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Ten Things to Budget for in the Month of September to Help You Move Through the Rest of the Year

September might seem like the right time to sit back and relax when it comes to your finances. However, it is actually the perfect month to help you begin preparing for the upcoming holiday season and the many other expenditures the year will bring. If you’re not sure what you should be budgeting for yet, then these ten ideas will inspire you to begin the planning and shopping phases that will help you prepare everything that you’ll need to feel financially confident about the upcoming spending season.

1. Halloween
Halloween will be here in the blink of an eye and items to satisfy this holiday have already been on the shelves for weeks. This doesn’t mean it’s the right time to stock up on all things Halloween. That is, unless you come across a big sale. This year, retailers are getting in a lot of excess stock, so you might be able to score some lower prices right away. However, if it’s an item you can wait on then the prices will definitely drop again after Halloween is over. Costumes aren’t great to buy now either, but you may be able to score a costume that isn’t going to be popular this year, such as those from movies that were a hit in the past. If you plan on making your costume, now is a great time to start. There are many ideas to help you along the way too. The best thing you can do now is shop around to see the prices for the items you want. This will allow you to budget your money, so you won’t miss out due to a lack of budget.

2. Tailgating
Football is back in season, which means tailgating is in session. If you’re looking for deals here, then you’re in luck because retailers will be trying to move their tailgating gear. Of course, tailgating gear like chairs, apparel, and so on won’t be on sale until after the season is over. However, you may luck out and find great deals on fryers, grills, and other supplies that will be on clearance in the summer section. What you should stock up on is food. There are so many sales during this season, so buy things when you can. This will allow you to freeze excess items, so you can always enjoy a good tailgating party without having to worry about spending money every time.

3. Storm Supplies
With the changing weather, there are bound to be some storms on the horizon. That is why it is incredibly important to budget for some storm supplies during September. Autumn can be dangerous in some places and even if it isn’t a cause for concern where you are, the winter months might be. So, if you can, stock up on bottled water, canned foods, flashlights, candles, extra batteries, and a first aid kit. If you already have these items in your storm kit, you might check out the expiration dates just to ensure everything is ready to go.

4. Thanksgiving
It might feel like it’s too soon to even consider Thanksgiving, but the holiday will be here before you know it. That doesn’t mean you should purchase the entire meal now. Instead, consider looking for specific items that are on sale. You might have luck finding cranberry sauce, supplies for dressing, or even some of the drinks you like to serve. This will allow you to cut back on some of the spendings when you need to purchase the larger ticket items. You may even be able to get a few of the items that sold out early last Thanksgiving, so you won’t miss out this year. If you don’t want to shop early, then you might also consider just putting some money back to help make your holiday meal incredible.

5. Fall Weddings
Although it might seem like most weddings happen in the summer, there is actually a surge during the autumn months. So, you might want to set a little out in your budget to ensure you’re ready for the wedding invitations you’re bound to get. One thing you should keep in mind when budgeting is autumn-friendly wedding attire. There are lots of great affordable options to choose from and even a few style guides to check out before you purchase. Apart from that, you may want to budget in for gifts. If you find sales on small appliances and other household goods, then these are great to have on hand. If you don’t use these items for the wedding season, then they can also work as holiday gifts or can be saved for next year’s wedding invites.

6. Holiday Shopping
The gift-giving season is barreling towards us, which can be pretty overwhelming. If you begin to budget in September, things can be a lot easier for you though. In September, you might start setting aside the money you would like to spend on all of your holiday fun. This gives you more than two months to save before Black Friday deals begin. You might also start looking around for items that are on sale. Many retailers are adding to their clearance toys, clothes, and other items which makes it the perfect time to swoop in and find the deals that will suit your gift list. Combining the two methods can ensure you are ready for the holiday fun.

7. Next Summer
You probably don’t want to think about all of the expenses next summer will bring, especially since we’re still currently enjoying the summer solstice. However, now is the best time to stock up on summer gear. Clothes are going to take a huge price hike during this time, so if you purchase a size or two larger you should be able to have a good collection of items for the family to wear when the weather peaks again. If you live in an area that stays warm most of the time, then this is simply a great way to add to your wardrobe on the cheap. You can also find lots of outdoor toys, pools, patio furniture, and so much more so you’re ready to make next summer amazing.

8. School Supplies
With school in session, you might not want to budget any more money for school supplies. However, if you want to save, now is the best time to do so. Most school supplies will be on clearance so stores can clear the excess amount that they have. So, you’ll find things for mere pennies, which will be great for your budget. You can purchase excess for the whole year and maybe even some options for next year too. Other than that, you’ll have plenty on hand for the household or if other things come up at school that your student may need.

9. Photographers
The autumn months tend to be busy when it comes to pictures. School photos happen during the early months of school, as do photos for all of the autumn-based sports. Many families like to take advantage of the autumn scenery as well, which can range from photos of leaves, apple orchards, or even fields of sunflowers. Apart from these photos, many are beginning to think about their family holiday photo. These things can be pricey, so you might look into them early to see if you can get some early bird discounts. Many photographers are happy to get holiday photos out of the way early so that their workload isn’t as stressful. If you ask around, you may find one that offers the right price.

10. Winter Supplies
If you act fast, September might be the sweet point for you to get your winter supplies if you’re lacking in anything. These items may not be popular on shelves at the moment, but if you find them then you might find the price is better than it will be in a month or so. Buying winter supplies now will ensure you have the items you need because they can sell out in winter especially if the season is particularly bad. Prices tend to go up when signs of winter begin which can cause even more problems if you’re not stocked up.

It might seem intimidating to know there is so much to prepare for in the upcoming months. However, if you start now, things won’t be as stressful for you. These tips will help you to plan ahead so you’re more than ready to embrace the holidays with your budget.