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Ten Things to Do When Daylight Savings Time Arrives

Although you might not want to think about it, daylight savings time is about to return. Not only does this mean losing out on an hour of sleep, but it also means that warmer weather and more fun is on the way. However, if you’re trying to maintain a home, then you might want to add a few chores to your to-do list that will help you make the most out of daylight savings time. These ten ideas can help you prepare for the upcoming months while also saving you quite a bit of money. So, embrace the longer days by filling the hours with some useful things.

1. Switch the Direction of Your Fans
Around the time daylight savings begins, most people are able to turn off their heaters and open up the windows. In order to keep the air fresh in your home and the air cooler, turning on your fan can do a world of good. However, you might consider switching the direction of your fan before you do this. In the winter, fans should turn clockwise in order to spread the warmer air from the heater throughout the room. However, when the weather changes, the fan should move counterclockwise in order to help cool the room and keep the air fresher. This is done with a simple switch that can typically be found on the base of the fan. If you can’t find it, then you might want to look at a manual for the fan. While you’re switching the fan around, you might also consider dusting the fan, as this chore is often overlooked.

2. Change Your Air Filter
There’s no doubt about it, Spring brings a whole lot of allergies to the table. So, before all of the pollen hits your nose, you might want to swap out your air filter. It is usually good to do this every couple of months or so, but using daylight savings time will give you a chance to track when you last changed the filter, so you can easily remind yourself to do it again. You can even purchase air filters in bulk and place dates on them to help you remember when you should replace your air filter again. Of course, you’re not just fighting allergens when you clean your air filter. You’re also getting rid of dust and bacteria in the home, so make sure to remember especially since the home was closed up for so long during the winter months.

3. Maintain Your Vehicle
It’s hard to keep up with vehicles when dealing with the hustle and bustle that life brings. However, this is a very important step if you’re hoping to maintain your safety and not run into a lot of financial problems in the future. In order to keep up with your vehicle, you’ll need to consider some basic maintenance, which can easily be done when daylight savings time arrives. For starters, you’ll want to check your oil. Even if it says you don’t need an oil change, you might consider checking for yourself just to be safe. You should also check to see how much tread is left on your tires, as balding tires can be dangerous. Apart from that, you should take a look at your brake pads to ensure they’re also not wearing thin. These tasks are very easy to do on your own, but if you’re feeling uncomfortable about it, most oil changes or basic mechanic shops can help you at a decent price. Apart from that, you should use this time to swap out your windshield wipers. Your wipers can often not work properly after all of the freezing cold temperatures during the winter months. You will definitely want them operational as all the spring showers arrive.

4. Change Smoke Detector Batteries
Even if you set off your smoke detectors every day and you’re certain they’re working fine, you should still take the time out to change the batteries when daylight savings time begins and ends. Sure, most detectors now offer annoying beeps and flashing lights when they’re low on battery but keeping them from getting low is imperative. If you’re worried about wasting batteries, then you might consider using rechargeable batteries. This will allow you to use the batteries you place in the detector again and again, so there is no money wasted. This will also ensure that the batteries are fresh and ready to go in case there is a carbon dioxide leak or a fire in your home.

5. Clean Appliances
Daylight savings time arrives just in time for spring cleaning, too. This will give you a chance to make some time to clean out your appliances. These aspects of the home are often overlooked, so you might be in for a little work. It will be worth it in the long run though as it will help keep your appliances going for longer. One of the first few things you should consider doing is cleaning out the oven, refrigerator, and coffee maker. There are many helpful tricks for making cleaning items a breeze though. You should also consider cleaning out the filter in your vacuum. Dusting, sweeping, and mopping behind appliances can also be helpful and will allow you to feel safer in your home.

6. Flush Your Water Heater
The water heater is usually out of sight and out of mind. That is, until something goes wrong with it. Although you really don’t have to pay too much attention to your water heater, you should take some time out to remove the sediment from the bottom of the tank once a year. This doesn’t take long and is as easy as opening the spicket and letting the water drain out. This chore is especially important if you live in an area that features lots of hard water. This sediment can ruin the lifespan of your water heater, which can put you in a financial bind if you’re not ready to purchase another one. A few minutes out of your day at day light savings time can truly save you a bundle.

7. Clean the Yard
With warmer weather practically on your doorstep, you might consider what you’d like to do about your yard for the season. Daylight savings time is the perfect time to get started on all of this. You might want to start with removing debris from the yard. This might be old plants that didn’t make it through the winter, leaves that piled up, or even weeds that got an early start. You should also clear branches and other items that might get in your way. From there, you might consider working on fertilizing your soil, getting starter plants out, and so on. Before you know it, you’ll be able to organize your yard and have plenty of amazing things blooming.

8. Flip Your Mattress
Did you know you’re supposed to flip your mattress every six months? Even if you did know, it might be hard to keep track of when you last flipped the mattress, especially if you’re constantly busy. That is why you might consider doing it at daylight savings time. This will allow you to know exactly when you last flipped your mattress. Then, when daylight savings time ends, you can flip it again. This can make balancing the time as easy as can be, so you can get more life out of your mattress.

9. Wardrobe Cleanse
With daylight savings time bringing warmer weather, you might find that your sweaters aren’t as comfortable as they were. So, doing a quick closet cleanse might be a great idea. You should go through your clothes and put away your heavy coats, sweaters, and other items that you probably won’t wear again until the weather gets cold. Of course, you might also pull out your spring and summer clothes so you can try them on and see what you want to keep. This will allow you to feel confident about your wardrobe, while also making plans to update your clothes to suit today’s biggest fashion trends.

10. Make Spring and Summer Plans
With daylight savings beginning, you’ll find that the free time spring and summer brings will be well on its way. Thus, its time to start planning for your outings. You might begin with working out your spring break plans, as this vacation period will be here before you know it. It might already be too late to book tickets for this period, but if you plan on staying home you can easily make out plans and purchase tickets for things nearby. Apart from that, you might want to start booking your flights, hotels, and more for summertime. This will help you lock in your travel plans while also saving you some money. Plus, planning ahead will give you something to look forward to while you’re recovering from missing out on sleep.

Daylight savings time doesn’t have to be a time to worry or feel stressed about change. Rather it is a time to prepare to save money and embrace the work that needs to be done around the house and in your personal life. These ten ideas will help get you started on many of the things you should do to keep things in order.