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Ten Exciting Holiday Gifts For Kids That Will Keep You Under Budget

If you have children in your life, then you’ve probably already seen the long holiday toy lists. With the Christmas hype already in full swing, it can be hard to figure out how you’re going to budget holiday gifts without tipping the scales of your budget. Of course, even if you don’t have kids to buy for, you might still be wondering which toys you can get on a budget, so you can donate to Toys for Tots and other charities. These ten ideas will help you make the most of your holiday shopping spree, so you can maximize the gifts without ruining the excitement of the holiday experience.

1. Play Doh
From toddlers to younger children, you probably can’t go wrong when it comes to putting some form of Play Doh under the tree or in the stocking. Play Doh is a great way to ignite a child’s imagination while creating hours of fun. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that this toy is incredibly cheap. You can get a package of Play Doh for a few dollars, which can easily be separated for the stocking or placed under the tree as a whole gift. You can also purchase individual colors for a fair price, which is great if your child only likes certain colors or you just want a couple of stocking stuffers You can also find lots of Play Doh sets at a decent price. This can help make playtime last even longer and encompasses a wide variety of different options.

2. Puzzles
A puzzle might not be the first thing on your child’s list. In fact, most kids don’t even think about puzzles when they’re making their holiday list. However, you might be surprised by how engaging a puzzle can be for a child. If you’re shopping for a little one, then puzzles are naturally a curiosity for kids. So, shopping for a wide variety of block puzzles can truly help you to improve your child’s logic skills and motor functions. As kids get older, they might enjoy puzzles with images they enjoy. This can be especially fun if you frame and hang up the puzzle when they’ve completed it as it helps to reward their accomplishment. Even older kids can enjoy more complicated puzzles based around their interests.

3. Art Supplies
Many kids love to be creative, but art supplies always seem to get broken, lost, or used up. That is why art supplies are always a winning option when it comes to the holiday season. So, you might want to look for some art supplies to help fill up the bottom of the tree. For younger kids, you might consider crayons, coloring books, and stickers. Children might also like little art sets that involve their favorite characters or putting together jewelry. Other children might enjoy an actual art set. This includes paints, pastels, colored pencils, and other important supplies. Of course, if your teen is an artist by hobby then sketchbooks, drawing pencils, and more are always a great option.

4. Games
Another quick and simple option is to purchase some games. This doesn’t particularly mean video games, unless you find them at an affordable price. Board and card games, however, are a great way to save some money on holiday gifts while still giving kids something that they will love to play it even if they didn’t come up with the idea on their own. There are lots of
great games
to choose from too, so you can definitely shop based on your child’s personality. Board games are a great option for the whole family too, as it provides everyone with a reason to bond together, especially during the holidays.

5. Play Tents
Back in the day, play tents used to cost quite a bit of money. However, today, you can find a wide assortment of tents that will suit your child’s interests and needs. Best of all, you can shop based on size, which will definitely come in handy if you’re in a small space. Tents are a great way to entice your child’s imagination too, as they can use it as a playhouse or a place to read. Plus, tents can also be shared with siblings, which makes the gift even more frugal. During the holidays, you can typically find a lot of fantastic deals on tents, which will allow you to save big time.

6. Party Jewelry
If you have a little fashionista in your life, then party jewelry is one of the best ways to go. You can find a huge selection of party jewelry for next to nothing, which is certain to make your shopping experience incredibly easy. In fact, most dollar stores will have party jewelry that makes incredible stocking stuffers for those in your life. All in all though, you will have a lot of fun finding the items, because there are so many items to choose from. You might even be able to find enough to set up a whole vanity area for your little one, which will be a gift in itself for your child.

7. Baby Shark Toys
There’s no doubt about it, Baby Shark is hot this year. If you children that have joined the craze, or you simply want to purchase a popular item for charity, then this brand is probably the way to go. Most Baby Shark toys are pretty cheap when compared with other popular brands. The brand also offers a huge selection of toys. You can find bath items, puzzles, stuffed animals and toys that singe. You can even shop based on age group, which might make the entire thing a lot easier. If you don’t want to add any more toys beneath the tree, then you can also subscribe to the Baby Shark app, which provides hours of programs for your little ones to sing along with.

8. Bulk Figurine Sets
Most younger kids love getting figurines of their favorite characters. Often, these toys can be expensive though, which might make you not want to shop for the items if you’re on a tight budget. However, the price is usually higher when you purchase the items in a single package. Luckily, there are packs of figurines that will help you find the discount that you need to save some major money on your holiday goodies. Most of the major brands will offer these bulk packages too. In fact, purchasing one of these sets is sometimes the only way to get exclusive figures. So, if you’re looking to save and figurines are on your list, then you should definitely go with bulk shopping instead of just throwing money at single figure options.

9. Stuffed Animals
Stuffed animals are one of the best ideas when it comes to little kids. From toddlers to school aged children, a stuffed animal can act as a best friend as well as a sense of security for children facing anxiety. On top of that, stuffed animals can be purchased in all shapes and sizes. You can even find some shaped like popular characters. Stuffed animals are some of the best items to donate to charities too, because they do suit a wide range of ages and interests. You never know when you might find someone’s new favorite toy when you shop for a stuffed animal, which can make your holiday shopping experience even more worthwhile.

10. Building Blocks
Babies and toddlers are just learning to stack and work with blocks, which makes this a great gift for little ones. Blocks are a great way to help with motor skills, but they also help children learn logic from an early age too. Apart from that, these blocks won’t cost you a small fortune. In fact, you can purchase a large bag of building blocks for toddlers for fairly cheap, especially around the holidays. Older children might enjoy playing with LEGO building blocks. These blocks require a bit more skill and coordination, but if a child is interested in them then you can find all sorts of sets to try them out. During the holiday season, you can usually find some pretty awesome deals on LEGO sets, even if they are character based. This can help you make a child’s holiday dreams come true.

If you’re looking for cheaper items to purchase for your kids or for charities, then don’t stress out. There are more toys than you might expect, which will help meet your budgeting needs. So, make sure that your holiday shopping is filled with joy and hope, because you can shop better on a budget as long as you make sure to shop around.