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Embrace Earth Day by Giving Your Kitchen an Eco and Budget Friendly Boost

Spring is the perfect time to celebrate planet Earth and all that she does for us. One of the best things you can do to help out and to prepare for the upcoming Earth Day is get your kitchen in order. Organizing, replacing supplies and cleaning in the kitchen are some of the best ways to start off your spring cleaning process. These ten ideas will help you not only improve on the functionality of your kitchen but will save you money in the long run while also preserving the planet. So, start the new season off right with these excellent tips.

1. Reverse Osmosis System
One of the best investments you can make for your home is an RO system. This product is hooked onto your home’s water system and usually has a base in the kitchen. The device itself will clear your water of impurities, which will make your tap water a quality that is equal or greater to bottled water. Since you won’t need bottles anymore, you’ll already be on your way to successfully saving money and improving the welfare of the planet. If you purchase some reusable bottles, you’ll be set for venturing outside of the house too. This water is great for rinsing foods and cooking as well, so your exposure to harmful water will be little to none. Best of all, the system is very easy to maintain, and filters won’t leave you hurting for money.

2. Grow Your Own Herbs
Another great thing you can do for your kitchen is start your own herb garden. You actually won’t have to spend a lot to do this either. In fact, you can use recycled containers to grow your herbs in. With a little creative energy, these containers will look great too. All you will need for this project is some basic potting soil, water, seeds and a place that will get enough light. Then, plant your seeds and watch them grow. You can cut your herbs as you need them, so they’ll always been incredibly fresh. The plants will also create a fresh vibe in the home, which is bound to make you feel amazing. You might even feel encouraged to cook more often, which is also great for the planet.

3. Avoid Plastic
It is incredibly easy to find plastic products for the kitchen. From your leftover containers and cooking utensils to packaging on food, it seems like plastic is everywhere that we look. In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly easy to ditch plastic for good though. For instance, many companies are now starting to use silicone as a way to create storage that can be used again and again for decades to come. Silicone food savers are simple to use and will allow you to store produce that has been sliced without losing the freshness or creating more bulk in your refrigerator. Glass is also becoming more popular when it comes to storage and cooking. If you’re looking for more efficient utensils, then you might check out wood or stainless options, which will last for generations if you care for them properly. Another new item on the market is beeswax wrap, which take the place of plastic wrap so you can store items or wrap up sandwiches for lunch. There are so many eco-friendly products that take the place of plastic that you won’t have to search far to find the right items.

4. Shop With Durability in Mind
It is easy to fall into trends when it comes to your kitchen’s supplies. There seems to be a new type of pan on the market every year. Unfortunately, these pans don’t always live up to the hype. Some might even cause you bodily harm due to chemicals that haven’t been tested over long periods of time. Your best option is to work with items that you know will last. Cast iron and copper pans are two of your best options when it comes to your cooking supplies. These items have been used for centuries and, as long as you care for them, will become a great addition to your grandchildren’s future homes. Cooking utensils are equally important so try to stick with wood, steel and bamboo. You might also follow suit when it comes to cutting boards, as wood and bamboo are easy to care for. Once you purchase the proper cooking supplies, you won’t have to shop again, which will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

5. Eco-Friendly Cleaning
Cleaning the kitchen is incredibly important, too. However, many of the cleaning supplies on the market today will leave you with chemicals that aren’t great for your family or the planet. There are a ton of natural brands on the market today, which will offer a flawless clean that will make you proud of your kitchen. You can check out reviews all over the internet. There are even some subscription services that will allow you to get more out of your cleaning supplies. When shopping for these products, you have to be careful though as many eco-friendly brands aren’t as helpful as they make their company out to be. On top of that, you might find that some brands aren’t cruelty free. So, do some research before you purchase. You can also stick to some of the classic cleaning options like vinegar, if you’re really hoping to save some money.

6. Recycling Center
Another great way to set your kitchen up for success is to come up with a great recycling center. Your set up can actually lead you to success when it come to recycling. You should make sure you have a space for cans, paper and plastics, if you tend to use a lot of the items. This doesn’t mean you have to have large cans inside. Try to keep things small and simple, as you can always take the recycling out at the end of the day. Another great idea is to set up a space for composting. This will help eliminate your space considerably. A compost is great for your garden too, so you will be doing your part to replenish instead of damage.

7. Recycled Products
Doing your part to recycle is amazing, but you might also want to take the time to find products on the market that are made from recycling. This will help complete the circle, which will make your kitchen function without waste. There are so many recycled products today that you will be surprised by what you can find. Sponges are one of the latest additions that are both durable and functional. These will help clean up dishes, but also work wonders on spills and more. Purchasing isn’t your only option when it comes to recycling. You can also use your own recyclables to make your kitchen more efficient. For instance, oatmeal containers are great for decorating and setting out for storage, plants and more. Foods that do come in plastic tubs can also be used store other food when the product runs out. The ideas are endless, so have fun with them.

8. Energy Efficient Options
If you’re having trouble with your appliances and an upgrade is in order, then you might look into energy efficient options in order to help conserve energy. There are so many options to choose from today. In fact, most larger appliances are energy efficient now, so you won’t have to look far to get what you need. You should still check into the item you plan to buy just to make sure that it will suit your needs and is also on the higher end of efficiency. Choosing an item like this will help cut back on power bills quite a bit, which is incredibly important for your budget. It isn’t just large appliances that have energy efficiency options though. In fact, you can choose smaller items that are ready to save you energy too. It is all a matter of looking around, so do your research before you spend a lot of money on a purchase.

9. Shop Bulk
When it comes to shopping for the home, one of the best things you can do is shop in bulk. These purchases won’t have as much packaging, which can help you cut back on wastes quite a bit. On top of that, it does help you save a lot of money. Some of the best items to shop for in bulk are produce and dried goods like beans and rice. You can even take in your own items to store these products to cut back on even more waste. Some stores are actually opening up that only allow you to shop using your storage. These are no waste stores, which are amazing for the environment and your pocket book. Although these stores aren’t popular just yet, you’ll find many of your favorite chains are implementing some of these tactics to help do their part and keep up with the competition.

10. Reduce Water Waste
Your kitchen probably goes through a lot of water in a day. Although some of the waste can’t be prevented, there are some things you can do to help cut back on wasting water in the long run. You can always reuse some of the water. For instance, if you rinse off your product or strain your pasta, you can put this water to good use. This water is safe to water plants with, so you won’t have to use up the water from outside. You can also cook with pasta water, as it helps to add flavor back into the dish. You should be careful about which water you reuse though, as some can be hazardous. There are lots of guidelines online to help you out. Another way to reduce waste is to use less when you can. For instance, don’t leave the water running when you clean your dishes. You also shouldn’t run your dishwasher unless it is completely full.

Giving your kitchen an eco-friendly makeover can actually be a lot of fun. You will love the energy of your new space and the feeling you get when you know you’re doing your part of help maintain a healthier planet. On top of that, you’ll see a huge change in spending, which is bound to make the changes even better.