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Frugal Fun For All of May’s Geeky Holidays

There’s no doubt about it, May is the perfect time to embrace your inner geek and have fun doing it. Between geeky themed holidays and the numerous conventions that kick off this month, you’ll find excitement around every corner. Unfortunately, you might wonder how your budget is going to tackle so many different events. Luckily, there are ways to enjoy being a geek during the month of May that won’t force you to put your budget on hold. So, don’t let this month pass you by without showing some love for your inner geek thanks to these ten ideas that are bound to bring you a world of fun.

1. Comic Book Day
One of the first ways to kick off your celebration of everything nerdy in May is to participate in Comic Book Day. This holiday tends to take place on the first Saturday of the month, but you should always check to make sure the date doesn’t fall on any other day, so you don’t miss out. Local comic book stores should have a wide variety of exclusive comic books during this special occasion, so you will be able to get some awesome items that your friends will be envious of. Apart from the exclusive items, you’re bound to find some incredible deals as many stores will use this event to get rid of some of their stock. Of course, that isn’t even the sweetest news. The best thing about comic book day is you will be privy to a lot of free, yes free, comic books. You can simply walk into the store and walk out without spending a dime, which is certainly going to make your budget happy.

2. May the Fourth Be With You
Star Wars fans are bound to find some joy on the Fourth of May, which is dubbed Star Wars Day. This day is bound to bring some fun events to your community that you might enjoy with the whole family. One popular activity that seems to pop up in many communities is lightsaber battles. This can be lots of fun to watch or even participate in. You might also find movie screenings in your area, which will provide you with the magic of watching the movie on the big screen. If that isn’t enough then you might check around your local entertainment, clothing and toy stores to see if you can find any deals on the Star Wars items that you love. If you’re a homebody, then you’re bound to find the series playing on cable or you might simply have a party and screen your favorite movies. You can even make Star Wars inspired foods and drinks and have guests dressed up to improve the atmosphere of the day.

3. Larping
If you want to get outside and have some fun, then one of the best things you can do is try out larping. This activity is great for the entire family, so you can really make the most out of it. Larping is essentially acting out a battle scene using faux weapons and armor. You can dress up as any character you like and embrace the fun with your community. There are many different themes you can enjoy too, which will help you get in touch with your favorite characters and fandoms. Of course, you don’t even have to leave the house in order to go larping. You can easily enjoy the activity safely in your own backyard. You can purchase larping supplies, but if you’re looking to save money you might try making your own. This adds a bit more fun to the activity anyway.

4. DIY Cosplay
Another fun way to get more out of this month of celebration is to channel your inner cosplayer. Since summer tends to be the height of convention season, you might find yourself looking for costumes to wear in order to enjoy the conventions near you. If you plan on competing, you’ll need to create your own costume. Thus, you might want to use this month to get to work. There are so many tutorials online that can help guide you to success. On top of that, you can take the time to try to plan out your costume and work on the finer details. Make sure you check out all of your options when it comes to keeping your costume cheap and irresistible.

5. Dungeons and Dragons
One of the biggest games associated with geek culture is definitely Dungeons and Dragons. So, if you haven’t given this game a shot, now is the perfect time to do it. Of course, if you are a seasoned player then you might want to pencil in a few games during this month to help celebrate your love of everything geeky. If you’re looking to get started on the game, there are a ton of free resources to help you out. Even if you have played hundreds of games, you might still look for some freebies to help spice up your campaign or character. Dungeons and dragons can take up hours of your time, so you might consider grabbing some cheap snacks to get into the adventure too.

6. Geeky Crafts
Geek culture consists of so many amazing things today, so add your love of everything geeky to your craft station. There are so many things that you can make which will help add a personal touch to your home. One fun craft is to make a Chewbacca rug out of simple faux fur fabric that can be found in most craft stores. If flowers are your thing, then paint a pot to show off designs from the world of Mario or make yourself a Pokemon terrarium with real live plants. You can also make art that can be framed and hung up. Your imagination is the limit, so have fun with your crafts and let the whole family let their creativity shine. To keep this project simple and cheap, use craft items you already have around the home.

7. Geek Food
There are a lot more ways to show your creativity than just crafts and costumes. Geeky food is another fun way to help celebrate your favorite geeky things while having some fun. Best of all, you can make geeky foods for incredibly cheap. One such ideas is to make beverages from some of your favorite shows. One of the most iconic is blue milk, which doesn’t really even need a tutorial. You can also recreate some of the foods from your favorite anime series, which is bound to make your stomach and your heart joyful. You can get crafty with some of your favorite stacks too. For instance, rice crispy squares can be transformed into pokeballs, dragon balls, characters and so much more. If you take some time to have fun with your snacks, then you’re bound to learn more cooking skills that you’ll want to utilize throughout the year.

8. Reconnect with Old Media
Sometimes, we simply don’t have the time to enjoy some of our favorite stories and characters. So, during Geeky May, you might want to pencil in some of your favorite things. For instance, you can read comic books, watch your favorite movies and embrace series that you’ve always loved. You might even gain more out of the things you’ve loved than you remember. You can also fire up some of your favorite games to see if you can earn new rewards or simply take a different path in the story line. You never know, you might find a renewed love for the story, which will give you something to do in your downtime that won’t eat away at your budget.

9. Quidditch
One geeky game that never fails to please is Quidditch. This game was introduced in the Harry Potter series, but quickly made a name for itself amongst fans that love to play sports. Quidditch was quickly given a rule book and shortly after leagues began to form. You don’t have to join a league in order to have fun with Quidditch though. If you live in a Quidditch free zone then you might want to set up your own tournament. You might ask friends and family to join in or you can even make it open to the public. Quidditch supplies are quite easy to make in your own home too, so you’ll be all set on a budget.

10. Geek Pride Day
Of course, if you love to celebrate with others then you might want to hold off until Geek Pride Day. This day always occurs on May 25, which also happens to be Towel Day in dedication to Douglas Adams and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. You’re going to find a lot of fun things going on in your community and around the nation on this day, so look around for activities that will speak to you. One of the best things you can do is surf sales to see if items you’d like to buy others for holidays and birthdays are on sale. You might also be able to finish up your own collection. On top of that, you might find parades to participate in or watch. Movie screenings are another great option that will ensure you’re ready for fun. You might also check in on game stores, comic shops and so on to see if there are gaming competitions to join in on. Truly, if you love something geeky then you’re certain to find an activity that will suit it on this day.

Showing off your love of everything geeky in May is bound to leave you feeling relaxed and in your element. These ten ways to celebrate will help ease your budget while ensuring you are able to meet new people, enjoy your uniqueness and so much more. So, don’t forget to let your countdown begin, because Geeky May will be here faster than you realize.