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12 Tips for Finding Perfect Jeans

1. Some jeans are only perfect when they are in the shopwindow. Try them before you buy. Or you will most likely regret it afterwards.

2. One size smaller is more than enough, two size smaller will kill you. What is the fun when you cannot breathe or move your legs?

3. Wear seamless panties to better show off your curves. Or don’t wear underwear at all when you are wearing a low rise jeans.

4. Dark wash denim makes you look thinner. See the left photo. You can easily tell.

5. If you think it will fit after one month of diet, then come back in a month.

6. No pair of jeans are exactly same, even with same brand, same style and same size.

7. Standard size is no standard. You have to try them.

8. Shorter jeans will make you look shorter too. And remember, jeans will shrink after machine wash. A few inches longer is a must when you buy.

9. Wear shoes while trying on new jeans.

10. Walk at least 10 minutes while trying on new jeans. Try to lift your legs high, bend your knees, sit down, etc. You will see they are comfortable or not.

11. Take a closer look at the rear pockets from a three-sided mirror. Try to select those with smaller pockets. It will better show off your hip curve.

12. If there are lots of wrinkles when you sit down, try to get one size smaller.

Here are some good places to shop.

Jeans for Casual:

For casual wears, I will recommend Levis jeans and Gap jeans.

Fashion Jeans:

For high end jeans, I will recommend 7 for all mankind and True Religion Brand.

Large Size Jeans:

For large figures, I will recommend Ulla popken, Just My Size, and