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Ten Ways to Organize Your Bookshelves to Create a Spacious Appearance

February 20 is Clean Out Your Bookcase Day, which might be a great incentive for you to give your books a little love. If you’d like to get started on spring cleaning a bit early, then this is a fantastic place to begin. There are lots of great ways to help create the bookshelves of your dreams without having to spend a small fortune on them. These ten tips will not only help you work with the things you already have but will give your bookshelves a fresh new vibe to improve on your home’s aesthetic and your ability to show off your books.

1. Reduce Books
For a lot of people, saying goodbye to books can be a bit difficult. For others, books tend to just pile onto the shelf because they don’t have the time to go through what they no longer want. No matter how you feel about your books, one of the best steps to clean up your shelves is to actually reduce the books you have. You might start by simply going through the books that you didn’t enjoy or those you might have duplicates of. Books that have no significant importance are also a great way to help you clear some of the clutter. Even if you’re torn over some books, you might set them out to think in order to ensure you can condense as much as possible. Books you no longer want can be donated or even sold so other people can enjoy them.

2. Group Books
The way you group your books can actually transform your shelves. There are so many things to consider when grouping your books. Some like to group simply by separating hardback and paperbacks. However, many get even more extensive in this. Often, they will group books by author or genre to help create a sense of convenience when they are looking for something. However, some people like to mix things up and will organize them based on size or color. This can add a unique aesthetic to the shelf which will make any room your books are in seem even more stylish.

3. Add Baskets
If you’re looking to add more space to your shelves, then simply add some baskets to the bottom of your shelves. This will provide you with space for a wide assortment of items without leaving your home looking cluttered. The best thing about baskets is you can put almost anything in them and people won’t be able to see the mess. However, you can also use the baskets for extra book storage, which can come in handy if you have a lot of books to organize. If you can, choose baskets that suit your overall aesthetic, so you can easily make your shelves work for you even more.

4. Stack Books
Just because you are placing your books on a shelf doesn’t mean that you must place them in a certain way. Rather, you can easily place books on the shelf by stacking them. This will allow you to fit more books onto your shelf and can add to the aesthetic of the home. In fact, if you alternate between stacking and upright books, it can make your rooms seem well organized and spacious. Of course, you should stack with purpose and make sure larger books are on the bottom of the stack. You can also stack with a variety of angles to help add some fun to the bookshelf.

5. Sprinkle in Details
Your bookshelves don’t have to be all about the books. Rather, you can spice them up by adding a touch of your personality to them. You might consider adding collectibles to the shelf to help show off some of the things you love apart from books. You may even have collectibles based on the books which can add even more fun to the mix. If you like to make crafts, then this is also a great place to display them. Pictures can also be a great addition to the shelves.

6. Add Plants
An easy way to bring some life to your shelves is to add plants. These can add a touch of magic to your style, especially if you choose plants that seem to flatter the genre of books you are displaying. One of the best things about plants is they will filter the air in your shelf area, which will leave you feeling more comfortable as you read. They can also create the illusion of space, which ensures your shelves will look a bit tidier and easier to maintain.

7. Utilize Bookends
Bookends can help bring order to your shelves when they otherwise might look squashed and boring. There are so many bookends to choose from now that you can really add personality to your shelves without having to spend a fortune. When you use bookends, it will help keep your book rigid, so you won’t have to worry about them sloping and knocking over other books. This will ensure a tidy look that can’t be beaten. You can also group your books easier when you have the bookends to work with. There are even some book nooks, which recreate scenes from your favorite books to add character to your collection while keeping it organized.

8. Paint the Shelf
Sometimes, all your shelf really needs is a fresh coat of paint. Darker colors can make your shelf look more confined and cluttered. So, if you can, choose a lighter color for the interior of your shelf, if not the entire structure. If you’re not keen on just painting, then you can add stick-on wallpaper to bring out some character in the shelf. This can be cheaply done, and you can even choose wallpaper based on the genres you are displaying in that specific section. This can help you brighten up the room too, which will add to the overall aesthetic of the room.

9. Add Lights
One easy way to bring out the best in your shelf is to add some lighting. This will help create a bold look that will stand out even if you aren’t reading. There are so many cheap and efficient ways to add lighting to your bookshelves. Fairy lights are an easy option, but you can also find some great options in LED lighting. Of course, if you’re willing to put money into the lighting then there are specialized lights that are designed to go on shelves. Once you choose the lighting you want, you can keep it up as an accent light which can save you money when you compare it to other lights in the home.

10. Invest in a Feather Duster
Cleaning up your shelves can be a challenge, especially if you have collectibles to contend with. One of the best ways to deal with your shelves is to tackle them with a feather duster. There are many different types of feather dusters to choose from, but one of the best options is said to be an ostrich duster. These dusters tend to draw in the dust, so you don’t leave anything behind.

Creating a clean and organized shelf shouldn’t be intimidating. There are many ways to help create a wonderful atmosphere while ensuring your shelves are a source of pride for you. Best of all, these tips will ensure you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get stylish shelves that look amazing in your home.