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Ten Things Your Child Will Need For Online Schooling

With August here, it is hard to feel comfortable with the idea of your child attending school again. Some parents have to worry about their child getting ill via in-person classes, which might force many to move to homeschool or online schools. Other parents might be working with the new challenge of helping their child learn from home because their school district is only learning online. No matter the situation, there are a few things that will help make this process a lot easier for everyone. With a little price hunting and a lot of research, you’ll even be able to save some money on the items that your children will need the most.

1. Laptop
If your child is going to be doing school online, then a laptop is pretty much required. Most online schools want to be able to see children in the classroom, so they can ensure they are learning and engaged in the process. A device with a webcam and reliable mic is definitely required for this, and your best option for this is a laptop. Plus, the laptop will help children embrace the software needed to do their course work, as well as word processing, and other tasks. There are many benefits to having a laptop for your child too, so make sure you shop around for the right option for you. Having one on hand is perfect for homeschool moms too, as it provides so many free resources that can help save you big time on curriculum books.

2. Tablet
Another great option for kids is a tablet. This can be substituted for a laptop in many cases, especially when it comes to younger children. If your kids are going to be using a lot of apps for their education, then this is one of the best routes to go. Tablets are great options for reading, as well. Since they are designed to run reading apps, they are better for the eyes. Plus, they are portable, which allows a lot more freedom when it comes to your studies. You can also purchase some amazing covers for your child’s tablet, which will ensure you won’t have to stress over the item getting broken during the excitement that is school.

3. Glasses
Spending lots of time on screens isn’t exactly great for your child’s eyes. Even if your child doesn’t have a prescription for eyeglasses, you can still offer some preventative care by ordering them a pair of non-prescription glasses with a Blue Light coating. These glasses will help prevent damage that blue light does to the eye which can improve eye health quite a bit. It will also help to keep your child’s body on a more natural schedule as blue light can actually keep you awake, especially if you see it at night. There are lots of fun styles for kids too, so you don’t have to worry about your child feeling insecure about the glasses. Plus, you will find that non-prescription glasses can be quite cheap. Some online stores will even offer them for $10 or less.

4. Headphones
When it comes to learning, one of the best things to get for your kids is a headset. This will help them login to their classroom without having to worry about what is going on in the rest of the class. Apart from virtual classrooms, headphones can be an asset. For starters, they can allow children to enjoy books on their computer or tablet without distraction. They also make it easier to concentrate on videos and apps that a student might need to view for their course work. Best of all, they help knock out the noise that might be going on around them. You don’t even have to spring for the more expensive noise-canceling headphones as many of today’s headsets will provide you with technology that will certainly help aim to boost concentration immensely. Plus, it means kids will be able to hear their lessons accurately, which is bound to help improve their grades.

5. Printer
With most things composing of digital work these days, you might not think to get a printer for your child’s schooling. However, a printer can come in handy for many things. For starters, if you have an elementary student, then there is a good chance a lot of the work your child is going to do will involve coloring, cutting, and gluing. Thus, a printer is an absolute must. Apart from that, older kids can use print outs to help them keep up with their work. They might print out a list of assignments and due dates to stay on top of things. They also might use a printer to print essays for proofreading purposes. No matter where you go with school, a printer can come in handy in ways you might not have thought about previously. You don’t have to choose a pricey printer either, especially if you’re not sure how often it will be used.

6. Schedule Board
Staying on top of schoolwork is imperative. That is why it is incredibly important to have some way to keep track of everything that is going on. A schedule board is one of the best ways to go. This can encompass many things too. For starters, you might choose a dry erase board because it is easy to mark down everything and keep track of what is going on. A chalkboard can work as well, but it is harder to keep the message clear here as chalk erases easier and faster than markers. Another option is to choose a corkboard and use post-it notes to add in information and remove it when it is complete or needs to be edited. Your family’s lifestyle is all that matters when you choose your schedule board, so work with what is best for you. Prices on all of these boards shouldn’t cost you a fortune either, which will help you out immensely.

7. Storage Area
School supplies take up a lot of space. Usually, these items get left at school or are conveniently located in a backpack. However, if your child will be doing school at home, this might not be a convenient option. Plus, you will have to store textbooks, school assignments and so much more. One of the best options is to grab a few storage items that can be used for your child’s work. For instance, a folder tray can go a long way. It can help separate papers for each class, as well as assignments that have been completed and those that have not. You might also consider keeping little cubes, so each child can have a cubby for all of their supplies, as well as space for extra books and more. There are lots of organizational tips online though, so have fun with your options.

8. Quiet Space
A quiet space for your child to complete work is probably one of the most important things you can do for your child. If the bedroom is too distracting for kids, try to set up different corners in your living spaces for kids to work. You can even decorate based on grade, which can help them learn. Of course, the key here is to make the environment peaceful, so make sure you have relaxing elements that work for each individual child. This might include large pillows for sitting for kids that work best in a comfortable setting, or a desk with abundant light for those that prefer a stricter approach to learning. During school hours, make sure everyone is quiet and attentive to their own work in their special quiet space.

9. Comfortable Chair
Where your child is sitting can make or break the school day. A hard chair might cause a child to lose concentration but working on the couch or recliner might encourage nap time. Your best option is to consider purchasing a desk chair that will help with posture while still keeping kids at just the right comfort level for working efficiently. Kids might also try standing and working for part of the workday, so they can feel a little healthier about all of the online work. Believe it or not, but a chair can make or break your kids’ grades too. So, if you’re looking to make a wise investment, this is one of the best options.

10. Basic Supplies
Despite school largely being online, your kids are still going to need some of the basics in order to get through the school year. For instance, folders and organizational supplies are going to be a must while your kids are in school. Life isn’t going to be as easy as turning in an assignment when it is complete unless the assignments are digital. Pen, pencils, and paper are going to come in handy too. Your kids will need to take notes, color in maps, and so on. You’ll also need to spring for a good calculator for older kids. Keeping up with supplies will make life easier, especially if there is a sudden change of heart and schools return to session.

Making sure your kids are prepared for school is essential, no matter what is going on in the world. These ten items will help make the school year a bit easier, even when you’re uncertain what the school year will bring.