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Freshen Your Wardrobes with the Best Back to School Clothing Deals

August is one of the best times to shop for clothing. Between back-to-school savings and stores trying to get rid of their summer overstock, you’ll find some of the best deals around. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your child, this month will help you stock up on items while ensuring you feel confident with the wardrobe that you create. If you’re looking to find some of the hottest deals around, then you will definitely want to check out these ten retailers to find the best savings online and offline.

1. Target
When it comes to Back-to-School deals, Target is going to be one of the best shopping options. Target already offers clothing at an incredible price, so shopping the back-to-school deals will help you get high-quality clothing at a little cheaper. Target will mostly be offering deals on their brands, such as Cat and Jack, but this will offer you a wide selection of clothing to choose from. There will also be heavily discounted necessities such as socks and underwear on offer. If your children are going to a school that requires uniforms, then you’ll be in luck here as most stores do cater to local needs. Of course, there will be deals on items that aren’t back to school. You’ll find summer clothes should be hitting the clearance racks while autumn styles will see some discounts.

2. Kohls
Kohls is known for their back-to-school sales. If you’re looking for brand names, then Kohl’s is going to be one of the most cost-effective places to shop. They have big ticket brands like Nike and adidas, while also offering Disney and any other characters that your child might love. Summer clothing will be cheaper than you’d expect, which is great for stocking up for next year or getting more supplies for the weeks in which the weather is hot during the first semester of school. Autumn clothes will be hitting the racks as well but might not see some of the same discounts. Best of all, when you’re done shopping, you’ll get some Kohls cash to use on future purchases which will save you even more money.

3. Old Navy
Old Navy is known for its great deals on jeans, which is why you’re definitely going to want to check out this store while you’re shopping for deals in August. Old Navy’s back-to-school deals can save you quite a bit of money, especially with their low prices on denim and other basic items that your child will need to look fashionable all school year long. Old Navy also offers phenomenal prices on uniform items, which will definitely make it easier to send your child back to school. Old Navy is known for its incredible clearance, so you might shop this section first. There will be clothing options for adults as well, so make sure to check out the entire store before you check out because you never know what you might find for yourself.

4. Walmart
If you’re looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to clothing and back-to-school deals, then Walmart is going to be a great option for you. You’ll find a lot of good deals here, especially when it comes to clothes for the entire family. For kids, you will find pants and tees to suit your needs, but there will also be a wide variety of clothing sets, which can save you a lot of money. Denim options will be in abundance as well. Stylish, but affordable, shoes are another great option to check out while shopping. You will find great deals on summer essentials, but you can also get a head start on items that will become the staples of your autumn wardrobe.

5. JC Penney
JC Penny is always a go-to option when it comes to clothing stores. In fact, they already have several deals going that you’ll want to check out. Largely, you’ll find some big discounts on jeans, which most students will need to get through the school year. However, you will also find deals on adult jeans too. Activewear is another big appeal with JC Penney, so you can get everything you need to begin the autumn months. There are lots of upcoming sales too, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. Apart from that, you will find some of the top brands here, which will make it easy to get everything your child desires for the new school year and what you need to feel confident as you move into autumn.

6. Macy’s
Macy’s tends to offer a lot of higher-end deals when compared to some of the other retailers. So, you’ll find good prices on some of the top brands, especially when you’re looking in the jeans and shoes departments. Macy’s will offer great deals on makeup too, which is great for teens heading back to school and hoping to make a good impression. Apart from these items, you’ll find a lot of tees to choose from as well as other additions that will make the wardrobe pop. Adults will find plenty of clothing styles to choose from as well, so make sure to shop around. You may even find some autumn pieces that will ensure you’re a trendsetter.

7. Shein
Shein might not be the retailer you’d think of when you choose to go shopping for back-to-school deals. However, this August, you’re going to find that Shein has some of the hottest deals around. Surprisingly, you will be able to find some great finds for the kids on Shein. Most items will be competitively priced so you can find the cutest looks that will make your child stand out. Of course, if you’re shopping for yourself, then you’ll be excited to find that there are lots of excellent finds. May it be for the upcoming autumn season, or to stock up on summer clearance that will make you feel incredible all season long. Shein is notorious for sending out discount codes as well, but if you can’t find one for free shopping, the brand does offer some of their clothing on Amazon, which will grant Prime subscribers the free shipping they desire.

8. TJ Maxx
If you love to keep your look fresh, then TJ Maxx will bring some of the best options at a reduced price. TJ Maxx tends to get items that many stores no longer want, which allows them to sell at a more reasonable price. Thus, you will be able to get some of the best fashion pieces around without breaking your budget. The retailer will be hopping on back-to-school trends while also ensuring you have plenty to choose from when it comes to adult clothes too. This store is going to be one of the best to check out if you’re looking to find some incredible accessories, such as purses or bags, that will take your look to a whole new level.

9. Amazon
Amazon used to not be known as a place for fashion, but over the last couple of years, things have changed quite a bit. In fact, Amazon has even put out its own lines of clothes, which are competitively priced and designed to make you feel like a fashionista. You will find during August that they will be promoting their back-to-school sales with kid’s styles that suit all ages. However, they will also prepare to get rid of some of their summer items while bringing in a few early autumn styles. So, if you’d like to shop with Amazon then now is the perfect time to do it. You won’t want to miss out on all of the great looks you can find, especially if you like to mix up your style a bit. Of course, you will also be able to find incredible deals from other brands. If you’re worried about trying things on, many of Amazon’s products allow a try before you buy feature to help reassure you.

10. Forever 21
Forever 21 is the perfect place to shop if you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe. This store isn’t exactly designed for kids, and the men’s products are low. However, women will be able to shop for clothing that suits their needs while keeping them styled and feeling confident. You will find that there is currently a $20 and under sale, which makes it the perfect time to grab some signature items. However, there should be more sales to come, especially as the brand releases its autumn line and prepares to purge all of its summer stock.

Finding stylish clothes in the month of August won’t leave you stressing out over your budget. There are so many sales happening that you should be able to find everything you desire without spending too much on your fashion sense, or your child’s. These ten retailers are just the beginning of the stores you should check out, but they’re a great start if you’re looking for places that will help you find what you’re looking for on budget.

Simply Your Life with Frugal Changes That Encourage Transformation

National Simply Your Life Week is coming up in August, which might be the perfect time for you to actually make a plan to simplify your life. I know, this is probably easier said than done, but there are lots of ways you can keep things simple without spending a small fortune on them. This can help you get your life back on track while allowing you a bit more time to enjoy the little things in life. With any luck, these ten ideas will help you find the change you need to keep things simple so you can embrace the good things in life as summer transitions into autumn.

1. Invest in a Planner
A planner is one of the best things you can do to help simplify your life. Planners are perfect for insuring you don’t forget what is going on in your life, especially if you make plans well in advance. They also allow you to plan out your day, so you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing instead of wandering around aimlessly. This will also allow you to plan time to get those chores in, which can help you keep your home cleaner than ever. There are many planners on the market now, so you can easily find one that suits your organizational style. You might also consider an app to help save money and ensure you keep up with your planner on a daily basis.

2. Meal Kit
One of the main problems that many people face is planning out meals and going grocery shopping. It can take up a lot of time unless you eat the same meals every single week. If you’d like to cut back on the time you spend planning meals and picking up groceries, then a meal kit is definitely going to be right up your alley. Most meal kits allow you to customize based on your unique diet and allergens, which can make it easier than ever for you to get what you need. The meals can be sent in a variety of different portions too, so you can still keep up with your favorite dishes throughout the week. The meals sent usually take around 30 minutes to make, but some meal kits also offer premade options that just need to be heated up.

3. Invest in Organizational Items
You might be surprised by how much an organized house can transform your ability to live a simpler life. If you give everything its own home, then you will find cleaning up and finding the item you need will take a lot less time. On top of that, organized home can actually help you to feel more at peace. That is why investing in organizational items is always a win for your home. You should consider the home’s aesthetic before you purchase. If you don’t mind plastics or bold colors, then you can find a wide assortment of options at dollar stores for next to nothing. However, there are a lot of chic options that are sustainable and will last you for several years if you maintain them.

4. Buy a Pillbox
Life can get hectic, and keeping up with medications or supplements can be a real challenge. When you’re on the go all day, it can be hard to get what you need to maximize your health. A pillbox can make things easier than ever. There are many pillboxes on the market, so you can find an option that suits your health needs, as well as one that is going to grab your attention each day. Once a week, all you need to do is fill the box with what you need to take and then move on with your life. Your pills or supplements will be there for you when you need them without forcing you to stop and get them. To make this even more efficient, you can always set an alarm, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting whatsoever.

5. Automate Payments
Another way to add a touch of simplicity to your life is to set up automated payments for your bills. This will help cut back on one less task that you need to do. If you aren’t comfortable with putting the payments on your debit card, then use credit. Often, your credit card company will offer points for spending in this way. Plus, you can easily build credit, especially if you’re making your credit card payments on time. Many companies will also allow you to save money when you automate payments. Some will even cut back your payment by giving you up 10% to 15% off.

6. Declutter
Clutter can bring a lot of anxiety even if we don’t realize it. On top of that, it can make it hard to clean or even things in the home. Getting rid of some of the clutter can be one of the best ways to simplify your life. You might check around for items that you don’t actually care for in the home and get rid of them or put them away. Of course, your clutter can even be found on the computer or phone. You might take some time to go through items and clear out the things that you no longer use anymore. Setting up folders on devices can also simplify your life and cut back on the clutter.

7. Carry a Water Bottle
We all need to hydrate more, but so many people find themselves dehydrated especially when they’re on the go. Investing in a few water bottles can help transform your day while bringing so much simplicity to life. When you have a water bottle on you won’t have to go looking for a drink to purchase while you’re out and about. It also offers a secure item to have nearby for a drink while you’re working with technology. There are even bottles that will encourage you to drink water at particular points in time so you can easily keep up with your body’s needs. This simplicity can add time to your day while allowing you to stress less.

8. Rethink Your Wardrobe
Your wardrobe can be one of the most complicated things about your day. That is why rethinking it can be incredibly transformative. If you can, try to empty out your wardrobe and keep only the items that you truly love. You will find that this helps to make things easier for you when it comes to getting dressed each morning. Your professional wardrobe should be as simplistic as possible. Try to choose just a few pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other to ensure you can keep things fresh while maintaining your comfort. If you’re struggling to figure out how you can improve your wardrobe to encourage simplicity, then there are lots of tutorials online that you should consider checking out.

9. Garden
Getting in touch with nature is another way to bring some simplicity to your life. Leave your phone inside and spend some time grounding yourself as you dig in the soil and improve the planet’s health. Gardening can be one of the healthiest hobbies and can help you move your body more while also spending time clearing your mind and improving your overall mental health. You might also find that gardening allows you to grow delicious foods that can cut down on your grocery bill while offering you healthier options. You can even grow flowers that will add value to your home while bringing you joy too. Setting up your garden as a part of your routine can transform the way you feel about life while enjoying the simplicity of the activity in your routine.

10. Cut the Credit Cards
If you have multiple credit cards in your possession, then you might want to consider cutting this number down to one. Having more than one credit card will cause you to have to pay more bills and keep track of the money you are spending on each card. This is the opposite of simple and can even harm your credit over time if you’re not careful. Your best option is to pay off the cards and close all but one. This will allow you to keep track of your card’s balance, your spending, and the rewards you get with the card. With less to keep track of, you can find less stress in your day.

National Simplify Your Life Week is a great time to truly re-evaluate the things you need to find happiness in your life. These ten ideas will help you to quickly find easy ways to simplify your life without forcing you to spend a lot of money on the simplification process. Some of the options will even allow you to save some money over time.

Last Minute Vacation Ideas That Will Make Summer Cooler Without Heating Up Your Finances

Summer vacation will soon be coming to an end for the many students that head back to school in August. If you’re hoping to fit in a last-minute vacation, then you might be limited as to what you can do. The options become even more limited if you’re working with a tight budget. These ten last-minute vacation ideas are certain to excite the entire family while allowing you to get out and enjoy yourself before life goes back to normal.

1. Beaches
The beach is one of the most iconic places to go on vacation. If you live close to a beach then you might have the perfect vacation destination without having to put a lot of plans into the matter. When it comes to the beach, you don’t really need to worry about paying large fees. You’ll need gas money to get there, a picnic lunch or money for food, as well as money for parking if it is necessary. However, you might want to consider looking for beaches that aren’t as popular and may not require parking. If you live within a few hours of the beach, you probably won’t even need a hotel which will save you a lot of money without reducing the fun you have.

2. Cultural Neighborhoods
The city can be one of the best places to explore on vacation. If you live in a city or near one, then you might take some time out to visit some of the cultural neighborhoods in the city. One of the more common options is Chinatown, but if you look around then you will probably find little sections of culture throughout the city. While there, you’ll be able to try out cultural foods, explore entertainment options, as well as buy souvenirs and other cultural items. You may even gain a better understanding of the people that you share the city with.

3. Hiking Trails
A good hiking trail can bring a lot of fun to the entire family. That is why finding a great hiking trail can play the role of a good vacation. If your family likes to hike often, then try to find a more expansive trail that isn’t too far from your hometown. There are lots of websites online dedicated to helping you find incredible trails that won’t be as popular as some of the common trails that you probably already frequent. When you choose a trail, make sure to take the time to explore it and enjoy everything that nature has to offer. You may even be able to try out a few trails as mini-vacations before school begins again.

4. Botanical Gardens
Botanical gardens are a great way to bring a touch of magic to your children’s lives. The botanical garden shows off incredible plants that you may not be able to see anywhere else. Often the garden will have amazing features like waterfalls and other fabulous things that will draw the attention of the entire family. A vacation to a botanical garden can be a learning experience, but also a wonderful place to kick back and relax. Although you most likely won’t spend more than a day in the garden, it can feel like a full vacation if you’re on a tight budget. If you want to save money during this trip, then you might pack a picnic as well. You should be able to find a botanical garden near you by doing a simple check on a search engine.

5. Amusement Park
Heading to an amusement park is a great way to bring some fun to your summer vacation. More often than not, amusement parks tend to be the base of many vacations so heading to one will definitely make your last few days of summer vacation amazing. Of course, if you’re on a tight budget then you might consider searching around for an amusement park that is low-cost. You may be surprised how many parks have great deals, especially as summer comes to a close.

6. Planetarium
Taking a trip into outer space can be a great way to vacation with your family on a budget. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to need to secure tickets out of town. There are much easier ways to enjoy the time under the stars. A planetarium is a great option for you. This will allow you to take a closer look at the stars while ensuring you can learn plenty about the heavens. There are numerous planetariums around the country, so you might be able to find one near you. If not, you might enjoy heading to a science spectrum which can also offer information that a planetarium might.

7. Historical Sites
There are numerous historical sites around the country, so if you want to refresh your child’s memory of their schoolwork or inspire them to want to learn then a historical site is a great vacation idea. The best thing about historical sites is you can often enjoy these treasures at no cost. So, all you will have to worry about is the price of travel. Some historical sites will even offer a tour, so you can gain as much as possible during your trip. You may even be able to discover fun aspects of the city you adventure to, so your trip will be all the more enjoyable.

8. Camping
Getting outside in nature can be a lot of fun for the whole family. It is also a great way to take a step back from technology and all the stressors of daily life. There are so many things you can do while camping that you will easily be able to keep the whole family entertained. While camping you might consider fishing, hiking, cooking, relaxing, and so much more. There are many camping sites that are totally free too, which can help you save even more money while you’re enjoying your frugal vacation with loved ones.

9. Festival
During the summer months, there are a lot of family-friendly festivals that you can attend. This can be a great way to add a touch of vacation to your summer without having to plan a huge list of activities. Festivals come in all shapes and sizes, so your family is bound to find one that suits their unique needs. You will discover festivals that feature musical groups, those that are based around renaissance fun, and those that are filled with activities to keep everyone busy. You might look around online to see if there are any near your area or simply look around to see if you’d like to travel to any.

10. Check into a Hotel
If budgeting doesn’t work out, you might consider checking into a hotel for a night or two. This will give you vacation vibes with only the price tag of your stay. While at the hotel, you can enjoy the amenities from the pool to the workout equipment. Some may even have mini golf courses and other similar activities to keep the family busy. While there, you can keep the room as cool as you’d like while also enjoying room service or eating out. This can truly help you to relax while keeping things fun and memorable.

Getting in a last-minute vacation doesn’t have to be a big deal. These ten ideas will help you save a lot of money on potential vacation spots while ensuring the entire family has some fun. So, make sure you add in a last-minute trip or two as back-to-school days will arrive before you know it.

Budget Friendly Makeup Brands That Will Bring Glam to Your Day

If you love to do your makeup, then you might find that it is hard to keep up with your look with all of the inflation currently happening. Luckily, there are plenty of brands out there that offer a wide assortment of color options that aren’t going to wreak havoc on your skin. These ten options are perfect for ensuring your look is polished and perfect while helping you to feel confident when it comes to shopping without leaving your budget under pressure.

1. E.L.F.
If you’re looking for a brand that is easy to find, then E.L.F. is going to be your best bet. This brand is one of the most affordable on the market, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be skipping out on the quality. Most of the items on offer have high-quality ingredients that are tested for safety while still maintaining a cruelty-free status. Best of all, this cosmetic line offers a lot of incredible colors that will accent your beauty so you can have fun playing with your style. You will also find some basic items that most cosmetic bags have, including a foundation that suits numerous skin tones. You can even find contouring products that will work wonders.

2. Wet & Wild
Another insanely popular brand is Wet & Wild. If you’ve been in a major department store lately then you will probably find Wet & Wild. Although there is usually a pretty good selection in stores, you’ll find that the company has an incredible amount of products online. This brand is known for their wild colors that look beautiful on any skin tone. The brand is cheap too, which makes it a great option for beginners that are just hoping to play around with their style and learn about the different makeup options available.

3. Flower Beauty
Flower Beauty is one of the newest makeup brands on the market. Launched just a few years ago by Drew Barrymore, this brand is designed to bring a touch of beauty while celebrating your inner flower child. The brand does offer an assortment of color options but is designed to cater to both teens and women, so you will find more professional options with this brand. Great care was taken into the quality of these products as well, so you won’t have to worry about harsh ingredients that will harm your skin in the long run. Most of the items from this brand will run under $20 which makes them great for most budgets and styles.

4. Lottie London
Lottie London has been around a while, but it is just making a name for itself in the United States thanks to its recent launch. This brand might seem new and shiny here, but if you do a little digging, you will find that it has great reviews and has been cherished in Britain for decades. This brand is packed with vibrant colors and styles that will make you feel like you’ve finally found your signature look. Lottie London makeup is perfect for teenagers wanting to explore their style, but will also make adults feel empowered as they claim their look. Most items from this brand are more than affordable with higher-end options up to $50.

5. The Ordinary
If you’re not interested in all of the bells and whistles, but want a flawless look that appears to be natural then The Ordinary is a great option for you. This brand doesn’t have a lot of cosmetic products on offer, rather they spend most of their time and energy perfecting three products in many different skin tones. This brand offers a concealer, a foundation, and a foundation serum that actually help to care for your skin when they are worn. This is perfect for anyone hoping to keep their look simplistic or those that already have eye shadow and lip colors that they love from other brands. Best of all, everything from this brand is under $8 which makes it a great option for you. Of course, if you want to try this brand out, they do offer a wide range of products that aren’t cosmetic, such as nail and hair care.

6. Maybelline
Maybelline is an iconic brand that has made many people feel incredible about their beauty routine. One of the keys to this brand’s success is keeping up with the product’s quality. The brand offers safe-to-use products that keep up with trends while protecting your skin’s beauty. On top of that, the brand has managed to keep up with its core values, which has made many of its customers stay loyal over the years. You will find that this brand is designed to work well in professional settings or for people that aren’t looking for sparkling options to show off their personality in casual settings.

7. Cover Girl
You can’t miss Cover Girl. From their advertisements on streaming services and television channels to their ads in magazines and on the internet, this brand continues to be prolific. Even being called a Cover Girl is a status symbol for so many celebrities. This brand is decades old and is great for offering high-quality products at an incredible price. The brand does its best to keep up with trends and offers a wide range of products that are perfect for beginners, experts, teenagers, professionals, and everyone else that loves to show off their beauty.

8. NYX Professional Makeup Cosmetics
Don’t be alarmed by the name, as many professional products will set you back an arm and a leg. This brand did start off by offering its products to professionals. However, the high-quality ingredients, ease of application, and stunning appearance made many people seek out these products. The brand definitely got the memo and now offers its line at a great price to anyone that wants to use its products. There are a lot of great options to choose from too, which will help you find the perfect match for your needs.

9. Milani Cosmetics
If you love brands that keep diversity in mind, then Milani Cosmetics is a great option for you. This brand is dedicated to helping you find the right colors for your unique skin tone, so you can feel confident and look your best. Of course, the brand also offers a lot of exciting colors to choose from so you can show off your personality with ease. The brand also offers products that are suitable for formal and professional settings, which will ensure you have everything you need for every day of the week.

10. L.A. Girl
Another brand that seems to have stood the tests of time is L.A. Girl. This brand is as widely offered all over the nation, but you can shop online to find their full range of products. The L.A. Girl brand is designed with lots of vibrant colors and fun looks that will make you feel incredible about the way you look. Apart from that, you’ll find that the makeup offers antioxidants and more to help your skin thrive while you’re wearing the brand’s products.

Enjoying makeup doesn’t have to be an endgame for your budget. With these ten brands, you should be able to embrace your style while keeping your bank account in check. These ten brands aren’t just cost-effective, but they’re also great for your skin thanks to each brand’s commitment to quality.

Hot Back to School Buys to Make the Upcoming Semester Fresh and Exciting

Although it is still July, Back to School days are right around the corner, with some students heading back to school as early as August. With school lists coming out soon, you might want to grab a few items before there is a rush on supplies. This can be especially helpful with Amazon Prime Day and other deals taking place. These ten items are certain to make sure your student has a great start to the year while still keeping your budget in check.

1. Mini Laptop
In this day and age, it is important for students to have a computer on hand. A lot of homework is presented online now so students having their own computer can be crucial to their success. Plus, higher level students need access to the internet in order to research and ensure their papers are completed on time. On top of that, it is hard to say when schools will close down due to the spread of illness. A mini laptop is a great option for most students. Not only will it allow your student to find success in what they need, but it won’t take up a lot of space in their backpack. A lot of mini laptops are more than on budget too, which is certain to give you more to cheer for when shopping around.

2. Clear Backpack
With all of the issues in schools these days, many schools are talking about going to clear backpacks. These backpacks do give students less privacy but can open up your student to a lot of fun. There are many stylish options available, including those that are glittered or tinted with a fun color. Depending on the school, students may even be able to add some decals to their backpacks, which can add to the fun. Make sure you do check in with your school to make sure you are getting the correct item based on their dress code.

3. Masks
Although vaccinations have made schools a little less dangerous for students, masks still may be required to help keep students safe from exposure. However, not all masks are made equal. With the immergence of Omicron and whatever new variations pop up, medical professionals have recommended that everyone shift to wearing N95 and KN95 masks. At the beginning of the pandemic, these were not widely available, but now there are plenty of options available. You can even find reusable options to save money and reduce waste. There are lots of kid-friendly options on the market too, so investing in a week’s worth is a great idea for the upcoming school year.

4. Water Bottle
Hydration is incredibly important for everyone’s health. Using water fountains at school isn’t always the best option though, especially with Covid-19 still causing problems. If you want to ensure your child has what they need to feel comfortable all day, then packing a water bottle can help. You can find no-spill bottles that will allow you to feel confident that your child has safe to drink water every single day. Bottles can be found in all sorts of shapes and sizes too which will definitely inspire your child to drink more water.

5. Headset
A headset is another must-have school supply for most students. With ZOOM classes often taking place during periods of the outbreak, there is a good chance your student is going to need a headset in order to take part in classes. There are so many options on the market right now, including options designed for small children, so you should be able to find a great headset for everyone on your list. Apart from that, the headset can also come in handy for studying, especially if students have a hard time concentrating in school settings or at home.

6. Sanitizer
As we all learned in 2020, having hand sanitizer on hand can save a life, which is why you should pack a little sanitizer for your child to use during the school day. Your best option is to purchase a small sanitizer that can be refilled when necessary, as opposed to continuously purchasing travel-sized containers. There are a lot of cute containers that will suit your child’s personality while proving them with easy access to their sanitizer. Placing the sanitizer on their backpack is especially helpful, but you might also find an option that can be kept in the desk or locker for extra protection.

7. First Aid Kit
Although schools do have a nurse’s office to help with injuries and ailments, packing a small first aid kit might bring your child some peace of mind. For younger kids, the kit might just contain some bandaids to help your child feel like they can handle a problem if it arises. Older children might have more supplies, including small packages of ointments to help with injuries and maybe small packages of ibuprofen, depending on the school’s policies. Girls might also keep items for their period in the kit, so they are always prepared.

8. Lunch Box
A lot of schools have considered raising the prices of school lunches, which makes sense when it comes to the inflation that most people are dealing with. However, paying for a school lunch might not currently be in the cards due to this or if your child doesn’t like the school lunches to begin with. A good lunch box will help you to save money while ensuring your child gets the nutrition they need to grow strong and function well in the classroom. A thermal lunchbox is always a great option, especially if you want to provide your child with a hot lunch. You should also consider finding an option that has a thermos, so children will have a drink to go with their meal without having to lug their water bottle to the classroom. If your child does get lunch at school, then a lunch box might still come in handy for snacks. This is especially great for children that take part in after-school activities without getting a break to eat after the school day is over.

9. Calming Items
Unfortunately, schools can be a great source of anxiety these days. Luckily, there are many products that are designed to help your child feel calmer while they’re in school. Some items are discreet, while others might require permission before you send the items to your child’s school. Some of the discreet options include calming strips which can be placed on notebooks to help your child calm down during lessons. Some pens can also act as sensory items to help children calm down as well. There are items like fidget toys which some teachers allow, while others will not. However, one way around this is to place the object as a keychain so your child can use it whenever they need to. There are also items like weighted blankets that sit on the lap to ensure your child can calm down in stressful situations.

10. The Basics
Once your school list comes out then you’ll know all of the basic items your child is going to need for their classroom. However, you will probably know most of the items that will be on the list, so if you see a good deal then you might want to grab it before it is gone. Usually, things like colored pencils, crayons, paper, glue, paper, and notebooks are completely safe to buy.

Back-to-school deals are already being released, so you should be able to find spectacular options to suit your needs. These ten categories of items should definitely be on your list if you’re hoping to keep up with trends while ensuring your child is set up for success.

Ten No Stress Ways to Cut Back on Your Cellphone Bill

Inflation is putting a hole in a lot of people’s pockets. If you’re looking to save some money, then your cellphone bill might be the place to begin. Although looking at your bill may make you feel hopeless, there are many ways you can reduce the cost without having to give up the things that you need. These ten tips will help shave down the cost of your bill while allowing you to save money in other areas as well. With any luck, you’ll be able to combine some of these ten options to create savings that will help you get more out of your budget.

1. Research Your Area
Although most areas have a lot of cellphone providers, you will come to find that not all of these are going to provide you with the best quality of service. That is why it is important to research before you sign a contract or invest in a company’s phone. You can look at coverage maps online for each service and can talk to representatives to ensure they get the latest technology, like 5G. However, you should also look at reviews from people in your area or talk to people you know to see how their service is. This is especially important when it comes to people who might live outside of the city limits.

2. Opt for a Family Line
Starting a new contract can be expensive, but if you want to cut back on your bill then you might consider going for a family line. This will have you pay the initial cost of the line, but after that, every additional line to the plan is cheaper. If you choose to split your line with others then you can spend less on the bill when you pay, especially if you choose to split the bill evenly. This is great for families, but also close friends. Of course, you should be incredibly careful who you share a plan with as if they are untrustworthy you could end up paying for their bill or at the least cancellation fees for their line.

3. Know Your Usage
Another important factor that you should take into consideration is the amount of data you use each month. A lot of people will enter a plan thinking they are going to save money but end up going way over on their data usage or find themselves dealing with very slow data after the first week in the billing period. If you use apps and the internet frequently when you’re not connected to wi-fi then your best option might be to go with an unlimited plan. It will save you money and frustration in the long run. Of course, if you tend not to use your phone for anything but calls, then you might be good going with the cheaper options.

4. Upgrade When Needed
A lot of people will upgrade their phones whenever a new model is released, which can be incredibly pricey. Even if you’re used to getting a new phone from your carrier, you might consider holding off until you actually need a new phone. Newer models are over a grand in price now, in most cases, which means your bill is going to go higher and higher. If you’re turning in your phone every time you can, you’re barely going to pay off the cost of the phone with the model you’re turning in. Of course, you shouldn’t wait too long either. If your phone is running slow or causing errors, then it is definitely time for an upgrade.

5. Go Automated
Cellular carries love when you turn on the auto-pay option. It allows them to pull money from your account every month without you having to pay the bill. This can be pretty convenient for you too, as you simply don’t have to spend your time paying bills. Since auto-pay is such a win for carriers, they often offer a discount to encourage people to sign up. More often than not, you will see upwards to 15% off, which can definitely make you happy. You can connect your payment to a credit card to enjoy even more rewards, as some cards will even offer you points for paying bills with the card.

6. Look For Discounts
Another efficient way to save on your bill is to actually look for areas where you might qualify for a discount. Many workplaces actually work with mobile phone carriers, so you might see if your place of business works with a particular carrier. If not, then there are many other discount options. The classics are senior, military, student, and first responder. If you think you might qualify for other discounts or you are curious about discounts, then you should contact the providers you’re interested in and ask. This will give you firsthand knowledge and your customer service representative may be able to set you up with a great deal.

7. Invest in Insurance
Back when phones were only around a hundred dollars, insurance wasn’t exactly a high priority. However, today, most phones cost more than a decent computer which means if you break them you may find yourself in a financial bind when it comes to repairing or replacing them. Insurance is one of the cheapest options you can utilize to help protect your phone just in case something bad happens to it. At just a few dollars a month, you couldn’t pay for a phone with the amount of money you put towards your insurance.

8. Consider Less Popular Carriers
There are a few big-name cellphone providers that we’re all aware of. These large companies have the ability to advertise more which brings in new clients. Just because a cellphone carrier is large doesn’t mean it is the right option for you. There are many smaller carriers that might have just what you need to feel confident in your mobile phone service. A simple google search of your area should turn up a provider, but you might also ask around to ensure you get recommendations that people actually use.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Switch
Often, a price is only guaranteed based on a contract. When that contract is up, so is the deal which means you’ll have to pay more to carry on with your service. If you don’t mind signing another contract, then you might switch to a different deal so you can easily move on with your life and continue to save. However, if you don’t mind doing extra work you might consider switching providers altogether. More often than not when you switch services your new provider will offer some incredible perks, including paying off your phone, upgrading it, and perhaps even waiving activation fees. So, ask around and watch the savings add up.

10. Enjoy Rewards
These days, a lot of cellphone service providers will offer perks to help draw in a crowd. If you’re looking to get more out of your service, then you will need to do a bit of research to see which companies will work best for your desires. Some companies will offer free anti-virus services, especially if these providers also offer internet. Another popular option is access to streaming services. You will have to browse around for each unique service though, as most companies are connected to just one. There are a lot of other perks to check out too, so before you sign the dotted line make sure you ask what is in it for you.

Saving on your cellphone bill doesn’t have to be rocket science. There are so many ways to get more value for your service, so you can take all of the inflation in stride. These tips will help you find the discounts you need while ensuring you feel confident about the service you choose to sign with.

Give Your Backyard a Relaxed Makeover Without Stressing Your Bank Account

With summer in full swing, you may want to spend more time in your backyard. However, if your yard isn’t the oasis you’d like it to be then you might want to spend an excess of money to suit your needs. With so many people spending more and more time at home, it might be fun to tackle a project that will make your yard more relaxing. These ten tips will help you to create the relaxed vibes you desire while also keeping your budget satisfied. Best of all, these tips will suit your needs year after year with little maintenance.

1. Privacy Plants
Privacy plants are going to do your yard a lot of good. Not only will the plants help to keep prying eyes out of your oasis, but they will also cut back on the noise that enters your home. There are many options available too, so you can find the right option for your personal style. This should help you to feel at peace in your space while letting your creative juices flow. Shrubs, trees, and even bamboo are perfect options, but you also might consider climbing plants to add a great atmosphere to your space. Once you have your privacy plants in place, you may even notice the air quality in your space improves, which will help make the space even more relaxing.

2. Order a Fountain
Nothing says zen quite like the sound of flowing water. Luckily, there are so many fountain options on the market now that you’re bound to find something that suits your personal needs as well as your style. Of course, you don’t have to go big here, so keep your budget and yard size in mind when you shop. If you’re feeling ambitious, then you can even make your own fountain. There are so many tutorials online that it will be a cinch to find a great style and size for you. You can also utilize what you already have at home. For instance, if you have a pool or pond, then utilize this as a fountain so you can get the relaxing benefits while saving on water.

3. Hammock
Does anything say relaxation quite like a hammock? If you love to lounge around in the warm sun then a hammock might be the answer to your needs. The best thing about hammocks is they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you really want to save some money then you can easily set up a hammock of your own. There are a lot of tutorials online, so you can choose an option that works well with the supplies you have on hand or the space that you’re working in. This can also help you customize your look so you can have more fun while decorating your yard.

4. Fire Pit
A fire pit is another simple way to inspire a relaxed atmosphere while allowing you to entertain guests with ease. Fire pits are perfect for all-year use as well, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of them. There are plenty of fire pits on the market, so you can shop to suit your style and your own personal needs. You can also build your own fire pit to save a little money. This will take quite a bit of work and materials, but you may find that you feel more pride in your work when you’re finished. There are many tutorials online to help guide you through the entire experience.

5. Soothing Light
Lighting is going to be one of the best ways to help create a relaxed atmosphere. It can also be one of the cheapest ways to transform your space. If you want lighting with a purpose, then citronella candles are a great option. These open up lots of options too, including tea lights and tiki-inspired lighting. If you want something more permanent, then string lights can really transform the space and work on a porch or in the yard itself. Solar lights are also a wonderful option and can be ordered in various styles and colors to suit your needs.

6. DIY pond
If you love a little nature, then you will definitely want to create a pond in your backyard. This is surprisingly easy to do and will allow you to enjoy a piece of Mother Nature year after year. A pond can be as simple as a soothing area of water in the yard or as complicated as an entire ecosystem that can function on its own in your backyard. No matter where you begin your journey, you should check out a few tutorials to ensure you have everything you need and you’re going about the process correctly. From there, you should look into everything you need to get your pond off to the right start, especially if you plan on adding fish or plants to the mix.

7. Bring in Art
Art is a great way to bring some joy into every space. It is also great for helping you to feel relaxed in any setting. So, if you’re giving your backyard a makeover then you won’t want to skip out on the artwork. Of course, you should choose items that help you to relax. Wind chimes can be a great option, but you should make sure to choose options that are soothing to you. If you don’t like the sound of clinging chimes, then bamboo options might be right for you. Sculptures are another great way to bring some character to the space as are images that can be hung on the exterior of your home. You might consider making your own art to help save on cost and to fully embrace your creative side.

8. Waterproof Speaker
Music can help transform the way you enjoy your spare time. It can also help you unwind quickly. That is why a waterproof speaker is a great way to make your backyard oasis all the more enjoyable. There are numerous options to choose from, so even if you’re on a tight budget, you will be able to find an incredible speaker that suits your needs. You can even set the speaker up in a permanent fixture, like a rock, to give you even more atmosphere.

9. Projector
If movies are the way you like to kick back and relax, then you will definitely want a projector for your backyard. All you have to do is project your favorite movies or shows onto a sheet or paper hung on the wall. This will allow you to embrace all of the amazing things you love while getting some fresh air. Projects aren’t always cost-efficient, but you are certain to find some major deals during the summer months. Many stores have too many of these items in stock, so if you’re lucky you will find a good sale. You might also make your own using your phone. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you find your way.

10. Bug Zapper
Your zen can easily be interrupted by the annoyance of flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs that go buzz all summer long. A bug zapper might be the best way for you to keep your peace. There are so many great options on the market that will help make the annoyance of bugs go away immediately. If you’re not a fan of bug zappers or you simply want to add even more protection from the pests, then you might also add a fan to your outdoor area. There are ceiling fans designed to go on porches, but you can also just pull a fan out to help you.

Creating a backyard oasis is one of the easiest things you can do as long as you have direction. These ten ideas will allow you to find some fantastic solutions, so you can easily embrace your new backyard and truly enjoy soaking up the sun in your own space.

Cheap Ways to Get the Most Out of National Video Game Day

National Video Game Day is headed our way in July, which might leave you wondering how you can possibly enjoy the occasion without spending a lot of money. Video games and consoles can be on the pricier side of the spectrum, so it might be wise to not plan on shopping for full-priced items on this day. However, there are still a lot of fun ways you can truly enjoy the holiday without feeling like your budget is under attack. These ten ideas are just a few of the ways you can embrace the holiday while keeping to your budget.

1. Cash in Rewards
Chances are if you enjoy video games, you already have a rewards account or more to choose from. National Video Game Day is the perfect time to use them. You can cash in your rewards to help you buy new gaming gear or a game that you’ve had your eye on. It might also give you the discount you need to finally upgrade your console. If you’re new to the whole rewards thing, then you might consider looking around to see which options are going to be best for you. This will help you to enjoy the games you love while embracing rewards whenever you purchase something.

2. Browse Free Games
There are free games out there that are enjoyable. However, it might take a bit of digging to find the options that are right for you. If you don’t want to spend money on National Video Game Day then this is one of your best options to explore new things while having a bit of fun. There are numerous platforms that offer games, so you might do a quick search to find options you will enjoy. Make sure you check out website reviews though, especially if games are downloaded, as you don’t want to get a virus that will destroy your system. You can also find games on social media, which can help you enjoy casual gaming with friends if you prefer this type of gaming.

3. Enjoy the Sales
Holidays like this tend to come with sales, as vendors in the niche latch on to ways to bring in more customers. Since so many stores are aware that people enjoy shopping during holidays, you’re bound to find some awesome deals. You might start with small business options as they are more likely to offer a sale during a holiday. However, larger stores seem to have caught onto this as sales slipped due to the pandemic. Of course, you should shop around and find the best deal possible before committing to the purchase. You should also make sure you know what the cost of the product is prior to purchasing as well because some sales may not be authentic.

4. Amazon Prime’s Game Bundle
If you really want a deal that can’t be beaten, then Amazon Prime is the place to be. In light of Amazon Prime Day, their gaming service is offering 25 free indie games and a few other big-name titles for free. You will definitely want to at least browse the games on offer because something might strike your fancy. All you need to get them for free is to have a subscription to Amazon Prime. The games will be available until July 13th, so make sure to check them out before they’re gone.

5. Borrow Games
If you’re hoping for something new, but don’t want to spend money then consider borrowing a game from a friend. You might also consider swapping games with someone, so it is more of a community experience. This will allow you to enjoy a game that a friend has recommended while passing on something that you love. Borrowing games can be a great way to let you know if you’d actually like to purchase something too, which can also save you money in the long run.

6. Dress Up
One of the best ways to help make the holiday even more fun is to dress up. Pick one of your favorite videogame characters and recreate their look. You can even make it a competition with your friends. This will help add some elements to the holiday that are more creative instead of just gaming. You can really go out in your costume too. You might start by using supplies that you have around the house. However, if you really want to go all out then there are plenty of items on the market that can help you make the look you’ve always dreamed of. You can even reuse the look at conventions, so the money won’t be wasted on the costume.

7. Host a Tournament
If you have friends and family gamers, then a tournament might be the way to go. Have everyone get online at a specific time or play at home to make the tournament a more social setting. You can set out snacks and things to do between rounds, so everyone has the fun they desire. If you’re the only gamer you know, then there are lots of tournaments that you can join. This might be the perfect way for you to make some new friends or even join a gamer’s community that you can enjoy.

8. Go to the Arcade
Another fun way to celebrate the holiday is to go vintage. You might check out the local arcades in your area to see what they have to offer. Even if there aren’t many vintage games, you might still have some fun with the newer arcade games. However, when you choose to go to the arcade, you should keep your budget in mind. Set a limit before you step foot in the arcade and purchase a prepaid card if you possibly can. This should help you to have some fun without forcing you to go overboard on spending.

9. Join a Club
Believe it or not, there are lots of clubs out there for gamers who want to socialize and talk about their favorite activity. So, if you’re looking for something fun to do, you might find a club that suits your needs. There are lots of clubs online if you don’t have time to hang out in a location, so if this is standing in your way then you’re in luck. You should be able to find these on social media websites or gaming communities. You might even happen upon people you like gaming with and form your own club. However, there are clubs that will allow you to spend time with people in person.

10. Play What You Have
Of course, one of the best ways to really cut back on the costs of the holiday is to play the games you already have. You might consider pulling out a game that you’ve already had for some time and haven’t touched in a while. This might renew your interest in a game so you can find something that you actually want to play. You might also work to accomplish achievements that you haven’t in a new game. This might unlock more of the story for you, so you can truly enjoy the game to its fullest which will allow you to get more out of your purchase.

National Videogame Day is a great time to embrace your love of gaming. With a holiday designed to celebrate one of your favorite holidays, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to fully embrace it. These ten ideas will have you on a budget while ensuring you feel confident in your work.