Ten Companies That Will Send You Freebies For Your Review

If you love to save money and try new things, then the internet offers you a wealth of ways to do so. One of the ways you can score some free things is to sign up for programs that will send you free things in exchange of a review. This will allow you to satisfy some of your home’s basic needs while also getting some cool items to keep you entertained too. Of course, finding websites that do this can be tough if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. These ten suggestions will give you a rundown of exactly what you should check out if you’re looking for some freebies while also keeping your household budget down.

1. Amazon Vine
When it comes to programs that offer a huge selection of freebies, Amazon Vine is probably one of the best programs to join. However, there is a catch when it comes to this website. You have to be invited. All you have to do in order for this to happen is write high-quality reviews for the products you use. You also have to be a bit patient because it can take some time to get the invitation. Once you are invited, you will have to fill out tax information as you will receive a W-2 from Amazon for this program. Each item you choose to try out will have a tax value to them, but they are usually much cheaper than the actual cost of the item. Sometimes, you can even find items with no tax value at all.

2. BzzAgent
BzzAgent has been around for quite some time, so you know it’s a trustworthy website. Before you can begin getting your freebies from this service, you have to sign up. From there, you’re going to be asked to fill out a lot of surveys. Some of the surveys will earn you some points while others are designed to match you with products. Eventually, the website will send you some free samples to try out, which can range from household goods to snacks. Of course, you are required to post a review of the product online. Sometimes, you will be asked to post a video or selfie of yourself with the product too. The more reviews you get, the more products you’ll be shipped. You might even find the quality of the products increases as your loyalty to the program shows.

3. Beta Bound
If you’re tech-savvy and you love to try new things, then Beta Bound is going to be a great option for you. This website is designed to allow users to try out new apps, games and so much more. You don’t really have to do a lot in order to enjoy this website either. Simply pick something you’d like to try out and give it a shot. Then, when you’ve explored the item and have formed an educated opinion leave a review. You might not be able to try out all of the betas you’d like, but the more you participate the better your chances. You never know you might get to try out the next great app or game.

4. Pinch Me
If you’re looking for something simple, then Pinch Me might be the perfect option for you. This website allows you to fill out a quick survey about your family so it can match you to products. Then, you can go through the products offered to you and pick which ones you would like to sample. The products are sent to you for free, which will make the deal even sweeter. Once you get the products and try them out, all you have to do is fill out a quick survey on each one. It’s really that easy. This is perfect for anyone hoping to try new things without blowing money on them.

5. Homeschool
Homeschool parents will rejoice when you try out this remarkable service. The homeschool service allows parents and teachers to sign up for the service in order to receive free books and products to test out in the home classroom. You can easily plan a course around the materials provided for you or you can alter your syllabus to suit a new class. Once you try out the books and classroom products, simply leave a review on how you felt about them. This can definitely help improve the way homeschool classrooms operate in the future and will allow you to broaden your little classroom’s horizons. Of course, the free materials will also allow you to save a bit of money since you won’t have to deal with shopping for as many classroom materials as you may have before.

6. MomSelect
This program is another option that is perfect for the household. Again, you’ll have to fill out a survey letting the service know what you’re interested in. From there, you will be emailed about programs available to you. All you have to do is pick the programs you like and follow the rules. Some of the programs will send you products for reviews. While others are designed for you to host parties or attend a brand event. No matter how you choose to participate in MomSelect, you’ll be able to enjoy new products and take a part in the market that you often shop in.

7. Influenster
Influenster is another great program to get into if you love receiving free products in the mail. Unfortunately, this program is limited, so you’re not always guaranteed to receive the VoxBox, which is what the company uses to send your awesome freebies. When you do qualify, you will be sent full-size products that will suit your needs. From there, you’ll need to write an honest review of the products. Even if you don’t qualify for the VoxBox, you can still use the website to suit your needs. For instance, you can check out honest reviews before you spend your money on a new product. This can help you cut back on your own spending because you’ll be less likely to buy something that is going to disappoint.

8. Toluna
Toluna is another great website that will send you some great samples. However, you might not be able to get all of the products you want due to high demand. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the website though. As a matter of fact, you can still fill out surveys and participate in other product reviews that can earn you points that can be turned in for gift cards and more. The website is designed to help you become a huge part of the marketing community so you and your household’s needs can be heard. You never know the gift card incentives might even help you meet some household needs or simply get a head start on holiday shopping.

9. Daily Goodie Box
If you love surprises in the mail, then you’re going to love Daily Goodie Box. This amazing service sends out goodie boxes every single day, so when you sign up you’ll find something special in the mail soon. This program will actually send out full-sized products so you can actually get the full effect of every product you choose. Best of all, you won’t have to spend a penny on the box, nor will you have to enter a payment method at any time. All you have to do when you get your product is leave a review. You can review the product itself, the box and so on. You might be asked to post a video or a photo of you and the product too, so if you don’t mind this then you’ll be all set for the program.

10. Popular Brands
If you’re not interested in receiving samples from new brands, then you can always try to get samples from those that you already love. For instance, if you write in or email brands like Kellogg’s, McCormick and more, they will often send samples to loyal customers. You can also try signing up for samples with brands like Sephora. You might have to try several times in order to get recognized by the company, but it will definitely be worth it when the samples come in. Some brands might even put you on a panel which will allow you to review new products, so you can change the future of the products you purchase from your favorite companies.

You might not believe it, but free products can be found in so many places. If you’re willing to write reviews, you might be surprised by how many amazing things will come your way. So, check out some of these cool programs, because your house will definitely benefit from all of the supplies that come to your front door.

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