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10 Priceless Experiences You Should Give to Children

Children bring laughter to your life, children give you a happier marriage. But raising children is sure no easy. It is not about giving them food and clothing, nor pushing them to study to be a pianist or a doctor in the future. I do not agree with the tiger mom. I think she rasied her children in the worst way I could imagine. Maybe that’s because we have different expectations for our lives. I want my children to be happy, and be able to love in their life.

10 Priceless Experiences
1.Experience of A Happy Family
Children need the connection of a family. They need to have a feeling belonging to a family, no matter you are divorced or not. Give them a family that is happy, safe, and stable.

2.Experience Love
Love not only comes from the family. Show your love and help others in need. Your children will learn from you.

3.Tackle a problem independently
Let them solve the problem on their own. Let them try. You need to give them the guidance, but not doing it for them.

4.Participation in work
Give them a work that they can handle. Pay them if needed. They should be able to enjoy the work as part of their life.

5.Dealing with a different opinion
When children have a different opinion, listen to them, tell them to try. When you are able to listen to a different opinion from them, they will listen to yours as well.

6.Taste the failure
Nobody can be plain sailing in the entire life. Learn to accept failures. Ask them be strong. Stand up with them. Work a way out with them.

7.Go out with them
Go fishing, camping, hiking with them during the weekends. Or ride a bicycle with them if you don’t have too much time..

8.Share Your Emotions
Sharing happyness is easy to do. But there is nothing wrong to share your sadness with your children. They will learn how to deal with negative emotions from you.

9.Share Your Past
Tell them the stores in your childhood. Tell them what you did wrong or right, what you learned in the past. Children will open their hearts to you too.

10.The experience life and death
Tell them the truth about life and death. Help the young and the old that in need. Learn to respect the life.

We will continue next week for a list of 10 priced experiences you should give to children…