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Simple Ways to Balance Nutrition on a Budget

March is National Nutrition Month! If you made a resolution to get healthier this year or you’re just trying to look your best for the upcoming summer months, then this is going to be the perfect month to get on track. Getting the nutrition you need doesn’t have to be a hard task, nor does it have to cost you a fortune. These ten ideas will allow you to easily get on track with your nutrition while keeping your budget under control. So, get ready to change your health for the better with less stress.

1. Research Vitamins
When many people go vitamin shopping, they take the word of the vitamin company. Unfortunately, not all vitamins are made equal, which can be a big problem. Just purchasing a vitamin because it offers a nutrient you need might be a disservice to your body and your budget. If you know you need a specific supplement for your health, then one of the best things you can do is research the best brand for your needs. A lot of the time companies will offer the nutrient, but do not offer the best absorption option. This can mean you’re still not going to get exactly what you need. Often, if people don’t see results, then they will stop using the supplement, which means the money they spent on it is wasted. So, do your research so you don’t have to worry about this. You should also skip gummy vitamins whenever possible. They might taste great, but some have more nutrients than needed and they’re terrible for your dental hygiene.

2. Understand Portions
Another great way to help your nutrition is to learn all about portions. If you are looking to get more out of your diet, then portion size is an absolute must. You should understand that every food group has its own portion size and if you want to get the most out of every meal you should follow the guidelines. Too many carbs on your plate can lead to weight gain. Even too much protein can harm your diet. So, rather than eating how you please, you should get portioning tools. These are sold in many major retail stores and will allow you to easily get the most of your meal.

3. Eat the Rainbow
If you want to max out the nutrients in each meal, the best thing you can do is eat the rainbow. Rather than keeping your meals boring and monochrome, try to add in a bit of color wherever you possibly can. This might not be incredibly easy with colors like blue and purple, but you should be able to represent greens, reds, and yellows with ease. Even if you can’t get the colors in every meal then you should try to get in one of each color every single day. Before you know it, you will feel better than ever and will have a more adventurous outlook when it comes to your meal plans.

4. Fruits and Veggies First
One of the best rules you can put in place for yourself is fruit and vegetables first. When you make your plate, you should also put the fruit and vegetable options on the plate first. These options should fill up at least half of the plate as well, but you can also add more if you like. When you eat, you should eat your fruit and vegetable options first too. This will allow you to get the most important nutrients first. This is also better for your digestion, so you will feel better eating this way too.

5. Drink Water
You might not believe it but drinking water can actually help with your nutrition as well. However, keeping your body hydrated with water is one of the best ways to improve your nutrition. First of all, having water will allow you to easily prevent yourself from overeating, which is a great way to make you body feel better. The water can help your body absorb the nutrients you are taking in too. This will allow your body to make your diet truly flourish so you can truly maintain a nutritious diet without falling for the temptation to cheat on your diet due to unhealthy cravings.

6. Read the Labels
Nutrition labels are available to help you understand exactly what you will be consuming with a product. However, reading labels isn’t exactly the easiest task in the world. There are percentages, words that aren’t simple to pronounce, and so much more. So, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to take some time to figure out how to read labels. This will allow you to check the product for allergens, understand when something has too much sodium, sugar, fats, and so on, or if it is largely made with ingredients that will harm your body. It might take some time to figure out the labels, but there are guides to help you out. This can allow you to have more power over your health while helping you to learn about nutrition.

7. Meatless Monday
Believe it or not, eating less meat isn’t going to do you any harm. In fact, it might do you a little good. If you’re looking to cut down on meat consumption, then you might consider looking into a few plant-based meals. There are plenty of great recipes to choose from that will allow you to easily create delicious and nutritious meals in no time. If you’re struggling with cutting down on meat, then you might start by considering working Meatless Monday into your routine. This will guarantee one day of no meat so you can adjust to plant-based meals. Before you know it, you might actually enjoy the plant-based meals over your meat-heavy meals, which will inspire you to try even more plant-based options.

8. Keep Healthy Snacks Handy
One of the easiest ways to keep your body on track is to keep healthy snacks handy. More often than not, it is easy to grab a convenient snack when you’re feeling hungry. Unfortunately, these snacks are usually terrible for you and offer nothing regarding nutrition. Keeping snacks on hand that are actually healthy will allow you to make better choices every time you want to eat something new. Pre-cutting fruits and veggies, making nut mixes, and other simple options will help keep you on track. There are many recipes online if you’d like to try out something new, too.

9. Cook at Home
Another way to make the right choice for your nutrition is to choose to cook from home. Creating food from scratch will give you the power to handle your nutritional needs without having to worry about hidden ingredients. There are so many simple options to choose from there too, which will allow you to easily find options that fit in well with your time and budget. If you don’t like doing all the work of grocery shopping and choosing recipes, then there are lots of meal kits that can save you time and money.

10. Go Frozen
A lot of people will go for canned goods thinking they are doing right by their bodies. Although you do get nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that you eat from cans, they aren’t quite what you would get from a fresh vegetable. Even frozen vegetables will hold more nutrients for your body to absorb. So, instead of keeping stocked up with cans, you might consider purchasing from the freezer section or purchasing in bulk and freezing your own fruits and vegetables. This will help your body gain so much more from your meals.

Your nutrition is an important part of your health, so don’t let this National Nutrition Month pass you by without making some changes to improve on your health. These options are a great way to keep your health in check on a budget, so you can feel like a nutritional guru before March comes and goes.

Get the Party Started with These Ten Frugal Mardi Gras Idea

Are you ready for Mardi Gras 2022? A lot of people are gearing up to go all out for this occasion thanks to the reduced numbers of Covid-19 cases and the availability of vaccinations. If you’re planning a party this year, then there are a lot of fun activities to help make your gathering fantastic. Since Mardi Gras is all about fun, you will love having extra activities at your party to keep everyone busy. Best of all, these tips will come in under budget so you can save your money for other activities.

1. Paper Mache Mask
Masks are a big part of the Mardi Gras holiday, but traditional masks can cost a small fortune if you want a nice one. Instead of requiring guests to bring a mask to the party, create a sculpting table so guests can make a mask of their own for future parties. Using paper mache to do this is one of the most efficient ways to go. All you need is scrap newspaper or other recycled paper to get started. Create a glue and water mixture and add some paintbrushes to the table. This will help create the perfect place for creativity to thrive. Once everyone’s masks have dried, they can paint them to suit their personality. This craft is a great option for adults and older kids, so you will have an activity that everyone can take part in.

2. DIY Crown
Become the king or queen of your own Mardi Gras party when you create your own crown. There are so many great ways you can create your own crown, but if you’re hoping to save some money then you might consider using the recyclable items that you have in your home. Another great way to create a crown without wasting money on materials is to use your Mardi Gras beads. This can help take your look to the next level while adding to your creativity. If you’re at a loss for ideas, then there are many to choose from online. You can also discover craft bar ideas so everyone can make the crown of their dreams.

3. DIY Parade Floats
Parade floats are a big part of Mardi Gras if you are celebrating in a larger city. However, if you’re planning a small get-together at home or you just want to enjoy a parade then you can easily make your own. You might start by gathering up supplies to make the floats. For instance, an old tissue box makes a great option. From there, add on items that will suit the theme. You can use old toys and other supplies to create a fun look. The entire family or even all of your guests can make their own float and place them together for a big reveal. You can even have a competition to see who did the best job. If you want to go larger scale, then see if your neighbors are willing to decorate for Mardi Gras. If you can get enough people into the mix, you can create a block filled with homes that represent Mardi Gras floats.

4. Make King Bread
One of the big parts of Mardi Gras is the King Bread. So, if you’re planning a celebration, people might complain if you don’t have some King Bread on offer. Luckily, you won’t have to spend a small fortune to make this bread as many of the ingredients can probably be found in your pantry already. If you’re not sure where to begin with the bread, you might search around for a few different recipes to get you started. When you find one you like, do a trial of the recipe to see if it suits your needs. You can also find alternative recipes if you have allergies to some of the ingredients, which can help you bake for a larger audience of people.

5. Decorate Cupcakes
If you’re not interested in making bread and other treats that are time-consuming, then cupcakes might be the answer to your treat dilemma. You can make cupcakes based on the traditional flavors of the holidays. Once you have your cupcakes ready to go, you can top them off with purple, green, and gold food coloring to add even more flair to the cupcakes. You can also add plenty of masks, beads, and other decorations to make the cupcakes pop. Cupcakes are a great option if you’re feeding lots of people too, as they will keep food pre-portioned and they’re simple for kids to eat too. If you’re worried about presentation, you can also place the cupcakes together and decorate the top for a pull-apart cake that will certainly create fun vibes at the party.

6. Make Your Beads
Mardi Gras beads are a great way to show some love during the holiday while holding up to tradition. Sure, you can purchase bulk beads from stores without spending a fortune, but you might have more fun making your own beads. You can actually do this in many different ways. One easy way is to form beads out of paper mache and then paint them. You can also make them out of colored pasta, which is a fun motor function task for kids. If you prefer to keep things easier, then you might even just purchase beads and string them yourself. Of course, this is only scratching the surface. There are many ways to create Mardi Gras beads, so have fun with the craft.

7. Face Paint
Although masks are a traditional part of the holiday, you will find that there are many ways you can add to the fun. Face painting is a great option that will appeal to so many party-goers. You can create simple designs for kids to appease their needs. You can also come up with more intricate designs for the adults in your life. In fact, you can even recreate the traditional masks that are commonly worn. This can add more appeal to your party and will give people something that won’t forget about your special event. Face paint can be fairly cheap to purchase too, which will definitely allow it to fit into your budget.

8. Crawfish Boil
A crawfish boil is one of the best ways to feed a lot of people during your Mardi Gras celebration. Generally, during the time of the celebration, crawfish are in season so you won’t have a hard time finding a better deal on them if you can’t fish for yourself. Usually purchasing the crawfish in bulk is going to be your best option, but you might be able to find smaller batches at the supermarket. In order to make your meal go further, you should also add in items like corn, potatoes, and sausage. This should create a delicious treat that will make your guests feel right at home.

9. Listen to Music
There is no doubt about it, listening to music is one of the best ways to bring some joy to the Marid Gras celebration. There are so many iconic songs to enjoy, which will help celebrate not only the holiday but also the culture surrounding one of the biggest celebrations in Louisiana. If you’re not sure where to begin your musical journey, then there are a lot of amazing playlists you can check out on almost every streaming service. Of course, you can also keep things fun by making up a playlist of your favorite Mardi Gras inspired songs to share with your party guests.

10. Watch the Event Virtually
There is no substitution for the real Mardi Gras celebration. So, if you feel like you’re missing out then you can live stream the big event from home. This can be a great way to experience Mardi Gras as a whole, but it will also give you a better idea as to what you would be doing, seeing, and hearing if you were to attend. This can help make planning your own party better. Of course, you can always keep the event streaming in the background of your own party. This can help set the atmosphere while adding more fun to your party.

Mardi Gras can be a hard party to plan during a pandemic, but there are a lot of great options to choose from when it comes to adding some fun to your own party. These ten ideas will help to keep your party fresh and fun for all ages. You may even discover some new traditions that you will want to enjoy year after year.

Spring Fashion That Will Catch the Eye and Appease the Budget

Spring is on its way, but you’ll probably see lots of spring fashion already making its way onto shelves. If you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe, then there are lots of amazing things you can check out for the upcoming season. This year’s fashions largely keep comfort in mind and are perfect for DIYing at home. You won’t want to miss out on these fashion trends because they will cater to your current needs while making you feel absolutely phenomenal.

1. Hygge
If you haven’t heard of hygge, then you’re in for a real treat this fashion season. Hygge is the Danish term for finding comfort, warmth, pleasure, and fun in small aspects of life. May it be a favorite blanket or a scented candle, hygge can be found everywhere. This year, in the fashion world, hygge is on the tips of everyone’s tongues. This could be because pandemic life has made everyone seek comfort while still wanting to look fashionable. You will largely find large coats that feel like blankets, baggier clothing that seems to feel like a large hug, and plenty of sweats and fleeces to go around. Extra-long sleeves will be a big deal this season, as will finding comfort in the simple things in life.

2. Rococo Throwback
This spring, we’re traveling back in time to the days of Marie Antoinette. This time of fashion was all about the frill, so feel free to pack on your favorite poufy sleeves and all the lace you desire. This doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a huge dress on, nor will you have to sport a wig. Instead, find subtle ways to add this French trend into your fashion sense. Bows are one easy way to add some style, as well as lace, but pastel colors will also be a big must-do if you’re following this trend. You might even be able to find some of the fabrics that were in fashion during this time to help accent some of the clothing you already have.

3. Tent Coats
As the rainy season moves in, you might want to pack away your thick coat and replace it with a tent coat. These coats are designed with comfort in mind but will also offer plenty of protection from the wind and rain. Tent coats aren’t always going to coat though. In fact, you can easily get away with a poncho that is exceptionally baggy. The best thing about tent coats is they are going to be easy to make at home. Simply choose a fabric you like and create the fashionable coat of your dreams. You can scotch guard the fabric or add a covering to keep yourself dry if the fabric you choose is not already water-resistant. Your coat can also double as a blanket when you’re feeling like relaxing, which is definitely a bonus.

4. Fruity/Tropical Colors
Another trend that is going to bring some fun to the season is a love for tropical and fruity colors. You can really go bold this season with whatever colors you choose, which will help you feel more confident while you’re on the go. These colors will work for casual, business, and formal attire, which will allow you more freedom as you dress. One of the best things about these colors is you can choose fabrics and create your own styles, which will allow you to truly show off your fashion sense. If you want to go a little further than the color scheme, then you can also show off tropical and fruity prints, especially as accent pieces for your favorite styles.

5. Denim
Denim always seems to be in style, which is why it adds to the fun of the season. This year, you’ll find that wide-legged jeans are going to be the top of fashion this season. This will include gaucho pants as well if you can’t enjoy denim in the workplace. Loose-fitting denim is always going to be in fashion, which goes along with the hygge trend. Denim jackets are also going to be a great option, which is perfect for cool spring days. Feel free to add patches and customize them to suit your needs, as your personal style is certain to make you a trendsetter. There doesn’t seem to be a trend with denim colors this season, although white seems to be one of the more popular options.

6. Gingham
You might be surprised to see gingham on the market this season. This pattern has been popular for years, but not to the extent that you will see it this year. You will find everything from work blazers to pants in gingham, which will make mixing and matching a lot of fun. Your gingham doesn’t need to be a certain color either, as there will be a wide selection of colors on the market. One of the best things about gingham is the fabric is cheap. So, if you like to make your own clothes then you should be able to find some pretty awesome looks to create during this season.

7. Bras as Tops
Fashionistas are still feeling some 80s and 90s trends, so this season bras as tops are going to be a big deal. This is fairly easy to follow because you can utilize so many different options to stay on-trend. Of course, you might find some sheer tops or overshirts to pair with the trend to ensure you look ultra-chic. Most bras will work for this trend, but if you’re feeling crafty then there are many ways to make your own bra so you have more control over your personal style.

8. Mini Skirts
Another easy option to check out during this season is miniskirts. These can be found in almost any store, which makes it easy to keep your wardrobe up to date for the season. This year, there are so many trends going on that you can basically show off a miniskirt in any color or print and you’ll be styling. You might aim for brighter colors, denim, and gingham if you really want to keep up with fashion, but almost anything will work as long as it suits your personal style. Miniskirts are exceptionally easy to DIY as well, which will help you find the style and cut that flatters you the most.

9. White Suits
This season is all about being bold and empowered. That is why white suits are going to be a big deal this season. Traditionally, white suits aren’t worn in the spring, or after Labor Day, so you will be able to enjoy a little edge to your look too. White suits can be found almost anywhere, which will allow you to choose a look that flatters you and your budget. If you don’t want to go completely for a white suit, then you might consider working with a blazer to satisfy the trend with less upkeep.

10. Cut Outs
Cutouts have been trending for quite a while, so if you already have cut-out clothing in your wardrobe then you will definitely be in for a fashionable season. Of course, if you never jumped on to the cut-out trend then now is a great time to do so. You will find that there are lots of cutouts on the market, which will allow you to choose the right items for your body. You can also make your own styles at home, which will save you plenty of money.

Spring is going to be filled with lots of great choices for fashion. These ten ideas will help you get on the right path to looking your best this season. Since more people are getting out these days, you will find plenty of ideas to get your confidence back.

Ten Ways to Make Women’s History Month Shine

Did you know that March is Women’s History Month? This means there is plenty of time to plan out all of the amazing ways that you can celebrate the holiday. Luckily, there are so many fun things you can do to help enjoy this wonderful month without having to spend a small fortune. This will allow you to explore women’s history and even become a piece of it if you so choose. These ten ideas will help you to start the planning process, but there are so many other ways to explore the month if you choose to branch out even further.

1. Explore Books by Women Authors
Often, women’s books tend to get swept under the rug, especially if they were created in a time when women’s rights weren’t in place. There are so many great books to check out that will help you to learn more about women authors and how they have changed writing for the better. One book you might want to begin with is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. This book kick-started the science fiction genre and introduced one of the most beloved monsters of all time. Of course, you will find so many incredible books from women from all walks of life. You might even start with books that have recently been a controversy, such as Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Many of these books are free or will only cost a few dollars, so let your reading guide you through the month.

2. Enjoy Music Created By Women
Another easy way to embrace Women’s History Month is to listen to music created by women. Whether the song is written by, performed by, or produced by a woman, you will gain something from enjoying it. There are many playlists dedicated to women performers so you can always begin there. So many women were pioneers in the music industry and don’t get the credit they deserve, so discovering these pioneers might be a good place to start. To get you started, you might explore the music of Sister Rosetta Tharpe who rocked out on the guitar before electric guitars were common in the industry.

3. Understand Women’s Rights
You might think that women’s rights are all in place since we live in modern society. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are many struggles women face to this day. Women’s History Month is a great time to get acquainted with women’s rights. You might start by learning about the struggle women have worked through to get us where we are today. Once you have a good understanding of this, then look up the rights women are fighting for today. This can be one for the country you live in as well as the rest of the world. Understanding these issues can help you to gain a better grasp of the world that you live in, which is incredibly important.

4. Interview Women
Another fantastic way to celebrate is to interview the women in your life. You might start with your mother or grandmother, but this is only the beginning. If you’re not certain who to talk to then you might consider going to a local nursing home or hospital. Many women that are elderly or sick do not receive a lot of company and are often eager to talk to others. This is a great way to learn about the stories of others so you can gain an even better understanding of the past. If you admire a woman that you don’t know in person, you might look into sending a letter or email to whoever handles their publicity. You may get a response to the questions you have for them, which can definitely be helpful.

5. Volunteer for Women’s Charities
There are a lot of women’s charities available, so if you really want to make a difference then you might choose to volunteer for a charity that assists women. You can even choose your volunteer service based on your interests or professional skills. There are places for women escaping battered homes, those that assist women in finding jobs, and even some that help underprivileged girls find mentors to keep them on the right track. If you enjoy working with children and teenagers, then you might also consider volunteering at a girls’ juvenile facility to help make an impression on girls that may be struggling. There are other ways to help women out too. For instance, you might consider offering food to a woman in need. You can also lend emotional or mental support. Even if you’re helping out a woman in your life, you will find that this is one of the most rewarding ways to spend the month.

6. Say Thank You
Showing your gratitude for women that inspire you and have worked hard to ensure today’s women have a good life is a great way to spend the month of March. Many of the women that have helped shaped the world we live are no longer with us, but you can show your gratitude in working hard to ensure all they accomplished isn’t taken away. You can also create art inspired by your feelings towards their accomplishments. If the women that you are grateful for are still alive then take some time to show much you care. You can call the women you know, send an email to those you don’t, or simply put a shoutout on social media to share your feelings. You can also create art for these women, which can help spread the message of all that they have accomplished.

7. Women Inspired TED Talks
If you get a lot out of TED Talks, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are many women that will help you embrace the month all the more. Any TED Talk from a woman will help you to enjoy their words and learn from their ideas. However, there are some talks that are particularly about women’s issues, history, and even the future. These talks will help to encourage you to embrace the month and propel forward with the ideas you have learned. There are many playlists you can check out too, which will make finding the videos easier. If you find a particular talk inspiring, then it is easy to put some research into the speaker so you can learn a bit more.

8. Mentor a Girl
Although learning the women’s history is important, there is something else we should always consider when we look to women’s issues. That is the future. There is a generation of girls that are lacking role models or even someone just to talk to. So, you might choose to use this month to get motivated to mentor a child in need. There are many programs that will help you get started with this. However, if you don’t think you are ready to work with children, then you might consider mentoring a teenager or a college student in regard to your career field. This will help ensure you have helped prepare the future for greatness.

9. Watch Historical Films About Women
If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, then you can always look into historical films about women. There are so many incredible films to choose from that will allow you to learn about history while having a bit of fun in the process. Historical films are a great way to entertain yourself too, which will allow you to gain even more on days that you’re busy. There are plenty of lists to check out if you’re not sure where to begin your journey. You will certainly be able to find something that interests you though as you surf through movies about baseball, music, politics, and simple period pieces. You might also look into movies that are directed by women, so you will gain even more from the experience.

10. Shop from Women
Another big way to make a difference in March is to shop from stores that are run by women. This might not be as hard as it might sound, as many communities acknowledge businesses owned by women. If you’re not sure where to begin, then you can start your journey online. There are many places to find lists of stores owned by women. Even major retailers like Target and Amazon will connect shoppers to businesses owned by women, which will help you find something you love. Once you do, you don’t have to shop on these websites. In fact, simply search for the vendor’s actual website so you can purchase directly from them.

Celebrating Women’s History can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re on a budget. These tips will allow you to make the most of the holiday while ensuring you learn something too. With any luck, you will find inspiration or motivation to take on the challenges that you are faced with.

Ten Ways to Organize Your Bookshelves to Create a Spacious Appearance

February 20 is Clean Out Your Bookcase Day, which might be a great incentive for you to give your books a little love. If you’d like to get started on spring cleaning a bit early, then this is a fantastic place to begin. There are lots of great ways to help create the bookshelves of your dreams without having to spend a small fortune on them. These ten tips will not only help you work with the things you already have but will give your bookshelves a fresh new vibe to improve on your home’s aesthetic and your ability to show off your books.

1. Reduce Books
For a lot of people, saying goodbye to books can be a bit difficult. For others, books tend to just pile onto the shelf because they don’t have the time to go through what they no longer want. No matter how you feel about your books, one of the best steps to clean up your shelves is to actually reduce the books you have. You might start by simply going through the books that you didn’t enjoy or those you might have duplicates of. Books that have no significant importance are also a great way to help you clear some of the clutter. Even if you’re torn over some books, you might set them out to think in order to ensure you can condense as much as possible. Books you no longer want can be donated or even sold so other people can enjoy them.

2. Group Books
The way you group your books can actually transform your shelves. There are so many things to consider when grouping your books. Some like to group simply by separating hardback and paperbacks. However, many get even more extensive in this. Often, they will group books by author or genre to help create a sense of convenience when they are looking for something. However, some people like to mix things up and will organize them based on size or color. This can add a unique aesthetic to the shelf which will make any room your books are in seem even more stylish.

3. Add Baskets
If you’re looking to add more space to your shelves, then simply add some baskets to the bottom of your shelves. This will provide you with space for a wide assortment of items without leaving your home looking cluttered. The best thing about baskets is you can put almost anything in them and people won’t be able to see the mess. However, you can also use the baskets for extra book storage, which can come in handy if you have a lot of books to organize. If you can, choose baskets that suit your overall aesthetic, so you can easily make your shelves work for you even more.

4. Stack Books
Just because you are placing your books on a shelf doesn’t mean that you must place them in a certain way. Rather, you can easily place books on the shelf by stacking them. This will allow you to fit more books onto your shelf and can add to the aesthetic of the home. In fact, if you alternate between stacking and upright books, it can make your rooms seem well organized and spacious. Of course, you should stack with purpose and make sure larger books are on the bottom of the stack. You can also stack with a variety of angles to help add some fun to the bookshelf.

5. Sprinkle in Details
Your bookshelves don’t have to be all about the books. Rather, you can spice them up by adding a touch of your personality to them. You might consider adding collectibles to the shelf to help show off some of the things you love apart from books. You may even have collectibles based on the books which can add even more fun to the mix. If you like to make crafts, then this is also a great place to display them. Pictures can also be a great addition to the shelves.

6. Add Plants
An easy way to bring some life to your shelves is to add plants. These can add a touch of magic to your style, especially if you choose plants that seem to flatter the genre of books you are displaying. One of the best things about plants is they will filter the air in your shelf area, which will leave you feeling more comfortable as you read. They can also create the illusion of space, which ensures your shelves will look a bit tidier and easier to maintain.

7. Utilize Bookends
Bookends can help bring order to your shelves when they otherwise might look squashed and boring. There are so many bookends to choose from now that you can really add personality to your shelves without having to spend a fortune. When you use bookends, it will help keep your book rigid, so you won’t have to worry about them sloping and knocking over other books. This will ensure a tidy look that can’t be beaten. You can also group your books easier when you have the bookends to work with. There are even some book nooks, which recreate scenes from your favorite books to add character to your collection while keeping it organized.

8. Paint the Shelf
Sometimes, all your shelf really needs is a fresh coat of paint. Darker colors can make your shelf look more confined and cluttered. So, if you can, choose a lighter color for the interior of your shelf, if not the entire structure. If you’re not keen on just painting, then you can add stick-on wallpaper to bring out some character in the shelf. This can be cheaply done, and you can even choose wallpaper based on the genres you are displaying in that specific section. This can help you brighten up the room too, which will add to the overall aesthetic of the room.

9. Add Lights
One easy way to bring out the best in your shelf is to add some lighting. This will help create a bold look that will stand out even if you aren’t reading. There are so many cheap and efficient ways to add lighting to your bookshelves. Fairy lights are an easy option, but you can also find some great options in LED lighting. Of course, if you’re willing to put money into the lighting then there are specialized lights that are designed to go on shelves. Once you choose the lighting you want, you can keep it up as an accent light which can save you money when you compare it to other lights in the home.

10. Invest in a Feather Duster
Cleaning up your shelves can be a challenge, especially if you have collectibles to contend with. One of the best ways to deal with your shelves is to tackle them with a feather duster. There are many different types of feather dusters to choose from, but one of the best options is said to be an ostrich duster. These dusters tend to draw in the dust, so you don’t leave anything behind.

Creating a clean and organized shelf shouldn’t be intimidating. There are many ways to help create a wonderful atmosphere while ensuring your shelves are a source of pride for you. Best of all, these tips will ensure you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get stylish shelves that look amazing in your home.

Spring Inspired Ways to Utilize Flowers as Decor

Although the groundhog may have ruled another ten weeks of winter, spring will still be here before we know it. One of the best ways to decorate for spring is to bring in flowers. There are so many ways that you can enjoy flower décor without having to spend a lot of money on your spring decorations. These ten tips will help guide you with simple ideas that you can craft at home without having to purchase too many excess supplies. Before spring even gets here, you should have some great options to greet your guests.

1. Create a Wreath
Wreaths are one of the easiest things you can make with flowers. Wreaths can be simple or elaborate, which gives you lots of room to work with. If you are looking to make an intricate wreath then you will need to purchase a base for the wreath. These can be purchased at dollar stores or your favorite craft stores. However, you can also craft one out of wire or an old hanger. Once you have your base ready, simply weave flowers on it. You can do this with real or fake flowers, but real flowers will have to be changed out more frequently. When your flowers are set, then add the finishing details like ribbon.

2. Pressed Flowers
Pressed flowers can add a touch of beauty to the home, which others will marvel at. You can use pressed flowers in a wide variety of ways too. One easy option is to place a flower in a picture frame. Instead of using cardboard on the back of the frame, use plexiglass or another piece of glass to ensure the flower can be seen with ease. This makes for amazing wall decorations, but you can also use it for a variety of other things, such as coasters. If this craft comes easy to you then you might consider using it to make easy gifts for family and friends that enjoy the beauty of flowers.

3. Traditional Flower Arrangement
Arranging flowers has been a popular craft for many years now. However, not many people know how to do it. There are numerous lessons online to help you with this, which is a great way to pick up new skills while finding an easy way to make décor for the home. Learning to arrange flowers, will allow you to create beautiful arrangements for your home from the flowers that you have growing in your garden. This will make the craft virtually free. Of course, if you like your flowers to last for years, then you can use the same techniques with fake flowers. Once you get the hang of flower arranging then you’re certain to find this hobby can also be a great way to make extra money or an easy way to create gifts for others.

4. Floral Chandelier
If you love a little elegance, then a floral chandelier can really change the way your home looks. This is probably one of the more expensive options when it comes to floral décor, but it is well worth anything you put into it. You can make a floral chandelier in many different ways. To begin with, you can start with a simple circular base and then add flowers and lights to the mix. This can then be hung from the ceiling. You can also go a more traditional route with an old chandelier. These can often be found at thrift stores and are easily painted and accessorized. Just like other crafts, you can choose between real or faux flowers, depending on what you need the chandelier for. These are incredibly popular with weddings at the moment, so you can find inspiration by looking at wedding blogs.

5. Living Flower Art
Flower art is a great way to bring personality to the home. You can do this in so many ways, but one of the easiest is to find a shadow box and add soil to it. You can then tightly pack certain plants into the frame and water them gently with a spray bottle. This will work best with succulents, but there are other options to choose from. These are easily hung on the wall as well. Of course, if you don’t want to wing the project, you can purchase the wall art or kits to make it so you can be accurate with what you are creating.

6. Indoor Planters
Sprinkling flowers around the home is a great way to bring out springtime vibes. So, indoor planters can take your home to a whole new level. You can make planters out of almost anything, which can help you to utilize your recycling for something amazing. For instance, you can transform an old milk jug into an adorable planter that is great for kids’ rooms or even the front door. You can also bring old planters back to life with new paint and other items. Once you have your planters ready to go, then simply add your favorite flowers and they’ll be ready to bring on the charm.

7. Add to Décor
Flowers don’t have to be the star of the show. In fact, you can use them to highlight some of the amazing works of art that you already have in the home. For instance, one easy thing to do is wrap a flower around a sculpture or you can weave them into a decorative fence or picture frame. There are endless options to help you add floral accents around the home, so look around and see what objects could use a breath of fresh air. You might be surprised by all of the places your flowers can be placed.

8. Window Garden
Creating a window garden is incredibly simple and can be pretty easy to take care of. You can do this by placing small containers of plants in the garden, or you can go all out and secure a windowsill garden to the interior or exterior of the home. These are perfect for planting smaller flowers, herbs, catnip, and other items that you might want to start in the home and then move outdoors. If the garden is inside then you can truly enjoy plants all year long as you won’t have to worry about the elements.

9. Centerpiece
One of the best ways to highlight your dinner table is a centerpiece. This can be especially great when it comes to showing off your home’s beauty during a dinner party. A centerpiece is exceptionally easy to make, and you can work with items you already have in the home. You can use flowers to work with a candle-based centerpiece, or you can make it all about the flowers. There are lots of great options online to help you find exactly what you need to create the perfect option for any occasion. Best of all, you can use fake flowers so you can keep the décor for years, or you can use real flowers to add a burst of freshness to the home.

10. Neatly Placed Out
Flowers are beautiful without all of the excess add-ons. So, instead of adding to the flowers, simply place them out in various places of the home. You can lay them on your mantle, shelves, and anywhere that they might add a touch of beauty. Of course, you will have to change the flowers out often if they do not have a source of water, but they will bring freshness to the home that you won’t be able to resist. When the flowers do dry out, you can transform them into potpourri to add even more joy to the home.

Decorating with flowers can be a world of fun and can help you feel excited about the upcoming warmer weather. These ten tips are only the beginning of all of the wonderful things you can create as you embrace spring’s bounty and create a garden worth showing off.

Celebrate the Founding Fathers By Saving Big During the Presidents Day Sales Events

Presidents Day brings the first major sale of the year, which will have many people longing to enjoy some savings on the items they love. Many stores participate in the sales, so if you want to shop local you might ask around to see which stores near you will be offering the deals you desire. These ten major retailers are already hinting at their deals, so you will know just where to shop when the big day arrives. Here are just ten of the nations’ biggest retailers that will be offering sales during the Presidents Day event.

1. Walmart
Walmart usually has some pretty good deals on the things your household is going to need for spring. This year, if you plan to shop online, you will find deals on everything from outdoor activities to workout supplies. These are great for planning out your spring and summer while allowing you to move into a healthier lifestyle with ease. You are also going to find deals on tires, which can help your vehicle quite a bit. If you ship the tires to the store, you can also get them installed which can help you save even more money. Of course, during this time of the year, Walmart is also offering clearance and rollback deals you won’t want to miss. In-store deals haven’t been announced yet, but you’re certain to find something you can use to make life more efficient.

2. Target
Over the last few weeks, Target has really been pushing sales on its storage containers. These sales should continue until around Presidents Day to help suit customers that are working on their spring cleaning. However, when Presidents Day does roll around, you will find that there are also kitchen appliances on sale, which make it the perfect time to add items to your home and stock up for wedding and graduation season. Apart from that, you will find sales on floor care, top of the line gadgets, and some of the season’s most popular games

3. Amazon
Amazon tends to have sales on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be rolling out some of the big deals for Presidents Day. This year, you are more than likely going to find deals on Amazon’s brands, because this tends to be a trend with every major sale. However, this year, you will also find some big deals on some of the top gadgets available. Now might be the perfect time to upgrade your TV or find a laptop to improve on your school or work needs. Other than that, you might want to look into some home goods too. You will find sheets, towels, storage supplies, and other options to help make your house more comfortable.

4. Macy’s
Another great option to check out this year is Macy’s. The store tends to be known for offering great deals on clothing, but this store is more than just fashion options. This year, you will also find deals on things like furniture. It seems like beds and couches are the highlights of the option, but you might be able to find other things too. Apart from that, cosmetics and clothing will be in abundance. This is a great way to stock up on springtime fun. Of course, kitchen supplies will also be in abundance. You will largely find small appliances here, but you might also score a good deal on cutlery, pots, and pans, as well as serving sets.

5. Wayfair
Wayfair tends not to miss out on any sale opportunity, so you will certainly find some great options when it comes to this store. There will be sales in most departments, so chances are you will be able to find a deal that suits your needs. However, one department you won’t want to miss out on is storage. You’ll find lots of storage containers, bins, and furniture that will allow you to keep your home nice and tidy. Other than that you will also find some major deals in kitchen supplies. These sales will include cookware, appliances, dining sets, and even furniture to help make mealtime incredible.

6. Best Buy
If you’re looking for technology, then Best Buy tends to be a go-to store. During Presidents Day you’re bound to find some of the best deals around. Best Buy tends to have a lot of wonderful deals on computers during Presidents Day. So, if you’re looking to find a great gaming PC or a laptop for school, then this is probably the place to go. They have the most popular brands and some of the lesser-known bands too. On top of that, you will find that there are going to be plenty of deals on phones at this time. You should be able to find some compatible with your device and beyond.

7. Overstock
When it comes to large savings, is always one of the best ways to save. Overstock offers so many different items that you should be able to find something exciting to purchase even if you’re not in the market for anything. Currently, it is said that Overstock will be hosting a sale with 70% off most categories. Since Overstock is one of the largest online retailers, this will entail everything from toys to bathroom fixtures. The easiest way to play for this sale is to simply set a budget and shop from that because it might be hard to turn down some of the remarkable deals.

8. Home Depot
Home Depot has really been making a name for itself when it comes to large-scale sales. This year the store will be hosting some extraordinary deals that will come just in time for the home improvement season. One of the best things you can shop for during this sale is tool benches. You will find most of them at nearly half off, which will help you finally get your garage organized. Apart from that, there will be numerous appliances on sale. Refrigerators will be the main focus, but you should be able to find some awesome deals on other items too.

9. Bed, Bath, and Beyond
If you’re looking to get your home organized or simply bring on a little makeover, then Bed, Bath, and Beyond is going to be a great option for you. This year, the store is hosting a large sale revolving around all of its materials to help you organize your storage with ease. Many of the items on offer are designed to look good and store your goodies. Of course, the store will also offer a wide assortment of linens on sale too, so make sure to shop around to see if anything strikes your fancy. Other than that, you might check their clearance section as they tend to have good deals there year-round.

10. Ashley Furniture
If your home is in need of furniture or even décor, then you might want to head to Ashley Furniture for the sales. This furniture store tends to offer incredible sales around this time each year, which is bound to help you find items that will make your home look and feel incredible. Of course, you should always shop around when it comes to furniture, but chances are, this might be your final stop. You may even be able to land free shipping or delivery on some of your purchases during the sales event which will make the deal even sweeter.

Presidents Day is one of the best times to really get some of the items your home needs. These ten stores are keeping their prices competitive during the weekend of sales, so make sure you check them out to see what they have to offer. You should be able to save some big cash while enjoying the thrill of a great shopping experience.

Ditch the Covid Blues with these Ten February Friendly Activities

Are you feeling a little defeated because the newest variant of Covid-19 is shutting down our sense of normalcy? With many school closures and offices returning to work from home policies, it might seem impossible to have any fun this month. Luckily, there are many things you can do in the month of February to help entertain you and the entire family. Of course, these ten things are only scratching the surface, as there are so many things going on in the month of February.

1. Watch Phil Predict the Season
Phil the groundhog has been a Groundhog Day tradition for years. If you are looking for something to do on February 2nd, then you might consider tuning in to see what Phil predicts. You can tune into the broadcast online, although many news stations might also offer coverage of the annual event. Although the celebration only lasts a few moments, you can take the time to make Groundhog Day an all-day event. You might start by making groundhog crafts or even putting in your predictions to see who is right about the season. Once the groundhog has made his call, you can say goodbye to winter or celebrate it sticking around a little while longer. There are many crafts and other things that can help make this even more fun. You can also start planning for spring activities or your spring garden if we are in store for an early spring.

2. Send Out Valentines
Valentine’s Day is in the middle of February, which gives you plenty of time to create some wonderful crafts for the people you love. Whether you’re crafting the perfect love letter for your partner, or you just want to brighten someone’s day with a colorful craft, creating Valentines can be a wonderful way to spend some time this February. There are lots of wonderful craft ideas online that you can check out if you’re not certain where to start. You can even base the crafts around the age groups you are working with, which can definitely help to add to the fun of the occasion. Many crafts can also be made with items you find around the home, which will save you money as you show your love.

3. Fitness February
February is a great month to get fit. If you’ve been on social media lately, there is a good chance that you’ve probably seen a challenge or two going around on your feed. Many charities are offering fitness challenges to help bring in money while encouraging people to lead a healthier lifestyle. The challenges are as simple as planking for 89 seconds a day, walking a mile a day, doing 25 pushups, and so on. You can choose a charity or activity that works best for you, or you can do as many as you please. No matter how you choose to get fit, you’re bound to have some fun with these challenges keeping you motivated. Of course, if a challenge isn’t your thing, then you can always enjoy working out at your own pace.

4. Learn a Language
Being stuck inside isn’t always fun, but it does open up a lot of great opportunities. If you’re looking for something to help keep you busy, then picking up a new language might be a great option. In this day and age, you can learn a new language for free, which will help you to truly engage in your new activity. One of the best places to begin your language journey is Apps. You can enjoy apps that will cater to your time constraints while working with your mind to learn as much as possible in a short period of time. There are also many videos you can stream for free to help you learn almost any language. Apart from that, you will find that there are books, software programs, and other resources you can access to enjoy the learning process.

5. Spring Clean
Even though spring doesn’t officially begin until March, it is never too early to get started on all of your spring cleanings. Of course, you will probably want to stick with tasks indoors to ensure you are warm enough to complete the task without it being a hazard. Some of the things you might start with is cleaning behind appliances, going through all of your older items, or deep cleaning your floors. There are lots of small things you can do to get the ball rolling as well, like washing your curtains. Getting a head start on cleaning will give you less to do when the weather is nice, so you can actually have some fun when spring arrives.

6. Plan for Summer
With the cold weather making outdoor time a little uncomfortable, you might consider taking your time stuck indoors to plan for your summer vacation. If you think you will be vaccinated by the time summer rolls around or if you’re confident in traveling during the pandemic, then you might consider planning and even booking your trip now. This will help you to get the best possible deals, but you should also take the time to purchase cancellation insurance too since things are a little uncertain now. Even if you don’t want to vacation during Covid-19, you can still take the time to plan out activities that will keep you busy. This can be anything from books you’d like to read to home improvement projects that you’d like to take on.

7. Create a Gratitude Routine
It can be tough to feel gratitude when the world seems so uncertain and getting out of the house comes at a much greater risk. That is why creating a gratitude routine is the perfect way to help your mental health during this period of your life. There are so many ways to add a sense of gratitude to your day. One easy way is to meditate as this tends to take us out of the moment of distress, so we can focus on all of the things we have. You can also come up with a gratitude journal to write down all of the things that you are grateful for. This can actually help you to create a happier life, improved mental health, and create a positive perspective on your day.

8. Paint Your Walls
Another great indoor activity that can change the way you feel about being at home is a simple painting task. Painting doesn’t have to be an expensive activity and can give you plenty to do to keep you busy. If you don’t want to paint an entire room, then you might consider doing an accent wall to help breathe new life into a space. You can also enjoy stencils or other accessories to help improve the aesthetic of the room. Painting can be a great way to lift your mood as well, which can improve your mental health while you are stuck at home. One key element to this is choosing shades of paint that help with your mental state.

9. Succulent Garden
Gardening can be a great way to improve your mood and help the environment. However, gardening in February isn’t always the easiest thing to do. That is where succulents come into play. These adorable plants can be kept indoors or outdoors, so you can work on building your succulent garden while the winter weather rages on. You can purchase succulents that have already started or grow them from seeds, depending on your goals and the type of succulents that you would like to grow. Apart from that, you will find, setting up the succulents can be a lot of fun. You can make a wall garden, place them in cute pots, and so much more. There are lots of great ideas online if you’re hoping for inspiration to get your garden started.

10. Game Night
February evenings can be a bit boring. That is why your family might want to start implementing a game night. This is a great activity to add to one night a week, especially if there is an evening that has no activities or bonding periods. You can enjoy board games that you already own, create games from your imagination, download ideas from the internet, or stick with the classics like hide and seek. No matter what you choose to play, you’ll be able to enjoy time together which will help to strengthen your bonds.

February can be a time of fun, which is why you should use it to bring joy to your life. Even though the outside world isn’t exactly secure, your home can be ripe with activities that everyone will enjoy. These ten ideas will help keep you on a budget while also allowing you to find more joy in the month.