Celebrate Comic Book Day with Ten Ways to Utilize Comics You No Longer Enjoy

Comic Book Day is rapidly approaching, which might leave you feeling like you need to clear out some of your comics to make room for new editions. It might be hard parting ways with some of your comic books, but if you’d really like to remove them from your collection, there are lots of things you can do to make it happen. These ten ideas are just a few of the ways you can frugally get rid of some of your comics, and some may even bring extra money to your bank account.

1. Sell Them
One of the more obvious answers here is to sell your comic books. In this day and age, there are so many platforms to help you do this. If you’re looking to maximize your profits, then you might consider putting them on a website that allows auctioning. eBay is one great option, but there are comic-specific options as well. There are websites that will simply purchase your comics at market value based on the quality of the book. You can also take it into a brick-and-mortar store to see how much money you can get for the item. Before you sell a comic, you should research its worth to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

2. Give to the Library
Many libraries do not have any comic books to offer their patrons, while others have a very small supply. So, if you want to do something good with your comic books then donating to your local library might be one of the best ways to go. Unfortunately, many libraries only accept donations during certain periods of the year, so you might call ahead to see if your local library will take the items. If they don’t they might be willing to take them on during one of their book sales, which will ensure you’re helping the library while getting rid of your comic books.

3. Collage
If you don’t want to part with your comics, but you’re done reading them then a great way to honor the comic is to turn it into a collage. You can take your favorite images and text and transform it into a new work of art. If you run into a problem where you want to utilize both sides of the comic, simply scan one side and print it out. Then, you can enjoy all of the art that the comic has to offer. You can add your collage to numerous settings too and can frame it in a wide variety of ways including a traditional frame or even a shadow box.

4. Create Custom Art
Another great way to celebrate your favorite comic books is to make them into custom art. You can make so many different things with comic books that it will definitely allow you to work around your creativity. For starters, you can mod podge the comic pictures to furniture, like shelves, canvas, lampshades, and anything else on your radar. You can also transpose them onto fabric so you can easily transform your own fashion sense. Apart from that, you can create just about any form of art you choose, as long as you have the supplies you need on hand.

5. Donate
If you’re not feeling up to selling your books or using them for a project, then you might consider donating them to a charity store. You can find lots of thrift stores that will take comic books without hesitation. This can be especially helpful because it allows you to get rid of the comics quickly while also helping out the charity you choose to donate them to. You can also donate them to a local bookstore that might be able to sell them to help the store thrive a bit more. Another option is donating to a hospital, especially if the books are child friendly, as it will help kids recovering in the hospital to find inspiring forms of entertainment.

6. Recreate a Comic
If you’re learning how to draw or just love to have fun with the stories you’ve already read, then recreating a comic can be a lot of fun for you. If your comic book isn’t valuable, then you can add your own thought bubbles to change the story around. You should also consider using the images as something to practice tracing or drawing references. This will help you recreate the story while working on your own artistic skills. If you have a trace table then this activity can be a lot of fun for kids, especially those that love to share superhero stories and long to share their own characters with the world.

7. Small Comic Library
One way to help give back to your community is to create a small comic book library. This is exactly like a small library, only your collection will specialize in comics. You can make your own library with items you have lying around the house, or you can purchase something to use at a thrift store. Once you have your library built, make sure to paint or decorate it in exciting ways to draw in attention. If you’re not sure where to begin with this project, there are many ideas online. After hanging up your library, add your comics and watch as the community enjoys them. Some may even add their own comics to the mix, which will help your small comic library thrive.

8. DIY Wallpaper
You can also use your old comics as wallpaper. This can be quite a lengthy process to undertake, but you may be surprised by how incredible it can make your space seem. This is an especially fun task to take on if you have a lot of comics to work with. You should pull out the exciting pieces that you especially enjoy and use those to line the wall. Comic pages that aren’t as interesting are great for areas you wouldn’t typically look at. If doing an entire wall isn’t up your alley, then you might consider using it to line cabinets and so much more.

9. Wrapping Paper
Another beneficial way to get rid of excess comic books is to turn the pages into wrapping paper. This is especially great for smaller gifts, but it is just as easy to work with larger items too. You can easily create a wide variety of shapes that help to highlight the style of your gift as well. Best of all, the wrapping paper is going to be a lot better for the environment than anything else you use. You can even save the wrapping paper after use, which will allow you to be even more eco-friendly.

10. Give Away
Selling books and donating them are great options. However, if you have someone in your life that enjoys comic books then you might just consider giving them away. This can help save you time when compared to selling them and will ensure you know they’re going to a good home. You might ask your friends and family members about the items you plan to get rid of. If there are children in your life that are interested in comic books, then you can also package them up so they can have access when their age is right.

You shouldn’t have to hang on to comic books that you’re no longer interested in, especially if you don’t have space for them. These ten ideas will allow you to easily find a new home for the comic books so you can bring more into your collection. Some of the ideas may even help you to bring even more money into your life, which can be an added bonus.

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