Cheap Ways to Make the Most Out of Vacation Time During the Pandemic

Currently, a lot of people are sitting on vacation time that they need to take before it disappears. In the current climate, traveling isn’t exactly a wise option, which makes many people feel like they should just miss out on the vacation time that they’ve built up. It isn’t a great idea to skip out on your vacation, because these are well deserved days off. […] » Continue Reading

Ten Things Your Child Will Need For Online Schooling

With August here, it is hard to feel comfortable with the idea of your child attending school again. Some parents have to worry about their child getting ill via in-person classes, which might force many to move to homeschool or online schools. Other parents might be working with the new challenge of helping their child learn from home because their school district is only learning […] » Continue Reading

Ten Healthy Snack Options for Your Quarantined Kids

Kids love to snack, especially when they are stuck at home. With so many schools deciding to keep their programs online this autumn, you might be a little worried about your child’s snacking habits. Not only can snacking wreak havoc on their health, but it can also put a huge dent in your food budget. There are so many great ways you can curb the […] » Continue Reading

A Quick and Frugal Guide to Face Masks

When the Covid-19 pandemic first began, the concept of wearing a mask became a first for many people. However, at the time, masks were incredibly short on supply and many people were asked not to get them. Now, more and more communities are making masks a mandatory thing. Many scientists have also said that the pandemic isn’t going to end any time soon. Thus, you […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Ways to Give Your Bathroom New Life With Little Work

With everyone staying home more, it is easy to find lots of projects around the house. However, budgets for home improvements aren’t exactly on the high end right now. If you’re looking to give your bathroom a little more life, then you’re definitely in luck. There are quite a few items that you can purchase that will make your bathroom look and feel amazing. In […] » Continue Reading

Ten Ways to Cheaply Protect Your Eyes

Did you know that August is National Eye Exam Month? When most people plan on making an appointment with the optometrist, they tend to take more measures to protect their eyes. However, at this point, it is usually too late if you’re worried about damage. Luckily, there are many cheap things we can do every single day that will not only help us protect our […] » Continue Reading

Celebrate Friendship Day Quarantine Style

Friendship Day is coming up this August with a full week of celebrations during the third week of the month. Unfortunately, it is a little hard to celebrate with friends when there is so much chaos going on in the world. With most people in quarantine or trying to steer clear of others, making plans to spend time with friends is definitely not going to […] » Continue Reading

Ten Affordable Products to Ease Your Baby’s Teething Pains

Teething isn’t a great time for the entire family. It is hard seeing your child in pain, especially when you can’t do a lot to help them. Many parents try to pour money into the problem in hopes that they will find a solution to the problem. Although you probably will end up spending some money on teething products, there are a few options that […] » Continue Reading

Ten Projects to Get Everyone Together For Family Fun Month

August is family fun month, which can be exciting if you’re ready to do some fun things with your loved ones. Generally, this month is filled with trips to the park, family vacations, and other activities that take place outside of the home. This year, you might want to concentrate on things that can be done while you’re safely at home. A project can be […] » Continue Reading

Ten Free Things You Can Do To Improve Your Life While Trapped At Home

With the world in turmoil, you might find yourself a little stressed. However, being trapped at home can also add to this stress, especially if you’re struggling with a tight budget. There are many things you can do to make your time at home actually improve your life though. Best of all, many of these things won’t cost you a thing in most cases. Before […] » Continue Reading

Ten Ways to Prepare Your Student For College Despite Covid-19

There’s no doubt about it, kids heading to college don’t have it easy. This is typically a hard time for students trying to figure things out. However, with Covid-19 still spiking across the nation, many typical things promising college students to do to prepare for their next adventure have been put on hold. There are still things you can do to make sure you’re ready […] » Continue Reading

Efficient Ways to Help Your Toddler Adjust to Their Own Bed

Whether you’re moving your toddler from a crib to a toddler bed, a toddler bed to a big kid bed, or from your bed to their own, things can get a little tricky. A lot of people try to pour money into the problem hoping that kids will eventually use the things they purchased to find comfort in their new surroundings. These ten tips will […] » Continue Reading

Ten Fun Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month From Home

Everyone scream, because July is National Ice Cream Month. With the year everyone is having, this ice cream month needs to be one of the best yet! Since going to an ice cream parlor to indulge isn’t exactly the wisest idea, these ten tips will help you make the most out of National Ice Cream Month. Plus, the cold treat will help you cool down […] » Continue Reading

Ten Things to Equip Your Child With When School Is Back In Session

It is the fear of many parents that school will be back in session before the COVID-19 pandemic is over. For some parents, this fear might come sooner than in the typical school year. Some schools want children to participate in summer school, while other schools are mulling over the idea of having school start much earlier this year. If you’re feeling uneasy about this […] » Continue Reading

Quick Tips to Help You Save More on Food Delivery

These days, we’re relying on delivery services a lot. Delivery services can help us treat ourselves whenever we don’t want to cook another meal, which seems to have a lot more frequently these days. The contactless service also helps to protect us which is an important thing to keep in mind when you see the fees that are tacked on to your meal purchase. If […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Summer Sensory Activities You Can DIY At Home

Entertaining the kids, especially the younger kids, this summer is going to be tough. With many parks, playgroups, and water activities canceled, it up to parents to find stimulating ways to learn at home or in environments that promote social distancing. This can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. Luckily, there is an abundance of great ways to help you and your […] » Continue Reading

Covid- 19 Summer Camp Alternatives to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer Break

If your child is used to hitting camp during summer break, then there might be a whole lot of disappointment this year. Most summer camps won’t be opening their doors, which means kids are going to be left at home this year. Your kids don’t have to give up their summer camp fun though, as there are lots of great alternatives to embrace during summer […] » Continue Reading

Frugal and Fun Ways to Embrace the Summer Solstice from Home

Summer is here, and the summer solstice will arrive in a couple more days. This should give you plenty of time to plan out your celebration. For many, travel is a big part of summer. This year, unfortunately, travel doesn’t seem like a wise option to engage in. There are still ways that you can engage in the summer solstice though, so you don’t have […] » Continue Reading

Ten PRIDE Month Ideas to Help Kids Appreciate the Meaning

June is PRIDE month, which can be a whole lot of fun for the entire family. As we celebrate the lives of the LGBTQ+ community that has changed the world and inspired many, we should also take the time to help children understand and appreciate the community. Since so many of us are trapped indoors during this time, you have the perfect opportunity to frugally […] » Continue Reading

Hot Summer Fashion Trends You Can Create at Home

The weather is heating up, which means so are the fashion trends. It can be hard to keep up with all of the changing trends because shopping for a new wardrobe every season can really leave your budget hurting. However, there are a few things you can purchase or make in order to leave your budget happy while ensuring you look fashion savvy. These ten […] » Continue Reading

Ten Quarantine Friendly Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day will be here before we know it. So, if you still haven’t picked out the perfect gift for dad then there is no better time than now. This is especially true this year because of slow shipping times which might cause any gift you order to be late. If you’re at a loss for ideas, then these ten tips will help you decide […] » Continue Reading

Fun and Frugal Ideas for Road Tripping with Small Children

School is out for most students and summer is practically here, which might leave you wanting to hit the open road. Of course, with everything going on, you might just need to travel by car to move, visit with family, or simply get out of the house for a while. Road tripping can be incredibly hard with small children though. The mere idea of traveling […] » Continue Reading

Ten Popular Chains Offering Family Packs During Covid-19 Quarantine

Right now, going to a restaurant for a break isn’t exactly an option in many states. In states that have reopened, it still isn’t possible for restaurants to fully pack the house as they may have before. Unfortunately, ordering takeout can really hit your bank account hard. Between grabbing something everyone will like and ensuring everyone gets enough, you could end up spending $50 to […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Ways to DIY a Backyard Beach for Summer Fun

With summer in sight and many quarantine orders still going strong, you might find that the need to hit the beach is greater than you ever imagined. During this time, a lot of people are taking matters into their own hands by transforming their backyard into a beach oasis. Some of these projects are taking up quite a bit of money, but there are a […] » Continue Reading

Ten Dinosaur-tastic Ideas to Teach and Entertain Kids This Summer

With schools pretty much taking place at home and many educational materials MIA, you might be struggling to engage your child in learning. If you’re looking for material that will help engage your child while helping them learn a bit about science, then dinosaurs are the way to go. One of the best things about dinosaurs is you can find something interesting to suit everyone […] » Continue Reading

Memorial Day Sales You Can Enjoy from the Comfort of Home

Memorial Day is just over a week away, which can be exciting for anyone looking to save money on a little retail therapy. This year, Memorial Day is going to be a little different as most stores will only allow 25% occupancy, if they have their brick and mortar stores open at all. Luckily, most retailers today have online stores that will still allow you […] » Continue Reading

Ten Quarantine Friendly Graduation Ideas for the Class of 2020

As May rapidly progresses, graduation times quickly approach. 2020 is a special year for graduates, as they are trying to navigate their coming of age in a world that changed very quickly within just a few months. Where most students would be planning out ceremonies and after-parties, today’s graduates are trying to figure out where life will take them in such a changing and seemingly […] » Continue Reading

Ten Ways to Boost Your Photography Skills While You Self-Isolate During National Photography Month

Right now, many photographers are stuck at home unable to carry on with their skills. There are also many aspiring photographers out there that can’t work on their skills or even try the hobby on for size. Getting out doesn’t have to be the only way you can embrace your photography skills though. Rather, you can keep your skills finely tuned and improve on them […] » Continue Reading

Celebrate Gifts From the Garden Month with These Frugal Ideas

May is Gifts from the Garden Month, which couldn’t come at a better time. Between everyone being bummed out over the coronavirus quarantine and Mother’s Day coming up, you can probably use a few gift ideas to help spread some joy and love. If you have a garden, then you already have a wealth of things you can gift to those that you love. These […] » Continue Reading

Fun Ways to Have Fun in the Water During Summer’s Pool Shutdowns

If your area isn’t already sweltering hot, then you can pretty much bargain that the hot weather will be here faster than you can snap your finger. Unfortunately, this summer is looking like it will largely be spent in quarantine, and even if guidelines do relax a little you will probably find that most swimming pools will be shut down. This might be a problem […] » Continue Reading

Ten Ways to Celebrate Teacher’s Day While School is On Hold

There’s no doubt about it, teachers certainly haven’t had an easy time in their career. In an average year, teachers go the extra mile to make their classroom a great place to learn. Often, they spend their own money on supplies and work longer hours than they should. However, this year, they’ve really had to step it up even more with online learning and so […] » Continue Reading

Amazing Mother’s Day Ideas for Moms Stuck Indoors

Mother’s Day is just a few short weeks away, so it might be the perfect time to plan your special gift to mom. This year is a bit of a special case though, as most mothers are going to be stuck indoors due to COVID-19. This virus has left us questioning what the new normal in life is going to be, which might make you […] » Continue Reading

Ten Things You Can Do For Your Hair While Stylist Are Quarantined

If you’ve been on social media lately, and let’s face it most of us have been living on it, then you’ve probably seen a lot of posts about quarantine hairstyles. Since you’re supposed to cut your hair about every six weeks or so, most people are coming up on their due date. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly book an appointment with the stylist or barber, which […] » Continue Reading

Quick Alternatives for Your Missing Paper Products and Cleaning Supplies

There’s no doubt about it, it is incredibly hard to find some of our basic needs right now. Although food is touch and go, it seems almost impossible to find paper products like toilet paper and items that we need to clean and keep ourselves safe during the pandemic. This can cause a lot of panic with so many because it does bring a sense […] » Continue Reading

Easy Ways to Ditch Allergens So You Can Stay Sneeze Free All Spring

Spring has arrived and so has its many allergies, which might make you feel pretty miserable. With everything going on right now, you might not want to have anything making you feel sick or worried about your health. Allergies can really sneak up on you though, which might make you worry that you have something else. So, before your body starts to react to the […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Ways to Thank Medical Staff During the Pandemic

Right now, essential employees are putting it all on the line to keep the country going. No one is at a greater risk than doctors and nurses who are basically on the front lines of the pandemic. Many people, whether they have dealt with the disease or not, are looking for ways to help thank the medical staff. For so many, money is tight though, […] » Continue Reading

Ten Cheap Ways to Connect While You’re Self-Isolating From the World

Let’s face it, for so many self-isolation is hard. If you’re an extrovert that loves to go out or even an introvert that likes to spend time with friends, you may be getting a bit tense right now. Luckily, we live in the modern world, so there are a ton of ways for us to connect with the people that we don’t currently live with. […] » Continue Reading

Quick Ways To Stretch Your Food Budget During Trying Times

There’s no doubt about it, pretty much every household is having to change the way they shop, budget, and live life. This can be incredibly trying, especially if your work hours have been cut or completely put on hold. It can be hard to plan around the current economy, as well as what the future brings. This can cause a lot of uncertainty that might […] » Continue Reading

Ten Fun Easter Hunt Ideas That Will Make Kids Hop With Joy

The Easter Bunny and all of his eggs will be hopping towards you in just a couple of weeks. Although there are many things going on in the world that might leave you wondering how you can salvage the holiday, the Easter egg hunt is one of the best ways to help bring joy to the children in your life. You might have a smaller […] » Continue Reading

Ten Amazing Plants For New Gardeners This Spring

Planting season is finally here, which means its time to bring some beauty to your home’s garden. If you’re just beginning your garden, then you might be surprised to find out that you do have a lot of options available to you. Many people are afraid to spend money on plants because they think they have a black thumb and will just waste the money. […] » Continue Reading

Work at Home Tips that Will Prevent You From Spending a Fortune

With many companies closing down for self-isolation, a lot of employees are being forced to stay at home for work. This can be a very trying time for many people, especially if they have never really worked from home before. Since there is really no set period as to when things will be up and operating again, many might take to online shopping to find […] » Continue Reading

Spring Inspired Decor That Will Make Your Home Vibrant for Cheap

Spring is practically here, which might leave you buzzing to give your home a makeover. One of the best things about spring is you can utilize so many aspects of the world to help save you money on your home’s style. This will allow you to cut back on spending, which is an added bonus. However, many people aren’t quite sure what to use to […] » Continue Reading

Money Efficient Ways to Handle School Closures

A lot of parents in the country have received some unexpected news over the last couple of weeks. Schools across the nation are being shut down for around two to eight weeks, if not longer, which might make some parents a little nervous about what they’re going to do with their kids for such a long break. These breaks are designed to help with social […] » Continue Reading

Cheap Crafts to Make During National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month, which makes it the perfect time to channel your inner creativity. This month will present you with many opportunities to attend classes, try out new mediums of art, and learn more about the crafting world as a whole. You might even be able to attend some craft shows. However, one of the best things you can do during March is […] » Continue Reading

Spring Break Ideas for Those Hoping to Keep to Themselves

For many students, Spring Break is about to begin. However, there are many factors that might cause you to have changed your plans during this Spring Break vacation. From budgeting problems to fear over the coronavirus, there are a few things you can still do to enjoy Spring Break while combatting these problems. These ten ideas will allow you to have a frugal Spring Break […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Ways to Make Your Purim Celebration Amazing

This year, Purim is on March 9th and 10th, which means its time to start planning out your celebration. This is a great time to let loose and have some fun as you celebrate the iconic holiday; however, it is also a time when many people splurge way too much. There are many ways that you can cut back on money during this period of […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Ways to Engage in Preventive Care If You’re Worried About Coronavirus

There is a lot of buzz going around about the newest coronavirus right now. It has been spreading through China since late last years and now there are many cases around the globe. With a disease such as this, there is a lot of panic going around, especially since little is known about the disease. This panic can cause people to shop and spend a […] » Continue Reading

Ten Ways to Make National Women’s History Month Empowering

National Women’s History Month is a special time to learn all about the women who have made the world an incredible place. There are so many stories about women that often get overlooked, which is why so many are thrilled to have this month dedicated to the history of women. During this time, you will find stories about incredible women that might have been overlooked […] » Continue Reading

Ten Items Every New Mom Is Going to Need For Post-Partum Care

With channels recently banning the new Frida Mom commercial, many people have opened their eyes to the importance of post-partum care. This period of time is often overlooked, as many people are overly excited to meet the new baby. However, moms going through the long recovery of having a baby often go without the products they need to fully heal and find comfort during this […] » Continue Reading

Ten Things to Do When Daylight Savings Time Arrives

Although you might not want to think about it, daylight savings time is about to return. Not only does this mean losing out on an hour of sleep, but it also means that warmer weather and more fun is on the way. However, if you’re trying to maintain a home, then you might want to add a few chores to your to-do list that will […] » Continue Reading