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What You Can Get for Moms If You Have $0, $10, $20, $30, $50, or $100 in Your Pocket

Mother’s Day is May 13th. You start to get a headache because of not knowing what gifts you should get for your mom and your wife, don’t you? Here is the rule: give the gifts according to how fat is your wallet. You don’t want to get an equity loan just to buy her an expensive gift. Mother’s Day is about appreciation, about love. Say something nice to her, help her to do the laundry, or a thank you from your deep heart is probably better than any other gift.

A Gift for Free
Handmake a mother’s card with paper flowers, or dry flowers from your backyard. Write something nice on it. There are many craft ideas for Mother’s Day here. If you are too lazy to do anything, at least you can send an e-card via email. Not recommending, though.

$10 Gift is my favorite place to shop for gifts under $10. See following necklaces, only $5 or $7.50 each! They look like $100 pieces at Nordstrom, don’t you think so? For gifts under $10, the standard shipping cost is $2.99. That means with $7.99 to $10.49 you can get ne of these necklaces. There are more than 400 styles to choose from. No tax paid if you live outside of the state of California.



$20 Gift is running a 50% off sale on Bali bras. It is valid on all Bali bras! See the following beautiful bras, only $18 each! There are 41 styles to choose from today, but will be gone fast. If you shop today (4/25) and tomorrow (4/26), there is an extra 25% off everything with promo code SAVE25, no minimum purchase required. If you buy a $18 bra, minus 25% off ($4.50 off), add a $5.99 shipping, a $0.56 estimate tax, the total brings $20.05! Customized T-shirt is another way of showing your love. Print your words on the T-shirt, or soemthing special between two of you, or even a picture of your last vacation. Try CafePress or Spreadshirt, you can one shirt at around $20.


$30 Gift
If you want to get some better jewelrys, try Chicos. Their designs are very unique. Prices are from $40 to $60. But there is a 40% off coupon for Mother’s Day gift shopping. Just enter code “17424” to get extra 40% off these jewelrys, which brings the total price down to $30 to $35.

$50 Gift
With $50 in your pocket, you now have a very large selection. You can get a pair of shoes at You can get a bottle of perfume at Please don’t try to get skincares and makeups for ladies. You don’t know what to buy and you don’t know what your lady needed. Perfume is OK, as long as you buy the most popular ones.


$100 Gift
At, you can get a very decent jewelry for $100. From now to 4/30, you can get this Tanzanite Sunburst Necklace, with a matching studs for only $99! Must use promo code 38697 during checkout to receive the discounted price. There are many other $99 items to choose from, eg: Stauer Avalon Ring and Earrings, Item # 21020; DiamondAura Riviere Bracelet (20 1/3 CTW), Item # 20244; Amethyst Maiden Bracelet & Earrings Set, Item # 21747, etc. Shipping is free, no tax, all you pay is $99! So far I have not seen any other jewelry store who can provide such low prices.