Quick and Easy Ways to Entertain a Group on Easter Day

Easter will be hopping its ways into your life in just a couple of weeks. If you have a large group of people to keep entertained, you might be wondering what on earth you can do to keep boredom at bay. Luckily, there is far more than egg hunts and Easter feasts to keep your guests going strong. So, this Easter, aim to give your guests the time of their lives as they noctivagate through all of the exciting activities you have planned. You will never have to worry about children running wild after you pull off these ten exciting activities.

1. Amp Up the Hunt
Without a doubt, the highlight of the Easter holiday for most children is the Easter egg hunt. Thus, this is your area to really shine. You can keep up with the classic Easter hunt where the kids just locate the eggs, or you can amp up the games by adding a little more difficulty to the hunt. One way to do this is to have the kids go through a scavenger hunt in order to find their eggs. This can be done as an individual seeker or a team. The scavenger hunt can also ensure that children get an equal amount of eggs, for the most part. You might also consider making a treasure map for the children to follow in order to find eggs with larger prizes. You can even create different maps for different age groups, which can help add more fun to the event. Finally, if you do want to keep things simple, you might consider having a specific egg color for each child. This will help ensure you can hide eggs based on age without worrying about some children being left out.

2. Egg and Spoon Race
Since you most likely already have some eggs to work with, then you might want to add some relay races to the madness. After the kids hunt their eggs and collect their prizes, have everyone hop up for some more fun with eggs. All you need is a few spoons and some of the kids’ eggs and you’re set for a fun event that will have the crowd laughing. You might even encourage the adults to take part in the races. You can spice things up too, by having people pass off eggs, push eggs with their nose and so on. The fun is endless, so make sure you put the extra eggs to good use.

3. Bunny Masks
Let the Easter Bunny take over your home when you have the kids sit down and make some bunny masks. This is a great way to calm a rowdy bunch down for a little while, which makes it the perfect pre-meal activity. Kids can make bunny masks out of an assortment of things. One easy example is to use paper plates, cotton balls, felt, markers and string. Kids can draw on their own bunny faces to add to the fun. When the masks are complete, they can be set aside to dry while everyone eats or relaxes. Then, kids can hop around the yard with the masks on. You can even have kids take turns being the Easter bunny as they hide eggs for the other kids.

4. Guess the Jelly Beans
Jelly beans are pretty common when it comes to Easter, so use your jelly beans to add some fun to the event. You can easily place jelly beans into a jar and have everyone guess how many is in the jar. The person who guesses the closest to the actual number can win a special prize. You don’t have to go all out on the prizes either. In fact, the jar of jelly beans can be the prize if you really want to keep things simple. You can have more than one jar if you have a lot of people to entertain too, as many people will spend time counting and configuring. Make sure people write their name on a slip of paper and turn in their guess that way, so no one can ride on their coattails either.

5. Easter Egg Tree
Without a doubt, most kids love decorating a Christmas tree, so why not bring the magic to Easter too? You don’t have to follow the same premise as Christmas, in fact, it might be better if you place your tree outside. Simply find a tree in the yard and decorate it with fun things. You can make bunny, egg, chicken and other ornaments out of craft supplies and recyclables. You can also just add string to some of the plastic eggs your child retrieves on the holiday for a fun look. There are even Easter ornaments that can be purchased in stores. Another fun way to make the Easter tree even cooler is to make your décor out of birdseed, so you’ll entice the birds while ensuring your tree won’t harm the environment. You can also hang paper ornaments made out of seedling paper.

6. Plant Flowers
Another great tradition to add to the fun of the holiday is to plant some flowers. A little gardening will help to promote the beauty of spring, which will help make your holiday even more valuable. If you have a garden outside, then pass out some seeds and let the kids get to work. However, if you want to let them enjoy the fruit of their own labor then you might invest in some small planters. Kids can decorate them with an Easter theme and then use them to plant their flowers. This makes a great keepsake that can be planted outdoors later on to improve the environment. You can find seeds for next to nothing too, so you can choose from a wide variety of options.

7. Leave Easter Bunny Treats
Before the Easter Bunny leaves eggs and treats for the kids, you might gather everyone up to leave some treats for the bunny. You can have the kids wash and prepare fruits and vegetables that they think the bunny might like to munch on. You can also make bunny cookies or other treats for the holiday legend. On top of that, you can have the kids make little gifts and cards to thank the Easter Bunny for his generosity. This will help keep little hands busy, which is bound to make the gathering go by faster without any hiccups.

8. Easter Crafts
If you have a rowdy group or you feel boredom setting in, then you might want to consider doing a few crafts to keep everyone busy. There are a ton of great Easter crafts to choose from too, so you can really have fun with your choices. For starters, you can make paper mache eggs that will withstand the tests of time, so kids can use the for décor for years to come. Another fun idea is to make chickens and bunnies our toiler paper rolls. You can also use this time to color eggs and maybe add a sequences and other items to make them more spectacular. Finally, if you want to keep things simple, you can print out sheets to color. If you’re at a loss for ideas, you might consider looking online to find a few ideas.

9. Easter Snacks
Snacks are one of the easiest ways to make kids happy. However, if you want to keep kids busy then you can always bring them into the cooking process. Most children will love decorating their own snacks, which will help bring peace to the gathering for a little while. Easter snacks can be as simple as pastel colored cupcakes which will save you money too. However, you might consider making eggs and chickens out of colored rice crispy treats. Kids can decorate their creation with icing to add even more fun to the event. Another fun idea is to make eggs out of Jell-O. You can even make dessert carrots, so the kids can pretend they’re bunnies. Sweets aren’t your only option though. Kids can help make veggie platters and more.

10. Easter Media
If the kids are small and you need to get them to calm down for a little while, you might consider allowing them to sit down and enjoy some Easter media time before taking a nap. Believe it or not, but there are lots of fantastic books for kids to check out, so you can enjoy having a story time while still keeping to the theme of the day. There are also lots of great movies that you can put on while the kids rest or as background noise for playtime or craft time. This should help keep the atmosphere peaceful while allowing the adults to enjoy each other’s company.

Easter doesn’t have to be complete chaos if you have a lot of people coming over. These ten ideas will help keep the children at your gathering happy and engaged for several hours. You will certainly love the way the kids interact with the activities, which will make your gathering a hit with the whole group. You might find yourself hosting all of the upcoming Easter events in the future though!

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