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Ten Ways to Cut Back on Videogame Expenditures Over Summer Break

Chances are, if you have children hanging out at home over the summer then you’re probably going to see a lot of video game time happening in the home. Although there are lots of activities to partake in during the summer, even the tightest of schedules will probably find some downtime for games. This can be a problem for your budget if you’re not prepared for it. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to cut back on expenditures during the summer months. These ten things can help you save some big money while allowing you to cut back on the number of games your child is playing.

1. Skip the Preorders
A lot of stores will market preordering as a great way to save some money on their products. They will advertise a reduced price and then promise the lowest possible price to customers that preorder. From there, they will continue to market the game at a variety of prices, only to offer the same price to everyone when the game is released. This tactic doesn’t really save you money at all as it only really guarantees that you have a copy of the game. Since many people have moved on to digital copies of games, you probably won’t get anything out of the deal. Sometimes, it might even help to take your time when buying a game as the price will reduce after it has been out for a little while. There is also another problem with preordering a game. Sometimes, a game gets pushed back even when it has a release date. So, if you use a company that takes the money out when the order ships, then you might find yourself with an unexpected charge that could throw off your budget. Sometimes, games never come out, which might leave you fighting for a refund.

2. Purchase Physical Copies
Digital copies are awesome. You never have to wait for them to be shipped to your door nor do you have to pick them up from a store. The downside of purchasing digital is you have no resell value. Picking up a physical copy can actually help you to get your money back on a game. When you’re finished playing it, you can sell it online to a number of venues or you can take it into a store to see how much they will offer for it. You can also purchase physical copies for cheaper after the game has come out. If you don’t mind playing a used game there are substantial savings here, especially if the gamer in your life doesn’t play games for long periods of time.

3. Hold Out on New Games
Although it can be exciting to start a game as soon as it is released. There are some advantages to waiting. To begin with, you might be surprised how quickly games drop in price as time passes. Buying a little later can actually save you some money to help suit your budget. Other than that, often servers are a bit packed when a game or extra content is released. So, by holding out, you will be able to play the game with less lag and servers that are more open and enjoyable to play in. Often, new games have glitches that need patches to work properly. So, by enjoying the game later, you can play without this frustration.

4. Game Pass
Another concept that you should consider when it comes to gaming is a game pass. A lot of platforms offer this now, which can be an incredible asset for gamers. In short, the game pass provides you with games that you can play for free whenever you log in to your console. You must pay a monthly or yearly fee in order to access the content, but it can actually prevent you from purchasing some games, which will cost you even more money. Most game passes do offer a free trial so you can explore which service you would like to invest in. Other than that, the service usually updates monthly to ensure everything is fresh and fun for you to enjoy.

5. Stick to One Game at a Time
Often, gaming companies will put out games at the same time as their competitors, which can be a big hassle for some gamers. Not only are games high priced, but they are time-consuming too. So, when this happens, you might stick to purchasing one game at a time. It will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy the game you prefer without having to feel like you need to jump back and forth. This will allow you to save money on the other games that you want. Other than that, sticking to one game will encourage gamers to finish out the game so it isn’t left collecting dust for another newer game.

6. Block In-Game Purchases
These days, a lot of games do have in-game purchases which can be dangerous for some gamers. In-game purchases can actually make the game easier to play, which will allow you to gain a sense of instant gratification which can be addicting. Unfortunately, in-game purchases can add up quickly, which will definitely affect your budget. One of the easiest ways to combat this problem is to disable purchases. You can usually do this in settings, but you might have to search around to find the solution you need for each unique game. If you can’t figure this out, then you might consider removing your credit card from the game, so there is no way for purchases to be made. This is probably the best option if you have children playing the game as well.

7. Stick to PC
One of the cheapest things you can do is keep to PC games. There are so many advantages to doing this, which is why so many gamers prefer PC over other services. The PC, for instance, needs fewer upgrades which is one of the biggest reasons why people save big. If you have a gaming PC then you may need to upgrade a part every now and then, but you shouldn’t have to upgrade the entire device like you will need to do with consoles. PC games tend to have more sales and platforms to download games, which is also a bonus when it comes to saving money and having fun.

8. Enjoy Bundles
Gaming bundles are going to be one of the best ways for you to enjoy more of what the gaming world has to offer. If you missed out on a company’s early games, then chances are they will release a bundle of the games when there is a new addition to the series. These are usually priced lower than they would be if you found yourself purchasing each unique item. Apart from that, you might find that DLC content can also be downloaded in bundles, which is definitely something that is going to save you large amounts of money if you don’t mind waiting for a sale or for a company to complete all of their DLC.

9. Go Used
If you’re looking for a new game, then you might want to consider used options. You can purchase used games at most game vendors and online. However, when you are shopping for used games, you should choose to shop in person. This will allow you to observe the quality of the disc before you make your purchase. Often, vendors will offer protection if the game doesn’t work so you should be able to shop without any risk. Used games tend to offer the same satisfaction and will allow you to experience the game without having to pay a high price. Best of all, you can always resell the game when you’re finished with it, so you can get some return on your investment.

10. Wait for Sales
In the world of games, there are numerous sales that you can enjoy. Of course, you’ll find sales during the classic holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also amazing times to stock up on games and enjoy everything new that has been released. However, there are so many other amazing sales to take in too. Steam, for instance, offers a huge summer sale that many people wait all year for. Origin, another major retailer, has been running sales since the pandemic began, so you should be able to grab some amazing prizes on some of your most popular games.

Gaming, especially during summer vacation, doesn’t have to set your family back. These ten tips will allow you and your family to enjoy everything on offer in the video game world without forcing you to spend a small fortune. So, you can satisfy the gamers in your life while enjoying plenty of savings.