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How to Save Money On Your Child’s Disney Obsession

If you have children in your life, then you have probably experienced some form of Disney obsession. Since the company now own Star Wars, Marvel and all of the classics you grew up with, it is hard to avoid spending money on Disney products. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can cut back on the cost of your child’s favorite things. It doesn’t matter if your child wants a new tee or a trip to an amusement park, you’ll be able to find a few budget-friendly ideas to make their dream come true. The magical world of Disney doesn’t have to be a burden on your wallet with the help of these ten tips.

1. Join the Disney Movie Club
The Disney Movie Club has been a hot trend recently. This awesome program allows you to sign up to get some awesome deals on movies. Your deal starts out with a few of your child’s favorite movies for just $1 apiece. The only catch is you have to purchase five movies over the next couple of years at full price. If you don’t follow through on this then all you have to do is pay full price for the movies you received at the discount. Every month, the Disney Club comes up with a new featured movie that you can choose to purchase. If you don’t want it then all you have to do is decline the offer. Generally, the featured movie comes with free collectibles that kids will love. Once you finish your membership requirements, you’ll receive awesome discounts on movies, collectibles and so much more.

2. Disney Rewards
Another great program to check out is Disney Rewards. This program gives you points for Disney purchases that you make. For instance, if you purchase a Disney movie, especially one that has a digital code, then chances are you will receive points for this purchase. You can also receive reward points for going to the movies to see a Disney feature. This can be handy, especially with all of the fun Marvel movies hitting the big screen over the summer. Your rewards can be redeemed for a wide assortment of things. The reward store has collectibles, posters, movies, activities and so much more. Best of all, you can use your points to even cover the shipping and handling costs of your item, so you won’t have to spend a penny on your items.

3. Disney Plus
If you hate spending a fortune on cable for your child to enjoy their favorite shows and movies, then you’re in luck. This summer, Disney is rolling out a new streaming surface that will help you save money while allowing your child to enjoy all of their favorites. The service plans on having just about every Disney show and movie available, so kids can embrace their favorite characters while exploring new options. On top of that, you will be able to watch lots of great Star Wars exclusives and even some Marvel spin-offs. The best news is this streaming service is half of the price of Netflix, so you won’t have to break your budget to afford it.

4. Disney Vacation Club
If you’ve been hoping to make a Disney Vacation a reality, then you might want to check out the Disney Vacation Club. This club actually works to help you make your Disney dreams come true. Anyone on a budget can apply for the service and receive a loan that will allow you and your family to visit the Park and stay in the exclusive resorts. This is great since it helps you enjoy the trip at the right time for your family, as opposed to when you have saved up enough money for it. On top of that, it will help cut the stress from your trip. When you return home, you work to pay off the loan and then you’re eligible for your next. You’ll also receive exclusive deals and more, which will help cut your spending quite a bit.

5. Shop Sales
Disney products can be found just about everywhere, which is hard when you’re trying to keep to a budget. However, if you love to treat your kids or simply stock up on gifts, then shopping sales are one of the best ways to go. You can find Disney sales just about anywhere too, which will make shopping around a lot easier. If you love to collect Disney products, then you might want to pay attention to sales. Often, when you find items in the sales section they are about to be retired. Thus, it might be a wise time to stock up, especially if the character is phasing out in popularity. Even if you don’t find yourself keeping these items, you can often auction them off for more money, which will save you quite a bit in the long run.

6. D23 Disney Club
Another great way to save big on Disney is to join the D23 Club. This club allows you to enjoy lots of great savings while receiving exclusive deals that you won’t be able to resist. This club does charge you to join unless you’re just interested in keeping up with the news. There are two membership options, so you can pick what is right for your personal needs. Apart from keeping you up to date and stocked with exclusive items, the D23 Club does offer lots of merchandise. Often, members are privy to extraordinary discounts that will keep everyone coming back for more. All in all, this club is a great resource if you plan on following up with Disney, even when your children lose interest.

7. Disney Store
Many malls are lucky enough to have a taste of the magical kingdom. The Disney Store has been a major vendor for Disney items for quite some time now. However, if you don’t have a Disney Store near you, then the website offers all of the same merchandise you will find in stores. Chances are, if your child loves a Disney character, you will be able to find some sort of merchandise here. Even older movies have a few product lines to keep children happy. The great thing about the Disney Store is it allows you to shop for more sales than you would at other stores selling Disney merchandise. You can also find plenty of clearance items to choose from. Best of all, the store has its own rewards programs, which will help you save even more on products that are exclusive to this store.

8. Shop Second Hand
It can be especially hard when your child falls in love with a Disney character that isn’t popular anymore. As time passes, less and less merchandise is available, which can be heartbreaking for children that want to experience more of their favorite movie. One way to enjoy savings while still finding merchandise is to shop second hand. You might check out thrift stores in your area to see if there are clothes or toys that suit your child’s needs. These stores give to charities too, so you’ll be helping out your community and budget while bringing your child joy. Another option is to check auction sites, like eBay, to see if you can find anything for your little one that is affordable.

9. Enjoy Print Outs
Another way to embrace Disney craze is to enjoy free content online. There are so many print outs that will make your child fall back in love with their favorite characters. One of the most popular print outs is simple coloring sheets. These can be saved and printed as you need them, so you can truly keep your child entertained and satisfied, no matter the character of the week. Another print out option is paper dolls. These can add so much fun to playtime and will help save you money as you can represent an assortment of characters without having to purchase the doll for each one. Of course, there are many crafts to enjoy from Disney too, so check around for fun ideas to see if anything suits your child’s desires.

10. DIY
Sometimes, the best way to enjoy something is to make products for yourself. One of the most popular DIY projects for Disney is princess dresses. You can easily find tutorials online to help you whip up each of your child’s favorite role models. As Disney takes on Marvel and Star Wars, you might also find yourself creating costumes to suit these characters too. You can even make mini versions of these costumes to suit your child’s dolls and action figures. Crowns are another fun thing to make on your own. You can even go as far as to make accessories to help boost play time. Mickey Mouse ears, which are commonly purchased at the amusement park can also be recreated to help your child feel amazing even when you’re on a tight budget.

All in all, keeping up with your child’s Disney obsession doesn’t have to stress you out. There are a lot of great ways you can save big on Disney without throwing your money at every piece of merchandise you see. These ten tips will certainly help you out, as your child bounces from one favorite character to the next.

Successful Prom Ideas That Will Make Planning Budget-Friendly

For most high school students, prom is rapidly approaching, and the excitement is real. If your student is on the planning or decorative committee or you plan on lending a helping hand, then budgets are probably a popular conversation. There’s no doubt about it, planning a prom can be on the pricey side even when you make budget cuts. There are a few things you can do that will help keep your school’s prom amazing without breaking the bank though. These ten tips are great options to consider if you’re looking to make budget friendly cuts without sacrificing the quality of your school’s prom. So, get ready to boogie, because the whole school will be blown away by your choices when prom finally arrives.

1. Skip the Theme
Without a doubt, a theme tends to be one of the most iconic aspects of prom. However, you don’t have to have a theme in order to have a good time. Of course, if the theme means a lot to you then just use a themed name and skip the décor surrounding the theme. Themes require you to spend money on items that might not be used again. These decorative items are often pricier too, which can cut into your food and entertainment budget. Instead of picking a theme, you might want to choose a set of colors instead. You can purchase solid colors for much cheaper and the items can be used year after year. These colors can even be coordinated with themes, if you choose to still go with one. If your school as storage from the proms of yesteryear, then you might surf through those items to see if you can find colors that can be reused.

2. Stay in School
A lot of schools plan to host the biggest dance of the year at a hotel or other venue. This can be a great surprise for students, but it can also cost a small fortune. There’s actually no need to take your school dance outside of the school, especially if you have a large enough gym or cafeteria. These areas are easily cleared out and decorated so that everyone can have a blast without forcing you to spend a fortune. Keeping the dance in school is also reassuring to parents and can help prevent outside costs if students damage property at an outside venue. Keeping your dance in school will allow you to call for volunteers too, which can really help you save a ton of money.

3. Utilize the Art Department
When it comes to decorating for the prom, you have a world of resources in your own school. One of the best places to look for decorative talent and supplies is the art department. Teachers might be able to convince students to join in on the activities for some extra credit or if it is a part of their grade. Art students can paint, sew and create backgrounds and other supplies to make the room look incredible. The drama department might also be able to lend props and other supplies to add even more pizzazz to the overall look of the dance. Students in photography can help take photos of the attendees, so you won’t have to worry about this large-scale expenditure too. By utilizing these departments, you’ll save a lot of time and money, which will definitely make the prom even more exciting and budget friendly.

4. Free Streaming
In this day and age, you don’t really need to spend money on entertainment in regards to music. If you’re on a tight budget, then look no further than your favorite free streaming service. The school can get together to vote on the music they would like to hear, or you can gather a group of students to come up with a list of songs for the playlist. You won’t even have to go out of your way to play the music as the school should have everything needed to project it across the dance floor. A teacher or volunteer can help keep the playlist going, so you won’t have to worry about the music dying down as the night progresses. This minimal effort idea is bound to bring some fun while ensuring everyone enjoys the prom.

5. Ask the Community for Help
You will find that one of the greatest assets you can find is the help of the community. This is especially true if you live in an area with only one high school to speak of. Before you find yourself in crunch time, you might take a few moments to send out messages to local restaurants, vendors and more. Often, restaurants won’t mind donating food for the prom, especially if they have a child in attendance. This can help cut back on one of the largest expenditures. Even if the restaurants aren’t cool with just donating, you might find that they will give you a discount on the items. The same can be said of boutiques that can provide you with balloons or old flowers. The key to this is asking though, so make sure you get the word out before you start spending the budget on items that the community might help with.

6. Parent Donations
A lot of parents expect the prom to happen like magic, which is fair enough as ticket prices are generally expensive. However, much of the reason why parents don’t come forward to help out is because they don’t know that the school needs assistance. One way to help make your prom budget even more rewarding is to send out a memo to let parents know that you could use the help. Even if parents can’t give money to assist you, you might find that they have decorations like steamers or balloons to contribute. Some parents might even have larger props to help you if you’re working on a theme or making a photo booth. Other parents might be able to donate food, even if it is smaller items like punch or chips to snack on. Of course, donating time can be one of the most efficient ways to help out during the prom. Chaperones can truly keep things safe and secure for all of the participants.

7. DIY Crown
The prom court has been a tradition for quite some time. However, purchasing the crowns for the court can get pretty pricey, especially if the school wants to make sure the winning students leave the school with a nice price. There are ways to work around the cost of the crown though, as there are many DIY options to help you out. You might even have the art department at school design crowns and use the winning style as the reward for the prom court. Of course, many schools are moving away from the traditional Prom King and Prom Queen. If this is the case with your school, then you might find yourself needing more crowns to offer to a diverse group of students. For instance, some schools are voting on merit such as hard work, educational achievements and more. So, have some fun designing crowns to make the top students feel exceptional.

8. Think Outside of the Box
Leaving students to entertain themselves for a few hours, doesn’t always work. Most students won’t want to spend the entire prom period eating and dancing. So, you might come up with a few options to keep everyone busy. For instance, you can hold a best dressed competition or recognize students that made their own attire for the big dance. A fashion show is another way to add some fun to the big day as many students will be more than happy to show off their style. There are many games that you can enjoy too. For instance, setting out Twister, charades or even a deck of cards will keep some students happy. You can even have a dance competition to encourage more students to get up and moving. All in all, there are many cheap ways to keep the fun going, which will also keep your budget satisfied.

9. Show off Home Economics
Home economics programs aren’t utilized to their full potential, more often than not. If you have a culinary class, then let the students really shine. Your school can come up with a budget friendly menu and the students in class can get real life experience by making the food themselves. Although you will have to purchase the food for the meal, you’ll save a bundle by shopping in bulk. You will also have the meal cooked for free. This can be a great project for students hoping to go into the culinary field as it will test their skills as well as their performance under pressure.

10. Call in Musical Talent
If the students love the idea of live music, then don’t shop around for a professional group to perform. Instead, post a bulletin and have the school’s talent try out. You can audition bands and invite a few to perform in front of their classmates. This even works for kids hoping to attend the prom too, as they will still be able to enjoy some of the fun when their band isn’t playing. Apart from groups, you might talk to the school’s band or orchestra. Some students might be up for performing as well, which will help spread the school spirit without forcing you to spend a penny.

Preparing for prom can be more stressful than finding the right date. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can cut back on spending, so you can ensure the party goes above and beyond without sacrificing important elements of the event. These ten ideas will truly help you on your way and might even make you the school’s favorite planner.

Mother’s Day Crafts That Will Help You Gift For Less

Before you know it, it’ll be Mother’s Day, which means it’s time to start planning for the ultimate gift. More often than not, mothers are more than excited to receive a handmade gift from the heart. There are so many items to choose from too, so you don’t have to spend hours mulling over your options. These ten ideas are not only handmade and charming but won’t harm your budget as you plan for the ultimate holiday experience. So, don’t let the time tick down too quickly, as you’ll want to plan ahead to ensure your craft looks incredible for the special day.

1. Paper Flowers
Flowers are one of the most common gifts that moms receive during the special day. However, real flowers are often incredibly expensive and don’t last very long. One way to remedy both of these problems is to make paper flowers for the mom in your life. These flowers aren’t hard to make either and you can choose from a variety of patterns to create all of mom’s favorites. All you will need for this craft is colored paper, like construction paper, and some green pipe cleaners. Simply follow your favorite tutorial on folding and then attach the pipe cleaner to act as a stem. You can present the flowers on their own, or step things up by adding a vase to the mix.

2. Picture Vase
Speaking of vases, you can always go the extra mile and create a beautiful vase for a mom in your life. You can purchase a cheap vase from the dollar store or transform an old glass jar into something fantastic. One of the best ways to start on your task is to consider how you would like to decorate it. There are lots of options including glass paint, appliques and even tissue paper. When you choose your medium, set everything aside and hunt for the perfect picture. Your first task is to apply the picture to the vase, which is easily done with glue and modge podge. When the photo is dry, have some fun decorating it. You can even add rocks to the bottom to add even more pizzazz.

3. DIY Candle
Candles are one of the top gifts for any mom that loves to enjoy delightful smells all day long. However, candles can be incredibly expensive in stores, which can harm your budget. Instead of merely picking out a candle, you might want to try your hand at making your own. All you have to do is purchase a wax kit and use essential oils to add the scent you desire. You can even get creative and add colors to the mix. When you’re finished making the candle portion of you gift, you can decorate the jar you place it in. This will not only add more personality to the mix, but it will also make it more fun to reuse the jar again and again.

4. Bookmark
You can’t go wrong with a personalized bookmark for moms that love to bury their nose in a book. Bookmarks are incredibly easy to make and will allow you to have lots of fun with the craft. For starters, you can easily get to work by folding a bookmark that can be placed on the edge of the book. This can be folded and designed in so many ways that you can suit any interest. You can also use a thicker paper, like stock card, to cut traditional bookmarks and then design them to suit just about any interest. On top of that, you can also utilize magnets to create a simple look that isn’t going to fall out of the book during a commute. If you love to braid, then simple string and time can help you make a woven bookmark that is certain to be showed off each day.

5. Spa Supplies
Most moms could use a little time to themselves to help them relax and enjoy the special day all the more. If you want to make your mom feel special, then set her up with a spa set and some free time. You can go all out for your set too. You might start by making your own soap, complete with fun shapes that will light up mom’s day. Another must is a face scrub made from sugar, which is perfect for mom’s that love to exfoliate. If mom likes baths, then a bath bomb can really make things fun. All in all, the set can come with just about anything you desire, so you can really spice things up. You might finish off with a new wash cloth that can easily be monogrammed with simple online tutorials. If you really want to step up your game, then make mom a soothing playlist to go along with the mix. It will quickly become her favorite Mother’s Day.

6. Poetry
Share a piece of your heart with mom by writing a special poem. This is an easy craft that can be made to suit a wide variety of age groups. If kids are smaller, there are many templates to download that allow kids to color in a special sheet and then place adjectives and adverbs into a prewritten template. This method is easy to customize and will help children feel special. Children that are already capable of writing might enjoy a template that helps them follow a specific order while working. Older children and adults on the other hand might enjoy free styling the poem to ensure mom feels extra special about her gift. You can spice up the gift by placing it a frame for all to enjoy.

7. Key Chain
Key chains are another way to show mom you love her every single day. Key chains are simple to make too, so they can suit all age groups. One of the easiest ways to begin this craft is to buy a kit. Usually, the kit comes with templates that kids can cover and then place inside a plastic chain. Of course, there are other ways to make key chains. For starters, kids can draw a design on Styrofoam and then shrink it down in the oven. This usually adds some fun to the design and kids will love watching their design go from big to small. Kids might also want to braid a keychain. Another option is to work with leather or wood burning, but this option is primarily for teens and adults.

8. Hot Plate
If you have a mom that loves to cook, then a great option is to make her a hot plate for all of pots, pans and utensils. Hot plates are incredibly easy to make. One of the easiest methods to do this is to grab a cheap tile from a dollar store or department store. Choosing a solid title, particularly in white, will help make the process a bit easier. When you get the tile, you can add a photo to it, paint it or simply use some tissue paper to make it colorful. When you’re finished with the design, simply add some modge podge to lock in the style. This tile will hold up in the kitchen and is easy to clean. Best of all, it will remind mom of you whenever she uses it.

9. Pathway Stones
Moms that love to garden will enjoy receiving pathway stones to help make the garden special. It might sound hard to make this craft, but it is actually much easier than you think. There are kits to make your pathway stones, so you can shape them and add foot or handprints to customize them. Once you finish up with the stone and it has dried, you can even add paint to the kit. Of course, there are tutorials online so you don’t have to use a kit, which might save you a bit of money. If you want to go any easier route then you might look for larger stones to paint with your own designs. This is certain to make the garden colorful and meaningful.

10. PhotoBook
Last but not least, a photo book is one of the best options to share your love. There are so many ways you can make your own photobook that you’re bound to have some fun choosing the way that suits you the most. One option is to use a scrapbook and paste the photos in. This is perfect for children as it allows them to do it in a hands-on way. Another is to make photo pages on your computer and simply print them out. Finally, you can use a professional service, especially if you want the memories to last. No matter how you choose to work your book, mom is bound to find joy in all of the memories you hand selected to share with her.

Without a doubt, Mother’s Day is the time to make any mom in your life feel like a million bucks. These crafts are a great way to get started on creating an outstanding Mother’s Day. Best of all, they will suit your budget and your household’s crafting ability, which is bound to make the holiday even more exciting for all. So, don’t let the time pass, as there is still a couple of weeks to make lots of fun crafts.

Frugal Fun For All of May’s Geeky Holidays

There’s no doubt about it, May is the perfect time to embrace your inner geek and have fun doing it. Between geeky themed holidays and the numerous conventions that kick off this month, you’ll find excitement around every corner. Unfortunately, you might wonder how your budget is going to tackle so many different events. Luckily, there are ways to enjoy being a geek during the month of May that won’t force you to put your budget on hold. So, don’t let this month pass you by without showing some love for your inner geek thanks to these ten ideas that are bound to bring you a world of fun.

1. Comic Book Day
One of the first ways to kick off your celebration of everything nerdy in May is to participate in Comic Book Day. This holiday tends to take place on the first Saturday of the month, but you should always check to make sure the date doesn’t fall on any other day, so you don’t miss out. Local comic book stores should have a wide variety of exclusive comic books during this special occasion, so you will be able to get some awesome items that your friends will be envious of. Apart from the exclusive items, you’re bound to find some incredible deals as many stores will use this event to get rid of some of their stock. Of course, that isn’t even the sweetest news. The best thing about comic book day is you will be privy to a lot of free, yes free, comic books. You can simply walk into the store and walk out without spending a dime, which is certainly going to make your budget happy.

2. May the Fourth Be With You
Star Wars fans are bound to find some joy on the Fourth of May, which is dubbed Star Wars Day. This day is bound to bring some fun events to your community that you might enjoy with the whole family. One popular activity that seems to pop up in many communities is lightsaber battles. This can be lots of fun to watch or even participate in. You might also find movie screenings in your area, which will provide you with the magic of watching the movie on the big screen. If that isn’t enough then you might check around your local entertainment, clothing and toy stores to see if you can find any deals on the Star Wars items that you love. If you’re a homebody, then you’re bound to find the series playing on cable or you might simply have a party and screen your favorite movies. You can even make Star Wars inspired foods and drinks and have guests dressed up to improve the atmosphere of the day.

3. Larping
If you want to get outside and have some fun, then one of the best things you can do is try out larping. This activity is great for the entire family, so you can really make the most out of it. Larping is essentially acting out a battle scene using faux weapons and armor. You can dress up as any character you like and embrace the fun with your community. There are many different themes you can enjoy too, which will help you get in touch with your favorite characters and fandoms. Of course, you don’t even have to leave the house in order to go larping. You can easily enjoy the activity safely in your own backyard. You can purchase larping supplies, but if you’re looking to save money you might try making your own. This adds a bit more fun to the activity anyway.

4. DIY Cosplay
Another fun way to get more out of this month of celebration is to channel your inner cosplayer. Since summer tends to be the height of convention season, you might find yourself looking for costumes to wear in order to enjoy the conventions near you. If you plan on competing, you’ll need to create your own costume. Thus, you might want to use this month to get to work. There are so many tutorials online that can help guide you to success. On top of that, you can take the time to try to plan out your costume and work on the finer details. Make sure you check out all of your options when it comes to keeping your costume cheap and irresistible.

5. Dungeons and Dragons
One of the biggest games associated with geek culture is definitely Dungeons and Dragons. So, if you haven’t given this game a shot, now is the perfect time to do it. Of course, if you are a seasoned player then you might want to pencil in a few games during this month to help celebrate your love of everything geeky. If you’re looking to get started on the game, there are a ton of free resources to help you out. Even if you have played hundreds of games, you might still look for some freebies to help spice up your campaign or character. Dungeons and dragons can take up hours of your time, so you might consider grabbing some cheap snacks to get into the adventure too.

6. Geeky Crafts
Geek culture consists of so many amazing things today, so add your love of everything geeky to your craft station. There are so many things that you can make which will help add a personal touch to your home. One fun craft is to make a Chewbacca rug out of simple faux fur fabric that can be found in most craft stores. If flowers are your thing, then paint a pot to show off designs from the world of Mario or make yourself a Pokemon terrarium with real live plants. You can also make art that can be framed and hung up. Your imagination is the limit, so have fun with your crafts and let the whole family let their creativity shine. To keep this project simple and cheap, use craft items you already have around the home.

7. Geek Food
There are a lot more ways to show your creativity than just crafts and costumes. Geeky food is another fun way to help celebrate your favorite geeky things while having some fun. Best of all, you can make geeky foods for incredibly cheap. One such ideas is to make beverages from some of your favorite shows. One of the most iconic is blue milk, which doesn’t really even need a tutorial. You can also recreate some of the foods from your favorite anime series, which is bound to make your stomach and your heart joyful. You can get crafty with some of your favorite stacks too. For instance, rice crispy squares can be transformed into pokeballs, dragon balls, characters and so much more. If you take some time to have fun with your snacks, then you’re bound to learn more cooking skills that you’ll want to utilize throughout the year.

8. Reconnect with Old Media
Sometimes, we simply don’t have the time to enjoy some of our favorite stories and characters. So, during Geeky May, you might want to pencil in some of your favorite things. For instance, you can read comic books, watch your favorite movies and embrace series that you’ve always loved. You might even gain more out of the things you’ve loved than you remember. You can also fire up some of your favorite games to see if you can earn new rewards or simply take a different path in the story line. You never know, you might find a renewed love for the story, which will give you something to do in your downtime that won’t eat away at your budget.

9. Quidditch
One geeky game that never fails to please is Quidditch. This game was introduced in the Harry Potter series, but quickly made a name for itself amongst fans that love to play sports. Quidditch was quickly given a rule book and shortly after leagues began to form. You don’t have to join a league in order to have fun with Quidditch though. If you live in a Quidditch free zone then you might want to set up your own tournament. You might ask friends and family to join in or you can even make it open to the public. Quidditch supplies are quite easy to make in your own home too, so you’ll be all set on a budget.

10. Geek Pride Day
Of course, if you love to celebrate with others then you might want to hold off until Geek Pride Day. This day always occurs on May 25, which also happens to be Towel Day in dedication to Douglas Adams and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. You’re going to find a lot of fun things going on in your community and around the nation on this day, so look around for activities that will speak to you. One of the best things you can do is surf sales to see if items you’d like to buy others for holidays and birthdays are on sale. You might also be able to finish up your own collection. On top of that, you might find parades to participate in or watch. Movie screenings are another great option that will ensure you’re ready for fun. You might also check in on game stores, comic shops and so on to see if there are gaming competitions to join in on. Truly, if you love something geeky then you’re certain to find an activity that will suit it on this day.

Showing off your love of everything geeky in May is bound to leave you feeling relaxed and in your element. These ten ways to celebrate will help ease your budget while ensuring you are able to meet new people, enjoy your uniqueness and so much more. So, don’t forget to let your countdown begin, because Geeky May will be here faster than you realize.

Frugal Ways to Channel Your Creative Juices on World Art Day

World Art Day is rapidly approaching, so it might be time to make a few plans to make the celebrations even more rewarding for you and your family. A lot of people associate art with high expenses, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case when it comes to this fantastic holiday. In fact, if you look around and embrace the community around you, there might be more activities to do on the cheap than you ever thought possible. So, don’t let the amazing world of art pass you by on April 15, because the world is certain to open up and share its creativity with you if you know where to look. These ten ideas will help you along your way, so you can truly maximize the holiday experience.

1. Community Events
Although World Art Day might not be the biggest holiday around, many communities still love to embrace it in order to share local and global art with its residents. Chances are, there will be a few celebrations near you if you look hard enough. Often, schools will take part in the event, so you’ll have the chance to check out what the kids in your community have been up to in school. This can be a great experience if you have school age children as it will certainly allow you to see what your own children are learning. It might also inform you if you need to be doing a little more work at home when it comes to art. Other community events might be art walks, gallery openings or even lectures to help you understand the art world better. Generally, community events are free too, which is certain to make attendance even more enticing.

2. Art Walk
Art walks are a great way to get out and see what is happening in your own community. Generally, spring and summer tend to host lots of art walks, so you might be able to check out more than one, especially if you’re willing to travel. Most art walks consist of artists setting up stands to help promote and sell work. More often than not, you’ll find lots of crafts that are family friendly too. Admission to most art walks is free, so you’ll be able to browse and enjoy yourself without having to worry about spending money. However, some crafts will require you to pay a small fee and if you find some art that you love then you’re bound to spend a bit there, too.

3. Free Museums
Many museums like to use World Art Day as a time to allow for a freebie day. However, even if your local museum isn’t free on this day, you should watch the schedule as many museums do offer freebie days to residents fairly often. Generally, if your museum is going to host a free day for World Art day, then they will probably exhibit art from around the world. This will give you the perfect opportunity to admire art from every corner of the globe. This is not only a great way to learn about new cultures but will help broaden your understanding of places that you’ve never been.

4. Find an Art Class
You might be surprised by how many art classes are around you. Even if you live in a small community, there’s a high chance that there is at least one art class going on, even if it is under your radar. Art classes can be found in so many places too, so you might ask around the community if you’re looking for something in particular. Surprisingly, one of the best places to try is the library. These days, many libraries host as assortment of classes to help bring people into the library. The classes hosted here are sometimes free, while other times you will have to pay a small fee or at least pay for supplies. Cafes and colleges are another great place to look around. You might also ask art shops, as many of these stores will also host lessons for a fair price. Another great option is to surf around online. You can even check out lessons on art history to learn more about the influences the world has had on modern art.

5. Embrace New Mediums
If you’re looking to make the most out of World Art Day, then one of your best options is to try something new out. There are so many ideas and concepts to explore, so choose something that might have interested you for some time or something you just recently heard about. If you are having trouble deciding, then you can always write each medium on a piece of paper and then draw one out of a hat. This can be a fun way to expand your horizons throughout the year too, as you can try a new medium monthly or even weekly. There are so many cool things to choose from too. Although painting and pottery might be the more common choices, you should also look into mosaics and sand mandalas, which are fairly expensive to try out. Of course, learning the culture behind each medium is also a great way to take advantage of everything that World Art Day offers.

6. Become a Photographer
One of the cheapest and easiest ways to embrace art for the day is to become a photographer. This doesn’t mean you should go out and load up on expensive equipment. In fact, in today’s world, all you really need to be an amateur photographer is a smart phone. You can even purchase accessories to help make the lens work for you. There are so many tutorials online that will help you find what you need to capture the perfect image while you’re out and about. You might even have the chance to take some photographs that will help remind you of World Art Day while showing everyone else the joys of the holiday. If you really want to get into the task then you can even edit some of your photos with free apps to ensure you get the most out of them.

7. Get Creative
Another way to truly embrace the holiday is to just get creative. Instead of just checking out art work, you might want to try to create your own. You can pull out your paints and see if the holidays bring you any inspiration. Another fun idea, especially for kids is to try making some sidewalk art with chalk. You can even go to a facility that allows you to give graffiti a try. There are so many creative activities you can try out in your community too. For instance, you might try to go to a wine and painting event with some friends. As long as you’re letting your creative juices flow, you’re bound to feel excited about the holiday.

8. View a Gallery
There are so many galleries in cities and towns across the world. More often than not, we pass by them and do a little window shopping along the way to whatever we actually need to do. On World Art Day, you might want to stop and actually enter the gallery. It can be refreshing to check out the art work and enjoy everything that the artist has put up. You never know, you might become a fan of a local artist, which can make investments feel even better since you’ll be helping your local economy. Another option is to head to your local university. Often, the school will open up its gallery space for students, so people can check out what they’re doing. Some universities will even open up the gallery so you can purchase and help out the students working to pay off their tuition.

9. Recreate
Another way to show your love for the art of the world is to try to recreate a work of art that you admire. You can paint a masterpiece that you learned about in school or try to make a rendition of a sculpture that you’ve always admired. Another way to enjoy this activity is to take a work of art from one medium and recreate it with another. For instance, you can use a famous painting as a reference point and recreate it as a mosaic. Your options are absolutely endless though, which is bound to help you have some fun while allowing you to learn more about the art world. You might even find that you love recreating images so much that you won’t need to purchase home décor again in the future.

10. Read About Art
World Art Day is a great time to learn about art and the way the world perceives it. So, you might want to pick up something exciting to read for the holiday. There are so many books on art that you’re bound to find something exciting at your local library. You might try to read some topics from other cultures to help improve your understanding of the world around you. All in all, your mind can be entirely opened up to the world around you if only you find the right books to do so. So, have fun with looking at the art in your books and explore topics you never thought possible before.

World Art Day can be one of the best times to embrace the wonderful world of art that you can enjoy. These ten tips are certain to help you find joy in art, so you can truly learn more about it. Best of all, it might even help you learn more about your own artistic skills. So, make the most out of the special occasion, because you don’t often have an excuse to roll up your sleeves and let your creative energy pour out into the world.

Quick and Easy Ways to Entertain a Group on Easter Day

Easter will be hopping its ways into your life in just a couple of weeks. If you have a large group of people to keep entertained, you might be wondering what on earth you can do to keep boredom at bay. Luckily, there is far more than egg hunts and Easter feasts to keep your guests going strong. So, this Easter, aim to give your guests the time of their lives as they noctivagate through all of the exciting activities you have planned. You will never have to worry about children running wild after you pull off these ten exciting activities.

1. Amp Up the Hunt
Without a doubt, the highlight of the Easter holiday for most children is the Easter egg hunt. Thus, this is your area to really shine. You can keep up with the classic Easter hunt where the kids just locate the eggs, or you can amp up the games by adding a little more difficulty to the hunt. One way to do this is to have the kids go through a scavenger hunt in order to find their eggs. This can be done as an individual seeker or a team. The scavenger hunt can also ensure that children get an equal amount of eggs, for the most part. You might also consider making a treasure map for the children to follow in order to find eggs with larger prizes. You can even create different maps for different age groups, which can help add more fun to the event. Finally, if you do want to keep things simple, you might consider having a specific egg color for each child. This will help ensure you can hide eggs based on age without worrying about some children being left out.

2. Egg and Spoon Race
Since you most likely already have some eggs to work with, then you might want to add some relay races to the madness. After the kids hunt their eggs and collect their prizes, have everyone hop up for some more fun with eggs. All you need is a few spoons and some of the kids’ eggs and you’re set for a fun event that will have the crowd laughing. You might even encourage the adults to take part in the races. You can spice things up too, by having people pass off eggs, push eggs with their nose and so on. The fun is endless, so make sure you put the extra eggs to good use.

3. Bunny Masks
Let the Easter Bunny take over your home when you have the kids sit down and make some bunny masks. This is a great way to calm a rowdy bunch down for a little while, which makes it the perfect pre-meal activity. Kids can make bunny masks out of an assortment of things. One easy example is to use paper plates, cotton balls, felt, markers and string. Kids can draw on their own bunny faces to add to the fun. When the masks are complete, they can be set aside to dry while everyone eats or relaxes. Then, kids can hop around the yard with the masks on. You can even have kids take turns being the Easter bunny as they hide eggs for the other kids.

4. Guess the Jelly Beans
Jelly beans are pretty common when it comes to Easter, so use your jelly beans to add some fun to the event. You can easily place jelly beans into a jar and have everyone guess how many is in the jar. The person who guesses the closest to the actual number can win a special prize. You don’t have to go all out on the prizes either. In fact, the jar of jelly beans can be the prize if you really want to keep things simple. You can have more than one jar if you have a lot of people to entertain too, as many people will spend time counting and configuring. Make sure people write their name on a slip of paper and turn in their guess that way, so no one can ride on their coattails either.

5. Easter Egg Tree
Without a doubt, most kids love decorating a Christmas tree, so why not bring the magic to Easter too? You don’t have to follow the same premise as Christmas, in fact, it might be better if you place your tree outside. Simply find a tree in the yard and decorate it with fun things. You can make bunny, egg, chicken and other ornaments out of craft supplies and recyclables. You can also just add string to some of the plastic eggs your child retrieves on the holiday for a fun look. There are even Easter ornaments that can be purchased in stores. Another fun way to make the Easter tree even cooler is to make your décor out of birdseed, so you’ll entice the birds while ensuring your tree won’t harm the environment. You can also hang paper ornaments made out of seedling paper.

6. Plant Flowers
Another great tradition to add to the fun of the holiday is to plant some flowers. A little gardening will help to promote the beauty of spring, which will help make your holiday even more valuable. If you have a garden outside, then pass out some seeds and let the kids get to work. However, if you want to let them enjoy the fruit of their own labor then you might invest in some small planters. Kids can decorate them with an Easter theme and then use them to plant their flowers. This makes a great keepsake that can be planted outdoors later on to improve the environment. You can find seeds for next to nothing too, so you can choose from a wide variety of options.

7. Leave Easter Bunny Treats
Before the Easter Bunny leaves eggs and treats for the kids, you might gather everyone up to leave some treats for the bunny. You can have the kids wash and prepare fruits and vegetables that they think the bunny might like to munch on. You can also make bunny cookies or other treats for the holiday legend. On top of that, you can have the kids make little gifts and cards to thank the Easter Bunny for his generosity. This will help keep little hands busy, which is bound to make the gathering go by faster without any hiccups.

8. Easter Crafts
If you have a rowdy group or you feel boredom setting in, then you might want to consider doing a few crafts to keep everyone busy. There are a ton of great Easter crafts to choose from too, so you can really have fun with your choices. For starters, you can make paper mache eggs that will withstand the tests of time, so kids can use the for décor for years to come. Another fun idea is to make chickens and bunnies our toiler paper rolls. You can also use this time to color eggs and maybe add a sequences and other items to make them more spectacular. Finally, if you want to keep things simple, you can print out sheets to color. If you’re at a loss for ideas, you might consider looking online to find a few ideas.

9. Easter Snacks
Snacks are one of the easiest ways to make kids happy. However, if you want to keep kids busy then you can always bring them into the cooking process. Most children will love decorating their own snacks, which will help bring peace to the gathering for a little while. Easter snacks can be as simple as pastel colored cupcakes which will save you money too. However, you might consider making eggs and chickens out of colored rice crispy treats. Kids can decorate their creation with icing to add even more fun to the event. Another fun idea is to make eggs out of Jell-O. You can even make dessert carrots, so the kids can pretend they’re bunnies. Sweets aren’t your only option though. Kids can help make veggie platters and more.

10. Easter Media
If the kids are small and you need to get them to calm down for a little while, you might consider allowing them to sit down and enjoy some Easter media time before taking a nap. Believe it or not, but there are lots of fantastic books for kids to check out, so you can enjoy having a story time while still keeping to the theme of the day. There are also lots of great movies that you can put on while the kids rest or as background noise for playtime or craft time. This should help keep the atmosphere peaceful while allowing the adults to enjoy each other’s company.

Easter doesn’t have to be complete chaos if you have a lot of people coming over. These ten ideas will help keep the children at your gathering happy and engaged for several hours. You will certainly love the way the kids interact with the activities, which will make your gathering a hit with the whole group. You might find yourself hosting all of the upcoming Easter events in the future though!

Quick Tips to Make the Most Out of Organize Your Files Week

The third week of April is meant to be designated to organizing your files. This might give you a bit of incentive to finally dig into all of the paperwork that has been piling up over the years. Of course, you should also jump into organizing your files on your computer too. This might seem like a task that will leave you running for the hills. Organizing doesn’t have to be a burdensome task though. You might even find something therapeutic in it. There are even a few ways to save some money on getting your files organized. These ten tips are bound to help you get through the mess for much less.

1. Don’t be Afraid to Shred
A lot of the time, we are too afraid to actually shred documents, which can leave us drowning in papers. One of the key elements of organizing your files is to shred some of them. For instance, you won’t need to keep every bill that you come in contact with, especially if you’ve already paid it. Another thing that tends to pile up in the shred pile is credit card offers. These should be shredded quickly, so you can simply move on with life. You might also find yourself holding onto notes, cards and other items. If they don’t have a significant value to them then you might want to give them the boot. Shredding large quantities of papers is bound to be time consuming, but when you’re finished with the project, you’ll feel so much better. You might even start shredding papers as you receive them to help ease the burden of organizing.

2. Create Digital Backups
While organizing your files, it is important to consider adding a digital backup of each important document. This task is actually much easier than it sounds, but it can be time consuming. If you have a scanner then you’re already set to start working. Simply scan your important items and add them to a form of digital storage like a USB drive, external hard drive or even a service like the Cloud. Scanning your files can help you avoid problems if you ever cannot find what you’re looking for. It will also offer a bit of reassurance when it comes to natural disasters. Some items that you should consider scanning are legal documents, such as your marriage certificate, and items like insurance policies, deeds and titles. This should help to avoid delays if you ever find yourself in need of these items.

3. Know How Long to Keep Documents
Another key to organizing is to know how long you should keep certain documents. A lot of the time, people will hold onto paperwork for their entire life, which can really take up a lot of space. You don’t have to hold onto anything that long apart from important documents like your social security number, birth certificate and so on. Luckily, there are many handy guides to help you figure out how long you should store your paperwork. Tax returns, for instance, should be kept for about seven to ten years. Once you figure out how long you need to hold onto items, you will probably find yourself shredding for some time. Your file cabinet will thank you for your hard work though.

4. Secondary Storage
Filing cabinets aren’t the only thing that needs to be cleaned out. You should also take some time out of your day to take care of your storage on computers. This includes items like photos and videos of your family. When you go through these items, it is important to consider a secondary source of storage. Computers and other gadgets aren’t entirely reliable, so you never know when your information will go missing or a computer will crash. Luckily, there are lots of great items that you can use to store your information. An external hard drive for instance, offers a lot of extra storage and can be hooked to any computer. This will certainly help you feel better about your content. If you want even more protection, then you can also store your items on Google or the Cloud to ensure you have easy access on any computer or device you log into. Ensuring you have secondary storage will bring you peace of mind and will help keep everything organized as you can remove old files from your primary computer for good.

5. Consider Recycled Items
A lot of people don’t want to get into organizing their files because it usually means spending some money on items to help you get organized. This can be a drain on the budget and often brings even more frustration to the project. There are actually many things you can make out of your recycling to ensure you have storage space for less. For instance, you might consider cutting an empty cereal box to use for paper storage. These containers can be customized to suit your needs while also saving you big money. There are so many storage ideas to work with too, so browse around online to see what works best for you and your needs.

6. Durable Storage Containers
Another problem that many people face when it comes to storing their files is the containers they keep them in. Many people like to work with binders or cardboard storage containers, which won’t stand up to the tests of time. You run the chance of finding your files ruined by water or other spills. You might also find them littering the ground if you try to pick up the box or binder after a long period of time. Your best option, if you plan on sticking with a box container is to go with plastic. It will make your life easier if you choose a clear plastic too, as it will give you the chance to see what is inside without even opening it. Another option, especially if you want more security, is to pick a filing cabinet or safe for your items. Choosing the right cabinet can be hard but picking items that are fire proof and protected with a lock are probably going to be your best investment.

7. Run Computer Scans
Sometimes, organizing your files can be as simple as running a scan on your computer. If you have antivirus software, then you can easily run it to find out if you have unnecessary files. The programs will pick up on duplicates, things you no longer need and so much more. Best of all, all you have to do is click a button and the excess files will be deleted. If you’re looking to make more room to store files on your computer then you might ditch your temporary internet files and cookies in order to clear out what you’re looking for. This trick will take a huge burden off of you and will make the organization process fly by.

8. Color Coordinate
When it comes to organizing, especially when you’re working with a filing cabinet, it is easy to find yourself lost in papers. Labels can be hard to find within the chaos, which might force you to want to steer clear of your paperwork entirely. Color coordinating your items can be one of the best ways to help you find precisely what you’re looking for in a room. You can easily add a touch of paint or marker to the files you already have, or you can simply buy folders that are already colored. When it comes to organizing files online, you can use special icons to help set them apart. This is bound to help you when you’re searching for things in a hurry.

9. Don’t Let Papers Pile Up
One of the key elements to taking care of your papers is to actually take care of them before they start to pile up. It is hard to take care of papers when they come to you, but if you form a routine then you’re certain to feel more confident about the process. Even if you don’t feel like shredding papers whenever they come to you, you can easily create a box for shred worthy papers, so they don’t wind up taking up space around the home. Another great way to prevent pile up is to go through your papers quarterly. This will allow you to speed up the organization process, so you don’t spend hours combing through papers.

10. Choose Functional Storage
Another problem that many people face is the lack of functional storage. Often, we choose things that we think are suitable or we have grand ideas to upscale the home to suit the items. However, in most cases, it simply leads to clutter and discomfort. Even if you have big dreams for your home, you should shop for what is going to work for your life now. For instance, if you choose a filing cabinet that doubles as an end table, you won’t feel put out by your files. You might also choose a desk that allows for some storage, which is certain to make working easier anyway. If you choose to store items in containers then make sure they have a designated space, so they don’t take over your home or migrate from place to place.

Whether it is Organize Your Files Week or you’re simply doing some spring cleaning, these tricks will help you make the most out of the experience. Before you know it, you’ll be all set so that organizing your home and computer files won’t take ages to do. With any luck, it will help you find the routine you need to make file management a breeze.

Frugal Fun That Will Keep Everyone Happy on Windy Days

With spring comes some unfortunate winds that might cause you to rethink your plans. Luckily, there are some ways to make the best out of windy days, so you won’t have to feel like you’re totally confined in the home. Many of these ideas will help you keep your children entertained, so you don’t have to worry about them bouncing off the walls if extended outdoor play simply isn’t an option. So, don’t let the downside of spring weather bring boredom, because there are so many ways you can find joy in a windy day without spending a small fortune. You might even start a new Big Wind Day tradition that everyone will look forward to.

1. Fly a Kite
When it comes down to it, flying kites and windy days go hand in hand. This classic childhood activity is one of the best ways to help your children get more out of windy days. You have a lot of options when it comes to kites too. You can purchase some cheap kites at department stores if you simply want to jump into the activity. On the other hand, you can also spend some time building your own kite. This is a perfect idea for days that might be a bit too windy to enjoy outside. There are lots of tutorials online that can help you get a jump start on making a basic kite for the family to enjoy. This activity will certainly keep everyone busy for hours, which will definitely help ease the tension of windy day plan changes.

2. Paper Airplanes
Paper airplanes might seem like a take on the kite, but you can enjoy a lot more options when working with this medium. For instance, you can look up origami tutorials online, so you can make more than just the classic paper plane. You can also hold a competition to see which airplane can fly the furthest when you do take the planes out to give them a try. If you want to get more out of this craft, then use papers infused with seeds. This will help do right by the environment while still allowing you to have some fun. You might also consider writing positive messages on the airplanes to bring hope to other people. If your children choose not to let their planes loose, then you can always use the fun paper craft as a bit of décor for their bedroom.

3. Craft Windchimes
When you’re feeling crafty and the weather is windy, nothing eases your need to create quite like making a windchime. This craft can be done in so many ways, which makes it the perfect option for all ages. You might have kids go on a scavenger hunt around the home to find all of the things they can use to make their chimes. Part of the charm of the craft is banging things together to experience the sounds they will create. Once you have the noise element of the design ready to go, you can easily enjoy adding personality to the design. You can use old toys, pictures, shapes, beads and anything else you find. When the chimes are complete, hang them outside and listen to the symphony of their music. You might find that it truly does make a sound that you’ll long to listen to all year long.

4. Create a Wind Sock
If you want to teach your children more about the wind, then a wind sock is a great way to keep them occupied. You can make a wind sock out of just about anything too, including an actual sock. However, one of your best options is to use some old fabric for the trick. Recycling fabric is a great way to make the craft ecofriendly and fun. You can decorate the wind sock in any method that you choose to, which will help keep children busy for quite some time. When the sock is finished, hang it outside or place it on a pole and then watch it move. Children can observe the direction of the wind in this manner. They can also make journals about the change in wind direction to watch for patterns and so much more.

5. Watch the Clouds
Watching the clouds is a lot of fun any day of the week. However, it can be a lot more exciting when it comes to windy days. This is largely because the clouds move much faster than they normally would. Kids can observe the difference in the clouds and make notes of them. On top of that, they can enjoy the tranquil nature of the clouds passing over head. Another great thing to incorporate into cloud watching is also racing. Everyone can choose one cloud and watch it pass by to see which cloud is going the fastest. Kids will love the competition while also finding joy in the changing world. You can safely do this activity from inside the home or vehicle, especially if the wind is too bad for outdoor play.

6. Create a Sail Boat
Airplanes aren’t the only fun to be had when it comes to windy days. A sail boat can be equally fun to play with when it comes to the wind. The best thing about sail boats is you can make so many different kinds, which will allow children to explore the world around them. When it comes to making the sail boat, you can find all sorts of supplies around the house. For instance, a cork, toothpick and piece of paper will make an adorable sail boat that will quickly win races. Children can experiment with which objects float and so much more, which will help them learn quite a bit. When the boat is complete, they can easily race them in the wind. A pond, kiddie pool and so on are all you really need for this activity. Of course, if the wind picks up too much, you can also race these boats in the tub.

7. Blow Bubbles
Bubbles are a fun activity any day of the week. However, they can be even more exciting when it comes to windy days. Children can watch their bubbles soar through the air, which might create a sense of magic in them. Of course, you should definitely monitor to make sure your child isn’t going to end up with a face full of bubbles when they go out. If you want to save even more money on this activity, then you can make your own bubbles. You can also make own your bubble wands to add even more shapes and sizes to add to the excitement.

8. Create Prayer Flags
One craft that might not initially cross your mind is prayer flags. These don’t have to be religious based if you choose not to make them so. Prayer flags tend to be a Buddhist tradition, but they can easily become your own family tradition too. All you need is colored fabrics to get started on this task. You can use the traditional colors and symbols, or you can make the flags entirely your own with your favorite colors and inspiring messages. You can choose from dying your own fabrics or using old clothing and more for the flags. Once you’ve completed your flags then hang them outside. They will create a beautiful setting all year round. However, when it is windy they will be particularly beautiful as they blow around. If they get loose then don’t fret. The hopeful messages you added to the flags will help to bring someone peace and joy. You never know, you might make a difference in someone’s life without even knowing it.

9. Wind Based Experiments
When it comes to windy days, you’re bound to find some scientific fun that children will absolutely enjoy. You can base your experiments around your child’s age to ensure that they have fun while learning a lot of new knowledge that can help them in life. One great place to start is learning wind direction. There are a lot of experiments children can do in order to figure this out, but nothing works quite like wetting the finger to feel for direction. Your children might be interested in learning what exactly wind is and what it does, too. This is a great research project that can open doors to all sorts of new and fun activities. On top of that, kids can learn all about wind power. For instance, children might want to learn how it works or even try to engineer their own windmill to see how it works in a real-life setting. The science projects are endless, so let your children have some fun with it all.

10. Talk About Wind Safety
Even though there is a lot of fun to be had with the wind, there is also a lot of hazards involving it too. So, when the weather gets to be a bit too windy, you might want to go over the safety rules. If the wind is too high, make sure you go over safety procedures for shelter and when you should and shouldn’t go out. You should also go over criteria for tornadoes, because you never know when one might strike. Another concept to go over is first aid for wind related injuries. For instance, you might want to go over what you should do if you get dirt in your eyes and so on. This should help children and the whole family feel prepared when it comes to wind trouble.

When it comes to windy days, you don’t have to let boredom take over. These easy tips will make the whole family enjoy the day while ensuring that you won’t have any complaints. With any luck, future windy days are bound to be fresh and exciting, opposed to a day where everyone feels confined to the home.

Frugal Ways to Celebrate National Sibling Day for Young and Old

Whether you’re best friends with your siblings or you try to refrain from a battle royale every time you’re around each other, there is a reason to celebrate your relationship on National Sibling Day. You don’t have to shower your siblings in gifts on this day though, which will suit your budget. There are a few fun things you can do that will save you some money while allowing you to have fun with the people that you grew up with. So, on April 10, you might want to take some time out of your life to have a bit of fun on this amazing holiday designed just for you and your siblings.

1. Recreate Photos
Chances are, you’ve probably caught whim of the photo recreations that have been buzzing around the internet lately. This is actually quite simple to do if you choose the right photo. Your best option is to choose a picture with simple props and clothing that can be recreated with ease. Then, all you have to do is recreate the poses you and your siblings had. Once the photo is snapped, you can move on to something else. This is certain to help you have some fun with each other, while allowing you to recall all of the awkward moments you had with each other. If you’re pranksters, then you can swap out the recreation photos with the old photos in your parents’ home, to see how long it takes them to notice. You can also create a book of photo recreations, which are bound to be a laugh when you go over them in the future.

2. Give Each Other a Call
Sometimes, life really gets in the way of keeping in touch with family. Thus, you might want to use National Sibling Day as an excuse to pencil in a call to your siblings. If you’re all on social media, then you can always create a group chat so you can see and speak to each other at the same time. This is a good way to catch up with each other while having a little fun. Of course, you can always call one another the old-fashioned way and talk for a bit. If you and your siblings aren’t exactly chatty then send a text their way to let them know you’re thinking about them on National Sibling Day. This should help to improve your relationship and might even spark more contact between everyone.

3. Special Sibling Meal
One of the best ways to bond with your siblings is to sit down and have a meal together. You might start by agreeing on a restaurant. However, if you tend to feud often over your options, it might be best to choose a place that is nostalgic to your childhood. If you’d prefer to save some money, then grab some supplies to make one of your favorite childhood meals. You can cook and each together to ensure you have spent some time together. If you’re helping your own children celebrate sibling day then you can cook fun foods that offer a connection between the two of them. This should help make their day special while allowing them to form a closer bond.

4. Family Feud
Nothing says family fun, quite like the iconic game Family Feud. There are so many ways for your siblings to get in on the game with you. You can purchase the board game and bring it home for a fun evening shared together. If you live far apart, then you can download an app and play online together. You might even come up with your own rendition of Family Feud, which can be played whenever you feel like it. This game helps to bring everyone closer together while helping to ease tension. You will be surprised by how much fun you can have while answering questions and teaming up with your ultimate team, your siblings. If you have a big family, then group your siblings as a team and have all of your children work together on an opposing team. This should bring even more fun to the next generation while encouraging them to bond, too.

5. Shop for Mother’s/Father’s Day
If your family tends to be on the last-minute side of the spectrum, then you will definitely benefit from shopping for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day while celebrating Sibling’s Day. You might make a plan to meet up at the mall or other shopping area to get to work. In order to save some money, everyone can even go in on one gift. This should make the shopping experience a lot more fun and will ensure you don’t have to worry about anything until next year. You might want to make a tradition of doing this, so you won’t forget another parental holiday again. Your parents will certainly love to hear that you’re uniting, which is a gift in itself. If you have children, then you might use this day to have them craft together for holiday gifts.

6. Channel Your Childhood
When it comes to siblings, it is often fun to look back on the things you used to do for entertainment. In order to celebrate the holiday, you might want to consider going back to some of your old haunts. For instance, you can meet up at a park you used to frequent. You might even bring your own children to experience the fun you once had at the park. You can also go back in time and watch some of your favorite movies together. Add some of your favorite childhood snacks and drinks to the mix and you’ll be on the right train to nostalgia city. You might even consider sharing traditions you once enjoyed with your siblings. One such example is going out for ice cream together to celebrate getting along.

7. Battle It Out
Let’s face it, we don’t always see eye to eye with our siblings. From sibling rivalry to personality differences, you might find a lot of pent up aggression for your sibling at times. Thus, having a battle royale might be one of the best ways to celebrate Siblings Day. You can choose from some of your favorite activities to help you do this too. For instance, if you grew up paintballing then book a session and have some fun. You might also consider a water balloon battle for a cheaper option. This is great for siblings of all ages too, which will add to the fun. Of course, you should always make safety a priority and hug it out when you’re finished blowing off steam.

8. Share Your Feelings
It is often hard to be straight forward when it comes to the nice things about our siblings. So, this holiday you might sit down with a piece of paper and write your sibling a letter mapping out everything you like about them and how they influenced your childhood. You can also do this by simply having a conversation or offering compliments throughout the day. This activity works great for kids too and can even help form a deep bond that will cancel out any fighting they might undergo. Younger children can even draw pictures of their siblings to help breach the gap and show affection. Sharing feelings can be very powerful, so make sure to be open to comments you give and receive.

9. Take Advantage of Deals
You might not think much of Sibling’s Day, but there are some great deals that might change your mind. Although the holiday isn’t top of the tier and more often than not it gets swept under the rug, you’ might find that there are some hidden gems if you look hard enough. A lot of restaurants love to give BoGo deals for siblings. You might luck out and get extra fries, a free ice cream cone, or even a free cup of coffee. The deals change every year, but you might look around at hints from last year’s deals so you’ll be ready to jump on any deals that might soon be available. This is a great way to cash in on your relationship while saving some money.

10. Eat Together
Eating as a family is one of the most important things that you can do. You don’t have to make it a Special Sibling Meal though. Instead, you can work on sharing some food while catching up with one another. You might even host the dinner at your parent’s home to make it even more special and inclusive. Everyone can work on the same meal by pitching in some of the work, may it be cooking or cleaning. Once the meal is ready, put your devices up, and enjoy one another’s company. You might even consider hosting a picnic or barbeque. As long as you’re eating and bonding, the holiday will certainly be a success. This activity is great for all ages too, so try to make it a heartwarming experience that kids will love to share in the future.

Siblings’ Day is the perfect time to celebrate the people that have seen you at your best and worst. Although we may not realize it, they contribute so much to the person we are, which makes them incredibly important. So, don’t let your bond fade. Instead, make sure you enjoy the best Siblings’ Day around with these ten ideas.