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Efficient Ways to Ditch Soda for Your New Year’s Resolution

With New Year’s almost here, it is time to finally take a moment to come up with a New Year’s resolution that will actually help you out in 2020. One of the most common resolutions that people make is to stop drinking soda. No matter what your drink of preference is, stopping soda can be tougher than you can imagine. The drink can be found just about anywhere and is on commercials all of the time. Some people will even reach for a soda before anything else, which can cause horrible health repercussions, while also creating a terrible cycle. There is a way to get away from your soda addiction though. So, get ready to be strong while trying out these ten methods to reduce and eliminate your soda intake for good.

1. Don’t Go Cold Turkey
A lot of people tend to jump right into their resolutions without thinking about the repercussions. When going cold turkey, you do face a greater chance of failing at your goal though. Many do not realize that stopping soda is going to give you a physical reaction too. You are going to have withdrawal symptoms from the caffeine, the sugar, and many of the other chemicals that are slipped into the drink. Instead of just stopping altogether, consider giving yourself a limit. Look at the amount of soda you drink in a day and cut it by one drink a day. It might seem small, but when you do this you’re slowly reducing your need for the drink. If you feel okay after a week, then reduce it by another drink until you are down to just one soda a day. Then, cut the drink to three a week. Then, once a week. Before you know it, you won’t need the soda, nor will your cravings be as overwhelming for the sugary pop.

2. Seltzer Drinks
For many people, one of the biggest appeals of soda is the fact that it is carbonated. So, giving up soda and drinking water, juice, or other drinks just isn’t going to get them on the right track. Luckily, in the past few years, seltzer drinks have been on the rise. You can find carbonated water in a wide variety of flavors. Some of the seltzer drinks offer a healthy no-calorie option that can help you cut soda and the sugar fast. Other seltzer drinks do use fruit juices for flavoring, so you might get more sugar than you bargained for. However, when cutting soda, both varieties are a great and healthier way to get your love of carbonation without all of the bad stuff.

3. Drink Tea
If your main connection with soda is the caffeine element, then tea is a wonderful alternative to the soft drink. However, you should be careful about what kind of tea you drink. For instance, sweetened teas, especially those you might get from a fast-food restaurant tend to be just as bad for you as soda. Instead, stick to a simply brewed tea without all of the sugar. There are numerous options to choose from here, too. You might consider green tea as one of your first options as it does provide you with more health benefits. However, black tea might help curve your caffeine cravings while herbal teas can help relax you as you move away from your addiction to soda.

4. Research
Sometimes, all it takes to get the motivation needed to quit soft drinks is to simply do a little research. You might want to look into the ingredients in your favorite drink. Try looking up each one separately as well as how the ingredient specifically affects your body. You might also look up the repercussions of drinking too much soda in your lifetime. Not only will you find information about the effects of the sugar intake on your body, but you might be alarmed as to what some of the chemicals can do to you, too. You’re risking your health, weight, teeth, and so much more every time you have a soda. Worst of all, the ingredients in diet soda can add even more harmful side effects to the list. So, make sure to be careful.

5. Reach for Water
Another major problem with soda is the fact that we crave it, especially when we’re feeling hungry. Instead of popping open a can for a snack, reach for a glass of water instead. You’d be surprised as to how filling water can be and how quickly it can make your craving subside. Water might not always be the most appetizing item on the menu, but it will help you in more ways than one when you’re working to ditch the soda for good. On top of that, it can help flush your body, which might even make it a little easier for you to move through your cravings for good.

6. Do the Math
If you’re still not feeling the motivation to give up soda, then you might consider doing the math on the habit. One of the first things to start with is the calories that it adds to your diet. Doctors always say don’t drink your calories. By drinking enough sodas, you might actually be adding an entire meal to your day without even realizing it. If the calories alone won’t steer you clear of the bubbly beverage then you might consider how much you’re spending on it. Add up every soda you purchase in the store, at restaurants, and so on. You definitely won’t be feeling crazy about the product after that. You might also take into consideration how many pollutants your habit is adding to the world, as each can or bottle of soda can easily wind up in the ocean.

7. Don’t Bring It In the House
If you’re looking for an easy way to ditch your soda habit, you might simply consider keeping it out of the house. Without the temptation of soda being readily available, you will actually have to go out of your way to get it, which in most cases won’t happen. Thus, you will already cut down on some of the soda you would have drunk in a day. If you want to go the extra mile then keep it away from your workplace too. This isn’t the easiest with vending machines and so on. However, if you keep it away from your desk, you’re more than likely going to stay away from a bit more than if you had a soda with you.

8. Limit Stress
Part of getting rid of addiction like soda is also getting rid of some of the reasons why you drink soda. Sure, it might taste good, but for a lot of people, drinks like soda help to reduce stress and make us feel better for a short while. When quitting soda, it is important to minimalize stress as much as you possibly can. You might start by doing yoga, running, meditating or simply avoiding your triggers. With less stress surrounding you, you will be ready to take on your challenge.

9. Healthy Alternatives
One of the best things you can do when quitting soda, is replace it with a healthy habit. There are many healthy alternatives to consider too, so you can find something that will easily suit your taste buds. One simple option is to add fruit to water. A little lemon can go a long way when it comes to making your water more appetizing. Plus, it adds more nutrients to the drink, which is bound to please you. Apart from that, you might consider trying kombucha. This is a probiotic drink that can do wonders for your digestion. It comes in many flavors too and can be used to help with health concerns, including weight loss. If these don’t work for you then you might consider whole fruit juice. However, you should water it down or else the calories will get to you if you’re sipping on it constantly.

10. Work on Habits
At the end of the day, though, one of the best things you can do to ditch the habit is to alter your habits. This is obviously easier said than done, but you might be surprised how quickly it is to work yourself out of such a habit. Generally, there is usually a behavior attached to drinking soda. For instance, if you’re used to grabbing one with friends during a work break then you might try to choose a different option at the vending machine or choose a different activity, like a walk around the building. It can take a few weeks to break a habit, but once it’s gone, you will find ditching the soda to be much easier. You might start with one habit at a time in order to help you adjust to your new lifestyle with ease.

Ditching soda might be one of the best things you do for yourself, which is why it is a great New Year’s resolution. As you stop drinking the sugary drink, you might find yourself losing weight, feeling more energetic, and overall feeling healthier. It won’t be an easy road to take, but with these helpful tips, you will find yourself enjoying a soda-free life if you’re able to stick to the resolution.