so many alternatives out there that you can actually enjoy, which won’t leave you feeling like you’re missing out. There are numerous blogs and even magazines dedicated to helping you find a safe and delicious recipe that is perfect for satisfying your cravings without spiking your blood sugar. There are even alternatives to bread, which can help you find a solution to all of your lunch needs.

6. Insulin
There are have been many horror stories about insulin prices on the internet, which might leave you wondering if you’re going to be able to afford the care you need if you have diabetes or develop it in the future. One of the major problems with insulin is how insurance companies handle it. You can easily have much of your insulin paid for with insurance, but you’ll end up spending a small fortune on your own to cover the rest. However, if you present your prescription from your doctor a pharmacist at Walmart and ask them to process it without insurance, you’ll end up spending a mere $25. Some of the other pharmacies in your area might also allow you to enjoy a similar deal, so you might want to call and ask around before you purchase.

7. Maintain Healthy Sleep
Sleep can be your best friend no matter what is going on with your body. However, most people don’t get enough sleep in their life. From stress to health issues, you’ll find that getting a good night’s rest has more to it than you think. However, if you have diabetes or you’re trying to prevent diabetes, you might find that you’ll need to work on getting more sleep a bit harder than others. Luckily, there are numerous ways that you can help improve your sleep. Diet and exercise are one simple way to get a start on better sleep. You might also want to check to see that you’re sleeping on the right type of mattress. Once you have these issues taken care of then you might look into deeper techniques. For instance, you might try using lavender and other soothing smells. Yoga and meditation can also lead to deeper sleep. There are so many helpful tips though that you will have a lot of options to choose from when trying to find the right method for you.

8. Reduce Stress
Stress can be another huge contributor to the state of your diabetes. So, when looking to help improve your life and your blood sugar levels, you might consider finding yourself a hobby or activity that will help you reduce stress with ease. For instance, meditation is a great activity that can help you engage your mind while figuring out new ways to reduce stress. Of course, almost any hobby you pick up will have properties that will reduce stress while allowing you to focus on something more important. This should help you manage your life better, which will improve your overall health. You might find yourself worrying less about your diabetes too, which might even help you lead a more fulfilling life.

9. Track your Food
Eating the right diet isn’t going to be enough to maintain the health you need to keep your blood sugar levels on the right track. You’re also going to need to learn how to track what you eat. This will mean keeping a food journal. Luckily, there are lots of ways to do this in today’s day and age. For instance, you can download an app that will help you with this. There are actually apps that make it very easy to keep track of everything with very little effort on your end. Of course, if you don’t like dealing with gadgets, you can easily find a notebook to help you out. There are even notebooks specifically designed to write down foods and how many carbs, calories and so on that they have.

10. See Your Doctor
Without a doubt, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to see your doctor. If you’re diabetic or prediabetic then make sure to go to your doctor when you have questions or concerns. Your doctor will be able to steer you in the right direction so you can get the care you need without any guesswork. Of course, keeping an appointment is also very important, especially while you’re still learning to manage your diabetes. If you’re pre-diabetic or concerned about diabetes, then you might bring up your concerns with your doctor to see if you need extra care. You should also make sure to get your routine checkups.

National Diabetic Awareness Month is the perfect time for you to learn more about diabetes and how you can help improve your experience. These tips will definitely allow you to save some money and feel more confident about your experience, while also helping you to spread awareness. So, make this month the perfect time to share your knowledge, so you can help others save money and frustration too.

Ten Life Saving Hacks For Your Kids On Rainy Days

With autumn arriving, its time to start thinking about all of the wet weather that comes with the territory. Sometimes, an unexpected rain shower is enough to leave kids in a total mess. Even the storms you know about can cause problems, especially on school days. There are a few ways that you can beat the rain without having to spend a fortune on lots of rain gear that is only going to be used every now and then. So, get ready to be prepared for the unexpected because these ten ideas will take your preparedness levels to a whole new level, which will save you quite a bit of frustration.

1. Plastic Bags
Plastic bags are bound to become your best friend when you’re dealing with the rain. You might want to start keeping a few bags in your car for unexpected rain showers. You can start out with an average-sized trash bag. With a tear here and there, you’ll have a poncho that will keep your child mostly dry. The trash bag can even cover your child’s backpack in most cases, which will help prevent your child’s homework from becoming sludge in the bottom of the backpack. Smaller grocery bags are the perfect option for shoes. Simply slip them over your child’s feet and tie them securely. The bag will prevent mud from ruining your vehicle while the bag itself will keep little feet nice and dry. If you have older children then you might keep a couple of bags in an emergency kit for them, so they can handle the issue before leaving school.

2. Wet Wipes
If you want to keep things a little manageable then wet wipes, whether it be a brand or homemade, are a great item to have at your fingertips. You should try to keep a pack in your travel bag as well as your car. These wipes are especially great when it comes to the rainy season. As soon as your kids get in the car, they can wipe away the mud, before it becomes too big of an issue. They can also wipe their faces and hands since rainwater isn’t always the best for the skin. Once the kids get out of the car, you can even use the wet wipes to clear up some of the muddy mess that stuck around.

3. Pack a Dry Bag
One of the best assets you can have, no matter the time of the year, is a dry bag tucked away in your car. You can use a simple tote, grocery bag or even a backpack to help create the perfect dry bag for you. Your dry bag should have a wide variety of things in it too. Most importantly, you should have a set of extra clothes for all of your kids. This can help if your kids end up drenched due to a downpour or if they happen to get wet before even heading inside to class. Apart from clothes, you might also keep a towel for everyone. This will help kids dry off and can even be used to protect your car from wet bodies. Apart from that, a blanket might be a great idea, especially if the weather is cold. You don’t want to risk kids getting sick during cold and flu season, so a blanket can really do a number to help prevent this.

4. Waterproof Bag
These days, most backpacks don’t come already waterproofed and those that do are definitely more expensive. This can be a huge problem if your child gets caught in the rain before or after school. A wet backpack means wet homework and other important papers that you may have needed to read. Worst of all, if you pack your child’s lunch in a brown paper bag then there’s a good chance much of it will be smashed and soggy before lunchtime. There is a quick and easy solution to get rid of this problem though, which will definitely make everyone’s life easier. All you have to do is scotch guard the bag or use a similar treatment and your child’s lunch box and you’ll be set. This should really change the way your child goes to school.

5. Umbrella Bag
Umbrellas are a great touch when its raining. However, when you close the umbrella after use, you’re going to be in for a mess. This can be a huge problem when getting into a vehicle or placing the umbrella in a locker for the day. An umbrella bag doesn’t have to be anything spectacular either. All you need is a simple bag that will cover the umbrella completely. This will allow you to protect your belongings from getting wet. You might also have children keep an extra bag in their locker so they’ll always have one to use, which will allow the used bag the chance to dry out.

6. DIY Rain Clothes
Rain clothes can be incredibly expensive, and kids grow really quickly. So, if you don’t deal with rainstorms for more than a few weeks out of the year, you might consider making your own DIY rain clothes. All you need to pull this off is some waterproof fabric or fabric that has been treated with a waterproofing material. From there, you can easily make a pair of pants, a poncho and other styles without a whole lot of effort. Best of all, the clothes can be slipped over your child’s other apparel which will allow them to enjoy the school day without extra layers. There are also lots of great tutorials online that will help you find the perfect items for your family.

7. Pack Spares
One of the best things you can do is pack spare items for your family. For instance, folded up ponchos can be found in many department stores and most sporting goods stores. These items are perfect for placing in a backpack, locker or even the car. Once you use the item, you can easily fold them up and use them again, which is more than convenient. Portable umbrellas are also a great option to have around. These can also be folded up and stored without taking up a lot of space. Of course, just keeping an umbrella in the vehicle can help you keep the rain at bay when moving from one place to the next. If its rainy season, you might also consider keeping some rain boots in the car, so you won’t have to miss out on any fun due to the rain.

8. DIY Stroller Cover
Walking with your little one can be a hard task if there is a sudden downpour to deal with. Luckily there is a great way to solve this problem. A stroller cover will help you protect your little one from the water, so you can get to your vehicle or home without worrying about your baby getting drenched. Purchasing a stroller cover in stores can be very expensive though. Luckily, there are many great ways to make your own stroller cover. One way is to simply use a tarp to cover the stroller while you make it home. However, if you’d like a solution that won’t leave the baby in the dark then you might want to consider using a clear shower curtain. There are many tutorials online to choose from too, which will help you choose the perfect match for you and your stroller.

9. Rain Hats
A rain hat can be one of the easiest ways for you to ditch rain accessories. These hats are especially great when it comes to toddlers. The hats are generally made out of the same material as a raincoat, but they offer the protection that a sun hat does. This can actually help keep clothes dryer while also protecting the face from the rain. Apart from that, these hats can save you from having to use an umbrella, which is great if you have toddlers to contend with.

10. Collect Umbrellas
Even though umbrellas can be a pain to deal with, they are one of the best ways to keep the whole family dry. So, you might try to start collecting umbrellas whenever and wherever you can. For instance, if you catch a sale on umbrellas then grab a few. This will save you money, but it will also allow you to be prepared for rain whenever it arrives. Your collection can be dispersed between the house, car, work, school lockers, backpacks and so much more. Plus, if your kids end up losing one of the umbrellas, you’ll have a spare on hand to make sure everyone is covered.

The rainy season can be frustrating if you don’t have a lot of time for cleaning up. Plus, no one wants to feel soaking wet, especially after a long day of work or classes. These ten ideas will help you set up for success, so the rainy season won’t leave your family feeling uncomfortable or vulnerable to colds as the chilly weather sets in.

Celebrate National Sewing Month with These Cheap and Easy Projects

If you’re new to sewing, then you might be hesitant to begin since so many sewing projects can cost you an arm and a leg. On top of that, you might find that they are intimidating to those just learning the ropes. Luckily, there are a lot of great projects that you can take on while just learning how to sew, whether you’re working with a machine or just using a needle and thread. So, instead of shying away from improving your skills and having some fun in the process, you might try out some of these ten exciting projects during National Sewing Month. Before you know it, your skills will shine, and you’ll be ready to take on more intimidating projects.

1. Tote Bag
This season, tote bags are a huge fashion statement. Not to mention, they’re very convenient for just about everyone. So, if you’re looking for a project that will totally be efficient then this is a great option. Tote bags can be made from nearly any material, so you can customize the fabric to suit your own style. This is perfect because you can make a great fashion piece out of the bag, or you can use it for a trip to a beach. Totes are also perfect for simple diaper bags or sending your children to school with a cute look that is easy to keep neat. You can even use your tote for groceries to help save money on bags while also saving the planet. Totes are incredibly easy to make too. There are tutorials online to help guide you, but you can also buy a pattern if you’re a little worried that your measurements will be off. You will fall in love with this project though, to the point that you might find yourself surrounded by bags.

2. Napkins
Another very simple item to make is a napkin. A lot of people don’t use fabric napkins because they can be expensive, and many people don’t want to clean them. However, if you make your own napkins you might start to enjoy using fabric instead of wasteful paper. You can make napkins out of a huge selection of fabrics too. This will allow you to make seasonal options, as well as some that will match your dining room’s décor. Apart from that, making napkins will save you money on paper products, so you’ll quickly start to see savings that will make your budget flourish. Napkins are great items to practice on too because if you mess them up, they make amazing cleaning rags. This can save you even more money and will help reduce waste.

3. Decorative Pillows
Decorative pillows are one of the best ways to add a little pizzazz to your home’s décor. These pillows are lots of fun to show off too, especially if you put your own heart and soul into them. Luckily, decorative pillows are one of the easiest projects to pull off for beginners. You can make them out of just about any fabric too. One fun way to make these pillows, without spending hardly any money, is to use an old t-shirt. You would be surprised just how amazing this project will turn out and will allow you to hold on to some of your favorite tops even when they don’t fit or are damaged. As you progress in your skills, you might even consider learning how to sew letter pillows. This can be a fun challenge that won’t cost you a fortune, either. If you become talented enough in making pillows, you might even be able to sell some of your spares for a little extra money.

4. Gift Bags
With the holidays coming up, you might consider learning how to sew gift bags. These bags, much like totes, are totally simple and can really make a gift to a whole new level. Best of all, they can be made in an assortment of sizes, which will allow you to customize your gift bag to suit your needs. Some of the best items to make a gift bag for are smaller trinkets though. Of course, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a gift, then you can always make a bag to fill with snacks and other treats. The unique bag itself might become the star of the show whenever you pass out gifts. Plus, your homemade bag will mean less waste, which is another good reason to embrace this craft.

5. Headbands
Headbands are a huge craft trend now, especially when they’re made for little girls. These adorable hair accessories are easy to find just about anywhere, but you can save money on them when you make them yourself. Plus, you can customize them to suit your style. There are lots of cute headbands to choose from too, with numerous tutorials online to help you figure out where to begin. You might even find yourself looking for appliques and other fun things to add to your newly sewn headbands. If you find joy in making the items, then you might find yourself selling them to others in the community or your very own online shop. So, have fun with this one, because you can never have too many hair accessories for you and your little ones.

6. Dress
Ambitious fashionistas will love trying to make their own dresses while learning to sew. This is actually one of the easiest garments to make, so you won’t have to stress out about engaging in anything overly complicated while you are still learning. There are many simplistic dresses that will suit you though, so don’t be afraid to try out a few patterns to see what works for you. You can use a selection of materials too, so your fashionable side is sure to shine. Once you get the hang of some of the more simplistic dresses then you will easily be able to try something more complicated. Children’s dresses are especially easy to sew though, so you might start practicing there. If you can, watch out for sales at stores. You might find a great deal on patterns that will make your sewing hobby even more fun.

7. Costumes
Another fun way to add to your sewing hobby is to sew costumes. This is perfect for kids that love dress up or simply for Halloween. You might start out with some easy costumes. For instance, a cape and superhero mask are fairly easy to pull off and will keep kids busy for hours on end. Once you get the hang of the easier costumes, you might consider amping things up. You can choose from princess dresses, pirate costumes or even animal designs. There are lots of patterns you can buy for this, but you can also use your imagination to see where things go. You might have so much fun with this craft that you won’t have to buy the kids as many toys to keep them busy.

8. Dolls
If you have kids or know families with kids, then making your own dolls might be a great way to stock up on gifts. There are some pretty basic dolls to choose from, which will help you wet your feet with the craft. These rag dolls tend to be very simplistic and have faces that are painted on or made with buttons. They are very soft and cuddly though, so children that are young might love them as a nighttime treat. As your skills improve, you might try your hand at sewing more complex dolls. You can also try your hand at making stuffed animals, which is always a nice gift for most children. After some time sewing on this type of project, you might even feel confident about selling your items.

9. Storage Containers
Another adorable craft that you might try out is storage containers. These unique little caddies can be made out of an assortment of items for a variety of different things. One of the most common containers to make is a diaper holder. These can be hung in the closet or anywhere else that is convenient. Another popular option is for toys. This is especially true for stuffed animals because it gives kids a secure spot for their most prized possession. You can even make a storage container for your phone, which can be used while it charges. The sky is the limit here, as is the fabric choice, so have some fun with your innovative designs.

10. Scarves
Nothing brings out your fashion sense quite like a scarf. Although traditional winter scarves are usually knit, you can still easily sew a fashion scarf to suit your needs. Infinity scarves, for instance, can add a lot to your wardrobe without forcing you to overheat. They can also save you money on unnecessary jewelry since the scarf will steal the show anyway. Best of all, the scarf is simple to sew, so you can make tons of them to suit every occasion. You can even make them in kid sizes, so the whole family can match if you please.

Sewing can be one of the most beneficial hobbies to pick up. Even though some projects might cost you an arm and a leg, many can actually save you some money. These ten ideas will get you started on your love of sewing and will ensure you have lots of fun in the process.

Ten Ways to Get Rid of Your Leaves This Autumn

Autumn is just a week away, but the signs of fall are already springing up all over the place. One of the first hints that you might be noticing is the leaves changing colors and falling. Although it’s a beautiful sight, the cleanup efforts for this lovely change can be a pain in the neck. There are many ways for you to deal with all of the leaves that will soon be covering your yard though. These ten tips will help you save some money while helping you to get your yard nice and clean for the upcoming icy months. So, enjoy the beauty instead of stressing over how you’re going to get rid of it.

1. Decorative Bags
After raking up all of the leaves in your yard, you might wonder what you might do with them afterward. One simple idea is to stuff them in a decorative bag. Many stores will actually sell Halloween bags, which generally feature pumpkin faces. However, if you’re feeling creative, you can always use a plain black bag and decorate it to suit your needs. You’ll want to use a sturdy bag for this project though, so that you will be able to keep the décor up until Halloween is over. You can even choose bags that can be turned into turkeys or other Thanksgiving-related themes. Another option is to toss the leaves in a burlap bag, so you can make a scarecrow for the season. Your leaves should sit throughout autumn if you bag them well. This will make the leaves easier to recycle or compost later on too, which will make your life even easier.

2. Mulch Them
Even though the leaves might seem like a nuisance while you’re cleaning them up; they’re actually very beneficial for your yard. Leaves make an incredible mulch that will help your lawn and garden grow immensely. So, this year, instead of spending hours raking, just get out the mower and get to work. The blades from your mower will cut up the leaves, which will allow you to use it as mulch. You can leave the leaf cuttings where they are to help improve your grass. However, if you want to use them for the garden then you might consider adding a bag to your lawnmower to collect the shredded leaves. You can also just rake them up and move them where they need to be. The mulch from the leaves will definitely save you some major money though, as you might not have to mulch again for some time.

3. Composting
If you’re into composting, then the leaves in your yard will give you some amazing materials to add to your compost. All you have to do is rake them up or shred them and gather them! From there, simply add them to your compost and wait for planting season to arrive. They will have all winter to decompose, so you’ll have lots of fertilizer to use when planting season does arrive. This will allow you to have some awesome fertilizer too, which will make it one of the best planting seasons yet. If you don’t have a compost and you’re interested in getting one started, then you’re certain to find it easier than you think to make one up for next to nothing.

4. Gutter Guards
There’s no doubt about it, leaves and gutters aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. This is especially true if you’re not a fan of clearing out the gutters multiple times a year. If you live near a lot of trees, then you may even find yourself clearing the gutters more than once a month during the beginning days of autumn. Luckily, there is a solution to the problem. That is, gutter guards. This innovative contraption actually blocks your gutters from debris, like all of those falling leaves, while still allowing rain and snow to pass with ease. You can purchase gutter guards at an affordable price, but you also might be able to invent your own if you’re feeling like a challenge.

5. Ditch the Plastics
When it comes to saving time and money, you might find that plastic bags aren’t going to be your best option, especially if you just plan on discarding them. Plastic bags are surprisingly hard to work with. Simply putting leaves into the bags can take some time, which might leave you wondering if there is a better solution. Plus, the plastic bags aren’t great for the environment, so you’re just throwing away money while adding to your carbon footprint. If you really want to make things easier then consider using a tarp. Simply lay the tarp out on the ground and take the leaves into it. From there close the tarp and dump it into your compost or green waste bin. You can fold the tarp up and use it again next year or use it for other things around the house.

6. Craft With Them
You don’t have to dispose of all of your leaves, which might add a touch of fun to all of the leaf madness going on. There are a ton of cool craft ideas that you can try out too, which can help keep the whole family busy when the weather doesn’t warrant an outdoor play. One fun idea to try is a leaf bowl. You can actually shape your favorite leaves into a bowl by mod podging them onto a bowl you already have. Once they’ve dried, you’ll have a lovely interior bowl that looks amazing. You might also frame some of your favorite leaves, which will make great autumn decorations. You might even include where the leaf was found and who discovered it. There are so many other crafts to choose from though, so make sure to browse around online so you can find a cool idea that will suit your family’s interest or your decorative needs.

7. Use For Fireplace
Your leaf collection can actually be a huge asset in the winter months. If you have a fireplace, then you’re going to be able to spend a lot less money on fire starters. Simply bag your leaves and then let them dry out. You can place the dried leaves in the fireplace to help make your fire more efficient on exceptionally cold days. This method will help you get rid of your leaves without worrying about composting. Plus, burning the leaves in this manner is eco-friendlier than just burning them all at once. Of course, if you’re worried about smoke in the house due to the leaves then you might want to use them for your fire pit or even take them along to a campsite.

8. Make It a Race
Although doing the work to clear the leaves from your yard might not sound exciting, you can make it a fun family affair. For instance, you might gather up the family and have them work as a team to clear the leaves. You can even make it into a race to see who can clean up the most leaves at the fastest speed. Of course, you might find yourself dealing with a few leaf fights and some leaf pile jumping, but it will definitely help to make the chore memorable. Plus, it will help children learn how to take care of the yard, without making them feel like they’re being punished or given an extra chore.

9. Insulation
If you have plants that tend to bloom in the winter, or annuals that you don’t want to die out over the freeze, then you might consider using your raked leaves to keep them warm. Simply add some to your flower bed before a big freeze arrives and you’ll be blown away by how much this can actually help. You can even do this for younger trees that you feel might not make it through its first winter. The leaves will help keep the ground from freezing, which can ensure your plant is able to sustain the cold. If you keep your leaves in a storage container then you can replace them in the bed as needed. However, you should make sure to remove them when the weather does perk up as they can stop your plant from getting the sunshine and water that it needs. If you have chicken coops then you can also use the leaves for insulation and bedding too, which can help save you some money over the winter months.

10. Recycle Them
If you don’t plan on composting or using the leaves you collect in your yard, the next best thing you can do is recycle them. Most cities offer a yard waste bin, which will allow you to easily discard these items. Generally, the city takes green waste to a special facility that turns it into mulch that is used throughout the city. So, by recycling your leaves, you’re doing your part to make your city look and feel amazing. This can definitely help with conservation goals your city might be trying to reach too, which means you’ll soon enjoy fresher air because of it.

When it comes to getting rid of the leaves, you don’t have to throw money at the problem. Purchasing fancy devices to clean them up faster or even hiring someone won’t cross your mind after you try out some of these tips. You definitely won’t feel as burdened by the process, which can make autumn even more inviting.

Ten Companies That Will Send You Freebies For Your Review

If you love to save money and try new things, then the internet offers you a wealth of ways to do so. One of the ways you can score some free things is to sign up for programs that will send you free things in exchange of a review. This will allow you to satisfy some of your home’s basic needs while also getting some cool items to keep you entertained too. Of course, finding websites that do this can be tough if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. These ten suggestions will give you a rundown of exactly what you should check out if you’re looking for some freebies while also keeping your household budget down.

1. Amazon Vine
When it comes to programs that offer a huge selection of freebies, Amazon Vine is probably one of the best programs to join. However, there is a catch when it comes to this website. You have to be invited. All you have to do in order for this to happen is write high-quality reviews for the products you use. You also have to be a bit patient because it can take some time to get the invitation. Once you are invited, you will have to fill out tax information as you will receive a W-2 from Amazon for this program. Each item you choose to try out will have a tax value to them, but they are usually much cheaper than the actual cost of the item. Sometimes, you can even find items with no tax value at all.

2. BzzAgent
BzzAgent has been around for quite some time, so you know it’s a trustworthy website. Before you can begin getting your freebies from this service, you have to sign up. From there, you’re going to be asked to fill out a lot of surveys. Some of the surveys will earn you some points while others are designed to match you with products. Eventually, the website will send you some free samples to try out, which can range from household goods to snacks. Of course, you are required to post a review of the product online. Sometimes, you will be asked to post a video or selfie of yourself with the product too. The more reviews you get, the more products you’ll be shipped. You might even find the quality of the products increases as your loyalty to the program shows.

3. Beta Bound
If you’re tech-savvy and you love to try new things, then Beta Bound is going to be a great option for you. This website is designed to allow users to try out new apps, games and so much more. You don’t really have to do a lot in order to enjoy this website either. Simply pick something you’d like to try out and give it a shot. Then, when you’ve explored the item and have formed an educated opinion leave a review. You might not be able to try out all of the betas you’d like, but the more you participate the better your chances. You never know you might get to try out the next great app or game.

4. Pinch Me
If you’re looking for something simple, then Pinch Me might be the perfect option for you. This website allows you to fill out a quick survey about your family so it can match you to products. Then, you can go through the products offered to you and pick which ones you would like to sample. The products are sent to you for free, which will make the deal even sweeter. Once you get the products and try them out, all you have to do is fill out a quick survey on each one. It’s really that easy. This is perfect for anyone hoping to try new things without blowing money on them.

5. Homeschool
Homeschool parents will rejoice when you try out this remarkable service. The homeschool service allows parents and teachers to sign up for the service in order to receive free books and products to test out in the home classroom. You can easily plan a course around the materials provided for you or you can alter your syllabus to suit a new class. Once you try out the books and classroom products, simply leave a review on how you felt about them. This can definitely help improve the way homeschool classrooms operate in the future and will allow you to broaden your little classroom’s horizons. Of course, the free materials will also allow you to save a bit of money since you won’t have to deal with shopping for as many classroom materials as you may have before.

6. MomSelect
This program is another option that is perfect for the household. Again, you’ll have to fill out a survey letting the service know what you’re interested in. From there, you will be emailed about programs available to you. All you have to do is pick the programs you like and follow the rules. Some of the programs will send you products for reviews. While others are designed for you to host parties or attend a brand event. No matter how you choose to participate in MomSelect, you’ll be able to enjoy new products and take a part in the market that you often shop in.

7. Influenster
Influenster is another great program to get into if you love receiving free products in the mail. Unfortunately, this program is limited, so you’re not always guaranteed to receive the VoxBox, which is what the company uses to send your awesome freebies. When you do qualify, you will be sent full-size products that will suit your needs. From there, you’ll need to write an honest review of the products. Even if you don’t qualify for the VoxBox, you can still use the website to suit your needs. For instance, you can check out honest reviews before you spend your money on a new product. This can help you cut back on your own spending because you’ll be less likely to buy something that is going to disappoint.

8. Toluna
Toluna is another great website that will send you some great samples. However, you might not be able to get all of the products you want due to high demand. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the website though. As a matter of fact, you can still fill out surveys and participate in other product reviews that can earn you points that can be turned in for gift cards and more. The website is designed to help you become a huge part of the marketing community so you and your household’s needs can be heard. You never know the gift card incentives might even help you meet some household needs or simply get a head start on holiday shopping.

9. Daily Goodie Box
If you love surprises in the mail, then you’re going to love Daily Goodie Box. This amazing service sends out goodie boxes every single day, so when you sign up you’ll find something special in the mail soon. This program will actually send out full-sized products so you can actually get the full effect of every product you choose. Best of all, you won’t have to spend a penny on the box, nor will you have to enter a payment method at any time. All you have to do when you get your product is leave a review. You can review the product itself, the box and so on. You might be asked to post a video or a photo of you and the product too, so if you don’t mind this then you’ll be all set for the program.

10. Popular Brands
If you’re not interested in receiving samples from new brands, then you can always try to get samples from those that you already love. For instance, if you write in or email brands like Kellogg’s, McCormick and more, they will often send samples to loyal customers. You can also try signing up for samples with brands like Sephora. You might have to try several times in order to get recognized by the company, but it will definitely be worth it when the samples come in. Some brands might even put you on a panel which will allow you to review new products, so you can change the future of the products you purchase from your favorite companies.

You might not believe it, but free products can be found in so many places. If you’re willing to write reviews, you might be surprised by how many amazing things will come your way. So, check out some of these cool programs, because your house will definitely benefit from all of the supplies that come to your front door.

Cheap Home Improvements You Can Do On Your Own

Taking care of a house can be a lot of work. On top of that, the price tag of adding improvements can truly add up and cause you to stress out. The biggest part of upgrading your home is the handy workers you have to hire to get the job done. This can cost you thousands of dollars, which might actually outweigh the amount that the improvement adds on to your home. Luckily, there are so many things you can actually do for your home that won’t require you to spend a huge chunk of your paycheck on workers. With these ideas permits, construction costs and so much more won’t even be on the table, so you can simply enjoy the fruit of your labor. So, get ready to brainstorm for your home, so you can start transforming it little by little into your dream house.

1. Add a New Backsplash
Backsplashes are pretty popular right now because they look amazing. They can really transform a home and add a pop of character that you may have otherwise never been able to pull off. On top of that, can hide the unsightly back of the sink that can’t seem to maintain paint. Apart from adding a touch of style to the home, backsplashes are also very easy to clean, which will make your life so much easier. Of course, one of the best aspects of a backsplash is how inexpensive it can be. You can find the backsplash already pieced together in many stores. However, if you’re feeling ambitious then you might also consider buying small tiles and piecing it together yourself. No matter how you choose to do your backsplash, it should be pretty cost-effective. Plus, you can look up tutorials for free or get advice from your hardware store, so you won’t overthink the complexity of the project.

2. Paint Cabinets
You don’t have to swap out your cabinets to get a new and exciting look. Instead, you might consider adding a fresh coat of paint. A coat of paint can actually make old and worn out cabinets look brand new again, which is great because its entirely cost-effective. You can paint your cabinets to suit a specific theme too if that’s the direction you would like to go in. Sometimes, this will also allow you to cut back on the changes you need to make for the theme come to life. You might also consider using nice chalkboard paint to accent some of the cabinet doors. This will allow you to plan out menus, make grocery lists and so much more.

3. Replace Light Fixtures
Just because you move into a house with certain light fixtures doesn’t mean you have to stick with them for the duration of your time in the home. As a matter of fact, swapping out light fixtures is one of the easiest ways to make your home look better while also boosting the amount its worth. Light fixtures won’t cost you a lot of money either, which will definitely cut back on the burden of improving the home. Best of all, actually installing it isn’t going to leave you crying on the floor in frustration. All you need to do is cut the power, disconnect the old fixture and add in the new one. Okay, so it is going to be a bit more complicated than that, but there are plenty of tutorials that will make it seem like a walk in the park.

4. Replace a Toilet Ring
If you’ve ever had a toilet ring go bad, then you know the frustration it can cause. Waiting on a plumber to come out and fix the problem can be a pain in the neck too. Worst of all, you’re going to spend a small fortune on the bill for such a simple task. If you go to any home improvement store, you will find toilet rings at a low price. You might even grab two just in case you mess up on the first attempt. Then, you shut off water to the toilet, remove the excess water with a shop vac or a special gel. Finally, remove the old ring, place the new down and reset the toilet. There are lots of handy tutorials online to help you through this task, which will certainly make your life easier. Once you’ve changed the wax ring once, you’ll never want to call in a plumber to do the job again.

5. Wooden Wall
Adding a wall to the home can be time consuming and expensive. Plus, it requires expertise and permits that can take quite some time to get. On the flip side, adding on to a wall to give it a new and exciting look is much easier than you think. If you love cozy rustic settings, then you’re going to be in for a real treat when you add a wooden wall to your home. All this requires is some wood, paint, pallets, and nails. You might look at several tutorials before you get to work though, so you can make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. For starters, you might have to swap around a few of the steps if you’d prefer a log cabin feel opposed to a classic barn setting. The task shouldn’t take too long either, so before summer turns into autumn, you could have the extra cozy home you’ve always dreamed of.

6. Replace Window Trim
If you’re living in an older home, then you might not feel crazy about the way the window trim looks. Old trim can be cracked, boring and a bit of an eyesore. You don’t have to keep up with the old trimming that the home came with though. There are so many ways to upgrade that won’t cost you much at all. You might first start with mending and painting the trim if you don’t mind the style of this. A little love in this regard can leave the home looking like a classic while still offering the new feeling. However, if you can’t stand the trim altogether then you can easily take it down and add something new. There are lots of tutorials to help you get started to. You might even find something that helps to conserve more energy as well.

7. Paint Your Tiles
Believe it or not, but you don’t have to live with the tiles that the house came with. Of course, you also don’t have to rip them up to replace them with new ones. Painting tiles has become a huge trend lately and it offers a budget-friendly way to redecorate without spending weeks on the project. Before you start on a painting project, you might consider deep cleaning your titles first. When they’ve completely dried then you’re set to start on your project. You can use just about any color you would like too, which gives you incredible freedom. Painting tiles can even allow you to paint murals on the floor if you’re feeling dedicated. When you’re finished with your masterpiece, seal it and enjoy the cheap and amazing change you’ve brought to your home.

8. Patch Your Drywall
Without a doubt, drywall gets damaged over time. May it be from an accident moving furniture, rowdy kids, or extreme water damage, you’ll eventually have to deal with the problem. This doesn’t mean you need someone to come in to do your handy work for you. Instead, all you have to do is cut around the hole until all of the edges are even. Then, add some spackle to the hole and let it dry. Finally, paint it and you’ll be as good as new. Of course, if you’re dealing with a larger hole then you will have to take some more steps in order to get the project finished. Its nothing to stress over though. Instead, find a few tutorials to help you find your way. You’ll be surprised how easy it actually it and will feel quite powerful when you can do the job on your own.

9. Install a Roll Out
One of the main problems that people have with their cabinets is there seems to never be enough space. You can have a huge kitchen with lots of storage and it still probably wouldn’t be enough to satisfy. That is where a rollout comes in. This simple device actually fits inside of your cabinet. When you’re looking for something in the cabinet, it rolls out to reveal all of your items. No longer will you have to bend over to find the things you need in a dark space. Most rollouts also come in layers too, which will make it simple to get even more space out of the cabinet. You can purchase roll-outs online for a fairly decent price, but you can also build them yourself. There are lots of easy to follow tutorials online, which can help you find the right design for you.

10. Shampoo Your Carpet
Let’s face it, carpets get pretty dirty over time. Stains develop all over the place and the color will eventually begin to transform into something that isn’t always loveable. You don’t need to replace your carpet right away though. Instead, you might consider learning how to shampoo your own carpets. You can rent a machine to do this, but if you find yourself cleaning stains often then you might just want to break down and purchase a cleaner. They’re not incredibly expensive though, so the machine will pay for itself after a few uses. Plus, you’ll be thankful to have it around during the rainy season when mud seems to find its way into every fiber.

Improving your home is always going to be an endeavor for a homeowner. However, it doesn’t always have to be a costly experience. These ten ideas will help you to improve the appearance and comfort of your home, as well as its value. So, don’t wait to get started on a fun and exciting way to make your house more you.

Autumn Decor Trends That Will Make the End of 2019 Amazing

Autumn is just a few short weeks away, but many people are already decorating for this remarkable season. There are so many cool new trends to check out this season too that you might find yourself spending some time choosing what you’re going to use to decorate. Unfortunately, this might mean spending quite a bit of money on your autumn décor. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, then you might consider a few of the cheaper options that are trending this season. These ten ideas will help you enjoy decorating for the season while keeping your budget in mind.

1. Bring out the tree
Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be just for one holiday. In fact, you can use it from autumn until New Year’s if you really want to. This might make decorating a whole lot easier for you too, especially if you find it hard to initially get the tree out of storage. For autumn, decorate your tree in colorful leaves, acorns, and other autumn-inspired themes. When Halloween arrives, add some fun ghosts, cats and monsters to keep the tree festive. Then, transform it into a thankful tree with turkeys, cornucopias and so on. If you don’t like adding your décor to your green tree, then you might consider looking for a black faux tree or one that had an autumn-inspired color scheme. Since you’ll use the tree year after year, the purchase will be worth the money in the long run.

2. Wheat
This season, wheat is the star of the show when it comes to autumn décor. This amazing crop tends to pay a huge role in most people’s lives, so it only makes sense that it would be a part of this season’s trends. You can find faux wheat at just about any craft store for next to nothing, which is great because you can use wheat for so much. For instance, you place wheat in a flowerpot for a simple look that will highlight any room. You can also make it into a wreath, which will make your home look fantastic throughout the holiday months. Apart from that, it can be laid on tables as a centerpiece or spread out on the mantle for an autumn theme you won’t be able to resist.

3. Pops of Pink and Purple
You might be surprised to find that this season there will be a few colors that aren’t actually traditional. Purple and pink are going to be a huge trend during the fall months, which will add lots of charm to your home. Of course, the purples and pinks shouldn’t take over all of your autumn foliage. Instead, you might add bits and pieces of the color to your home. You might start by bringing out the autumn décor you already have. Then, from there, add in some pops of pink with roses and maybe some purple lilacs. These colors will add an exceptional amount to the classic colors that you’ll already have out. This will allow you to shop for just a couple of items too, so you won’t spend a lot on décor.

4. Pumpkin Décor
Autumn and pumpkins seem to go hand in hand, which is pretty good news when it comes to your décor. It doesn’t matter if you plan on using real pumpkins or the fake ones as you’re bound to make your home look amazing. Real pumpkins can only be used for a short while, but if you want to decorate them then you might consider adding paint or appliques to give the pumpkin some style. If you are planning on doing jack-o-lanterns then make sure you hold out until Halloween is closer, unless you plan on making several throughout the season. Faux pumpkins offer a wide assortment of different options though. For starters, the pumpkins can be placed around the house to add warmth and charm. You can also cut into faux pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns that can be used year after year. Small pumpkins can also be used as centerpieces for the table or can line the mantle or other tabletops to add the perfect look for your autumn months.

5. Tartan
This season, plaid is going to be just about everywhere. So, if you want to make a bold statement in your home then you’re definitely going to want to add some tartan items to the home. If you already have some plaids, then you’re already in great shape. If not, then there are going to be a huge selection of beautiful items to choose from. One option for decorating is to simply drape a blanket over the sofa or a chair. This will add charm with little effort. You can also invest in pillows that are great to use throughout the winter season too. Apart from that, you might consider tartan placemats or fabric napkins, this will make holiday meals feel warmer while keeping your home in fashion. As far as color is concerned, any tartan will work, but there will be some amazing autumn options to choose from if you’re hoping to keep things festive.

6. Tin Planters
If you love the country look, then the tin planter’s style is definitely going to be right up your alley. This exciting trend is designed to show off of a rustic vibe, but it won’t cost you a fortune either. If you already have tin planters at home then pull them out and put them to good use. If not, you might be able to find them for cheaper at a gardening store or agriculture store opposed to a craft and hobby shop. These planters can be left out on their own for a fun style, but they look even better when you pair them with autumn flowers. For instance, you can plant mums, sunflowers, dandelions and more in the great planters. If you’re not one for keeping up with plants, then use faux flowers for a look you can use over and over again.

7. Bring in the Leaves
Leaves are an undeniable part of autumn. So, why not use them to add to your décor. There are so many things you can do with leaves, which will definitely make you autumn décor stand out. If you’re trying to stay on a budget, then you might consider a few crafts. For starters, you can make a leaf bowl that can be used year after year. Leaf rubbings are also a fun craft that the kids can get into. You might even consider finding some amazing leaves to put in a frame during the autumn season. Apart from that, you can purchase faux leaves to add to the fun. These leaves can be strung throughout the home or used on a mantle. You can also make a wonderful wreath out of them. There are so many options to choose from that you’re bound to feel excited as you begin to plan out your décor options.

8. Candles
If you’re ready to really amp up the warmth in your home, then candles are the perfect way to do it. Candles can be purchased in many different ways too. For instance, you can buy them in bulk or you can make your own. If you’re making your own then you can always add the special autumn details to the mix, which will definitely make your candles look even more festive. Apart from buying or making candles, you might consider getting a wax burner. This tends to make the scent you choose last longer, which will help you get more out of your money. Plus, the wax pellets are much cheaper than purchasing a whole candle. Candles allow you to base your scent on your home’s desires too, so you can enjoy pumpkin pie and coffee or more natural scents like apple orchard or fresh rain. This can truly amp up the comfort of your home.

9. Go Floral
Even though leaves are falling, and most plants won’t be in bloom, you’ll find that floral décor will still make a huge difference in your home. However, you might aim to use flowers that tend to be in season during the autumn months. Your best option is to go with faux flowers if you’re looking to save some money. These flowers can be used year after year too, so you will always have something pretty to show off when the weather begins to change. One of the best ways to incorporate flowers into your home is to connect them together and drape them on your porch and entryways. This adds a touch of elegance, while still making the exterior of your home festive. You can also make a wreath out of your floral options to add to the charm of your home. You can bring these decorations inside the home too and place them on your mantle, table and so on. Of course, if you want to put in some work then plant your own autumn flowers and watch them come to life every time autumn arrives.

10. Embrace Halloween
If you’re itching to pull out your Halloween décor then do it! Scientists recently published a study stating that decorating early only shows that you’re a happier person and doing so can lead to even more happiness. So, let your spooky flag fly and share your community all of the cool decorations you’ve gathered. Plus, Halloween items hit stores in July now, so if you can purchase them that early, then why not put them up that early too. You’ll only get to enjoy the holiday a little longer, which can truly help you get through the madness of the upcoming holidays that tend to weigh heavy on the budget.

Decorating for autumn can be more fun than you would expect. These ten tips will help you enjoy the trends that the season brings, while also allowing you to save some money. After trying out a few of these ideas, your home should be more than ready to take in the crisp days of fall.

Kids Toys That You Can DIY For Amazing Savings

Kids toys can really cost you a bundle, especially since they outgrow them so quickly. Luckily, there are numerous toys that you don’t have to purchase from a store. As a matter of fact, there are so many cool things you can build for your child or even help your child build that will certainly make them forget all about the things they find in stores. These ten toys are great little projects for just about any parent and can help your child feel even closer to you. Best of all, in most cases, you won’t have to worry about spending a ton of money on these projects as you can easily make them with items you find around the house. With a little DIY and some love, you’ll find your kid’s new favorite toys are the ones you made with your own two hands.

1. Dollhouse
A dollhouse is probably one of the most iconic toys for many children. A dollhouse can be one of the cheapest toys to make too because you can use a wide variety of things to make it. If you’re on a low budget, you can even start a dollhouse out of a simple cardboard box. You can even make furniture out of other recyclables, which will help make the dollhouse even more special. If you want to put some money into the project, then you can easily transform old furniture into a dollhouse or you might want to pick up some scrap wood and build it from scratch. If you’re not great at building things on your own, there are dollhouse kits you can purchase. These are a bit on the pricier side, but you get to follow the step by step instructions which will make your life easier. The dollhouses also have furniture you can purchase and make.

2. Toy Kitchen
Most young kids love playing in the kitchen. There are already kitchen sets that you can easily buy for your children, but they tend to be a lot more expensive than you would expect them to be. Luckily, you can whip up a cute kitchen that is right up your child’s alley in no time. If you have a lot of cardboard boxes lying around, then this is a great start. With some colored paper and markers, you can turn these items into an oven, stove, and refrigerator. Of course, if you’re looking for something more durable then you might plan to build the kitchen out of a piece of old furniture. There are lots of tutorials and ideas online to help you out with this. You can even print out pictures of food to help save one that expenditure too.

3. Dolls
There are so many different dolls to choose from, which makes it very easy for you to make a good selection of dolls for your children. One of the easiest dolls to make is paper dolls. You can do this with origami, or you can print out the dolls as well as some fashionable clothes for them. Dolls, especially those for young children, are very easy to make out of socks too. These are great items to cuddle with it, but many children hold onto them for keepsakes for quite some time. Another fun way to make dolls with kids is to make felt dolls. These are popular in Japan and allow you to use felt to piece together cute dolls.

4. Puzzles
Kids can’t get enough of puzzles, but if you purchase them from stores you’re more than likely going to have to deal with missing pieces and so much more. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to make a puzzle. If you’re working with a younger child, then you might cut and sand some pieces of wood into the shapes you want. Then, you can paint them to form simple images that children will love to work with. The puzzles don’t even have to be in special shapes for toddlers, as you can keep it simple with just painted blocks. Older kids are a bit trickier though, but if you have a printer you’ll be in good hands. All you need is to find a puzzle online, or simply use an image and run it through a puzzle app. Then, print the image and place it on a piece of cardboard. From there, use an Exacto knife to cut out the pieces. This is incredibly cheap and won’t leave you bummed out when half of the pieces disappear.

5. Playdough
Without a doubt, playdough is probably one of the most common toys you spend money on. Of course, this toy is often left to dry out or mixes with other colors to form an unrecognizable mess. After you toss out container after container, you might find that you’re sick of wasting plastic and money on the brand name dough. Luckily, you can actually make your own playdough at home. This is as easy as mixing salt, flour, and water and then placing it in an airtight container. You can even use your old playdough containers to hold it. This playdough gives you the freedom to make almost any color you’d like too, which will definitely come in handy. You can even add glitter, sequences and more to suit your child’s tastes.

6. Kite
Kites are a timeless toy that is a great way to get kids to enjoy the great outdoors. Apart from being lots of fun, the autumn and spring weather is the perfect time to craft them and fly them. Simply choose a rainy day to start the craft and kids will be occupied for a little while. Then, on a windy day, take them and let them fly. There are numerous ways to make kites too, so you can always experiment to see which works best for you. The fun part is letting the kids decorate as it will make them feel more connected with their toys, so they will appreciate them more and learn that there is more value in hard work than just going to a store and purchasing something.

7. Chalkboard
Kids love to draw and a chalkboard is one of the best places for them to channel their creativity without destroying the house. Large chalkboards can be pretty pricey though, which might make you think twice about buying one. However, if you purchase a can of chalkboard paint, you’re good to go. You can make a chalkboard out of just about anything, including a wall. If you don’t want to paint on walls or furniture, then you might consider purchasing a board and painting that to keep the kids happy. Apart from that, you can always go even cheaper and have the kids just draw on the sidewalk, which can be just as much fun and can give them plenty of space to enjoy themselves.

8. Musical instruments
Music is one of the most stimulating things for children. So, let them explore their creativity with some music instruments of their own. One of the best ways to fulfill this need is to give them some pots and pans and let them have some fun. Pots and pans make great drums and can keep your child busy for hours, as long as you can handle the noise. You can also create your own instruments. For instance, a paper towel roll filled with rice or beans can make great noisemakers that kids will love. You can also make your own drums, guitar and so much more. If you’re at a loss for ideas, there are so many sites dedicated to children and music that you’ll find more than what you need.

9. Sensory Board
Toddlers are always learning and growing with their environment. If you’re having trouble keeping a little one busy, then you might want to make them a sensory board. This board can be made out of just about anything too. The goal is to add items that use textures or make noises. For instance, a chain lock will bring lots of curiosity to eager minds. You can also add doorknobs, bicycle bells, things that crinkle and so much more. If you make the board adjustable then you can swap out items frequently to keep the board fresh and new. This should help keep your growing mind busy without getting into trouble.

10. Dress Up Toys
Dress up is an important way for kids to broaden their minds and improve their creativity. Dressing up to be a wide variety of characters help children have fun while learning more about themselves. One way to help them have fun is to provide them with items that will make them feel more the part. For instance, if you make capes then children can feel like superheroes in their element. You can even customize the cape to suit their specific needs. There are tons of designs that you can sew and allow kids to wear. Of course, you might also throw in old Halloween costumes to add to the mix. If you can, find Halloween costumes on clearance too, which can add to the collection. You can always alter them to make them into new pieces or help them suit your child’s growing needs.

Helping children grow and learn is one of the best aspects of parenting. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your children though. There are tons of toys you can make that will save you money while allowing to help your child get the most out of childhood.

Quick Tips to Own Fall Fashion in 2019

It might not be autumn yet but fall fashion has been in the works since early spring. Right now, everyone is rushing to get the perfect look to show off during this incredibly fashionable season. Unfortunately, keeping up with the fashion trends can leave you in a financial crisis if you’re not careful. There are a few ways that you can get around the problems though. These simple tips will allow you to find your own fashion needs while ensuring you can handle your budget with ease. So, get ready to be the trendsetter you were born to be, because these tips are bound to point you in the right direction.

1. Embrace Your Purples
This season purple clothes are all the rage. Oddly enough, purple usually isn’t a fall color, so you should actually have some purple clothes in your wardrobe from springtime. These clothes can easily be altered to work with cold weather too, which will help save you some money on new looks. Of course, if you do want to invest in new clothes, then you might stick with items like sweaters, which can be worn year after year. You should also consider dresses that can be suitable for all seasons. For instance, a sleeveless dress can be paired with a cardigan for an easy autumn look and then can stand alone when warmer weather arrives. You might also consider dying some of your clothing. This is easily done and will allow you to show off your creative side.

2. DIY Bag
Bags are going to be all the rage this year, which gives you a lot of options to work with. Primarily, the style is going to be large totes and small clutches. These items are both a breeze to make, which will help save you a ton of money if you’re willing to put in a bit of effort. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns online too, which will allow you to mix things up as you please. The best thing about making your own bag is you get to choose the fabric and overall color scheme. This can be especially great if you love to customize things too. For instance, you can make a wide assortment of details like pockets, appliques and so much more.

3. Shop Thrift Stores
This year, a lot of the biggest trends will actually be easy to find at your local thrift store. You might even be able to rustle some of the items up from the back of your parents’ closets. Gothic florals are going to be one of the top items on the fashion list. These are darker colored dresses with floral prints that aren’t particularly vibrant, but still, bring a bit of elegance to your look. Another look that is going to get you noticed is styles with puffy sleeves, which were pretty popular in the 80s. Anything with shoulder pads is going to bring you a defining look too. Of course, just because you buy the items at the thrift store doesn’t mean you have to keep them that way. You can easily alter anything you purchase to have a more modern or personal look.

4. Grab a Nice Belt
Showing off your waistline is all the rage this fall, so a good belt is going to be a necessity. Your best option is to shop for a belt that can be swapped to reveal a different color, as this will allow you to mix and match with ease. Another option is to find unique items that can be used as a belt. For instance, if you love tassels then hit a hobby shop and find one that would make a great signature piece. You can also make your own by braiding fabrics, yarn or any other material you choose. Your belt can be paired with a blazer, baggy top, or even a dress.

5. Patchwork
Those patches on your childhood ripped-up jeans aren’t something to shutter over anymore. Now, patchwork is going to be a huge thing that you’ll want to have on just about everything you own. The best thing about patchwork is it is incredibly cheap to pull off and you can use a huge variety of fabrics to suit your own personal styles. Of course, one of the most common things to put patchwork on is your jeans, so you might start your journey there. However, once you get the hang of sewing on patches, you can easily move on to sweaters, dresses, tops and anything else you please. You might even invest in a large jacket and add some patchwork for a little more of a fashion statement.

6. Feathers
If you can’t get enough of the diva vibe then you’re bound to love this year’s feather trend. You’re going to be able to find feathers on just about everything, which can be pretty exciting if you love to add a touch of color to your style. There will be a lot of different options on the market to choose from, but you don’t have to buy everything off of the rack. Instead, you might consider picking up a boa and adding the feathers to some of the items you already own. For instance, you can add the feathers to the hem of your jeans, on a hat or even around the collar of a jacket. There are countless options for adding feathers to clothes, so you might look around and find inspiration from some of the hottest trends.

7. Large Jackets
Large jackets are another major thing that is going to be taking over this autumn. Everything from trench coats to oversized men’s jackets will be on the market for women. This trend can be very efficient though, as it will help keep you warm and comfortable in the winter months. However, the trend can be rather pricey, so you might want to consider only purchasing one jacket or shopping for a secondhand item to suit the trend. Apart from jackets being large, you might want to look for one with shoulder pads. If you don’t have any luck, then its totally easy to make your own for next to nothing. Thus, you can save a little cash by doing your own DIY upgrades.

8. Shop For Shoes Carefully
Shoes can be a real problem when it comes to the trends this year brings. Platforms are going to be all the rage this year, which might not sound thrilling to a lot of people. You can work around the trend though without sacrificing the entire look. For instance, you can choose platform shoes that have a very low heel. This can help make walking a lot easier for you while still giving you the look you desire. These shoes tend to be cheaper than those with huge platforms too. However, if the look isn’t up your alley at all, then shop functionally and find a couple of looks that will pair well with the styles you own or plan on buying.

9. Bring out the Gold
Gold is going to be a hit this year, so you’ll definitely want to show off the gold you own. If you don’t want to spend money on golden inspired clothing, then you can easily create this fashion by bringing out your favorite gold jewelry. You’ll want to show off hoop earrings, bangles and accent pieces that really make you stand out. If you want to add a little bit extra to your style then look around for a thin, golden belt at a thrift store. You can also make an assortment of hair supplies using a golden ribbon. Your options are endless here, so make sure to have some fun with your look.

10. Alter Your Clothes
The best way to keep up with fashion is to be a designer yourself. Instead of merely shopping for other people’s work, which can be very pricey, you can really show your creativity and help your personality shine. One of the easiest things to add to your clothes is shoulder pads. These are a huge trend this year and take very little effort on your end. Of course, if you feel like putting more work into it then you might consider making ruffled sleeves, asymmetrical necklines or adding a feather to your clothes. You can also try dying some of your items to give them a fresh new life. Allowing your creativity to enter your autumn wardrobe, will certainly make your fashion sense incredible.

Fall fashion doesn’t have to be a quick way to spend all of your money. These tips will definitely help you to make the most out of your budget while creating a trendsetter look that will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. This year, your fashion sense is definitely going to be the talk of the town and will add lots of confidence to your life.