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Ten Amazing Plants For New Gardeners This Spring

Planting season is finally here, which means its time to bring some beauty to your home’s garden. If you’re just beginning your garden, then you might be surprised to find out that you do have a lot of options available to you. Many people are afraid to spend money on plants because they think they have a black thumb and will just waste the money. You might be surprised by how much you are capable of though if you just giving gardening a try. These ten plants will allow you to get your feet wet as you learn the basics without having to worry about what you’re capable of. Best of all, they will leave your garden looking amazing while adding a sense of efficiency to your home.

1. Roses
Roses sell for a pretty penny on the market, which makes a lot of people feel like they aren’t going to be easy to grow. Roses actually are one of the easiest flowers to grow through. As a matter of fact, in early spring, you can purchase roses that are ready to be planted for just a few dollars. Most roses will take to the soil with ease, so before you know it, you’ll have beautiful flowers brightening up your yard. One of the easiest roses to grow are knockout roses, but if these aren’t for you then you can probably work with just about any type. Make sure you do a little research before buying, but if you can find roses that are drought resistant then you’re going to be good to go. All you’ll need to do is plant and prune them to maintain them, which is easy enough. Best of all, roses are great to place in front of windows for a little extra protection as they have plenty of thorns to keep intruders at bay.

2. Tomatoes
If you’re looking to bring some fresh produce into the home then tomatoes are an excellent option. It is said that cherry tomatoes are the easiest to grow, but most tomatoes will work out if you know how to care for them properly. One of the easiest ways to go about growing tomatoes is to get a hanging pot for them. This will allow you to grow them without forcing you to build cages or invest in stakes. Of course, these items won’t cost you a bundle if your plant does become excessively large and you need to move it. Tomatoes can help you enjoy more products for your home and can even improve your health, which makes them one of the best options, to begin with. Plus, they pretty much do their own thing, so all you really need to worry about is watering them and picking your delicious tomatoes when they’re ready.

3. Herbs
Another great thing to consider planting in your garden is herbs. These can be very easy to grow in a wide variety of settings, which is why so many people love to try them out. You don’t even have to have an outdoor space to give these plants a shot either. In fact, you can grow them in plastic bottles in your kitchen, if you really want to. The thing about herbs is they just require some soil and water. You can cut off pieces as you need them, which will also enhance the way you cook your meals. Apart from that, having herbs around to suit your needs will save you quite a bit of money when a recipe calls for such a thing. Some herbs will even keep away pests too, so growing them is a win-win situation.

4. Squash
One of the easiest vegetables for many people is actually squash. For most people, all you have to do is plant the seeds at the appropriate times and wait for them to grow. Summer squash is one of the best things to plant during early spring. This will give the vegetables plenty of time to grow so you will have delicious and huge vegetables in the summertime. Of course, you can plant just about any form of squash that you want as long as you plant it during the appropriate times. Squash has a lot of different variations too, so you will be able to enjoy zucchini, spaghetti squash, and so much more. This food can really cut down on your grocery bill too, especially if you’re trying to keep things healthy. If you’re not sure what to do with squash, then you might be surprised by how many amazing recipes you can find online.

5. Honeysuckle
When it comes to beauty, honeysuckle is going to provide you with so many amazing benefits. This plant is very easy to grow and can be placed on fences, gates and so much more to add a touch of charm to your home. One of the best things about honeysuckle is it smells amazing. As soon as the flowers begin to bloom, you’re going to want to spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the delightful scent of the plant. Of course, you’re not the only one that is going to be attracted to the smell. Your yard will attract bees, hummingbirds, and many other birds. Encouraging bees to pollinate is definitely good for the planet and who can resist watching hummingbirds feed? The plant is very easy on the eyes too, which will allow you to enjoy the way your garden looks even if you don’t have a lot of other plants to enjoy.

6. Peppers
Another great thing to add to your garden is an assortment of peppers. This food grows fairly easily in a number of settings, which means you won’t have to try as hard to keep things going. There is a huge variety of peppers too. You can start with bell peppers, which will help stock your refrigerator for summertime barbecues, or go straight for the hot and spicy stuff. There are so many variations to choose for that you might end up growing a little of everything. This will help add some heat to your recipes while cutting down on the amount of money you spend on produce and spices for your meals.

7. Sunflowers
If you love the hands-off approach to gardening, then sunflowers are definitely going to be a great option for you. These amazing flowers will grow quickly simply by spreading some seeds on the ground where you’d like them to grow. Sunflowers will quickly add to their height which will allow you to enjoy them in a matter of weeks. There are so many benefits to having sunflowers. Apart from having a charming appearance, sunflowers produce seeds that make a great snack. Simply bake them with your favorite seasoning and you’ll have a delicious treat that is actually good for you. Sunflowers are great for the soil too as they help get rid of toxins so that you can grow other things with ease.

8. Lavender
Lavender fields look absolutely beautiful. Luckily, you can bring a small piece of this setting to your home by planting your own lavender in your garden. This plant is very easy to handle and will add a soothing aroma to your yard. Apart from its stunning appearance and delightful smell, you’ll find that it can be used in the food and a variety of other things too. You can even make your own potpourri or oils out of the lavender you grow. This can save you a small fortune while also allowing you to enjoy honing your gardening skills without breaking a sweat.

9. Pansies
When it comes to adding a whimsical touch to your garden, you truly can’t go wrong with pansies. These adorable little flowers come in a wide variety of colors, so you can really spice up the look of your garden with little effort. Pansies can be purchased for fairly cheap too, which makes them a great option for those hoping to stay on a budget. Apart from that, you’ll find it takes very little effort to grow them. Simply follow the instructions on the label and you’ll be good to go. Pansies look great in window boxes, in the garden, or even in flowerpots placed around the interior and exterior of the home.

10. Local Mixes
If you’re looking for one of the easiest options, then you might look up a local mixture for your area. These flowers are native to your climate, so they will easily sprout and grow without a lot of effort. The best way to figure out what mix you should purchase is to look up your region on a gardening website. Of course, many of your local stores will actually purchase these seeds so you can easily find them at a low price. In most cases, all you need to do is to spread the seeds and keep them watered. However, if you’re lucky, you might find that some of the natural plants might just begin to grow in your yard, which will help save you time and money.

Beginning your garden can be a whole lot of fun. However, a lot of people feel intimidated by planting and working in the garden. These ten ideas will help you get a start while you build your confidence and your gardening skills. This will help you contribute to the environment while also bringing joy and improved finances to your home.

Work at Home Tips that Will Prevent You From Spending a Fortune

With many companies closing down for self-isolation, a lot of employees are being forced to stay at home for work. This can be a very trying time for many people, especially if they have never really worked from home before. Since there is really no set period as to when things will be up and operating again, many might take to online shopping to find things to make their home office a little more convenient. This isn’t exactly necessary though. In fact, there are many things that you can do to efficiently work from home without spending any money at all. These ten tricks might make it much easier for you to handle working from home without spending anything.

1. Conduct Business As Usual
One of the most important things that you can do while working from home is to stick to your typical schedule. Most people work best under routine, so conducting business as if you’re still going to work will help you get into work mode without forcing you to spend money on things to inspire you to work harder. If it helps, consider using your commute time to listen to a podcast or music so you get the illusion that you’re going to work. This time can also be used for stretches and more if you walk or ride your bike to work. When the workday begins, you should too. This will help you work efficiently and keep up with your coworkers and superiors, so you don’t fall behind. It is crucial to take breaks when you typically would too because your body will expect them. Try not to work over your scheduled hours either, as this might make you feel burned out.

2. Take Breaks
Breaks are going to be crucial during your work at home period. Since you’re not at the office, it is less likely that you will be getting up and moving around as much. Thus, you might consider adding an app to your browser that will remind you to stop and take an eye break every 20 minutes. This app can also remind you to stand up and move your body too. This will help prevent strain while also helping to keep your body pumping. It is also important to take time to eat. If you have a full hour for lunch at work, then take it. This will help you relax while also allowing you to take time for you. Of course, you might find that it is harder to work for long periods of time. If you hit a wall, stop and take a break. This will prevent you from wasting time and getting stressed out.

3. Find a Place to Work
One of the major keys to success is to find a place to work. At the office, you probably have a designated work area that you’ve been able to make comfortable to suit your needs. However, at home, you probably have a lot of choices when it comes to a workspace. If you have an office, then that is probably your best option. However, you might have to take into consideration other people in the home. If you have a partner or roommates that also have to wok from home, then it is important to have your own private space. So, this might take some trial and error to figure out. Your best option is to avoid places like the couch or bed though unless this particular method actually works for you. Of course, you will need to work with your own needs here. Some people thrive with distractions like family and loud noises, while other people need isolation to work. Thus, it is crucial to find your sweet spot before you struggle to get your work finished.

4. Make Others Aware of Your Needs
You’re not the only one that needs to be aware of your needs. In this trying time, you might have to work from home with roommates or your family surrounding you. If you’re going to make your job work at home, then it is crucial to set boundaries straight away. Make sure you keep noise levels down, set up private times where people can’t bother you within reason, and keep your distance if you need to. You might also make it a point to have a no technology period in the home so loud games and the television or even unnecessary cellphone conversations won’t get in the way of your progress. It might take some adjustments but letting your needs to be known and taking consideration of others’ needs can help everyone working from home have a much easier time.

5. Eat Healthy
Working from home makes it very easy to grab the junk food for instant gratification. However, during this period of time, it is increasingly important to eat as healthily as you possibly can. This will help boost your immune system while making you feel happier in your surroundings. Before you get too into the work from the home process, make sure you look up healthy recipes that seem like fun to try. You can also set out fruits and vegetables to snack on. Keeping the healthy food close by offers you easy snacks, but can help improve your concentration levels, too.

6. Create a Reward System
Sometimes, we need a little something extra to give us an incentive to work. This is especially true when you find yourself at home trying to get work done that you’d normally be doing in a more work efficient area. So, in order to get your mind going, you might consider creating a little reward system. For instance, if you can get in a good solid hour of work, then give yourself a quick game of solitaire or a phone game to help take some of the stress away. You can also offer yourself your favorite snack or promise yourself you will treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on when you finish the job. Another fun idea is to take a break to hang out with the kids for half an hour or so. You can even take a nap if it suits you. In order to make this system work though, you really do have to put in the hard work to earn the reward, as too many treats might cause you to stray from your path.

7. Exercise
Moving your body is actually very important when it comes to the success of your work. In fact, many companies have found that if they offer workout spaces for their staff that they do perform much better than they would just sit around at their desks. Thus, you might add some exercise to your daily routine to help with your overall health and your quality of work. One of the best things you can do is take an hour break midway through your day for aerobics, yoga, or any other exercises you can do in your own space. You can also stop and do jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups and more every hour to wake up your body and your mind as you continue on with your work. This will not only help you with work but if you are on lockdown it can prevent health issues that might affect you mentally or physically.

8. Sanitize
Sanitizing is still going to be an essential part of your routine. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can let this part of your lifestyle change. After all, you never know what you might have touched while you were taking out the garbage or even picking up groceries. You should wash your hands frequently during this period of time and avoid touching your face. However, you should also take care to wipe down your work equipment like your laptop, phone, cameras, and anything else you frequently touch. The flat surfaces in your home like the desk, kitchen and bathroom counters, and tables should be wiped off too. Keeping the home and yourself hygienic can help prevent you from getting the virus while also preventing it from spreading.

9. Embrace Video Chat
If you thrive with working with others, then your job isn’t going to be a total loss. Rather, there are so many video chat programs that you can utilize so you can enjoy your daily meetings or even catch up with coworkers while you’re on the job. This can really help you get the most out of your team even when you’re having to separate during the self-isolation period. If you look at social media, there are many people having a lot of fun with this aspect of the quarantine because it allows people to interact in new ways. Suddenly, you’re not just working together in uncomfortable clothes in dull surroundings, but you get to see everyone in casual attire in their preferred setting and often with their pets or kids close by. You never know, your home meetings might even turn up more ideas than you ever thought possible.

10. Get to Know Your Natural Schedule
Some people thrive when they let their body call the shots, so if your boss is lenient when it comes to working times then this might be a great idea for you. You might start out by trying out different work times during the first few days of your work from the home period. For instance, if you’re most alert during the first few hours after work, then try getting up and getting started. If you need a little time, then slow down your routine and aim to begin after you’ve had time to wake up and enjoy a bit more of your chosen routine. Night owls might also start later in the evening and work through the night. Your schedule is based on your needs if freedom is available to you. This might even help you combat the distractions that your family or roommates bring to the table.

Working from home isn’t as easy or as fun as it sounds. However, if you take a few steps to make life easier then you won’t find yourself needing to make purchases to ensure you can work more efficiently. These ten tips should help get you through the self-isolation period while giving you a few pointers as to how to make work-life a bit more enjoyable overall.

Spring Inspired Decor That Will Make Your Home Vibrant for Cheap

Spring is practically here, which might leave you buzzing to give your home a makeover. One of the best things about spring is you can utilize so many aspects of the world to help save you money on your home’s style. This will allow you to cut back on spending, which is an added bonus. However, many people aren’t quite sure what to use to give the home the style it needs to look inspirational and fun. These ten ideas won’t cost you a bundle and will help liven up the home with very little effort. So, get ready for warmer weather, fresh aromas, and a lot more outdoor fun because spring can come even sooner thanks to your home decor.

1. Fresh Flowers
One of the best things about springtime is all of the flowers that are going to be popping up everywhere. Even though spring technically isn’t here yet, you might already find flowers blossoming around you. If you don’t have a garden yet, then it is about the right time to start planting one, so you should have flowers coming up in no time at all. One of the best things to do with your flowers is to bring them inside to help add a burst of life to the home. Usually, cutting the flowers only helps the plant grow stronger anyway, which is definitely important if you plan on keeping the plant for quite some time. The best thing about flowers is you can place them in just about anything too. They will look wonderful in a traditional vase, a mason jar, or just a tall glass. Flowers can help reduce stress in the home, too, which will make spending time at home feel a lot better.

2. Splashes of White
Although you might be sick of the sight of snow, adding splashes of white to the home will add the touch of spring that might transform your home for the better. You can add splashes of white to almost anything too, which makes this decorative idea easier than ever to follow. For instance, you can take cheap fabric and create a bulletin board that adds a splash of crisp whiteness to the home. You can pin flowers, ribbons, decorative items, and messages to the board to help add to the look. Another idea is to cover your accent pillows in white linens. You can add special messages to the fabric that will help make the spring inspiration even more apparent. Apart from that, consider adding a white ribbon to flower vases and so much more.

3. Flower Images
Fresh flowers aren’t the only key to the heart when you’re working with spring decor. You might also consider adding floral images to the home. This can be a very cheap craft for you that the whole family can get into. For starters, you might begin by having everyone paint pictures of their favorite flowers. You can use just about any paint and style for this too. Then, hang them in a frame for the world to admire. Another option is to simply take some photos of your favorite flowers in your garden and add them to the wall. You can frame the images, put them on a bulletin board, or incorporate them in other ways. You might also consider bringing in flowers from the garden and pressing them into a frame. This can create a charming look that you might want to keep out all year long.

4. Bunny Decor
Sure, bunnies are kind of an Easter thing, that doesn’t mean they’re not adorable and can’t be utilized throughout the spring months. You can do a lot with bunny decor too, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. For starters, you might pull out the items you already have and set them up. There are also numerous crafts that can be enjoyed by the entire family. If you’re not sure where to begin then you might look up Easter websites and or simple animal crafts to help you find inspiration. The things you make can be placed around the home to add a touch of spring and beauty to the house.

5. Egg Wreath
Your leftover Easter eggs, or even those that are broken or you don’t plan to use again, can be utilized to help make your home look incredible. An egg wreath is a great way to show off your love of spring festivities while still keeping things under budget. The best thing about an egg wreath is you can totally customize it to suit your needs. For instance, you can spray paint the eggs if you’re not crazy about their colors. You can also add glitter for a touch of sparkle. Another option is to check out ribbons to help bring your wreath to life. There are even appliques that will suit the occasion and make your wreath stand out. When you’re finished with the wreath or if you have extra supplies for another, you can sell the final product for a pretty good profit.

6. DIY Flower Box
Flower boxes are a cute way to show off your flowers, but they don’t have to just be for the outdoors. You can make a flower box out of just about anything, which makes it one of the cheapest decorative items available. Whether you go the classic box route, or you make something a little more intricate, the box will help bring out the beauty of spring. Once you have your flower box built and painted, choose some flowers to go in it. Of course, you should check out your options when it comes to these plants. If you’re keeping them outside you might have more of a variety to work with. However, indoor plants should be carefully chosen, especially if you have pets. Your flower box will truly add the quaint spring feeling that you desire.

7. Butterfly Accents
Without a doubt, butterflies are one of the most beautiful elements of spring. It makes it even better that they come in all shapes and sizes. So, it is no wonder that butterflies are going to be a huge trend during this season. This season, you might have a lot of fun making butterfly accents to add to the home. These adorable butterflies can be made out of just about anything, which makes them a fun craft to do with the kids. You can use pipe cleaners, paper, paper plates, and more. You can also purchase already made accents for very cheap at craft shops. When your butterflies are finished, try placing them on the wall, adding them to flowers, and placing them in the window. You won’t be disappointed by the outcome.

8. Utilize Rain Gear
Rain and spring go hand in hand, so why not utilize some of your old rain gear to add charm to your home. If you have a broken umbrella on your hands don’t throw it out. You can actually transform it into fun things like a flower holder, a container for other umbrellas, and so much more. You can even add it to your front door for a unique wreath that will make everyone coming in from the rain feel welcome. Old rain boots are another great option for decor. You can fill them with soil and add some of your favorite flowers, which makes a great entryway piece. You can also store items in them like seed packets, umbrellas, and so much more. Of course, your creativity is the limit and there are lots of fun ideas online to further your home’s lovely rain gear inspired decor.

9. DIY Pillow Covers
Pillow covers are a fun way to transform a living room with very little effort. Although it might be pricey to purchase pillow covers in stores, it is actually very easy to make them at home. Pillow covers can be made out of so many different things, too. You can pick up cheap fabric from the store to help you find the spring information for your home. You can also purchase large reusable napkins, towels, or shirts with a spring theme to sew together. If you’re really crafty then you might also consider making a fun design with needlepoint. Some people will even use the cricut or heat press to create unique prints to place on simple pillow covers. No matter how you go about it, you’re bound to fall in love with your new and cheap decor.

10. Fairy Houses
Fairy houses are probably one of the most charming things you can bring into the home or leave outdoors. These little houses offer lots of magic to the kids that see them, which is definitely a good reason to keep them close by. If you want to create a story for the kids, then you might spend time making fairy houses on your own. These can be made out of all sorts of recyclables, but you can also purchase them for fairly cheap. If you’re not feeling creative, then you might settle for a fairy house instead. If you do want to include the kids, then it is a great way to see their imagination come to life. You can even create stories about the fairies that live in the homes.

Decorating for spring can be one of the best aspects of the seasonal change. These ten ideas will help you give your home a spring makeover without forcing you to spend a lot of money on your redecorating experience. Without a doubt, you will find that decorating on the cheap might become one of your favorite ways to give your home a seasonal makeover.

Money Efficient Ways to Handle School Closures

A lot of parents in the country have received some unexpected news over the last couple of weeks. Schools across the nation are being shut down for around two to eight weeks, if not longer, which might make some parents a little nervous about what they’re going to do with their kids for such a long break. These breaks are designed to help with social distancing in an effort to combat the recent strain of coronavirus that can be deadly for those with compromised immune systems and the elderly. Some parents might want to throw money at the break in order to keep kids entertained, but there are many cheap ways to keep kids engaged and entertained while they are away from school for the next few weeks.

1. Ask About Telecommuting
Depending on your school district, you might find that your school already has telecommuting measures in place for students. However, they might not be up and running yet, so you might call your school to see if there is any way you can join the program if it is voluntary. This allows students to attend class from home, so they won’t miss a beat with the school. If this isn’t an option for your school, there are lots of telecommuting websites available You can easily enroll in these programs and many local based programs are actually free. This might be one of the best ways to help your students finish out the school year. There are programs you have to pay for too, so be careful when planning for your child. This might help prevent your child from getting behind or getting stuck in summer school. If not, then at least your child won’t forget what they have learned while they are on break and might even find themselves ahead of the curve.

2. Homeschool
If you’re worried about the closures in your area lasting, then there are so many homeschool options available to work with. You can unenroll your child and do this for the rest of the school year to prevent delay or you can simply use homeschool tools to help keep your child’s mind active during the closures. There are so many curriculums online to choose from and many websites offer information to help you create your own for next to nothing in price. You can also find worksheets, lesson plans, and more for free online. You can even pick up right where your student left off, especially if you have the teacher’s syllabi in hand. This can help your child finish out the year, improve their grades, and maybe even allow them to test into higher-level classes in the upcoming year. No matter why you choose to do it, homeschool takes dedication but can be a great learning experience for all.

3. Online Games
One of the hardest elements of the school closures for kids is going to be the lack of socialization with their peers. It is important to help kids connect with their friends even though playdates aren’t really advised. One of the best things to help with this is online games. Don’t be afraid to let your kids hop on their favorite game console to interact with friends. Video games aren’t bad for children in moderation and they will help keep relationships going strong. You can even help kids keep in touch with their friends via chats that will allow them to play games together. This should help ease some of the separation issues while helping to keep social skills going strong. Playing online games can even help kids learn teamwork, which is always a good skill to have.

4. Make a Schedule
Children thrive on schedules, so if you want to keep chaos to a minimum then you might want to consider making up a schedule for the time spent away from school. It might help to stick with the routine your kids have to follow with the school. Most teachers give out their schedules, so try to base yours on that if you want to keep things simple. If not, you might plan around the household’s natural flow. The schedules should include playtimes, socialization times, meals, homework or education periods, and so on. It is important to stick with the schedule during this time with only a few splurges to keep life a little spontaneous, so life doesn’t get stale under quarantine.

5. Go Outside
Self-isolating does not mean that you have to stay cooped up inside the house for the next couple of weeks. Instead, make it a point to get some outside time every day if the weather allows. Your best option is to spend some time in your own backyard where you won’t bump into other people. However, if you don’t have a backyard then you might consider going to an area that you know won’t have a lot of people, like a trail, a large park, or even the lake or beach. If there are people, keep your distance. The sunshine and fresh air will do you a lot of good and might even help to keep you healthy during the quarantine. Of course, if you do have symptoms of any illness, you should stay in just in case.

6. Utilize the Internet
These days, kids can get a lot from the internet, but it is important to make sure you point them in the right direction. The internet is a wonderful place for learning though, so setting up online activities can be crucial during this time. For older kids, you might look at free university courses. Try to choose subjects that the students are interested in. This will help them engage their mind without feeling pressure to perform at a higher level, while also giving them an idea of what university life might be like. There are also online classes for just about every grade level too. You might utilize educational programs like Scholastics or ABCMouse. In fact, many of these programs are offering free use during this time. Apart from educational activities, you can add culture to your child’s life with virtual tours of museums and the world’s greatest wonders. There are many crafts and games to utilize as well, which should help appease everyone.

7. Go Over Hygiene Lessons
While you’re home, it is the perfect time to talk with your kids about hygiene. We live in a changing world, so there are new ways that kids will need to learn to cope with these problems. Most of us know how to wash our hands, but going over the procedure frequently, especially with younger children, is important. Make sure kids realize just how important hand washing is. One of the major problems we need to work on is facial touching. It’s a habit that can be broken with training, but the training needs to start now. Apart from that, you should go over things like tapping elbows instead of high fives, fist bumps, and shaking hands. Opening doors with one’s feet instead of hands is also great. Another thing to consider is proper cleaning routines. You should go over surfaces used often and use proper products. You might even have a toy cleaning party to help kids understand how important it is to keep things clean, even if germs can’t be seen.

8. Indoor Exercises
When stuck at home, it is very easy to fall into the routine of sitting on the couch. However, you should concentrate on your health during this crucial period of time. There are many fun activities you can do at home to help you keep fit and boost your immune system while the self-isolation period is happening. One such activity is yoga, which is great for people of all ages. You can even find free yoga classes online to suit all ages, which will help make the experience fun for you. Apart from yoga, there are more cardio-based activities. Simply check out workout websites or your favorite streaming services to find information on martial arts, aerobics, and exercises like cross-fit. There are many great relay race ideas to check out, which will ensure kids have a lot of fun while burning off some energy when trapped indoors.

9. Explore Recipes
Let’s face it, food shortages have become a huge worry in the country because so many people are panic buying. So, you might have to get pretty crafty with your meals at certain points in time. This can be a great lesson for kids though, as learning to maintain a budget and make food stretch is a great life lesson. You might start by sharing some of your family’s recipes if you have the right ingredients to do so. If not, then there are a lot of websites that can give you recipes based on the items you have in the home. You might also give kids the chance to explore with their recipes. It helps to work with kids to help them learn how to pair food together, but if they are older and have some cooking knowledge then allowing them to experiment might be good for them. They may even make a masterpiece that the family will want to eat even when you’re not trying to make your groceries last.

10. Follow the Science
There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus, but that makes it a great lesson for students. Following the progress that scientists are making will help children truly understand how much work goes into fighting off hazards. There is a lot to learn about the virus itself including how viruses mutate, what causes them, and so on. You can also talk about the process of making vaccination and what has to be studied before it is given to the general public. This can help children gain a better understand of the reason everyone is being asked to self-isolate, which can help ease some of the uncertainty they feel.

School closures might seem exciting for kids at first, but as time passes you’ll find that there are many hurdles that you’ll have to work through. These ten ideas will help keep your child’s mind active while also helping to keep life as normal as possible when life isn’t exactly normal. With any luck, some of these tips will help you find your groove, which will make everyone feel more at home during this period of self-isolation.

Cheap Crafts to Make During National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month, which makes it the perfect time to channel your inner creativity. This month will present you with many opportunities to attend classes, try out new mediums of art, and learn more about the crafting world as a whole. You might even be able to attend some craft shows. However, one of the best things you can do during March is to figure out a new craft that might be fun for you to get into. You might consider looking for a craft that is also good for your budget though. These ten crafts will cost you next to nothing to start working on and might even help you earn some profits as you perfect your skills.

1. Cross-Stitch
One of the cheapest crafts to get into is cross-stitch. All you really need to get started on cross-stitch is a hoop, needle, thread, and scissors. These items are all inexpensive on their own and can be purchased in bulk to help you save even more money. You can find an assortment of patterns online for free to help you get started too. Of course, you can also make your own patterns. One of the easiest things, to begin with, is just making letters. This can help you practice your skills before you start working on other projects. If you fall in love with cross-stitching and choose to make your own patterns, then you might even be able to sell them for some extra cash on websites like Etsy. Many people love to take custom orders for names and dates, while others will create fun fandom art that tends to sell like hotcakes.

2. Bows
Bows are one of the hottest trends on the market these days. Many parents love to purchase an assortment of bows for their little ones. So, if you’re looking for a craft that will pay for itself then you’re in the right place. Making bows isn’t exactly hard either, once you get the hang of it. There are actually numerous different ways you can make a bow too, so you can keep your stock up with ease. The best thing you can do is find unique materials to make your bows out of. However, working with a cheap ribbon, in the beginning, is probably one of your best options. There are lots of tutorials online, but once you learn the ropes you can really add to the creativity of your unique bows so that they stand out in the market.

3. Duct Tape Crafts
Another simple way to have some fun with craft month is to try your luck at making things out of duct tape. This craft is pretty popular now, but if you have a cool edge then you might actually be able to sell some of the items that you make. One of the best things to start with is a wallet. You can exercise a lot of freedom with this as there are many wallet designs you can follow. Apart from that, you might consider making a belt. This is one of the easier options to consider too and can be paired with any belt buckle that you have around the house. Of course, your imagination is the limit here. You can actually work to make duct tape flowers, dresses, bags, and so much more. Simply have fun with it and don’t be afraid to play around with designs.

4. Origami
Another cheap craft that you can take on is origami. This can be done with any paper that you have lying around the house, which makes it one of the best crafts to do in a pinch. There are many tutorials to help you out with your origami skills as you learn. You can start with some of the basics and then move up to exciting crafts like floral bouquets. If you want to step up your craft, you can even use specialized paper to make it stand out. You can also use heavier papers if you want to preserve your craft for longer. This is especially great if you want to sell or gift your crafts. Origami can be one of the best ways to relax your mind too, so you can get even more out of the craft than you ever could have hoped for.

5. Melted Bowls
If you have a lot of plastic things around the home that aren’t in use, then melted bowls are going to be a great way to create some awesome crafts that will make the home look amazing. These bowls can be made out of an assortment of things which will make it even easier for you to customize. Some of the more common items on the list to use are old toys and buttons. However, you can use almost anything that will melt in the oven. All you need to do for this craft is place some parchment paper on two different sized glass bowls. Place the item you’re melting in the bigger bowl and then add the smaller bowl on top of it. You might have to add some pieces to the side of the bowl to ensure all spaces are covered. Once they’re ready, simply place them in the oven and bake them for a while. Then, pull it out and let it cool. Finally, paint the bowl for a cooler effect or use resin to lock it into place.

6. Refurbish Frames
One easy way to add some character to your home is to spice up the picture frames that you have. You can easily paint them, wrap them in fabric, or add stickers, buttons, and more. This will help to breathe new life into each image and might even allow you to create a theme that will make it fun to show off each picture. You can also do this with a mirror if you’re looking to make a statement piece in your home. If you have an abundance of items in your collection, then you can even sell some of the items. Consignment shops, as well as online craft stores, are great places to show off your hard work. You can even shop at thrift stores to find cute new items to refurbish for your home or for others.

7. T-shirts
Custom shirts are a huge trend right now, so latching on to this craft can be lucrative and fun. There are so many great ways to embrace t-shirt designs, so make sure you find something that is going to suit your personal tastes. One of the easiest things, to begin with, is tie-dye. This allows you a whole lot of freedom that will truly let you show off your creativity. You can look up patterns online or just experiment with different looks. If you’re looking to take the tie-dye thing to the next level, then you might try galactic shirts. This will allow you to make a shirt that looks like it belongs to the stars. There are lots of tutorials for this online too, so it easy to experiment with. Of course, if you are willing to put some money into the craft then you can utilize a Cricut, heat press, and so on to help you with designs.

8. Custom Mugs
Coffee and tea drinkers know the power of a mug, which is why creating your own can be so much fun. If you want to keep things on the cheap side, then you might consider crafting your own mug out of clay. This is easy to do with a little practice, but you might have to get it fired at a pottery store. Another option is to purchase plain mugs in bulk. Once you figure out the mug situation, you can let your creativity take over. The options include everything from painting graphics, writing special messages, or even attaching pictures to the mug. You can have so much fun with your ideas and then sell them off for a profit later on.

9. Drawing
Drawing is a timeless hobby that won’t cost you a lot of money in the beginning. You can start out with this craft with some paper and a pencil, which makes it very easy to get started. If you’re not sure where to start, then try drawing something that you like. After you get an idea of where you are with the craft, you can find tutorials to help you draw specific things. This can truly allow you to find your creativity. It might take years to master your craft, but if you stick with it then it will definitely be rewarding. You might even be able to sell some of your drawings, which will help you pay for more drawing paper and special pencils as you progress in the craft.

10. Wreaths
If you’re looking to get into a craft that will earn you some major money, then making wreaths is the way to go. These crafts take very little money to make, especially if you shop for items in bulk. However, people will spend hundreds on them. There are lots of tutorials to help you make a wreath, but once you get the hang of it then it will take you no time at all. There are many people making wreaths these days, so it is important to have edgy ideas to set you apart. You might consider making seasonal wreaths, as well as those that cater to fandoms. Of course, your imagination is the limit here. You never know, you might come up with some fabulous ideas that will make your home look remarkable.

National Craft Month is the perfect time to allow yourself to learn something new and fun. These ten ideas will help keep things frugal as you put a piece of yourself into your artwork. You never know, you might find a craft that will truly speak to you and keep you happy for years to come.

Spring Break Ideas for Those Hoping to Keep to Themselves

For many students, Spring Break is about to begin. However, there are many factors that might cause you to have changed your plans during this Spring Break vacation. From budgeting problems to fear over the coronavirus, there are a few things you can still do to enjoy Spring Break while combatting these problems. These ten ideas will allow you to have a frugal Spring Break while still finding the time to enjoy yourself and relax before returning to your everyday routine.

1. Shop For Summer Vacation
Since Spring Break might be a bust for you and your family, you might consider taking the time that you have off to plan and shop around for your summer vacation. Now is actually a great time to start booking flights for the summer, especially since so many people are cancelling their flights. Prices have gone down substantially, which will allow you to save a whole lot of money. You might even be able to book a hotel at a much cheaper rate than you might think. You should, however, get cancellation insurance on your flight and make sure you can cancel your hotel without a cost, just in case you can’t follow through on your plans. This will also give you a chance to have fun imagining all of the cool things you will do as the summer months give you time to unwind from all of the chaos.

2. Book Vacation
One of the best ways to be alone is to find yourself a few good books to keep you occupied while you’re on Spring Break. You might consider picking up a series of books or finding a few that you’ve just been meaning to get to. Your choices can help take you on adventures, or at least give you some escapism while you’re stuck inside and away from others. One of the best ways to get your books is to go through an online vendor or simply download them though. This will help keep you away from possible contagions. All in all, you might find your book vacation offered you more relaxation time than you would have otherwise thought possible.

3. Home Project
Spring Break is usually a great time to get outside and enjoying a project or two. You might even have a large project indoors that you’ve been meaning to get to. No matter what is going on, you might choose to spend your break working on this instead of dealing with other people while on vacation. If you have an activity that isn’t going to cost you a small fortune then you might add it to the list of things to do. For instance, you can clean up the yard and get it ready for all of the spring plantings that you hope to do. You might also give the house or a room inside a new coat of paint to add value to it. Of course, there is always the classic treehouse project or other things that might keep your hands busy while giving you a break from your average day.

4. Camp Out Back
You can still get some time with Mother Nature without risking the change of getting sick at a campsite or dealing with camping prices. If you want to camp, then simply set everything up in your backyard. You won’t even need to have an expensive tent if this is the case since you will be in your own private space. You can sleep on the trampoline if you have one instead of going all out, too, which is usually fun for the kids. You’ll also be able to have better ways to cook outdoors, like your grill or smoker. This will help make the vacation a little easier while allowing you to embrace the great outdoors and avoid people. You might even consider doing a cellphone ban while camping.

5. Virtual Tour
Exploring the world might not be an option right now. At least, you probably shouldn’t do this in person. Thanks to modern technology, you actually can tour the world without stepping foot on a plane. There are so many virtual tours online to check out, that you can probably keep yourself occupied for hours each day. You might start by choosing one destination. Then, look at all of the attractions it has to offer via a virtual tour. You can even walk the streets of some areas with Google Maps, which can open up a whole new world for you. With this ability, you can truly check out a new destination every day and learn a bit more about the places that might be quarantined or too far away right now.

6. Learn Something Fun
Just because you’re on Spring Break doesn’t mean you have to put your mind to rest. There are a lot of fun things that you can learn before you have to head back to work or school. If you have kids, then the same thing is true. The internet is rich with tutorials, which can help you find something fun to learn. You can easily find lessons for crafts, instruments, languages, and so on. There are also free online classes that can be enjoyed, so grab a lecture that appeals to you and keep your mind going strong. You will quickly find that there are lots of amazing things online, so it might be hard to choose exactly what you want to study.

7. Get Outside
Sometimes, getting outside while school is in session is kind of hard. This is especially true since winter might have kept you in a lot more than you like. However, it might be a challenge to get outside while still avoiding people. One option is to go fishing at a nearby lake, as most people prefer to keep to themselves anyway. Another fun option is to go hiking on a trail. This should help keep you active while also allowing you to avoid others. You might love a nice trip to the beach, especially if you can find a solitary spot to soak up sun, swim, or enjoy the sand. The fresh air and sunshine will do you a world of good, which will certainly help lift your spirits before you step foot back in your real life.

8. Reconnect with Family
If your staying home due to your budget, then it is a great time to reconnect with your family. You might start out with the family that you live with as it can often be very easy to lose touch with everyone having busy schedules. You can also get together to catch up with parents, siblings, grandparents, and so on. If you’re feeling really ambitious, then you might throw together a quick reunion to help everyone reconnect. Of course, if you are worried about illness, then you can easily reconnect using technology. This is a great way to connect with everyone without putting anyone at risk for catching something that could be hazardous for the elderly or those in ill health.

9. Learn to Cook Healthy Foods
While you’re home, you might want to stop and think about your immune system. One of the best ways to do this is to learn more about the healthy foods that you should be eating. Thus, your little vacation is the perfect time to try out some new recipes that will help your immune system power through many of the problems you might face. If you look online, you can find just about anything about healthy foods and meal ideas, so look around to see what appeals to you. You might also want to look up ingredients, so you can figure out which fruits, vegetables, and proteins will help make your body feel incredible while also addressing individual health concerns.

10. Be Lazy
Without a doubt, one of the best things you can do for yourself is lazy. You don’t have to do a whole bunch of different things just to keep yourself busy during your break. After all, it’s a break for a reason. Try starting your days off with sleeping in. Then, move on to binging some TV and movies that you’ve had your eyes on. You can even just surf the net. Whatever makes you happy should be on your agenda for the break. This will help you finally rest so you can feel refreshed before returning to the daily grind.

Spring Break is a great time for so many. If you’re dealing with budget problems or you don’t want to have to be around people due to illnesses, then there are still options to make the experience wonderful. These tips will certainly help you find the perfect way to get more out of your break-even when there is less for you to do.

Frugal Ways to Make Your Purim Celebration Amazing

This year, Purim is on March 9th and 10th, which means its time to start planning out your celebration. This is a great time to let loose and have some fun as you celebrate the iconic holiday; however, it is also a time when many people splurge way too much. There are many ways that you can cut back on money during this period of time though, which will help make your Purim celebration even more remarkable. These ten ideas will help you honor the story behind the celebration, have some fun, and embrace your budget without allowing it to stress you out.

1. Fast Responsibly
Part of the holiday does require some fasting, but this doesn’t have to be a burden if you don’t let it. A lot of people will overload their systems with expensive food or go after expensive foods when the fasting is over, which can really blow some of your budget. Instead of going overboard the day before, try to eat healthy foods that might sustain you longer. You should avoid foods that are considered junk, as well as alcohol and other sugary drinks. You might feel sick the next time if you load these into your symptom, which might force you to want to eat something just to soothe your stomach. In order to combat hunger on the day of fasting, you should try to drink as much water as you can. This will keep your stomach fulfilled while also preventing you from getting dehydrated.

2. Be Generous
Generosity is a key factor in the holiday, so try to exercise kindness as much as you possibly can. One of the best ways to do this is to offer items to the homeless and needy. You can create care packages with baked goods, hygiene products, and more. If you like to bake then it will be cheap to make large batches of cookies, small cakes, breads, and so on to fill the baskets with. You can also purchase bulk toiletries to add to each basket. This can help spread joy while helping you make a difference in the world. You can also be generous with your time by volunteering at hospitals and nursing homes.

3. Dress Up
Costumes are a great part of the celebration. However, they can be really pricey too. One of the best things you can do is reuse a costume that you already own. May it be something from Halloween or a production you were in, reusing an item will definitely save you some major money. Of course, you can also make your own costume. You should start by using items that you already have at home, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much. There are manycostume ideas online, including those that actually go along with the story surrounding the holiday.

4. Homemade Baskets
Creating baskets to hand out to loved ones is another fun aspect of the holiday. Many people choose to give out baskets from stores though, which can truly add to the cost of your holiday fun. Instead of giving your friends and family store bought baskets, you might try your hand at making your own baskets. There are a lot of great options to choose from when planning to make your own, so you might play around to see which method works best for you or make serval different kinds to suit others’ personalities. If you want your kids to join in on the fun, then you might help them make paper baskets. These are simple and cheap to make. They can also be filled with lighter items that kids can give to their friends.

5. Bake
Baking can be a great part of the holiday. This hobby will allow you to create traditional recipes that will help everyone celebrate the holiday for a lot less. You might consider going through your family’s recipes before you make plans. However, there are also a lot of recipes that you can check out online if you’re feeling like you want to try something new. You can bake everything from desserts to breads that will make your meal taste extraordinary. You can also use your baked goods to fill up your gift baskets for a low-price treat that will certainly satisfy your loved ones.

6. Shop Bulk
One of the best things that you can do for your holiday needs is shop in bulk. One of the first things you should consider is the food you plan to serve. You might want to buy larger packs of drinks and wine if they are available in your area. You can also purchase fruits, vegetables, baking supplies, and snacks in bulk to help curb the costs of your spending. Apart from that, there are many party supplies that can be purchased in bulk, which will definitely allow you to make a great impression on your guests. These can even be reused again and again, so you won’t have to worry about spending money in upcoming years.

7. Embrace Traditional Recipes
One of the best things about the holiday is there are so many traditional recipes to make. Many of these recipes are simple and incredibly cheap to make on your own. If you have family recipes to try out, then this is probably the best place to start. You can even have the elders in your family show you how to make the items if you’re not sure how to do so. Of course, there is always room to add more dishes to your table. You can check out some recipes online to see if there is anything that will appeal to your guests. It is often surprising how many fun dishes you can make in a pinch, so browsing around is crucial when planning. If you’re feeling ambitious, then you might also want to look into meals that may have been eaten hundreds of years ago. This can be an enlightening experience that will make the holiday memorable.

8. Reuse Mardi Gras Supplies
Many people look at Purim as a form of Mardi Gras. Since the holiday comes right after Mardi Gras, it is very easy to take all of your Mardi Gras d├ęcor and reuse it for your Purim celebration too. You can keep all of your themed items up to save you time and money during the celebration. Since Mardi Gras often uses masks and costumes, you can recycle what you use then and use it again for Purim. This can add a whole lot of fun to your celebration too, which will certainly make things memorable. If you don’t have Mardi Gras items to reuse, then you can always shop clearance. This will allow you to stock up on items that you can use year after year.

9. Join an Event
Instead of spending a fortune on having your own party, you might consider going to a community event instead. You should look at your local synagogue to see if there is anything planned for the holiday. Of course, many events will be word of mouth so ask around to see if anyone is hosting anything special that you might be interested in attending. You can also ask your friends and family about their plans for the holiday, as many people might be excited to host a party if they know people will attend. There are also community boards you can check out. With any luck, you’ll have lots of different options to choose from.

10. Stream Purim Music
When it comes to parties, a lot of people like to hire a band or spend too much money on music. You don’t have to do this for Purim though, as there are many free streaming playlists that offer Purim music. Even if you do want to enjoy live music during the event, you can have amateur musicians play along to the music you find. This will certainly allow you to have lots of fun without forcing you to spend a penny. You can even listen to the music before the party and make your own playlists if you’re not happy with the streaming options.

Purim doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday for it to be fun. With Passover rapidly approaching, you might find that you want to save more on Purim. These tips should help you have lots of fun, embrace tradition, and keep your budget under control.

Frugal Ways to Engage in Preventive Care If You’re Worried About Coronavirus

There is a lot of buzz going around about the newest coronavirus right now. It has been spreading through China since late last years and now there are many cases around the globe. With a disease such as this, there is a lot of panic going around, especially since little is known about the disease. This panic can cause people to shop and spend a fortune while trying to combat the disease before it is even a concern. These ten tips will help you save money while taking the preventive measures you need to maintain your health, as well as your loved ones. So, don’t panic and read over this checklist so you will feel better prepared.

1. Maintain Calm
One of the biggest issues people face is the panic surrounding the illness. Not knowing much about it makes it hard to feel comfortable with fighting it off if you end up catching it. However, there is a lot of hype surrounding the illness, so it is important to stop, breathe, and filter the information that you’re hearing. There is a lot of false information out there, so it is important to fact check everything before you react. You also don’t need to go out and spend a fortune on emergency food, water, medicine and cleaning products. If you need something for the house that you would normally need then shop for it, but don’t follow everyone else’s lead in cleaning the shelves out of fear.

2. Know the Symptoms
Another key factor in dealing with coronavirus is to know the symptoms. Coronavirus actually encompasses a wide assortment of ailments, including the common cold. So, if you do get the current strain of the virus then you might not know if you have anything at all. Rather, you might just feel a little sick. That is because the symptoms largely include a running nose, coughing, and shortness of breath. Some people do report feeling nauseous or having diarrhea a few days prior to the cold symptoms arriving too. The problem is that this strain of the virus has the capability to cause more dangerous symptoms. Some people might develop fever, pneumonia, or even a respiratory infection. This is what makes it so dangerous for people with underlining health problems. The coronavirus can even evolve to cause kidney failure. Knowing the symptoms can help you make an educated decision about your health and might prevent you from spending too much on unnecessary medications and more.

3. Wash Your Hands
It has been said time and time again, the best way to combat things like coronavirus is to wash your hands. You should wash your hands after sneezing, coughing, touching things in public places, going to the bathroom, and so on. You should also wash your hands prior to cooking and so on. Many people don’t know the proper way to wash hands though. In order to kill the germs, it is imperative to wash with warm water and soap for a good twenty seconds. If you need help measuring time, just sing the happy birthday song to yourself as you wash. If you can’t wash your hands, especially after touching things that might have been contaminated, then hand sanitizer can work temporarily. However, you should always wash your hands over this method whenever possible.

4. Limit Travel
One of the biggest factors of the coronavirus spreading has been traveling. So, if you can, you might avoid traveling on public forms of transit as much as you possibly can. Instead of flying to your destination, make it a road trip if traveling is necessary. The best thing you can do is to avoid confined spaces with lots of people, such as airplanes. However, this doesn’t mean you should just road trip your way to vacation and spend days at a theme park. Places that draw in large amounts of people are not wise places to visit if you’re worried about catching it. Plus, if there is an outbreak, you might find that these destinations may close down anyway. This could cost you to lose out on money so make travel purchases wisely and avoid travel when you can.

5. Use Tissues
Since sneezing is a major part of coronavirus and how it spreads, you might want to have a lot of tissues on hand. It is important that you use a tissue when coughing and sneezing and then throw it away. Reusing tissues and leaving them somewhere is one of the worst things you can do as it helps to spread coronavirus to whatever your hands and tissues touch. A lot of people try to keep things frugal by using a handkerchief, but this isn’t a wise idea either. These hold the germs until you wash them, which makes it must easier for spread. If you’re in a pinch then sneeze or cough into your elbow. This is especially important in public areas as it will help cover more of your cough or sneeze and will allow you to still use your hands. You will also need to sanitize and wash the items you sneeze into. This, of course, is important for coronavirus and other diseases.

6. Use Sick Days
In order to avoid spreading coronavirus to the community, you should stay at home if you come down with it. One of the key ways to beat the strain is to stop it from spreading, so make sure you let your boss know what is going on and keep yourself at home. In most cases, your boss will be grateful that you aren’t at work to pass it on. Remember, you never know who around you might have a weakened immune system, so it is important to keep to yourself until you are healthy and not contagious. Of course, staying home will help you to get better faster too. This can help you get back to work, so you don’t miss out on too many hours if you don’t have sick leave.

7. Disinfect Your Home
Hygiene is an important factor when it comes to keeping coronavirus at bay. You’re going to want to be a bit more diligent about this if there is an outbreak in your area. First of all, you should concentrate on areas where there are going to be lots of germs. For instance, the bathroom might want to be your first stop. With sneezing and coughing going on, you’re bound to have people in and out, throwing away tissues and washing their hands. Thus, it is important to sanitize the sink, door handles, and toilet often. You should also keep the bathroom stocked in soap. The kitchen is another area that should be on your cleaning list. Make sure you have plenty of soap there too and the garbage removed frequently. You will also need to sanitize pantries to ensure no germs enter your food. You will need to wash the linens and clothes often too. Before you apply new bedding, Lysol the mattress and pillows as well as the area around the bed. This should help keep all of the germs at bay, which will make for a healthier household.

8. Avoid Other’s Space
If you’re worried about getting coronavirus, one of the best things you can do is stay out of other’s space. Try to keep your distance from other shoppers that appear to be sick or from coworkers that might have symptoms. One of the most important things to remember is to keep six feet away from others if you possibly can. This will allow the germs from their sneezes or coughs to stay away from you. If you do feel you’ve been around someone that might have the illness, then it is imperative that you keep your hands away from your mouth, nose, and eyes. Wash your hands as soon as you can and if you really feel the need to you can wash your face, too.

9. Facial Masks
A lot of people are already running to the store to purchase face masks and more. There is absolutely no need to do this. In fact, officials have asked people to not do this. The germs from coronavirus are actually small enough to penetrate the masks. Instead of purchasing these items, you should leave them on the shelf as people who are actually sick need them. Medical officials also need them. If you feel the need for a mask, then get a reusable one. These are generally thicker and can be sanitized on a daily basis, which means less waste. On top of that, the masks can be saved and used to fight other ailments or even just allergies.

10. Talk to Your Doctor
One of the most important things that you can do if you think you have coronavirus is talk to your doctor. If you’ve been exposed to someone with the illness and have developed symptoms, then call up your physician and let them know what is going on. Don’t go straight into the doctor’s office, hospital, or urgent care facility though. These health facilities might have a policy restricting people from coming to the facility in order to stop the spread. It is important to know what you need to do before you just runoff. Some doctors would prefer to see you in your home to help stop the spread. You should also put on a mask if you believe you have it to help stop the spread. Your doctor will also have plenty of pointers to give you, so you can get back on the mend fast, especially if you don’t have a compromised immune system.

Chances of getting the current strain of coronavirus are still low in the United States. However, the hype is really amping up which is causing people to panic and purchase things they don’t need. These ten ideas will help you save money and your health, so you can feel less afraid of this unpredictable illness.

Ten Ways to Make National Women’s History Month Empowering

National Women’s History Month is a special time to learn all about the women who have made the world an incredible place. There are so many stories about women that often get overlooked, which is why so many are thrilled to have this month dedicated to the history of women. During this time, you will find stories about incredible women that might have been overlooked in your textbooks. However, you shouldn’t overlook stories about women who might not have made history in the traditional sense. These ten ideas will not only help you embrace women’s history but help keep the legacy going. If you embrace the month with an open mind, you might find an empowering message that will help you make history, too.

1. Vote
One of the most important things you can do to celebrate National Women’s History Month is to go out and vote. Decades ago, women fought a hard battle to earn the right to vote, so make sure their hard work doesn’t go to waste. If you’re not registered to vote, this is your chance to do so. You might miss the primary elections, but you’ll be set to vote in the big election this November. You will also be able to vote for many local things throughout the year, which can help make a huge difference in your own community. If you’re too young to vote that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let elections pass you by. Instead, familiarize yourself with leaders that are running, join in on the campaign process, voice your opinion, and prepare to vote in the future. You can also vote in school elections, so you can change the way your school operates for the better.

2. Talk to Your Female Relatives
There are many famous women that deserve our recognition and then some. However, if you really want to embrace this holiday, you might consider having a chat with some of your female relatives. There are many stories out there that don’t make it to history books, nor are they passed down from generation to generation. So, take some time to speak to the women in your family. You might be surprised by how many amazing stories they have to share with you. You may even get a few stories about relatives that you never even knew. These stories help to make up your existence, so it is important to cherish them and share them with others in the family. You might even consider writing them down, so you can keep track of them as the year’s pass. A simple book with these stories can be passed down from generation to generation, which is a great way to ensure the story of your family lives on.

3. Attend a Ceremony
Many people really get a kick out celebrating National Women’s History Month, so you’re bound to find a ceremony or two to enjoy during the month. If you’re not sure where to look for such ceremonies, then you might try social media first. There is usually a section with events offered in your area. If you don’t have any luck there, then don’t worry. Chances are, you’ll find a few events at a local community college or even a university. Many libraries will also offer guest speakers, book readings, and so much more. This will help you find something extraordinary that you will be able to enjoy while learning something new and exciting.

4. Check Out Women’s Speeches
We’re often asked to study speeches from men of the past and present. However, there are numerous remarkable speeches that were delivered by women. In fact, some of the iconic speeches that great men of history have delivered may have actually been written by a woman. So, this March, you might want to take the time out to check out speeches that have changed the nation and the world. Currently, there are lots of women breaking waves, too. So, you might check out what they have to say as well. You can even check out a lot of speeches on TED Talks. These talks will help you understand more about the changing world while introducing you to innovative ideas. Without a doubt, you are bound to find something empowering every day of the month if you just take the time to look at some speeches.

5. Write a Thank You Note
There are numerous inspiring women in the world today. From world-renowned authors to women standing up for their everyday rights. One great way to celebrate this month is to take some time to write a thank you note to these women. You might start with a woman that you personally find inspiring. You can pick someone in your career field or someone that you just look up to. Put down into words how they have changed your world, so they know they are doing a good job. Sometimes, a little reassurance can go a long way in life, so make sure your voice is heard. You can even get your children started out with this. Consider looking at women in the career choice your child hopes to follow. May it be a paleontologist, cosmetologist, astronaut, or nurse. The sky is the limit and there are women in each of these fields changing the world. You can find resources to get in touch with these women on their websites or programs they work through, so have fun with the letters. You never know, you might receive a return letter.

6. Visit a Museum
Of course, one of the more common ways to embrace this month is to visit a museum. This can be a lot of fun no matter what celebration is happening. You might visit the museum just to see how many exhibitions they have available for women. Generally, they will have more during this time, but it is always exciting to see permanent exhibitions that showcase some of the great things that women have done over the years. If you have more than one museum around you, make sure to take a little time to explore each. You can even plan visits on free museum days, which will allow you to save some money while embracing the special month.

7. Support Women
Believe it or not, but many of the actions you take during the day are helping to make history right now. So, you might want to take the time out of your day to support the women in your life. You can start by shopping from stores that women have created. There are many craft shops, as well as other products that women offer. Purchasing from a woman’s small business can help the business flourish while helping to make someone’s dream come true. You can also take the time to support a women’s rights group. This might mean helping organize events, going to rallies, donating, and more. However, you only have to do as much as you can handle so don’t let it stress you out. Another great way to support women is to offer help to a woman in need. This might mean offering food, sanitary products, and more to those in need or you can work in a support group to help those fighting to get life back on track.

8. Read Women’s Literature
One of the best ways to embrace women in history is to read books they have written. There are numerous classics that helped to change literature into what it is today. Many of these titles, like Frankenstein from Mary Shelley, helped to shape and even create some of today’s best genres. There is a long list of books like this so you might do a little research to find out where you should begin. In most cases, you won’t just find an interesting story, but you will also learn about the history surrounding the period in which the book was written. There are also many modern-day books that will inspire you too. So, do a little exploring and find a book that speaks to you. You might find that women truly have shaped the literature we read today while providing the world with innovative ideas.

9. Learn Something New
There are lots of amazing things to learn no matter the period of time. However, this month is a great time to embrace something new. You might use this time to read up on history so you can embrace new lessons that you’ve never before learned. You can even choose a specific person to look up, which can help make your month more focused. There are lots of historical apps that specialize in women, but you can also take a free online course if you’re feeling like broadening your horizons even more. The more you learn about women’s history, the more you will be able to share with others though. So, make sure you have fun with your academic journey.

10. Write Your Story
One of the best things you can do during this month is to honor your own story. If you’ve always wanted to write a book, then you might consider starting out with your own life story. You can write down your story by piecing together pivotal moments or starting from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter how you share your story either. You can write it as if it is a work of fiction or you can journal to create a more day to day experience. Of course, as you go, you might even add more stories based on the women in your family. This will truly change the way you feel about your life and the part you have to play in history.

National Women’s History Month isn’t just a great time to learn about women that have shaped the world. It is the perfect time to embrace your own story. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can take a lot out of this month-long celebration. So, embrace the world that woman has helped create and pass on knowledge for future generations to treasure.