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Another 10 signs you are spending too much time on facebook

Can you imagine that 25% of Americans saids their number 1 must-have in their lives is facebook. If you have one th following sings, you definitely spending too much time facebook. C’mon, there is a real life out there. You need a real friend, a real girlfriend or boyfriend, face to face. You need play games on a real field.

1. When you see a captial letter F, you want to change it “f”.

2. When you saw a blue square box, you want to add a “f” in it.

3. When one of your facebook friends told you you can make money on facebook, you believed it.

4. When you said “I like you” to a girl, you literally means you liked her on the facebook.

5. When your parents ask you to go out and make more friends, you proudly told them you have 3518 friends.

6. You don’t print phots any more. All your photos are in Facebook.

7. You want to “Check in”, even when you are in bathroom.

8. Before you buy something, you want opinions from all your facebook friends.

9. Your facebook friends know exactly what you are doing now, and everything you did in the past few years.

10. If you are reading this article via a facebook link.