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Frugal Ways to Support Your Local Library in Midst of Budget Cuts

Many of us have spent countless hours in a library. From hanging out at the school library during childhood to cramming for exams at the university’s library in early adulthood. These facilities ensure education is on the rise for so many. Unfortunately, libraries always seem to be on the chopping block when it comes to budgeting, lately. There are many things you can do to help out your local library though, which might not have dawned on your before. You may even find some of these actions are incredibly easy to try out. So, for National Library Week, you might want to take a break from you regular reading pattern and do something great for your local library to show your support of this incredibly important facility.

1. Volunteer
The first thing you should consider doing when it comes to most projects like this is volunteer your time. Volunteering is incredibly resourceful and can help the library in so many ways. Since there are so many budget cuts, the library might not be able to pay people to man the shelves every day of the week. Your librarian might be willing to train you to put away books, which will help the library out immensely. You can also help direct patrons in the right direction when it comes to books, media and general questions. Another option is to help out with classes that the library offers. This is especially important when it comes to the library’s summer program, as managing children can be tough on no budget. Another option is to host your own class to help bring in some revenue. The library often allows people to use their private lecture rooms for book clubs, crafting and everyday skills. So, if you have an idea let the librarian know. You might be able to help out more than you expect.

2. Donate
It might seem like a no-brainer that donations are always appreciated when it comes to the library. However, there are more ways to donate than simply handing over money. This is great for people that might not have money to spend on such a thing. However, if you do wish to donate money, talk to your librarian as there is generally a path you have to follow to do so. The library is always in need of supplies to keep it running though. You might consider going through your old books to see if there are any that look fine enough to donate to the library. Another great item to donate is computers. However, the library might have certain criteria to meet when it comes to technology. Crafting supplies are also appreciated for children’s programs. If you have a child in the program, then you might talk to the librarian to see what they are short on and bring the items along to the class.

3. Talk to Representatives
Your representatives can play a major role in the decisions that affect your library’s budget. So, it is important that you make yourself heard as loud and as frequently as possible. Most representatives will have a public number, so make sure to call them up and tell them how you feel about the matter. You can leave voice messages or keep trying if you can’t seem to get through. Emails are another great option to help get your message across, which is amazing for lifestyles of this day and age. Of course, if you want to keep it formal, you can always write to your representatives, too. There are even apps that will turn your text messages into faxes, which will go directly to your representative. The important thing is to be active during this time, so make sure your voice is heard. You might even consider organizing a peaceful protest, if you feel your needs are being ignored. However, make sure you are aware of the laws before you do such a thing.

4. Use your Library
Believe it or not, but one of the best ways to help your library is to actually use it. Instead of hanging out at home, devote an hour or two to the library, so the resources offered won’t go to waste. While you’re there, enjoy the classes they offer, use the media room and check out books. The more people use libraries, the more important they will look on the budget. Plus, using the library is absolutely free, so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune there. You’ll be able to read, work and enjoy your favorite hobbies in a quiet environment. After you get into a routine of going to the library, you might find that it suits you more than you thought possible.

5. Participate in National Library Legislative Days
One of the best ways to understand more about the library, its budget cuts and how you can help is to Participate in the National Library Legislative Days. This event usually happens during National Library week, but you should make sure to check out dates every year, just to make sure. Although the convention is held in a certain area, you can access some of the discussions online. This event can be a great asset when it comes to fighting for your library and learning more about what is planned to happen to local and national facilities throughout the year. So, stay educated and you will go far with you plan to keep your local library open.

6. Take to Social Media
Social media plays a huge role in the lives of so many today. This is one of the main reasons you should use your social media accounts to help support your local library and libraries across the country. Many people don’t realize that a library is in danger until it is too late. So, by posting about the issue online, you are certainly helping others to learn and spread the news too. In order to spread your message further, make sure to use hashtags, so other people can find the post. You should also make your post public to ensure others can see it and share it with ease.

7. Join Friends of the Library
There is a program that is located in most communities that actually helps the library. It is called the Friends of the Library and it will allow you to enjoy your local library while helping it in so many ways. This group is not just important for your local library, but it can also be a great asset for you. For starters, you’ll find that this group will help you to join in on fundraisers without forcing you to go it alone. You will also have support in volunteering and advocating for the library. With the support from your local chapter, you will feel empowered to help out the library, which will definitely make your passion for helping out this important facility even more rewarding. There is plenty of information about this group online, so do a quick search to find out what you need to do to join your local chapter.

8. Engage in Activities
Local libraries try to set up fun activities for patrons, so make sure to take part in them whenever you can. Often, classes are free, but in some cases you will have to pay a small fee. Generally, the fee goes towards materials or the teacher, so you might make sure to offer a little extra when you can that will go towards the library. Taking part in classes show an interest in the library though, which does a lot for the library as a whole. Attending these activities and sharing them with others will help encourage enrollment too, as well as participation in everything else that the library offers. You might try following your local library on your favorite social media medium, in order to learn what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

9. Respect the Library
It might seem like common knowledge, but respecting your library is one of the best ways to help you do your part. When you check out a book, be courteous about it. Make sure you turn it on time and if you can’t, pay the fee promptly. If you damage a book, then pay for it to be replaced so that other people can enjoy the book. Make sure to use your time wisely when using a computer at the library, so that others can use the equipment too. You should also make sure to clean up after yourself and your family. Don’t leave trash around, return magazines to the designated area and never place a book back on the shelf after checking it out. This should help your library save money and stress.

10. Talk to the Staff
One sure fire way to help out the library is to stop and talk to the staff. No one will know what the library needs more than the important people that keep your library up and running each day. You might be surprised by what they tell you. Once you have the right information, start from there. This might mean volunteering, advocating or anything else you can think of. Of course, talking to the staff is a great way to get to know the people that work so hard to ensure you have a library in your community. You might be surprised by how much they know, which will make you want to fight harder for your library.

Saving libraries is a crucial task that everyone should be on board with. If you want to stand up for your libraries, or merely celebrate them during National Library week, then these ten options are a great place to start. You’ll be surprised by how much you can do, if you simply aim to try to help out.

Fun and Frugal April Fool’s Ideas to Help Kids Enjoy the Occasion

April Fools Day is rapidly approaching, which makes it the perfect time to start planning out some fun pranks. This day can be hard for kids, because knowing limitations while coming up with resources for pranks can be a little hard. Luckily, there are a lot of great ways that your kids can celebrate the holiday, so that everyone can have a little fun. These ten ideas are only scratching the surface of what you’ll be able to do with your kids and their love for pranks. So, check a few off of the list, so everyone can enjoy a fun and harmless holiday that will make lasting memories.

1. Green Food
Turning foods green can really cause some puzzled looks from anyone unaware of what’s going on. One fun way to freak out your child’s friends is to add some food coloring to their sandwich bread. Try to make the coloring resemble mold as best as you can. When your child pulls out the food to eat, all eyes will be on them. Another great option is to add some broccoli to the end of a stick. Then cover it with lollipop wrappers. Kids can pass out the faux lollipops at school. If you want to pull a prank on your kids or help one sibling prank the others, then there are still lots of options. For instance, you can help your child whip up green eggs and ham for breakfast. Another fun idea is to replace a snack size back of chips with celery or other green vegetables. You can seal it back with glue and place it in your child’s lunch. These green tricks are certain to bring some laughs.

2. Gross Slime
Let’s face it, kids thrive on gross things, which is why making gross slime is one of the best things you can do for April Fool’s Day. All you have to do is follow a simple recipe for slime and then work with it to suit your needs. For instance, if you’re looking to make some green snot slime, then you simply add some green food coloring until it reaches the best consistency. Another great option is fake vomit. All you’ll need for this is the same slime recipe, food coloring to make gross colors like brown or green and something that resembles chunks. You can even use real food, like corn, to make the mix even more disgusting. Kids will love placing their slime around the house or at school for a few gross outs and laughs.

3. Spilled Drinks
There’s no reason to cry over spilled milk, but sometimes the mess can cause a lot of frustration. That is why making spilled drink pranks is a great April Fool’s Day idea. You can go about this in many ways, but one of the best is to make slime and attach it to a cup or mug. Making slime look like drinks is actually quite easy. For instance, all you need for milk is a basic slime recipe made with white glue. Soft drinks are a breeze too. Once the drink is made, kids can place it anywhere. One of the best places to get a reaction is on top of electronics or furniture though. Kids are bound to have fun goofing off with this prank all year round.

4. Battery Removal
If you want to keep things simple, then battery removal is one of the best ways to help your kids prank the other children in the house or even your spouse. All you have to do is walk around the house and remove batteries from a variety of the items. If you really want to have some fun then remove the batteries from the remote control, a wireless controller or even a wireless mouse. It will take most people a few moments to figure out what is going on, which is bound to bring some laughter. If the household uses a clock often, then you can always remove the items from that too, in order to cause some confusion over the time.

5. Balloon pranks
You would be amazed by how much fun your kids can have with balloons, especially when it comes to pranks. One of the easiest balloon pranks is to add a balloon or two under the couch cushions. If the item goes unnoticed then it will make a loud popping sound when someone sits down. You can also place balloons inside of things. For instance, a balloon under the toilet seat is bound to bring to some surprise. If you have space in your refrigerator then this can be fun too. You can also fill a pantry, closet or even a car with balloons for a quick laugh. If you are particularly crafty, you can fill a pillowcase with balloons and see who falls for it. There are so many great ideas, so surf around online if you’re looking for innovative ways to be tricky with balloons this holiday.

6. Solidified Food
Food tends to be one of the easiest prank ideas when it comes to youngsters, so have some fun with this trick because it is one of the cheapest options. One great idea is to have one of your kids get breakfast ready for his or her siblings. This is as easy as pouring a bowl of cereal with milk and then placing it in the freezer. When morning arrives, kids will dive into their food but won’t be able to get very far. You can also fill a cup with Jell-O that resembles your child’s favorite beverage or even your spouse’s morning cup of coffee. When the person goes to drink, nothing will come out, which is certain to cause confusion. Another option is to simply serve plastic food to see how long it takes for someone to notice.

7. Take Over the Bathroom
The bathroom is a prime place to pull off some master pranks that won’t cost you a fortune. One of the first pranks to try out is adding a color tab or gel food coloring to a faucet. When someone turns it on, the water will appear to be that color. You can also fill up an old soap or shampoo container with water so that no one will be able to create lather. If you use bar soap, then use clear nail polish to coat it so the soap won’t work. For a more surprising prank, add a piece of tape to the faucet so it sprays someone when they turn it on. You might also consider putting plastic wrap on the toilet or adding a rubber band to keep it closed. Without a doubt, this is only the beginning of possibilities when it comes to the bathroom, so help your child come up with innovative ways to explore their mischievous side.

8. Upside Down Décor
Sometimes, the quickest way to get to someone without them realizing what is going on is to alter their surroundings. One of the easiest ways to pull this off is to turn décor upside down. You might start by helping your child turn pictures the opposite way. Once this is done, move on to other pieces of art, clocks, sculptures and so on. It might take some family members a while to pinpoint what is going on in their world but watching them put their finger on it will certainly be hilarious.

9. Fake Bugs
Fake bugs are probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, but they never seem to go out of style. Best of all, fake bugs are incredibly cheap, so you can purchase lots of them without breaking the bank. Fake bugs can be used in all sorts of situations. For instance, you can place them in cereal for a surprise in the morning. They can be put in bags, clothing and toys. You can also drop them on people as you pass by. Kids will love thinking of fun ways to use their toy bugs to pranks their parents, siblings and friends. You might even notice they use their screen time less, because they’re so busy having fun with their fake bugs.

10. Googly Eyes
You would be amazed by how much fun kids can have with some googly eyes. Sure, these pranks might not bring lots of laughs, but they’re a great option for little kids hoping to have a little fun. Googly eyes can be placed on just about everything under the sun, which makes them a great way for your child to exercise some creativity. One example is placing some eyes on the fruit in your child’s lunch box. Kids can even make large googly eyes to place on shrubbery and so on. Typically, smaller googly eyes are cheap to purchase, but you can also make your own from scratch if you want children to get even more in depth with their pranks.

April Fool’s Day can be a lot of fun for kids if they have a little guidance in the matter. These fun tricks will have your whole family laughing as they discover all of the pranks that they’ve left for each other. Without a doubt, you’ll find the holiday to be a great bonding experience for the whole household.

Celebrate Being a Woman by Joining One of These Frugal Hobby Clubs

March is National Women’s History Month, but you might want to spend the time thinking about the women of the present. This includes yourself. One of the best things for women to get into is a club or two that helps with socialization and blowing off some steam. Unfortunately, finding a club you like can be a bit of a chore. On top of that, it might cost you quite a bit of money in the long run. So, you might want to check out these ten club ideas to help you find an option that is affordable and fun. These options are also easy if you’re looking to start your own club to support other women while improving your quality of life.

1. Book Club
One of the easiest and most common clubs is the book club. Many people flock to book clubs because it offers a lot of flexibility. For instance, you can join an online book club, a store-based book club or start your own. You can also base your club choice on what types of books you’d like to read, so you know you won’t get into something you won’t enjoy. Some book clubs do have an admission fee, while others will only cost you the price of the book. However, if you’re fast, you might be able to find the book you desire at the library, so you won’t have to spend a dime. Book clubs are popular because reading helps to expand the mind. On top of that, book clubs offer social interactions that not only fulfil your social needs but will also encourage deeper thinking. You might even find the content you read and discuss provides you with support that you’ve been looking for in your life.

2. Walking Club
If exercise is what you’re lacking in life, then you might want to look into a walking club. You can find a club for speed walking, hiking, or simply get a few friends together to walk around the block a few times. A walking club typically cost you nothing, unless there are fees for walking in national parks and so on. Best of all, joining this club will help you to stay healthier so you can feel at your best. Walking clubs are great for blowing off steam too, as you’ll have plenty of people to talk to if you need to chat. Of course, it will also make you feel a bit safer as you walk as there is more safety when traveling in numbers, opposed to walking on your own. Walking clubs are a great idea for women because they are easy to pencil into your schedule in most cases and often you can find a group of like-minded people to go with, which means you might not have to find a babysitter for this club.

3. Embroidery
Another hobby that gives back to club members is embroidery. Starting or joining an embroidery club can be one of the most beneficial things to get into because the hobby won’t cost you a small fortune. Instead, you’ll be able to purchase supplies for a monthly project without having to worry about not being able to afford food and other forms of entertainment. Embroidering with a group of people also allows you to talk while you work, which can help you blow off steam. You will also be privy to getting a bit of help from others that might be more experienced in the craft. You may even be able to share patterns to save even more money. Best of all, this craft can be done in just about any environment, which is certain to make planning a lot easier.

4. Yoga
If you’re ready to improve the quality of your body and the peacefulness of your mind, then a yoga club might be another great option to look into. Sometimes, joining a yoga club will require you to pay for studio time and lessons, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, if you work with the club, you might find a way to make the group work for free, with the exception of supplies like yoga mats and workout clothes. The club can easily teach each other moves and work on correcting postures without a professional hanging around. You can also enjoy the club in your home, other people’s homes and outside. You can use yoga videos online to help make the entire club flow perfectly. Before you know it, you’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll even make some new friends in the process.

5. Wine and Dinner Club
Cooking might not seem like a lot of fun when you’re looking for a way to support your interests and mental wellbeing. However, cooking with a club can truly transform the way you cook and eat. These clubs usually require the club to decide on a meal and then everyone chips in for the groceries. Once you’re all together, you work on the recipe until its time to eat. This is a great learning experience as it gives you the chance to try out recipes you would have never thought to try. You will also learn new styles and interesting cooking techniques from different cultures. If you don’t have your own recipe to share, then the club can work on one you found online. You will be able to support each other’s cooking skills while talking a mile a minute about whatever is on your mind. Best of all, when the meal is complete, you’ll get to eat it without disruption, apart from laughter. Of course, you will also get to try out new wines here, which should help lift your spirits.

6. Acting
Believe it or not but acting can be one of the best ways to help you feel amazing. On top of being a lot of fun, acting can help you overcome shyness, social anxiety, memory problems and so much more. You can join any local troupe, but you might have fun with an all women club, especially if you reverse roles and have women play every character. Of course, you don’t have to stick to typical acting either. You might also try improv as a way to blow off steam and improve your flexibility in life. Generally, joining a local theater group won’t cost you much and may even help you to make more friends.

7. Artistic
There are so many different artistic clubs that you can join or start. You might consider sticking with some of the cheaper options though. One example is to join a club for writing. You can share your own writing with others and help to critique their work. This is an amazing way to improve your own skills while finding ways to make your writing more prominent in your community. Another fun option is to join a group for painting or photography. Working with others can improve your work but will also help you to learn more about others while enjoying your favorite hobby. You can also join a club that tries a new artistic activity every week or month. This will help you explore the world of pottery, knitting, painting and more. Of course, these clubs might cost you a bit more, but it’ll certainly be worth it as you will feel happier.

8. Gardening
Gardening clubs are another popular option that many people overlook. Gardening clubs come in all shapes and sizes too. For instance, you might join a club that spends a little time in one person’s garden each week then transitions to another’s the following week and so on. This can be helpful if you have trouble getting your garden up to par. Another option is to meet up in a community garden to work, which is a popular option for people living in cities. Of course, some gardening clubs also meet up at greenhouses and other appropriate venues to learn about plants and gardening.

9. Musical
Another club that really suits the budget is anything involving music. You have a lot of options to choose from here, too, which gives you wiggle room to explore your own needs or desires. If you already know how to play an instrument, then consider joining a local orchestra or start your own band. To make it even more exciting, go with an all-female crew. You might also consider joining a chorus. You can find these all over the place, including churches or personal groups. Another great option, especially if you love pop music, is to start a karaoke club. You can grab the girls and go to an establishment that has karaoke or you can perform in the comfort of your home or some else’s home from the club. Using music to channel your inner self can do wonders for your health, so have fun with it.

10. Volunteer
Another great way to enjoy your free time while also doing your part to make the world a better place, is to start or join a volunteer club. These clubs are designed to help you get out in the world and put your body to work to help other’s in need. Volunteer clubs will set you up with a group of people that you will work with, so you’ll have a familiar group of peers to have your back if in need. You can choose a wide variety of volunteer options, or simply go where the club sends you. You might find that volunteering with others is more fun and rewarding than you ever thought possible.

Joining a club can be one of the best ways to celebrate your unique identity while helping you to get the socialization and stimulation you need out of life. These ten club ideas are just scratching the service. However, they are also great ways to help you find a cheap way to kill some time and socialize with others. Women truly thrive when they join a club, so don’t let anything hold back your desire to join in.

Cheap Ways to Give Your Garden an Upscale Makeover Just in Time For Spring

If you’re excited about spring weather, then you might already be planning a few new ways to spice up your garden. It is incredibly easy to spend a small fortune on your garden without even planning on it. This is especially true if you’re working to get your garden together. Luckily, there are so many things you can do to create a stunning garden on a budget that won’t keep you longing for more. So, get ready for the warm weather so you can truly make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

1. DIY Trellis
A trellis is a simple way to add charm to just about any space. If you have a shed, gazebo or empty exterior wall of your home, then you’ve got the perfect place for a trellis. You can actually purchase lattice to help get your trellis started. However, if you want to keep things cheaper or you want to have more control over your designs, then you have a lot of options. One is to simply use some scrap wood to help you out. You can assemble it with staples or thin nails and then attach it to the home. Old branches are also a fun option, especially if you’re working with ivy or heavier plants. Of course, if you want to keep things even more artistic, you can purchase special kits that allow you to hook vines on the wall in a specific design, which will encourage plants to grow in that manner.

2. Recycled Pots
Plants can be one of the most important elements of a garden, but constantly buying pots can be expensive. This is especially true if you’re purchasing heavy duty pots that are designed to look great and stand the tests of time. You can truly do a lot of amazing things using recycled pots though. Try looking for old pots at thrift stores or use your imagination to create fun pots that will stand out in your garden. For instance, if you have old toys, you can easily turn them into a planter. A dump truck, for instance, can have the back filled with soil for a simple style that looks great. You can also paint some of your old pots to give them new life. This is especially fun if you have children that love to help out with such crafts.

3. Reuse Old Mail Boxes
Another fun wait to add a bit of rustic charm to the garden is to utilize old mailboxes. You can find these items in junk yards, thrift stores and even from your own home. Old mailboxes can be helpful in many ways. If the mail boxes open from the top, you can easily use it as a planter box. Mailboxes that require a stand are perfect for storing items. You can keep your tools and gloves in these boxes, so you have quick access to them without leaving them exposed to the elements. These mailboxes can also be painted to add even more charm to your yard.

4. Stylish Bird Feeders
Bird feeders can be one of the best ways to add a little flair to your garden. You can create a bird feeder out of so many things too, which will add to the fun of creating the perfect garden. One of the best ways to create a bird feeder is to use your imagination. For instance, you can make plenty of bird feeders out of simply using wood and string. Birdhouses can add a touch of charm while acting as a feeder too. These will allow you to paint them to suit your personal needs. Of course, you don’t have to keep it conventional. You might consider purchasing old items from a thrift store like a chandelier or used toys. With a few DIY touch ups, these items can add so much to a yard. If you’re looking for quick ways to spice up the yard, then you might find thrift store feeders to do the trick.

5. Create Your Own Stepping Stones
Stepping stones can help keep people off of your grass while also allowing you to show off some personal style. You can make your own stepping stones in many ways, but one of the easiest is to simply buy a kit. This will give you the mixture and tools you need to create a variety of stones. Some people prefer kits because you will receive a mold that will make your stepping stones look exactly like stones. However, you can also use many other designs too. For instance, you can make foot prints to go along side the functional stones. You can also make stones with footprints in them. Another option is to coat large leaves with the mixture, so you have a stone with lots of beautiful and natural detailing.

6. Grow Up
Gardens can be a lot of fun to design, but many people tend to plan their garden outward. One great way to get more out of your garden without spending a fortune is to choose plants that grow up. These plants will help create a sense of tranquility in your space and are incredibly easy to care for in most cases. One example of this type of plant is bamboo. The plant will help knock out noises, so you’ll feel like you have your own personal oasis. On top of that, you will have a plant that cleans up the air and soil, which will help your other plants grow. Tall grass is another fun option that takes very little maintenance. You can truly do a lot with landscaping when it comes to this plant.

7. Build Your Own Furniture
Furniture is one of the best ways to make your garden your own special space. With the warm weather coming, you might be excited to finally be able to get outside. Don’t let your excitement get to the best of you though, as there is no reason to run out and buy a table set or other outdoor furniture. Instead, you can easily make your own for next to nothing. One of the best items to work with when it comes to making furniture for outside is old pallets. Sometimes, you can find these in junk yards. Some stores might even donate or sell the items to you if you talk to the manager. If you have no luck finding old pallets, then it’s pretty easy to build them on your own out of scrap wood. Once you have a few pallets, try to follow a tutorial for a design you enjoy. You can add to the frame with foam or pillow fluff covered in a waterproof fabric. Fabric and the wood used to make your furniture can be weatherproofed with a special spray too, so you won’t have to worry about your items getting ruined. There’s lots of furniture ideas online to choose from, so have some fun with the craft.

8. Paint Rocks
Rocks are pretty easy to come by and they can add so much to your garden if you know how to spice them up. One of the best ways to do this is to slap on some paint. The design ideas for this craft are pretty much limitless. You can paint the rocks your favorite colors, add your name or even turn them into your favorite characters or animals. Painted rocks can be used to spell out your address, your family name or even greetings for your guests. Some people will even use rocks to label the plants in their garden, which is a great way to prevent your labels from going missing.

9. Organize
One of the main problems that people run into when they work on their garden is organization. After everything is planted things can seem a little scattered, which might cause your garden to look less than spectacular. So, before you start working on your garden, you might make a game plan. Consider adding in special places for certain plants to grow. For instance, if you stack your plants it can create a great appearance that will make your plants easy to care for. You might also work on planting in a way that will look aesthetically appealing. One way to do this is to plant certain colors in a specific area or create a design with all of the colors. It’s important to also plant things where they will thrive, so make sure you do your research before planning big.

10. Build a Compost
If you’re looking to do more for your garden, then one of the best things you can do is build a compost. This will allow you to transform some of the waste you produce in the home into a fertilizer that will make your garden look exceptional. Building a compost isn’t hard either, which will make it even more valuable to you when you get it up and running. It’ll take a little while to see the rewards of the compost, but once you get it going and use it for your garden, you’re certain to notice a huge difference. Best of all, you’ll be able to help promote a healthier environment, which should make you feel pretty good.

Creating the perfect garden doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. These helpful tips will help you add some much-needed love to your garden without forcing you to go all out on new, expensive gardening supplies. Without a doubt, you’re bound to feel better about your garden’s appearance after trying out a few of these options to add the much-needed personal touch.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Child on Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

Absolutely Incredible Kids Day is practically upon us, which gives us a great chance to celebrate the brilliant children in our lives. Every child has the potential to be incredible on their own, so now is the best time to show them how important and amazing they truly are. Of course, there are many things parents, guardians and loved ones can do to help children reach their full potential on a daily basis. These tips won’t cost you a fortune and will help your children get a great start in life. So, use this special holiday to boost your child’s confidence, improve their chance of success and create a better environment for them, all while managing your budget.

1. Subscription Box
Subscription boxes are a huge hit these days. You can find them for just about everything too. Although clothes and toy subscriptions tend to be the most popular options, there are many subscriptions that can benefit your child’s mind and creativity too. Best of all, these crates work for children as young as 6 months and as old as college level students. So, you can find a little something for everyone. If you have kids similar in age, then they can always share a subscription to help save you money while also improving team working skills. There are lots of high rated crates too, so surf around and choose something you know will help your child’s mind soar. You’re bound to find tons of great crafts and STEM activities that you never knew were available to your little one.

2. Let Them Be Bored
It’s a common misconception that children need to have something to do throughout the day. Keeping up with your child’s boredom can cost you a small fortune and might prove to be fruitless anyway. Luckily, science has your back when it comes to your kids’ boredom. Instead of occupying their every waking hour, give them time to be bored. Boredom actually helpsto improve creativity and will teach your child brainstorming at a young age. This is one of the best ways to help with problem solving while helping to promote a growing brain. Plus, it is fun to watch your children and see what they come with up when they’re feeling bored. Sometimes, their ideas are nothing short of genius.

3. Give Them Chores
A lot of parents don’t like the idea of giving their child chores. However, this a great way to teach your child many lessons. For starters, chores help to instill a sense of responsibility in your child. This doesn’t mean you should have them doing everything in the house, but you can plan on assigning chores based on age, schedule and the days of the week. For instance, young children might start out by simply picking up their toys. Older children can cook once a week, do their own laundry and so on. This will help teach children what it takes to maintain a household. If you choose to give an allowance for chores, then you are also teaching your child the value of money. Don’t be afraid to revoke some allowance for chores your child doesn’t do too. Chores are also a great way to teach children the things they will need to become adults. Everyone needs to know how to cook and clean up after themselves, in order to be a success on their own.

4. Challenge Them
Every child is bound to be successful in one area or another. So, as the parent, you might help your child to explore new interests until they find what does spark their talents. Once you get there, help them to stay challenged in the activity. Your child should strive to move on to the next level, so they won’t grow bored of the activity or simply let their talents plateau. Of course, children should challenge themselves in more than just the areas they excel. If your child is having trouble in a subject in school, then have them work hard to overcome this. You might suggest a tutor or have your child join a club that specializes in such an activity.

5. Sign Them Up for Scouting
One fantastic way to help teach your children to become even more amazing is to sign them up for a scouting program. These programs are designed to teach children a lot of skills that will help them learn a wide assortment of things that will make them successful in their future life. From wilderness skills to everyday skills, you will certainly get a lot for your money. Children tend to make lasting friendships in scouting too, which will help them form healthy social skills that will help when landing a job and making friends in the future. Apart from that, scouting is a great way to keep children busy with activities that are both healthy and educational. This is especially great during breaks from school when your child might grow restless.

6. Expose Them to Culture
Culture is one of the best ways to teach your child about the world around them. It is also a key way to build compassion and relatability. There are many ways to expose your child to culture while expanding their minds. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take them to museums. There are so many to choose from, so you can pick and choose museums that you believe will spark your child’s interest. Another way to help them understand other cultures is to travel. Obviously, going to other countries and regions of your own country will help, but this can be pricey. You’d be surprised by the culture you can find in your own area. Even if it is just visiting an ethnic restaurant, you’ll be helping your child learn more about other regions. There are also classes that kids can take to help them learn about other countries. Movies, music and literature are also great options, too.

7. Set a Reading Hour
Books have the power to help your child learn and expand their mind without stepping foot outside. Thus, encouraging your child to read is one of the best ways to improve many aspects of their life. Children aren’t always into the idea of reading though, so it is important to lead my example. A great way to do this is to set up a reading hour. During this period, make sure electronics are off so that all distractions are eliminated. Parents can read to children or everyone can enjoy their own book. You will notice your child will change after a few weeks of doing this. Readers tend to have more compassion, are able to relate to others and their willingness to read increases. A simple hour a day or even just on the weekends can help your child develop healthy reading habits for the rest of their lives.

8. Embrace Their Passions
Most children tend to want to join a certain profession or pursue hobbies, so let them embrace them. There are many classes that children can take to learn new things. There are even ways around high-priced tuition, such as scholarships or allowing your child to try an activity out by watching videos online. Make sure your child dedicates a few weeks to an activity though, before you let them give up on it. This will teach them to stick to their commitments, while also ensuring you get your money’s worth if you did pay for lessons.

9. Support Through Struggles
Struggles are bound to happen in life. Although it is hard to watch children move through the tough times, it is important that they experience some hardship in order to strengthen themselves. Of course, you shouldn’t take over their problems for them, but it is incredibly important to provide them with the support they need to overcome the issue at hand. This will help teach your children problem solving skills without forcing to feel as if they are all alone in the world. Children that are taught to embrace their struggles will be able to handle problems when they face them as adults. Of course, giving them the necessary tools to deal with problems is one of your key jobs, so try to remove the temptation to take on their burdens as much as you possibly can.

10. Volunteer
It is important for children to see the role they play in their community. So, you might want to take the time out of your day to help your children volunteer. There are lots of volunteer programs that children can take part in. For instance, visiting nursing homes or hospitals can help teach children to help those that are truly in need of assistance. Children can spend the day talking with the elderly or sick, which will help brighten someone’s day while showing your child how important compassion is. Picking up trash and planting trees and flowers are another great community activity for children. This will help your child learn how important it is to keep Mother Nature healthy. As children grow older, many more activities will open up to them, so let their passions guide them.

Helping your children grow into extraordinary people doesn’t have to be costly. These ten tips will help support their growing minds, so you can show them the path to being a great person as well as encouraging their success. So, this Absolutely Incredible Kids Day, make sure your children know just how great they are and how bright their future is.

Embrace Earth Day by Giving Your Kitchen an Eco and Budget Friendly Boost

Spring is the perfect time to celebrate planet Earth and all that she does for us. One of the best things you can do to help out and to prepare for the upcoming Earth Day is get your kitchen in order. Organizing, replacing supplies and cleaning in the kitchen are some of the best ways to start off your spring cleaning process. These ten ideas will help you not only improve on the functionality of your kitchen but will save you money in the long run while also preserving the planet. So, start the new season off right with these excellent tips.

1. Reverse Osmosis System
One of the best investments you can make for your home is an RO system. This product is hooked onto your home’s water system and usually has a base in the kitchen. The device itself will clear your water of impurities, which will make your tap water a quality that is equal or greater to bottled water. Since you won’t need bottles anymore, you’ll already be on your way to successfully saving money and improving the welfare of the planet. If you purchase some reusable bottles, you’ll be set for venturing outside of the house too. This water is great for rinsing foods and cooking as well, so your exposure to harmful water will be little to none. Best of all, the system is very easy to maintain, and filters won’t leave you hurting for money.

2. Grow Your Own Herbs
Another great thing you can do for your kitchen is start your own herb garden. You actually won’t have to spend a lot to do this either. In fact, you can use recycled containers to grow your herbs in. With a little creative energy, these containers will look great too. All you will need for this project is some basic potting soil, water, seeds and a place that will get enough light. Then, plant your seeds and watch them grow. You can cut your herbs as you need them, so they’ll always been incredibly fresh. The plants will also create a fresh vibe in the home, which is bound to make you feel amazing. You might even feel encouraged to cook more often, which is also great for the planet.

3. Avoid Plastic
It is incredibly easy to find plastic products for the kitchen. From your leftover containers and cooking utensils to packaging on food, it seems like plastic is everywhere that we look. In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly easy to ditch plastic for good though. For instance, many companies are now starting to use silicone as a way to create storage that can be used again and again for decades to come. Silicone food savers are simple to use and will allow you to store produce that has been sliced without losing the freshness or creating more bulk in your refrigerator. Glass is also becoming more popular when it comes to storage and cooking. If you’re looking for more efficient utensils, then you might check out wood or stainless options, which will last for generations if you care for them properly. Another new item on the market is beeswax wrap, which take the place of plastic wrap so you can store items or wrap up sandwiches for lunch. There are so many eco-friendly products that take the place of plastic that you won’t have to search far to find the right items.

4. Shop With Durability in Mind
It is easy to fall into trends when it comes to your kitchen’s supplies. There seems to be a new type of pan on the market every year. Unfortunately, these pans don’t always live up to the hype. Some might even cause you bodily harm due to chemicals that haven’t been tested over long periods of time. Your best option is to work with items that you know will last. Cast iron and copper pans are two of your best options when it comes to your cooking supplies. These items have been used for centuries and, as long as you care for them, will become a great addition to your grandchildren’s future homes. Cooking utensils are equally important so try to stick with wood, steel and bamboo. You might also follow suit when it comes to cutting boards, as wood and bamboo are easy to care for. Once you purchase the proper cooking supplies, you won’t have to shop again, which will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

5. Eco-Friendly Cleaning
Cleaning the kitchen is incredibly important, too. However, many of the cleaning supplies on the market today will leave you with chemicals that aren’t great for your family or the planet. There are a ton of natural brands on the market today, which will offer a flawless clean that will make you proud of your kitchen. You can check out reviews all over the internet. There are even some subscription services that will allow you to get more out of your cleaning supplies. When shopping for these products, you have to be careful though as many eco-friendly brands aren’t as helpful as they make their company out to be. On top of that, you might find that some brands aren’t cruelty free. So, do some research before you purchase. You can also stick to some of the classic cleaning options like vinegar, if you’re really hoping to save some money.

6. Recycling Center
Another great way to set your kitchen up for success is to come up with a great recycling center. Your set up can actually lead you to success when it come to recycling. You should make sure you have a space for cans, paper and plastics, if you tend to use a lot of the items. This doesn’t mean you have to have large cans inside. Try to keep things small and simple, as you can always take the recycling out at the end of the day. Another great idea is to set up a space for composting. This will help eliminate your space considerably. A compost is great for your garden too, so you will be doing your part to replenish instead of damage.

7. Recycled Products
Doing your part to recycle is amazing, but you might also want to take the time to find products on the market that are made from recycling. This will help complete the circle, which will make your kitchen function without waste. There are so many recycled products today that you will be surprised by what you can find. Sponges are one of the latest additions that are both durable and functional. These will help clean up dishes, but also work wonders on spills and more. Purchasing isn’t your only option when it comes to recycling. You can also use your own recyclables to make your kitchen more efficient. For instance, oatmeal containers are great for decorating and setting out for storage, plants and more. Foods that do come in plastic tubs can also be used store other food when the product runs out. The ideas are endless, so have fun with them.

8. Energy Efficient Options
If you’re having trouble with your appliances and an upgrade is in order, then you might look into energy efficient options in order to help conserve energy. There are so many options to choose from today. In fact, most larger appliances are energy efficient now, so you won’t have to look far to get what you need. You should still check into the item you plan to buy just to make sure that it will suit your needs and is also on the higher end of efficiency. Choosing an item like this will help cut back on power bills quite a bit, which is incredibly important for your budget. It isn’t just large appliances that have energy efficiency options though. In fact, you can choose smaller items that are ready to save you energy too. It is all a matter of looking around, so do your research before you spend a lot of money on a purchase.

9. Shop Bulk
When it comes to shopping for the home, one of the best things you can do is shop in bulk. These purchases won’t have as much packaging, which can help you cut back on wastes quite a bit. On top of that, it does help you save a lot of money. Some of the best items to shop for in bulk are produce and dried goods like beans and rice. You can even take in your own items to store these products to cut back on even more waste. Some stores are actually opening up that only allow you to shop using your storage. These are no waste stores, which are amazing for the environment and your pocket book. Although these stores aren’t popular just yet, you’ll find many of your favorite chains are implementing some of these tactics to help do their part and keep up with the competition.

10. Reduce Water Waste
Your kitchen probably goes through a lot of water in a day. Although some of the waste can’t be prevented, there are some things you can do to help cut back on wasting water in the long run. You can always reuse some of the water. For instance, if you rinse off your product or strain your pasta, you can put this water to good use. This water is safe to water plants with, so you won’t have to use up the water from outside. You can also cook with pasta water, as it helps to add flavor back into the dish. You should be careful about which water you reuse though, as some can be hazardous. There are lots of guidelines online to help you out. Another way to reduce waste is to use less when you can. For instance, don’t leave the water running when you clean your dishes. You also shouldn’t run your dishwasher unless it is completely full.

Giving your kitchen an eco-friendly makeover can actually be a lot of fun. You will love the energy of your new space and the feeling you get when you know you’re doing your part of help maintain a healthier planet. On top of that, you’ll see a huge change in spending, which is bound to make the changes even better.

Ten Natural Ways You Can Improve Fertility for Less

March 18 is the Goddess of Fertility Day, which is a special occasion designed to celebrate all of the goddesses of lore who were said to boost fertility. In order to celebrate this occasion, you might wonder how you can boost your own fertility. Of course, there are always statues and myths from ancient days to try out. You could also spend a boatload of money on treatments. However, if you’re looking to stay on a budget and use science to help you out, then these ten ideas should certainly help you boost your fertility without forcing you to spend a fortune. You might even feel a lot healthier after giving some of these ideas a try.

1. Eat a Larger Breakfast
When you think of fertility, breakfast probably isn’t something that would come to mind. However, a big breakfast might be the key to helping your fertility levels thrive. Scientists recently did a study on this and found that a big breakfast can help give your system the boost it needs to function properly. It has even help to reduce the side effects of PCOS, which is known to cause infertility in women. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should load up on sugary cereals and other unhealthy meals. Try to keep things healthy as much as you can. You should also balance your calorie intake, so you don’t over do it during the day. Try starting the day off with a big breakfast then end it with a light lunch and medium sized dinner. This should help keep you full and will also suit your fertility needs.

2. Alter Your Diet
Diet can be key when it comes to many aspects of your health. So, it’s not a surprise that your diet can really harm or improve your fertility. One of the best things you can do for your body in the long run is cut out processed foods. These foods shouldn’t belong in your diet to begin with, so cutting these foods from your diet can truly transform your ability to conceive. A few other things you should cut out are carbs, dairy and non-fermented soy products. This will help regulate hormones and weight. You should pick up some of these foods when you do become pregnant though, so don’t knock them out completely. Eating more vegetable proteins during the week and cutting back on meat, particularly red meats, will also lend a helping hand. Ditching caffeine and alcohol is a must too. Your diet should be filled with fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and plenty of fiber. Ensuring you have enough iron is also important, as anemia can force your fertility to drop.

3. Take a Multivitamin
One of the best ways to boost your fertility is to take a multivitamin. This will help fill in the gaps of your diet, which will help keep your body in a healthy state. Often, women aren’t getting the B vitamins they need to keep their reproductive system healthy. Most multivitamins will cover the vitamins you need, which will ensure you will gain a fertility boost. B vitamins help to convert your food into energy too, so you will feel more confident and energized during intimate moments. You might check to make sure your vitamins contain iron too, as anemia might hold you back. If you aren’t certain which vitamin you should take, then it might be best to stick with a prenatal vitamin. This will give you everything you need and will help the future baby get the appropriate nutrients as soon as conception occurs.

4. Natural Supplements
It doesn’t matter where you come from, chances are you’ve probably heard of natural remedies for just about ever illness known to man. Although many of these remedies aren’t true, there are some supplements that might help improve your fertility. You might talk to your family to see what they used while getting pregnant, as many family members will love sharing their secrets with you. Even if the remedy doesn’t work, the community vibes might help to put you in a good place for when you do have a baby. There are some herbal supplements that some doctors have given the green light to. You might do a little research to see which will suit your needs the best.

5. Achieve a Healthy Weight
Your weight might be holding you back when it comes to your reproductive health. Sometimes, excess weight can cause underlying health problems which might cause your body to hold off on ovulating and more. The weight can also cause a hormonal imbalance, which will make it even harder to get pregnant. One of the best things you can do is start working out and dieting to achieve a healthier weight. You might be surprised by how much a few pounds can do. Losing weight will also help with the health of you and the baby when you do become pregnant. Living a healthier life before pregnancy will help you maintain the routine during and after pregnancy, so you can bounce back from your pregnancy faster.

6. Exercise
Exercising is one of the best ways to help your body get into shape while improving your fertility. Exercise not only improves your health but will help you raise your confidence too. With more confidence, you’ll feel better in intimate moments, which can actually help improve your confidence quite a bit. Exercise can help prevent ailments that might cause your fertility to decline. Best of all, it will keep you at a healthier weight, so you can move through your pregnancy in a healthy manner. Ensuring you have exercise habits in place will help you exercise throughout your pregnancy too, which is good for you and the baby.

7. Learn About Your Medication
Unfortunately, if you are on medication then you might be causing your own infertility without even knowing it. If you’re having trouble in this area, then do a quick search on the medications you are on. If one is known to reduce fertility, then you might talk to your doctor to see if you can change to something else during this period of your life. Your doctor might also be able to give you some insight into your medications just in case you don’t find any information about them causing infertility. Sometimes, it is a combination of medications that is causing the problem. Another issue you might consider when it comes to your medication is what you’ll be able to take while you’re pregnant. For instance, many doctors will ask you to ditch allergy medications while pregnant. So, you might move towards eliminating such medications while trying to get pregnant.

8. Know Your Cycle
One of the best ways to increase your fertility is to know your body’s cycle. This might sound intimidating, but it is actually easier than you might think. All you have to do is track the days of your period as well as the days that you are sexually active. There are many apps that will actually help you with this, which can truly come in handy. Once you input your period, the app will automatically calculate your ovulation date. Of course, the longer you use the app, the more accurate it will get, so don’t expect results that are on the spot during your first month of use. These apps can actually save you a lot of money as you won’t have to purchase ovulation tests if the app seems accurate to you. Of course, you shouldn’t rely completely on the app. Your body will give you many signs that you are fertile, so learn to read yours. Between the app and your own knowledge, you should be able to master when your body is ready.

9. Plan Sex
One of the best things you can do while trying to conceive is plan sex. Sometimes, fertility issues are merely timing, so don’t get discouraged. The first thing you need to do is figure out your ovulation schedule. This can be done with an app, physical signs and ovulation strips. Generally, you will have about a week’s window for ovulation, so start having sex a few days before and continue on for a few days after. You shouldn’t have sex every day either, which is a popular misconception. Instead, plan to have sex once every other day. This will improve sperm count, which will make you more likely to conceive during your window. By planning out your intimate moments, you should have more control over your fertility, which could help you get pregnant a lot easier.

10. See Your Doctor
If you think you are having trouble with your fertility, then your best option is to see your doctor. Your doctor will be able to steer you along the right path if fertility isn’t an issue. The doctor will also be able to run tests to see if you or your partner is actually having fertility or other health problems. Sometimes, there are small problems that need addressed before you can go on to conceive. There are also medications that might help you along the way before you turn to more intensive treatments like IVF.

Fertility problems can cause a lot of distress, but there are a few ways for you to increase your chance of having a baby. These tips offer cheap ways that might help you get on the right track to having a baby. With any luck, you’ll be well on your way to parenthood in no time at all. With Goddess of Fertility Day on its way, you might try out a couple new methods to help boost your chances quickly.

Quick Ways to Embrace Girl Scouts on a Tight Budget

National Girl Scout Day is headed our way on March 12, which might make it the perfect time to sign your little one up to become a scout. Of course, with every extracurricular activity, you’ll find yourself with a new set of costs to budget into your already tight budget. Signing up your child for scouting doesn’t have to be a burden though. In fact, there are many things that you can do to help make the scouting experience fun and affordable for your child. These ten tips will help you find all of the financial assistance you will need to ensure your child can join in on one of the oldest programs for girls. This will certainly help take a burden off of your shoulders while bringing your child years of fun.

1. Look for Scholarships
Before your child joins the scouts, you should spend a little time looking for scholarships to help out with the costs. You can find many scholarships to help with the yearly fees for the scout program, but there are also many that can help with dues, uniforms and even the yearly camping trip. Try browsing around online to see what you can find available. However, when it comes to finding these scholarships, your best option is to talk to the scouting headquarters in your area or any troop leaders that you might know. If your child is already a scout, then these scholarships are still available to you. In fact, you might be privy to even more scholarships as your child will have some accomplishments to add to their profile. Older scouts might start to look for scholarships to help with their future though. For instance, you might find scholarships to help a scout go abroad with a girl scout troop. There are also numerous college scholarships available. The key is to look hard for these scholarships. With a lot of searching, you’ll find your child will certainly come out on top.

2. Make Fundraisers Imperative
When your child joins the scouts, it is going to become incredibly obvious that fundraisers are going to be crucial in the process. These fundraisers might not directly pay for your child’s fees, but there is a chance that the sales could if you work hard enough. Many troop leaders that have particularly profitable troops have the option of paying for membership fees. If this is something you’re interested in then talk with your troop leader about it. Of course, this will mean working particularly hard during fundraisers. You should also make sure to be present for every fundraiser the troop does, as there are more than just cookies during the year. You might also consider doing your own fundraiser too. This can be as easy as bake sale or garage sale or as complicated as you choose to make it.

3. Talk to Your Scout Leader
Speaking to your troop leader is going to be the key to success when it comes to your child’s scouting experience. Your troop leader is going to be able to give you inside information that you won’t otherwise be able to get. If they aren’t sure about something, they will know where to go for the answer too. That being said, your troop leader might be able to help you find the assistance you need to keep your child in scouts if you fall on hard times. For instance, they might be able to skip an activity in order to budget some financial assistance for your child. That is, of course, if the leader cannot find any other funding to help your scout out. The scout leader will also be able to help inform you of events that will cost money, so you won’t have to stress about something blindsiding you. Some troop leaders will even let you pay in segments, so your scout won’t miss out on the fun.

4. Plan Ahead
One of the keys to making scouts work is to plan ahead for your child’s dues, scouting fees and trips. Make sure to have a calendar that you can constantly see for these things. Although phone reminders are helpful, they aren’t as accessible as a calendar hanging on the wall. Make sure you write down the special events and dates and how much money you need for them. This will allow you to start saving for each item in advance. You can even start a scouting jar to help you along the way.

5. Shop Secondhand
Girl scout uniforms can be pretty expensive, especially since your child is likely to outgrow them fairly quickly. Luckily, there are many ways for you to find cheaper uniforms. One of the best ways is to shop secondhand. You might start by asking your troop if they have any old uniforms you can purchase. If you have an old child in the scouts, then they may also be able to find old uniforms for younger children by asking their troop for donations. If you don’t have any luck in this manner, then you might take to thrift stores. You would be surprised how many of these items get donated. You can also look online as online shops like eBay tend to have these items too. Of course, you should make sure you know what the uniform looks like in its current state, so you don’t purchase something that is too old.

6. Ask for Sponsorship
If you’re having trouble finding resources, then one of the best steps you can take is finding a sponsor. Your troop leader or higher up officials might be able to help you in your search for a sponsor. However, you can always ask around at local businesses. Sponsoring a child can be a tax write off for these companies, so they may be eager to take on such a task. You might start by asking stores that are active in the community too. Sponsors should help your child with fees, dues, patches and even camp visits. You might still be responsible for some of the costs, but every little bit helps.

7. Research Camps
There is no specific camp that girl scouts have to attend. In fact, some troops don’t go to camp at all. However, if you hear your troop leader talking about camps, then you might want to start researching a few of the camps in your area. Researching camps will allow you to see the price tag, duration of the camp and what it has to offer. You might find that some camps only offer one of two more activities but charge quite a bit more. This kind of information should be brought to your scout leaders’ attention so that she doesn’t choose a camp that isn’t up to par. You can even talk to your troop leader about camps that suit your budget. If other parents are on board for your selections, then this might be a great way to save money. Researching camps will also help you see which camps offer scholarships, so you can apply in advance.

8. Volunteer
One of the best things you can do for your child is volunteer to help out their troop whenever you can. You might talk to your troop leader to see if your assistance can help take the place of weekly dues. Simply helping to keep the troops in order might do your troop leader a world of good. Of course, if you have some knowledge that you would like to pass on to your troops then you might offer this experience too. For instance, if you know how to knit then you can share this with the troops. This will help cut back on the troop’s spending, as the troop leader won’t have to bring in a professional teacher as often. This can help your troop leader allocate more money for assistance.

9. Financial Assistance
Girl scouts is an inclusive program that wants all girls to succeed. Thus, they do try their hardest to offer financial assistance when it is needed. You might have to do a little research to find where you can apply for assistance in your area. Most of the time, you will have to fill out some paperwork that will most likely include your financial information. As long as you don’t mind sharing this information you should be able to get the assistance you need if you meet certain income requirements. This should help take a huge burden off of your shoulders and will allow your scout to enjoy her time as a girl scout even more.

10. Make Sure Your Scout is Ready
If you’re hoping to get your child into the scouts at an early age, then you might take the time to ensure your child is ready for the challenge. Sometimes, kids are too young to get everything they can out of the scouting experience. If budgeting is a problem, then you might want to hold your child back a year and try then. This will give you time to save up money, so scouting is less burdensome in the future. Even children that are older might not be ready to take on such a challenge. Scouting can be time consuming and if your child already has too much going on or isn’t interested in becoming a scout then you might find yourself wasting money on the yearly fees. Ensuring your child is ready can save you quite a bit, so don’t be forceful when discussing the extracurricular activity.

Joining the girl scouts can be an exciting time for your child and for you. So, you shouldn’t let the fees get you down. These tips will certainly help you find the money you need to make your child’s scouting experience amazing. Before you know it, you’ll be attending patch ceremonies while watching your child gain new and exciting skills.