Ten Super Bowl Party Must-Haves to Make This Year the Best Yet

The Super Bowl is mere weeks away, so it is definitely time to get in all your planning for the big event. With Covid-19 still raging on, many people are working hard to keep their party as normal as possible. No matter how you choose to enjoy the Super Bowl this season, you will easily find a way to bring on the fun without spending a fortune. These ten tips are a great way to get you started while allowing you to keep your budget going strong no matter how your team does.

1. Charcuterie Board
Charcuterie boards are one of the hottest party trends right now. There is no wonder as to why since they often offer cheaper foods that allow a variety of guests to enjoy the things they desire. Many Charcuterie boards stick to basic meat, cheese, and cracker design, which makes it easy to plan out food for your party. However, you can also mix it up by adding fruits and other treats to make the board all the more appetizing. You can have a lot of fun with these boards, as they are simple to transform into a striking football design, or even a full-on football field. Your creativity is the limit here, so have a little fun with your designs to make the Super Bowl even more exciting.

2. Individual Dips
If you’re having people over for the special occasion, then you might be wondering what foods you can place out without the worry of spreading illness. Chips and dips are pretty much a classic gameday snack, but sharing dip with a group of people isn’t exactly wise right now. Instead of offering a bowl of dip, use mini cups to put out individualized dips. This will allow you to utilize a wide variety of different dips, so you can suit more people’s desires. You can also make fun options like 7 layer dip, which is totally easy to make in cups and will offer a cool look that will go well with your football theme. These cups of dip combined with pre-portioned chips will help keep everyone’s germs contained without forcing you to ditch snack time.

3. Prizes
Prizes are a great way to bring some fun to the holiday while ensuring your guests want to spend time at your party. There are so many fun games that you can play during this time. One easy option is to pull out the board games that you already have on hand. You can play anything from Monopoly to Twister to keep your guests engaged. You can also add themed games to the mix, such as paper football and bingo. When the game is complete, offer a simple prize. You can also add a drawing, or have people guess the final score for a prize. Prizes can be as simple as a dessert, small gift card, or even a coupon book.

4. Trivia
If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to keep your guests busy then trivia is a great option. The best thing about trivia is you can pull out trivia questions whenever they are needed. May there be a boring commercial on or you just want to diffuse a tense moment, trivia is always available at your fingertips. You might start by collecting information before the game begins, so you can ask all of the football enthusiasts a variety of questions. You can mix things up too and ask questions about the Super Bowls of yesteryear as well as general football or NFL questions. If you want to offer prizes for correct answers then it might add incentive to get everyone to play or you can simply just make the game available for those wanting to add to the fun.

5. Serving-Free Foods
Although individual dips are one way to help keep things in order, you might consider other serving-free options to ensure you don’t have to worry about people contaminating the food. One of the best options is to make premade plates that people can just pick up and take to their respective seats. You might also choose foods that are easy to prepare and serve, such as pizza, corndogs, hotdogs, sandwiches, sliders, and other classic football game foods. You should also consider prepackaged chips and other items that are easy to grab and go during the game.

6. Football Masks
Masks are one of the best ways to help keep others safe, so adding them to your party can be a great way to celebrate. One of the easiest ways to do this is to purchase a few cloth masks in the colors of the teams playing. You can add decal stickers to the mask to give them more character. Guests can choose which team they want to root for or who they expect to win the big game. This will make the game even more fun, as no one will be able to hide their choice of team, even when the game turns south for them. Plus, it will give everyone a nice souvenir to take home.

7. Watch Outside
Another way to add to the fun while keeping things a bit safer is to watch the game outside. If the weather permits, then you might take a television outside so everyone can enjoy the fun in the fresh air. You can also bring out the projector to get the big-screen effect that even your neighbors can enjoy. Watching the game outside will give your party more of a tailgating feel which might even make the party more enjoyable for everyone. You can grill out, have beer on tap, and toss the football around during commercials without having to miss a second of the game.

8. Keep the Gathering Small
It goes without saying that all gatherings should be kept small right now. If you have a lot of football buddies, then you might consider keeping your party mostly virtual. You can set up a conference call that everyone will be able to take part in without spreading any potential illnesses. If you want to add to the party, then have a snack exchange. You can drop off some of your party snacks with friends and they can do the same. This type of potluck can be a lot of fun and will allow you to feel closer to the people you wish you were celebrating with.

9. Play Football
Super Bowl Sunday is all about football, right? So, it only makes sense that you would add football to your party routine. A game of football will give you a chance to get outside and have some fun while allowing you to take in some fresh air. Football is a great way to get in exercise, which can also boost your immune system. Of course, you should make sure to sanitize after the game to ensure no germs are passed around. Football can be a great way to bond though and is an easy way to work out frustration if your team doesn’t win.

10. Sanitation Station
Parties can be a bit risky, but there are measures you can take to help protect your family. One of the easiest things you can do is set up a sanitation station to make sure everyone has access to the things they need to be as healthy as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set out a table with hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and anything you have on hand to help others keep clean. You might also add makes to the table for those that need them. If you like the idea of party favors then you can easily purchase bulk mini hand sanitizers, which can be decorated with football themes and more. Make sure you place your sanitation station in a convenient place. Near food is one of the best places to position the station as it will remind people to sanitize every time they go for a snack.

You don’t have to skip out on all of the Super Bowl fun just because of Covid-19. These ten tips will help to keep your party much safer so no one will have to worry while they cheer on their favorite team. Best of all, you will be able to save some money while you plan.

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