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Deter Summer Pests Without Swatting Your Budget With These Must-Have Items

Summer is one of the toughest times to deal with pests. Ants, mosquitos, flies, roaches, and everything else that drives you crazy are out in full force, which could leave you on the defensive when it comes to your sanity. A lot of people go into summer spending a small fortune just to keep the pests away from them. These ten items are budget-friendly and effective so you can feel confident that your summer won’t be ruined by the sheer number of bugs that the season brings.

1. Oscillating Fan
If flying bugs are what is getting you down, then an oscillating fan can really do you a lot of favors. An oscillating fan might seem like too simple of a fix for your problem, but the excess wind can actually disturb the flight patterns of most insects. Thus, you’re less likely to be bothered by the fan as they will have a harder time landing on you and may avoid the area altogether. Best of all, the fan will help to keep you cooler, which will cut down on your power costs.

2. Mosquito Net
A mosquito net is one of the most inexpensive things that you can get to help cut down on summer pests. If you live in an area that is affected by massive amounts of mosquitos, then this is going to be a helpful solution for you. Mosquito nets are inexpensive and can be draped in many places to improve coverage. One of the most important places to secure a net is on your doors. However, you can also place them on windows, especially if the area is bad. If you have the correct bed, then there are mosquitos that can be secured over the bed so you can sleep soundly. If you plan on going camping then there are other models you can use as well, which will make the experience more pleasant.

3. Oil Diffuser
Essential oils have been trendy for some time now. It turns out that many essential oils can actually deter a lot of pests that leave you feeling frustrated during the summer months. There are lots of different oils that you can use for the problems you’re dealing with so make sure to thoroughly look into each pest so you know what oils will work. You may have to use different oils in each room if the problems you’re dealing with are affecting specific areas. Of course, you should consider pets and children when you use the oils, as some may be detrimental to health.

4. Caulk Gun
It’s common for homes to develop cracks here and there, which isn’t anything to worry about. However, during the summer months, these cracks can quickly become a way for pests to enter your home. Ants are especially determined to seek out these entry points and can cause a lot of stress for the household. A caulk gun will allow you to fill these cracks quickly and efficiently. You can even purchase a wide variety of caulk colors to ensure your work doesn’t stand out. Caulking holes can help with keeping your home insulated as well. So, if you can, grab a caulk gun and walk around the home looking for holes that may bring in an infestation. These cracks frequently happen around the baseboards, doors, and windows.

5. Diatomaceous Earth
Diatomaceous earth has become a popular way to get rid of pests over the last few years. This soil is designed with tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms which actually work to kill soft-bodied bugs that might try to invade your space. All you have to do is sprinkle the soil around the outside of your home. Make sure you concentrate on areas where you see bugs frequently. Areas by doors and windows are especially important too. Of course, you will have to reapply the earth outside when it rains, but this should help you to easily keep some pests under control.

6. Bug Poison
In this day and age, there are actually many poisons on the market that are safer for the entire household and environment. So, if you’ve been reluctant to use poisons, then now might be the best time to try it out. Bug poison is great for areas where bugs typically hang out, like the doorway and windowsills. You can also spray it in areas of infestation to help limit the spread while you work to deal with the issue at hand. There are many brands of bug poison on the market, so you might do a little research to figure out which ones are right for you. This will also allow you to feel more confident about your purchase and understand how often you need to reapply in order for the poison to be effective.

7. Indoor Bug Zapper
The bug zapper of yesterday was loud, smelly, and wasn’t as effective as we would have liked it to be. More often than not, these zappers were only found on campsites, and typically targeted moths. Today’s bug zappers are a totally different model though. You will find that these tend to work wonders on things like mosquitos, fruit flies, gnats, and anything else that might be driving you crazy. Some of these models are designed to be hung up outside, like the old-fashioned models, while others are designed to sit on your countertop.

8. Ultra-Sonic Repellers
If you’re having a particularly hard time with bugs, then you might consider purchasing ultra-sonic repellers. Generally, these plug into the wall or are battery operated. Once powered on, they emit an ultra-sonic wave that irritates bugs and keeps them away. Many of these repellents will even work on things like mice, rats, moles, and so much more. You’ll want to check out the reviews for the repellent you’re interested in, but most seem to have no effect whatsoever on pets and people in the household.

9. Repellent Stakes
Pests that tend to live underground might respond well to repellent stakes. These are simple to install in your yard and can work wonders based on the type of pest you’re trying to get rid of. More commonly, you’ll find these stakes designed for ants. However, if you have problems with moles and other pests then you should be able to find the stakes online or in a feed and supply store. These stakes are easy to maintain too and should only need to be replaced every few months. They’re pretty budget-friendly as well and can save quite a bit when compared to extermination costs.

10. Citronella Candles
One tried and true way to help handle the pest problem, especially while you’re hanging out outdoors is a citronella candle. These candles are designed to keep mosquitoes at bay, but they will help with other pets too. You will find these candles in traditional styles, but they also come in tiki torch style too. These can be found in many stores as well and are often marketed as d├ęcor, so make sure you know where to look around. You can even make your own citronella candles if you’re looking for a craft that can help with the problem. There are lots of tutorials online to help you find what you need.

Pests don’t have to be a huge problem for you this summer. These ten ideas should cut back on the pests around your home so you can enjoy your summer without all the inconvenience. These tips are also budget-friendly to ensure nothing is taken from your list of summer fun.