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Ten Cheap Extracurriculars Activities for Your Student’s Growth

Back-to-school days are upon us, which means students are going to be looking for extracurricular activities to fill up their free time and boost their skills. If you’re on a budget, it can be tough to help your child find the activities that will allow them to thrive as many do cost quite a bit of money. Luckily, there are lots of options that are free or budget-friendly, which can help you feel more confident about your child’s ability to embrace their interests. These ten extracurricular activities are certain to please and will even look good on a college transcript.

1. Choir
Choir, or chorus, is an activity that almost every single school offers. This activity largely involves just singing, so students participating in choir will typically spend most of their time at school. This activity is great for creative kids that love to express themselves through music. For older students or those that are chosen to participate in show choir, you may have to pay a small fee for a robe. However, most schools have these for students to use already. If your student participates in concerts, then travel fees may also apply, but most schools charter a bus for this using school funds.

2. Chess Club
Students hoping to boost their logic and critical thinking skills might enjoy the chess club. This club is designed to help students learn how to play chess while picking up tricks to make their game thrive. Best of all, it is a way to mingle with other students as they learn and grow. Typically, there aren’t fees for chess club, unless your student competes. If this is the case, travel is typically a cost you will have to pay, but some schools do allow this in their budget. You can ask your school about this before your child joins the club. You may also want to buy a chess board for your student to use at home, but there are apps and computer games that can help with this.

3. Debate
Debate is a popular option for many students that hope to head into politics or law after university. It is also a great option for students hoping to boost their confidence while improving their critical thinking and public speaking skills. The best thing about the debate is it tends to be an extremely cheap activity. Students will largely participate in debates at school and will do research in the library. However, it might be handy to have computer access at home to continue research when needed. Sometimes, students will have to travel for debates, but there are usually options to help students that need help with this.

4. Theater Arts
Drama is commonly offered in most schools, which makes it a great budget-friendly option for most students. Generally, theater arts involve writing, acting, painting, sewing, and occasionally light work. So, students will primarily work within the school for everything. Most of the supplies needed will be provided by the school, so parents won’t have to worry about a thing. Some schools might require students to pay for a costume, but this is very rare. Generally, the only thing your student may have to provide is food for themselves when working late on the latest production.

5. Language Club
Learning a language can be one of the best things that anyone can do for their brain. The younger someone begins learning a second language, the better they will be. That is why a language club is a great option for any student. Language clubs should be free of cost, but students might be able to provide snacks or drinks in some schools. A language club is usually for students taking a foreign language, but some students that already know the language may be asked to join. This club is designed to boost skills and allow students to learn more about the culture and food of the country they’re learning about.

6. Scouts
Scout programs are great options for students, even if they are not a part of the school. There are scout programs for all ages, so you can feel confident that your child is going to learn age-appropriate activities that can help them through life. You will have to pay some fees when it comes to scouts, but some students can receive scholarships if they are in need. The price of joining scouts isn’t incredibly high though and scouts can even earn money as they go for activities and camps. Older students may even receive scholarships for university, which can help immensely.

7. Athletics
Sports are an easy way to keep kids busy, in shape, and having fun. Luckily, most schools run athletic programs, so you won’t have to spend money to get your child into a program. However, as kids age, access to these programs might be limited as teams can only be a certain size. If this is the case, there are community programs that offer athletics for an affordable price. Younger children might also not have school options, so community options may be your only option here. This should also be cost-effective though and tends to include your child’s uniform. The only thing you may be responsible for is travel costs and snacks, but this will be a rare expense.

8. Student Government
One important activity that students should join is student government. This activity tends to be offered in middle school and high school, but there may even be options for elementary school children. Student government looks amazing on college transcripts, but it will also help your student learn a lot of important skills. Responsibility is one of the main reasons students should join student government, but it can also help students learn a lot more about the government of the country they live in. Students hoping to gain a job in the government or politics can take advantage of student government. This shouldn’t cost a lot of money either. Some travel expenses may apply, but most things in student government have capped expenses, including election funds. Students do not have to run a campaign to take part in the activity, so if your student has no interest in becoming president then student council is still an easy option.

9. Library Activities
If your school doesn’t offer everything that your student needs, then there is a good chance that the library will. These days, most libraries are working to cater to the needs of the children in their community. There are many crafts days, book clubs, and even clubs for fans of anime and video games. You can head to your local library or visit their website to see everything that they have to offer. Typically, these activities are free, which will help you save money. If the library doesn’t have something for your student, then you can always propose an idea that you think might resonate with the kids in your community. e

10. Environmental Club
Unfortunately, the environmental club isn’t part of a lot of schools yet, but its popularity is growing. Despite this, there are many community clubs that focus on the environment, which might be the right option for your kids. Some are family-oriented so you can all work together to build a better environment. Typically, this club takes people out to clean up parks, beaches, and more. Many even begin community gardens and teach about recycling and sustainability. You shouldn’t need to spend a lot on this club, as it will mostly be projects designed to help improve the world we live in.

Signing kids up for activities can be very stressful, especially if you don’t know how much money you’re going to have to sink into the activity. These ten tips will allow you to easily choose a cost-efficient activity to help your child thrive. Children may even discover a passion that they might choose to pursue in the future.

Ten of the Best Washers and Dryer 2022 Has to Offer

If you’re in the market for a new washer, dryer, or combo set, then you’re in luck! In October, a lot of new models of these appliances will drop, which means retailers will be working hard to get rid of older models. This makes it the perfect time to start shopping around for the right appliance for you. These ten appliances are designed to suit your budget, so you can get what you need with very little stress. As October nears, you should find discounts and price reductions on these ten items. You may also be able to find great prices during the upcoming Labor Day events.

1. Whirlpool 3.5-cu ft High-Efficiency Agitator Top-Load Washer
If you’re in the market for a trusted brand, then this is going to be one of the best options for you. This washer easily pairs with almost any dryer, so if aesthetic is what you’re after then this option will fit right into your home, so you don’t have to upgrade your dryer as well. This Whirlpool offers a spiral agitator that works to quickly clean your clothes with as little damage as possible. It offers lots of features as well, including a delayed wash, so you can add in more clothing with convenience and a quick wash cycle that will get a light load of clothes cleaned in just 30 minutes. This is perfect for keeping on top of laundry on days when you’re extra busy. Unfortunately, this brand is not Energy Star certified so it won’t save you any money. It will currently cost under $600 though, and this price is certain to change soon. You’ll find it exclusively at Lowes.

2. Maytag Large Capacity Top-Load Washer with Deep Fill Option
Maytag is another trusted band that is known for their budget-friendly options. This one will cost you under $600 at Lowes or Home Depot, so it is a great option to keep an eye on while you’re shopping around. This washer does offer a lot of great features including temperature control, automatic balancing, and a white cycle that helps to sanitize. This washer isn’t Energy Star, so it might not help with your electric bill as much as more expensive brands.

GE is one of the top brands around the world, which makes it a great option if you’re looking for a new washer. This model is certain to give you everything you need out of a washer. You’ll find that it has a speed wash setting, sanitation, and multiple temperature settings. You will also enjoy auto balance and auto soak, which will save you time and energy while you’re doing laundry. This option is also Energy Star certified, so you’ll save more on your electric bill as you wash. With a ten-year warranty, this option seems like the perfect match for your needs. The model will set you back at less than $900 currently, but the price should change when new models are released.

4. Maytag 7.0-Cubic-Foot Electric Clothes Dryer
If a dryer is what you’re after, then a Maytag is a great option to add to your home. This model can be ordered as electric or gas, but you’re going to pay about $100 more for the gas model. The dryer is designed to handle large loads, so you can get through your laundry a lot faster. This is also great for drying things like comforters, which might take hours to do normally. One of the cool things about this model is it will tumble clothes without heat when the cycle ends, which will allow you to pull your laundry out without it being scorching hot. This model also offers a ten-year limited warranty, so you can purchase with confidence. The dryer will currently set you back at less than $600.

5. Amana – 6.5 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer
If you’re going for extremely budget-friendly then this Amana is a fantastic option. It offers automatic dry control, so it will shut off when your clothes are dry to help save you power. It isn’t Energy Star certified, so the automatic shut-off will be a big help to your budget. The dryer offers three dry temperatures, so you won’t have to worry about your clothes being ruined while in the dryer. Other than that, it offers an adjustable door, which is important if you have a small utility space and can only have the door open in a specific direction. This dryer will set you back under $500 and may even see reductions in the near future.

6. COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer
If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, then the Costway Compact Laundry Dryer is an incredible option for you. This dryer is surprisingly small, which makes it easy to stack without forcing you to stack your laundry set all the way to the sealing. The dryer offers a lot of the same options as larger dryers, but you’ll have to run smaller loads through it in order to get the job done. This dryer does have a special steaming feature, which many larger dryers don’t offer. This dryer isn’t Energy Star certified, which will cost you more money in the long run. However, it will set you back less than $300, which can definitely be appealing if you’re in need of a replacement right away.

7. White All-in-One Front Loading Washer and Dryer Combo
Saving space will be incredibly easy when you have this White All-in-One Front Loading Washer and Dryer Combo. This combo is one simple machine, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space in your home, which can allow you to use the excess space for more important things. This set offers a few different settings, which will allow you to clean and dry most things without having to worry about damage. This set offers a one-year labor and parts warranty and is currently less than $1k.

8. Whirlpool High-Efficiency Top-Load with Dual Action Spiral Agitator Washer & Electric Dryer Set
When it comes to matching sets, this Whirlpool option is a great match for you. The set offers a top load washer and a front load dryer, which creates a classic look in the home that is easy to maintain. You’ll get all of the basics with this set, which makes them great for any household that isn’t looking for the bells and whistles. The set is a trusted brand and offers a one-year limited warranty, which can provide you some peace of mind when spending such a large amount of money. Currently, the set is just over $1k, which is a great price for two appliances.

9. GE White Laundry Center 3.8 cu. ft. Washer and 5.9 cu. ft. 240-Volt Vented Electric Dryer
If you’re looking for more options for small spaces, then this is a wonderful option. This GE set comes already stacked for added convenience, so all you’ll need to do is secure it to the wall before you begin washing your laundry. There are lots of great washing and drying options with this set too. This includes six different water temperatures, so shrinking and damaged clothing will be the last thing on your mind. The set is also wi-fi compatible, so you can get the washer and dryer going with the touch of a finger while also receiving alerts for when it needs to be emptied. There is a one-year limited warranty on this bundle as well, which can help you feel confident that it is a great match for you. The set is just over $1.5k, which makes it an affordable option for high-end options.

10. Samsung – 4.5 Cu. Ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer with Active WaterJet and 7.4 cu. ft. Large Capacity Front Load Gas Dryer with Sensor Dry
Another high-end option is this Samsung set. The set does offer high efficiency, which will save on your water bill, but doesn’t offer Energy Star certification, so it isn’t as great for your electric bill. The set is incredibly chic though, with a black design that looks great in most spaces. The washer has numerous clean settings, so you can look forward to laundry that looks and smells better than ever. The dryer offers sensors to stop it when items are dry, which will help with power and will allow laundry more time to cool between loads. At just under $1.5k for the set, this set is one to keep an eye on during the end of the year.

Shopping for a new washer and/or dryer can be frustrating. Most appliances are high cost, which can leave you feeling hopeless as you look for the right match for your needs. These ten options should help you get on the right path as you do a little research on the appliance of your dreams.

Labor Day Sales That You’ll Want To Save Up For

Labor Day is just a couple of weeks away, and if you’re not excited about all of the sales then you should be. This year is bound to offer some incredible options to help you save money on the items you need. Although the holidays are some time away, the Labor Day sale might also help you to find the deals you’re looking for to get a head start on all of your holiday shopping. The ten retailers on this list are bound to help you find some extraordinary scores as you spend your day off workshopping.

1. Walmart
Walmart is always a key player in sales when it comes to any holiday. So, you can guarantee that you’re going to find a lot of rollbacks that will make your budget happy. This year, you can plan on deals in the tech department. There are going to be some major savings on televisions, including some options for just up to $150. Tablets, games, headsets, laptops, and other essentials will also be on rollback. If you check out the garden department, you’ll find excellent discounts on items like patio furniture and other outdoor supplies like grills. Toys are also items you should explore as many items will be on clearance due to the upcoming holiday season. Of course, you’ll also find sales on clothing, especially summer items that the store is going to want to move.

2. Target
Target is a great choice for finding more deals. If you check out the website, you’re probably going to get the best possible deals there. Target loves to offer gift card deals that will help you save on future purchases. A lot of the time, these deals come with items like hygiene products or household essentials, so you won’t have to purchase anything you don’t want to. If you want to shop online or in-store, then you’re going to find some great deals on clothing. Although the new autumn line might seem like the focus, you’ll probably find some last-minute deals on summer clothes. Furniture and appliances will also be a great option, especially if you shop some of the leftovers back-to-school deals.

3. Wayfair
Wayfair is known for hopping on holiday sales. So, you shouldn’t be disappointed when it comes to this year’s Labor Day celebrations. Wayfair is primarily known for its collection of home goods, so your best option for this website is to check out the furniture. You should be able to find some awesome deals on all of the basic household necessities. However, patio furniture is probably going to be your best option when it comes to finding deals. Other outdoor items, including décor, might also be a great place to look for deals. You should also come across some great deals on rugs, which will help bring your home to life.

4. Home Depot
If you’re looking for home improvement options on a budget, then you might consider shopping at the Home Depot Labor Day sale. Home Depot usually has some pretty good deals when it comes to holidays, so you will probably find plenty of great things to choose from. However, you should really check out the patio options. Everything from patio furniture to grills will be on sale so you can end the warm part of the year on a fun note or simply prepare early for next season. This year, appliances will also be on sale, so if you’re looking for an upgrade then now is the time. October tends to be when new appliances drop, so you might be able to find an unbeatable deal. Bathroom fixtures will also be on sale, which can help improve the aesthetic of your home.

5. Best Buy
If you’re looking for some gadgets to help improve your work, education, and entertainment then Best Buy is going to be an incredible option for you. This year, you’ll find some impressive deals on laptops. This will cover all brands and styles, so if you need an upgrade, now is the time. You will find deals on televisions as well, but they may not rival those of other vendors. There is no harm shopping around or asking for a price match though. There should be deals on plenty of other technology too, especially phones, so you might hold out until a little closer to Labor Day to begin planning what you will purchase.

6. Kohls
Still looking for some fashion pieces? Kohls is going to be the place to go during the Labor Day sales period. You should be able to find some awesome prices on clothing for all ages. This will include top brands as well, which will allow you to find all of the best styles to suit your personal preferences. Shoes should also be included in the deals, which makes it the perfect time to stock up on boots for the cooler months or stock up on sandals for next year. You’ll also earn plenty of Kohl’s cash to help you save even more money in the near future.

7. Overstock
Another online store that is going to be one of the biggest competitors this season is Overstock. The website offers a vast selection of items, so you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for. Some of the items to really aim to purchase during the sale is patio furniture. Most stores will be hoping to get rid of most of their stock, so you should be able to find some major discounts. Other outdoor supplies should also be on your list, which can help you to prepare for the upcoming cold weather. Other than that, you should also look for furniture and decor items to help make your home all the better.

8. Bed, Bath, and Beyond
This year, Bed, Bath, and Beyond is going to be a great place to shop when it comes to the Labor Day holiday. Surprisingly, this year’s sales are going to largely be for furniture. This will give you lots of options to choose from considering most other stores are offering furniture deals as well. Of course, you should also take some time to browse for sales on linens and décor with the retailer, as there are bound to be some surprises that you won’t want to miss out on.

9. Macy’s
Labor Day and Macy’s tend to go hand in hand. This year, Macy’s will have a large assortment of sales to ensure you can get the items you desire. This year, you’ll find some incredible deals on luggage, which is great if you plan on traveling over the holiday season. You’ll also find furniture sales, which seems to be a common theme for this Labor Day season. There will be incredible deals on cosmetics, which will also allow you to stock up on the items you need for the cooler months. Clothes will be on sale, so make sure to stock up on autumn essentials without stressing about the cost.

10. Amazon
This year, you can also count on finding some deals on Amazon. Chances are if other stores are offering items at a discount, then Amazon will be offering the same items. On top of that, Amazon will also have flash deals that will keep customers checking on the website to see what is going to be offered. So, if you’re a shopper that likes to add some excitement to the experience then Amazon might be the place to shop.

Labor Day is one of the last big sales days before Black Friday arrives in November. This can be one of your best chances to get some of the items that you already have on your list at a low price. These ten retailers are going all out with sales, so you might start your shopping journey with one of these amazing stores.

Breeze Into Autumn with 2022’s Top Budget Friendly Fashion Ideas

Autumn is right around the corner, and if you’re looking to update your wardrobe then you might want to check out this year’s top fashion trends. This season is packed with fun options that will ensure you feel excited about your wardrobe again. This year, there are so many affordable options to choose from as well, which will help you stay on budget while becoming the trendsetter you desire to be. Apart from that, you’ll be able to make some of the clothing yourself, which will help bring a touch of creativity to your new look as you embrace autumn fashion.

1. Tank Tops
Tank tops are going to be extremely hot this season, which opens up many doors for you. Chance are, you probably have tank tops in your wardrobe from summer, so make sure to utilize these in as many ways as possible to help stretch your wardrobe further. White tank tops are going to be the biggest trend of the season though. Luckily, you can purchase these in bulk packs for very cheap, which will help you save plenty of money. These tanks can be paired with everything from cardigans to blazers, which will make the chilly weather all the better. You can even embellish the top to give it even more style.

2. Cinched Waist
Loose-fitting clothing isn’t going to be as hip this season. Rather, a cinched waist for women is going to be where the biggest trends are going to be. There are going to be a lot of these on the market during the autumn months, so you might be able to find some great signature pieces to make your wardrobe thrive. However, you can also transform some of the items you already have in your wardrobe using very simple sewing techniques. You may also be able to use glue to help fasten the elastic to the waistband to create the cinch you desire. There are lots of tutorials online to help you along the way. If you really want to go bold, then coset tops or corset waist accents will also suit your fashion needs.

3. Knits
Knits are a classic part of the autumn style, but this season you’ll see them a lot more. Although there will be some modern options on the market, you’ll also be able to channel old-school designs to ensure you get the style you love. Thrift stores will be a great place to shop for retro cardigans and other options that feature designs that are fun and pair well with your favorite styles. You can also find a wide assortment of styles in stores, including oversized sweaters which will be incredibly popular this year. If you know how to knit, then you can easily make your own styles to suit your preferred fashion sense.

4. Color Blocking
Another trend that is very easy to follow is color blocking. This requires you to choose solid-colored clothing, which is very easy to find and can be cost-effective. Bright colors are all the more fashionable, which will help you to truly stand out. Apart from that, you will find that mixing colors can be a lot of fun and will help you step out of your comfort zone to ensure that you get everything you need out of your fashion. If you don’t have a lot of colors in your wardrobe, then you may consider dying lighter color clothing to help create the wardrobe that will help you look your best this autumn.

5. Lace Up Shoes
Lace-up shoes are a timeless look that is perfect for the cooler autumn months. The great thing about lace-up shoes is they come in all shapes and sizes. So, you can find a nice ankle boot to suit casual settings or a high boot for styles that really show off your legs. There isn’t a particular color in fashion this year, so you can keep it simple with brown or black, or you can go wild with prints or vibrant colors.

6. Feather Outfits
Keep things bold this year with styles that showcase feathers. Ostrich feathers are a big deal this season, but you’ll also find that you can show off a wide variety of feathers. In fact, the more colorful the feathers you choose, the better. Feathers can be transformed into a wide variety of styles too. You can add them to a top, skirt, pants, or your favorite accessories. You can even DIY these looks at home with tutorials that are easy for beginners to try out.

7. Metallic Bags
Accessories will play a large role in this season’s fashion. If you’re ready to make a bold statement then you might consider showing off a metallic bag. There are going to be lots of options on the market this season. If you’re not interested in shopping for more bags, then there are DIY options that will allow you to have some fun with bags you no longer love. There are plenty of material paints on the market to help you find the right metallic look for your style. You may even consider adding accessories to your bags to truly make them pop.

8. Bomber Jackets
If you want a quick way to show off your fashion sense, then bomber jackets are it. These jackets are going to be everywhere this autumn. The best thing about bomber jackets is they come in all shapes and sizes. There are many variations on the jacket, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Colorful jackets will also be on offer, which can add even more flavor to your style. If you’d like to liven up a bomber jacket in your wardrobe, then you might consider adding some embroidery or accents to the jacket.

9. Cowboy Hats
It’s been a minute since cowboy hats were in style in the autumn months. This season, you’ll love having the opportunity to rock out your style while showing off a little western edge. You can keep your look simple with classic black felt or straw look, which can go with almost anything. This season, vibrant colored hats will also be in fashion. You can make all of these styles your own to help accent your style. Try adding appliques or embroidery to make the look totally pop. If you can, pair your hat with a matching color to bring even more flair to your overall style.

10. Denim
If you love denim, then you’re going to want to engage in this trend as much as possible. Denim can be worn in all shapes and sizes this season, so feel free to deck out your look from head to toe in order to keep your style going strong. If you already have denim in your collection then you shouldn’t have to do a lot of shopping, as this will keep you ready for the upcoming season especially since all denim will make your look rock. However, you might consider altering some of your denim to make it stand out all the more. You can always dye your pants to add to the style or to freshen up your look a bit. You can also add patches, appliques, and other items to help create a bold look.

Autumn is going to be a great time for personal expression. These ten trends will keep you feeling chic while allowing you to feel exceptional about your style. These looks will also give you the freedom to customize your look while ensuring you feel incredible about your ability to create fashion pieces that speak to you.

Get Ahead of Autumn with These Summer Cleaning Ideas

Autumn will be here before we know it, which means it’s time to get ahead of the weather with some summer cleaning. Much like spring cleaning, summer cleaning is a time to deep clean and help prepare for the upcoming cold season. Best of all, doing a bit of summer cleaning can help save you some money in the future, which is never a bad thing. These ten cleaning ideas will help you get started on your summer cleaning list, so you’ll be able to conquer it before summer comes to an end and the wet autumn months arrive.

1. Check for Exterior Cracks
One of the most important things you can do is check the exterior of the home for cracks. If you have cracks developing, they can fill with water and cause rotting that can be costly to fix up. Since the rainy and snowy seasons are on their way, it will be difficult to find some time to patch up these cracks since it is best to work in a dry environment that offers plenty of time for the caulk or concrete to dry before moisture arrives again. Once you do this, you can always add a fresh layer of paint to help offer even more protection. If you’re not sure what you should use to fill the cracks in your home, then a quick google search with the material that makes up the exterior of your home will help you discover the most efficient route.

2. Replace Weather Stripping
Another important thing you should do before the cooler weather arrives is replacing your weather stripping. Weatherstripping typically goes on your windows and doors and is pretty easy to install. However, you might consider looking around to see which weather stripping works best for your window and doors. Weather stripping wears down over time, which can let in bugs, hot or cold air, and moisture. Ensuring your weather stripping is good to go will allow you to save on cooling and heating costs while making your home more secure from pests and even allergens.

3. Clear the Gutters
Autumn is leaf season, which makes the end of summer the perfect time to clear up the gutters. This will allow you a bit more time before you have to clear them out again. Having clean gutters can ensure that when the rains do begin, they will be clearer even if the leaves are falling rapidly. Of course, you’ll still have to clear the gutters out in the autumn, but at least you won’t have to worry about overflow which can cause serious damage to the home.

4. Clean Rugs
Even if you vacuum your rugs daily, there is still going to be some build-up on them which can easily be cleaned with a carpet cleaner. If you don’t have one in your possession, then many stores actually do rent them out. Cleaning rugs help to reduce germs and allergens in the home, which can be trekked in quite a bit during the summer months. When you clean your carpets, you can place them outside to dry in the summer heat, which will make cleaning them during this time all the more efficient. The heat may even get rid of any leftover germs.

5. Deep Clean Refrigerator
Unfortunately, the refrigerator is one appliance that is always going to need to be cleaned. If you keep it maintained, you shouldn’t need to do a deep clean often. However, summer is one of the best times to deep clean, because it will allow you to stay cool while you work. While cleaning, make sure you go through the expiration dates of items in the refrigerator. Even those that you think won’t expire for some time, might be done for. You should also remove the shelves and clean them with a disinfecting cleaner. If you’d like to keep the refrigerator cleaner, add liners, which can be pulled out and cleaned.

6. Prepare Storage for Summer Items
With summer coming to an end, you’ll soon have to pack away all the extra seating, above-ground tools, and water toys. So, it might be time to clear out some storage space. You might start by pulling out the items currently in storage so you can see exactly what you have. This will allow you to choose the items you want to keep and sell or donate the items you no longer need. This can also be a great time to organize items and make sure nothing is living in your storage space. You might also look for cracks in this space as well to keep pests out. From there, you should be able to make the space to store the items you plan on keeping.

7. Clean Utilities
Utilities do a lot of work for us, but more often than not we don’t think about cleaning them. That is why it is important to take some time to clean them seasonally at the very least. Your washer can be sanitized and cleaned with a special cleaner used at the store. Dryers should be vacuumed out and the vent should be cleaned to help prevent fires. You should also use a special cleaner for your dishwasher. The garbage disposal can be cleaned with special cleaners as well, but you might also consider grinding ice to help get it even cleaner while allowing the blades to sharpen.

8. Unpack Warm Clothing
Although winter might not be here yet, it is a great time to start pulling out your warmer clothes. This will give you time to try on the clothing to see what still fits and what items you will need to purchase in the near future. If you have high-end clothing in your wardrobe, you can list it to earn money for new items, or you can donate so families in need can ensure their wardrobe is ready for cooler weather. Getting your clothes out this early will also give you a chance to wash the clothing or get it dry cleaned. Once your clothes are unpacked, you can start slowly adding summer clothes to storage, to make the process easier on you.

9. Change Air Filter
Your air filters should be changed out seasonally too. So, make sure you get yours ready to go for all of the new allergens and bacteria that might enter your home during the autumn months. Changing your air filter is very simple to do as long as you find the correct size for your home’s needs. You should also change your air filter in your vehicle, to ensure you can breathe fresher air whether you’re at home or on the go.

10. Wash Linens
Washing your linens is something that should be done seasonally as well. Next time you change your sheets, put your pillows in the wash too. You should also wash your mattress covers and comforter. This will help get rid of germs, allergens, bacteria, and anything else you might not want to sleep on. Before you put these items in the washer, make sure you read the instructions carefully to ensure you aren’t going to ruin them. Apart from that, you should pull down your curtains and give them a wash too. This will help to freshen up the home. You might also consider bringing out heavier curtains or drapes to help combat the cold days of winter.

Of course, there are numerous things you should be cleaning before autumn arrives. However, these ten areas are a great place to focus, especially if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on the cleaning process. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for the autumn months to arrive without having to worry about a long to-do list.

Ease School Year Stress with These Frugal Weekend Activities

The new school year is slowly beginning for so many students. Whether your student started last week, or they begin after Labor Day, you might already be planning weekend fun to help combat the stress of the school year. Since life seems to be chaotic during the school week, activities that encourage calm and still bring fun are always a great way for everyone to unwind and have a bit of fun. These ten ideas are gentle on the budget while helping kids to blow off some steam so they can be at their best throughout the school year.

1. Beach Trip
If you live near the ocean, then you might consider heading to the beach on the weekend. Listening to the waves is one of the best natural ways to de-stress so you’re already winning from the moment your family puts their feet in the sand. Beach trips can be a simple walk in the sand on a chilly day or soaking up the last few moments of summer in the waves. If children have homework, then they can break to do a little work as the waves crash in the background. If you don’t have a beach nearby, a trip to the lake or river can be advantageous to the whole family.

2. Park
Spending time outdoors is always going to be advantageous for children. It can be hard to get outside during the week, but a simple trip to the park can help transform a child’s mood. Getting outside to enjoy a little vitamin D and work out some of their energy can help bring success in the upcoming week. Spending time at the park is a great way to help children have fun, explore the world around them, and learn. It is also a great time to socialize. You can make the experience even better by packing a picnic so the fun doesn’t have to end for snack or meal times.

3. Rockhounding
Another great way to get kids outside is to go rockhounding. If you’ve never heard of rockhounding, then it is actually a very simple activity. People have painted rocks and placed them in various areas of most communities. When you find a rock, you pick it up and move it somewhere for someone else to find. The rocks come in all sorts of themes, which makes it exciting to find them. You can even find rocks of your own to paint and add to the community. There are also groups online where people can share the rocks that they find with other rockhounds.

4. Science Museum
Encouraging education outside of school is always a plus. However, that doesn’t mean adding extra work to your child’s load. Instead, consider things like trips to the science museum. This will allow children to learn and grow while having fun. A science museum tends to have hands-on activities, which can help children learn and retain more information than they typically would in a classroom. If you don’t have a science museum near you, then you might see if there is a children’s museum or other learning facilities that can encourage growth over the weekend.

5. Sensory Movies
Younger children are asked to sit down too much throughout the week, which can cause a child to feel restless. Thus, going to a typical movie theater may not work out, even if the child is incredibly interested in the movie. Instead of doing this, you might consider going to a sensory movie instead. Some theaters offer these, and they tend to be more accepting of children moving around. On top of that, the noise levels are less which can reduce stress for kids. You might also consider an outdoor movie. Some communities offer these free on the weekends, but you might also be able to find a drive-in theater. Some of these have parks so children can play while the movie is going on, which might benefit the whole family.

6. Game Night
Bonding is an important aspect of the family unit, but it can be hard to get in time during the school week. A game night is a perfect way to help everyone bond without having to spend a lot of money. Games can be simple as printing out cards for a game of memory or choosing games that you already own. Of course, there are also lists online to help you find age-appropriate games in stores, if you’d like to brush up on your collection. If board and card games aren’t your things, consider family-based video games. You can also head outside to play athletic games like tossing the ball around or playing frisbee.

7. Cook Together
Let’s face it, a lot of the time weekly mealtimes aren’t exactly easy or peaceful. With homework and activities, food is usually scarfed down so everyone can move on with their day. That is why cooking together on weekends can be a great activity. Not only does this help children to learn how to cook, but it makes the activity feel less of a chore. You can work on snacks, desserts, meal planning, or anything else that strikes your fancy. You can even keep it as simple as mini pizzas to help satisfy kids’ appetites while still teaching an important skill.

8. Athletic activities
Kids tend to enjoy moving their bodies, which is why athletic activities are always a great option when it comes to weekend activities. You might consider taking the family to a trampoline house, mini golf, or even the bowling alley. Heading to the park and running relays or playing a game of kick the ball can also help the kids burn off some energy. There are even community activities that kids can take part in order to build their athletic and teamwork skills.

9. Farmer’s Market
The farmer’s market can be a wonderful place for children to spend their weekends. The market is the perfect place for children to learn more about their community while supporting local farmers, bakers, and other artisans. Generally, there is usually music, games, and activities to help keep kids entertained too. After a few visits, children may gain an interest in creating their own booth. This can become a great learning experience and a way for the family to work together to earn extra money and learn the basics of running a business and handling customer service.

10. Craft Day
Creating things together can be a wonderful way to help children learn and channel their inner artists. There are so many ways that you can make a craft day work for your family. If you want to keep things cheap, then browse your recycling and come up with fun ideas to make out of those materials. This will help children learn to reuse things to create less waste. You might also consider going to your local craft store. Often, there are clearance kits that kids can pick out to help create hours of fun. No matter how you choose to approach craft day, you’re bound to have fun when you spend time together.

Weekends can be a tough time for many parents. Entertaining the kids while ensuring they have blown off enough steam to be successful throughout the upcoming week can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the budget to go out. These ten ideas will keep you on track financially while keeping everyone happy and thriving on weekends.

Ten Budget Savvy Lefty Gifts to Celebrated Left-Handed Day

Left-Handed Day arrives in August, which makes it the perfect place to shop around for left-handed gifts. With back to school on the way, you may even be able to find some awesome deals on supplies your student can take advantage of. Although there are lots of great left-handed items on the market, these ten items are bound to make life easier while ensuring the lefty in your life feels absolutely incredible. Best of all, these items are typically budget-friendly, so you won’t feel guilty about splurging for this unique holiday.

1. Left-Handed Scissors
Left-handed scissors can be one of the best things to happen for those that are just learning to use scissors or those that love to make crafts. Lefties that try to use right-handed scissors often feel uncomfortable and have a hard time mastering the skill. So, purchasing these can help ease discomfort and frustration. There are so many options to choose from, so make sure to look around before you make your purchase. During back-to-school days, you should be able to find some left-handed options in store, but there are many online stores that specialize in left-handed supplies like scissors.

2. Left-Handed Notebooks
Going along with the office supply theme, a left-handed notebook can be life-affirming for those that love to journal. When you have a left-handed notebook, you can easily embrace writing without the discomfort of dealing with coils or working with the paper to write comfortably. Of course, there are also great options for those that are in school. Another option is daily planners which can help you to feel more organized, especially since the notebook works with your needs instead of against them.

3. Lefty Mug
Although mugs aren’t something you’d typically think about when it comes to left-handed discomfort, there are actually left-handed mugs that make an incredible gift. The handle of the mug is designed to work with the grip of someone that is left-handed, which will make that morning cup of coffee even more rewarding. Apart from that, you’ll find that the mug’s design will face the appropriate away, just as if a right-handed person were to hold a typical mug. There are numerous lefty mugs on the market, so you should be able to find one that suits the personality of the person you are shopping for. You may even be able to find one that states something about being left-handed.

4. Pens
Writing utensils always seem to come in one shape and if you’re left-handed you know that the typical pen doesn’t suit your needs. From rubbing your hand through ink to being a little uncomfortable to use, the standard pen is a bit of disappointment for lefties around the world. Luckily, there are pens designed for left-handed people. Some are designed with a special curvature for comfort, while others have quick drying ink that prevents your words from smearing as you write.

5. Laptop Desk
If you’re left-handed and you’ve used a laptop desk, then you probably know they aren’t designed for you. Usually, these lap desks have a cooling area for the laptop on the left-hand side of the desk and a place for the mouse on the right. Thus, you are forced to use a mouse with your right hand, or you have to make other arrangements to suit your needs. A laptop desk designed for your needs features the cooling area on the opposite side, so you’re all set to enjoy your mouse on the left side. These laptop desks come with all sorts of features too, so make sure to shop around to suit your needs.

6. Left-Handed Instrument
If you know someone that is musically inclined, then a left-handed instrument might be one of the best options to gift. You can find almost any instrument designed for left-handed people, which might make it a nice surprise for someone in your life. There are lots of different guides to help direct you as far as choosing the right brand and design. There are options for beginners, intermediate players, and experts. You’ll also find a wide variety of styles, which can help suit the personality and playing style.

7. Lefty Tee
An easy gift is a tee that shows the world that the person you’re gifting to is left-handed and proud. There is a wide assortment of left-handed tees on the market, so you can find a little something for everyone on your gifting list. There are humorous options available, as well as options showing left-handed pride. Of course, there are also websites that will allow you to customize tees, which could be one of the best options for your, especially if you want to say something that highlights the lefty in your life.

8. Left-Handed Watch
If you’ve ever worn a watch on the wrong arm, or upside down, then you probably know what it feels like to be a lefty in a world of right-handed watches. One of the best ways you can bring some joy to a lefty’s life is to present a watch that is designed for their unique needs. You might have to take to the internet to find the right watch for your needs. However, there is an abundance of options online that will help you find the right style and features for the left-handed person in your life. This is a wonderful gift for people that prefer to use a watch while they work, but there are even children’s options or fashion options that will suit everyday casual attire.

9. Left-Handed Tools
Working with tools when they’re not made for you can be difficult and can make you not want to do the repairs that you’d like. Luckily, there are tools designed for left-handed people. You can find some of the best tools online, so make sure to put in the research to find what you need. You’ll find everything from saws and hammers to tape measures and screwdrivers. This should help make hobby projects or house improvements go smoother than ever, which might even encourage the lefty in your life to work with tools more often.

10. Kitchen Utensils
Cooking can be made all the more enjoyable when you have cooking utensils that are designed to work with you. There are numerous kitchen utensils that are designed to help left-handed people cook to the best of their ability. You might be surprised by how many cooking utensils are on the market for left-handed people. You will find can openers, spatulas, measuring cups, knives, and anything else that you can possibly think of. So, if the lefties in your life enjoy cooking or are just learning to cook then this might be an excellent way to make them feel special.

Left-Handed Day is the perfect time to help show some love while encouraging left-handed people to explore the world for products that will help them thrive. These ten ideas won’t leave your budget feeling stretched, which may make you want to celebrate the holiday every year in the future.

Ten Items You Should Be Shopping For At The Thrift Store

August tends to be a great time for hitting the thrift store. Whether you’re looking for items to fill a new apartment for a college student or you just like hunting for treasure, there are many things you should keep an eye out for while shopping in any thrift store. Although there are hidden treasures in many areas of the store, if you’re looking for big finds then these are ten sections you should browse whenever you go shopping in a thrift store.

1. Wooden Furniture
Furniture at a thrift store can be hit or miss. However, if you like to put some love into a project then you will find some real treasures to enjoy. Before you purchase furniture at the thrift store, you should check over the piece to ensure there is no major damage to the structure of the furniture. You should also do a thorough check for pests; some pieces might have been infested by termites or bed bugs. Once you have found a good piece of furniture to work with, then you might check out some tutorials for refurbishing. This will allow you to exercise some creativity and may even earn you some income if you choose to sell your project.

2. Frames
You might not think about it, but picture frames are a great option when shopping at the thrift store. When you choose to buy frames from the thrift store, you’re more than likely going to find wooden options that will stand the tests of time. These frames can also be refinished with paint, metallic add-ons, or anything else that strikes your fancy. If you’re not looking to frame pictures, then you can still utilize the frames for other items. For instance, you can take out the glass and replace it with a mirror, or you can use them to hang up art projects. You may even be able to refinish the frames and sell them for a fairly good profit.

3. Books
Books tend to be in abundance when it comes to thrift stores, which can be a great thing. If you’re an avid reader, then you might consider shopping at the thrift store when you plan on purchasing new books. There should be a lot of options to choose from which will help save you a ton of money when shopping for things like books. Of course, if you’re lucky, you might run into a book that is worth some money. There are many guides to assist you in figuring out if a book is vintage and worth money, which can help you make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing them.

4. Vinyl Records
Like books, vinyl records are great little treasures that most thrift stores will offer. Generally, you’ll find a mixed bag of options available, so each trip to the thrift store might be hit or miss. You may even find a few records that are worth some money. Before you purchase vinyl from a thrift store, you should check to make sure that the record isn’t too scratched to listen to. Unfortunately, sometimes records donated aren’t in the best of shape. You should also check to make sure the record inside of the cover matches the cover, or else you may end up buying something you don’t particularly want.

5. Casserole Dishes
If you’ve been shopping for casserole dishes in stores lately, then you’ll probably know they aren’t on the cheap end of the spectrum. That is why shopping for these items in thrift stores is one of your best ways to save some money. You can find a lot of high-quality options in thrift stores, which will help you save money and ensure you have the casserole dish for years to come. You may even find some vintage options that are worth money if you choose to sell them.

6. Glass
Glass isn’t something many people think to shop for when they head to the thrift store. However, it is one of the most lucrative things you can purchase if you know what to look for. There are lots of vintage glass products that are worth a small fortune, so if you’re lucky enough to find them then you’re going to get a large boost in your bank account. There are lots of guides available online to help you figure out which glass you should be shopping for and which glass is just going to look nice in the home.

7. Clothing
Thrift store clothing can be hit and miss. However, if you’re looking for cheap options then it will become a treasure trove of clothes to help fill your wardrobe. Vintage clothing is one of the best things that you can look for when it comes to shopping to make a profit. You may find pieces worth an exceptional amount of money if you know what brands and styles to look for. Of course, you may even just find some vintage items that suit your sense of style. You should consider keeping an eye out for jeans and jackets though, as you can find some incredible options for next to nothing. Leather items, like belts, can also be a great find.

8. Purses
Often, thrift stores will get some high-quality purses, which can be a great find for anyone hoping to update their accessory game. If you find a brand-name purse in good shape, then you might even be able to earn some money from your find. Even purses that aren’t top-of-the-line brands, can look incredible and may even give you the perfect foundation to customize your own unique purse. If you’re not up on purse brands or don’t know what to look for, there are many brands to help you find your way.

9. Costume Jewelry
Costume jewelry can add a touch of fun or some extra elegance to your style. If you love to accessorize, then you’re definitely going to want to visit the jewelry section in the thrift store whenever you shop. When it comes to jewelry, you should be able to pick out items that you like with your own style in mind. However, you should take a closer look at everything you see. Some items will really come to life with a good cleaning. Many items may even be worth some money when cleaned and appraised. No matter what, the jewelry will bring some fun to your look, especially if you love vintage styles.

10. Luggage
If you tend to be a bit of a globe trotter, you might skip the expensive luggage stores and check what the thrift store has to offer. Generally, you should be able to find luggage in all shapes and sizes. Some of the items may need cleaning up, but with a little love, you’ll have a set that will stick with you for years to come. You may even run into some brand-named options that can be fixed up and sold for a profit.

Shopping at the thrift store can be an exciting experience. When you choose to go to a thrift store, you should keep your eyes open while you shop. There are plenty of little gems to discover during your shopping experience, which might leave you with merchandise that will suit your needs or will help you earn a little extra money.

Dorm Essentials That Will Suit Your Budget and Your Space

August is practically here, which means it’s time for students to head to their dorm rooms to get ready for the new school year. Whether your student is heading to the dorms for the first time or they’re in their senior year, these items will be a must to ensure their year is comfortable. All of these items are budget and space friendly, which makes them a must-have for every student you’re shopping for. Some of these items may even help your student feel more at home as they settle into their new surroundings.

1. Mattress Topper
Let’s face it, dorm mattresses are old, used, and not incredibly comfortable. A mattress topper is a perfect way to help your student sleep sounder. Mattress toppers come in a wide variety of designs as well. You can choose one that simply protects the mattress, which is great if you’re worried about your deposit or germs that may be on the mattress. However, you will also find cooling options and mattress toppers that will give a mattress a plusher feeling. These can work wonders in so many ways, so make sure you shop around and look at reviews before you pick the mattress topper that is going to head to school with your student.

2. Black Out Curtains
A lot of students love to burn the midnight oil when they need to study. If your student tends to be a bit of a night owl, then black-out curtains can work wonders for the dorm room. These will ensure the dorm is completely black so students can sleep in when needed. It also offers complete privacy, which can also be a plus especially if the dorm is in a busy part of campus. Black-out curtains come in all sorts of designs too, so they can help suit your student’s personal style. Plus, these curtains can help block out heat and the cold, which can help with comfort and energy bills if your student is responsible for those.

3. Power Strip
Technology plays a big role in entertainment and education these days. Most students have multiple devices on hand when they are reading, studying, gaming, or communicating with friends. These devices have to be charged at some point, which is why a power strip is a great option when it comes to dorm rooms. A power strip will allow your student to take up just one plug, so there is no battling over charging areas with roommates. You can also choose a power strip that offers USB ports for charging so students can charge their devices while still operating light or small appliances. Power strips come in all shapes and sizes too, so you should be able to find a great match for your student’s needs.

4. Book Light
Not all reading will be done on a device. Nor will it be done when it is appropriate to have the lights on. If you want your student to have the freedom to study whenever and wherever then a booklight is going to be a great investment. Book lights are designed in many different ways, so you might do a little research to see which will work with your students reading style and basic needs. You should also consider brightness when shopping, as one that is too bright could harm the eye while still getting on a roommate’s nerves.

5. Mini Coffee Maker
If coffee is life for your student, then a mini coffee maker is going to be a great purchase. There are so many on the market and there are bound to be sales during the back-to-school days. A mini coffee maker usually holds enough water to make one cup of coffee, so it can easily be stored when not in use. You can also find reusable capsules to ensure students can save as much money as possible while they’re in the dorm. Just having the coffee maker will help curb the temptation of ordering lattes from cafes, which can save a fortune as the school year carries on.

6. Closet Organization
If you’ve ever lived in a dorm or a small apartment, then you know that closet space isn’t always fantastic. That is why investing in items that help to save space in your closet is always a win. To begin with, there are special hangers that allow you to put multiple clothes on them before collapsing the hanger to take up less horizontal space in the closet. You can also find shelving that is easy to install with minimal damage. Storage bins are also a great way to keep organized for a lot less than you’d expect. Keeping the closet in order can help the entire room stay organized, which is why it’s a must-have for dorm living.

7. Digital Picture Frame
There isn’t always a lot of space for decorating in the dorm room. These days phones can hold a lot of pictures to help ease homesickness, but nothing brings joy quite like seeing pictures on the walls. For students that love to show off pictures, a digital picture frame is a great choice. They can easily send the pictures they love to the frame to help bring them joy. Some frames even allow others to email pictures, which is perfect for those that love to be surprised by new images of family friends. There are many options on the market when it comes to these, so you can shop based on need and budget.

8. Handheld Vacuum
Messes happen, but most dorm rooms aren’t large enough to house a full-sized vacuum or even a broom and mop, for tiled spaces. One remedy for these messes is a handheld vacuum. These can actually clean up quite a bit, which will ensure students won’t have to wait for a clean-up crew when there is a mess to contend with. When the mess is picked up, students can put the handheld vacuum back under the bed or in the closet for easy storage until the next mess occurs. This is especially great for students that like to snack in their dorm, as it will help them to pick up crumbs with ease.

9. First Aid Kit
There’s no doubt about it, every dorm room should have a first aid kit. The first aid kit doesn’t have to be anything incredibly elaborate, but it should include basic items to help with injuries that might occur in everyday life. Cleansers, bandages, tweezers, basic medications, and creams are all items that should be included. However, you should take your student’s particular needs in mind too. If they have allergic reactions then supplies to deal with rashes, backup allergy medications, and maybe even an EpiPen should go into the kit. You can even find premade kits on sale for a reasonable price, which can save you time and money when preparing for the transition to the dorm.

10. Under Bed Storage
Another place to utilize in the dorm is beneath the bed. If you have a single bed then this is typically not a lot of space, but there are special storage containers that can fit in this area. These bins are great for sheets, shoes, extra books or school supplies, bath products, and more. If your student has a loft bed then there are more storage items to choose from. Making sure the space under the bed is utilized will help bring even more peace to the dorm as fewer items will make it to the floor.

Moving into a dorm can be exciting for most students. However, making sure they have everything they need can be imperative to helping students get settled in. These ten items are just the beginning, but they are a great start to making the dorm feel comfortable and homey so that students will be at their best when it comes to their studies.