Halloween Party Saving Tips for Moms

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re like most moms, you’re probably starting to plan your child’s Halloween party. Halloween parties are a fun way to celebrate with friends, but party planning and supplies can also get expensive.

As a mom trying to stick to a budget, you want to throw a fun party without breaking the bank. The good news is there are lots of clever ways to cut costs and still host an amazing Halloween bash!

Follow these 10 great tips to save money while planning your child’s Halloween party:

1. Buy Halloween candy and treats on sale

One of the biggest costs for a Halloween party is candy and treats. Check your local grocery store flyers for Halloween candy sales in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Buy a variety when it’s discounted so you have a nice assortment for the party. Warehouse stores like Costco are another great place to score Halloween candy in bulk for less.

You can also save by skipping the candy altogether and making inexpensive homemade treats like popcorn balls, dirt pudding cups, or pumpkin rice crispy bars.

2. Make creative low-cost decorations

Decorations from the store can be pricey, so get crafty and make your own! Simple decor like homemade paper garlands, balloon ghosts, and paper bats are cheap yet effective.

Carve fun designs into real pumpkins for spooky jack-o-lanterns. Use leaves, pinecones, hay, and other inexpensive nature items to make fall-themed centerpieces. The options are endless with a little DIY spirit.

3. Print free printable games and activities

Entertaining kids at a Halloween bash is a must. Save by looking online for free printable activity sheets like Halloween word searches, coloring pages, and make-your-own ghost and pumpkin crafts. Free games like pin the heart on the mummy and monster bowling are also budget-friendly kid pleasers.

4. Take advantage of Halloween party sales

Check the dollar store, discount stores, and even the Target dollar spot for major savings on Halloween party supplies. From creepy tablecloths to spiderweb plates and napkins, you can often score a full range of party theming for cheap.

Party City, Walmart, and other party supply stores also offer discounts and sales on select Halloween items leading up to the 31st. Buy what you can on sale within your party budget.

5. Borrow or thrift costumes and decor

Skip pricey costume store getups and see what you can borrow from friends and family who’ve hosted Halloween parties in the past. Whether it’s costumes, props, or decor, people are often happy to lend party goods they won’t use again.

Check secondhand and thrift stores, which often have fun costume pieces and decorations for rock-bottom prices. Upcycle found items with paint and your imagination into party props.

6. Make affordable DIY costumes

The sky’s the limit for homemade costume ideas that won’t break the bank. Grab clothes and accessories your kid already owns, like a baseball cap, sunglasses, red shirt, and backpack for an astronaut costume.

Other cute and cheap DIY kids costume ideas include a cardboard robot, homemade princess crown and wand, construction worker with a plastic toolbelt and painted cardboard tool box, or rainbow tutu made from strips of tissue paper.

7. Host an indoor Halloween-themed picnic

Instead of a pricey venue, have the Halloween party at home! Turn your living room into a trick-or-treat trail with games and activities in each room.

Set up camp on the floor with blankets and Halloween-themed paper goods. Serve inexpensive snacks like sandwiches, fruit, veggies and dip. Kids will have just as much fun with the festive at-home vibe.

8. Offer spooky snacks and drinks

Scary Halloween party foods like “mummy dogs” (hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough), green witch finger cookies, dirt and worms in a cup, or punch floating with gummy eyeballs make cheap yet playful edible decor.

The same goes for themed drinks like lemonade or fruit punch with blood-red coloring or bobbing eyeballs.

9. Ask parents to chip in

Rather than bear the whole cost yourself, ask party guests’ parents to contribute goody bags, baked treats, decorations, games or other items. Most parents are happy to pitch in and lessen the burden on the host.

10. Skip goody bags and giveaways

Parting gifts and take-home goody bags stuffed with candy and toys are fun treats, but aren’t absolutely necessary at a Halloween party. If your budget is tight, consider sending kids home with an inexpensive pumpkin or Halloween-themed cookie or cupcake. The kids will already have more than enough sugar and loot from actual trick-or-treating!

Hosting an affordable yet awesome Halloween bash is possible on any budget. With a little creativity, resourcefulness and advanced planning, you can throw a party to remember without the financial frights. Use these money-saving tips to cut costs for the haunted hoopla while still making your child’s party a scream!

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