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Frugal Fun to Help You Enjoy Leap Day

Leap year only comes once every four years, so you won’t want to skip out on this awesome day! However, it isn’t always clear how one should even celebrate this unusual holiday, because it isn’t typically a part of our annual holidays. There are lots of great things that you can do for Leap Year though. Best of all, none of them really require you to spend a lot of money, which will help make the occasion even better. So, get ready to add another day to year with these fun ways to make the most out of celebrating Leap Year this February 29.

1. Write a Letter to Yourself
Since Leap Day only rolls around every four years, you might consider writing a letter to yourself that can be opened during the next Leap Year. The letter can include just about anything, which makes it a lot of fun for a wide variety of people. For instance, you might start by talking about what is currently going on in your life. This will allow you to look back on the memories when you open the letter. You might also put down some of your goals or hopes for the next four years, which will give you something to work towards. Apart from that, you can just share some of your interests or write down the most popular songs, movies, and other media sources. This will all make the next Leap Year even more exciting. If a letter isn’t your style, then consider a small time capsule that can be opened up every Leap Year.

2. Set Leap Year Goals
Most people tend to set goals for the New Year, but not many people think about setting goals for the Leap Year. This is a great time to think about larger picture goals which might take a bit more time for you to complete. For instance, if you’re graduating from school this year, you might make a goal regarding your bachelor’s degree or doctoral degree, depending on where you already are with your education. This can make the process a lot more exciting for you. Of course, you can also make personal or financial goals. For example, you might take four years to save up for a down payment for a home, or you can make a goal to lose a certain amount of weight in a four year period. No matter what the goal, make sure you’re ready to work hard to make it before the end of four years is up.

3. Learn Science Behind Leap Year
We all know there is an extra day added to the year every four years. However, not many people know exactly why this happens. It is all down to maintaining our calendars and syncing them with the rotations the sun makes around the sun. Although we have 365 days to rotate around the sun, it doesn’t always add up in the correct hours, minutes, and seconds. All of this begins to add up, which means we have one extra day to rotate every four years. It is a lot more complex than that, so you might spend part of your Leap Day trying to figure out why exactly we get an extra day to enjoy every few years.

4. Propose
In countries like Ireland, it is actually a tradition for the women to propose on February 29. Before modern times, this was the only day available for women to propose, so many took advantage of it. So, if you’ve had someone on your mind for a while then you might take this time to propose. Of course, you can still propose even if you’re not a woman as this would still be an awesome story to share years down the line. You don’t have to go all out to propose on this day either. Instead, concentrate on what you want to say to the love of your life. This will allow you to make the proposal the best moment possible. It will also give you the chance to celebrate an extra special anniversary every four years, which can make things even more exciting for you.

5. Celebrate Leap Year Birthdays
A lot of people don’t get the joy of celebrating their birthday on their actual birthday. So, this year, you might host a little party to help everyone celebrate properly. You can bake cupcakes, serve ice cream, or simply make a point just to send out a special card to help people celebrate. Even if you don’t know anyone with a February 29th birthday, you can always just host a ceremonial party where you wish everyone happy thoughts for their official birthday. This can be a lot of fun for the whole household and will give you an excuse to pull out the birthday supplies even if there is no one in the household to celebrate.

6. Learn Leap Year Superstitions and Traditions
There is more to Leap Year than just having an exciting extra day to enjoy. In fact, there are many superstitions that go along with the Leap Day. As mentioned before, it is a tradition for women to propose to men on Leap day. However, if the man denies the woman, he is said to have to give her twelve pairs of gloves. This tradition varies though, as some countries name fabric as the payment for refusing a proposal. Many other places believe that it is bad for the marriage to get married on Leap Day. Some countries even feel that babies born on this day will have bad luck. Apart from that, many countries also believe that Leap Years bring more death and thus people are very superstitious during this time. There are many more to choose from, so make sure to have fun with your research.

7. Be Someone Else for the Day
With an extra day added to the calendar, you might find the need to step away from the person you are 365 days out of the year. This can be a lot of fun and can even help you reduce pressure in your life. You might start by dressing differently than you typically would. This already will give you a breath of fresh air that will help you have more fun. You can even act differently if you want. You might consider taking on the persona of a favored character or come up with your own character. You can even dress in period costumes and walk around speaking old English. Your creativity is definitely the limit for you, so make sure you become someone incredible. Of course, keep in mind that there will still be repercussions for your actions, so don’t go too wild with your new self.

8. Play Leaping Games
A lot of people associate the Leap Year with frogs, so you might want to channel your inner frog and play some leaping games. This is an incredible family activity that will definitely allow you to have a blast and get some exercise as you play. There are many leaping games to choose from though, so make sure you have some fun with it. For instance, you can have the kids leap around like frogs to play certain games or enjoy certain activities. You can also try games like jump the brook. There are many games online you can check out too, which will allow you to plan more efficiently.

9. Try Something New
Since you have an extra day this year, why not use it to try out something new. You can look through your list of things that you’d like to try and add one of them to your schedule for the day. After all, not having enough time won’t be an excuse for an extra day to give you the time. You might try out something like rock climbing, as this can easily be done at a facility and can be done spur of the moment. You can also try something like a new craft or cooking a new meal. There are so many exciting things to try out on this special day, so make sure you get something in so you can make the most out of your Leap Day.

10. Throw a Party
An extra day added to the year is a good reason to celebrate. So, why not host a party to enjoy the special occasion. You can theme the party around the Leap year, or you can simply have a party for the sake of having one. In order to keep your party frugal, you might consider asking friends to participate in a potluck. This can be a great way to share food and fun without throwing in a lot of money. You might also consider media options like the movie Leap Year, as entertainment. There are tons of games you can choose too, which will allow you to have themed fun with little effort.

Leap Years aren’t common, so make sure to take advantage of the special year while you still can. These tips will allow you to have lots of fun throughout Leap Year. With any luck, your Leap Day will be extraordinary, too. So, make sure not make the most out of your extra day, because it isn’t often you get an extra day to play around with.