Celebrate Your Pet During National Responsible Pet Owner’s Month

The month of February offers a lot of amazing holidays dedicated to the fur babies in your life. From Doggie Date Night to days specifically celebrating a pet’s breed, you will find so many reasons to celebrate the pet in your life. February is also considered National Responsible Pet Owner’s Month, which can be one of the most important things you can celebrate. These ten tips will help you to easily be a responsible pet owner while allowing you to stick to your budget. So, you won’t have to think twice about truly making the right choices for your fur babies.

1. Visit the Vet
It is pretty easy to forget that your pet should see a vet annually, just like you should see a doctor. So, you might want to schedule your pet a wellness exam this month, so you can check and make sure everything is okay. During these visits, your vet will be able to catch future problems or diagnose problems your pet might be facing. They should also make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations, so they can be as healthy as possible. Make sure you choose a vet you trust for these visits, as it can make a huge difference in your life and your pet’s.

2. Consider Dental Hygiene
Another thing that is often overlooked when it comes to your pet is their dental hygiene. This is another important part of their overall health, so make sure you do address it. Your vet should be able to take a look at your pet’s teeth to figure out if they need a cleaning. For some animals, they will have to be put under anesthesia to have their teeth cleaned. However, many animals can have their teeth brushed at home to help keep up their health. There are also supplements found in treats or those you can put in water to help your pet keep their teeth healthy.

3. Consult Training Books
Training is a major issue facing many pet owners. One of the big training topics is getting your pet to go potty where you need them to. However, pet owners also look for ways to help their pets understand manners and boundaries. It doesn’t matter what type of pet you have, there are many ways to train. Although there are courses to help you here, one of the best resources you have is books. You will find a huge selection of training books to choose from as you work to train your pet. Many of these won’t cost you a fortune either, which might be one of the best solutions to your training problems.

4. Spay/Neuter
Spaying or neutering your pet can be one of the most important things that you do for them. This is not only a good option for your pet’s health and safety, but it can save you a lot of money too. The cost of a pet’s pregnancy can really set you back and will force you to pay for vaccinations and checkups for the litters your pet has. On top of that, you will have to worry about caring for your pet during and after pregnancy. Spaying or neutering your pet will obviously prevent a pregnancy from happening. It can also help your pet live longer as it will help them avoid some forms of stress and health issues. It will also help prevent your pet from running away. Many cities and states do offer vouchers to help you protect your pet by getting them spayed or neutered.

5. Research Food
Pet food is one of the most important things you provide for your fur baby. So, it is important that you choose wisely. There are so many brands on the market that it might seem overwhelming, but it is important to take your time. When choosing a food, look for reviews from consumers and veterinarians. You should also pay attention to ingredients. If your pet has a specific health problem, then you should purchase food to help support the problem. When you choose a pet food, ease your pet into it, so they don’t suffer from an upset stomach. You should also sign up for the food brand’s newsletter, which will keep you up to date with coupons and recalls on food. There are also recipes to help you make your own pet food if you struggle to trust the brands you research.

6. Help Your Pet Exercise
Exercise is another important part of your pet’s life. A lot of pet owners don’t think about this, especially if they have cats, rodents, or amphibians in the home. Exercise is still a part of their life though. One easy way to get your pet to exercise is to play with them. Animals love to move their bodies, just like you do, so grab toys that will inspire them to move. Of course, one of the easiest options is to take them for a walk. Dogs are fairly easy to walk, but you can walk cats too. They make special harnesses designed to keep your pet safe as they explore the great outdoors.

7. Get to Know Your Vet
Visiting your vet is incredibly important, but another thing you should do is get to know your vet. Speaking to one another in passing isn’t going to do your pet any favors. Instead, take the time to research the vets in your area and find one that you feel will suit your needs. Once you find the right vet then book an appointment. Make sure you ask the vet questions, let them know all about your pet and any concerns you might have. If you don’t feel the vet is right for you after this meeting, then move on to someone else. You will eventually find a vet you can trust, which will help you feel more confident in their ability to care for your fur baby.

8. Buy Toys Wisely
Even though we would like to think that the items we purchase in stores are all good for our pets, mistakes happen. There are numerous recalls on toys each year, which can cause people to feel uncomfortable purchasing toys. The best thing you can do about this is to research the toy you are interested in. Consider how breakable the toy is and whether or not your pet will be likely to break it. Some animals are very easy on toys, while others are pure destruction. After you make this call, you should consider what items are made of, whether or not there are materials inside the toy that might harm your pet, and so on. Sticking with the basics might be your best option, but if you’d like to try something new research is your best option, as well as paying attention to recalls.

9. Monitor Your Yard
Although your yard is part of your home, it can be one of the most hazardous places for your pet. That is why you should constantly monitor your yard, especially if you tend to let your pets outside on their own. One of the most important things to look for is holes in your fence where your pet might slip out. These should always be mended before you let your pet head outside on their own. You can also purchase special electric barriers that go around the yard if your pet tends to be an escape artist. Apart from that, you should look for suspicious items that your pet might get into. Trash and items such as this can harm a pet, but they can also turn out to be items thrown into your yard by malicious people. Another thing to look out for is stray animals or insect nests that can also harm your pet.

10. Provide Love
This is one of the most obvious things you can do for your pet. Providing love is a great way to celebrate the way you feel about your pet while making them feel right at home. There are so many ways to celebrate and love your pet, which is one of the best parts of having fur babies in the home. Your love for them will help them to find the happiness they need to lead healthier lives.

Becoming a responsible pet owner doesn’t take a lot of hard work. In fact, most of the things you need to accomplish are common sense. So, take the time to enjoy your pet and allow them to find happiness in your home. Best of all, these tips will help make pet ownership cheaper as the years go by.

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