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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Child on Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

Absolutely Incredible Kids Day is practically upon us, which gives us a great chance to celebrate the brilliant children in our lives. Every child has the potential to be incredible on their own, so now is the best time to show them how important and amazing they truly are. Of course, there are many things parents, guardians and loved ones can do to help children reach their full potential on a daily basis. These tips won’t cost you a fortune and will help your children get a great start in life. So, use this special holiday to boost your child’s confidence, improve their chance of success and create a better environment for them, all while managing your budget.

1. Subscription Box
Subscription boxes are a huge hit these days. You can find them for just about everything too. Although clothes and toy subscriptions tend to be the most popular options, there are many subscriptions that can benefit your child’s mind and creativity too. Best of all, these crates work for children as young as 6 months and as old as college level students. So, you can find a little something for everyone. If you have kids similar in age, then they can always share a subscription to help save you money while also improving team working skills. There are lots of high rated crates too, so surf around and choose something you know will help your child’s mind soar. You’re bound to find tons of great crafts and STEM activities that you never knew were available to your little one.

2. Let Them Be Bored
It’s a common misconception that children need to have something to do throughout the day. Keeping up with your child’s boredom can cost you a small fortune and might prove to be fruitless anyway. Luckily, science has your back when it comes to your kids’ boredom. Instead of occupying their every waking hour, give them time to be bored. Boredom actually helpsto improve creativity and will teach your child brainstorming at a young age. This is one of the best ways to help with problem solving while helping to promote a growing brain. Plus, it is fun to watch your children and see what they come with up when they’re feeling bored. Sometimes, their ideas are nothing short of genius.

3. Give Them Chores
A lot of parents don’t like the idea of giving their child chores. However, this a great way to teach your child many lessons. For starters, chores help to instill a sense of responsibility in your child. This doesn’t mean you should have them doing everything in the house, but you can plan on assigning chores based on age, schedule and the days of the week. For instance, young children might start out by simply picking up their toys. Older children can cook once a week, do their own laundry and so on. This will help teach children what it takes to maintain a household. If you choose to give an allowance for chores, then you are also teaching your child the value of money. Don’t be afraid to revoke some allowance for chores your child doesn’t do too. Chores are also a great way to teach children the things they will need to become adults. Everyone needs to know how to cook and clean up after themselves, in order to be a success on their own.

4. Challenge Them
Every child is bound to be successful in one area or another. So, as the parent, you might help your child to explore new interests until they find what does spark their talents. Once you get there, help them to stay challenged in the activity. Your child should strive to move on to the next level, so they won’t grow bored of the activity or simply let their talents plateau. Of course, children should challenge themselves in more than just the areas they excel. If your child is having trouble in a subject in school, then have them work hard to overcome this. You might suggest a tutor or have your child join a club that specializes in such an activity.

5. Sign Them Up for Scouting
One fantastic way to help teach your children to become even more amazing is to sign them up for a scouting program. These programs are designed to teach children a lot of skills that will help them learn a wide assortment of things that will make them successful in their future life. From wilderness skills to everyday skills, you will certainly get a lot for your money. Children tend to make lasting friendships in scouting too, which will help them form healthy social skills that will help when landing a job and making friends in the future. Apart from that, scouting is a great way to keep children busy with activities that are both healthy and educational. This is especially great during breaks from school when your child might grow restless.

6. Expose Them to Culture
Culture is one of the best ways to teach your child about the world around them. It is also a key way to build compassion and relatability. There are many ways to expose your child to culture while expanding their minds. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take them to museums. There are so many to choose from, so you can pick and choose museums that you believe will spark your child’s interest. Another way to help them understand other cultures is to travel. Obviously, going to other countries and regions of your own country will help, but this can be pricey. You’d be surprised by the culture you can find in your own area. Even if it is just visiting an ethnic restaurant, you’ll be helping your child learn more about other regions. There are also classes that kids can take to help them learn about other countries. Movies, music and literature are also great options, too.

7. Set a Reading Hour
Books have the power to help your child learn and expand their mind without stepping foot outside. Thus, encouraging your child to read is one of the best ways to improve many aspects of their life. Children aren’t always into the idea of reading though, so it is important to lead my example. A great way to do this is to set up a reading hour. During this period, make sure electronics are off so that all distractions are eliminated. Parents can read to children or everyone can enjoy their own book. You will notice your child will change after a few weeks of doing this. Readers tend to have more compassion, are able to relate to others and their willingness to read increases. A simple hour a day or even just on the weekends can help your child develop healthy reading habits for the rest of their lives.

8. Embrace Their Passions
Most children tend to want to join a certain profession or pursue hobbies, so let them embrace them. There are many classes that children can take to learn new things. There are even ways around high-priced tuition, such as scholarships or allowing your child to try an activity out by watching videos online. Make sure your child dedicates a few weeks to an activity though, before you let them give up on it. This will teach them to stick to their commitments, while also ensuring you get your money’s worth if you did pay for lessons.

9. Support Through Struggles
Struggles are bound to happen in life. Although it is hard to watch children move through the tough times, it is important that they experience some hardship in order to strengthen themselves. Of course, you shouldn’t take over their problems for them, but it is incredibly important to provide them with the support they need to overcome the issue at hand. This will help teach your children problem solving skills without forcing to feel as if they are all alone in the world. Children that are taught to embrace their struggles will be able to handle problems when they face them as adults. Of course, giving them the necessary tools to deal with problems is one of your key jobs, so try to remove the temptation to take on their burdens as much as you possibly can.

10. Volunteer
It is important for children to see the role they play in their community. So, you might want to take the time out of your day to help your children volunteer. There are lots of volunteer programs that children can take part in. For instance, visiting nursing homes or hospitals can help teach children to help those that are truly in need of assistance. Children can spend the day talking with the elderly or sick, which will help brighten someone’s day while showing your child how important compassion is. Picking up trash and planting trees and flowers are another great community activity for children. This will help your child learn how important it is to keep Mother Nature healthy. As children grow older, many more activities will open up to them, so let their passions guide them.

Helping your children grow into extraordinary people doesn’t have to be costly. These ten tips will help support their growing minds, so you can show them the path to being a great person as well as encouraging their success. So, this Absolutely Incredible Kids Day, make sure your children know just how great they are and how bright their future is.