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Ten Natural Ways You Can Improve Fertility for Less

March 18 is the Goddess of Fertility Day, which is a special occasion designed to celebrate all of the goddesses of lore who were said to boost fertility. In order to celebrate this occasion, you might wonder how you can boost your own fertility. Of course, there are always statues and myths from ancient days to try out. You could also spend a boatload of money on treatments. However, if you’re looking to stay on a budget and use science to help you out, then these ten ideas should certainly help you boost your fertility without forcing you to spend a fortune. You might even feel a lot healthier after giving some of these ideas a try.

1. Eat a Larger Breakfast
When you think of fertility, breakfast probably isn’t something that would come to mind. However, a big breakfast might be the key to helping your fertility levels thrive. Scientists recently did a study on this and found that a big breakfast can help give your system the boost it needs to function properly. It has even help to reduce the side effects of PCOS, which is known to cause infertility in women. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should load up on sugary cereals and other unhealthy meals. Try to keep things healthy as much as you can. You should also balance your calorie intake, so you don’t over do it during the day. Try starting the day off with a big breakfast then end it with a light lunch and medium sized dinner. This should help keep you full and will also suit your fertility needs.

2. Alter Your Diet
Diet can be key when it comes to many aspects of your health. So, it’s not a surprise that your diet can really harm or improve your fertility. One of the best things you can do for your body in the long run is cut out processed foods. These foods shouldn’t belong in your diet to begin with, so cutting these foods from your diet can truly transform your ability to conceive. A few other things you should cut out are carbs, dairy and non-fermented soy products. This will help regulate hormones and weight. You should pick up some of these foods when you do become pregnant though, so don’t knock them out completely. Eating more vegetable proteins during the week and cutting back on meat, particularly red meats, will also lend a helping hand. Ditching caffeine and alcohol is a must too. Your diet should be filled with fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and plenty of fiber. Ensuring you have enough iron is also important, as anemia can force your fertility to drop.

3. Take a Multivitamin
One of the best ways to boost your fertility is to take a multivitamin. This will help fill in the gaps of your diet, which will help keep your body in a healthy state. Often, women aren’t getting the B vitamins they need to keep their reproductive system healthy. Most multivitamins will cover the vitamins you need, which will ensure you will gain a fertility boost. B vitamins help to convert your food into energy too, so you will feel more confident and energized during intimate moments. You might check to make sure your vitamins contain iron too, as anemia might hold you back. If you aren’t certain which vitamin you should take, then it might be best to stick with a prenatal vitamin. This will give you everything you need and will help the future baby get the appropriate nutrients as soon as conception occurs.

4. Natural Supplements
It doesn’t matter where you come from, chances are you’ve probably heard of natural remedies for just about ever illness known to man. Although many of these remedies aren’t true, there are some supplements that might help improve your fertility. You might talk to your family to see what they used while getting pregnant, as many family members will love sharing their secrets with you. Even if the remedy doesn’t work, the community vibes might help to put you in a good place for when you do have a baby. There are some herbal supplements that some doctors have given the green light to. You might do a little research to see which will suit your needs the best.

5. Achieve a Healthy Weight
Your weight might be holding you back when it comes to your reproductive health. Sometimes, excess weight can cause underlying health problems which might cause your body to hold off on ovulating and more. The weight can also cause a hormonal imbalance, which will make it even harder to get pregnant. One of the best things you can do is start working out and dieting to achieve a healthier weight. You might be surprised by how much a few pounds can do. Losing weight will also help with the health of you and the baby when you do become pregnant. Living a healthier life before pregnancy will help you maintain the routine during and after pregnancy, so you can bounce back from your pregnancy faster.

6. Exercise
Exercising is one of the best ways to help your body get into shape while improving your fertility. Exercise not only improves your health but will help you raise your confidence too. With more confidence, you’ll feel better in intimate moments, which can actually help improve your confidence quite a bit. Exercise can help prevent ailments that might cause your fertility to decline. Best of all, it will keep you at a healthier weight, so you can move through your pregnancy in a healthy manner. Ensuring you have exercise habits in place will help you exercise throughout your pregnancy too, which is good for you and the baby.

7. Learn About Your Medication
Unfortunately, if you are on medication then you might be causing your own infertility without even knowing it. If you’re having trouble in this area, then do a quick search on the medications you are on. If one is known to reduce fertility, then you might talk to your doctor to see if you can change to something else during this period of your life. Your doctor might also be able to give you some insight into your medications just in case you don’t find any information about them causing infertility. Sometimes, it is a combination of medications that is causing the problem. Another issue you might consider when it comes to your medication is what you’ll be able to take while you’re pregnant. For instance, many doctors will ask you to ditch allergy medications while pregnant. So, you might move towards eliminating such medications while trying to get pregnant.

8. Know Your Cycle
One of the best ways to increase your fertility is to know your body’s cycle. This might sound intimidating, but it is actually easier than you might think. All you have to do is track the days of your period as well as the days that you are sexually active. There are many apps that will actually help you with this, which can truly come in handy. Once you input your period, the app will automatically calculate your ovulation date. Of course, the longer you use the app, the more accurate it will get, so don’t expect results that are on the spot during your first month of use. These apps can actually save you a lot of money as you won’t have to purchase ovulation tests if the app seems accurate to you. Of course, you shouldn’t rely completely on the app. Your body will give you many signs that you are fertile, so learn to read yours. Between the app and your own knowledge, you should be able to master when your body is ready.

9. Plan Sex
One of the best things you can do while trying to conceive is plan sex. Sometimes, fertility issues are merely timing, so don’t get discouraged. The first thing you need to do is figure out your ovulation schedule. This can be done with an app, physical signs and ovulation strips. Generally, you will have about a week’s window for ovulation, so start having sex a few days before and continue on for a few days after. You shouldn’t have sex every day either, which is a popular misconception. Instead, plan to have sex once every other day. This will improve sperm count, which will make you more likely to conceive during your window. By planning out your intimate moments, you should have more control over your fertility, which could help you get pregnant a lot easier.

10. See Your Doctor
If you think you are having trouble with your fertility, then your best option is to see your doctor. Your doctor will be able to steer you along the right path if fertility isn’t an issue. The doctor will also be able to run tests to see if you or your partner is actually having fertility or other health problems. Sometimes, there are small problems that need addressed before you can go on to conceive. There are also medications that might help you along the way before you turn to more intensive treatments like IVF.

Fertility problems can cause a lot of distress, but there are a few ways for you to increase your chance of having a baby. These tips offer cheap ways that might help you get on the right track to having a baby. With any luck, you’ll be well on your way to parenthood in no time at all. With Goddess of Fertility Day on its way, you might try out a couple new methods to help boost your chances quickly.