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Bring Magic to Your Child with These Tooth Fairy Tips

The Tooth Fairy doesn’t get enough credit, which is why this year you might add a little fun to your tooth fairy routine in order to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day on August 22. Although the Tooth Fairy can keep things pretty simple, you might consider adding a little magic to the experience in your home, especially since we are currently dealing with hard times. These ten ideas will help you add even more pizzazz to the Tooth Fairy, which will make your children all the more excited to receive a visit after they lose a tooth.

1. Fairy Dust
A simple visit from the Tooth Fairy is awesome for kids, but picture how excited they will be if they find a little fairy dust behind to make the visit all the more concrete. Fairy Dust is one of the easiest ways to truly bring some joy to a child. This dust can be purchased from some stores, but it is also incredibly easy to make on your own. The best thing about fairy dust is you can customize it to suit the child. You can even use different dust for each child in the family, so they will believe they have a totally different fairy than their siblings. Fairy dust can be sprinkled on almost anything too. You can leave some on the windowsill, by your child’s pillow, or even by the prize itself. You can make incredibly tiny footprints out of it or even spray it on the prize itself. Your imagination is the limit.

2. Tooth Certificate
Your child’s tooth is special, but if the tooth fairy just runs away with it then your child might not feel this way. Instead of just having the tooth fairy take the tooth, print out a special certificate that the fairy can leave behind. There are lots of templates that you can find online to print out with your child’s name, tooth number, and so much more. However, these certificates are incredibly easy to make with most software programs. You can leave the certificate with the gift the fairy brings or add it to a frame and have it magically appear on the wall while your child is sleeping.

3. Special Gift Box
Whenever you purchase something special from a store, it comes in a wonderful package that makes the item seem all the more special. So, when your child receives a gift from the Tooth Fairy, you might follow this same concept. You can easily make a luxurious box out of cardboard, gold paint, and other items. However, you can also purchase these items in a store too. Some hobby shops will even offer them in bulk, so you will have the same box for every time that your child loses a tooth. Many of these boxes are small enough to hold mere coins or folded money, which will make it easy to gift to your children.

4. Origami Money
Money is a pretty exciting thing for kids, but it is also very simple. Imagine waking up to a plain five-dollar bill shoved under your pillow and feeling happy but not as if it was placed there by magic. One remedy for this is to transform your money into a fun origami piece. You can start out by learning some basic origami options. There are lots of tutorials online to help you learn the basics of this art form for free. You may even find that practicing origami is a lot of fun and can make a hobby out of it. No matter how origami works out for you, your creation will definitely help your child feel like magic is real.

5. Think Hygiene
Money can be a lot of fun for a gift, but if you want to take your child’s gift to the next level by adding a few extra perks to the Tooth Fairy’s gift. You can add in a brand-new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a timer, or anything else fun that you think your child might like. If your budget is tight then one of these gifts can even be put in place instead of money. You can find these items for a very low price in most stores, but many dollar stores will also offer the items for a dollar or less. This will also help to provide children will a lesson about hygiene so they will take it more seriously.

6. Tiny Notes
The Tooth Fairy is pretty small, so it only makes sense that any note that the fairy would leave behind would be very tiny. Adding a small note to your child’s gift can be one of the cutest and most magical elements of the gift. All you have to do for this is use a font that looks more like handwriting and type out the message. Then, print it out, cut it out, and add a tiny envelope. If you want to add a bit more fun to the note, give your child a magnifying glass so they can read the message. You can in a fun little tidbit about teeth, have the fairy rate the tooth, offer hygiene advice and so much more. This may even be a great way to help your child improve their hygiene so they can appease the Tooth Fairy the next time they lose a tooth.

7. Leave a Receipt
As far as your child is concerned, the Tooth Fairy is making a donation to the tooth bank. So, it only makes sense that your child would receive a receipt for this transaction. You can find all sorts of receipts online that are easy to print out and store until your child loses a tooth. Simply fill out the form when your child loses their next tooth and slip it under their pillow with the gift your child is going to receive. You can comment of the quality of the tooth, what the fairy left, and so on. This can be inspiring for kids and something for them to hang onto as they go through this big change.

8. Tooth Fairy Door
If your child is curious about how the Tooth Fairy enters the home, then you might consider adding a magical fairy door to the home. You can craft one of these out of lots of items around the house, so have fun with the process. If you’re not sure where to begin then consider looking at tutorials for fairy doors for the garden. Once you have the door, hide it somewhere in the house and have your child look for it. If you don’t want to play this game, then place the door in your child’s room when you set out the child’s gifts. You can remove the door the next time your child is sleeping. This will add a sense of mystery that is fun and exciting for kids.

9. Deposit Area
Not all children can sleep through a person depositing their gift. So, you might want to come up with an alternative plan. One easy way is to create a deposit area. Create a special place for your child to place their tooth. One idea is to place it in a special tooth pillow with a pocket for the tooth. Another option is to place it next to the bed on a special pillow. No matter where the tooth is deposited, the fairy will leave the gift in the same area. This is great for kids who want to add extra fun to the experience too, as this method will make the tooth seem all the more important. The best thing is kids can actually create the deposit area on their own too.

10. Tooth Fairy Hotline
Another way to bring more magic to losing a tooth is to have your child call up the Tooth Fairy Hotline. This is an actual line, or more lots of lines, as you can find plenty of dentist offices that host the hotline. There is also a toll-free line. All you have to do is have your child call and a prerecorded message will allow them to feel confident that the tooth fairy is on the way. There is also an app to help you get in touch with the Tooth Fairy.

The Tooth Fairy often gets swept under the rug because it isn’t part of a major holiday. These ten ideas will help bring all the more magic to the Tooth Fairy, which will bring even more joy to your children. You may even find that the excitement of the Tooth Fairy begins to even rival that of good old Saint Nick.