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Spring Fashion That Will Catch the Eye and Appease the Budget

Spring is on its way, but you’ll probably see lots of spring fashion already making its way onto shelves. If you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe, then there are lots of amazing things you can check out for the upcoming season. This year’s fashions largely keep comfort in mind and are perfect for DIYing at home. You won’t want to miss out on these fashion trends because they will cater to your current needs while making you feel absolutely phenomenal.

1. Hygge
If you haven’t heard of hygge, then you’re in for a real treat this fashion season. Hygge is the Danish term for finding comfort, warmth, pleasure, and fun in small aspects of life. May it be a favorite blanket or a scented candle, hygge can be found everywhere. This year, in the fashion world, hygge is on the tips of everyone’s tongues. This could be because pandemic life has made everyone seek comfort while still wanting to look fashionable. You will largely find large coats that feel like blankets, baggier clothing that seems to feel like a large hug, and plenty of sweats and fleeces to go around. Extra-long sleeves will be a big deal this season, as will finding comfort in the simple things in life.

2. Rococo Throwback
This spring, we’re traveling back in time to the days of Marie Antoinette. This time of fashion was all about the frill, so feel free to pack on your favorite poufy sleeves and all the lace you desire. This doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a huge dress on, nor will you have to sport a wig. Instead, find subtle ways to add this French trend into your fashion sense. Bows are one easy way to add some style, as well as lace, but pastel colors will also be a big must-do if you’re following this trend. You might even be able to find some of the fabrics that were in fashion during this time to help accent some of the clothing you already have.

3. Tent Coats
As the rainy season moves in, you might want to pack away your thick coat and replace it with a tent coat. These coats are designed with comfort in mind but will also offer plenty of protection from the wind and rain. Tent coats aren’t always going to coat though. In fact, you can easily get away with a poncho that is exceptionally baggy. The best thing about tent coats is they are going to be easy to make at home. Simply choose a fabric you like and create the fashionable coat of your dreams. You can scotch guard the fabric or add a covering to keep yourself dry if the fabric you choose is not already water-resistant. Your coat can also double as a blanket when you’re feeling like relaxing, which is definitely a bonus.

4. Fruity/Tropical Colors
Another trend that is going to bring some fun to the season is a love for tropical and fruity colors. You can really go bold this season with whatever colors you choose, which will help you feel more confident while you’re on the go. These colors will work for casual, business, and formal attire, which will allow you more freedom as you dress. One of the best things about these colors is you can choose fabrics and create your own styles, which will allow you to truly show off your fashion sense. If you want to go a little further than the color scheme, then you can also show off tropical and fruity prints, especially as accent pieces for your favorite styles.

5. Denim
Denim always seems to be in style, which is why it adds to the fun of the season. This year, you’ll find that wide-legged jeans are going to be the top of fashion this season. This will include gaucho pants as well if you can’t enjoy denim in the workplace. Loose-fitting denim is always going to be in fashion, which goes along with the hygge trend. Denim jackets are also going to be a great option, which is perfect for cool spring days. Feel free to add patches and customize them to suit your needs, as your personal style is certain to make you a trendsetter. There doesn’t seem to be a trend with denim colors this season, although white seems to be one of the more popular options.

6. Gingham
You might be surprised to see gingham on the market this season. This pattern has been popular for years, but not to the extent that you will see it this year. You will find everything from work blazers to pants in gingham, which will make mixing and matching a lot of fun. Your gingham doesn’t need to be a certain color either, as there will be a wide selection of colors on the market. One of the best things about gingham is the fabric is cheap. So, if you like to make your own clothes then you should be able to find some pretty awesome looks to create during this season.

7. Bras as Tops
Fashionistas are still feeling some 80s and 90s trends, so this season bras as tops are going to be a big deal. This is fairly easy to follow because you can utilize so many different options to stay on-trend. Of course, you might find some sheer tops or overshirts to pair with the trend to ensure you look ultra-chic. Most bras will work for this trend, but if you’re feeling crafty then there are many ways to make your own bra so you have more control over your personal style.

8. Mini Skirts
Another easy option to check out during this season is miniskirts. These can be found in almost any store, which makes it easy to keep your wardrobe up to date for the season. This year, there are so many trends going on that you can basically show off a miniskirt in any color or print and you’ll be styling. You might aim for brighter colors, denim, and gingham if you really want to keep up with fashion, but almost anything will work as long as it suits your personal style. Miniskirts are exceptionally easy to DIY as well, which will help you find the style and cut that flatters you the most.

9. White Suits
This season is all about being bold and empowered. That is why white suits are going to be a big deal this season. Traditionally, white suits aren’t worn in the spring, or after Labor Day, so you will be able to enjoy a little edge to your look too. White suits can be found almost anywhere, which will allow you to choose a look that flatters you and your budget. If you don’t want to go completely for a white suit, then you might consider working with a blazer to satisfy the trend with less upkeep.

10. Cut Outs
Cutouts have been trending for quite a while, so if you already have cut-out clothing in your wardrobe then you will definitely be in for a fashionable season. Of course, if you never jumped on to the cut-out trend then now is a great time to do so. You will find that there are lots of cutouts on the market, which will allow you to choose the right items for your body. You can also make your own styles at home, which will save you plenty of money.

Spring is going to be filled with lots of great choices for fashion. These ten ideas will help you get on the right path to looking your best this season. Since more people are getting out these days, you will find plenty of ideas to get your confidence back.