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Stylish Decor Ideas to Cool Down Your Home This Summer

Summer can be one of the most fashionable seasons of the year. With clothes gaining vibrancy and people wanting to get out and about, you are certain to find lots of inspiration to help decorate your home. This season, there are many trends that you can easily get behind without spending a fortune. These ten ideas will help you get your place looking fantastic while also allowing you to show off your personality and your ability to decorate without overspending.

1. Indoor Plants
Bringing the outdoors indoors is a great way to meet today’s biggest fashion trends. This season, you’re definitely going to want to grab some indoor plants to make your home look fabulous. There are lots of great options to choose from when it comes to adding plants to the home. However, you should always make sure the plants are non-toxic to your pets before you bring them in. Plants also have a way of filtering the air, which will make your home smell fabulous. You can choose planters that bring extra style to your home to add to the appeal. If you like to DIY then you can easily do this with cheap supplies, which will save money and allow you to express yourself.

2. Blue Is In
Blue fans will truly love this season because blue is going to be absolutely everywhere. There are many ways to add some blue to your life, which should help you to enjoy the trend with ease. If you like to get your hands dirty then you might consider painting a few accent walls blue. There are so many amazing colors to choose from too, so you can really have some fun here. If you don’t want to make any major changes, then you might consider adding some blue pillows, blankets, or décor items. This can really bring some life to the home and will help you to feel those summer vibes.

3. Curves
This season, it’s all about the curves. You’re going to find round items just about everywhere, which will make it very easy for you to find the looks you desire. One of the major curvy trends is going to be in furniture. You’re going to see a lot of coffee tables, patio furniture, ottomans, and so much more that will definitely suit your needs. If purchasing new furniture isn’t on your radar, then there are so many other options. For instance, you might consider curvy décor. Abstract art, sculptures, and paintings are easy ways to do this. You may even consider painting your own décor to add to the trend.

4. Crisp White
It’s not Labor Day yet, so embrace your love of crisp white when it comes to your home décor. White is a great way to help make your home look much bigger and can help keep the space cooler if you choose to paint your walls white. If painting isn’t on your to-do list, then you might consider bringing in white fabrics. From accent blankets and pillows to reupholstering, white is definitely going to bring out the beauty in your home. You can also use white picture frames, white vases, and so much more to give your home the chic vibes you desire.

5. Vintage Accents
All things vintage are in and will give your home the pizzazz that you desire. Although this might seem like an expensive trend, it really doesn’t have to be. As a matter of fact, you can find a whole lot of vintage options in your local thrift store. Some items you might look for are mirrors that offer a vintage vibe. Paint them gold to give them the look you truly desire. Old typewriters, cameras, vases, and other items used as decor can really change up the space. If you want to do a little DIY, then purchase some retro fabrics to reupholster some of your accent pieces. If you don’t want to purchase new items, then you can easily transform some of the items you already have into vintage pieces.

6. Metals
Metals are a big hit this summer, which makes it very easy to accent your favorite décor. Metal furniture, décor items, and even picture frames are going to be the best way to bring this trend to life in your home. You can really go wild with this trend without spending a fortune. There are metallic paints that won’t cost you a small fortune. These paints can transform basic things into stylish metallic pieces that you’ll be proud to show off. You can also find wonderful items in thrift stores to help you enjoy this style as well.

7. Statement Lights
Your lights can really make a difference in your life when it comes to this season’s style. Although statement lights have trended in previous years, you’re definitely going to find this year’s lights are a little different. Typically, minimalistic styles have been in fashion, but this year it’s all about making a statement. You’ll find bold, colorful options that will help your vibrant personality stand out. If you don’t want to purchase and install a statement light, then you might consider purchasing a lamp instead. This will still give the statement vibe you’re looking for while also allowing you to swap out the light whenever you get tired of the style.

8. Tropical Accents
This summer, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation when you enjoy bringing a touch of the tropics into your home. You can accomplish this look in many different ways, which will definitely help you to find a look that suits your needs. One simple way to do this is to bring in faux tropical plants. These will stand the tests of time and will give your home a look that you won’t be able to resist. Of course, you can keep things a bit easier by choosing tropical colors and prints to bring into your space. Even accent pieces with tropical designs can help bring even more warmth to your space.

9. Texture
Texture is all in this season, which gives you so many options to choose from when it comes to your personal style. You can add texture to just about anything, which makes this trend very easy. One item to consider is faux furs, which make great accents for pillows, blankets, or even furniture. If you like to keep things a bit more subtle then you may want to consider going with ribbed fabrics. These are great for all-year use, so they will be completely affordable. Fabrics aren’t the only option here. You can even utilize textures on the wall if you’re looking to take on larger projects.

10. Patterns
Patterns are a big deal this season and probably will be throughout the rest of the year. The good thing about the pattern trend is there is no wrong way to take it on. You can choose simple patterns or those that are incredibly bold. You can also mix and match to help make the patterns stand out even more. Best of all, you can add patterns almost anywhere. From upholstery and pillows to patterns on wallpaper or in paintings. You can really have some fun here, especially if you love to keep things mixed up and unique.

This summer, you can really spice things up with the décor you choose. These ten trends are easy to pull off and will give your home fun vibes that you won’t want to miss out on. You will definitely fall in love with at least one of these trends, thanks to the amazing style offered and budget-friendly options.

Ten Affordable Amusement Parks to Make Your Summer Vacation Amazing

Planning a summer vacation on a budget can be a tough feat. So, if you’re struggling to come up with fun ideas, then it might be helpful to know that there are a wide variety of amusement parks that don’t charge an arm and a leg while still offering plenty of fun things to do. These ten parts will cost less than $100 a person and are located in areas that will allow you to branch out and enjoy other attractions on a budget. So, don’t miss out this summer especially if you have been staying in the last couple of summers.

1. Knott’s Berry Farm
If you’ve been dreaming of a California vacation, then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a great amusement park just outside of Anaheim that will certainly help you have some fun. Based on the area, this theme park is going to give you a bargain for your money ringing in at just $50 a person. If you live in the area, you can also get a season pass to help you save money all summer long. Knott’s Berry Farm offers children’s rides, water rides, and the iconic Ghost Rider roller coaster, with many other amazing rollercoasters to choose from. Fans of the Peanuts will love meeting Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the crew as well. This park is a great alternative to Disneyland, especially if you don’t want to pay the high price or you don’t have long to explore the park.

2. Knoebels Amusement Resort
Knoebels Amusement Resort is one of the largest free amusement parks in the country. Located in Pennsylvania, you will find plenty of places to check out when you’re not in the park. However, the park does offer plenty of games, shows, rollercoasters, kids rides, and so much more. This park is inspired by fairs, meaning you will have to pay to go on each ride. So, you will have to be careful here to ensure your budget is kept. However, if you’re just on board to enjoy the atmosphere and ride a couple of things to kill a little time then this is going to be a great park for you.

3. Kings Island
Kings Island, located outside of Columbus, Ohio is said to be the largest amusement park in the Midwest. This claim draws in many people each year, especially since the location is convenient for many living in the area. Since the park is located near a large city, hotel and other entertainment options are vast. The park itself has numerous roller coasters and a water park that offers over 50 rides. This park is perfect for all ages and interest too, which makes the value even greater. Best of all, tickets are less than $50 a person, which adds to the park’s enticing nature.

4. Sesame Place
Families with small children won’t want to miss out on Sesame Place located in Pennsylvania. This amazing park is based off of the Sesame Street World which has inspired children for decades. While at the park, children are able to enjoy rides, watch shows, and meet with their favorite characters. Although this park is designed for children, there is plenty to do for adults and older children as well. Best of all, the price is more than affordable at less than $50 a person. Plus, the park is located in a convenient area, so you’ll be able to find plenty of other things to do while you’re in the area.

5. Six Flags Magic Mountain
There are so many Six Flag theme parks to explore in the United States. However, if you’re looking for affordability and fun then Magic Mountain is one of the best options. This particular Six Flags is located just outside of downtown LA, which means there will be plenty to see and do when you’re not riding rollercoasters. This theme park also hosts some of the most iconic rollercoasters around, which will make it well worth the trip. There are plenty of water rides, shows, and more to take in while you visit the park. Your tickets will ring in at under $60 too, which is an incredible price for a theme park chain. There are also food deals and season passes to make the price all the more frugal.

6. Nickelodeon Universe
Kids of the 90s through today won’t be able to resist stopping at Nickelodeon Universe. This theme is all about your favorite Nickelodeon shows and won’t skip on the slime effects. This park isn’t exactly Universal Studios, but it will give fans plenty to enjoy as they enjoy a touch of nostalgic. This theme park offers plenty of rides and other attractions to keep you buys all day long, which is incredible considering it will only set you back $40 a person. The theme park is located next to the Mall of America, which will provide you with plenty of activities to keep you busy.

7. Dollywood
Country music fans won’t want to miss out on a trip to Dollywood. This park is a little pricier than the other parks mentioned, but the price tag still falls under $100 per person. While at the park, you will find country music, plenty of Dolly Parton goodies, and a variety of foods and memorabilia. You will also find lots of rides and shows to keep you busy for the entire day. Dollywood is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which provides plenty of other entertainment including river rafting and a Titanic attraction. The park isn’t far from Knoxville either, so you can easily shift your vacation to the city after spending the day in the park.

8. Silverwood Theme Park
If you find yourself in Idaho, then Silverwood Theme Park is a great place to enjoy your stay. This park offers a wide assortment of rollercoasters designed to give an adrenaline rush to thrill seekers looking for a good time. Apart from daring rollercoasters, there are also plenty of water rides and pools, including a wave pool. You will also find children’s areas that are safe and enjoyable. The park offers plenty of shows and events, as well as restaurants. There is lodging nearby, including an RV park for those that are just passing through. Tickets are less than $30 a person, which makes a trip to the park a steal.

9. Hershey Park
If you find yourself exploring Pennsylvania and in the mood for something sweet, then you might consider stopping by Hershey Park. Yes, this park is affiliated with the world-famous Hershey’s Chocolate company. As you can imagine, it has definitely earned its name of the sweetest park on Earth. This amusement park offers plenty of rides to choose from, which is enough to keep you occupied for hours on end. The thing that sets this park apart from other options is the chocolate section. Since the amusement park is connected to the Hershey factory, you can take a break from all of the rides to learn how Hershey bars are made.

10. Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Can’t go to Europe this summer, but would love to enjoy the travel experience? Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a great option to help ease your travel bug without spending a fortune. This theme park has a European theme, so you will be able to travel from one country to the next throughout the day. Each country has its own restaurants, rides, shows, games, and so much more. Best of all, the price is more than affordable. You can even purchase a season pass if you’re in the area which will help you get even more out of the experience.

Amusement parks are a wonderful way to have fun all summer long. These ten amusement parks will give you the fun you desire without the high price tag of many of the amusement parks, which can transform your summer and the memories that you make.

Keep the Kids Busy All Summer With These Frugal Activities Designed For the Heat

Schools are about to let out for summer vacation, which might leave a lot of parents grasping at straws to find ways to keep their children busy on a budget. With the weather scorching hot, and boredom around every corner, you might be worried about how you’re going to keep your kids busy since spending all day outside isn’t exactly an option. These ten ideas will help knock out some of the hours of the day on a budget, so kids can make memories and have some fun while doing so.

1. Backyard Camping
Although it might be too hot to get outside a lot of the time, the nighttime hours will provide everyone with a much cooler setting. Going camping can be one of the best bonding experiences for a family and can help children disconnect from gadgets and enjoy the world around them. Of course, going off to a campsite can be pricey, especially if you don’t have everything you need to camp successfully. That is why a backyard campout is amazing for all. You can sleep out on the trampoline, make a fort with items you have around the house, or simply lay out under the stars. You also have access to snacks and bathrooms without having to worry, which can make everyone feel more comfortable.

2. Join a Summer Program
In most communities, there are a few summer recreation programs that kids can take part in. Usually, the school district or college in the area will organize education and athletic activities for kids to take part in. The YMCA often offers swim classes, craft sessions, and other fun activities for kids as well. Even the parks and recreation service in your community may have a few plans that you can sign up for, including summer sports. Of course, most of these things will help cost a small fee, but kids will have a lot to keep them busy, so you won’t have to worry about spending money in other aspects of life.

3. Splash Pads
A lot of communities have started to add splash pads to their parks or community areas. A splash pad is a great way for kids to get outside and have some fun without running up your water bill at home. Splash pads come in a variety of different designs, so you might make sure the splash pad near you is safe for your children to use. Although these are great places to cool down, you should always make sure sunscreen is properly applied and proper clothing is worn, as the water can attract more sun. You should also plan for times when there might be fewer people, especially if it is difficult to keep track of your children during such activities. Since these tend to be free places to keep cool, they aren’t as private as many parents might like.

4. DIY Popsicles
Finding ways to cool down can be one of the best ways to bring joy to children during the summer months. Popsicles are one of the best ways to cut down on the heat while offering children a healthy way to snack. Luckily, it is very easy to make popsicles. All you really need is a mold, which can be purchased for fairly cheap at most stores. Once you have your mold, you can fill it with juices, drink mixes, or even smoothies. You can also add in fruit or other treats to make children love the snack even more. Trying out different recipes can add to the fun, which will make children love working in the kitchen all the more.

5. Sprinkler Fun
Playing in the sprinkler is a timeless activity that most kids can enjoy. This activity is cheaper than having a pool and requires very little maintenance. You can also use your child’s time in the sprinkler to water your lawn or anything you might have in your garden, so the water isn’t wasted. Although running through the sprinkler tends to be a lot of fun, you can still spice it up by adding games to the experience. You can even create relay races that will inspire kids to be more active while they’re cooling down in the sprinkler.

6. Butterfly Garden
Gardening is one of the best ways to use the extra space that you have in your yard. If you really want to entice the kids to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, then you might consider planting a butterfly garden instead. There are many different types of butterfly gardens, so you might research to see which butterfly species are in your area. Once you know this, you can choose the plants that you will add to your garden. Before long, you should see an array of visitors that will inspire your child’s curiosity about the world. These gardens are great for the planet too, especially since butterflies help to pollinate.

7. Library Trips
The library is a great resource no matter the time of the year. However, during the summer months, they have lots of great things for kids to do. One of the big draws is the summer reading program. Kids are encouraged to read throughout the summer to win prizes based on the work they do. Best of all, kids can pick out new books every time they turn in their reading log, which will inspire them to keep reading. Most libraries will also offer storytimes, crafts, and other activities to help make summer better than ever.

8. Outdoor movies
If watching movies with your family tends to be a fun pastime, then outdoor movies are bound to be a hit for your family. Many communities do offer activities like movies in the park that are specially designed for children. You might look on your local area’s parks and recreation website or social media pages to see if there is anything going on. If not, then it isn’t hard to create your own outdoor movie theater. In fact, you can make your own projector with tutorials found online. This can be a great backyard activity for the family, or you can invite neighbors to join in on the fun.

9. Explore the Farmer’s Market
Summertime is a great time to get out and enjoy the farmer’s market. During the summer months there is typically a lot of great produce and plants to be purchased, so spending a morning exploring what the farmer’s market has to offer can be a real treat. By doing this, you will be helping your local community as well as giving your family healthier foods that they will love. Of course, the farmer’s market is more than just produce. You will find local vendors that supply crafts, beauty supplies, and even foods that will wow you.

10. Outdoor Gatherings
Nothing says summer quite like having a gathering with loved ones outdoors. So, if you’re looking for a fun way to keep the kids busy then invite your friends and family over. You can have a cookout with cheap foods that won’t harm your budget. You might even ask people to bring dishes and drinks of their own so you can easily save even more money. Relay races, dance-offs, karaoke, movies, games, and so much more are only scratching the surface. So, make sure to schedule quite a few of these gatherings, especially while Covid-19 restrictions are reduced.

If you’re worried that summer will be a bust for your kids or might break your budget, then don’t stress out. There are plenty of frugal ways for everyone to have some fun. These ten ideas are just a start but will help you plan accordingly so you can truly embrace the season and the time with your children.

Ten Stores You Need to Shop During the Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day is one of the top shopping holidays of the year and is one of the last major sales before we find ourselves dealing with the holiday rush again. If you’re planning on shopping this Memorial Day, then it might help to know where the good sales are. There will be tons of retailers participating, which might take away from your ability to get the deals you desire. These ten retailers are going to provide you with deals in almost every category you desire, so you can grab items before they’re gone.

1. JC Penney
JC Penney is known for hopping on all of the big sales, so it’s no surprise that this year you’re going to find lots of incredible deals across the board with this retailer. To begin with, you’ll find that JC Penny is working hard to compete with the mattress sales that tend to happen on Memorial Day. You’ll find many mattresses up to 50% off, which makes it the perfect time to upgrade. JC Penney also has 40% off furniture, which is great if you’re looking to renovate your home or simply buy some dorm essentials. There will also be a lot of great deals on clothing, home goods, and cosmetics. You might even find a 25% off coupon for other items in the store.

2. Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Bed, Bath, and Beyond is also going all out this Memorial Day. Although the store tends to be known for the linens it has, you might find that the deals it offers are going to be in areas that you might not consider. For instance, you’ll find that many tools and appliances are going to be around 30% off. Cooking accessories will also be marked down to half price, which can be a great time to deck out your kitchen. Tabletops will also be on sale for around $100 off. Of course, you’ll still find great deals on linens and other necessities that the brand is known for.

3. Michaels
With the summer heat limiting your time outdoors, you might not want to miss out on Michaels’s Memorial Day Sale. During this sale, you will find up to 60% off craft supplies, which will provide you with the perfect opportunity to stock up on crafts to keep the kids busy. You will find everything from craft supplies to actual kits to help make it easy for kids to craft. You will also find items like décor to help you make your home seasonal and comfortable.

4. Wayfair
Wayfair tends to be another major player when it comes to holiday sales and Memorial Day will be no exception. This year, the website is really focusing on bedding. You will find low prices on bed frames and foam mattresses so you can create a comfortable space to kick back and relax. There are also many great deals on pet supplies. Pet beds, toys, and other accessories will be up to 50% off. Of course, you will find deals on almost everything that the store has to offer, so make sure to browse around to find the right price for you.

5. Best Buy
Technology is always a hot purchase, no matter what sale you’re shopping for. That is why Best Buy tends to be one of the go-to places to check out. This Memorial Day, you’re going to find some incredible deals to ensure you get what you need for the season. This year, televisions are going to be a big deal, so if you’re looking for an upgrade then this is going to be a great time to explore your options. Phones are also going to be on sale, especially Apple phones. Apart from that, you will find extraordinary deals on large and small appliances. You might keep track of the Best Buy website because some of the deals might appear early and may even sell out fast.

6. Target
Target usually offers some pretty good deals when Memorial Day rolls around. This year, they do have some big plans, but you might want to check out their early deals too. For instance, you can find cheap prices on clothing for all ages, and buy one, get one half off on major toy brands. Technology and books will have plenty of great deals too. For Memorial Day, you’ll find that patio furniture is going to be 15% off, which will help you create a comfortable place to hang out. Pet accessories will be 20% off too, so you can make sure your fur babies are comfortable all season long.

7. Macy’s
Macy’s is planning on offering some major deals across the board too. You will largely find sales on clothing and home goods. However, some of the miscellaneous items that you might need for summer fun, wedding season, and dorm necessities should also be on sale. These markdowns will be around 20-60%, so you should definitely spend some time browsing the website to see if there is anything you may need. On top of the markdowns, you’ll find that Macy’s will offer additional coupons to help bring down the price even more.

8. Amazon
Amazon is also going to offer some major deals for Memorial Day, and a few early deals. So, make sure to be on guard when it comes to the things you need. One place to begin shopping is the beauty section. There will be a lot of price reductions, but there will also be a 35% off coupon to attach to many of the items as well. This can be great for those that need to stock up on summer makeup or beauty necessities. Consumers looking for LED TVs will be pleased to 40% off some of the best options available. You will also find headphones and other gadgets too. On top of that, Amazon’s smart home devices will also be on sale. New this year is Amazon brand clothing and home goods, so you might also browse that section for even more savings.

9. Walmart
If you’re ready to find some big sales, then you should check out the savings that Walmart has to offer. They will have lots of rollbacks before the holiday even begins, so watching their website or setting alerts for the app would be wise. Apart from that, you should keep an eye on their clearance section as there are many fantastic deals there that will help you feel confident about your spending. Of course, when it comes to Memorial Day deals, you’re going to win big with technology. One of the big deals is an HDTV for under $200. You will also find a variety of other televisions on sale and plenty of chrome books to choose from.

10. Overstock
Overstock is going to be going big as usual, so you’ll find deals across the board here. You should be able to find sales in every category, but it might take a bit of looking around to find fantastic options. One of the main focuses the store has is cleaning some of their outdoor supplies. This will encompass a lot of categories though. For instance, you will find great deals on patio furniture as well as outdoor cooking supplies. There will also be discounts on outdoor toys and storage. These deals should help you get set up for summer with ease.

Memorial Day sales are a great way to kick off summer fun and get prepared for everything you need to feel comfortable all season long. These ten retailers are definitely going to help you save a small fortune on their remarkable deals, so make sure you browse their catalogs to ensure you maximize your savings during the holiday.

Keep Cool on a Budget as Summer Temperatures Arrive

In some places, it is already beginning to feel a little less like spring and a lot more like summer. This can be a huge shock to some as they try to readjust their power budget for the higher prices that summer tends to bring. It can also be a problem for those worried about power grids failing. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to conserve energy while the temperature spikes. These ten ideas can truly transform the way you handle summer, which will definitely make you feel more confident about your budget during the hot months.

1. Turn Up the A/C
The first thing you can do, which might not sound ideal, is to turn up the air conditioner. Keeping the temperature in your home at 72 degrees isn’t feasible if you’re trying to conserve power. If you want to save, then you should know that keeping the thermostat at 75 degrees can conserve 10% of the energy you use, and every degree above this will save you even more. If you turn on fans, then you should be able to sit comfortably in this temperate when dressed appropriately. Of course, experts do suggest you keep the thermostat at 85 degrees, which might be something else to consider.

2. Shade Windows
Your windows are a great way to get some airflow and light in the home; however, they can increase the amount of heat in your home. There is a simple solution to this problem though. All you have to do is shade your windows. An awning is one of the easiest ways to do this and you can easily purchase for cheap and set it up yourself. A more natural solution to this problem is to ensure you have plenty of trees and bushes that provide shade. More shaded plants will help improve the value of your home while allowing you to enjoy fresher air too. You might look into what grows best in your area before you begin to plant. Of course, you can also shade the interior of your windows with blinds, shutters, or light-blocking curtains.

3. Invest in Fans
A fan can be your best friend on hot days, which is why you might invest in a few for the long months. Ceiling fans can be one of your best options because they are going to provide a better distribution of airflow. However, if you can’t do this then a box fan can really keep things cool. A fan can actually help you feel several degrees cooler, so you might even be able to turn off the air conditioner on days that aren’t especially hot. You might also consider personal fans to help keep you cool when you’re outside or sitting in an area that doesn’t have a fan. If you’re worried about power outages, then battery-operated fans are definitely a must to have.

4. Lower Your Water Heater Temperature
Another way to cut down on your power bill during the long months of summer is to take the water heater down a notch. Chances are if you’ve spent a day outside in the heat, the last thing you’re going to want is a scorching hot shower to end your day. Since you probably won’t be using the higher water setting, then turning it down for a while won’t do any harm. This will mean your power bill will lessen without you having to sacrifice anything. Plus, cutting back on extremely hot water is great for your skin.

5. Replace Your Air Filter
Regularly changing your air filter is great for numerous reasons. However, did you know that it can help to cut back on your power use? When your air filter is full, it makes your air conditioning system work harder to register the temperature of the house. Since your system will know when the air needs cooling, it will be able to do so faster and cut down your power use. Apart from that, having clean filters can help prevent problems from occurring while allowing you to feel healthier.

6. Cook Outside
Cooking inside can raise the heat in your home, which can cause your air conditioning to go off more often than it needs to. One of the best things you can do during the summer months is cook outside. If you have a grill, then you can enjoy summer-friendly foods that require very little effort. A smoker can also help you make large portions of meats that can be eaten over a few days so you don’t have to cook as often. Cooking outdoors will help to keep any smells outdoors too, which will make your home more comfortable. Even if you can’t cook outside for whatever reason, you should try to avoid the summer to ensure that you don’t heat up the home. Cold meals, sandwiches, and anything you can think of that don’t need to be cooked can be a big helper.

7. Know When to Run Appliances
You might want to think twice about using more than just your oven during the summer months. In fact, any appliance in your home can be a real drain on your energy costs, which can harm you when energy prices are already so high. Some states will even charge higher rates during certain periods of the day. As a rule, you should skip running the washer, dryer, dishwasher, and any other major appliance between noon and 8 PM. If you can get your chores finished before or after this time, you won’t have to deal with worrying about your bills being too high.

8. Get Outside
Rather than staying indoors and trying to keep cool, you can turn your air conditioning up a few notches and get outside instead. If you have a pool or other way of playing in the cool water, then you might consider spending as much of your time as you can doing this. You can also enjoy time at the park or other activities that make summer amazing. If you just want to lounge outside, then you might consider setting up a mister to help keep you cool as you relax.

9. Reseal Your Home
If your insulation is old, it could be costing you a whole lot of money in cooling. Keeping on top of your insulation is crucial as this is going to keep your home cooler or warmer for much longer. Luckily, insulation is inexpensive to purchase and pretty easy to install. In fact, there are even tutorial options that you can check out if you’re worried that you won’t do it correctly.

10. Unplug
Keeping items that you no longer use plugged in can also do a number on your energy costs. The items still pull power when not in use, which means you’re paying for items you’re not actually using. Apart from that, some of these items can actually add warmth to your home, which is going to mean you’re going to have to cool down the home even more. Simply unplugging everything when you’re done with it is your best option. A smart surge protector can also help quite a bit and can take some of the hassles out of the process.

Keeping cool doesn’t have to come with a lot of sacrifices, as these ten tips will help you to get where you need to be so you can save big without sweating buckets. As the heat continues, hopefully you will find relief when you combine many of these tips to keep your electric bill comfortable.

Ten Starter Pets That Are Cheap and Easy to Care For

Summer is on its way, which means children will have more free time at home. If your child is asking for a pet, then now might be the perfect time to get one as it will give your child plenty of time to adjust to their new pet while allowing them to set up a care routine that they can sustain when school is back in session. If you’re worried about the price tag of a pet, then don’t stress. There are actually numerous starter pets that are easy to care for while costing very little each month. These ten are just the beginning but are all great options to consider, especially for a first pet.

1. Betta
A betta fish is a great place to begin the pet care journey. Bettas are beautiful fish that tend to live solitary lives, especially male fishes. These fish don’t require a lot of space either, so you won’t have to purchase a full-sized aquarium for them, which is great for the budget and those living in small spaces. When it comes to bettas, you can even choose tanks that are sustainable. Many tanks that grow plants on top of the tank will actually clean themselves and will allow the plants to thrive without constant watering. So, all you’ll really need to worry about is food for the pet, which is pretty inexpensive.

2. Hermit Crab
A hermit crab is another fantastic option that doesn’t take a huge budget. The pet itself usually ranges around $10, but they do prefer companionship, so you might consider getting two. Despite this, the price is still low in comparison to some pets. Hermit crabs will need a tank that they can roam in, but it doesn’t have to be exceptionally big. The tank should include water so that the hermit crab can rehydrate and enjoy a natural setting. You will also need to find extra shells, especially as the hermit crab grows. Food for this pet is also inexpensive, which can add even more appeal to purchasing a pet such as this.

3. Sea Monkeys
Sea monkeys are a tried-and-true pet that most parents can get on board with. Although they’re really just tiny shrimp, they are great for a child’s imagination. This is largely because the advertisements for the pets tend to show them off as little merpeople, which might encourage children to want to pay attention to them all the more. When you purchase a kit, it should provide you with everything that you need to keep the pet. Most of them even come with a magnifying glass so that kids can view the sea monkeys as the days pass.

4. Venus Fly Trap
You might not consider this to be a pet, but it can really become a great way to teach responsibility. These plants are pretty low-cost, but you might have to look around to find one. All you really need for a venus fly trap is soil, water, and the occasional fly to sustain its appetite. However, if you have flies around the house then you might not even need to handle this. Venus flytraps can be a great way for children to learn about science and so much more, which can be a wonderful way to help improve their curiosity.

5. Hamster
Many kids grew up with hamsters because they are such affordable animals. These furry friends can instantly win the heart of a child because they’re pretty cute. This can help ease your child’s desire to have a more expensive pet. Apart from that, they tend to only cost you about $30 a month. This includes the bedding for their cage and food. Of course, setup may cost you a bit more as you will need a cage for the pet. However, you can always start with the basics and add on to the cage over time or if you choose to get other hamsters.

6. Axolotl
This cute little creature has a lot to offer your family and won’t cost you a bundle either. Although many people are confused as to whether or not it is a fish or an amphibian, or how to pronounce its name, the pet will always brighten your smile with its seemingly happy face. These creatures don’t require a lot of bells and whistles like some fish and reptiles do, which is why so many people find them to be a great pet option. You’ll need a tank for this pet, but you won’t have to worry about heaters or anything like that. However, it is always best to read up on any animal you take in, just to ensure you’re offering the best quality care.

7. Box Turtle
A box turtle has been a common pet for children for quite some time. That is because the pet is incredibly easy to take care of. The turtle will need a dry space as well as plenty of water to swim in, so if you have a small pond area outside then you’re already set up for success. A tank can also work wonders especially if you want the turtle in your child’s space. These animals can eat produce that you already have in the home, so you won’t have to spend a crazy amount on food. Box turtles tend to have a long lifespan as well, which can make you feel better about purchasing the pet.

8. Ant Farm
Another uncommon pet that you might not have thought about is ants. Ants are pretty common and tend to be a bit of a pest. However, when you purchase an ant farm kit, it offers the chance for your child to see how an ant lives its life. Anthills tend to come with everything you need to create a thriving farm, with the exception of the ants. However, once you choose a few ants for your ant farm, your child will be able to watch the ants at work, which can be a fascinating experience.

9. Goldfish
A goldfish is a classic pet that is going to work wonders for your family. Goldfish are extremely easy to care for and cost next to nothing. You can put a single goldfish in a small bowl or you can get several and keep them in a tank, depending on the space you have, the amount of money you want to spend, and your ability to clean a tank. You can spend some money decorating the tank, but you really don’t have to do that. Goldfish tend to grow based on the amount of space that they have, so you can even keep them in a pond if you have one at home. Maintenance for this pet is pretty low and will allow you to get away with just changing the water and feeding the pet.

10. Gecko
For kids that like lizards, a gecko is a great option that is easy to maintain. You will need a warm tank to keep the gecko healthy, but the reptile doesn’t need a whole lot monthly to maintain its health. Geckos can be a lot of fun for kids that aren’t afraid of the creatures because they tend to be easy to handle. A gecko is a great way to open up the window to various reptiles as children get older. Some options might be an iguana or a snake if the child shows responsibility and dedication to the pet.

Owning a pet can be a big deal for a child and will help them build confidence while showing love and compassion to another creature. These ten starter pets are a great way to help your child learn just how much work goes into having a pet, which can be the start of a new stage in their life.

Summer Fashion That Will Suit Your Budget and Your Style

In many areas of the world, it is already beginning to feel a lot like summer. So, getting in a little summertime shopping might be just what you’re looking to do. If you’re ready to make your wardrobe fashion savvy for the season then you might want to consider adding a few elements from these ten fashion crazes. If you’re on a budget then don’t worry, as there are many fashion hacks that will help you recreate some of the top looks on the catwalk without having to spend a small fortune.

1. Y2K Look
This summer, we’re going back in time with the Y2K look. It might not seem possible that this look was big twenty years, but if you were a fan at the time then you’re certain to appreciate many of the styles now. One of the biggest things that people will be incorporating into their look is metallic styles. This will work from anything from fabrics to hair accessories and makeup. Luckily, metallic fabrics aren’t hard to come by in stores, so you should be able to make some amazing pants, tops, vests, and bags to have you looking cool. Baggy bottoms are also joining the Y2K resurgence, which might be a relief as the temperatures skyrocket. Another fun Y2K accent is anything and everything butterflies, so pull out your old butterfly clips and have some fun.

2. Micro-Skirts
Mini skirts tend to never go out of fashion, but this year the look is being replaced by the bottoms. If you’re wanting to show off some leg, then a micro skirt will have you at the peak of fashion this season. You’ll see micro skirts in everything from casual and clubwear to bathing suits, so choose what works best for you. The best thing about micro skirts is they are incredibly easy to make. If you have a mini skirt pattern on hand, then just cut the pattern a little shorter and work from that. You can also cut the skirts you already have to be shorter with very little work on your end.

3. Halter Neck Tops
If you love to show off some skin, then you’re definitely going to want to jump on this trend. Halter neck tops give you the style of a halter while adding a little extra support, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting your top constantly. Halter neck tops are definitely simple to make too, so you can transform a few of the tops you already have in your wardrobe without spending a penny. You’ll also find that there are many of these options available in retailers that are more than affordable and can be paired with almost anything.

4. Low Rise Bottoms
Over the past couple of years, high-rise jeans have been all over the place. However, this summer things are changing up and low rise bottoms are going to take the height of the fashion industry. This can be great in the hot weather, especially if you enjoy wearing cropped tops and other summer-friendly looks. You won’t have to look far to upgrade your wardrobe with these bottoms. However, you should probably try to avoid just purchasing these items online as it is best to try them on to ensure the fit isn’t too uncomfortable or too low for your needs.

5. Statement Suit
All year, it seems that statement suits have been a big deal. As summer arrives, these suits are going to take a bit of a turn to ensure you stay cool. So, to suit trends for this season, you’re going to want to look for suits with lighter fabrics and baggier designs. Often, the suits are going to appear to be very oversized, much like they did in the 80s. Another factor to consider is color. You’re going to want to go bold if you feel comfortable with it. Vibrant colors are definitely trending for the season so find the styles that look great for you.

6. Bra Tops
Bra tops have been trending all season, but there is no better time to rock them than the summer months. You can use most bras to suit this trend, which makes it very money efficient. On top of that, you will find that you can really accessorize when you enjoy this style. You can embellish bras with embroidery, appliques, rhinestones, fringe, and anything else that comes to mind. You can also pair the bra with a jacket, overshirt, or tank to take the look even further.

7. Fringe
Fringe is another trend that has been hot since autumn. This is another great look for summer though, especially since you can put it on almost anything. One great way to embrace fringe is to add it to one of your old tank tops. Simply mark how short you would like your tank top to be. Then, cut straight up until you meet that mark. Doing this over and over will create a fun fringe look that will keep you cool for summer. This is only scratching the surface though. You can easily put fringe on jackets, boots, tees, shorts, swimsuit, and anything else that you can dream up. If you’re not sure you can pull off a DIY, then you will have a wide variety of options to choose from in retail stores.

8. Black and White
Although black isn’t really a traditional summer color, this year you’ll want to find a way to mix up the black and white in your wardrobe. This trend offers a timeless look that will make you look fashionable with ease. As long as the style keeps things monochrome then you’re certain to feel sophisticated and bold. You also don’t have to weigh heavy on the black clothing if you’re worried about the heat, or the white clothing if you simply don’t enjoy wearing white.

9. Platform Shoes
If you like to show off your legs or you just love a bold shoe, then you’ll find a lot of joy when you slip on a pair of platform shoes. This season they are in style, so you’ll be able to find so many incredible options that you might not know what to do with yourself. If you don’t find any options you particularly like then you might just find a color you enjoy. You can always add to the shoes to ensure they show off your personality with ease. Platform shoes tend to be large in size, but you can find alternative options that still give you the look you love without the height.

10. Unique Colors
This season is all about exploring color and finding the options that work best for you. Largely, you will find that hot pink, lime green, and butter yellow are going to be all over the place this season. However, that doesn’t mean that other colors are off-limits to you. You should really go for whatever color you like because it is going to help you stand out as a trendsetter this season. You should be able to find numerous options to ensure you get a look that you will love and will make you shine.

Summer fashion is on the racks now so you can prepare for the hot months with ease. These ten ideas will allow you to find the style you’ve always dreamed of while allowing you to look phenomenal. Best of all, many of the exciting clothing options won’t cost you a bundle.

Clean Your Home the Eco-Friendly Way Without Polluting Your Budget

Living a greener lifestyle has become increasingly important as the years pass. Many people are looking for any way to choose the right products to keep their homes hygienic while still protecting the environment. Unfortunately, the market is saturated in items that claim to be eco-friendly but really aren’t. On top of that, many of the items available are incredibly expensive. If you’re looking to make the change to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, then these ten items are definitely going to be a hit for you.

1. Laundry Sheets
Laundry sheets have been on the market for a little while, but they have recently become very popular online. These sheets are great because they allow you to get your clothes clean without forcing you to use chemicals. Best of all, by purchasing cleaning sheets you’re actually cutting back on the water used to make your cleaner, which is a huge benefit. Apart from that, the laundry sheets tend to come in compostable packaging rather than the large plastic containers that other detergents come in. These sheets tend to be just as affordable as alternative options and can even be ordered in a subscription, so you don’t have to worry about going to the store or even ordering online.

2. Bio-degradable scrubbers
From sponges to other scrubbers that can’t be reused, keeping things clean can be incredibly tough. Luckily, there are many scrubbers that are entirely plant-based, which means you can reuse them and when they are thrown away, they are entirely biodegradable. There are also some options that aren’t plant-based but are made with sustainable items like bamboo. These can be washed and used for some time, which will still allow you to enjoy a more sustainable life as you clean. Before you purchase a scrubber that you hope to use long-term, you should always put in a little research to make sure you’re going to get your money’s worth.

3. Grove’s Sustainable Cleaning Kit
If you’re just starting out with green cleaning, then the entire process can be really confusing and the price of it all can really weigh heavy on you. Luckily, Grove has created a sustainable cleaning kit that is affordable and will give you almost everything you need to clean your home properly. Best of all, it also comes with items that you can use to continue cleaning in an eco-friendly item. One of the most sustainable items is the glass spray bottle that you can use with a variety of their cleaners that just require simple mixing with water. You’ll also find a convenient carrying case that is great for keeping everything on track. You’ll have to sign up for Grove to purchase, but this will provide you with the opportunity to explore a variety of products that are great for you, your household, and Mother Earth.

4. Seventh Generation Dish Soap
There are quite a few plant-based dish soaps out there, but none seem to be raved about quite like Seventh Generation Dish Soap. This soap is entirely plant-based, which many soaps labeled as sustainable often aren’t. Apart from this, it still offers the cleaning power of some of the best soaps on the market. You won’t have to do with synthetic smells or dyes that can harm you and the planet. Seventh generation is entirely cruelty-free too and they do use recyclable packaging to add even more to its sustainability.

5. Reusable Paper Towels
Paper towels tend to be one of the most used cleaning products, which can be a bit of a problem considering they’re not the best for the environment. Currently, you can find a lot of paper towel alternatives, which can help you keep your home clean without adding to the budget. Most of the options are bamboo-based, so all you do is use them and then toss them in the washer for cleaning. Some of these options even look like paper towels, which can help you feel a deeper connection with your routine. Of course, if you’re not looking to invest in something like this right now, then you might just clean up with a rag to help cut waste in the home.

6. Compostable Wipes
There is no doubt about it, Covid-19 amplified the already popular craze of purchasing disinfecting wipes Although these are a great way to help keep the home clean and efficient, they can also contribute to build-up in landfills. If you’re flushing these wipes after use, then you’re definitely going to find yourself in a bit of trouble because they can block your pipes. Luckily, there are eco-friendly options here. Many brands are offering biodegradable options and more recently options that are safe for the compost, meaning chemicals that won’t harm your plants. These are great for everyday clean-up without the guilt. You can also reuse the containers as bag holders and so much more.

7. Pumic Stone
Sometimes, stains are just not going to budge easily. If you’re facing this problem, then you might consider going after the stains with harsh chemicals. Unfortunately, this rarely takes care of the problem and can leave you harming the environment and those in your household. If you really want to ditch those stains, especially in the toiler then a pumice stone is going to do the trick. This stone can help grind away the problem without damaging your porcelain, which can save you time and money.

8. House Plants
Air fresheners tend to be another popular item on the cleaning supply list. Most air fresheners aren’t the best for your home or the environment due to the chemicals they use. Although there are some safer options to choose from, one of your best options is to use a house plant instead. House plants will naturally filter the air you breathe, so you can enjoy high-quality air that isn’t going to do your family harm. A lot of houseplants are very easy to care for as well, so you won’t have to fight to fit it into your schedule. If you have pets, then you should put in some research beforehand to ensure you’re not getting something toxic to your animal.

9. Vinegar and Baking Soda
If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on cleaning supplies, then one of your best options is to go for a timeless combination. Vinegar and baking soda create a chemical reaction that will take care of many of the problems you have. All you have to do is add a little baking soda to the surface you’re cleaning. You might start by rubbing it into the surface unless it is a drain. Once you’re satisfied with the scrub, add vinegar to the top of the baking soda. This could create a foaming effect. When the mixture stops foaming, simply rinse or wipe it away. You can also add a degreasing dish soap, like Dawn, to the mixture to help with tougher stains or unclogging drains.

10. Steam Mop
If you don’t want to use chemicals at all, then a steam mop might be the correct answer for you. As the name implies, a steam mop uses hot steam to clean and sanitize a floor. This allows you to quickly and easily make most surfaces of the home look amazing while ensuring they are hygienic so the whole family can lead a healthier lifestyle. Steam mops are easy to operate as well and require very little maintenance which will mean even less work for you. You can find some amazing deals on steam mops too, but make sure to look at reviews.

Keeping to an eco-friendly routine doesn’t have to leave you feeling stressed out, especially when it comes to your budget. These ten ideas will help you meet the goals you’ve set for yourself while keeping your budget satisfied. With any luck, you will find your sustainability groove that will suit your needs perfectly.

Celebrate Comic Book Day with Ten Ways to Utilize Comics You No Longer Enjoy

Comic Book Day is rapidly approaching, which might leave you feeling like you need to clear out some of your comics to make room for new editions. It might be hard parting ways with some of your comic books, but if you’d really like to remove them from your collection, there are lots of things you can do to make it happen. These ten ideas are just a few of the ways you can frugally get rid of some of your comics, and some may even bring extra money to your bank account.

1. Sell Them
One of the more obvious answers here is to sell your comic books. In this day and age, there are so many platforms to help you do this. If you’re looking to maximize your profits, then you might consider putting them on a website that allows auctioning. eBay is one great option, but there are comic-specific options as well. There are websites that will simply purchase your comics at market value based on the quality of the book. You can also take it into a brick-and-mortar store to see how much money you can get for the item. Before you sell a comic, you should research its worth to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

2. Give to the Library
Many libraries do not have any comic books to offer their patrons, while others have a very small supply. So, if you want to do something good with your comic books then donating to your local library might be one of the best ways to go. Unfortunately, many libraries only accept donations during certain periods of the year, so you might call ahead to see if your local library will take the items. If they don’t they might be willing to take them on during one of their book sales, which will ensure you’re helping the library while getting rid of your comic books.

3. Collage
If you don’t want to part with your comics, but you’re done reading them then a great way to honor the comic is to turn it into a collage. You can take your favorite images and text and transform it into a new work of art. If you run into a problem where you want to utilize both sides of the comic, simply scan one side and print it out. Then, you can enjoy all of the art that the comic has to offer. You can add your collage to numerous settings too and can frame it in a wide variety of ways including a traditional frame or even a shadow box.

4. Create Custom Art
Another great way to celebrate your favorite comic books is to make them into custom art. You can make so many different things with comic books that it will definitely allow you to work around your creativity. For starters, you can mod podge the comic pictures to furniture, like shelves, canvas, lampshades, and anything else on your radar. You can also transpose them onto fabric so you can easily transform your own fashion sense. Apart from that, you can create just about any form of art you choose, as long as you have the supplies you need on hand.

5. Donate
If you’re not feeling up to selling your books or using them for a project, then you might consider donating them to a charity store. You can find lots of thrift stores that will take comic books without hesitation. This can be especially helpful because it allows you to get rid of the comics quickly while also helping out the charity you choose to donate them to. You can also donate them to a local bookstore that might be able to sell them to help the store thrive a bit more. Another option is donating to a hospital, especially if the books are child friendly, as it will help kids recovering in the hospital to find inspiring forms of entertainment.

6. Recreate a Comic
If you’re learning how to draw or just love to have fun with the stories you’ve already read, then recreating a comic can be a lot of fun for you. If your comic book isn’t valuable, then you can add your own thought bubbles to change the story around. You should also consider using the images as something to practice tracing or drawing references. This will help you recreate the story while working on your own artistic skills. If you have a trace table then this activity can be a lot of fun for kids, especially those that love to share superhero stories and long to share their own characters with the world.

7. Small Comic Library
One way to help give back to your community is to create a small comic book library. This is exactly like a small library, only your collection will specialize in comics. You can make your own library with items you have lying around the house, or you can purchase something to use at a thrift store. Once you have your library built, make sure to paint or decorate it in exciting ways to draw in attention. If you’re not sure where to begin with this project, there are many ideas online. After hanging up your library, add your comics and watch as the community enjoys them. Some may even add their own comics to the mix, which will help your small comic library thrive.

8. DIY Wallpaper
You can also use your old comics as wallpaper. This can be quite a lengthy process to undertake, but you may be surprised by how incredible it can make your space seem. This is an especially fun task to take on if you have a lot of comics to work with. You should pull out the exciting pieces that you especially enjoy and use those to line the wall. Comic pages that aren’t as interesting are great for areas you wouldn’t typically look at. If doing an entire wall isn’t up your alley, then you might consider using it to line cabinets and so much more.

9. Wrapping Paper
Another beneficial way to get rid of excess comic books is to turn the pages into wrapping paper. This is especially great for smaller gifts, but it is just as easy to work with larger items too. You can easily create a wide variety of shapes that help to highlight the style of your gift as well. Best of all, the wrapping paper is going to be a lot better for the environment than anything else you use. You can even save the wrapping paper after use, which will allow you to be even more eco-friendly.

10. Give Away
Selling books and donating them are great options. However, if you have someone in your life that enjoys comic books then you might just consider giving them away. This can help save you time when compared to selling them and will ensure you know they’re going to a good home. You might ask your friends and family members about the items you plan to get rid of. If there are children in your life that are interested in comic books, then you can also package them up so they can have access when their age is right.

You shouldn’t have to hang on to comic books that you’re no longer interested in, especially if you don’t have space for them. These ten ideas will allow you to easily find a new home for the comic books so you can bring more into your collection. Some of the ideas may even help you to bring even more money into your life, which can be an added bonus.