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Buying Toys? Amazon vs. Walmart

When it comes online shopping, most of people have the impression that shopping online must have lower prices compared to that of the local stores. Is that what you were thinking? That is what I thought. My son loves board games. I will purchase one for him once every month. Most items are from Amazon. Why? Because in my experience they always have lowest prices. Well, that’s find out if it is true. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and took pictures of 7 most popular board games along with price tags.


1. Monopoly Electronic Banking

Amazon: $28.71; Walmart: $24.76


2. Monopoly Cars

Amazon: $18.51; Walmart: $19.84


3. Monopoly Classic

Amazon: $13.45; Walmart: $11.97

4. Sorry

Amazon: $17.14; Walmart: $15.86

5. Connect 4

Amazon: $18.94; Walmart: $15.86


6. Blokus

Amazon: $24.17; Walmart: $24.97

7. Guess Who Extra

Amazon: $18.61; Walmart: $24.97

4 out of 7 the Wal-Mart store is clearly the winner with lower prices. 3 out of 7 Amazon offers lower prices, but only slightly cheaper. When you add with the sales tax, Wal-Mart is still the winner, but not much this time.

In conclusion: If you go to Walmart regularly, there is no need to buy toys at Amazon. Beside, it is easy to return or exchange items at your local Wal-Mart stores. If you don’t visit Walmart very often, Amazon is a not bad choice though. If price is sensitive to you, go visit and click on “Value of the Day” on top, you will see all price rollbacks and all clearance items. All the items here are guaranteed to have lower prices than other stores. Buy them online at and pick up at stores to avoid shipping fees.