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Save Money and Save Our Earth Too

April 22 is the Earth Day every year. There are hundreds of ways to save our earth, but they all start with you! Start today and conserve water, converve electricity and energy, go paperless, etc. But when it comes to shop for earth friendly products, the first thought popped into your mind might be: are they more expensive? You are probably right. Paper bags costs more than plastic bags, hybrid cars are more expensive than regular cars, organic food are more expensive too. But it is not always true. We want to list some stores that offer Earth Day discounts:

Toms Shoes
Toms Shoes is not the only shoe maker that sells earth friendly shoes. But sure it is the most popular one. There are a few $5 off coupons for you to shop online at But you can expect a bigger discount on Earht Day. Mark your calendar and shop on 4/22.

Read ebooks
Buy ebooks and save our trees! And eBooks are usually cheaper than paper books. If you are used to buy ebooks at Amazon or directly from your Kindle Fire, you are definitely overpaid. Shopping at Kobo Books can save you as much as 50% compared to those at Amazon. Plus, we have many 20% to 40% off coupons available. If you need college textbooks, try to rent one. Some 5% to 8% off coupons available on our site.

Eco-friendly Mattress
Mattresses, pillows and memory foam from Keetsa are all made from natural plants. In the month of April, you can save 5% on your entire purchase. Their mattresses are price competitive if you compare to those at Mattress Firm. For example, the best sell Keetsa Plus mattress is $471.45 for Twin, $576.45 Full, $681.45 for Queen, and $891.45 for California King.

Eco Friendly Paper
If you can’t go completely paperless, please try to use eco friendly paper, which are recyclable or tree-free. Earth friendly paper can be same cheap as normal paper. Go to to find these paper at lower cost. Many coupons are ready for you to save at

Replace Light Bulbs
When you buy light bulbs, please spend a few dollars more to get engery efficient bulbs, or compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs. They will usually save 80% off electricity: a 13 watt CFL bulb is equilalent to a 60 watt conventional bulb. Shop online and buy bulbs in bulk to save money. is the place I will recommend. You can expect a 10% off coupon once every month.

Organic Personal Care Products
It is ok to use synthetic ingredients in personal care products. In fact some synthetic ingredients are currently allowed under the USDA National Organic Program. But here are The 10 Most Unwanted Ingredients In Personal Care Products. Try to avoid them! If you can’t remember, look for “USDA Certified Organic” seal on the bottle. To celebrate The Earth Day, Taget listed all the organic personal care products on one page. You can shop with confidence at

Green Cleaning
You can find top green names, such as Simple Green, Seven Generation etc., all at Staples. Here is the page for all the green cleaning products. Staples ships to your home if your order is over $50. And there are many coupons available. You will get a better deal than shopping at your local Whole Food for these green cleaning products.

Organic Gardening offers organic pesticides products and organic fertilizer. If you are pregenant or have a little baby at home, you’d better use these safer gardening products. To celebrate The Earth Day, SaferBrand is running a 20% off discount on their entire stocks, enter code SBEARTH2 during checkout!